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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 28
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 28

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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OL 2- (t'eittiaaed) T. WW- 1155. x-U-12-c President Elected WOULD LIKE BAB'iT SITTING FOR holiday or steady. Hwiett. bonded.

scrupulously clean, must be nite WYNYARD The primary school, five class rooms was closed for a two day period home. OL 2-4SJ0 for inter "i I PAINTS It view. 13-21-p Tuesday morning, Dec. 15, due HUDSON BAY Mrs. R.

Rob- BABY SITTER FOR 2 CHILDREN. PH. OL.l-30 12-21 WILLOW BUNCH SCHOOL UNIT SO, 4 ftequinn Teacher tor Willow Bunch fl-Roomed School ProfcionJ oesircd but not i tn-n S'tMitaaid. High School Mihf mLics or lit-ov. oihrr ub)erU by arrangement mith Prmcipi.

C. biiincu-J prtierred but not rriUal. Dutitj com mo net January 4 or MS toon as possible. Saiary: CiaM 11 to V. to V.

A'O, according to certificate and exprrlf nv. Applicant R've fuii and nam ol iet Superintendent to. Lttsh, Secret! y-T reasurcr. Rockilen. Sass, to bronchitis, measles and chicken pox which seem to have reached epidemic proportions.

In one class room, only two pupils DITTMER THE PASSING OF MISS Mildred Loname Dittmer in her 5nd year, of Dundurn occurred at North Battfetora. on Wed--nesday. December 18. 1959. The funeral service wij! be held on Saturday, December 19 at 2 p.m.

from the Pleasant Point Mennonite Church, conducted by Rev. R. Nagus. Surviving are her mother Mrs. Annie Dittmer of Dundurn; two sisters.

Mrs W. Thurn of North Battleiord and Mrs. E. Lindiey oi Seattle, Washington; four brothers. Reuben Lester A and Clarence all of Dundurn.

and Lloyd of Edmonton. The late Mm Dittmer was born in North Dakota and had resided in the Dundurn district all her life with the exception of the past six years which were spent at North Battle- Ladies Open a Confidential Charge Account at 'AARON'S LADIES' WEAR MALE SITS. WANTED 14 FIRST CLAS CARPENTER AVAIL-aoie by hour or icb tHJ ts.l, xtl showed up for work Tuesday morning. MAN WITH CHAUFFEUR'S LICENSE iason was elected president at the annual meeting of the Ladies' Auxiliary to the Canadian Legion held in the Legion hall recently. Other officers elected were: vice-president, Mrs.

K. Geddes; second vice-president, Mrs. 0. Affleck; standard-bearers, Mrs. G.

Cockwill and Mrs. V. Griffiths. The secretary and treasurer. and warehouse experience.

Looking It was understood several of for employment. OL.2-40S3. 12-Jt-p the children have been hospital I WILL TRUCK YOUR GOODS LO ized. 12-22-c cally provincialty. with one-ton truck and box.

OL 2-0919. Norman ford. Interment will lake place 2nd 4venue South 12-19-p the family plot in the Pleasant Point Cemetery Park Funeral Home is in 12-19-c- WOULD BAR YOUNG DRIVERS chaige of arrangements. 12-19-c SIMPSON Following a dis DON A VON THE PASSING OF MRS NORTH PARK BEAUTY SALON CH2-5n56 for appointment. Special price for perms on Wed.

12-24-p luurtu nun vnn desires full tuna employment. Little experience with civiluin work but willing to learn. Box 410, Ltovdmin-ster Sask. 12-24-p will be elected at a future meet Mary Thomas Donavon in her 91st cussion, members of the local Home and School Club at their year beloved wife of Andrew Edward Donavon of 818 Cascade Street. Saskatoon, occurred in a local hospital on Thursday.

December 17. 1959 ing. In the meantime secretary, Mrs. W. Marcotte and treasurer, Mrs.

J. Young, will continue in December meeting, went on rec EXPERIENCED DESK CLERK WANTS work. Will take holiday work OL 3-0347. 13-21-p ord to prohibit children under 13 office. The funeral service will be held on Monday.

December 21 at 2 m. from Park Funeral Chapel, conducted by years of age from driving trac Mrs. 0. Affleck reported on tors either on farms or on high CAR GOING TO ARCHERWILL, TIS-dale and Nlpswin Dec. 19.

Phone tH3-8372. 12-19-p the wTgrispos-i-pouch col ostomy Pioieclor with the sanitary flushaway pouches and many other advantages, is now available at Finder's Drug Stores, distributor. Call, phone or write for description, literature Box 608 Saskatoon 12-19-c-s IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A MAN who la university trained in accounting, advertising or sales call DI 3-8375 12-24-p Rev B. Summers and Rev A. u.

Fdworthv. Surviving are her hus ways. the provincial convention held in Regina and attended by herself. Mrs. G.

Cockwill and zone rep band: five daughters Mrs. T. Lennon i.Vlvrtlei Mrs. E. Deane (Helenl and The club voted to send a cash EXPERIENCED TRUCK AND TRAC donation to the Saskatoon YWCA tor mechanic requires work immed Miss Doris, all of Saskatoon, Mrs.

T. Derrtnzton iMarionei of Vancou resentative, Mrs. C. Buthcer iately In city, baiwy basis preferred. ver.

B.C., and Mrs. H. Chapman EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES TEACHERS Teacher requlied for Grade 2. Eatonia Elementary School. Enrolment 13.

Due to increased enrolment an additional teacher required for Grade 7. Estonia Composite School. Enrolment 20. Modern suite available in unit wned apartment building. Principal required for Hoosier two-room school.

Hoosier. to teach grades 4-7. Enrolment 24. Boarding available. Salary scale Addres reoliel to the undersigned, stating name of last superintendent, certificate held and any other pertinent Iniormation.

