Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 31, 1948 · 8
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 8

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1948
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Opportunities for Women TORONTO. July 3 (CP). , vk-ecer.-i;! both in New Ycrk More opportunities for women and Saa Fra.-Kisco. . , , , of to country s 4ol occupations, m occupation fields now a lnta orPonunUi were re-available throughout the work! p,.rtHd jH ay fceius except crvti ih.iti in the pa.t. Grace Xichoh, mining, railway, engiaeeriss of Toronto told the American fire departments. Federation of Soroptimists. ' Quest senns ires sent to ej7 She was a member of a coin- countries snowed there sre ft mittee set up in 1938 to gather laws against ur.n -tirjef: tlata on occupations for women. V"-""0" Chances tor women in most occupation had increased in Canada. Women were being trninmt fnr difficult forpiim con sular positions bv the external mark a wo:rr. csrrv affairs department at Ottawa. A commission in amy or ; Canadian woman is serving a: 5itl In England a woman sr.- not sene in the Church ci Fre land nor be a rr.c r of :- London stock exefcanpr. 1 rv "Cherry Bank Hotel' Quirt Rralil Vrirmily U MrCLI RE STKKKT T". kleki rM Iroai Th tnrrrm" VICTORIA. .C. ST.II.ri' EDM HI HOT MFATHFK Ttr Don't fuss t3 Jutt arvs wa plain about th". Press in cvi. tr.?. j sC. cottons. Xener rca y.x; can walk. yrcr Uo? -.-. renew your ntake-? v? ways bathe in t?r--..t a: Nv-time, no nu::er fc." U:--. V-coolinc colognes Urly imaginatively. M-lTIV 'Si VSINS1C WOMEN'S SPECIAL Fluff Cream Permanent 83.95 Complete Regular $3.00 Cold Waves J $5.00 Oiicr Methods . 3.00 ui Ground Floor Canada Bldg. Phone 7537 BEAUTY CLINIC Our Vans Cover the West Fort William to Vancouver OR ANY INTERMEDIATE POINT IIRCCOIMBn FULLY EQUIPPED FULLY EXPERIENCED PHONE 8181 LOCAL OR LONG DISTANCE MOVIXO STORAGE PACKING You'll Be as Cool as You Look When you put on your "party best" these hot days, you want to look neat and cool i Here's the Way to Do It... have your things "Gloverized" Cleaned. It's a special cleaning process found only at the Belgian Dry Cleaners. Send ihem in today- we have a complete skilled organization at your service. Our volume is greater than it has ever been before, so help us serve you well by allowing us additional time in which to return your garments. Phone 5588 Our Driver Will Pick Up Your Dresses and Suits tRirrhnlt. Slain Office and Plant- 123 Twentieth Street, West Showroom: 123 Second Avenue, North Permanent Waves I - j: ' 7)'" I ; v .A k t -1 i J Women '$ Page l uiversitv Slimmer School Stiultutls ICujtn Ctuiforl fern 4: .VIC Sj-:' A.--Vit wrv-. 5 Ss ;.'v. V F. IVa:".:. T? tr&Se,. iWtiy $Ti. v.'S.i.i.'i-i.'J, Vr v.v vi. cf Mr. W. CJi-.-au v lias i :V 'avf V: CivJi as gtve?. in aurru by Bee urcVs Mr- , VV-,i"v. grx-av LVraki Neai" is t?i . Ntr. Jk ? this tr.y. At:esa.lL2 the bnuv Mrs. F.. Xtr. Flue sui tx-nfvi the gavin. and ushers r Mr. Ctftvci Avto-V and Allan McUXraivt Follcwit 4 receytwa at the Ku vnw hotel the wup'.e left for a motor inp w Ckr Lam, Marutcbo. Upm their murn they iU make thtvr home at Kichlea. RECENT WEDDINGS vaKitM Vrf' Ll -' ? m .i.v"i t.n. W.v ', h.i,i i"i'--!.'-'.V V lw. it. ti i!.V '.vi .. r Viiio wirt ';;' .Vife ' ' ? Vi ylv ' 4 .'!. 1 l"t.,vvvi',ri i'tu jIU, J, Mf Hut Sl ''Vfc. .--1iKAf ). 1, ;,..!, t,-liii'; Jt Vtm? v va... i'Wtt '? 'j1" 4 .- vt" ',ii.v". V.'tait te ti'tu-: vvxt vu'.a vijiito afieiuty, aiul . ' nsu'H'ivti ttri.i .v .... .,;., V st".;p Kivnrlv h u the audi -.. t tVH'.vxV "M4IUkr , . "V l4sr dc l.xmc. 'i :..a '.".'Jk it Mitts' Anlot t.-,.V." !.'.:tlf'.UV UI)g III .c: ..s- t,v '.vr whs "I1'! .i Allen" ftvm M,,v;w,,-.'i vV'4 vyvt. rVdticn V n.-V Vlc Sheny i .-nW 'V,U"V.! ;UTO!t!p.llll wvv.x V' .U; o:i'!i, in ttie v: v.;;cr m-ImhI l;t ,v..r,, i'-iUNi vhc vrtrmoi vc t ' -.v x iiuc'! t. K M. kA M I SUM 5 i$U'U e-'-v s W use. il;er Ttt-Mf is cf tVre"5 tev.'.jvrsKict'.i. visul s awf eotxsJtstent pet fotnicr. IU Urahms "Kh ipsixtj" was au- nuos "included "every shade" of . work period at the St. George's (lasses at St. Uconse s IVwn.-t.urs in the bu.