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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 2
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 2

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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PASS TWO SASKATOON MIDAT. rXBIfAIY M. Short Course Plans Weather Map and Forecast trine in a visit to their Saska For Battlefords Announced toon home in August, 1658, when the second of two declarations Seeetal ike is alleged to have been sworn by Leier in the presence of Sas NORTH BATTLEFORD Dr. W. J.

White. had of the field husbandry department, of and E. A. Boden. execu katoon lawyer VHet Maitaroir.

The program has been Mrs. Leier said Dr. Shumiat- cher arrived to visit her hus tive member, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Cut Knife, who will lead the discussions on mar announced for a three day men's course and two-d a women's course sponsored by The Battlefords Agricultural band; they went down to the New GXR Service Proving Success The new CNR "Highballer" fast freight service has been proving successful, according tr Alfred Skinner, area manager of the Saskatchewan area, and he anticipated more use of it in the future. The service started around the end of January to speed up cross-country freight movement and is run on a schedule which brings freight from Toronto to Saskatoon in about three days. The success of the speed-up had been such that, on occasion, the trains had come into Saskatoon well ahead of sche rumpus room to talk while she was busy elsewhere in the house.

keting problems and prospects. Friday, March 3, is listed as Society and the extension de Then later her husband came upstairs to get some photostats "family day," when the role of government and farm organizations in developing farm policy of W. B. and S. ledgers which partment of the University of Saskatchewan in cooperation with the Meadow Lake and Wilkie agricultural societies and boards of trade.

Dr. Shumiatcher had asked for. she said. Leier invited his wife to join them in the rumpus room. Barsaloux Re-elecled Special to the glar-Pkoeaix NORTH BATTLEFORD Annual meeting of the Northwest Regional Hospital Council was held in North Battle-ford today and re-elected L.

B. Barsaloux of Cut Knife as chairman. Assistant administrator of the Notre Dame Hospital at North Battleford. W. B.

Stefaniug was named vice-chairman. Directors for the various zones in the district are G. Porat of Meadow Lake; C. E. Morgan of Spruce Lake; W.

C. Rainey of Kindersley; T. Gauley of Unity and R. P. Lawson of Keatley.

Annual report of the council showed 20 hospitals as members in i960. The hospitals had an excess of expenditures over profits of $145,135 in 1960, compared to in 1959. In 1960 member hospitals admitted 18,265 persons, a reduction of 21 from 1959. Cost of patient care rose to $18.75 a day in 1960 from $17.01 in 1959. In his report the regional co Livestock day, March 1 will He showed her the declaration have as the main speakers J.

A. Brown, farm management specialist, provincial Depart dule. Mr. Skinner said. which had been drawn up for him to sign.

She identified a copy, entered as an exhibit earlier (it had been seized by RCMP in their home) as "similar." Her ment of Agriculture; and O. B. Young, farm manager, of He said it was being operated with the speed of the through passenger service and noted that Field crops day, March 2, husband told her to read it care will be discussed with Les Knst-janson, sessional lecturer in economics U. of S. The final afternoon session will focus attention on educating farm youth.

Dr. L. C. Paul, of the extension department, of will utilize the workshop principle of discussion. In the women's session March 1, Miss M.

Pattilo, director women's service, of the of extension department, will discuss meal planning for the family, style and clothes. Nutrition will be discussed by Mrs. J. M. Dudley, regional nutritionist, provincial Department will have for its main speakers crew changes at cross-countrv fully.

witness: "I thought I nad lots of time (the document is fairly points now took little time. The service was being reasonably well received, he said, and the volume of freight had been continued raon ravs them ULTDIATUM long) but I noticed the two mea were getting ready to go (to Mr. Makaroff's office). I was surprised at the declaration. I couldn't enough so far to justify it.

that commit 'Eddie, are you going to ted themselves to increased sal "He said: Yes and Dr. Shumi of Public Health. Orders Pair Be Tried aries in 1961 to nursing and other employees in order to atcher said: It's only to prove Following a discussion on re-finishing of woods, as a hobby there's no conspiracy. maintain the present level of ser ordinator, H. L.