J. L. Cundail. Executive Secretary-Treasurer. Kindersiey School Unit No.

34 Box 294D Star-Phoenix. 12-21-p-s WA OFICIALS Mrs. R. Robinson, delegate to (Bernicei of Oshawa, two sons ASQUITH Officers elected ONE WOMAN TELLS ANOTHER FOR quirk satisfactory cleaning nips un-bolslerv tf Arthur Rose. CH 4-6lu.

12-19-c the Hudson Bay District Council "Do you have enough more of this paint to cover the seat of a chair?" Thomas of Toronto, Ont. and Gordon of Calgary, Alta. two sisters. Miss Margaret Thomas and Mrs. Helen FEMALE SITS.

WANTED 15 and installed at the December meeting of the Asquith WA with reported on the November meeting of the council and asked for NEED EMPLOYMENT, WILL WORK GIVING AWAY 4 NICE LITTLE KIT-tens OL 2-0223. 12-2i-o Cameron, both of Vancouver, B.C.; seven grandchildren and one great-grandson. The late Mrs. Donavon was born In Aberdeen Scotland and Christmas dav. Box 274D btar-Phoe 5a 12 the feeling of the meeting re MONUMENTS (Continued) MALE HELP WANTED (Continued) nix 12-22-p the Rev- A.

Stanislav presiding were: Mrs. C. W. Wichter, president; Mrs. A.

Brooks, vice-pres ROCK OF AGES AND BRONZE ME- APPLICATIONS, ADDRESSED TO came to Canada eighty-five years ago and resided in Halifax, Nova Scotia before coming to Saskatoon in 1910 HOUSEKEEPER REQUIRES WORK immediately for gentleman or for father and sons. CH. 2-8063. 12-21-p SINGLE SASKATCHEWAN FARMER, early thirty wishes correspondence with sincere Intelligent girl of J.W, or Advmtist faith. Object matrimonv.

Box 1R26 Star-Phoenix 12-19-p morials by Western Granite Mar- ident; Mrs. George Downey, sec the undersigned, are invited for the position of secretary-treasurer of the Die vis vinn retary; and Mrs. Wilda Gregory, M. of winner No 253 at Davidson. WOULD LIKE TO DO HOUSEKEEP Only persons holding Class cer LOST AND FOUND treasurer.

Reports showed the tificate ot qualification neea apply ing for reliable business couple, or respectable gentleman good references. Honest, very clean and neat. THE IMPORT SHOP SPECIALIZES in products from Europe See our large variety 122 2nd north, tat rear of Elna Sewing Centrei. 12-21-e LOST GIRL'S CHARCOAL FRAME 12-21-c WA had turned over $600 to the church board. where she had since resided.

Mrs. Donavon was a member if the Women's Auxiliary of St. Thomas-Wesley United Church, was an oiig-Inal member of the Saskatoon Blue-nose Club and was an ardent church worker and hospital visitor. Interment will take place in the family plot in Woodlawn Cemetery. Courtesy parking north of the chapel, staff attendant.

12-19-c stating salary expected and giving full particulars of experience with references. Retiring secretary owns Must be good home, r-none ji-. 4630 after 8 o.m. for interview. glasses, in vicinity of Queen Elizabeth School.

Phone Gail, DI.3-3596. 12-21-c 12-21-p NOTICES WE RENT MOST ANYTHING SAS-katoon Rent-Alls CH 4-1049. 1-20-e MENNONITE GIRL WANTS DAY LOST VICINITY 22ND, 23RD house which will be for sale. Town is situated on hard surface highway within 95 miles of Regina, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon. Water and sewerage installation expected to be undertaken in 1960.

Closing date for work during Christmas season, uui-4985, 12-19-P 2nd Ave. Man's gold wedding band. OL.2-0330. 12-21-c CHRISTMAS DELIVERIES 4 30 M. to 12.

CH2-S136. 12-22-0 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the matter of the estate of FRED applications Dec 28. Personal In HELP WTD. (Male-Female) 16 MALE HELP WANTED 12 FUNERALS BAIOFF, late of Blaine Lake, in the Province of Saskatchewan Farmer. De quiries invited.

G. Bygrave. Secretary-Treasurer, Davidson Sask. 12-24-c THE TOWN OF HUMBOLDT RE- YORKTON SCHOOL UNIT NO. 3 Invites applications for the following teaching position, duties commencing January 4, 1960.

Churchbridge Public School, grade three and four. Apply stating reference, experience and name of last superintendent to: Secretary-Treasurer, Yorittnn School Unit No. 36, Yorkton, Sask. ceased. BELLOWS THE FUNERAL SERVICE qutres the services oi an assisxam to the Town Clerk.

Duties commence Tnn A IQKn Ilana annlv In urilinff ARTICLES FOR SALE 25 ACME INDUSTRIES LTD. Mercury outboard motors, new used. Trade accepted, financing arranged, 182 WAIJ STREET All claims against the above estate TRADE SCHOOLS (Male) 12a stating' marital status, qualifications and salary expected Applications to duly verified by Statutory Declaration and with particulars of security held, FOR AUTOMATION. INDUSTRIAL if any must be sent to me unoersign- Be in the nanas ot me rown tiers by noon. Wednesday.

Dec. 23. 1959. 12-21-c electronics communication, radio and TV. Write Devry Technical Institute, Box 384.

Saskatoon. Phona G. R. WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. REQUIRES Young man for accounting department.

State age and Good prospects. Box 277D Star-Phoenix. 12-21-c ed before the 28 111 day of December, A.D. 1959. 12-28-c ot Mr.

Walter Bellows who died on December 14 was held from Beechy United Church on Thursday, December 17 at 1 p.m.. conducted by Kev. R. A Brown. Pallbearers were John Turner, Henry Flatrude Harvey Tres-lan, Victor Ratzleii, Don Knutson.