-ement; trvt.iws and hammers mingh': with Ivvs" voices. Upstairs lit-! tie tots work with needle and thread at sewing cards, and older girls bend over clusters or CI 1 shells as they make brooches. illlDle uCllOOl These are scenes of the nanui , -3. i I K-- Cm' fV MR. AND MRS. . A. McMILLAN whose nuirriage was solemnized in the chael of Grace United church, with the Rev. Dr. R. F. Schnell officiating. The bride is the former H ilda Josephine Chovin, of Vanscoy, and the bridegroom, Wallace Allan, is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. McMillan of Juniata. The bride's attendants were Miss Gladys Olson and Miss Betty Chovin, both of Vanscoy. Mr. John Chovin was best man. A reception was held at The Uessborougn. the couple leaving later for a honeymoon at Lake Waskesiu. The bride attended Normal school and university in Saskatoon. t Many Attend More than 100 youngsters are ORDAIN WOMAN MINISTER GAVLE, Sweden (CP). The first woman ever ordained in Sweden is Miss Gunnel Johansson, 27, Norrkoping, who received holy orders at a recent confer- f.tin. ar.,1 h.. i limv toiChurch vacation school cur-l n. th ...... ..,. Rii.ip vn.;ence of the Methodist church. itne meiotac line ot a wo. 1 is;j - ".""Tug I cation school at Third Avenue "dS "u eiectea to serve lotwmti numKor nfltina" hv Stal ls MlXl a Driunl SCI Vlte W 1U1 1 as Si npacnil U-Ith enma vt., UIIIU ,hri.- Tnllmi inc a ' ov"a""a .""::""'." nraun I Phurrh anH taking nart in 7..!".""' H. . '.lSlOrai ' v.'" . . J "Tiin Rri7uh ,h,m" KaoaiavsKy (a young ttussjan CVir 7" 7.: .1 i"uue wlu eligible later HARMS. .MACKLIX. Amidst a setting wtniding trip to Bntish CoIum-;com r- who does not assaji and hymns, conducted by the,a morning program which in-' for appointment as a full-fledepd s. at the Chapel of the;- e cuupur u. ue .i Mo.u.the genses as does prokofief and rector, Rev. r. ti. Joraan ana.cludes. Bible studv singing, ! pastor. games and handicrafts. This is an inteixlenomination- nf ruttiniP' Church of God. Camrose, Alta.. ncM truite. !his conorts) Was in the Miss Blanche Hillis, daughter of j WHITE CROSS (perspective. The rather bare Mrs. Hillis, of Macklin, and thej j;,rgaret Dorine. second j '"Allegro" held interest, the in-late John Hillis, became the rta',,htpr flf tr ann Mr? W is.stent rhythm of the andantino bride of Mr. Edward 1 farms, son; (Yoss of Fike was united in "demanded attention, and the gay of Mrs. Harms, of Sutherland Rev. Mr. Gardner performed the ceremony, assisted by Rev. Mr. Fausnight. The bride wore a pale blue figured afternoon frock, with matching gloves, and right! Mrs. G. R. Paterson, pianist. 1 ne service connects in meme with the Bible lessons which follow, on "The Church in the Community" which is a series marriage to Donald Edward, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon White, of Ridpath. The scene of the wedding was the United Church, Rosetown, with the Rev. A. Vr. Currie of- a white crownless picture hat. ! ficiating. tier corsage was nue peony Qiven in marriage by her fath- buds and she carried a white Bible. Miss M. Knox, was maid of honor and wore a gown of pink faconne crepe with matching gloves and white accessories. She wore a corsage of yellow attractive presto was trulv pre sented, with every technical difficulty well managed every nuance well shaped. The singer on the program was Mae Strasser, a singer of er, the bride was attractive in a j gown of white satin, fashioned with net inserts. The floor-length veil of white tulle was held in place by a beaded tiara. The bridal bouquet consisted of roses. Mr. Leonard hi.dchrand re(i roses and white daisips of Wetaskiwin was best man and; floor lentrth eown of nink Mr. G. Light and Mr. W. Radke crepe, with a lace peplum, was were ushers. Following the re- ception the bride and groor left for a wedding trip to the west coast. worn by the bridesmaid, Miss Elaine Cross. Her bouquet was of red roses and white carnations. Mr. Lisle Spence, of Rid- not H ujq cj hoct mon xi-Vi i e Vf t LA XEGRA F F M I LM A V Whi;; h other of the RICHARD. All Saints church, groom, acted as usher. Maymont, was the scene of aj After the ceremony a recep-wedding when Joan Margaret, tion was held at the home of youngest daughter of Mr. and the bride's parents. Mrs. C. J. Milman of Richard,' Later