Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 15, 1948 · 22
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 22

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1948
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f .461 TWEXTT-TWO! a-htooh m pHcin, THiRsniT. nu t. Melville 's Beach Great Attraction MELVILLE. Residents of, covered' the scenic resort and this town, in the last few years, cars from across the border are have developed practically atl becoming commonplace. Ameri- j their back door a summer resort , cans like the fishing to say no-which thev proudly proclaim ! thing of swimming and boating, j on-of the best in Saskatchewan.! A few fly to Melville and! Somewhat of a semi private, travel to the lake from there by ! resort, it is located on a point; taxi. . I en Crooked lake, in the QuAp- Secretary-treasurer of the as-. polle valley, about 27 milesj sociation is Howard Anderson south the town and is operated and president is Phil Walters-! by the Melville beach association ' One of the original movers was; which took it over four years Gus Anweiler. J 8gi t I: Some fiO cottage owners rent lots at $10 per year. The resort is served by a power plant and store, has a ball ground and community hull but no golf course. Cottasfrf are new, well-desien- ri. for the most part, and well-1 Kerrobert for the last 25 years, kept. Some are stuccoed and Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Campbell w ere j have lawns. Practically all are j honored recently, prior to their j at the lake's edge with a private departure td reside at Vancou-j sandy beach. ver. Members of the United j A "few Americans have "rlis-, church gathered to present them j I with gifts on behalf of the wom en s auxiliary, women s mission-; ary society, and the church. Pre-j sentations were made by J. E.i Shields and Mrs. H. Xorris. I The board of trade presented! Dr. Campbell with a gift during, its monthly banquet. ! Dr. Campbell was mayor of DEATHS 4 Mvfhia4 ! MALE HELP WANTED J3 SMITH THE DEATH Of MORTON, Person Smith. aged i2 year, of Pnn ; t ttac. Mwhigan, occurred in a Kegina hospital on MoinfwUv afternoon. July 14. 19-M. The funeral service will oe held on Saturday. Juiy 17. at 2 p m. from the chapel of the Saskatoon Fu- r neral Home, conducted by Rev. H i rial). Survives are tots widow. two sons, Harold Smith. Saskatoon, and Elwyn Smith. Rosetown: three broth-1 era. Ingram Smith. Regina. Albert Smith, Chesterville. Ont., Kenneth Smith, Iroquois, Ont.; four eislen. Mrs. W. took. Ottawa. nt., Mrs. M. : Andrew. Newark. NJ. Mr. J. smirle, j Morewood. Ont.. and Miss Olive Smith, .New York City, N.Y. The late Mr. Smith wa born at Chesterville, Ont.. and had resided at Pontiac, Mich., aim IH25 where he had been employed with the general Motors Corporation. Mr. and Mrs. Smith had spent the pat winter with their atn in nil were returning to their home at Pomiae when Mr. Smith took aerioua-Iv III at Regina. Interment will he made la Woodlawn Cemetery. 7-lfi-c HITS. WTP. (Male-Female) 17 HlRDlVn litl'VI V U-'AVT LID ,v- IMMEDIATELY i farm. AIM boy 1. handy. Apply Roil" si. tak-l 8B Star Phoenix. 18 o TEACHERS WANTED TEACHERS WANTED 21 ARTICLES FOK SALE 25 lualtnae MiUtR WANTED Exuerleiw-ed miller capable trig lull charge of 125 bol. flour milf tkxid gd hours, state refer-1 t .'.'I'M 41 K IWTKI t fWfl, exper.ence. wage expeoted Box ' ' ' 'M ' a 1 " 11 1 HWi Sakatoon star Phoenix. 7 2U 19a LEARN HAIRDRESSINU AND BARBER1NG WANTED HY AUTOMOTIVE WHOLE, aler uut-of-city. man lor position of travelling aainrcan. aiiu nave wnoie- Mn BmJ women - for well paving ' wie or retail counter experience in pium too with good earniaes. train a the automotive buainess. Reply stal- , hairdresser or barber Write or visit' It.g age. education and experience to LaBelle School of Beaut Culture and' H-T iw.l Star-Phoenix i 2Q-C Barhenng. Canada Building Reentered WANTED EXPERIENCED BOQh i ""derJproTinciaradeSthoolAct. it j keeper or an outstanding bookkeeping : student. Apply Purchasing Officer. ! City Hospital. 7-17-c , PLAsTERERs WANTED NEW . CAS- ' cade hotel- Banff. Bt of waaes and working conditions. Wire Poole Con-' struction Co., Ltd., Banlf. F. rlo"ler. Supt. 7-22-c MELVILLE .NORTH! SCHOOL VXIT NO. 26 Requires the Following Teachers FEMALE INSTtUTIO. 20 MANY GIRLS WANTED To tram for hairdreer No former e-penance required Splendid ooportunitv. rapid advancement. Ak about our pay tuition after you graduate and eel Saskatoon : Vol N(i MAN , l-2o FOR DIRECT SALES suitable work I all or write today work t'i-t speak guod English and Marvel Beaut v School. ZS1 21st SI. dreis well. l,ood money and permanent praition if natlsfactory. Apply u7 MacMillart Building. Friday 2-4 p m. 7 ! K it!) TIJADKS, rttOI-KSMONH 21 Couple Honored Before Departure KERROBERT. Residents of FUNERALS THE FI N EH AL SERVICE OF MARY Ann Nesteroff, who died on Suudav. July II was held from Mr. and Mi. Rill Nesteruffs home on July 12 ai Hlxine Lake. - 7-16 p HHIi.HT VDIXC MAN FOK Jl NIOK clerk and erramis wanted tmmedi- Rep; ately by large local con-ern. C.raile lo men' or belter education. I iptwwtunitie of advancement. Box tta star-Phoenix Dustless Floor Sanding rtng and finishing Modern eotiip if. Prompt service. Call Jenkins IXU BOILER ENtilNEEK WITH ALBERTA scond rla certificate retimred immediately, fiive full partN-ularii. e-peneme. name of Ian employer, aae and marital Matus. flunky Oil 4 Refining, Ltd., Lloydininmer, Sak. 7 l-c i- BLILDINtJ AND REPAIfllNR CHIM 1 ' 1 1 ' mi. nlMlannu anl ilu-...-Ilk-. I: Erwin. h2" FOR YOUR CEMENT BASEMENT AND flooring or runways, call J. Klrtnn. 7ts. tf Hulibard S.D. Intermediate room. grauea 5-, vtilage. ouhon S.D. Cgrollment 21; three miles McKun; teacberage-W eat Otlhon S D. Enrollment 13; miles Ottnon; teacherage. Stanmloff S.D. Enrollment 30. J'a miles Hubliard; teacherage. Lunnville S.D. Enrollment 2$ eight Jtrtna; teacherage. Waikerville S.D Enrollment 31: 13 miles Ituna: teacherage. ) Crew kerne S D. Enrollment 26; j three miles Parkerv lew. . Cood Hot S.D. Enrollment 1! . li miies Melvnie. ; St. Jonepb de Dauphinais Enrollment 31; six miles Ituna; teacherage. j Happy Home S.D. Enrollment 25. f 1.1 miles Melville: teacherage. - Vvber S.D. Enrollment 20: l'a miles Tullymet P.O.: teacherage. I Olsen S.D. Enrollment 14. 