Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on December 13, 1944 · 11
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 11

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Wednesday, December 13, 1944
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? CKKWOOX STR-FHOENIX. MVDNFSIHV. PKCF'TOFR IS. IMA Choiceland Area Teachers Sponsoring School Fair CHOICELAND. At a meeting In the school here on Saturday, December 2, the Choiceland teachers' local decided to organize a school fair to be held in the spring. It was decided that each school would be able to enter three events, and each grade will be able to enter five different displays. A further meeting on the subject will be held on Saturday, December 9. when final arrangements will be made. Mrs. Fred Leyh, S. Alckens and Mrs. Percy McKay, principals of the .Choiceland Village, Blue Fox and Garrick Schools, respectively, attended a teachers Institute on Friday, December 1, held In the Nipawin High School, -the first of Its kind In the Nipawin Superintendency. The teachers observed methods of leaching in the high school, followed by a round table conference. T. Hawryluk, school inspector, Mr. Carruthers and Mr. Wells were In charge of the program, with Mr. Wells as chairman for the conference. Mr, Hawryluk has decided that each teachers' local throughout the Nipawin Superintendency sponsor an Observation Day" in their respective locals. The pupils of the Choiceland Village School will present their annual Christmas concert on Saturday, December 18, and are being prepared by their teachers,- Mes-dames F. Leyh and Whiddon Steeves, for the event. The weather improved during the weekend, and sunshine was accompanied by temperatures ranging from a low of 12 to 28 degrees. Many farmers are back at their wood cutting and hauling for the next season. Principal Bates Addresses Club KERROBERT. An 'address on the topic, The Problems of Education," by Principal Bates, featured the meeting of the Kerrobert Home and School Club held on Thursday, December 7, with Mrs. Francis presiding. Mrs. King also gave a paper outlining the purpose C. a home and school club. Principal Bates address dealt with the topic under three headings: (1) Philosophy of education, (2) The needs of the curriculum (3) The psychology of the individual. Mr. Bates drew a comparison between education in a democracy, and education in a Fascist state, stressing the fact that oar educational system must grow out of the needs of our society. Through a lively discussion following Mr. Bates' address, an attempt was made to find satisfactory answers to the following questions: 1, Is democracy the easiest form of government in which to live under? 2, Of what value is education to leisure? 3, Should sex education be given a place in our schools? When sledding down a rough Icy hill in Kerrobert on Thursday night, December 7, Mervin, 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Norris, broke a leg at the ankle. He was taken immediately to the Kerrobert Hospital and had the bone set, Mervin came home Saturday, December 9, with his leg in a cast. It will be pome time before he will attend school and his paper route as Mervin IS the Star-Phoenix delivery boy in Kerrobert. A successful dance was held in the Kerrobert Memorial Hall on Wednesday evening, December 6, by the girls war work club. A large crowd attended. Music was supplied by the Broadacres Rhythm Orchestra. MeiHholatam oa tafnples and brov bnngi quick relief. Also for neuralftii bead col da, cuts an flhapproq. Jars and tube . NTHOIATUM Died for His Country P.O. R. H. LARSON youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Aksel Larson of Dinoraore, previously reported missing, is now for official purposes presumed dead. P.O. Dick" Larson was born at Dinsmore, and was educated at Gopher Hill and Pontiac Schools, south of the town. He enlisted in the spring of 1912, and trained at Brandon, Moose Jaw, Paulson, "Saskatoon, Edmonton, receiving his wings at Mae-leod, Alberta, in October of the same year. He went overseas in November, 1912, and was a bomber pilot. He was reported missing in November, 1913. Surviving