Livergant of "I said: Thia could mean Jail. for the family, which will be North Battleford. said the hos vices. The obvious result cutbacks in services to beneficiar Is it serious? led by Mary Hull, Thursday pital council had a full staff dur As Perjurors COi.t WONT STAT10NACV fWtt yt TROUGH Of WARM Al ALOFT UPrCR WARM Q5 FRONT 'Dr. Shumiatcher said: Yes, ies of the plan, cutbacks in per- ing the past year.

At tne ena SNOW DRIFTING SNOW claim Slowing snow 9 vSsCtPtTATtQH THUNOM STORM. L. StfttlftlfU 3 WARM TAQHT it could be very serious of 1960 there were 589 persons employed in the 20 hospitals in deficits which will have to be go to jail." She had agreed he'd morning. Miss huh win discuss the changes in rural life. The afternoon session will close with an address on bedroom color and design by Alex Smith of this city.

met by the owners of our hosoi the council. better sign under the circum tals; i.e. the local taxpayer and stances. Then tne rwo men len UPPER COLO FRONT tne religious order, the state the house. Following the preliminary hearing testimony in police court Thursday of a former girl friend of one of the accused, Magistrate B.

M. Wakeling ordered James Russell Tate and Victor Eugene Tate, both of 328 Ave. north, to stand trial to face ment continued. CONTINUED rBOM rAGI THEI1 HOPPER Counsel: "Did you know your The SHA directors pointed out husband had already signed a tne tne action was taken despite a declaration substantially CONTINUED rito.M PAT. THKEB JUBILEE Temperatures will drop slightly Saturday, with a high of 25 above predicted jor Saskatoon.

Supplied by Aviation Forecast Office, RCAF, Saskatoon same in Regina? hospitalization tax and the "oft Witness: "No." tation is south of a line from North Battleford in the northwest to the southeast corner of the province at the Manitoba border. heard claims by provincial gov Counsel: "Did you know Mr. ernment officials that the hospi Shumiatcher before?" tal plan met the operating costs To Move Mental Murray, first University President; Bishop Qerald Murray, J. J. Leddy, chairman of the Newman Society here, and others.

Witness: "I had first met him Excluded from the infested Farmer Least Concerned or hospitals and did not inter in 1956 at Luboffs house, where area is tne extreme southwest Patients to we went for cocktails." corner of the province. Half of fere in any way with the local management of Saskatchewan Father Carr described St. Mr. Sedewick then cross-ex Thomas More College as the hospitals." PRINCE ALBERT (CP) amined. the area is predicted to have a light attack of grasshoppers and half a moderate attack.

Nine About His Own Safety im directors added that as Health Minister Walter Erb said Counsel: "I wonder a Dr. Shumiatcher knew you well of Jan. 1 this year, the hospital plan discontinued payment to today the Prince Albert sana smaller areas are expected to most perfect answer to the great debate" concerning the problem of higher education for Catholics. As an integral part of a provincial university, the college brought its students the enough to call you by your have a severe attack and one and the youth groups. It seems as if the men consider Christian name?" (There had tonum will close this summer and become an institution for hospitals of depreciation on buildings and building service been earlier evidence that he equipment an action which mentally retarded persons.

had done so.) teachings of theology and philo was protested by the Saskatche accident prevention, like health and education, as being for women and children while they get on with more important In a telenhon Intprvipw Mr Witness: "Well, when they ar- Erb said about 400 patients in the rived, Eddie introduced him to Saskatchewan Training School at me and said you remember my sophy at the same time as they studied other disciplines in College of Arts and Science. wan Hospital Association when it was first announced, at i annual meeting last year and at problems." wife. Pearl? Mr. Smith said that the con iviuose jaw win oe transferred to every opportunity since." Dean Leddy called Father Counsel turned from wese Prince Albert when the change is Hospital authorities contacted Carr "a legend in his own life ference would give attention to the safety of the farm family iam Hmiptt ta a matter made, probably about mid-sum mor "Whai- vou said in by the Star-Phoenix today indica time" in recalling that the for mer. mer superior general of the in its total environment in the field, in the yard, the home and charges of perjury.

Key witness for the Crown, Jo-Anne Keil, 1017 Broadway was called to the witness box by Prosecutor Pat Sommer-ville to relate what she knew of events concerning the alleged perjury committed by the accused in police court last October. At that time the accused both swore that Victor and not James Tate was driving the auto at the time the patrolman issued the operator of the car a speeding ticket. The patrol-man swore that he knew the accused personally and that James had been driving the vehicle. Miss Keil stated that she had been with Victor at his home at the time of the speeding incident and that he had never left the house. On further examination the witness stated that she had been going out with Victor Tate but that the relationship had been terminated about a week ago.

