Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on January 15, 1944 · 15
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 15

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Saturday, January 15, 1944
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Petition Asked Regarding Gas Franchise Application NORTH BATTLEFORD. Before the city council will consider the application of Community Services Limited for a gas franchise, the company will be required to present their application In accordance with section 308 of the City Act, by way of a petition signed by one-third of the resident burgesses. Introducing the covering resolution at a special meeting of the council Thuisday, Aldetman J. N. Conroy, .K.C., found support for his contention that the matter was one of such Importance that the council was justified In requiring that the application should be accompanied by evidence that a reasonable proportion of the buigesses were in favor of it. Apparently it was the original Intention of the company to introduce Its application by way of the petl- Watrous Has Curfew Law WATROUS. A curfew affecting children under 16 years of age is now in effect in Watrous, the bylaw having been passed at this week's meeting of the town council, The measure is designed, to prevent those under 16 from loitering in public places and on the streets of the town after 10 p.m. Action by the council followed the presentation of a petition last month signed by 71 local women. This year's council comprises the following: Mayor, A. J. Gordon; councillors, L. B. Rands, A. T. Turner, Dave Fotheringham, F. B. Walsh, J. C Walmsley and Lew McKenzie. 1 Dr, E. W, HIxon was appointed medical health officer for 1944 and J. H. Mulligan named sanitary inspector and license inspector for the year. It was agreed to supply the restroom with fuel and water for the year. Mrs. F. B. Morfitt was elected president of All Saints Anglican Womens Auxiliary at the annual meeting held in the parish hall January 7. Other officers named were: Vice-president, Mrs. W. D, Scampton; secretary, Mrs. E. Henderson; treasurer, Mrs. N. Biace-wellj Doroas secretary, Mrs, E. M, Cornwall; junior WA secretary Mis. R. L. Punshon; Little Helpers secretary, Mrs. G. Minor; conveners of committee, Mrs. N, L. Stroud Mrs. H. W. Fisher, Mrs. S. Heath, Mrs. N. Barker; press, Mrs. G Entwisle. ican Church Is Reorganized BROCK. The - annual meeting of-St. Pauls Anglican Church at Block was held in the church on Wednesday afternoon, when all re-ropts showed the past year had been successful. Rev. A. Rhodes was In the chair. F. Trtvett was appointed vicars warden, and Mr. Marshall, Sr., was elected peoples warden. The vestry members are T. Butcher, T. Kenyon, H. Jones, Gordon Ham, and Mr. Marshall, Sr. Delegate to synod Is T. Kenyon and substitute, F. Trevett. A meeting of the Brock War Workers Club was held at the home of Mrs. W. Siegel with 22 women hearing the reports read, indicating a successful year. The club had sent to service men 51,700 cigarettes, as well as 129 mixed parcels. Since the last meeting a parcel of 27 articles of clothing and two quilts had been sent to the Red Cross. Quilting will be held at the homes of Mrs. Ham, Mrs. More, and Mis. W. Scigel. Parcels for overseas ' Rre to be packed at the home of Mrs, W. H. McAvoy. Angl Listen to the advantages of this GOVERiltNT Wm The plan is called the guaranteed deferred annuity. If you should die before the annuity begins, all the money you paid in along with four per cent compound interest is paid back to your dependents. If death occurs after the annuity commences, the annuity will continue to be paid to your family or heirs for the balance of a fixed period. Ten. fifteen or twenty vears, whichever you desire. If you live beyond the fixed guarantee period, the annuity will continue to be paid to you for life. For more details on this very advantageous plan write FRED MACKINNON Government Annuities Representative 617 Federal Building, Saskatoon OUR PRESENT PAVING PRICES F.OJJ. Point of Shipment SPECIAL J per lb. CREAM ...HOC butterfat (including 10c per lb. subsidy) We Pay Market Prices for Egge PALM DAIRIES ETD. License No. BUI Saskatoon, Sask, tion under provision of section 308 of the City Act, and application was actually made to the council last November under this section, but without the required petition. It was in this form that the application by the company was discussed at the special council meeting on January 