as well as his parents, are one sister, Vivian, at home, and two brothers, William of Victoria, and Elmer at home. Netherhill Girls Present Comedy or relief from the torture of simple Piles, PAZO ointment has been splendid for more than thirty years. Here's why i First, PAZO ointment soothes Inflamed areas, relieves pain and Itching. Second, PAZO ointment lubricates hardened, dried parts helps Prevent cracking and soreness. Third, AZO ointment tends to reduce swelling and check bleeding. Fourth, Its easy to use. PAZO olntment a perforated Pile Pipe makes applies tlon simple, thorough. kmumt wmm&mm NETHERHILL The comedy "Pigtails, directed by Rev. A. Armstrong, and sponsored by the Netherhill Senior C.G.I.T. group, was presented in Brock Hall Friday evening, December 8. Half the proceeds of the evening were donated to the Netherhill Red Cross. A bazaar and tea, sponsored by the junior C.G.I.T. group under the direction of their leader, Mrs. T. Dale was held In the Netherhill School on Saturday afternoon, December 9, and proceeds were 828.79. The annual meeting of the guild of St. Agnes Anglican Church was held at the home of Mrs. E. Whyte Saturday afternoon, December 9, and the following officers were elected: president, Mre. P. Hughes; vice-president, Mrs. J. Reid; secretary, Mrs. L Crapser; treasurer, Mrs. W. J. McKeen. Nokomis Scholars Promote Bazaar NOKOMIS. The grades 7 and 8 pupils of Nokomis School held a successful bazaar on Saturday, December 9. In the Masonic Hall, and net proceeds were 883. This Is to be sent in to the Junior Red Cross. The teacher Is Mr. A. Bridge-water, and many of the articles sold were made by the pupils. The boys had made wood toys, cars, rocking horses, pull toys of every description, and the girls had made dolls, animal toys, aprons, and various embroidered articles, tea cloths, towels, etc. A total of 3138 have been realized for the Junior Red Cross by Nokomis School this term. Nokomis School closes for the Christmas holidays on December 21 and opens on January 8, 1945. The Nokomis Hockey Club met on Tuesday evening, December 8, to elect officere for the coming vear as follows: Captain, William Ramshaw; secretary - treasurer Betty Ramshaw: ticket officers. Oran Fenton and Oliver Rowand. A committee, Fred Rodgers, W. Ranshaw, and Jim Kirk, was chosen to see the Town Council about getting the ice for practice. Stranraer Moves To Fight Sawfly STRANRAER. A sawfly control meeting was held Monday evening, December 4, in the Comma nity Hall under local Wheat Pool committee auspices, with V. W Bradley presiding over a good representation of district farmers. Following a comprehensive address by Dr. K. M. King, entomologist of the University of Saskatchewan, valuable free literature waa distributed and a local committee to promote the control of wheat stem sawfly waa formed as follows, A. R, Wright, H. E. Coulter, Harvey Laughren, Renee Frechette, H. Waddington and Charles Charters The annual meeting of the W.M. S. was held Thursday afternoon, December 7, at the home of Mrs. C, R. Hollingsworth when Mrs. G, Walker, president and charter member, waa honored with a life membership, Mrs. W. Sherk mak ing the presentation. Mrs. C. M J&rdine, Plenty, wife of the pastor, presided at the election of officers which resulted as follows: Presi dent, Mrs. George Walker; vice-presidents, Mrs. E. Newton and Mrs. V. W. Bradley; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. C. R. Hollingsworth; associate helpers and Christian stewardship secretary, Mrs. W. Sherk; supply secretary, Mrs. E. Galbraith; community friendship secretary, Mrs. J. Wright; temperance secretary, Mrs. Don McGill. Following the W.M.S. meeting the W.A. met with Mrs. V. W. Bradley presiding. Mrs. Reed, secretary-treasurer, reported the proceeds of the recent tea and bazaar were 8112. Following the W.A meeting lunch waa served with Mrs. Don McGill as assistant hostess. Four Generations I jr? Hanley Ladies Aid Elects Officers HANLEY. The Hanley United Church Ladles Aid annual meeting was held at the home of the Rev Mr, Reid and Mrs. Reid Thursday, December 7, and the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Mrs. H. Berquist