Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on December 2, 1960 · 10
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 10

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1960
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TAGt . TIN lASEtTOO.V TAI-NEOEMX. MIDAT, CECI5IBE1 t. Women's Page 1 . ; v &h'h- - ' MR. AND MRS. RONALD J. BELL Baskets of 'mums, polled ferns and silver candelabra containing tall white tapers decorated West minster United Church for the dcuble-ring ceremony which unit ed in marriaee Donalda Mae Howe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kowe, Saskatoon, to Ron aid James Bell, son of Mr. and Mrs Gerald Bell, Unity. The Rev. M. MacDonald officiated. Music was provided by Kenneth Ansdell and soloist was Mrs. Lillian Car penter. - For her wedding, the bride wore a full-lencth gown of white peau de soie satin. Her shoulder- length mantilla veil was held in place by a headdress of pearls, and she carried a cascade bouquet of red roses. Attending the bride were Mrs. Joyce Howe as matron of honor, and Miss Doreen Howe as bridesmaid. They wore similar gowns of turquoise satin with headdresses of white camelias and carried macching bouquets. The bridegroom was attended by Mr. Barry Bowker and ushers were Messrs. Allan Robb, Fred Simmons, Robert Sword and Richard Gilles. Toast to the bride was propos ed by Mr. John Dyer of Swift Cur rent, at the reception held at Jay Dees. Mrs Muriel Howe was m charge of the guest register. For her wedding trip, the bride chose a white wool lace sheath dress with black accessories. A mink cape and a corsage of red Sweetheart roses completed her ensemble. The couple will make their home at Calgary, Alta. Novel Decor for Holiday Table NEW YOH;K Miniature cand les that float on "clouds" make. distinctive table favors for holiday guests, and they're as easy to prepare as a packaged pie. Combine two or three cups of soap flakes or detergent with a little water. Beat with a hand or electric mixer until the suds have the consistency of meringue. Drop a tablespoon of. suds on waxed paper, foil or cookia sheet, and imbed a three - inch candle in the center. Sprinkle each cloud with gold or Silver glitter. If place cards are needed, insert one in front of each candle- Let the clouds dry at least a day, then lift them carefully from the paper with a spatula and put on the table. ANN LANDKRS Answers Your Problems PATTERNS Ceremony at Asqtiith Church Ferns and yellow and white mums formed the setting at As quith Baptist Church for the double-ring ceremony uniting in marriage Viola Myrtle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim, Asquith, and Charles Albert Warren of Sas katoon, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Warren of Gloucester, England. The Rev. Norman Hovland offic iated. The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her father, wore a full-length gown of lace and double net over satin. Her floor - length Princess Margaret veil was held by a crown of se quins and simulated pearls. She carried a Cascade of Sweetheart roses. Attending were her sisters, Mrs. Clifford Winder as matron- of honor, Miss Frances Pilgrim and Mrs. Victor Robinson. They were dressed in identical waltz- length lace gowns of shrimp, blue and yellow respectively and carried bouquets of white chrysanthemum daisies. Miss Eileen Cuff, niece of the bnde, as flower girl was dressed in a shrimp organza dress with net overskirt and she carried a basket of white chrysanthemum daisies. Ronald Robinson, nephew of the bride, was ring bearer. Attending the bridegroom was Mr. Victor Robinson and ushers were Messrs. Clifford Winder and Harry Cuff. Presiding at the organ was Mrs. Mac Summach and soloist was Mrs. Ted Forsyth. The reception was held at As quith Legion Hall. Mr. Howland was master of ceremonies and proposed the toast to the bride. Mrs. Harry Cuff was in charge of the guest register. For going away the bride chose a brown and rust plaid suit with green and brown accessories, complemented by a golden orchid corsage. The couple will make their home in Saskatoon. , 4 t A.:4M':''.:-:s4terfWi. MR. AND MRS. C. A. WARREN IF YOU'RE LOOKING for . . . LADIES' WEAR CHILDREN'S W EAR BABIES' WEAR MEN'S WEAR TOYS NOTIONS SEWING SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES CHRISTMAS SUPPLIES HOUSEHOLD GOODS GREETING CARDS QUALITY ECONOMY PROMPT SERVICE In a Wide Selection of Attractive Merchandise TRY The Variety Store 814 Broadway Avenue Convenient and Adequate Off-Straet Parking Surprise a hostess with roses on December 25th they're easy to embroider on this gala apron. Butterfly pocket pretty touch on a ruffled apron. Choose print n' plain or eyelet and organdy combination. Pattern 638: trans fer; directions. Send THIRTY-FIVE CENTS in coins (stamps cannot be ac cepted) for this pattern. Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER your NAME and ADDRESS. Address your order to Pattern Department the Star-Phoenix, 60 Front St. West, Toronto 1, Ont About 10 days are required to fill orders. No refunds or patterns ex changed. Please note the ad dress for ordering patterns. JUST OFF THE PRESS! Send now tor our exciting, new isoi Needlecraft Catalog. Over 125 de signs to crochet, knit, sew, embroider, quilt, weave fashions, homefurnishings, toys, gifts, bazaar hits. Plus FREE instructions for six smart veil caps, Hurry send 25c now! ABOUT FACE NEW YORK For a change, serve bacon-tomato-lettuce sandwiches open - face style, topped with a slice of melted American cheese. And give a lift to the children's favorite peanut butter sandwiches by adding thinly sliC-( ed tomatoes. Dear Ana Landers; shock treatments. Many of my re latives think this means I was insane. They also have the notion that anyone who goes to a psychiatrist is out of his mind. Why is there so much ignorance about mental health in this day and age? Why do people shun treatment, drag themselves around for years half alive, because they are afraid of what people will think if they get therapy? Two years ago I went into menopause and became so depressed I didn't care if I lived or died. With the help of prayer, a good doctor, and an understanding hus band I feel like a human being again. If had a million dollars Ann, I would give it to you to print this letter. That how badly I want to get this message across. If it could help just ONE person it would be worth it. SHOCKED Dear Shocked: If you had a mil lion dollars and gave it to me I d give H back! Here's the letter and it should help more than just one person because about 40 million people will see it. I am grateful to have the chance to print your letter and I hope it will encourage others to seek the help they need. Dear Ann Landers: I'm a widow in my late 50's but I'm in excel lent health and have a variety of interests. I do not care for nightclubs, drinking or gadding about. My grandchildren laughingly (and lovingly, I might add) call me an antique. They say I ought to streamline my ways a bit so I'll get a man. My own daughter made the serious suggestion that I smoke a cigarette or two in a crowd, and take a highball, just to show folks I'm not, a stick-in-the-mud. A friend suggested I darken some of the grey streaks in my hair. Frankly, none of this appeals to me. Am I wrong? OLD FASHIONED Dear 0. F.: No THEY are. There's a market for fine "antiques," so hold cut till you find someone who appreciates your real value. Smoking, highballing and hair-tinting would be out of character for you. I like these two lines and maybe you will, toor 'pack a double wallop. Again my Landers. Do not send Canadian : thanks. jrroney orders or currency. En- Are wu eoins steadv? Makine close a laree. self-addressed en- I have had Taste or preference we cannotjing his folks to sign for him. You mariAc nians' If o Mnrl fm-iveloDe Ann Lanuers will be glad to help measure. laaviiea me ioiks to reruse and to ANN LANDERS' booklet, -Before One man's "jurk" is the n e x t,be firm about it You said a ixy you Marry Is It Love Or Sex?" man's treasure. 19 with one year of co!!ee, no Enclose with your request 20 joo, ana no money savea, is m no cen'.s in American funds. Money Dear Ann: Your column hits position to get married. everyone Deiween me ryes soon- My own was 2o and a col-! er or later. I got mine this morn-jIege sophomore when he put the' you witn your problems. 5cnd them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- orders must be made out to Ann addressed envelope listen to the good advice you gave them. i agreed against my better judg ment, and the marriage was a dis- It was about the college boyjaser. The ?jr, got pregnant. and who wanted to get married and before tne by was bom thev was not of legal age. He was beg-iwere divorced. I know now if I naa stuck io my position I could have saved them both plenty of misery. Keep handing out that solid advice, Ann. If people aren't smart enough to take, it that's their tough luck. FAILURE. Dear Failure: Thank you for writing. Letters from readers who have survived the trouble always Purple Symbol Of Pomp, Power Purple is popular this year. Coats, suits, dresses even under wear are appearing in this color once reserved for the Roman emperors. Symbol of pomp and power, this imperial color has a long history. Fifteen centuries B.C. the Phoenicians made purple dye. They had discovered the secret of a Mediterranean shellfish. When its yellow juice was exposed to the sun it changed through all the colors of the spectrum till H finally remained