13, Later, however, the application was proceeded with under chapter 118 of an "act respecting water, gas and electric companies. It anticipated a resolution of the council requesting the Local Government Board to take action to have a gas franchise granted the company as soon as possible, and was designed, according to a suggestion of Alderman A. J. Tatchell, to bring the application within the scope of the War Measures Act, December X, according, In part, to a letter from A. F. Sallows, city solicitor, to the Local Government Board, read at Thursdays council meeting, the Community Services Limited placed with the mayor and city clerk a proposed franchise agreement with a request that the council pass a resolution asking the Local Government Board to take appropriate action to have a1 natural gas franchise granted to the company as soon as possible. ,It was stated in the letter that the local representative of the gas company had intimated to the city solicitor that this procedure was being followed at the suggestion of the Local Government Board. In their reply December 4, the board stated in part, "It la not correct that the procedure you refer to is being followed at the suggestion of the Local Government Board. Any action by the city council on a matter of tnls kind would be by bylaw and not by resolution." The secretary of the board recalled that on one occasion one i epresentatlve of the company, and on another occasion, two of them, interviewed the Local Government Board during the summer or early fall of this year and suggested that the board proceed with an inquiry. On each occasion they were told that under the statute the Local Government Board does not act on an application of a proposed franchise holder, but only upon the application of the municipality, and that the Local Government Board has no powers and no responsibility in the matter in the absence of an application from a municipality. Mayor J. D. Deans was adamant in his stand that the first requisite of any fianchlse-seeklng application was that it should be presented to the council in proper form. Aldermen W, Bunce and A. J, Tatchell took the stand, however, that the first step was to decide whether the council wished to have any dealings with Community Services Limited, or any other company for the supply of natural gas. Questioning the council'll power to act on Us own Initiative In Introducing a franchise bylaw and observing that the company would be well advised to bring it before the council by way of a petition," Aider-man Conroy introduced a resolution calling for Community Services Limited to be advised by the city clerk, that while the city council looks favorably to the introduction of natural gas In the city, the matter is one of such importance we feel It should be brought before us by way of a petition of the burgesses, duly drawn up and presented In accordance with section 308 of the City Act. It was endorsed unanimously. Aldermen were told by the mayor they would be given ample opportunity to discuss the franchiseseeking agreement clause by clause before being asked to vote on the covering bylaw. Reports Presented For Zelma Church ZELMA. Tire annual congregational meeting of Zelma United Church was held after service Sunday afternoon, January 9. The financial statements of the various departments showed them to be In fine condition. Report of the Sunday School showed that It had been In session 45 Sundays with an average attendance of 22 from an enrollment of 25. The C.G.I.T. hag 12 members, and the Ladles Aid 22 members. Election of officers resulted as follows r Organist, Alastalr R. Browne; board of stewards, Mrs. S. Campbell, re-elected, J. F. Elder-kin elected to fill the vacancy caused by the death of A. R. Cline; auditor, O. D. Ketcheeon; Sunday School superintendent, C. W. Cline. The secretary read a letter of resignation from the minister. Rev. M. G. McFarlane. and C. W. Cline expressed the appreciation cf the congregation for past services of both Mr, and Mrs. McFarlane and regret at their forthcoming departure. Mr, and Mrs. McFarlane will leave in July. The meeting came to a close with prayer by the minister. WEEK OF PRAYER WILKIE. Theweek of Prayer" was observed In the Wilkie Churches last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday evening Rev. A. E, Swanston spoke in the Prediyterian Church, on Thursday evening Rev. R. D. A. Currie spoke In the Anglican Church, and on Friday evening the service was conducted by