Ushers and flower bearers were Hugh Hunter. Frank Odermatt. Interment was made in the Beechy Cemetery. The Saskatoon funeral Home was in charge. 12-19-c WE BUY FOR CASH OR SELL ON the market anything of value.

It pays to give us a call. Tuesher' Secondhand Store and Auction, CH 2-8144. xtf Tecce. CH 2-6876. Xtf EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER-TYP- lst to operate national posting macn-ine Better than average starting salary.

Reply in writing giving age. 2 r- FRANCIS, GAULEY HUGHES Barristers and Solicitors. Royal Bank Chambers, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Solicitors for the Administrator 12-19-c MECHANICS ferences A. F. Macdonald Lumber DE JONGHE THE FUNERAL SERV- Fully qualified, required by Saskatoon Limited, North Battleford, bask.

12-21-p ord-Edsel-Monarch distributor. Im NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the matter of the estate of Am mediate employment. Permanent li satisfactory. Employee Dcnetits. Apply in person to Mr H.

Marsnall, Service Manager Dominion Motor Co. ber Minty Lounsbury, otherwise known as Amber Mintie Lounsuury, formerly of 4546 Windsor Street. Vancouver. GOOD SIZE TAYLOR SAFE FOR sale. Ph.

CH 2-4822 days tf Brown's Auction Rooms Phone CH 1-2077 or CH 4-7277. Owned and operated by Brown's Mobile Homes. 129 Avenue A south, at rear entrance Market Square Building. Buy-ing or selling call Brown's. xtf FRED R.

KING THE OUTBOARD MOTOR MAN" Outboard motors New. Used. Rented Sales and Service. New and used motors for sale from $50 up. Budpet term available.

Ave A and 2nri St Saskatoon gard to the community calendar, bearing in mind the cost to the council and to the editor of the Post Review, The council was only paying half price for the space being used. The meeting felt the calendar was a worthwhile project and should be continued. They were also interested in the proposed night" when rink committees of all organizations will meet. Branches Elect Officers for Year LEASK Officers were elected at the annual meetings of the afternoon and evening branches of the All Saints Anglican Women's Auxiliaries held at the home of Mrs. W.

T. Webb and in the parish hall, respectively, recently. The afternoon branch elected Mrs. E. Kennedy, president; Miss Jessie Green and Mrs.

T. Bond, vice presidents; Mrs. George McKay, treasurer; Mrs. C. Williams, secretary; Miss Jessie Green, Dorcas secretary; Mrs.

H. Fouquette, card secretary; Mrs. J. Rogerson, Little Helpers secretary; and Mrs. E.

Kennedy, Mrs. G. McKay and Mrs. J. Rogerson, parsonage committee.

Elected by the evening branch were: Mrs. T. Hobbs, president; Mrs. H. Mansell and Mrs.

0. Bitt- Tier, vice-presidents; Mrs. H. K. Elder, treasurer; Miss Alice Webb, secretary; Mrs.

T. Hen-6haw, Dorcas secretary; and Miss Alice Webb, card secretary. Each branch had a successful year. 1 WA at Simpson Elects Officers 3rd Avenue ana lain street, ice of August De Jonghe who died on December 15 was heid from St. Joseph's Church on December 17 at 10 a.m., conducted by Rev.

Francis Nolan, O.M.I, Pallbearers were Frank Van impe, RoDert Van Impe, Alf Van Impe. Johnnie Van Impe, Emil Van impe, John Van Impe. Burial was made in the Roman Catholic Cemetery. McKague Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. 12-19-c ti Saskatoon.

ENROLL NOW WELDING Train under our modern teaching methods developed from over 40 years of successful experience. Canada's Largest Training School System CHICAGO VOCATIONAL TRAINING 250 Paul Saskatoon Phone CH.4-2428 Anytime Out-of-town inquiries invited. Graduates Awarded Diploma WE ALSO TEACH Diesel and Auto Mechanics, Drafting, Radio and Television Electronics, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Commercial i Art, Photography. 12-19-c CANORA SCHOOL UNIT NO. 37 will require one teacher for Wood-hurst School District No.

2537 i rural I. Enrolment: 11; Grades 1 to Inclusive (none in grade 4 and 6i. Two-room furnished teacherage, rental $18.00 per month. Seven 7) miles south of Buchanan. Duties to commence February 2, 1960.

Salary schedule in effect: Clas 1, all experience counts. Apply stating age, qualifications, experience and last superintendent to; S. W. Gorchynski, Secretary-treasurer, Canora School Unit No. 37 Canora.

Sask. 12-21-c-s YOUNG MAN JR. CLERK REQUIRED With grade 12 or equivalent education plus business training or experience. Age range 18-21 years. Salary range per hour, with excellent promotion opportunities.

Employee benefits include group and medical insurance and superannuation. Apply: SASKATOON CO-OP CENTRE Administration Office 4th Ave. and 22nd Street, E. TRAUTMAN THE FUNERAL SERV- ice of Mi's. Helen Trautman who B.C..

and 225 Ash Street Saskatoon. Saskatchewan, deceased. Notice is hereby given that creditors and others having claims against the estate of the above deceased are hereby required to send them to the undersigned executrix at 714 Birks Building, 718 Granville Street Vancouver 2. B.C., before the 11th day of January A.D. 1960, after which date the executrix will distribute the said estate among the parties entitled thereto having regard only to the claims of which she then has notice.

VIOLET SMITH, Executrix. ROY LONG, Solicitor for the Executrix. 12-19-c died on December 15 was held from St. Mary'i Church on December 17 at 10 a.m.. conducted by Rev.

K. Kennedy. Pallbearers were her lour 12-21-c sons, Joseph, James. Peter and Se NATIONAL OUTBOARD AND MAR1NB SERVICE R. A iBobi Salisbury Johnson outboard motors, new and used Authorized parts distributor and service depot.