11 miles Melville; teacherage. ! Spondon S.D. Enrollment miles Ituna: teacherage. ' Salary M-hediile i Mm. Interim and 2nd Class Sl.ii; , Permanent 1st - l.MHI i Interim High School. l."ll 1 Suerior lt l.W ' I ei in. High School 1 ixai Till. MUFORT SCHOOL UNIT NO. 64 PROPANE GAS CCKlKSTOVE: FORCE "uWW Vtom a.n table. "He- school in palhlow. Salary ranging front f 1.706 to $3 020. depending n MMiivna heii ami exoerience. ai required ate teachers for a tew rural p. -tit ip hoi.lJ. Salaries ranging from I1.2IW 11" to $l.S0u and higher. Reply stating name of !al suterintenient. certificate and experience, telephone. - etc.. to C. V. Vanderveen, secretary treasurer Melfort, Sask. 7-21-c 22; six Max. 1 .WOO 2.11 Jl l.MNI 2.1110 WANTED ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL for Lucky LaUe iroom school. Salary. Interim First $1,300 to 61.450; permanent first 1.."(J to-$1.7u0; Interim junior high l.t00 to S1.7U0. Apply stating experience qualifications and special interests, enclose copies ot superintendents report If available to Mr. A Johnsrude. secretary of Out look Srhol Init So. 32 at Outlook Sask M field stiiie: bedroom suite; floor coverings: radio and lamps, etc. 91.1 in Ae. Phone 232-"3. 7 lite ADDRESS SYS- tem for sale or rent. Ideal for exhibition. Phone 20005. 7-1 7-p THE COVAN LARGER SCHOOL I UNIT NO. 29 1 Of Saskatchewan Invites applications for the lollowing schools: I June Enr. li( ' 11 i 15 It 21 CHIMNEY AND FURNACE Vacuum Service CHARLIE CARTRY. Phone 91452 9-13e Sask. Poles Annual Meet WISHART- The fourth annual meeting of Saskatchewan . branch of Associated Poles of Canada was held in the Memorial hall. Wishart, July 7 and 8 with 75 delegates and visitors in attendance. E. Za-horski of Regina presided. Membership of the association is made up of Canadian Catholics of Polish descent. The first afternoon session was taken up with consideration of reports and later delegates and visitors were guests at a banquet prepared at Wishart school by women of Our Lady of Perpetual HelD Darish at Wishart. A revised constitution for the association was adopted. The second day a High Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church was sung by the Kev. c. J. Kisel of Ituna and a sermon pteached by the Rev. J. Cybart or Hsn ureeK. nesoiuuons weie passed outlining the charitable, cultural and educational activities of the organization for the coming year. The meeting concluded with the election of the executive, composed of the following: President, E. Zahorskl. Regina; first vice-president, A. Wolitski, Wishart; second vice-president, Mrs. J. Czyz, Wynyard; secretary, trie Rev. F. Jurzyniec, Wishart; tieasurer, the Rev. C. J. Kisel, Ituna; directors, the Rev, A. Sylla, Rama; N. Karwaski, Al-vena; Alex Stoskl, Tarnapol; S. Xiezgoda, Fosston. Delegate Reports On Convention RICHARD. Mrs. J. II. Soutar reported on the Saskatchewan Homemakers' convention at a meeting of Richard Homemakers' club recently. Mrs. C. D. Robert-Fon was hostess, with Mrs. G. Florence presiding, and Mrs. D. J. McMurchy as assistant hostess. Mrs, Florence reported a pair of pillows had been made and forwarded to the Notre Dame hospital at North Battleford. A transfer of club membership was made for Mrs. M. Bohjsky to the Prongua club. HUf.HES THE FUNERAL SERVICE OF I Peter Joseph Hughes who died on .lulv II, 194K. was held from Park Funeral Chapel on July 14. 1948 at 2 p.m., conducted by Kev. i., it. Downer. Pallbearers were V. Sy- monds. M. Morton. P. H. Marchant. . Al.rJ.lS W.1.V1LU IZ . .,, Bnntr 1. Robertson, W. Winterton. S. Mal l j DOES YOUR ROOF LEAK? lard. Burial was made In the Wood- - YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ; F,imL"1 repairs, redecorttton. lawn Cemetery. 7-lb-c which will add to your income. There : EI"''rin-'c--. w,th 'rouble free, fire l.i i .. . i resistant roof of permanent en nred as. I monuments In western Canada alone, i h,n''f- For free Inspection nd j .7,17 H-V.r W. J English L Co ltd In addition to the altove Principal Slot) plus S2. fur ea h room under his supervision. Five years' experience outside the tmit 6-vO. Enrollment of 40 or more $-0 extra: enrollment of oO or more $HM extra. Annual increase of S"o for unit service. Annual deduction of S0 for use of teacherage and fuel. 7-17-c IN MEMORIAM JACOBS IN EVER LOVING MEMORY of husband and dad, Frank George Jacobs who passed away Jtuy IJ. oi. In memory's garden We meet every day. Always remembered by hit loving wile and daughters. . J-l-Vp around $2U0. This means twenty mil lion worth of monuments can be sold and a lot of this In your district You know this. This is a good agency. Free ouriiT mux uoi rstar-rnoenix. xtf 477 2nd Ave.. MorUi. Phong 23031 X8-30-C WE CAN OFFER YOU THE BEST monumental agency In the west selling tor a well established Saskatchewan firm Write for free catalogue to : - . . .. .. ............ i 11 ..rtrn l.r.nlt. m. u , .. w . I. tre.evFuee fcr A var and a!JAfOBS-I.N EVER LOV1.M, , - - - '""i"'"' " jv.. , d , da(, jrrsnK ;eorgc, wno council member for 17 years, while Mrs. Campbell was active in all church affairs and the Red Cross. Dr. Campbell retired in 1917. .NOTICES MOT1CE TO CREDITORS In the Estate of JOHN HENRY RUSSELL, late of the City of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan, Barber, deceased. All claims against the above estate. duly verified by statutory declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held. If any, must be sent to the undersigned before the tenth day of August A.D. IMS. RUSSELL HARTNEY Barrister and Solicitor. 201 Dominion Bank Bldg. Saskatoon, Sask. Solicitor .for the Administrator. 7-16-c-s passed peacefully away July IS, 1941. j PHOFITHOL You are ever in my tnougnts,. dear Dad. Though parted we must be: Side bv side we walk alone The path of memory. Our lles, once closely linked together. Now lie far apart. But von are ever In my thoughts. And ever in my heart. Cud bless you. dear Dad, Until we meet again. Alwavs remembered and sadly missed 'by his daughter, Kitty, Toronto, ont. 7-lw-p CALC'U LATOR. MODERN business control for retail merchant. Automatic calculations of selling prices, profits, losses, markups, margins, expenses, costs, sales volume, etr. Agents send for free booklet show-ing machine and operation. Good commission. Lomar Sales Agency, 1471 Fori street, Montreal, Quebec. 