A second witness called by the crown was Magistrate H. G. H. Gilding, who in October had convicted James Tate of the speeding offence. He testified that both the accused had sworn before him under oath that not.

Jams had been operating the vehicle at the time of the speeding incident. Bail for the accused was set at $200 the witness" box is almost word ted their commitments for new for word what you said at the wage scales in 1961 would easily Opened in 1930, the sanatorium Basilian Order had been a pion off the farm. now has 190 patients and a staff "Death stalks the farm family, but the least concerned is the farmer himself and his organizations," Christian Smith, director of health education, said today as final preparations were made for the Fourth Western Canada Farm Safety Conference, opening in Valley Fort Qu'Appelle, Monday morning. The big question at the conference will be "where do we go from here," said Mr. Smith, who will be general chairman.

He is chairman of the Western Canada Farm Safety Committee and director of health education for the Department of Public Health in Saskatchewan, "The only farm support for an effort to reduce a tragedy which took the lives of 212 farm persons in Saskatchewan In 1959 has come from the women preliminary. Have you read a surpass me mree per ceni ai- Delegates will be guests of eer in the federation movement at the University of Toronto, one transcript or tnat neanngr or ibo. Mr. Erb said some patients will likely be transferred the Saskatchewan government at 1 I lVA.a of the founders of St. Thomas area will have a very severe attack, the department said.

Severe attacks are expected near Kyle, Ponteix, Central Butte, Caron, west of Moose Jaw, northwest, northeast and south of Weyburn. A large area of severe infestation is expected around Girvin with a very severe attack at Holdfast. Farmers can successfully control the attack by cultivation and chemicals, Roy McKenzie, director of the plant industry branch of the department, said today. He suggested cultivating stubble in early spring before grasshoppers hatch. With green growth removed, the you rg grasshoppers will starve.

Mr. McKenzie said that last year 25,000 gallons of the insec-tivide Dieldrin was sprayed on about 750,000 acres. The chemical is sold at cost by the department to rural municipalities for re-sale to farmers. It costs witnAM- "i danced inrouen uuaru tJ I to the Fort Qu'Appelle Sanator if i nowever, iny nospuai auper- dinner on Monday, with Health Minister J. Walter Erb as the chief speaker.

The Saskatche More College here and St. Mark's College at the Univer ium and some to Saskatoon. Fniwtnir Mrs. Leler's testi- Intendent L. T.

Muirhead said Mr. Erb said moving some mony Crown Prosecutor Norman one paragraph of the form letter sity of British Columbia, and wan 4-H Council Safety Award presented to the winning persons from Moose Jaw will ijiathw npvt called to the wit- sent to all hospitals appears "to also one of the founders of the allow Moose Jaw facilities to be tnnrt RCMP Constable John leave the door open." He sugges world-renowned Pontifical Insti 4-H club by L. J. Hutchinson, tute of Medieval Studies at director of the agricultural re- put to better use in accommoda- Robert Garstang. ted Jetter might be a scare, ting more retarded persons who rct attached to Mr.

Muirhead referred to the Toronto. presentative service, department of agriculture. On Tuesday David can respond to educational pro- th-Saskatoon subdivision in 1959. statement that "adjustments re Tributes were paid to Father lated to necessary items of a grams, said he searched the home of O'Donnell, to two other former Cass-Beggs, will be the main recurring nature, which, because mis program is in Keeping Mr and Mrs. Le er on APni iu principals, the Very Rev.

Rush, speaker. of circumstances beyond any with the general effort to pro- that year and seized documents and the Very Rev. Basil Sulli reasonable control, could not be mote a better Saskatchewan sit- wjth the aid of a search war- maintained within the 1960 ap uation for the retarded. With our rant pressing needs, we felt after Two documents were handed to van, now Catholic chaplain at the University Hospital; to Rev. Paul Mallon, who has been at STM for 19 years; and to the Rev.