Rev, B. Saunders In the United Church. FIRST MEETING SOVEREIGN. The first meeting of the new year of the Sovereign Ladies Aid Society was held Thursday afternoon, January 6, at the home of Mrs. I Alber, with 19 members presided over by Mrs. J. E. Uptigrove. Mrs. H. McIntyre took charge of the worship period and Mrs. R. Pearson gave a reading. The aanusl reports were read by Secretary Mrs. H. E. McIntyre; financial statement by Treaiurer Mrs. N. P. Meyers; flowsr secretarys report by Mrs. Alber. Refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by Mesdames Pitrcy and Peterson, Died for His Country PTE. W. F DAHL 30-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dahl of Third Street, east, Prince Albert, who was killed in action In Italy on December 23. William Earl Dahl was born In Prince Albert and attended school In the Fenton district. After his enlistment he was transferred from the P.A. Volunteers to the Seaforth Highlanders, and went overseas in January, 1943. Three of his brothers are in the forces. Harris Club Reorganizes HARRIS. The annual meeting of the Harris Soldiers' Comforts Club was held at tbs home of the secretary, Mrs. C. J. Cook, on January 11, when President Mrs. L. Howey reviewed the years work. The club now has on its list 38 men overseas, and 40 men and women in Canada. During 1943 a total of 214 boxes of comforts were sent to the men on active service and 90,000 cigarettes. In Canada each man receives a sweater and a pair of socks upon enlistment and a remembrance at Christmas, and each woman also receives a suitable gift. The treasurer, Mrs. I. Harris, submitted the financial statement which showed; Bank balance-Janu-ary 1, 1942, $184.48; receipts during 1943, $1,330.56; payments during 1943, $979.03; balance at end of 1943, $351.56. Mrs. John MacNelt as convener of the wool committee submitted her yearly report: $73.70 has been spent on yarn and the following garments completed and forwarded to the boys, 110 pairs of socks. The following officers being returned by acclamation: President, Mrs. 1 Howey; secretary, Mrs. C. J. Cook; treasurer, Mrs. L Harris; finance committee, president and treasurer; Mrs. John MacNeil and Mra B. T. Kaiser, purchasing committee; Mrs. Howey, convener of wool committee; and B. T. Kaiser, auditor. It was decided to continue sending boxes and cigarettes each month to the men on active service. A vote of appreciation was tendered to Mr, Kaiser for his work as auditor, to Mr. S. Sugden who does all the printng for the club free of charge; and to the citizens of Harris and district whose generous contributions and co-operation have made it possible for the club to carry on. Tbe annual meeting of the Crystal Beach L.O.B.A was held on January 8, and the following officers weie elected: W.M., Mrs. Sugden; D.M., Mrs. Sexsmlth; chaplain, Mrs. Hill; recording secretary, Mrs. R. May; financial secretary, Mrs. Crawley; treasurer, Mrs. McNeil; D.C., Mrs. Powell; senior lecturer, Mrs. Adair; deputy lecturer, Mrs. Crawford; I.G., Mrs. Trask; pianist, Mrs. R. Clayton; standing committee, Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Hamilton, and Mrs. Trask; past mistress, Mrs. R. May. Died for His Country FLT. LT. LESLIE HUNT son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Hunt of Kinistlno, previously reported missing from air operations over enemy territory July 14, 1943, is now presumed dead. Flight Lieutenant Hunt was a bomber pilot, snd was on his 24th operational flight when he did not retuin. Ho went overseas in May, 1942, to go on active service, Leslie William Hunt was born on October 13, 1920, at Loreburn, Sask., later moving with the family to Kinistlno, where he took his high school course. He Is survived by his widow In England; his parents; two half-brothers; four brothers, Harry of Flin Flon, Man., Lome and Reginald of Kinistlno, Howard, an instructor In bombing In England; two slsteis, Margaret of Blaine Lake, and Betty at boms. SASKATOON STAB-THOEXIX. Increase in All Branches Of Farming at Choiceland CHOICELAND. The numerous change to tractors as soon as they crates of turkeys, both dressed and olive, the crates of ducks and gee3e, ss well as many crates of old bens and roosters that have been shipped out of Choiceland during the past three weeks, testify to what extent poultry raising has been increased in the surrounding district It le Interesting to recall that until slk years ago few families owned any fowl, but today not only has every fanner as