for the first six months, Mrs. Dave Crawford for the second six months; secretary, Mrs. H. B. Ver-ney; treasurer. Mrs. C. Presnell; devotional convener. Mrs. R. Reid; social convener, Miss Leonard; advertising. Mrs. Reid. Three committees were left until the January meeting. The treasurer reported J347 In the bank, and that $123 had been realized at the recent bazaar. Mrs. H. Berquist was appointed to bring prices for aisle runners, and blinds for the newly decorated church The Aid voted $10 to the Missionary and Maintenance Fund, $100 to the church board and $50 to buy a Victory, Bond for the basement fund. This picture of the four generations of the Thompson family was taken at a recent reunion held In Perdue. Pictured above Is the 80-year-old Mrs. Flora Thompson of Asquith, her daughter, Mrs. J. O. Courtney of Perdue, the latter's son, John Courtney of Teesier, and four-year-old Gayline Courtney. Eatonia Fliers Airplane Punctured Over Duisburg JUNIORS HAVE BAZAAR ZELMA. The Junior Red Cross bazaar held at the school on Saturday afternoon, December 9, under the direction of Anne Smith, teacher, was a success, and $23.17 were realized. The junior room was decorated with Christmas streamers. Some very fine handicraft and needlework was displayed and sold. A tea was also well attended. . Padre Unveils Honor Rolls NOKOMIS. Fit. Lt Rev. D. Gowdy, padre at Rivers, Man., was a visitor at the two charges of Arlington Beach Presbyterian Mission Sunday, December 3. In the morning Padre Gowdy spoke at the Strasbourg Church and unveiled the honor roll there and In the afternoon he was at Cymric Church to also unveil the honor roll. At both services after the opening devotional exercises, the congregation standing, the names on the roll were read, In the morning by Doctor McIntosh of Lums-den and In the afternoon by Rev. A. A. Downey. Following this Mr. Gowdy led In prayer, commending these men and women In the forces to God In love and faith and asking that He would follow them with His searching eye and never-failing power. The sermon war preached by the padre. Special interest was taken in Padre Gowdya visit, as he had been a student on this field in 1929 and his many friends were glad to welcome him back. While in the district he was the guest of Rev A. A. Downey and Mrs. Downey of Nokomis, He left on Sundays evening train to visit his wife and two sons in Saskatoon before his return to Rivers. EATONIA. The following cutting from the R-A.F. Bulletin printed in England outlines a thiilling experience Fit. Sgt. T. D. Wray of Eatonia had in a "shaky do" over Duisburg: With the R.A.F. Hally Squadron, Fit. Sgt. T. D. Wray, Eatonia, Sask., Canada, recently ran into considerable flak trouble on a daylight do over Duisburg. His Instruments were rendered useless, and when he landed at an emergency airfield he and his crew discovered their aircraft looked rather like a sieve. The first dose of flak came before the bomber reached the target and didn't do much damage, but put a few holes in the tailpiece, But just after bombing, and about two minutes from the target, the Halifax was caught In some predicted flak. To add further to the danger, visibility was good and it was broad daylight A major burst of flak peppered the aircraft from the nose to the bomb bay and knocked out the port Inner engine. The fuel lines apparently were ehot away and the gas tank punctured Wray feathered the hit propeller and then found his instruments and wireless equipment were not working. A quick check of the crew revealed all were OK, and five Spitfires turned up to escort the bomber nearly all the way home. With Wray on this job was another Canuck, Fit, Sgt. H. C. Layton, Medicine Hat, Alta. Fit. Sgt. T. D. Don Wray, la a eon of Charles Wray, C.N.R. section foreman at Eatonia. His wife and young daughter also reside in Eatonia. Charles Wray has two more sons in ths armed forces. Robert E. Wray with the Dental Corps at Calgary, Alta., and Cpl. G. W. Buster Wray, with the R.C.A.F, at Weyburn, Sask. 