Joh.ison Evinrude Elto, Buccaneer Viking Iron Horse. Lawn Boy, Lawn Cruiser, Pioneer saw. Boat marine hardware. Term. 324 Ave.

So Saskatoon Sask Phone CH 4-7465 x-2-13-60-0 (20-25 years of age) with Grade XI or XII education to handle receiving and shipping department lor ali petroleum products and allied lines. Previous experience not necessary. Applicant must be conscientious and thorough. day week. Starring salary aK) muntn.

Apply empire Fuels 717 2nd No. Phone CH.4-7916. 12-21-1 bastian. Burial was made in the Roman Catholic Cemetery McKasue's TRADES, PROFESSIONS 21 Funeral Home was in charge of ar rangements. 12-is-c FEMALE HELP WANTED 13 FOR ALL YOUR WIRING NEEDS PERSONAL 24 Phone Electric.

CH. 4-5471. tf TENDERS INTERIOR PAINTING AND CAHPEN-ter work repairs. Phone Dl.3-6355 THE ELITE BLUE ROOM FOR WED-ding receptions or banquet. Phone CH.4 4201.

tf IN MEMURIAM SALES REPRESENTATIVE WANTED McCulloch Chain SaVvs Scott outboard motors from $50 and up. Sale and service. Terms available. Free catalogue. Lane ti Lane Mill-work Ltd.

914 20th Saskatoon. xtl by old estaotished manufacturer lor the Province of Saskatchewan. To call on furniture dealers. Must be HAYES IN LOVING MEMORY OF FREE ESTIMATES, QUALIFIED workmanship. Gilbert and Martin Full or part time WAITRESSES for licenced dining room.

Must have good dining room service experience Good hours, good wages. Apply in person only 11 a.m. to noon at Concrete Contractor. CH.2-4674. tl experienced producer Send picture and full details of experience.

Box ltJ4 Star-Plioenix 12-22-c BRIDES. BRIDESMAIDS for the largest selection of beautiful wedding gowns, formals and all accessories, visit the privacy of the mezzanine floor at the HOLLYWOOD FURS LADIES' WEAR 129 Second Avenue North TENTS AND TARPAULINS FOB sale. Camping equipment for rent. See Denham Awning Maker 3" 9 33rd west ti a dear wile and mother Margaret, What would i give I'o clasp her hand, Her happy face to see. To hear her voice And see her smile Tnat meant so much to me Loving husband, George and fam City Carpet Cleaning Co.

Established 1918. 105 Avenue south. Saskatoon. Rugs upholstery. Phone CH.2-2648.

iiy. 12-19-p Beauty Counselor Information. Phone CH.2-2555 Mr. Ida Holmlund. X-4-1-60-C BASEMENT WALLS AND FLOORS GEM CAFE No phone calls.

G1LBEY, EUNICE NEW WEST- ExDertly repaired and plastered. BUILDING SUPERVISOR Applications are requested for the position of building supervisor tor new schools in the West Central Unit ot Saskatcnewan. Applicants should have a good knowieoKe ol buuding construction ana mecnanical trades. Wrue staling experience and salary expected to the secretary West Central Unit Zone Committee oi Saskatchewan, Box 819, Kindersiey, Sask before Jan. 14, 1900.

12-26-c muisicr and tormerly Sutherland rom'a Cement Service CH.2-3954 CITY OF REGINA CITY ENGINEER'S DEPARTMENT who pass'U awav Liec. 111. mm in 12-21-c x-ll-26-BO-c EXHIBITION TV AND RADIO SERV-ice. Dav and night. Phone DI 3-5413.

tf New Departed, but ever Oil Burners Special Purchase FALL AND WINTER Coats and Suits Reg $39 95 to $79 95 $10 $15 $20 $25 Fall and Winter Skirts Regular up to $1695 $5 SIMPSON Mrs. Tim Clark was elected president of the xonaiy rememoerea uy son willred, daugnter-in-law Shirley and giand-chuaren. Rodney and Margaret Repairs. Expert service. Sales.

Phone 12-19-c after 8 p.m. OL.2-4970. 1610 Ave N. x-9-20-60 United Church Women's Asso HAVE YOUR WATCH ELECTRONI-cally timed and expertly repaired at Black's Jewellers 253 2nd south, issuers of Marriage Licences. X-4-25-60-C REGISTERED NURSES FOR GEN-erai duty in all services in accredited hospital recently enlarged to 180-bed capacity.

40-hour week. Salary and personnel policies according to S.R.N.A. recommendations. Differential fflr evening and night duty Apply to Superintendent of Nurses, Victoria Union Hospital Prince Albert. Sask.

12-21-c HENDERSON IN LOVING MEMORY TENDER FOR CONSTRUCTION OF fASQUA STREET BRIDGE Scaled tenders clearly marked as to content will be received by the City Commissioners, City Hail Regina. Saskatchewan up to 4.00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (Regina City Time) on Tueadav, December 29, 1959 for the construction of the following: A four-lane bridge approximately 140 feet in length with concrete of Andrew Henderson who passed away Dec. 18, 1942. Always remem PAPERHANG1NG PAINTING.

PLAS-ter repairs. Low rates. K. C. Payne.

Phone evenings DI.3-6867. x-22-60- ciation at its December meeting held at the home of Mrs. George Cragg when annual reports show bered by his wire and family Al SASKATCHEWAN'S NEWEST INDUS-try now being built. Requires men to assist in the public offering of its securities. No previous securities experience necessary, as complete training will be given.

Remuneration according to ability Apply St 2 Bank of Commerce 21st Saturday, Dec 19 at 10 a.m or 'Monday, Dec 21 at 10 a.m. 12-21-c ways In our hearts. 12-19-c Trusses, Surgical Supports Elastic hosiery or ladies or men. Fitted by experienced fitter. PINDSR DRUG STORE Cor 21st and 2nd Ave.

