Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on November 16, 1948 · 7
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 7

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1948
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MMATOOS tTAB-raoESlX. TCMDAT, XOVEMBE It, IMS THE CALENDAR Bhh Vista Home ;md School Club will, hold a mi tint" at t 3'clock Wednesday vening, in the school auditorial. Films will be included on tb pnogram, also a discussion "Rucd a Vista Park." Refreshment -will j be served. i . Oversea Wives' Club wiH meet it 7.45 o'clock Thuirday at the 5T.W.C.A. when mem'sers ure reminded to take gifts for tho food, parcels. . . Bedford Road CircP will meet Thursday afternoon itb Mrs. Fred Joyce, 301BottonuVy. Mrs. toll's Circle of St Paul's United Church, Sutherland, will meet at 8.15 o'clock Wednesday with Mrs. MacKenzie, Tenth Street All gatats' Guild will meet at 30 o'clock Wednesday, in the parish halL ; neasaat Hili Circle, St Thomas-Wesley W.A.. will meet at 3 o'clock Thursday, instead of Wednesday, with Mrs. H. Cun-ess, 1819 Twentieth Street west Kiac Edward Home and School Club will meet at 3 o'clock Wednesday, in the audi- omen's Page Will Rosido Horo Y.W. Clnb of Mayfanr United torium. Tea will be served, fol- Church will meet at o ciock , lowed by a short business meet- Wednesdav at the church when Miss Isabel Lloyd will .?pt ak on interior decorating.. ' Caswell Hill Circle of. Queen ing, and the showing of a film. "Fitness in the Family." Caswell Home and School As sociation will hold open house Esther No. 5 Rebekah ledge will 'Wednesday evening. There will meet at 2 30 o'clocK Thufsaay with Mrs. Crawford, 914t Avenue D, north. - i On tral Circle. St J ohn's Ca thedral Guild, will nwjet at 2.30 o'clock Thursday. wituSwMrs. J. B. Wrigley, 117 Ninth atrtewr' City Park Circle, Third Avenue Church, will met. at 3 o'clock Thursday, with Ura. I C. Barber, 827 Sixth Avenue, .Members are reminded. 'to bring bazaar work. Mrs. Cook's Cire. Second Street United Church, flaw, poned it's meeting until . ext Wednesday, at ISO o'clock, at the home of Mrs. Reid, 202 llm Street Progressive Conservative Women's Association will hoi'd a tea. Friday, November 26, in me . club rooms. Augustana Lu the) .on Ladies' Aid, will meet at3 o'ccH i nursaay, ai me enure "t w Mrs. J. Shoquist as horitoss. Victoria Park CirckS St. Thomas-Wesley W.A., will nieet at 3 o'clock Thursday, with Mrs. D. G. Thomas, 503 Aveniue J. - south. Ladies' Auxiliary, San Branch, No. 78, Canadian Legion, B.K-S.L. will meet at 8 o'clock, . Wednesday with Mrs. -, p Graham jio otwU C?...... : I tlO OMUI BURU - - sett FKJCSEB$HF fea. t9 Wr'f 2k! MNOS r i tvtmr mmi You know what effective n lief you get when you run 0 a Vicks VapoRub! . now . . . wnen you nave a nagging, raspy cough due to, cold, here's a special way to as. Vlck VapoRub. It's VapoRub 'team and it brines erand re lief in a hurryl .. Put a good spoonful of Vicks VapoRub in a bowl of boiling water or vaporizer. Then ... Inhale tha soothing VapoRub . Steam. The medicated vapor penetrate direct to cold-congested upper bronchial tubes and bring relief a ( with every single 1 f I Gild breath! 'Ay M VVooftus K1tri quickly rtltcvm irriutiM f fceltm, Ptmplft. Itch an tow skin ailmtntl ftr M ymn Iwlititi tlwuMMt I Ikii tmtmn. i Hniki. mWikm. ttiwf. I Mi, ll.M. 12.00. At 71 impu te room visiting from 7.30 to 8.15 o'clock. Mr. G. Earner will speak on Dr. Lazerte's report A social hour will follow. City Park Unit St Andrew's Church, will meet at 3 o'clock Thursday,- with Mrs. J. B. Young 827 Seventh Avenue. Miriaai Rebekah Lodge will meet Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock, in the I O O F. Hall. There will be election of officers. - Wilson . Circle, . St Mark's Church, will hold