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Obituary Bradwell Erects New Curling Rink BRADWELL Bradwells new curling rink has been completed, as well as a fine newt waiting room for the skating rink. Electric lights have been installed. Bert Dawson has been engaged as caretaker, and the flooding haa been started, water being procured from the C.N.R. A tea was held at the home of Mrs. H. L Voice on Tuesday, December 6, in aid of the first aid service In Bradwell. This tea 1s now held annually as a memorial to the late "Granny" Voice who started lt a number of years ago on her birthday anniversary. Proceeds are UBed to procure materials for the first aid service carried on by Mrs, Cripps, The Ladies' Aid held a successful cafeteria supper, bazaar and home cooking sale In the church basement on Friday evening, December 5. The fish pond tn charge of Flora Robertson, th home cooking sale presided over by Mrs. Eillott, the bazaar by Mrs. A, Dawson, and the supper was in charge of Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Holl, Mrs. A, Carlton and Mrs. McIntosh. EVERY DAY 2.30 to 2.45 p.m. CLAUDE C. DARROW TUBEROSE. Clauds C. Darrow, one of the earliest pioneers in the White Bear and Tuberose districts, died at Tuberose on November 23. Mr. Darrow was born tn Brown Ing, Missouri, in 1878, and married Lulu Moore In 1905. The following year Mr. and Mrs. Darrow came to Canada with his parents to settle on a homestead In the White Bear district A few years later the Darrows came to TCtberose, and Mr. Darrow for 12 years assisted C. W. Aklster tn one of the first stores In the area. Mr. Darrow took a great interest in community work. He was secretary 'of the United Church and assisted in the formation of the Masonic and Eastern Star lodges. He held almost every Masonic office through the years, including of W.M. The funeral was held from the Tuberose United Church to the White Bear Cemetery, with Rev. J. Sinclair of Lacadena and Rev. W. J. Glazer of Tuberose officiating. The Tuberose Chapter of the Eastern Star provided the choir for the service, and Mra G. Proud of Lacadena sang a solo. Masonic rites were performed at the graveside Pallbearers were J. Pittman, Orley Johnson, E. Upson, K. Lytle, Chester Clark and W. Lindsay. Surviving are his widow: his mother, Mrs. L Darrow. who la nM VrtllO DAmnt90 yar ot a8e! hia daughter, Mrs UIM TUUK KAUIU p,.ed Rowley of TyneI.; hia brother, Lark Darrow of White Bear; and hie sister, Mrs. Wayne McKay of White Bear. 1 PAGE ELEVEN Change io Power Farming Causes Influx to Village CHOICELAND. It is estimated that about three-quarters of the population of the village of Choice-land is comprised of those who have moved in from the district following a change-over to power farming and are carrying on work from there, either as operators of farms or laborers. But the number of village farmers la growing now that local business men are buying farms. J. H. Smith, local station agent has purchased a farm 1H miles west of Choiceland, and Victor Aged Farmer Found Dead BIGGAR. Jim Cull, 71-year-old bachelor of th Lizard Lake district, 20 miles north of Biggar, was found dead on December 0 about half a mile from his home. He was last seen on Thursday evening by a neighbor, Clauds Blanchard, who left groceries for him beside the road. On Friday morning the teacher from Asgard School saw the groceries were still on the roadside and also an overcoat and mitts. Upon investigating it was found Mr. Cull had not been home for some time and the police were immediately notified. The old man had apparently fallen asleep and died from exposure, Mr. Cull was born in Ireland, and came to Canada In 1904 aftei serving with the army In India. He homesteaded tn the Lizard Lake district until 1911, when he moved to Saskatoon. He enlisted in the First Great War and served overseas with the artillery. Returning from overseas he again fanned in the same district, but moved to Vancouver Island In 1938, He returned in 1943 to farm. L.A.C. LEO B, TH1BAUDEAU son of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Thlbau-deau of Macklin, died in a Toronto military hospital on November 27, After being rejected by the army and navy he managed to enlist in the air force and served overseas. He waa