S. xtl DA VIES IN LOVING MEMORY OF PAINTING. DECORATING, ODORLESS Rtxatoning. Particular work for the particular customer. Qualified tradesmen! Quality decorators.

Wl.9-7150 X-6-16-C deck supported by steel beams. Maefair Fashions Ltd. 215 2nd Avenue. South Plans specifications and Form of WANTED. GENERAL DUTY NURSES and also a combined Lab X-Kay technician.

Salary according to S.H.A. salary schedule and S.S.C. L.X.T schedule. Apply to the matron, Ben-gough Union Hospital. Bengough bask.

1-1-c Tender mav be obtained from the of JUBILEE CLEANER, CHESTERFIELD TRUSSES. SURGICAL BELTS We specialize in accurate fillings of flee of Choukalos, Woodburn, Hooley and McKeiuie Limited, Consulting Engineers 1345 Mclntyre Street, Kegina, Saskatchewan upon deposit of a $25.00 trusses, ali type ol surgical belts, elas and cfiair 9 .50 rugs sq. tl baus-laction or money back. CH 2-0111 tl USED TV ALL SIZES. BEACON RA-dio and Electric Ltd.

CH.4-60U5. tf MIDDLE-AGED SALES CLERK Country town. Capable meeting public, also semi-bookkeeping. Commence immediately State relerenccs, wages expected. Box 290D Star-Phoenix.

12-19-c tic nosiery. ya. can oi write WcBean St Marshall Druggists. 160 2nd S. clieaue: such deposit will be returned Pilot Officer Freddie Davies, KCAF, and his gallant crew, who were killed over Ulm.

Germany Dec 17, 1944 Iney are gone but not forgotten, And as dawns another year. In our lonely hearts ol thinking Tnoughts of them are always near. Days ol saancss will come o'er us. Friends may think the wound is healed, But they little kno the sorrow That lies within the heart concealed. Ever remembered by the, family.

12-19-c xtf WE REMOVE SNOW FROM DRIVE-ways and paiking lots. Ph. CH 2-i51'i X-4-13-C upon receipt of a bonaiide tender, or on the return of plans and specifica CHRISTMAS TREES. Grade A. Green and silver Nick Kabatoif Son.

139. Ave. S. CH.2-3517 12-26-e R.N. REQUIRED FOR 33-BED HOS-pilal.

basic, salary S2ia. 40-hour week 3 weeks vacation all statutory holidays Fully modern town on 2 railways and 2 highways. Close to summer resorts. Apply matron Baluarrel Union Hospital. Balcarres, Sask 12-22-c WE RENT MOST ANYTHING.

SAS-katoon Rent All. CH 4-1048. 12-20-c tions la good oi aer. ed a successful year and $10 donation was made to the Student Christian Movement. Other officers and conveners chosen were Mrs.

J. Bearss, Vice-president; Mrs. E. Ellams, secretary; Mrs. M.

Thorn, treasurer; Mrs. M. Stein, devotions; Mrs. R. Wilson, manse; Mrs.

0. Waldie, fellowship; Mrs. A. Blan-chard, flowers; Mrs. L.

Soren-son, stewardship; Mrs. C. Ull-yott, citizenship; Mrs. S. Stein, literature; and Mrs.

P. Takbour-det, press secretary. Deprived of Beer LONDON (AP) "Grave Christ A certified cheaue In the amount of FOR PAINTING AND PAPERHANG-ing phone Upper CH.2-9174. xtl AUTO RADIOS. SPEAKERS, ANTEN- Professional rug and upholstery clean five per cent (5'c) of the tendered ing Walls washed.

CH.2-1078. 1-5-c nrire is In accoiriDanv each bid nas, e'c. reduced to clear. Allied Radio it TV Queen Hotel Bldg. xtl The City of Regina reserves the right BASEMENT FLOORS.

WALLS BUILT or repaired. Phone Dl 3-2414. x-x-9-SO-c to reject any or all tenders and to waive formalities as the interests of the WHEN YOU SELECT YOUR DIAMOND engagement ring Murphy Jewellery Store It assures you of unquestionable quality nd confidence which mean so much to pride of ownership. xtf CEMENT WORK, BUILDING REPAIRS City may require WANTED: 2 REGISTERED NURSES for new 10-bed hospital, 40-hour week after January 1. Salary $275, with increments.

Write or phone the matron, Mrs. G. Calclough, R.N., Dinsmore Sask 12-21-c ELECTRIC MOTOR RE-pair man capable of repairing all types of electric motors. Permanent position for suitable applicant. Top wages and fringe benefits.

Apply in writing, giving age, experience and references to Box 1630 Star-Phoenix. 12-21-c Christmas Trees Arrived Hand picked bushy spruce trees. All sizes. I.n.irted supply. $1 00.

$1.50, $1.75 1408 Coy Ave. DJ.3-1470 12-19-0 and remodelling, rnone umiw. Larry Piante Contractor. Plans and specifications may be reviewed at the Builders Exchange in Regina and Moose Jaw, at the office of Saskatoon Construction Association, Saskatoon, and McLean Building Re WE FIX ALL TYPES OF WASHING LADIES' WEAR SALES GIRL RE- City Carpet Cleaning Co. FRESH CU1 FLOWERS FOR ALL ouired.

Part Or full time. Appiy When angels call from Halls of Gold And into the arms of Time, a loved one folds And you must walk tht earth alone. One thought remains THE MEMORY STONE. EVENTIDE MEMOKIAL STUDIOS 23rd Street Suoway Saskatoon Telephone CH.2-2050 Personal and Dignified Service for Cemetery Monuments xtl Established 1918. 105 Avenue E.

south machine wringers. Phone us tirst. Kernels Appliances Ltd Canada Birig. CH. 2-2062.

tf Fashion Fur Co. ti Saskatoon Rugs upholstery. CH 2-2fi4 tf ports in Winnipeg. K. R.