a fall tea, from 2.30 to 5 o'clock Wednesday, at the home of Mrs. R. H. Booth, 610 Duke street Sanshlne Circle, All Saints' Church, will meet at 2.30 o'clock with Mrs. M. Berkner, 1812 Bel fast Avenue. - Rummage sale, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at Avenue A and Twenty-first Street, by Saskatoon Hadassah Chapter. G.I.A. will meet at 2.30 o'clock Thursday, in the Odd Fellows' Hall. Booth Kurt Circle, St George's Church, will meet at 3 o clock Thursday, with Mrs. Mabee, 515 Avenue south. St Paul's Lutheran Ladies' Aid, will meet at 8 o'clock Wednesday, in the church basement, with Mrs. A. Campbell and Mrs. P.- Fry as hostesses. School for the Deaf Home and School Association will meet at 8 o'clock Thursday evening, with Mrs. B. R. Burwash, 1017 University Drive. Mr.. Clare Hume will be the speaker. Albert District of the People's Church, will meet at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. M.- McGregor, 1007 Temperance. ' Mrs. Lancefleld's sewing group will meet. Thursday afternoon at Kilburn Hall. A' u tana Circle of Zion Lutheran Church will , meet at 2.30 o'clock Wednesday with Mrs. O. Vakle, 707 Victoria Avenue. Caswell Hill Loyal Temperances Legion will meet at 0,45 o'clock Thursday in the Church of God. .The Rev. Duncan El- lliott will be the guest speaker. - A special invitation is extended fto all interested friends and j 'children. I W. M. 8. of Trinity Lutheran Church will meet at 8 o'clock Thursday evening, hi the church. Second Street United Church W.A. will meet at 8 o'clock Wed- In 'day evening at the home of Mils. Shannon, 1710 Victoria Avenue. ' , -. - ' i 1 "I ! 't - A v . L MR, AND MRS. STEVE 8ENICK exchanged, marriage vows at St, George's Catholic Church, with Rev. Ft. M. T. Pellech officiating. The bride, Mary, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Puskrenko of Saskatoon, and the bridegroom, Steve, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Senick of Saskatoon. The bride's attendants were Ethel Puskrenko, Lil Senick and Carol Puskrenko.' The groom's attendants were Johnny Senick, Orest Zabreski and Michael Felkos. Matron of honor was Mrs. N. Senick, the flower girl Ivy Bobowski, and ring-bearer Ernie Bobowski. The couple will make their home in Saskatoon. What's in the Stores? V 1 hum of excitement in almost every store these days for the Christmas stock is being unpack ed, priced and displayed. I hap- p e n e d around just in time to see some of the toys come out of cardboard boxes and what toys! Besides dolls of every size and kind the kind you haven't seen col toys-r- trucks, fire engines and ladders, dump trucks, busses and jeeps, cranes, moving vans, wreckers and gravel loaders well just about every kind you could think of. What fun dad is going to nave this year: .Mr: B. Thrifty ou can hear all couldn't resist taking a Deek at some wee red tooled leather cowboy boots for tiny tots one to three years old. They were darling and sold at $4.95. Along near them were high white rub- Der Doots tor three-year olds that cost $2.49 and the daintiest white fur" trimmed bedroom slippers iur wee gais at z.4a. Engagements Mr. and Mrs. D. Harms, Big-gar, announce the engagement of their youngest daughter, Rosabel Adeline, to Earle William, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Johnson, Saskatoon. Marriage to take place at Grace United Sequins Brighten Party Headdress By ALICIA HART A clever girl can devise a headdress for a holiday party Saskatoon, November .which will cause other Cinder- Church, 26, 1948. Mr. and Mrs. announce the engagement of their daughter, Frances, . to Arnold Harvey, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Cohen of Calgary. Alta. The wedding to take place De cember 26, in Saskatoon. Y.W.CA World Fellowship Week for years