Joseph McGahey, now about 14 cents an acre to control proved rates to your hospital" might be considered by the rate RCMP Constable Testifies In Yorkton Murder lengthy study of proposals from inrfo a exhibits and one grasshoppers by spraying one ounce of Dieldrin an acre. Prince Albert, that this is a pood a Hnniirat of a board this Year. deceased, whom Father Carr move forward to provide for 400 declaration made before Miss 'Mr. Muirhead said he would mentally retarded persons. We McGill, a barrister.

have been more worried about have that many on the waiting Sedgwick's cross examina- the letter had it been signed by and Dean Leddy agreed was one of the greatest personalities and lists." tinn was hrlpf. Const. Garstans tne fteaitn minister ratner man intellects in the Basilian Order. passed out. He said, he did not remember any more.

When he woke up his mother told him that he had shot his dad, and John Cote, He told his mother he would report to the police, and started out in a car with the told him the police used a search a. H. waaiana, cnairman oi me Speakers also lauded the sup i.uH hv Saskatoon rate board, who he said is 'a port given the college in its first 25 years by University Presid Will Discuss Hog Maeistrate and that no arrests servant of the health depart at tha tima and no I ment. ents Walter Murray, J. S.

Thomson and Walter P. Thomp Marketing Boards summonses were issued either. In any case, City Hospital does Intention of goin to St. Phillips, to turn himself in to the police, Movf tn evidence was Wal- not intend 10 oeieie any positions son. Bishop Murray, followed by Bishop P.

F. Pocock (now arch but then decided to go home. The main issue at a meeting ter Shupe, of Lac la Ronge, or curtail service as was suij- of representatives of farm or- another former salesman for gestea in me lener, mr. wuir- bishop of Winnipeg), and now Bishop F. J.

Klein, were also oanWatinnq crVianIe tnr Cm. Vutm ttnnd and Sharp who head Stated YORKTON Four witnesses were heard during the third day of the trial of Anthony Mervin Cote, 23, of the Cote Indian Reserve near Kamsack. Cote, is charged with the murder of John Cote, other wise known as John Bull Cote, on September 24, 1960. Mervin Cote, father of the accused was also shot and killed. Constable D.

M. MacDonald testified that on the morning of September 25, he and other members of the force had gone out to the house of Mervin Cote, and had found the bodies of the two men on the floor. He had taken into his possession two expended cartridge shells, one from under the chair in the sitting room and behind which rifle was found. The other shell was recovered from a slop pail katoon June 2. will be whether was emDloved as a shares sales- The hospital ended 1960 with a Others to testify Thursday were Constable N.

P. Schmil, RCMP firearms examiner, David Severlght of the Cote Reserve and Mrs. Annie Keewatin, wife praised for their support and Your Home Improvement Centre If you are planning te build or remodel, contact Wllf Harpell or Ken Plummer at PLYWOOD HOUSE Corner 24th Street and Ontario Avenue. Phone OL.2-539S for estimates and Information. This Week's Valentine Special For HIM or HER, a wonderful assortment of ASHTRAYS SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS JEWELLERY BOXES CIGARETTE BOXES, etc.

All handcrafted of the finest red cedar. On display NOW! PLYWOOD HOUSE "Your Home Improvement Centre" Open till 6.00 p.m. and all day Saturday ith th rnmnanv between deficit of about encouragement. Bishop Klein and Bishop A. of John Cote, Sr.

marketing boards. June 27, 1956 and the end of 1958. The Northwest Regional Hospi- These farm erouos held a He gave evidence of converse- tal Council, which met North MS' nf ap stween Wf and himself, Battleford today, sald canno Roborecki, Ukrainian Exarch of The trial will continue today Saskatchewan, were special with five more witnesses for the guests at the banquet. pointed committee siuay nog 'V'" Wnital midtturM nrnor inrmpr kb esraBn. i marketing, particularly through David Ploz was toastmaster.

producer-controlled boards in Toasts were proposed by the fol Shupe said he sold about 3,000 "ine eneci oi mis is me same shares of Columbia Metals stock as asking hospitals to repudiate aided bv information given by the contracts and arrangements Ontario and Quebec. lowing students: Rudy LeMaitre, Crown yet to be heard. Kasper Johnson Rites Saturday The committee reported back made with their employees," the Luboff. Witness also stated he Douglas Walsh, Eileen Bihler and Marilyn Mstz. Rosalyne Hanna played two piano at a meeting held at the Sas council ruled.