7-19-p CHIMNEY BUILDING ing. Phone 7242. AND PLASTER 7-20f RUG AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Hoors waxed and polished. Phone '4H 7-ltH- ift'ILD YOUR OWN CHIMNEY WITH ALFORD'S CONCRETE CHIMNEY BLOCKS ALFORD'S PLANING MILL Saskatoon, I'hone I)733 7-16-is KL.MAI.K HELP WAMtll 13 SMITH IN LOVING MEMORY OF William John Smith who passed way Julv IS, 11144. You're not forgotten, father, dear. Nor ever shall you be; As long as life and memory last We shall remember thee. Fondlv remembered by his widow, Mrs. Adelaide Smith, and naugnter, Lillian, Annie, Eileen, Edith and Goldie. M-P PITMAN AND COMMERCIAL TEACH-er wanted for private business college. Duties to commence July 2. 11148 Salary 1125 per month. Apply: Sprott-Shaw Schools. 812 Robson Street. Vancouver, B.C. 7-lB-e Speedmatfc Floor Sanding and finishing Reasonable rates. Reliable B1GGAR SCHOOL UNIT REQUIRES 25 rural teachers In vicinities of Kelfield, Springwater. Biggar, Cando. Sonnini?-dale. Salary schedule in effect. tl.2i) to S2.1U0. Principals also needed for Traynor and Cando. For information please contact Supt D. G. Bishop, Saskatoon Norms! School; evenings Y.M. f.'.A. 719-c work. H200, days only. 8-10-c EXPERIENCED DECORATING, PAINT-ing, plastering repair Jobs, good work. free estimates. Phone 22544. 7-17-p WANTED EXPERIENCED SANDWICH board girl, midnight until 8 a.m. Sand-tU Waffle Shop, 233 22nd St.. E. 7-20C FURNACES OVERHAULED AND RE-set by experienced man. Phone 013:10 Miller. 7-17-p TENDERS FUAEKAL 1HKKCT0H9 TENDERS Department of Natural Resources and Industrial Development. 1,200 Attended Town Sports Day P A D D 0 C K W 00D. About 1,200 persons attended the sports day at Paddockwood July 7. Seven teams competed in baseball, with Paddockwood winning, Northside second and Al-bertville third. The Kalyna team was first In softball, Paddockwood girls coming second. Winners in a horse show and parade were C. w. Elliott, Ethel Jones, J. Lovell. Thirty-five babies were en-! tered in a baby show. Winners were Ralph Hanson, nine months, Spruce Home, Rodney Thorson, two years, Northside, and Beverly Wilden, 19 months, Northside. Sealed tenders, endorsed on the envelope "Tender." and addressed to the Game Commissioner, Department of Natural Resources and Industrial Development. Saskatchewan Resources uuiiang, rtegina, snail ne received up to 10 .m., August 5. 1048, for the purchase of the following firearms: 10 .22 single shot rifles. 5 .22 repeater rifles. 4 12 Gauge pump guns. 3 12 Gauge single shotguns. 1 12 Gauge Double Barrel shotgun. 5 M WCF rifles. 2 .44 WCF rifles. 1 32:40 rifle. 1 ..'10:30 rifle. 1 .25:20 rifle. 1 6.5 mm rifle. Tenders for purchase shall onlv be accepted on Individual firearms and not on the total number. These firearms may be inspected on the morning ot juiy at, tats, trom v a.m. to 11.30 a.m.. at the office of the Game Branch of the Department of Natural Resources and industrial Development. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Particulars may be had on Inquiry. E. L. PAYNTER. Game Commissioner, Department of Natural Resources and Industrial Development. Saskatchewan Resources Building. 7-19-c 'park funeral chapel Funeral Administrators ana Directors Manse G. Binkley Jack M. Binkley. 311 3rd Ave.. H.. Saskatoon. Ph. 22123 Xli WANTED REGISTERED NURSE FOR Elrose 10-bed hospital, $130 per month plus full maintenance, plus S75 bonus for each year served. Holidays with pay. H-hour day. 8-day week. Apply to matron or secretary, lrose Union Hospital. m 7-lB-c FLOORS MECHANICALLY WAXED and polished Walls and woodwork washed. Phone 21(744. Vet's House hold and commercial Cleaning. 8 11-e MATTRESSES MADE TO ORDlffiTT'OR satisfaction guaranteed phone 49fl. The Mattress Specialists, 111 Ave. B, south. Saskatoon. 7-21-p THE STURG1S SCHOOL UN'IT NO. 45 requires the following teachers: 11 One for grades 7 and 8. enrollment 27-32. anil 2 one tor grades 9 and II). enrollment 28-32. both rooms In Preecevlile town school: and 3 one for the Intermediate grades. Hyas three-room school, enrollment 2j-30 These teachers may be required to exchange subjects with other teachers Also i4i a shop instructor for the Sturgls Composite High School, qualified to instruct in general shop work. Including drafting, woodworking, metal work and motor mechanics, and hold a regular teacher's certificate in order j to be able to instruct in some academic subjects in lunior high school grades Certificates: Elementary $1,200 to $1,900: superior $1,700 to $2,200: high I school $2,000 to $2.8110. Apply, stating age, experience, qualifications, special anilities, and name of last superintendent, to W. L. MacNeill. secretary. Sturgis. Sask. 7-20-c School: rbuluh Blv thesw bod C lear Lase ! roiiiupMotid I Daisy Bank ' Dickens Dlinkcld Eilenkillie Flam lei's Highclere ' Kamantha Killarney Kutawagan Lakeside Last Mtn Valley Llanwenarth Midway Mountain Chase Mountain View Mount Hill Pengarth Poplar View Ravensburg Ravines ide Richfarma "Snowdrop Stoney Croft Mrathallan. Swantton Svlvan Taunton Thorncliffe Wakefield Wessels Yungliill Touchwood Siding Williamsville Teacherage. Salaries on schedule $1,100 to $3,000. depending on certificate and experience. Details of schools and salary schedule sent on request. Apply, staling certificate, experience, special qualifications, age. religion anil name of last superintendent to Unit Sec -Treas., Govan, Sask. 7-16-c Address: Strasbourg Semans Seinans Kavniore Duval Punnichy Duval Bulyca Ryv more Rnmore Fenians Tate I.iM Kwood Duval Strasbourg Raymore Strasbourg Dual Duval Strasbourg Bulyea Raymore Quintun Strasbourg Nokomls Southey Gibbs Silton Govan Silton Ravmore Silton Semans Govan Bulyca Touchwood Govan DISHES. LINENS. APRONS. CUSHIONS, i 25c to $1. Second floor, 3 to , south. I 7-17-p lONE IK" LAWN MOWER. FIRST CLASS j condition. Phone B2i3. 7 1: p FARMERS LARGE QUANTITY I1M A- toe sacks. aso new 4 satwi wheels; link trainer, pa nt, flour mill equi. ment: s-inch brass tubing: hanlwo'Mt lumber, flat Iron: shafting: pipt: bolts, etc. See us fhr vour farm need. Dominion Junk Co., 226 Ave. C, south. 7-211-c BEDS. DRESSERS. COOKSTdf En) chiffoniers, combination wardrobe and chiffonier, dining sets. Apply 227 Ate. C. south. 