there was a huge lection 'of good metal toy lust about the cheapest bit of bright pottery imaginable may be found down town and it comes in tne giddiest, red only. No, it isn't table ware, just odd pieces but in the prettiest shapes There are quaint jugs, tea pots and bean jars and let me whisper they are only $2.00 each. This week is -the Y.W.C.A.'s Week of World Fellowship and Prayer when members all over the world join together in prayer tot each other and the whole world. Through their prayers they experience a deep feeling of fellowship with Y.W.C.A.'s on other continents. Each Y.W.CA. club will observe this week in its own way. The whole membership is in vited to share in World Fellowship Night to be held Wednesday, in the Y.W.CA. Three films in keeping with this Week will be shown, "Suffer Little Children, It Happened in Springfield and Boundary Lines." Miss El len Parker, who was a delegate to national assemuy this fall, will present a brief report of this important conference. The evening will close with a Worship Service followed by refreshments. All interested are invited. Also in keeping with Week of World Fellowship and Prayer, the Y.W.CA. will hold its annual Church Service at Third Avenue United Church, at 7 o'clock on Sunday. Members will meet at the Y.W.CA. at 6.45 o'clock. lellas to gnash their teeth with if' r-uK,t envy- Simply sew on sequins to ngJstar-panglea hairnet The more unobtrusive the hairnet is, the more head-covering is apt. to look like a sprink- i ling of stars scattered over your hair. So plcx an invisible net in a shade that matches your hair. Tack to it here and there big splashy sequins of gold or silver or of a color to match your holiday gown. Get the kind of sequins or pailletes which have a hole like a button's eye, for sewing on. No matter what shape they are round . like dimes, pointed like stars or curved like PATTERNS HONORED' AJSQUITH. Mr. and Mrs Ray Summach of Asquith were honored at a snower at the t.ome of -Mr. and Mrs. August Summach, the groom's parents, November 8. The bride was formerly Jenny Sutherland of Quill t Lake. Harold Summach read the f presentation address and the co.upie were presenieu wmi gifts by Karon and Gordon Summach. Taking part were Mrs. Everett Young, pianist; Mrs. iMrfvey Sage, accordion; win Summach, violin; ana rercy Summach; guitar; Mrs, Vic Robin! ;on; Mrs. Deb. Summach and Mrs. Wilf Summach; 111 TO SPECIALS Gaily Colored . 27". by 54" . Special $8.95 3' by 6 Special $18.95 ' - 'ft" hy e'Cf ....:..'..-.r Special $29.95 4'6" by r ................i.... Special $35.00 4'6"by7;6" .. ...J....J Special $45.00 6'9" by 9 1...;. Special $69.50' 4 0 Six only7'6" by 9. r Regular $79.50 Special IHTO '1 Second Avenue at T veiysecond Street iii7 r Popularity begins with Pattern 9079. A gay full-skirted jumper, a blouse with swank cuffs make an outfit to take you smartly to class, off on gay weekends! Pattern 9079 in Junior Miss Comething new has arrived in studio couches. Yep, it has false arm pieces that make it look tor ail. the world like an honest to-goodness chesterfield. It rnme in a green and white homesmin and even has big comfy chairs to match. The couch sells at ftisa.uo and I was assured that the springs and other inards were extra good. '., t was kind of nice to see a chesterfield set that, was neither green nor red.-It was pearl grey and mighty attractive. It would , combine beautifully with almost any color and I saw the price tag was marked $198.00. It takes more than a song to get furniture or anything else these days.'- ' .