well as numerous town residents their own flocks, but it is estimated that 75 per cent of them have purebred stock, while several have purebred blood-tested flocks supplying eggs to hatcheries in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg. There are also hundreds of dozens of eggs sold locally and shipped to larger towns weekly. Few poultry raisere bother to hatch their own chicks, preferring instead to sell tha eggs and purchase baby chicks, and those furnishing hatcheries with eggs get their chicks through customs hatching. There are in the district at present purebred Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, White Leghorn, Barred Rocks, and White Rock poultry, as well as Toulouse and Snowy geese, Bronze and Narra-ganeett turkeys, also a few offspring of Canadas famous Bronze turkeys owned by Mrs. Hallman of Alberta. Some of the latter realized a price exceeding $5 each, dressed, during the holiday season. The largest turkey raisers of the district are Mrs. Nick Coppen of Kelsey district and O. C. McKim of the Choiceland Hamlet district. Hog and cattle raising have also increased considerably during the past few years. There are several carloads of cattle being fed for the market this winter, and Carloads of hogs move to market weekly. This situation Is in contrast to six years ago, when both hogs and cattle were scarce. Many cans of cream are also shipped daily to both Nlpawin and Prince Albert, as well as scores of pounds of butter sold locally. Several fair-sized flocks of sheep are being raised In the surrounding districts to help alleviate the mutton and wool shortage. Land clearing has also gone ahead rapidly during the past five years with cleared acreage doubling itself many times over. The change from oxen to tractor farming has been rapid, for as recently as five years ago several farmers still used oxen, while today fully 60 per cent of the farming is done by tractors, Many more farmers are ready to NORTH BATTLE FORD. Applications for enlistment In the Canadian Army (Active) received at No, 4 recruiting sub-station, North Battleford, during the past week included Lawrence Traverse, D. D, Gallia and James S. Howard, North Battleford; Frederick Neal, Four Corners; Paul Coverchuck, Meadow Lake; and George Larlvlert and Duncan Geall, Lloydmlnster. Capt. G. Anderson, SgL W. Bunce and L.-Cpl, C. Pollock of tbs local recruiting sub-station, and Cpl, J Churchill of Meadow Lake, attended a recruiting conference In Regina this week. Obituary . MRS. M. WEN1XGER ALLAN. Mrs. Margaret Wenln-ger died at the home of her daughter, Frances, January 5 after long illness, Mrs. Weninger was born March 1869, and came to Canada in 1923 with her children and took up residence at Broadacres, Later she came to Allan and was married to the lata John Weninger. They farmed one mile south of 'Allan until 1926, when they retired and moved to Allan, Her husband died in 1941 and for the last few years she had been residing with her daughters In town. The funeral eervlce wag held Friday, January 7, with Rev, Father Schulte conducing the Mass. Surviving sre two daughters Mrs. Thomas Hulm, and Mrs. Frank Hegel, and one eon. Jack Mark of Paddockwood. Pallbearers wer John, Roy and Joe Weninger, Thomas Hulm, Andrew Boucbler and William Schnltzler. W. G. ASHDOWN ASQUITH. William George Ash down, pioneer of the Asquith district, died in the Areola Hospital on January 2, in his 81st year. The late Mr, Ashdown was born in September, 1863, gnd when 12 years of age he moved with hie parents to Burke's Falls, where In 1885 be was married to Emma Boadway, who died eight years ago. In 1905 they moved west, fettling on farm six miles south of Asquith, later moving to Tisdale. The late Mr. and Mrs. Ashdown were charter member of the Baptist Church here, and for many years Mr. Ashdown was superintendent of the Sunday tcbooL While at Tisdale, where he wee engaged In farming, the late Mr, Ashdown held services in the various school houses In the district and was always ready to give his services In tbe interests of the church and community. Since the death of his wife he had made his home with his daughter, Mrs. J, M. Baxter, He le survived by another daughter, Mrs. J, E. Leister of Tisdale; and four tons, Ernest of Chelan, Arthur of Porcupine Plain Vint of Enwhistle, and Gordon of Olds, Alta.; two slaters and two brothers, Mrs. E. Wilson of Okie and Mrs. A. Wheeler of Asquith Frank of Xnvermay and Vine of Okla. Thera are 21 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. The funeral service was held on Tuesday, January 4, at Kisbey, Sask, SATURDAY. JANUARY 15. 