returned to Canada, and discharged from the service on medical grounds. Five brothers and two sisters survive him. Theodore tried to enlist, but was not accepted, his twin brothers, John and Joe, are both petty officers, and another brother,, Frank, is an able seaman in the Canadian Navy. His youngest brother, Anthony, served for some time In the P.P.C.LI. The sisters are Irene, wife of Dr. F. M. Smith of Cam-roae, Alberta, and Helen, wife of Pte. N. Murgatroyd of Edmonton. A public memorial service wag held in the Macklin Memorial Hall on Saturday, December 2, presided over by Mayor Walter Henderson and addressed by Rev. Father Schnerch. The choir of St. Marys Church, under the leadership of Mre. Eld, contributed musical numbers, Dr. F. L Eld being accompanist. The hall was filled to capacity. The funeral service was held in St. Majry's Church on Tuesday, December 8, the Rev. Father Schnerch officiating. Burial took place in Macklin Cemetery, the pallbearers being A. J. Doucette, Dr. F. L Eld, W. E. Thompson, Jack Block, Kenneth Scott, and Blair Scott, Died for His Country r m rn Allan Club Receives Acknowledgments ALLAN, The Allan War Auxiliary Club held the monthly meeting on Thursday, December 7, in the clubroom, Mre. P. Paulson presiding, and many letters and cards were read from fcervteemen and womea overseas, acknowledging parcels and cigarettes received. It was decided to send $20 to the Navy League and $20 to the Red Cross. The following donations were received by the club: United Church Ladles' Aid, $5; Chris. Singer, $1; and Mrs. Larson, $1. Three more parcels are to be Bent to Bailors who are now at sea. Hostesses for the lunch were Mrs. Merkel, Mre. P. Paulson, and Mre. P. Shannon. The January meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. W. Schnurr. PTE. I, N. THOMPSON son of Mr. and Mt. Milo G. Thompson of Mullingar, was killed In action recently while serving with a Canadian Scottish regiment in Italy. The late Private Thompson wna born at Riverhurst, Sask., in 1923, and his parents moved to Mullingar In 1934, He received much of his education at Mlsterton School. He enlisted at Vancouver tn 1942, and proceeded overseas in September of the same year. After further training in England he proceeded to the Mediterranean theatre with his unit, and was twice wounded tn Italy before bis death. Surviving are hla parents; two sisters, Mrs. Ray Rickette of Melita, Man., and Mrs. Fred Hansford of Mullingar,- SGMN. E. LATURNUS P.O. A. LATIKNUS song of Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Laturnus of Revenue, who rece'ntly gave their lives In the service of their country. Both died In Belgium. Signalman Laturnus died as the result of an accident. He had been In the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals for three years and had been overse&s more than a year. He was accidentally shot In the right leg below the knee on October 18, receiving a compound fracture. He died In a military hospital In Antwerp eight days later and Is hurled there. P.O, Andrew Laturnus lt also well known at Prelate where he worked for the Atlas Lumber Company before Joining the R.C-A.F, two years ago. He went overseas last year and was killed over Belgium. They are survived by seven sisters and four brothers. The sisters are Monica, a graduate nurse who la tn the navy, stationed In Victoria, B.C.; Catherine, training as a nurse In the Edmonton General Hospital; Mary, teaching In Ear Lake School, 20 miles west of her home; Irene, taking her grade 12 and expecting to take a course on X-ray; Juliana, Elizabeth Ann and Carol Ann, at home. The brothers are Wendiyn, living in Richmound; Frank, Joseph and Leo at home. Prepare Tutors' Honor Roll BROCK. At a meeting of the Brock-DArcy-Netherhlll i eachers' local at Minor Lake on Thursday, December 7, It was announced that an honor roll Is being prepared of teachers from the Rosetown Super-in tendency serving In the forces, and names of those from this local are being compiled to Include on it W. H. Ingham spoke to the meeting on the purpose, place and type of tests and measurements to be used in the school program. Mea-dames Clark and