- . It's formal dress time and there are some sonreous enwns in the stores. You can get girlish taffeta from $25 up but the real regai Drocaded satin or lama creep up after half century mark. I saw a lovely dinner gown in a ncn raisin snaae tnat had a hovel bustle draping and a cream lace vestee. it sold at $59.50. There was another smart red that had a peplum heavily beaded and sequinned and a short bolero with half sleeves. It was marked $39.50 and would serve as a din ner or evening frock. if you are interested In a din- nette set, I saw one of maple with red plastic trim. The chairs had air foam cushions and everv hing. It was sort of cute and very gay even tne small chest of drawers had red plastic in the doors. The whole set cost $219.95. T saw what I thought was a box of empty flour bags only to discover that they were sweat shirts for girls the wildest things all plastered with signs in red, black and blue. Well, some one might like them, who knows? They sell at $1.98 each. f t might be wise to pick up some angorine gloves now for there is quite a display around. They are pretty, too, with gay wool trims and there aren t many things you can get now days for one dollar. . One store is opening up a brand new toy and gift shop where you can purchase presents for babies and the tiny toddlers. There will be a grand display of gifts of all kinds and inexpensive, . rii- ...til v. nMiAi t ...... sizes ll, 13, 15, 17. Size 13 jump-i . w. . ,. . tuQt1anta r1aI1B yard9, b,0Use' will be cahTng t thiT new shop .eaters I) Be comfortable this winter with automatic heat. No installation costs. Uniform.' temperature at ' all times. No dusty fuel, no kindling, no .ashes to track over floors. : Priced at FURNITURE 128 Second Avenue, North crescents the glitter of sequins 'hair is short If your hair U will make plenty of impact upon! long, dress it page-boy style, and eyes in the stag line. I use your glamorous mesh to Wear your sequin-splashed i cradle the bob in the back with hairnet like a Juliet cap, if your sequin-studded glitter. CO-IS ill ich coffee always tastes better and EDWARDS is always rich coffee! after entsrlns VUII00D An yoa troubled by diitm of bnult funcuonal monthly dtaturbaaoM? Doal thii aak you Mfftr, M bo nmout, tind, mik it iuch timaa? Than do try Lydia E. Pinkham'l VafMabl Com pound to nUmrt such lyraptomi. Pinkium't Compound is Trr halpfol lor mamm troufaUd tua Mvl m l PLTOS ESS? i:io- FOOD to: VITAtfJH and K'ZHZXMX f oe sumiMiNi f MTV 145 "JXTIAS This easy-to-use pattern gives perfect fit. Complete, illustrated Sew Chart shows you every step. Send twenty-five cents (23c), plus lc education tax, in coins (stamps cannot be accepted) for this pattern. Print plainly size, name, address, style number. Send your order to Star- Phoenix, Pattern Department, Saskatoon, Sask. It will take two weeks before the pattern is re ceived. BAGSHAW DELPARTE On Thursday, November 4, the United. Church manse at Dun blane, was the scene of a quiet wedding when Mrs. C. Delparte of Macrorie, and George A. Bag- snaw, uirsay, , were unitea in marriage in & . ceremony performed by the Reverend Mr. Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kain of Birsay, acted as wit nesses. After the ceremony the couple left by car on. a short honeymoon trip, 1 ) before Christmas so be ready. ilium tuiMrr rnrrr urn Mi so mmm Still Costs Less to fyfriKVS fan: V 'JPty is3' 'o . i "L54r- 1 1 II II ' . ."'" 1 IIHUl ! IA1HIB iMm WAIIIUl fACKIB Hill IN WIITIIM CAMAB , fi . JH6 dafMrts like this one have H A y "7 V- tverytbing. Eyc-utching color . . . J )7. i ; rrfectcoiutiatency... gorgeous flavor V-l l! V Plaw, oc in saiag, or in "dxesi-up" r')f ) V dVuertt telly's extra imnJ. N sfc i7Prnl ( I Get the advantages of Canada's (rr lllUUilO best-loved jelly powder JeU-0 i 0- . m navor. insist on tne kind with i W the bie red "TELLO" letters on r f mat i : k , I When o idl . ae- I wuU-Ky '' III .. . . ,. V ii . N- J ::. . a Htm ere sew fsaNvs IsSM) tours

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