7-lfie 111 lit ' 12 12 , 4 4 ! V ! 10 IB 2U 20 11 20 IS 30 10 7 22 17 14 H I 12 ; 11 1 14 10 ! 10 I 21 12 BIKE: 3-GAI.LON SPRAYER: KITCHKM lahle- light truck. Other furniture. 402 20th M.. F-. L!:m CARRY BICYCLE; SINGER SEWING machine; Uooey repeater .22 rlf!. fall after 1 p.m.. 131 Ave E. south. f'hnne WHO. 7-17-p TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION' AT THE VILLAGE OF QUILL LAKE, JULY 17 Full Line of Farm Machinery, Including Six Tractors WD9 MrDeerlng, new rubber, starter, lights, PTO. Farmall H MrDeerlng on new rubber, starter, lights, 1'fO. Two 15-30S, with two breaking plows. Model H and Model D John Deere, both on rubber. Dodge 4 door Sedam Just overhauled C. D. FOSTER 7-lB-c THEODORE UNION HOSPITAL RB-quires registered nurses. Hospital new-and well equipped. Suggested salary $135 per month plus full maintenance. Apply to Box 302, Theodore, Sask. 7-19-c MARKIAUE LICENSES 3 MARRIAGE LICENSES $j WEDDING rings $4 to $12. Watch, clock and jewellery repairs. Western Jewellers. LL, 2t3 2nd Ave.. 9. Ph. 23364. gtf MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED THE home of the famous Bluebird diamond engagement rings. Starey s Ltd.. Jewel-lers. 102 Second Ave., at the sign of the overhead clock. xtf MONUMENTS 5a WANTED COOK, LADY PREFERRED, for hotel. Apply Can wood Hotel, Can-wood. 7-19-c SALESLADY. 2.1-45, TO SELL ARCHIE Olson Cream Shampoo to and through drug stores. Duties: Calling on Drug Stores, giving shampoo parties and introducing product by some door to door work. Good commission until sales ability proven. Write Box 1975, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. 7-lft-c-s KITCHEN HELP WANTED Cabin Inn. 351 2nd Ave., S. LOG 7-18-c STUCCO HOUSES AND SHINGLE roofs, spray painted. Free estimates. Phone 6707. 7-17-c EXPERT FLOOR SANDING AND FINISHING All modem equipment. Call Al. Booth, . sint), noon or pvpning. 7-22-c TEACHERS WANTED 2a SEWTON SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 4235 requires qualified teacher, duties to commence August m. salary $1,400 or can be arranged. School 4 miles from town, teacherage for Janitor work. Enrollment 20, grades 1 to 8. Apply to John C. Simkins, sec. treai.. Maid-stone. Sask. 7-17-c WESTERN GRANITE & MARBLE CO., Ltd., 6 blks north of Hudson's Bay. 714 2nd Ave., north. Phone 5365. Monuments and Memorials. , xtf FLORISTS DIETITIAN, WANTED FOR 80-BKI) hospital. Salary $145 a month with complete maintenance. Reply to Supt. of nurses. Swift Current Union hospital, stating experience. 7-17-c SASKATOON NURSERY tMRS. E. MAK- riott), 101 2nd Ave.. So. Phone zjjjo. Flowers for all occasions. Nursery Ph. 22107. 55,000 feet under glass. ti FLORISTS TO THE BESS BOROUGH" Miller's Flower Shop. "Say It With Flowen." Ph. 7777.. 214 21 it St.. E. xtt FRANK J. DOWD1NG, FLORISTS Floral Specialists. Flowers and plants for all occasions. i-none; Day ztsio. nignt mj. Xtf VICTlASlA NURSERY (MRS. E. McAL-llster. Miss L Gold). Cut flowers, funeral designs, wedding bouquets. 205 2nd Ave.. S. Ph. 23bti4. Krsy. Ph. 074: W. xu WANTED EXPERIENCED SANDWiSH board girl for days. Sandwich A. Waffle Shop, 233 22nd street, east 7-20c WANTED BOOKKEEPER WITH STEN-ographlc training for out-of-clty position. Reply stating education, age and experience to Box 1969 Star-Phoenix. 7-20-c WANTED NEAT APPEARING GIRL for dental receptionist and assistant. Box 494A Star Phoenix. 7-16-c RATES Star-Phoenix Want Ad Rates: Two Centa Per Word Per Dav. Eix Consecutive Dally Insertions for the r-rtce ot r ive. Allnfmum Charge Per Sinaia insertion 2.V Where 10 point uarge type) is desired by the advertiser the rate per word Is or e day. Minimum count 10 words Minimum transaction 75 centa. Figures in groups ot live or less, dollar marks, ininai letters, etc.. count as one word Where the use of a box number la desired, count aa four words extra. If replies are lo be mailed to out-of-town points piease add 10 cents to cover cost of postage. City advertisera must pick up box replies at the Star-Phoenix office Minimum Count: 10 Words. ENGAGEMENT NOTICES Announcement! to appear under the heading Engagements will be accepted at the Star-Pnoenix Classified Department, same to be signed by the bride tobe or her parents. Minimum chsrge $! no for 10 lines and 10 cents for each additional line. OFFICE HOURS Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m, to 6 p.m. Saturday, 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, Closed All Day. Display Advertising: All copy for display advertising must be In the Star-Phoenix office not later licaflon P'm" ia, or,c'aiD P""- Tre Star-Phoenix reserves tht right -'"""i auTci uaemeuis. WANT AD Oqi4-l WANT AO PHONE U14:1 PHONE SUBSCRIPTION RATES: 25e per week delivered in city. Payable bi-weekly to Carrier. THE SASKATCHEWAN POWER COMMISSION TENDERS at . Sealed tenders will be received the office of Mr. H. F. Berry. Chair man of The Saskatchewan Power Commission, 1738 Cornwall Street, Regina, until 2 p.m.. Mountain Daylight Time, Thursday, August 12, 1948, for the construction of a reinforced concrete screen well to be built adjacent to the existing pump house located near the Commissions Prince Albert Power Plant on the south hank of the North Saskatchewan River in the City of Prince Albert. Complete structure will require approximately :J0 cubic yards of concrete. Tenderer to supply all materlala excepting structural steel shapes, which will be supplied by the Commission. Details concerning plans and specifications may - be obtained, on application, from the Head Office. 1739 Cornwall Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, or from the District Sunerintemlent Cm... oiKK. Prince Albert. ' The lowest or any fender will not necessarily be accepted. THE SASKATCHEWAN POWER COMMISSION H. F, Berry, Chairman. Regina. Sask ., July 10, IMS. 7-19-c LOST AND FOUND LOST BLACK LEATHER ZIPPER KEY case with keys. Reward. Phone 92-509. 7-lo-p LOST BLACK LEATHER BAG CON-tainlng woman's clothing, between Fielding and Borden bridge. Finder please phone 91138. Reward. 7-ltl-p LOST ON HIGHWAY 14, BETWEEN Saskatoon-Wllkie, white canvas bag. Please notify T. H. L. Orr, Vera, Sask. 7-21-p LOST ONE BAY SADDLE MARE, 11 years old, with white markings on face and hind feet. Clipped mane and forelock, shod, with no halter. - 239 Ave. D, north. 