the bridal couple left on became the bride of Leonard ! a short honeymoon trip to the Herbert Lanegraff, only son of! West Coast Mr. and Mrs. T. Lanegraff of! Port Kells, B.C. The ceremony! BURT B1EBER was performed by Canon H.j DODSLAXD. A wedding was Hives of Battleford. The bride, I solemnized in the Dodsland a charming picture in her bridal j United church, w hen Bernice gown of white satin with embroi- Jean, younger daughter of Mr. dered net veil and orange blos-jand Mrs. P. Bieber, became the som headdress entered thej bride of Thomas Samuel Burt, church on the arm of her father.! son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Burt, The bridesmaid. Miss Marguerite! Rosetown. Milman, was charmingly attired: the double-ring ceremony was in pink sneer with matching pertormea oy Kev. A. Aloffatt chapel veil and carried a bouquet of pink and white carnations. The groom was attended by Mr. Howard Williamson of Prince. After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of a linguist ot parts, tier wen-controlled voice was at its best Visitor jinn. good style and refinement, and and contests. The morning is brought to a close with lantern slides and dedication prayers. The school continues at 10 o'clock each morning until August 6 and will conclude with an open session, when handiwork will be displayed, and a program presented by the pupils. Membership is free and still open for all children three years and upwards. The staff includes: Leader, Rev. P. H. Jordan; pianist and games leader, Mrs. G. R. Paterson; teachers, Rev. Don Read, Mestiames C. H. Saunders, R. Ward, T. Isaac, C. Taylor, F. Turner and Misses Joy Ward, K. Hopkins, Joan Wright, Audrey Stamper, H. Bertram and Evelyn Veitch. al school, under the sponsorship' of the Childrens Leaders' Coun- on the Ten Commandments ; and jdi;des Sunday Schoolteachers of. 44 frotestant cnurcnes, ana lead- ers are voluntary workers. ; The school will continue un-l til Friday, August 6, when the closing exercises will be held their meaning for children. After the Bible story time there is singsong or practice for radio program, or for parent's night. Time is found for games DAYS can supply you with any pattern in any m:ike of Wallpaper Samples are on display. Ztt 2rrl5- AClk ln ba:senlenti Expert advice gladlv given of Third Avenue Church. Par- 0n all painting and wall-ents and friends are being given paper problems. a bptxiai iimiaiion 10 ar. tend these, as well as the silver : EE tea which will follow. ! Better See CALENDAR fidf1 Ladles' auxiliary, San branch 78, Canadian Legion, B.E.S.L., will meet at 8 o'clock Monday , evening with Mrs. C. Bennett !r- 426 Sixth street. tK About Wallpaper 23rd St., uip., the "Bar" I'" Discovery In a Wine Cask The bride entered the church on the arm of her father. She was wearing a gown of white brocaded satin slightly en traine. Her long white veil fell from the 3 coronet of orange blossoms, jand she carried a colonial bou quet of lilies, roses and carna tions. Mrs. W. A. Middleton, sister of the bride, as matron of; honor, chose an orchid taffeta' gown, with flowered nylon over-j skirt and the bridesmaid, Miss wiima Burt, chose blue taffeta The observation that the level of fluids in his native wine casks could be ascertained by thumping led Leopold Aucnbiiigger to study the same phenomenon in the human thorax, and eventually he realized the possibility of deter, mining the internal condition of the cavity by the sounds thus produced. Aucnbrugger was one of the immortals of medicine; his discovery of percussion as a diagnostic measure inaugurated the ait of physical diagnosis and led directly to Laenee's later invention of the stethoscope. What's in your bottle of medicine? You may not know but you can be SURE, if we fill your prescription, that your medicine is made of the freshest, purest drugs, compounded in exactly the proportions prescribed. DR. DORIS W. PLEWES acting director of the National physical fitness division of the Department of JNational Heaitn and Welfare, Ottawa, who is visiting the western provinces and who will be a guest in Saskatoon August 2 and 3 and again August 10 and 11. Will Reside In Calgary Transportation Out-of-town golfers who are in the city