10 It. are available. The soil of the Immediate district is excellent for alfalfa growing and many acres have been sown to this legume. There are very few farms that have not at least a tew acres sown to alfalfa. The largest alfalfa growers of the district are James Hennings, who combined 403 acres last fall, besides putting up 50 acres for hay. Due to the wet fail, combining was so delayed that Mr. Hennings had to enlist the aid of his brother, Milton of Star City, who brought his combine to help the two combines already at work on the crop before enough snow fell to hamper operations. At the end of the year all three combines were at work in the same field. Oldtimers to Leave Unity UNITY. The home of Mrs. L. Putnam was the setting for a farewell party January 13, for Mrs. Flossie Nelson who with her baby daughter is leaving Unity in the near future to make her home In Vermilion, Alta, The evening was spent In games and contests. Mrs. J. McAlpine, on behalf Of the gathering presented Mrs. Nelson with an Identification bracelet for which she thanked her many friends. Mrs. R. Butcher also made a presentation on behalf of the Anglican W.A. evening branch of which the guest of honor Is a member. Mrs. Nelsons departure is Unity's loss of another oldtime family. She has made her home with her father while her husband is serving overseas and Mr. Moffat has accepted a position operating a lumber yard in Vermilion. The Moffats ore listed among the old-timers and it Is with regret the people of Unity regard their departure. Lunch was served by the hostess, assisted by Mesdames E. Fogg and L McAlpine. - -...I. . - SONNINGDALE. The annual meeting of Spartan S.D. was held Saturday, January 8, when Mrs. J. H. Jackson was elected new trustee In place of Mrr Jackson, whose term had expired. Owen Thomas, chairman, and E. H. Murdoff are the other members of the trustee board. New business of the board will include an attempt to extend the boundaries of the district. Mrs. Jackson is also secretary-treasurer, Unusual weather and road conditions for January prevail. While sleighs aro in use for wood hauling and other farm work, trucks and cars are moving livestock to market and at other long distance work. Of special significance is the continued volume of market hogs, both by truck and train, finding an outlet, the heaviest in the history of the community. Delisle Fire Brigade Organizes Under N, Harvie, and Has Banquet DELISLE.' The annual meeting of the Dellsle Fire Brigade was held In the town hall on Thursday night, January 13, when 19 members of the bilgade sat down to an excellent meal prepared by Mrs. W. A. Green, after which the woik of the year was reviewed. This was followed by short addresses and the election of the following officers for 1944: Fire Chief, Norman Harvie; assistant, Earnest Pattison; secretary-treasurer, Cyrus Winder. The annual meeting of the woman's missionary society of the Delisle United Church was held on Thursday, January 6, at the home of Mrs. William Orchard, and Mrs. A, M. McKenzie was In the chair. Following the business meeting Rev. J. C. Cinnamon conducted a study group from the book for the year which dealt with work the society was doing for the rural peoples of India, Africa, and China. The reports showed that $75 were sent to the Presbytery for the past year. The election of officers, conducted by Mr. Cinnamon, resulted as follows: president, Mrs. A. M. McKenzie; vice-president, Mrs. H. Full brook; secretary, Mrs. Lloyd Fairburn; treasurer, Mrs. Edith Shannon; Christian stewardship, Mrs. Edith Shannon; mission band, Mrs. H. Fulbrook and Mrs. J. C. Cinnamon: C.G.I.T., Mrs. T. Colmar STRICTLY BUSINESS By McFeatters verythiiig all Died for His Country Cri W. 3. AXTKENHEAD of Biggar, who was killed In action December 13 while serving with the forcee In Italy, He was born In the Naseby district, but the family moved to Biggar where Corporal Altkenhead received part of hie education. Later he was engaged in cattle-buying in partnership with his father. He was interested In sports and was a member of the curling club. Corporal - Altkenhead enlisted with the Saskatoon Light Infantry In October, 1939, and went overseas with the first contingent and carried out duties as dispatch rider. Corporal Altkenhead returned to Canada in March, 1942, and was Instructor at Prince Albert, following , taking an Instructors course at Nanaimo, B.C. He went overseas the second time In February, 1943. His widow and two daughters, Joan Gladys, aged nine years, and Jean Lois, aged four, and his father all reside In Biggar. He is also survived by two brothers, William In Windsor, Alex in Peterborough; four sisters, Mrs. M. Frost of Rosshlre, Scotland, Mis. J. Cumpson of Paynton, Mrs. Mather of Moose Jaw, Mrs. W. Wales of Nokomls. R.CMC. ORDERS Order for the week ending Jan-uard 23, by Capt. H. G. Garrloch, officer commanding B Company 10th Canadian Field Ambulance (R), North Battleford and Edam Tuesday, January 18 North Battleford section will parade at the Armouries, North Battleford at 8 p.m , Dress: Battle dress without anklets. Tbudsday, January 20 Edam section will parade at the hall, Edam, at 8 30 p m. Friday, January 21 North Battleford section will parade at the Armouries, North Battleford, at 8 p.m. Sunday, January 23 Edam section will parade at the hall, Edam, at 2.30 p m. nnd Amelia Fulbrook; supply secretary, Mrs. William Green; "Missionary Monthly." Mrs. Patterson; temperance, Mrs. W. 'J. Loucks. A public meeting in the Delislc Town Hail was held on Monday afternoon and evening, January 10 under the auspices of tha local committee of the Wheat Pool, In tha afternoon slides and moving pictures were shown for tha school children, and in tha evening a public gathering waa held for people of the town and surrounding community. The slides were mads from snaps covering Dellsle and district and were enlightening aa well as Interesting. . Mr. McCloud, field representative of tha Wheat Pool, who took many of these pictures, was present, and told the story surrounding their origin. The principal speaker of tha evening, H, W. Monahan, chairman of the Saskatchewan Industrial Development Board, delivered an interesting address on the possibilities of the use of wheat for other than food purposes, also the uses of bides and wool, and tha development of tha lignite coql mined in the Estevan district Into brick-ottes. Paul Climanhaga was chairman for the evening after which the Dellsle Community Club served refreshments. 55 right, gentlemen? Humboldt Citizens Honor Sqn.Ldr. Trickett, D.F.C. HUMBOLDT. Sqn. Ldr. Robert Irwin Trickett, D.F.C., recently returned from overseas, was the guest of honor at a Citizens' banquet tendered by the Board of Trade at tbe Princess Cafe Thure-day evening. Squadron Leader "Bob" Trickett graduated as a navigator in the R.C.A.F. at Mossbank, Sask., In May, 1941. He afterwards went to the advanced navigation school at Rivers, Man, and arrived in England August 1, 1941. He was engaged In operational flights over enemy territory since October 11, 1941. Following is the text of the citation when he Was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross: The majority of the operational sorties on which this officer has been engaged have been attended with marked success due largely to his determination to press home his attack and to hie ability as a navigator. His coolness and efficiency have set a high example to all In the squadron.' R. J. Adams, president of the Board of Trade, presided at the banquet. He spoke of the fine rec- SQN. LDR. R. L TRICKETT ord their guest had made overseas and how glad his many friends were to have him return home safely. The gathering paid a silent tribute to those Humboldt boys who have given their lives In the present war. The reeve and councillors of the tural municipality were also Invited guests and they were introduced individually as follows; Reeve, P. Rauw; Councillors, Eugene Flory, B, Lemmerick, Max Mueller, Morris Ewen and Fred Duerr. The secretary of the municipality, L. J. Beaudry, and Corporal Batrett of the recruiting office, were aiBO introduced. L.C-R. Batten, K.C., addressed the meeting on the duties, functions and responsibilities of a rural municipal council. Mayor M. V. B.L.I. Orders Battalion orders by Lt.