PATTISON, City Engineer. 12-21-c 1 KEG. OR GRADUATE NURSE FOR ALI YOUR GENERAL REPAIRS phone OL.2-1720. tf wanted Dec. 20 or as soon there Formal Wear Rentals mas news," mourned a banner headline Thursday.

"The beer strike spreads." More than 2,000 after as possible. Starting salary $2110 per month. Write or phone collect to TRADE ASSOCIATION REQUIRES fuxedo. Dinner Jackets, etc. CH 4-126V MID-WEST CHIMNEY SERVICE Chimney repair.

Phone DI. 3-2532. or matron, neivington un occasions. Personal attention to funeral tributes Phone CH 4-8655 for city wide delivery. Rose Bowl Flower Shop.

339 30th St. west. -2-7-en-0 DER DiCK CO WHOLESALE Hotel, restaurant equipment and supplies. Hotpoint commercial cooking equip 323 Avi B. S.

Pb. CH 4-5258. xtf RUGS AND BLANKETS MADE FROM old materials. Free pickup service Hanson Household Supplies DI.3-5350. K-2-25-0 College Shop Ltd 125 2nd N.

tieia representative lor northern Saskatchewan. Saskatoon headouarters. BIRTHS ion Hospital Keivmgton. bask men staged a walkout at three x-2-ll-BO-c 12-23-c Some knowledge of automotive and petroleum business valuable but not THE SASKATOON STAR-PHOENIX CARD OF THANKS essential. Good education bondable, KITCHEN CABINETS AND FURNI-ture made to specifications.

DI 3-6758 or DI.3-7276. 12-23-c Birmingham breweries Wednesday and threatened 3,000,000 Midland homes with a brewless REQUIRED 2 RNs FOR 17-BED HOS-pital. general duty. Short term env will send free of charge a lovely RUBBER STAMPS ROSE MARKING DEVICES 173 1st Ave. No.

Phone CH 4-5883 xtf "Baby Book" to the proud parents gooa organizer, own late model car and be willing to travel Excellent opportunity for right person willing ployment considered. Please write or phone Mrs. Gullscher, Reg. N. Inserting Dirtn notices HAL'S ELECTRIC SERVICE OUR specialty.

CH. 2-5142. Christmas wir-inu done 12-24-C Matron. Imperial Union Hospital, Im Christmas. The men are demand' ing more pay and shorter hours 10 worn Apply box 1633 star-phoenix with full particulars.

12-28-c li-21- perial. Sask. LAWBY DR. AND MRS. L.

Law by announce the arrival of son Bruce Lawrence. 8 2 m. RUG AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING. Satisfaction assured. Call Empire Cleaning Service DI 3-3359 x-3-7-6fl-c ONE SINGER PEDAL SEWING MA.

chine, good condition. Phone DI 3-4613 after 6. 12-21-c WANTED FOR WATROUS UNION Hospital. 2 registered nurses. Salaries Dec.

11 at Shaunavon, Sask. 12-19-c TRY MARVINS CARPET CLEANING. If "best by test." Call CH.4-7988 for free estimate. 12-19-c- MY SINCERE THANKS TO MY REL-atives, friends and to the National Grain Co. for the flowers, cards and candy I received Also a special thanks to the nursea and the staff of the Isolation ward of the City Hospital, also Drs.

A A. Dick and A. Dick for al their kindness while I was a patient there. Mrs. Josephine Stefaniuk.

12-19-c RATES 2 SINGLE HOLLYWOOD BEDS. BOX springs to match Sacrifice price. 2 years old. OL 2-9536. 12-21-c and Denetits as recommenaea oy S.R.N.A.

Separate residence recently onened. Address aoDlications to the BALLROOM DANCING TAUGHT, private or group lessons. Phone CH.2-2464 10-2 or OL. 2-4073 6-9 p.m. 12-22-p DEATHS FIRST CLASS CABINET MAKER AP-piy Der Dick Co.

322 Ave. B. S. 12-21-c Secretary Manager. 12-22-c CHAIR FOR 12-21-c CHESTERFIELD AND sale.

Phone DI 3-2634. Star-Phoenix Want Ad Rates: Four Cents Per Word Per Da Six Consecutive Insertions for the Pnc jf Five Minimum Corn! in Words Per Day Minimum Charge 40c Per Dav Classified Display is charged at $2 24 oer sinuia column Inch SUMMACH THE PASSING OF WIL- TEACHERS WANTED 23 Wanted' nurses aid or nurse as ol'tice receptionist for 2 doctors starting Jan. 15. Typing and shoil-hand an asset. Apply in writing to liatn Summacn, oeloved husanu oi FUNERAL DIRECTORS Mrs.

Mary summach oi 82o Avenue NOW IS THK TIME TO MAKE YOUR vacation plans for thi year. Let the exnerts al Sl-ifonia Travel Bureau help vou without any cost or obligation Travel folders and tniormatton sent out free. Sinfonia Travel Bureau CH.2-Oi34 mew location! Empire Hotel Building x-l-14-SO-c EI.FCTRIC RANGFTTE IN GOOD CON-dition $15. 739 7th Street. 12-21-c FOR SALE AQUARIUM ANDNECEsI sarv equipment Less than one ear old.

DI 3-3416. 12-21-C south. Saskatoon occuired in a Davidson Clinic. Davidson. 12-19 Where 10 point oi laige type is desired RECEPTIONIST FOR DOCTOR'S OF- by the advertiser the rate per word is local hospital on 'lhursday, Decemoer 17, 1959.

The funeral arrangements will be announced at a later dale. Surviving are his wile; two daugh fice Typing essential. State age and ac per dav Mm mum count 10 wards Park Funeral Chapel Ltd. COLDSTREAM AIR CONDITIONED Mansei G. Binkley Jack M.