7 16-c WANTED ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT OF NURSES For the Manitoba School for Mentally Defective Persons, at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Must be a registered nurse with some psychiatric nursing experience. and have the ability to teach In the School of Nursing attached to this hospital. Starting salary $165 per month, less $25 for full maintenance accommodation, meals, laundry and uniforms, etc. For full particulars apply to: MANITOBA CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION WANTED FOR SOVEREIGN SCHOOL District No. 28f2, primary teacher to teach grades 1-4. Salary $1,450. Free teacherage. Duties to commence August 30. Apply stating experience and qualifications to D. G. Chalmers, Sec.-Treas., Sovereign, Sask. 7-19-c TEACHER FOR MARRIOTT SCHOOL District No. 3538. Musical ability preferred. 18 pupils. Duties to commence August 16. Salary J 1.3O0 $.1,500. according to qualifications. Applv, stating qualifications, to Mrs. Olive P. Scrjvens. secretary-treasurer. Drawer IB, Rosetown. 7-19-c DEER HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT RE-qulres protestant teacher, first class certificate with two years experience. Salary $1,400. Enrollment 8. grades 1-10. Light housekeeping room or room and board. Phone Hershel, line 21 ring 2-1. 7-17-c THE CUPAR SCHOOL UNIT NO 28 invite applications from teachers fur the following positions: 1 Dysart, Grades 1. 2, 3. I2 Leross Grades 5, 6, 7, 8. 3i Lipton. Grades 1. 2. 3. 4. (41 Kelliher, Grades 1. 2, 3. Rural Schools: 'Indicates Teal Pierage Nearest No. Ap- School Village mi. En. Balrobie Lipton 8 22 Bimbo Lestock 12 33 Burnsirie Craven 10 17 Cavendish Punnichy 12 17 Dellwood Cupar " tt 15 Eastmount Strasbourg 10 20 Hay ward Lipton 5 20 Herzel Lipton 14 8 Kahisberg Earl Grey 5 20 Loon Creek Cupar 12 9 Loon Cr. Valley Cupar 1 12 Mar low Lestock 17 Poplar Peak Lestock 11 15 Radant Dysart 6 17 Scarborough Earl Grey 10 27 Touchw'd Hills Lestock ,10 20 W'estlea Dysart 13 20 Salary schedule in effect as follows: Public school certificates, $1,100-$2,000. Apply stating preferences of schools, experience, name of last superintendent, age. religion, type of certificate, etc.. to L. G. Goodman, secretary, Cupar. Sask. 7-17-c NORTH HYDE S.D. NO. 4423 RE- qulres experienced teacher Salary $1,500. Enrollment approximately 30. tirades 1-8. School opens August 16. Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. R. Bodholdt, steen, Sask 716-p PRIMA HY TEACHER REQUIRED B Colonsay Scnool District No. 2152. to teach grades 1 2. 3 and 4. Primary training preferred. State qualifications. , experience and salary required. Duties ' to commence with fall terra. Apply to G M. Rnblson. Sec.-Treas. $ 2-c PIANO. GOOD CONDITION $275; TO. rtmto couch and chair, with matching slip covers and cushions: studio lounge; library table; tricycle, misc. furniture. Phone ti337. 7-19-c GENUINE HARRIS TWEED SPORTS jacket; officers serge trousers, size 30. New condition. Hartshorne-the-Tailor, 117 4th Ave., north. 7-16p COLONSAY CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL District 2152 requires high school teacher with at least superior first class certificate, to interchange subjects With principal In grades 7 to 12 inclusive, to teach English, history, languages and minor subjects. Salary according to qualifications. Personal interview if couvenient. Duties to commence with fall term. Apply to G. M. Kobison, Sec.-Treas., Colonsay. 71 lie IVOR S.D. NO. 3297 REQUIRES TEACH-er. Enrollment 10. Duties to commence August 23. Salary $1,250 to $1,400 depending on experience. David Holler, Sec.-Treas., Elrose, Sask. 7-19-c THE MEDICINE HAT SCHOOL Division No. 4 requires the services of several teachers, preferably young men and women with successful experience, for rural schools beginning September. A few rural schools have teacherages which are rented for a nominal amount. Salaries will begin at $1,600 with $75 increment for each year of experience up to six years for teachers with Alberta cer- tiflcates.. For further particulars apply, giving full details, to A. T. Shand, assistant secretary, Royal Bank Building, Medicine Hat, Alta. 61c COOK STOVE, LIKE NEW. PORCELAIN oven waterfront and reservoir. New price $150, selling at $115. Phone 29-107. 7-17-c MUSKRAT COAT AND MUFF, SIZE , $75. Phone 92371. 7-19-c $32.50 WINE STUDIO LOUNGE, GOOD condition. Phone E. H. Neufeldt, 22-195. 719-p BEACH SPECIAL FOUR ELEMENT electric power range, low oven $50. No. 3 Wllllngrton Place. 7-17 p TWO-PIECE DENTAL OR FACIAL couch, 2 sinks with laps and traps, a Duro water softener, 30 gallons; 2 plate glass mirrors with veneer backs, 2 Kohen barber chairs, 1 black and red, 1 grey and white, extension cot and mattress, 2 upholstered arm chairs, 2 wicker chairs, 3 veneer panelled portable partitluns, small barlier cupboard, shelves and bracket, portable desk lamp and small table lamps, small metal cupboard with sliding doors. Apply Nu Jene Beauty Parlor, 2nd Ave., S. Phone 4126, evenings 6624. 7-19-c PERSONAL 24 WHEN YOU SELECT YOUR DIAMOND engagement ring at Murphy's Jewellery Store it assures vou ot unquestionable quality and confidence which means so mucn in pride ot ownership. xtt LADY'S A.M) MAN'S BICYCLE FOR sale. Good condition, reasonable. Phone 7105. 7-16-c BEATTY ELECTRIC IRONER; BIRD rage; fish aquarium, 18"xl0"; two sleeping bags; mechanics tools; brick layer's level. Phone 5760. 7-19-p ONE SET RIGHT HAND BOBBY Junes matched golf clubs. Bag and clubs $45. Call 402 Ave. J, north. 7-17-p A PERFECT FRAME AND FRONT wheel of man's C'.C.M. bicycle, new in 1945. Phone 4046-22. 7-17-c GRUNERT S.D. NO. 715 REQUIRES A protestant 1st class teacner. salary $1,400, enrollment 15. Close to highway. When applying state experience. Joe H. Knoll, Box 522, Yorkton, Sask. or phone 924-11. 7-16-c 247 Legislative Buildings Winnipeg 7-20-c KERROBERT SCHOOL UNIT NO. 44 requires teachers for the following scnoois; Antic, Enrl. 24 23 MY BABY IS HEAHTBROKEN FOR HE lost his small rat terrier pup, white with brown markings on face and ears, brown spot at root of tail. Lost from 728 Ave. O, south. Finder please return to above address or phone 5193. 