It added it is par boueht the stock himself, sold katchewan Farmers' Union of ticularlv difficult to understand in the kitchen. One live round of some to friends and to nis reia tives. fice in Saskatoon Thursday and the suggested 2V2 to three per cent allowable increase this year favored hog marketing boards, When Luboff offered to bet any Kasper Johnson, 72, of 301 Ave. north, a Saskatchewan resident for nearly 60 years, died but left it to the sponsoring or when late in 1960 the rate board one that the stock would be list' ganization to decide whether to ed by December 1957 and that it approved wage increases and sal- in hospital today. Funeral ser go ahead with a plan.

ary ranges for registered nurses, would fetch $4 or over, Shupe vices will be held at 3.30 O'clock Saturday afternoon from The sponsoring organizations said he recounted this when sell to become effective in isoi. These ncreases together With ing the stock to customers. McKague's Funeral Home. will be called together June 2 in Saskatoon to decide further normal increments will, in many Here's why you can always buy with complete confidence at E-K Motors Ltd. believed this.

The bet was a good Surviving are one daughter, instances, exceed the board action, if any. selline point," said Shupe. Mrs. L. W.

(Mavis) VanHerd of level of allowable increase, the The sponsoring organizations Judge Disbery asked snupe Vancouver; three sisters, Mrs, ULTRA-MODERN Service Department Factory trained mechanics to make sure that your car council" stated. were the farm unions of Alberta, if any person accepted the bet, Nora Dybvig, Mrs. E. Cowley The council represents 20 hos Basjcaicnewan, Mannooa ana un- shune said no person ne Knew and Mrs. L.

R. (Thora) Wolosch, pitals in the northwestern part tano; Manitoba ana jsasnatcne-1 accepted the bet. all of Saskatoon; and two wan wheat jkoois: Alberta ana Some didn't want the bet or of the province. brothers, Louis of and Manitoba Federations of Agri- the stock, eh?" asked the judge Officials of St. jtospitai Elmer of Kmley.

culture; Manitoba and Saskatche- "I wouldn't say that," Shupe Born in Minnesota, Mr. John wan bwine Breeders Associa- told the court, here said today their financial picture of 1960 operations is not yet clear, since negotiations are will be safe to operate in any weather condition. son came to Saskatchewan in 1903. He had lived in Saskatoon still under way wun me rate for the past 45 years. Prior to tions; Ontario Hog Producers' As- Luboff's statements to him sociation and a similar group about the delayed listings of the from Lloydminster; and the pro- stock appeared to him to be visional board of the Manitoba "legitimate reasons" why the board.

ammunition was found behind the cupboard, one in a tobacco tin on the cupboard, and one from the person of Anthony Cote, when he was searched In the Kamsack detachment office. Constable MacDonald testified that when he saw the accused In the office on the morning of September 25, he did not appear to have been drinking, but he did appear to be slightly nervous. Later In the morning the constable said, he noticed a slight smell of alcohol on the accused breath. Under questioning by Defense Counsel W. H.

Morrison, Cst. MacDonald, said two statements had been taken from the accused, the first under questioning and the second written out later in the day by the accused in a room all alone. In the statement the accused said, that he and his mother, Stella had gone to town on the Saturday morning to buy wine for a religious feast. There were seven in the car coming home from Kamsack. After drinking the wine the accused said, they went back into town and he and his father, Mervin, had purchased two cases of 24 beer and one of 12.

His mother, father, John Cote, James Cote, Frank and Merle Severlght and he all re his retirement seven years ago Herb Bassett, administrator of Hog Producers' Association. TUNE-UPS BRAKE AJOUSTMENT MAJOR TIRE REPAIRS LOW RATES PARTS DEPT. stock had not been listed, "There was no reason to dis Victoria Union Hospital in Prince Albert, said his hospital expects he was employed by the Sas katoon Street Railway. Over 600 Photos believe him," witness said. to break even, or at worst sutler Luboff also told him that the snEht deficit, on its 1960 budget CONTINUED FROM PACI THBEI ADMITS stock should not be described as 0f

In of Contest "speculative." "I was told there Victoria Hospital lay staff re REPAIRS Open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. was no speculation about Colum bia Metals stock, it was an cently asked for a $20 across-the-board pay Increase, he said. Commission hearing in Regina More than 600 entries have been received for the Board of Trade's photography contest few days earlier. City Hospital lay workers have 2.