Heron served lunch. A miscellaneous gift shower was held r.t the home of Mrs. I. McKay on Friday afternoon, December 8. In honor of Mrs. W. Innocent, formerly Margaret Brooks, of Brock, Hostesses for the afternoon were Mre. I. McKay, Mre. T. Kenyon, and Mrs. W. Selgel. Mr. and Mrs. Innocent will make their home in Wem-bly, Alberta. The Brock Cemetery Club held the annual tea and miscellaneous booth in the Brock Hall on Saturday afternoon, December 9, and proceeds were $94. During the afternoon a draw was made by the Roman Catholic Women's Auxiliary on a quilt, won by L. Kyllo. Brocks Miss Canada girls for Saturday afternoon, December 9 wars Neva Wallace and Bernelce Kyllo, and they sold $14 worth of War Savings Stamps. Special Ceremony For W.M.S. Meeting PINWHERRY. A candle-lighting ceremony conducted by Mrs. G. J. Hlndley and the election of officers featured the annual meeting of the W.M.S. held prior to a meeting of the Ladies Aid at the home of Mrs, H. O. Carberry on Thursday, December 7. W.M.S, reports: Indicated a successful year in the various departments. The financial allocation of $40 had been met, also a special contribution ot $10 had been made for W.C.T.U. work. Officers were elected as follows: President, Mr. G. R. Hart; vice-president, Mrs. G. J. Hindley; secretary. Mre. H. O. Carberry; treasurer, Mrs. H. G. Riddell. Mis. fisher woe pianist for the singing of Christmas carols at the dose. Dodsland Groups Reorganize DODSLAND. The annual meeting of the Dodsland Patrlolio Society was held on Wednesday, December 6, and officer elected were as follows; President, Mrs. Schur-man; vice-presidents, Mrs. J. H. Campbell, Mrs. G. Wallis and Mrs. M. D. MacLeod; secretary-treasurer, Mr. R. Gibson. The society alms to send boxes to overseas service men every month, and 31 are on the present mailing list. The meeting of the Womens Auxiliary to the Canadian Legion, Dodsland branch, was on Monday, December 4, In (he Legion hall, when it was reported that, during the six months since the auxiliary had been organized $150 had been donated to the local, $25 paid for a cot in a Canadian hospital In London, and a layette bought for a Canadian bride in tbs hospital. Christmas cheer was arranged for. The otftcer elected for the year are as follows: President, Mrs, J. A. Card: vice-presidents, Mrs. A. Blanchard and Mrs. J, MacKay: secretary, Mrs. B. Wheatley; standard bearer, Mrs. E, E. Campbell, and pianist, Mrs, A. Campbell. The annual meeting of ths Dodsland W.A, was held on Thursday, December 7, at the borne of Mrs. J. H. Campbell, when reports of the various committees were given, followed by the election of officers. The result of the election was as follows: President, Mrs. Watson; vice-presidents, Mrs. J. H. Campbell and Mr. N. McLeod; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Garner; visiting committee, Mr. Cherry, Mis. J Campbell; assistant secietary, Mra. R. Gibson; devotional committee, Mr R. Gibson and Mrs. E. B. Campbell: manse committee, Mrs. H. Wallis and Mrs. Colquhoun. Marsden, Names' Welcoming Group MARSDEN. aT a meeting held In the hall on Wednesday, December 8 1 it was decided that the war finance sub-unit committee of Marsden comprise the group to welcome home those returning from active service. Collections are to be made by the unit committee and presentations will be made when and where most suitable. It was decided to present those returning from active service in Canada with approximately 70 per cent of the value of the presentations made to those returning from overseas service. The bulk of the funds necessary will be raised bv a complete canvass of the district. The hnnual meeting of the Marsden Red Cross Society was held at the school on Wednesday evening, December 8. and officers elected were: President, H. A Munro; vlce-piesident, Mrs. R. Reid: secretary, M. Swenarcbuk; treasurer, Rev, W, Hordern. Harjula, garage proprietor, has purchased a quarter section in the Purity district, formerly owned by D. Davidson. Numerous farms have changed hands lately In ail districts, among them being the quarter section twe miles south and 10 miles west of Choiceland, belonging