7-19-c LOST LADY'S WATCH IN WASH-room at King George hotel. Finder please leave at main office. 7-16-c LOST FORD HUB CAP, SILVER AND blue, on Tuesday. Phone 22878. 7-IB-c LOST, SUNDAY, AT CITY PARK Brown and yellow cloth jacket. Phone 91248, Reward. 7-16-c WANTED ONE REGISTERED NURSE for Lady Minto Union hospital at Edam. Applicants state salary required to Henry G. Parker, sec.-treas., Edam. -2-c WANTED ON K SHORT ORDER COOK and two waitresses. Apply Canada Railway News at C.N.R. Depot. 7-19-c WANTED NURSE EXPERIENCED, FOR uocLui 8 oiiite. jtppiy dm woa mai- Phoenix. 7-16-c EXPERIENCED FUR FINISHER Required. Apply Fashion Fur Co. 7-20-c DOM. HELP WANTED 13a WANTED HOUSEKEEPER AND PRAC- LOST PAIR OF GLASSES IN BLACK I Box 492A Star-Phoenix. 7-15-c case. Phone 29798. 7-16-c WANTED EXPERIENCED HELP. Modern electrically equipped home. Family of four, no children. State salary expected per month. Apply C. R. Mcintosh, 1401 William street, North Battleford. Sask. 7-19-c LOST BALCO LADY'S WRIST WATCH, between Victoria Park and Coy Ave. Phone 97896. 7-19-c MALE HELP WANTED 12 WANTED EXPERIENCED BARBER at once, permanent position. State wages expected. Bob lrisebols, Arbor-fieid. Sask 7-17-p TENDERS PAINTING DECORATLN'G AND REPAIRS Sealed tenders to rover the cost of labor and material to decorate interior In part of saskatoon Telephone Office Building and Saskatoon Exchange Building and paint board fence at Saskatoon will be received by the undersigned tip to 12 noon. Mountain Standard Time, July 27, 1848, Specifications may be obtained at Saskatoon Telephone Office Building, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The lowest or any tender .will not necessarily be accepted. 8. R. MUIRHEAD, Generat Manager Saskatchewan Government Telephones 2350 Albert Ktreer Regina, Saskatchewan 7-19-e BIRTHS 1 year MAIL RATES: months , 3 months , , 1 month To Unjted States and Great R'ritain n .. "' IS 00 425 2.25 1.00 PARSONS MR. AND MRS. MORRIS Parsons are happy to announce the birth of a son, July 7, at City Hospital, Richard Donald. 7-16-c PRINTER OR PRINTER-OPERATOR OR good apprentice wanted. The Nanton News, Nanton, Alberta. 7-20-c WANTED FIRST CLASS BREAD. CAKE and pastry baker for new modern equipped shop opening first week in August. Apply stating qualifications and salary wanted to McConnell's Bakery, Norm Battleford. 7-18-c COUNTRY SHOE SALESMAN FOR Alberta shoe wholesale, experienced man preferred, car not essential, good proposition to qualllfed man. Box 1918 Star-Phoenix. 7-19-c WANTED HOUSEKEEPER AND PRAC-tical nurse for short time. Good wages. Box 4I)2A Star-Phoenix. 7-17-c Amaranth ft) Abbnott (ti Antelope Park Baliol ft) Barryvllle Burnbrae Deer Lodge Elk Erienvlew Ear Lake Finlev u Gottlub (t) Gramlich Hilldale Hampton (t) Koehmstedt (tl Le Sueur (tl Mulberry (t) Meadow lands Morton Muddy Lake Prairie r lat 32 43 11 16 25 29 23 13 29 14 14 28 28 30 21 16 22 8 28 Prairie Mound (tl 28 Panama 43 P.O. Reward Luseland Compeer, Alta. Kerrobert Cactus Lake Compeer, Alta. Salvador ('actus Lake Cactus Lake Fell's Major Denzil Cosine Court Macklin Derail Denzil Reward Macklin Broadacres Unity Unity Tramping Lake Compeer, Alta. Denil Fusilier Cosine Fusilier scnool GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, NO cooking, private room. Fond of chil dren. Phone 4751. 7-19-c WANTED A GIRL FOR LIGHT HOUSE duties. In small cottage. Steady work. Phone 987!I3 7-19-c MALE SITS WANTED 14 WANTED TO CONTACT WELL DIG-ger to dig well, three foot hole. Phone 101-4, Perdue, Sask. 7-16-p WANTED EXPERIENCED AUTO MR-rhanlc for modern garage. Apply, stating qualifications and salary to Gus Riske. Chevrolet Garage, Bruderhelm Albert. 7-20-p DEATHS eJ.Ovsper month, iio.oo per year. TUCKER THE DEATH OF MRS. MARY lurser, agea to years, of Asquith sask., occurred at Asquith on July 14. 1948. The funeral service will be nem on rnoay, July 16, at 2 p.m. pivw nine, irom tne Anglican t;nurch at Asquith, conducted by Rev. Mr. Newman of Perdue. Saslt surviving are her widower, Samuel Tucker of vsqtiun; one sister, Mrs. Jane Thomas of Asquith; one brother, John Thompson of Asquith. Burial will he made "i me ramiiv plot at Asquith, Sask. Mrkague'a Funeral Home In charge, i r-16-cl GRAND OPPORTUNITY FOR MACHINIST Capable of taking full charge of machine shop. Apply In own handwriting slating age, qualifications, salary expected and references, to BOX 499A STAR-PHOENIX. 7-19-c TINSMITH GOOD WAGES. STEADY work. Apply Bodard Sheet Metal, Lloydmlnster, Sask. 7-17-c EXSERVICE MAN. JUST COMPLETED mechanic's course, wishes Job in country garage. Write giving particulars. N. Arnott, Klngsland, Sask, 7-16-p ENGINEER 3RDC'LASS PAPERS IN refrigeration, desires work. 228 Ave. I. south. Phone 29745. 7-16-p GARDENING, SEEDING, CUTTING lawns and hedges. Victor Cartmer. phone "010. 7-20-p STUDENT VETERAN, 6 YEARS SERV-Ice, desires light farm work for health till end of August, Wages secondary consideration. Box 496A Star-Phoenix. 7-16-p YOUNG MARRIED MAN, FIVE YEARS experience with large northern Saskatchewan wholesaler, desires change of position. Fully familiar with retail outlets In northern Saskatchewan. Presently employed as credit personnel but desirous of changing to sales force. Box 1982 Star-Phoenix. 7 17-c FEMALE SITS. WANTED 13 fit Peter 28 Tr'afford Park 8 Waiz 30 Warcnn 7 2. Principal for two-roomed at. Sunerb, 3 Primary teacher for two-roomed school in Palm S.D. Salaries: Temp, or Cond., $1,200; Int. 1st, $1,300-$1,420; Perm 2nd, $1,400-$1,580; Perm. 1st, 1.5dO-$1.740; Int. Jr. H.S., $1.6O0-$1.720; Sup. 1st and Perm. Jr. H.S., $1,800-82,160. A bonus Is provided for heavy enrollment. Copv of the salary schedule and sketch Indicating location of all schools will be forwarded on request. Apply, giving certificate, experience, religion, and name of last superintendent, to A. Meier, Sec.,-!reas., Kerrobert, Sask. Phone 163. 7-17-p ROWENA S.D. NO. 4044 REQUIRES teacher. Enrollment 8, grades 1, 2. 3, 4 and 9. Salary $1,400. J. L. Klngwell, liuthilda, Sask., phone Kelfield, 2-1-2. 7-16-p GREENAN S.D. REQUIRES EXPERI-enced teacher. Salary $1,200 to $1,400, according to qualifications. 8 pupils, grades 3, 4, S. 8. 