A similar letter, being an Shupe said he heard of the last requested a five per cent wage increase this year. account for, the same business which ends today. shareholders' meeting a month following the meeting when he Late last month, tne ooara ot done on the salesmen's behalf, dated Feb. 24, 1958, in the President Alex Kyle said the response was "exceptionally good" and remarked on the ex received a number of proxy g0V4rnors at city Hospital criti- WC PLEDGE 1. To maintain public repct by ttatlnit the details of each transaction in a aimplc.

understandable way. t. To properly lnnpfct and arvic all vthtclei before delivery to customer. 3. To provide a properly manned, perfectly equipped eervice dept.

to aaaure performance engineered and built-in by the factory. 4. To conduct all phase, of our business with honor and Integrity and to establish a bond of confidence firmly tied to complete cuatomer aatlafac- tlon. (. To lupport prtxtrami dealgned to promote adequate highway! and traffic aafety.

amount of $10,000. votes forwarded to him from Co 3. A similar letter dated Aug, lumbia's office in Saskatoon. I cized the hospital services plan for its "penny-pinching" acts In connection with budget deficits Incurred in 1959 and 1960. 19, 1958, being an account for cellent quality of the work submitted.

He said the board was pleas- wasn't notified about the meet ing until then," witness said, CUSTOM Aw legal work done in connection with the transfer of certain stock, from Edward Leier At this point, the court rose for the luncheon adjournment. to Western Bond and Share, in Saskatoon .00 ea with the photographs submitted and it was felt they would provide a more than adequate selection from which to choose pictures for their new Saskatoon pamphlet. COMFORT ECONOMY PRIDE turned to the Cote home where they drank the 12 beer and started on the 24. In his statement the accused said that before they started on the 24 he the 1,755 amount ot 2,000. if For Only 4.

A receipt for $6,000 paid in iUUV 1US TVoff: Anr.irlont 5. A second receipt for $11,000 UUtSKie L.11V PHONE DI.3-1671 Compiled by Saskatoon Branch paid in connection with these Saskatchewan Motor Club SdcI1 to the RUr-Fhocntx accounts, making a total of Total Number of Drivers Involved PRINCE ALBERT In the 000. future Fire Chief A. Turner may First Witness today was Pearl l-t Sl-ft II Trt In Xra Jb aver order fire equipment beyond the Accident! TeUrd7 Leier, wife of Edward Leier, E-( Motors Ltd. Corner 8th Street and Louis Avenue "Where Small Cars Are a Business, Not a Sideline" Total Sine Urn.

1 171 in 13 limits of the city at the discre now of Edmonton, but formerly Total Fetal Accident! tion of the city commissioners. of Saskatoon. This was the result of a discus Under examination by Mr. STORE ENTERED Police reported a break-In at sion following the action taken Mathews, she said she had known Chartered Accountants A firm of CA.b are interested in acquiring a small or medium size accounting or auditing practice in Saskatoon area, or in sharing office facilities. Replies will be treated in strict confidence.

Box 1536, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix Carr's Men's Wear, 110 2nd by the fire department on the Luboff for more than 20 years. south, Thursday night. Thieves radar laboratory fire recently. She had, on occasion, heard him tell her husband many of the Cuelenaere told entered the building through a Mayor J. M.

O.K. Tire Serylce, Mpawln Paul'! Service, Naloam Ta.tad Btroiiirield Theen'l Service, WynyarS Wendtand H'aldheim Weotera Ante Body, Kam.aek SEI TOt'tt LOCAL DEALER AT A Meter, Elrote Border Terkten Bretkman'i Parity Prince Albert Economy Meter! Nerth Battleford Great! Carate, Tlidale Bitp.nny Afenclei, Klnleraler S. R. Glh.on aV Ben, Meidew Lake Krlpp'l Unity Melfort Supply, Melfort things other witnesses have tes- City Council that he had been rear window and removed more tified he said about the future proud of the comments passed than $100 from a cash register listing of Columbia Shares, their by the board of inqury regard- in the store. Considerable dam- sure rise In price, etc.

ing prompt action of the i age was done to an adding ma- Then counsel asked her about lire department 1 chine and to the cash register..

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