-Coi. R. B, Mills, M.C., officer commanding, for ths week ending January 22: H.Q. and Support Companies parade at the Armouries, North Battleford, Monday, January 17, and Thursday, January 20 at 7.30 p.m. Battleford Platoon parades at the Armouries, Battleford, Monday, January 7, and Thursday, January 20, at 7 30 p.m. St. Thomas College. Battleford, parades Tuesday, January 18, at 7 p.m., Wednesday, January 19, at 2 pm., and Thursday, January 20 at 7 p.m. Turtleford riutoon parades Sunday, January 16, at 2.30 p.m. and Tuesday, January 18, at 7 pm, LB clung Iluloon parades Wednesday, January 19 at 8 pm. "11" Company, Meadow Lake, parades Tuesday, January 18 and Friday, January 21, at 7.45 p.m. Loon Lake Platoon parades Thursday, January 20, at 7.30 p.m. Green Lake Platoon parades Monday, January 17 and Tuesday, January 18, at 7.30 p.m, "C" Company, Lloydmlnster, par ades at ths Armouries, Sunday, January 16, at 10 a.m., and Wednesday, January 19, at 8 p.m. Keilliurg Platoon parades Tuesday, January 18, at 7 p.m. D Company, Rosetown, parades at tho Armouries,, Rosetown, Wednesday, January 19 and Friday, January 21, at 7 p m. Lucky Lake Platoon parades Thursday, January 20, at 7.30 p.m. Biggar Platoon parades Sunday, January 16, at 1 30 p.m. And Friday, January 21, at 7.30 p.m. Klndersley Platoon parades Tuesday, January 18. at 7 p.m, Eaton Platoon parades Monday, January 17 at 7 p.m. ATTEND CO-OP MEETINGS TUFFNELL Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Drydon left on Monday morning for Regina to attend ths special co-operative meetings to be held during tha week at the Hotel Saskatchewan. Mr. Drydon Is the delegate from the Tuffnell Co-operative Society. Stnnley Stopera has accepted the position of principal of the Yemen school at Insinger. Here's ' a Program of Interest - To All Northern Saskatchewan From the Star-Phoenix A presentation of tha news highlights contained In the j Provincial News Pago of the Star-Pbncnlx each day. . Hear about the avenl of Interest In central and northern , Saskatchewan communities as reported by Star-Phoenix correspondents, , EVERY DAY 2.30 to 2.45 p.m. PAGE FIFTEEN Smith addressed the group assuring the Board of Trade of the cooperation of the council and on behalf of the town tha mayor welcomed the guest of the evening after his distinguished service overseas. C. A. Thompson, president of the Legion, inti oduced the guest, Sqn. Ldr. R. I. Trickett, who was given an ovation as he rose to reply. In a quiet and careful way he gave the gathering an Insight into the dally life of a bomber crew on active service. He gave the impression that the life of an airman was not aa hazardous aa most people thought. From his own experience during some 45 operational trips over enemy territory, the most dangerous time on a bombing flight waa jusl when reaching the target - and when starting on the return trip During this time particularly, all members of the crew had to be on the alert He and bis crew had never been seriously attacked while on a bombing flight, but occasionally the plana had sustained some damage from anti-aircraft firs, but they had always been able to reach their home base safely. Squadron Leader Trickett hai been spending a furlough with hie parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Trickett, Humboldt before being posted to a station in Canada. 1 Fancy Skating At Rosetown ROSETOWN. The Rosetown bonsplel committee staged a pretty interlude on Wednesday evening when the curling games were held up for half an hour so that the players could join with the crowds who came to witness an exhibition of figure skating. The artists were five Rosetown girls, Betty Hill Yvonne Lefevre, Bessie Nevay, Dorothy Wessels and Eileen Winters The program opened with an ensemble number to patrlotio music, ending with the performers being grouped in the form of a V while the band played O Canada." The next item was a solo number by Eileen Winters, which was a fine exhibition of smooth turns, pivots and the other movements of the skaters' technique. Dorothy Weasels and Bessie Nevay followed with a duet and these young skaters greatly pleased the large audience. A solo dance number by Betty Hill followed, Introducing fancy dance step routines. Eileen Winters and Yvonne Lefevre followed in a duet, and the team of Wessels and Nevay returned for a further duet Betty Hill and Yvonne Lefevre then turned out for the concluding double number, and the program concluded with a brief ensemble grouping comprising the entire cast, all of them coming to attention when the National Anthem was played. Tlie production was much enhanced by the smart costumes worn selected to fit the individual numbers. ALADDIN LAMPS TABLE AND HANGING MODELS Complete Stock Parts and Repairs Wicks, Chimneys, Mantels AKITTS HARDWARE 433 20lh St., W. Phone 2255 1 , C0.f ITD. BUYERS OF Dressed POULTRY , AND EGGS Tog Your Next Shipment to II CO., LTD. SASKATOON License No. 71 PRINCE ALBERT DIAL 900 ON YOUR RADIO

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