Binkley William Pearson Rae J. Mm dock 311 3rd north. Phone CH.2-1241 xtl Qualifications experience prelcrred Figures in grot ps of five or less dollar Box 276D Star-Phoenix. 12-19-c CHRISTMAS TREES Second grade 4' 50c. 5' 75c 8' to 8' tl.

ters. Mrs. George Campbell Marl IF YOU HAVE ANY MOVING OR deliveries call Western Delivery. CH.2-5317. 12-30-c attai of Edmonton.

and Mrs. 401 33rd St. west Come anytime. SASKATCHEWAN POWER CORPORATION requires a MATERIALS CATALOGUING CLERK for Regina DUTIES: To be responsible for cataloguing and classifying art materials, supplies and parts used by the Corporation for the construction and maintenance of gat and electrical systems. Must have complete Grade 12 technical education or equivalent with a minimum of three years experience to gain knowledge of equipment, material and supplies used by a gas and electric utility.

Salary $279 to $340 depending on the quaiilications and experience. Apply to Employment Department, 2211 Uth Avenue. Regina, Saskatchewan. 12-19-c-s Typist For doctor's office. Apply stating age William Green itiaini ot uensie, six sons.

Lester of Three Hills. 12-21-p mums initial letters, etc. count as one word Where one line is set In 10 point and the balance set In ordinary classified type the charge is 48c per line per day for the 10 point line; Where the use of a box number la desired count four words extra. If replies are to be mailed to out-of- own points pleas education training, experience and sal LADY'S WRIST WATCH Mervin and Robert, both of Asquith, Sask. Harold, Cecil and Edward, all of Saskatoon.

Park Funeral ary expected to Box 281D Star-Phoe- SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME W. A. Edwards, W. Arnold Edwards Donald W. Somera 341 2nd So.

Telephone CH. 4-5377 SANTA CLAUS SUITS Costumes and tuxedos for rent For sale Santa Claus masks and New Year' novelties. Theatrical Masquer-aae Costume Co. 616 Broadway Ave. Store WI 9-4636.

Re CH. 4-6800. 12-26-e SASKATOON EAST SCHOOL UNIT NO. 41 requires the following teacher commencing January 4. 1960: No.

1 Aberdeen, Grade J. No. 2 Bradwell. Grade 1-5. Salary Scale: Clas Class 2.

S3.000-$400. Please submit application to the tinder-signed, stating qualifications, experience and name of last superintendent. R. H. BRUCE.

SECRETARY-TREASURER. 1125 LOUISE SASKATOON 12-21-e mx. i-i-c Chapel la in charge of arrangements. 12-19-c new $35. now $15: electric razor (Sunbeam $50: drapes, cost $400.

now $125; camera. $7 50: BiMelt sweeper, new $16 50, now $fl 50. WI 9-7522 12-21-8 MIDDLE-AGED SALES CLERK Country town, canable meeting pub lic, also semi-bookkeeping. Com SENGER THE DEATH OF MRS. Marian Senger, age 78 years, of Allan.

occurred in a local hos mence immediately. State reference, waees expected. Box 289D Star- Phoenlx 12-19-c CARNIVAL By Turner pital on December 15. The funeral service was held on Thursday. De McKAGUE'S FUNERAL HOME HARRY McKAGUE M.

McKague R. McKague Phone CH 2-3131 300 3rd So. xtl WANTED. AMBITIOUS WOMAN TO service valuable Avon territories Saskatonia and rural territories. For iniormation please write or phone Mrs Roine.

No 2 Hcarn Block. CH 2-8252 12-21-c MARRIAGE LICENSES cember 17 at 10 a m. from St. Aloy-sius Church at Allan conducted by Rev A de Mong. McKague's Funeral Ho ne was In charge.

Surviving aie seven daughters, Mrs. A. (Paulinei Boehm. Edmonton, Mrs. W.

A. (Kallierinci Boehm, Mis Val i Anne I Engel, Mrs. Leo I Regina Kary Mrs Anton (Amy) Beck and Mrs M. (Frances! Beck at Allan, and Mrs. S.

(Marioni Boehm In Saskatoon; and six sons. Anton and Joseph at Allan, Jacob. Andrew, Eugene and Pius in Saskatoon. There am 58 grandchildren and 19 great- Srandchildren. Mrs Sanger was pre-eceased by a son John, on November 23 in Edmonton and by her hus ISSUERS OF MARRIAGE LICENCES.

Quality Credit Jewellers. House ol Diamonds 133 2nd Ave. north. Xtf MEDICAL DETAIL REPRESENTA-tive wanted lor saskatoon and surrounding area by Sandoi Pharmaceuticals. University degree required, preferably pharmacy or allied sciences Man must be able to work with minimal supervision.

Car is suppled, pension, medical and insurance plans and other liberal fringe benefit. Salary and quarterly bonus plus percentage of net sales which assure above average income and secure career. Apply Box 1635 Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. 12-21-c CLERK-RECEPTIONIST required bv Co-operative Trust Credit Union to commence soon as possible. Salnry I70-195.

Complete range of staff benefits. Write or phone CH. 2-1244 for annlicction form. Kinistino School Unit No. 55 re-quiru the following, teacner: Village of Birch Hills: High School teacher to teach Grade 9 Health, Literature, Math, Composition and Social Studies, and Grade 10 Health.

Literature. Geometry and Composition, Duties to commence January 4. 1960. Teacherage available with power and gs. Salary schedule $2,600 to $6,500.

Apply stating experience and name of last superintendent to Mis. G. M. Kannie. becretary-treasurer, Kinistino School Unit No.