to Wesley Paisley of the Blue Fox district, which was purchased by Frank Bell also of Blue Fox, After having disposed of. all machinery and moat household fur nishlngs by auction sale, Mr. Paisley is waiting further instructions froir the Selective Service Board in Prince Albert. Mr. Paisley, who is being sent to Vancouver in his capacity as carpenter by the Selective Service, is being accompanied bv his wife and four youngest children. Being among the earliest settlers of ths district the Paisley family had taken keen interest In all community enterprises and will be greatly missed. In his capacity as carpenter, Mr. Paisley had worked In all surrounding districts and waa well known and liked. He spent the past summer assisting with the erection of the union hospital in Nipawin, until early in the fall, when poor health forced him to take a rest Flier Killed Off Scotland LLOYDMINSTER. Mr. and Mrs George Cook of Hillmond, northeast of Lloydmlnster, have received word from the R.C.A.F. headquarters at Ottawa, that their eon, Fit. Sgt Howard John Cook, lost his life during air operations on November 25, when the aircraft of which he was a member of the crew fell into the eea near Kingston, Morayshire, Scotland. The aircraft was returning from minelaying operations. The body waa recovered and he was buried on December 1 at the Banff Cemetery, -Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland. r Flight Sergeant Cook waa born at Lloydminater on May 21, 1319, and received hla education at the achool at Hillmond close to his father farm. He enlisted on June 27, 1941, and graduated as an air gunner at Mount Pleasant, Prince Edward Island. In addition to his parents he is survived by one sister, Jean, working In Edmonton, Alberta. 35 OPS Fit. Sgt. Loi ns Wright of Edmonton, recently spent a few days visiting with his sister, Mrs. A. Franklin and family of Kitscoty, a few miles west of Lloydmlnster. Flight Sergeant Wright has just returned from England where he spent 15 months, completing 35 operational flights, and taking part In the D-Day invasion. Lome has four brothers In the services, L.A.C, William Wright atatloned at Kamloops, Lea and Bob with the army In England, and Trooper Mac Wright with the troops In Belgium. They are sons of Mr, and Mrs. G. -A. Wright of Edmonton, formerly of Kitscoty. Man Breaks Back, Said Recovering KELFIELD.-L.XC, H. Blelby ot Kelfield who sustained a broken back In a truck accident recently, is a patient In Deer Lodge Hospital, Winnipeg, and said to be making favorable progress. The Injured airman was with others tn a truck returning to camp from a blood donors clinic, when it skidded off the road and overturned. The annual meeting of the Keh field branch of the Wheat Pool was held recently In the Orange Hall, with P. R. Carter presiding. J. Fox gave an account of his year's work, and H. Steele, Kerrobert, spoke on car distribution, a topic of vital importance to grain farmers. Absence of young farmer from this meeting was evident. All In this district are serving In the forces. The committee was reelected for another year. ELECTS OFFICERS SMILEY. On Friday, December 8, the W.M.S. held the annual meet, ing at the home of Mrs. E. E. Smiley, when Mr. G. Willis was elected president; Mrs. J. Watt, vice-president, and Mrs. R. Ralph reelected secretary-treasurer. Six thousand pounds of turkey were purchased by one Smiley storekeeper Friday, December 8. DISCUSS TOPICS DEWAR LAKE! The meeting of the Dewar Lake Homemaker' Club Thursday, December 7, at the home of Mr. 8. Bowler, waa featured by discussions on larger units of school administration, storing ol vegetables, and Mrs. Allen read a paper on The Pattern for Postwar Canada. Tentative plane were made for a bazaar tn February. Lunch was served by Mesdames Meacham and Bowler, CUPS and SAUCERS Royal Albert Bone China 95c AKITTS HARDWARE 433 20th St. W, , Phone 2255 A virtue? Surel Sul It' hard te fee patient when your threat Jutt crave the relief f a Smith Are. Couth Drop. Still rattened, however w, hiKbtnd your tupply, Blech, er menthol 10c when available. I .1 i

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