9, possibly one in 10. Partly furnished teacherage and fuel for Janitor work. Daily bus and train, electricity. Opening about August 16. Phone or write M. M. Bone, Sec, Greenan, Sask. 7-22-c TRUSSES SURGICAL RF1.TS We specialize In accurate fittings of trusses, all types ot surgical Belts, elastic hosiery. Phone, call or write McBean & Marshall, Druggists. 160 2nd Ave. S SIX USED ICEBOXES; 10 DOZ. PINT jars, 75c a dozen; 4 used sewing machines; 12 used ranges, 4 all enamel trim; 1 lady's bicycle; 10 used English prams and strollers. asy payments. Chllds Furniture Co. 7-16-c FOOT. LEG AND BACK TROUBLES Rf, lieved with Heel Hugger Shoes Best corrective shoes. Irwin a Shoe Store. ' xtt NECKTIES SAN1TONED 6 FOR 75c, 12 tor $1.25. Renew vour ties. Dial 6109. Arthur Rose. Ltd. tt LOUIS BHETELL, BARBER AND HAIR-dresser of Marvel and LaBelle schools now located at Albert and Clarence. Phone 98102 7-16-p i'RAViri-f r Ak-ii n vn mi7 ttv. quires' a Roman Catholic teacher. Term j LEAVING TORONTO FOR SASKATOON commencing Aug. 2. t ree teacherage or boarding out. Grades 1 to 8. salary S1.400. Phone 1-9-4 r 1-2 or write Sec.-Treas., Box 52, Carmel, Saskatchewan. 7-17-c 3,000 2HOUNCE CANNING TINS AND lids for sale. Also canning machine; also truck box, size 8x12. Phone 2362. 7-20-c ONE 18 FT. LUNCH COUNTER AND six stools for sale, cheap. Apply Fln-gard's Bowladrome. 7-16-c FOR SALE TENT 30 x32'. L. Hague, Sask. FISHER, 7-20-p AMERICAN JIFFY KOOK ONE BURNER gas stove with pump. Jacket heater. I'hone 91892. 7-lfi-e TEA WAGON, NEW CHESTERFIELD suite, oak dining room suite, kitchen chairs, double bunk bed, dresser. 1438 Ave. C, N. 7-17-p August 4. Deliver new car for ex penses. Saskatoon references. Box 19flM Star-Phoenix. 7-16-p ; THREE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS BY m. craig. sjo or wnat otters, pnone 22935. 122 4th Ave., S. 7-16 CENTRE S.D. 4506 REQUIRES Experienced teacher. Duties to commence August 2. Enrollment 15, grades 2-8. Salary $1,300. School close to town and city on No. 10, Yorkton-Melviile highway, 4 dally buses. Apply stating qualifications and phone No. John A. Kowal, sec.-treas.,' Wlllowbrook, Sask. 7-16-p-s LEAVING OTTAWA FOR SASKATOON August 31. Phone Mathers 23161 or 91213. 7-21-c SLENDOR TABLETS ARE EFFECTIVE. 2 weeks' supply $1; 12 weeks, $5, si Ford, Walker and Binder's Drug Stores. 7-16-c-s USED GASOLINE TANK AND FITTINGS one thousand gasoline capacity, In good shape, suitable for filling station or fuel storage tank for oil burner furnace, $75. Ed Austin, Manltou Beach. 7-20-p ARTICLES FOR SALE 23 BELMONT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 2040 requires qualified teacher. Salary $1,350 to $1,450, depending on qualifications. Duties to commence August 16. Enrollment 23, grades one to eight. Three room partly furnished teacherage and fuel in exchange for light Janitor work. James Swab, Sec.-Treas., St. Benedict, Sask. 7-20-p THE DAUPHIN-OCHRE SCHOOL AREA No. 1, require for the town of Dauphin Collegiate, one commercial specialist. Applicants to give full details of university and professional training. Minimum salary, graduate $1,800; undergraduate $1,600. Credit for experience. Apply giving qualifications to E. Johansen, secretary -treasurer, Dauphin, Man. 7-16-c WILKIE SCHOOL UNIT NO. 59 requires teachers for the following schools for the 1948-49 school term: Baldwlnton. high school room, perm. first class at least; large teacherage. Cut Knife, four-room school, principal, high school certificate. Rockhaven, two rooms, requires a principal and an elementary teacher. Thackeray, hamlet, enrollment 13. S.D. Location Enrl. Ada 9'4 SW Baldwlnton 6 Alada 3 W Baldwinton 25 Alfred fcnowles 10 SW Unity 11 Bellview Plains Carluke Cornell "RC" ('ottos loe Dufferin Happyland Mount Everest Lachner Mount Ethel McConnell North End Nottawa Seagram Swarthmore Thule Warden- ville Pan Muir "HC 9 S AVilkle 11 N Wilkie 5 W Revenue 'a NE Phippen 4 S Cut Knife 9 N Aiianac 8 W Unity 4 S Wilkie 9 W Baldwlnton 7 SE Wilkie 9 NW Evesham 7 NW Phippen 14 NE Rutland 8i SW Rockhaven 13 N Unity 13 NW Cut Knife FURNITURE OR ARTICLES OF VALUE sold. City Market sales. Goods listed any time. Phone 22024. Virgil Rose. If FRUIT, PRESERVING FRUITS IN SEA-son. Vinegar. Groceries at lowest price. Phone 5137. Russell Rosebrugh 268 2nd Ave., S. 7-19-p SINGER SEWING MACHINE, Ave. C, north. $50. 1330 7-16-c TORONTO COUCH, GOOD CONDITION, without mattresses $7. Phone 97357, 328 Sask. Cres.. E. 7-lfi-c 10 LARGE PICTURES, 3 OIL PAINT-ings. Phone 97194. 7-16-p 1947 G.E RADIO PHONOGRAPH, 6x9 Belgian rug. best offer. 129 Albert Ave., evenings. 7-17-c McCASKEY ADDING MACHINES, CASH registers and safes now available for immediate shipment. Enquire Post Of fice Box 486, Regina. M. G. Whitman 8-1-C THE BOARD OF THE SASKATOON (WEST) SCHOOL UNIT NO. 42 Invites applications from qualified teachers for the following schools: Areiee jr. itoom, Areiee. EX-TEACHER WANTS JOB IN SASKA-toon. What offers? Box 1972 Star-Phoenix. 7-16-p DAY WORK WANTED PHONE 22445. 7-16-p RELIABLE GiHL WANTS DAY WORK. Phone Francis, 23647. 716-p TWO EXPERIENCED GIRLS WISH TO do baby sitting I'hone 92277. 7-16-p RELIABLE BABY SITTERS, AFTER- nouns and evenings. Phone 8708. 7-22p HELP WTD. (Male-Female) 18 ORDERLY WANTED AT ONCE WITH St. John Ambulance certificate and able to drive an ambulance. Salary $:0 per month plus full maintenance. Apply to the Superintendent, York ton General Auxiliary Hospital, Yorkton, sk. , JUic WANTED IMMEDIATELY: FULLY EXPERIENCED FUR OPERATOR. APPLY BOX 491A STAR-PHOENIX. 7-16-c, 9 m SE Swanson 5 m S Klnley 11 m SW Saskatoon 3 m S Asquith 9 m SE Delisle U m S Pike Lake 11 m NE Radisson 10 m S Leney 10 m SW Saskatoon Jrt m SW Saskatoon 26 m SW Saskatoon 8 m SW Vanscoy 8 m NW Vanscov Application forms may be obtained from the undersigned, to whom all applications should be . addressed. . Salary Schedule Haste Annual Salary Incr. $1,200 none 1,200 none .. 1.200 2x50 1.200 3x50 1.500 6x50 SEC.-TREAS.. THE UNIT Bapaume Belllsle Boylston Douglas Plain Frontenac Gledhow Grand Valley Granville Merrill Moon Lake Pike Lake Rich Hill Shelby Certificate Temporary , Conditional ... Interim 1st ... Perm. 2nd ..... Perm. 1st MM. WATERS 14 NE Wilkie Indicates teacherage at school. Salary range as follows, depending on years of experience and Qualifications. Min. Max. Temporary ....... $1,200 $1,330 interim First ..... $1,300 $1,450 Perm. Second $1,300 81,450 Perm. First ... $1,525 $1,825 High School Cert. $2,000 $2,500 Each year's previous experience (In this unit or elsewhere) will be given full recognition and credit on the schedule. Apply, stating age. experience, qualifications, certificate and number and name of last superintendent, to J. Churchill. Sec.