55. Kinistino Sask. 12-21-c PLEASE ALLOW 8 FULL DAYS TO obtain marriage licence. Stacey Jewellers One location only at the pedestal clock. 102 2nd Saskatoon's besl diamond value Astra-Gio.

xtl 12-21-c band in September. 1935. Pallbearers TRADE SCHOOLS (Female) 13a at the funeral service were Edward and Erwin Beck. Raymond and Peter Senger, Ernie Engel and Isidore Kary. Burial was mad in the Allan Cemetery.

12-19-c FLORISTS ana to cents to cover cost of postage. City advertisers Tiust pick up box replies at the Star-Phoenix office. The Star-Phoenix assumes no responsibility ct error after the first ln-aertion. WANT ADSACCEPTED 8 30 a.m to a m. Dally Monday to riiriav.

(except hnlidaysi i Deadline for cancellation of want ads 30 a day ot publication Semi-Display Accepted UD to 8 Monday through Friday (except holldaysi On days when tht business office Is nosed. Want-ads for publication in our next Issue may be left tn the box in the front vestibule of the Star-Phoenix cffice. Please be sure to leave vour name, addttss. phone number and number of insertions desired. NOTICES Births $1.50.

Marriages and Deaths, tn Memoriams. Engagements. Cards of Thanks, etc Rates (2 00 per Insertion of 10 lines or less extra line of five words each 20c per line. Display Advertising SCHEDULE OF COPY ACCEPTANCE 12 NOON DAILY AS FOLLOWS: MONDAY for Wednesday's Paper TUESDAY for Thursday's Paper WEDNESDAY for Fridav Paper THURSDAY for Saturday Paper FRIDAY for Monday's Paper FRIDAY for Tuesday's Paper CLOSEDALL DAY SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS WANT AD PHONX CH.2-3141 SUBSCRIPTION RATFS MAIL RATES IN CANADA I er $12 00 I months 6 30 1 mi 3 50 I month 150 WANTED FOR WAPELLA TOWN school, teacher to teach grades 4 and 5. Enrol, 28.

Duties to commence MILLAR'S FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSES 214 21st Street, east Phone Day CH 4-7777 Night CH 2-2033 "YOUH PERSONAL FLORISTS' Cut Flowers, Wedding Bouquets. Funeral Tributes xtl Jan 4 19W Apply stating quantica- (mn. ami th nnrrie of vniir lt Opportunities for Women AMBITIOUS WOMEN WANTED Pleasant, steady bigger earnings after learning. Hairdressing and Beau.y Culture. Literature rree.

Write: MARVEL HAIRDRESSING SCHOOL 227 21st Street east. Saskatoon. 12-19-C- Supt. to J. W.

Renwick, Secretary-treasurer. Moosomin School Unit No. Moosomin. Sask. 12-23-c FRANK DOW DING FR S.

FLOK- ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTSMEN REQUIRED for the Construction Department of our wholejle organization. Duties include the preparation of drawings and blueprints under supervision in connection with the construction and or modelling of Coop Stores and Bulk Plant. Full scale of employee benefits. Salary ranee commensurate with qualifications. Apply to: Personnel Department FEDERATED CO-OPERATIVES LIMITED 211 Avenue D.

North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Phone CH 2-3161 Monday through Friday for appointment before 5 12-21-c ist. Everytnlng in floral needs. One ttore only, 317 21st east. One block west Hotel Bessborough. Ph CH.2-2345 Night 1 8-2750 DI3-3049.

xtf VICTORIA NURSERY (MRS. A. McAllister, Miss L. Gold) 237 list east. Senator Hotel Bldg.

Phone CH.1-3664. Nurserv phone Wl xtf YOUNG THE DEATH OF MRS. Edith Mary Eiiiabelh Young, age 85 years, of 32 Uth Street, east occurred in a local hospital on Dec. 16. 1938 The funeral service will be heid on Saturday, Dec.

19. at 130 from Graca United Church, conducted by Rev Lloyd Atinew The Saskatoon Funeral Home is In charge of arrangementa Surviving are: two daughters. Miss Lucy Young and Mrs. Walton (Marion) both of Saskatoon; two sons, Alan S. Young Saskatoon, and Jack W.

Young. Winnipeg: eight grandchildren; three sisters MlM Chrissie F. Smith. Saskatoon Mrs, A. W.

Walton, Aberdeen, Sask. and Mrs O. C. Dyke Calgary. Alta.

She was predeceased by her husband David Young, in February. 1918. Tht lale Mrs. Young was born tn Leeds. Yorkshire.

England. She had resided in Saskatoon since coming tn make her home in the city in 1908. Mrs Young was a faithful member of Grace United Church, and had taken an active interest in the work of the Women's Missionary Society She was a member of the omen's Association and the WCTU Mrs Young was a life mem-1 ber of Saskatoon Chapter No 4 OES. Interment will take pljre Ini Woodlawn Cemetery, 12-ll-ci DOM. HELP WANTED 13b SUTHERLAND TEACHER REQUIRES woman for baby sitting and light housework by January 7.

$3 daily. CH.2-55. 12-19-C DAVIDSON TOWN SCHOOL Applications are Invited for the following two appointment at the Davidson Town School, with duties commencing on January 4. I960: Grade VIU teacher enrollment 23. Grade VII teacher enrollment 36 Salary schedule $2 (00 $6JO0.

Applications houia be addressed to the undersigned stating age, certification and experience with name of last suotnntendent. Faulkner. Secretary -Treasurer. Davidson School Unit Davidson. Sask.

Angus G. McTavish Tor All Your Flowers 208 2nd Ave Phone CH.2-134J Nighi phone Dl 3-1574 x-ll-e-60-c MONUMENTS 93 To United States and Gieat Britain Classified Phone CH.2-3141 month 1 3 mnnti WEST SIDE MONUMENTAL WORKS Red and Black granite Mirot Imported Bronie memorials Ml SC. west. Pbone CH.4-7445. i Til tay one thing! You were in magnificent voice today!" 5 00 850 100 8 months 1 year.

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