for the women's provincial golf tournament and who desire transportation to the club, are asked to telephone the convener. Mrs. J. J. Olm-stead at 97187 or any one of the following committee: Mrs. H. J. Haskamp, Mrs. F. G. Salisbury, Mrs. A. J. Trotter, Mrs. P. J. Palko, Mrs. Ethel Godfrey, Mrs. G. A. Bigelow or Mrs. Alex Smith, Queen sjeet. Engagements Prof, and Mrs. John G. Rayncr announce the engagement ol their younger daughter, Lois St. Patrick's Anglican church Both carried colonial bounuets (Winnipeg, was the setting for ajBoughton, to Peter Anthony Gloria Jean Middleton, niece wedding, July 19, when Ethel Larkin, only son of Mr. and "tlJ1" Marion, daughter of M. andj?f"- houwiriwiiitailp" Mrs. F. Haywood, Winnipeg, be-! pac; on Saturday, August 21, came the bride of Robert Baker; at 2.30 p.m., in Grace United Hall, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. ichurch. Hall, Saskatoon. Rev. George j : ' Phillips officiated. ! Mr- E- A- Spring of Saskatoon Miss Nancy Truscott was : announces the engagement of his maid of honor. Bridesmaids 'youngest daughter, Hilda Grace, were Misses Kvelvn Stfxlflara ! nai'y iuv.iiau jui vunwuuu, and Lorna Houston. Sydney' son of Mr. and Mrs, wearing a turquoise gown and carrying a basket of pink stocks anti Dlue lobelia. Mr. George Tosh attended the groom and Messrs. Don Kill-back and Don Ahrens were ushers. On their return from their honeymoon the couple will make their home in Calgary. OA N N A W MI TCH ELL . 1 Haywood, brother of the bride, LLOYDMIXSTER. A ouiet attended the bridegroom. Ushers wedding was solemnized 'iniwere Maurice Ford and George Scarf e. Miss Phyllis Ford sang, accompanied at the organ by T. Tredwell. The bride chose a gown of white satin. The bodice featured a sweetheart neckline and lily point sleeves, A bustle marked Lloydminster United Church when lone Christina, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mitchell of North Battleford. be came the bride of Raymond Pa trick, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Gannaw of Lashburn. The bride chose for the occasion j the back, graduating to a train. a orown gaoarenne suit witn yellow and brown accessories. She wore a corsage of Talisman roses. Rev. E. X. Morrison performed the ceremony and the witnesses were Richard V. Bird;Fnrt c.arrv hotel. Mr. and Mrs. and Lloyd McLaren of Lloyd- Hall left for Calgary, where minster. After the ceremony th i.hey will make their home, happy couplernotored to North j Hattleford for the week end. They will make their home in Lashburn. I. Burton- wood, also of this city. Wedding will take place at St. James' Anglican church, Saturday, August 28, at 7.30 p.m. j GOOD NEWSlj It's always good news when you receive your clothes back after being Custom cleaned. Done to your complete satisfaction and delivered when YOU want them. IP53 dial 6 62 6 FOR THAT PROMPT AND EFFICIENT SERVICE CUSTOM CLEANERS LTD. 131 Ave. A Peters Rexall Drug 229 21st St. North Cor. Ave. A and 33rd St. East The hemline was outlined in satin roses. A coronet of orange blossoms held her veil. She car ried a cascade of sweetheart roses. A reception was held at the TEMPLE BLEICH CARROT RIVER. A ouiet wedding was solemnized at Mel-fort Court House, when Miss Al- vena Lydia . Bleich, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bleich, Pontrilas, became the bride, of Mr. Floyd Wesley Temple, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Temple of Carrot River. Judge McKim read the marriage vows. Miss Bleich was lovely in a green dress maker suit with white accessories, her sister, Mrs. George Mattinson was matron of honor and chose turquoise blue street length dress with white accessories. Mr. Mattinson supported the groom. Mr. and Mrs. Temple will make their home on the grooms farm I near Carrot River. I G. E. Andrew OPTOMETRIST Eaton's Second Floor Dial 6-4-2 See Our Models Note Our Values for Gas & Gas Appliances jl!jMulSAirrja 'l I -yy CTTWr j! COME to 115 20th Street, West and see them. PHONE 29533 and ask about them. ' WRITE HUGH GAS LTD. and inquire about them. Moffat Range . $199.50 ANY APPLIANCE INSTALLED ON A SMALL DOWN PAYMENT UG H GAS LTD. 1; 1 11

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