-Treas., Wilkie School Unit No. 59, Wilkie, Sask. Phone 103. 7-22-c BEACH ELECTRIC RANGE, Phone 7339. LARGE. 7-16-c ONE SINGLE BED, SPRING AND MAT-tress. Good condition. 100 12th St., Sutherland. 7-17-p GIRL'S GABATONE TRENCH COAT, size 12. Worn one season. Also smart beige polo coat, size 12. Phone 98028. 7-16-c COMBINATION PORTABLE AND ELEC-trio radio. Apply 204 Ave. O, south. 7-16-c REXOLEUM, 10'8"x8', LIKE NEW, $4.50, Icebox, $10; small cast iron stove, 2 7" lids, just right for camping, $8; mattress 4 6", $2. Phone 98971. 7-16-c UMBRELLA TENT 9 x9', LIKE NEW, $25 ;dinette suite $48; studio lounge and chair $55; large ice box $29; 2 and 3-burner oil stoves, coal and wood range, all white enamel with water front $79. Brandt's Furniture, New and Useu. 133 3rd Ave., N. 7-21-c SEWING MACHINE AND FURNACE, floor grate; new rake, hoe, cultivator, snovel, z-nurner not plate, o stove pipes. 1432 Ave. G, north, 7-16-c FOR SALE 1928 Cnrysler Truck. Cement Mixer. 5ii h.p. Kellogg Spray Outfit. Sterling Sander. Wheelbarrow. Assorted Hand Tools. APPLY 617 20TH ST., W. Phone 5063 Evenings 91870 7-16-e FOR SALE ONE MODEL 60 VICTOR 16 m.m. showing machine. New lat year, complete witli record player. 1,000 watt 110 A.C. plant. Glass beaded screen and a six town circuit. Selling on account of ill health. Will teach anyone to run it. Apply to H. 8. Cyr. Richard, Sask. 7-17-p CHESTERFIELD SUITE, WASHER rangette, rug, lamps, and curtains, practically new. Apply 916 Broadway, Phone 98641. 7-16-c HEINTZMAN PIANO, WALNUT CASE, good condition. Phone 5789. 7-16-c RANGER C0OKST0VE. EXCELLENT condition, $50. 403 Alexander Apts., Ave, F and 20th, Saskatoon. 7-18-c 10 NEW PIANO. BOXES, $5 AND UP, depending on size. Collard St Collard Ltd., 623 Broadway. 7-19-c FOR . SALE COMPLETE LINE OK blacksmith tools; Love lathe; 2 drills: emery stand; 3 vises; all sizes ( taps and dies: arc and acetylene folders; disc sharper and shaper; electric blower, all the small tools that go with a first-class blacksmith shop Thert Is an opening here for a blsxsmith. These tools are in use at Jresent price and terms. Apply W, S. Neish, Viscount, Sask. 7-17 p TWO PLATE GLASS SHOWCASES Apply Martone F'urnilure. 7-21-c WOOD AND COAL RANGE, $20. 1132 14th St. 7-16-c WANTED TEACHER FOR MUIRLAND S.D. No. 2196. Salary $1.4(10. Enrollment 16. Duties to commence August 23. Apply Gordon J. Russell, secretary- treasurer. Marriott, Sask., or phone Harris, 18-2-3. 7-16-p FLAT LAKE S.D. NO. 839 REQUIRES experienced teacher. Salary $1,500. Duties commence August 23. Grades 1-8, 23 pupils. Furnished teacherage, fuel and water. On main road, 3 miles from town. Applications to be in by July 28. Mrs. B. Bassett, Sec., Freemoni, Sask., or phone W. Ryan, Carruthers, Sask. 7-16-c-s SASKATOON (WESTl SCHOOL NO. 42, 305 AVENUE SASKATOON, BUILDING, f-21-c THE KINISTINO SCHOOL UNIT NO. o will receive applications stating experience, certificate, special quall-fclaiions for the following schools: (Enrollment In brackets!. Bastnes (19i. Bonnie Hill (211. Crompton (241, ireruy tjj, uover uii. r tsner tt4i, Harriville 13. Invergordnn 1221, Mc-Cloy Creek (19), New England (16). Pine Bluff (Primary and Intermediate teachers), Roosevelt (17), Stoneless Superior (21), Tarnopol (23). Tiger (25), Superior (21), Tarnopol (23), Tiger Hill (26), Viking (261. Waltvelle (241. Wlnton (15). Saiarv schedule In effect: Int. first $1,300-$1.450. perm, first $l.600$1.800. Interim Jr. high $1,600-$1,900. superior $l,90O-$2.IO0. Applv In writing to F. A. Harris jiec.-treas. Kinistlno. Personal Interviews may be arranged with Mr. J. Eisok, 1429 Ave. B. north. ISaskatooa. 316-Ci FINDLAY STOVE; 5 PERFECTION OIL stove; easy washer; Marconi radio, and contents of rooming house. 721 6th Ave. 7-21-c FRENCH DOORS, Phone 7512. JUST LIKE NEW. 7-17-c SMALL OIL HEATER FOR HEATING water tank, new. Sacrifice $10. Apply 1308 7th Ave., north. 7-17-c FOR SALE OIL HEATER, COMPLETE with 3 barrels and tank. Never been used. Phone 7518. 7-17-c .lSaskaii f FOR SALE MONARCH COAL AND wood range; cot and mattress; cabinet Singer sewing machine; lawn mower; 100 ft. of garden hose; kitchen cupboard; kitchen chairs: encyclopedia Brittanla; bookshelf. Phone 22082 or call 324 28th St.. W. 7-17-c SPRING FILLED MATTRESS AND strap spring, slightly used. 311 2nd FIVE RADIATORS, APPROXIMATELY 500 square feet of radiation, for sale. Apply Fashion Fur Co. 717k; FOR SALE ONE NEW MARTIN "40' outboard motor, 3.8 horsepower. $200. Also one new Johnson 2! horsepower outboard motor, $160. Norbert Witt, R.R.I. North Battleford. 7-17 p FURNITURE Victory Furniture Makers (Jo. Mfgrs. of Cabinets. Furniture. Store, Church Fixtures made to order our specialty. Free estimates. 716 2nd Ave , N Phone 22060. xtf EXPERT UPHOLSTERING Modernize and re-cover your chesterfield. chaik and studio lounge. Breakfast nooks designed, manufactured and upholstered. Car upholstering, seat springs rebuilt and re-covered. Your 3-passenger coup converted to 5 passenger. Furniture re-finishing a specialty. We call and give free estimates. All work guaranteed. Fix-It Furniture store. 312 Ave. C. south. Phone 5057. xtf ARTICLES WANTED 26 WANTED URGENTLY Boots, shoes -c-i.r ... . ... anrl rubbers, and any kind of bedding. ALMOST NEW GRAHAMETTE ELEC- The demand Is great. Call 6280. trie stove. 604 29th street. Phone THE SALVATION ARMY WILL CALL 4o78. 7-17-c ntf ONE OAK HALL TREE; ONE BOOK- HIGHEST PRICES PAID - SA WICKI'S case 525 5th Ave., north. 7-16-c Furniture Store. Ph. 7725. 227 Ave. C. WOODEN WARDROBE WITH FULL- length mirror for sale. Also small BEST PRICES PAID FOR HOUSEHOLD Perfection oil heater. 27 Travellers furniture. Fix It Furniture Store Hi'- 7-17-c Phone 5057 . 312 Ave. C. south. xtf TW O PANEL DOOR. 2'4"x6 4"xl V. SKATES. BICYCLES AND TRICYCLES complete with lock and casing. Phone Paris. Hamp I Cycle Co.. 344 2nd Av . S. 7867. J-17-c b xit

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