a brilliant and unfading purple. But they had to crush so many thousand shellfish for so little dye that purple was only for the rich and the mighty. The high priests in the temples of the Israelites wore purple robes and so did the Greek generals The Roman emperors, Caesar and Augustus both decreed that none but the emperor might wear the purple. Under Nero, the wearing and even the sale of purple were pun ishable by death. In those earlier centuries there were only two authentic shades of royal purple a dark bluish shade, and- the deep red Tyrian purple. Today the world of fashion has at its disposal a variety of shades from the palest cyclamen to the most vivid fuchsia. MISS MARGARET MORRISON of "Meet Margaret" of CFQC Radio who will open THE CHRISTMAS TEA AND SALE in THE SALVATION ARMY IIS 20th Street, West ON DEC. J AT 1 O'CLOCK Included in the many items for sale will be ladies' and children's aprons, handicraft, fancy work, home baking, Christmas novelties and items suitable for Christmas gifts. Plan now to be there at sale opening time. REDUCES VISIBILITY Two cocktails about .04 per cent of alcohol in the blood can reduce visibility about as much as wearing dark glasses at night. teak, pottery, steel this Christmas why not give gifts you would be proud to receive yourself. exciting, unusual pieces of Danish teak, stainless steel, colored enamelware and Canadian pottery, are but a few suggestions. interiors ltd. from Denmark: exclusive teak sofas and chairs 247 3rd Ave., South Phone OL.2-4443 (Uh mm n Ikm llimffjJIiwiU) O Peoples CrtMlii Jewellers introduces, for the first time anywhere ACCUTRON'I World's first microsonic timepiece. byBULOVA , Guaranteed accurate! Will not gain or lose more than an average of 2 seconds a day in normal daily use.t Totally new! Miniature tuning fork replaces conventional watch parts with a new standard of accuracy and dependability. Tested and proved in a U. S. satellite now in orbit! New styling brilliance! For men who appreciate the newest and finest! Lifetime prestige! Give the first instrument of the space age he can wear and use! $225 S25 Down, U a Week or $16 a Month No interest, Never a carrying charge f 11 l-E5gf J g 7 7 f iiii'ni'f , 1 r i! tro to out mitt ' h;,,,cw!.--.,. .... mmm SEE... HEAR... GIVE HIM ACCUTRON by BULOVA 137 -2nd Ave. X. Telephone: OL.2-0551 fWe will diust your ACCUTRON Microsome Timepiece to this loteranc free of charge within one year from date of purchase. BDI.OV TRnr MARK CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR BUSINESS FOR PERSONAL FOR SPECIAL PEOPLE ir FOR GENERAL USE WITH OR WITHOUT NAMES IMPRINTED SEE OUR LARGE SELECTION NOW! Young's Book & Stationery 212 3rd Avenue, South Saskatoon P rincess Back To Trapline TIMMINS. Ont. (CP) Mag gie Leclair, ' princess of the Chippewayan Indian who insists she won't be 100 for another three years, has gone back to her trapline. . Rheumatism r a c k i n g her frame, she checked out of hospital here this week and headed the 21 miles back into the Northern Ontario bush to her Kamiscotia Lake home. Hospital officials said Maggie thought one day in hospital was fine but three days was just too much. "It's back to the bushes for me," she said. Princess Maggie, annoyed with estimates that place her age at 100, was brought to hospital here four days ago with rheumatic pains. Her condition was so bad it prevented her walking the 21 miles to town, she said, Doctors said she was in excellent physical condition despite dining on lynx meat. The lynx, they said, was caught in a trap set by the woman who is supposed to hav given up trapping because of advancing age. Maggie was born Maggie Buffalo on the shores of Nighthawk Lake. She married a great warrior of the Nighthawk band and outlived hirr. and her four children. When she left the hospital Monday her doctor said she had one problem on her mind-where to get a new radio. Why did she need a new one? She wrecked the old one by carving a hole in the cabinet and using it for a beaver trap. 'A 3x i m S 110-deeree Dicture tube. 27-t.nhp tiprfnrmonr.0 h W I - , - - - J.AViiA4 UUVV U nntnmatir finp linintr coT-.or-ito i m automatic line lining, separate volume and R K -""c v-uiniui, ivvu. i.u-ctAiai cune speaKers. ngnt- i J U i oi .. . . . P. ? w cu mujuiei uiai. onup eany on tnis model, lim- jp ited amount. Regular value $389.95. Your old R I SLW. : S239.95 f CC171 110-degree picture tube, slim line de- g sign, full console. Push-pull volume control, R 27-tube performance. G-E's COrtO AC R "Glarejector" viewing. Special $&UU.iJ?) WITH TRADE R CC161 G-E ULTRA-VISION VIEWING Push-pull on-off control. Automatic fringe area gain. 7l2-inch speaker. Full COfiQ OR SimUJ.JsJ WITH TRADE ft ft console. Special i CC177 Automatic fine tuning, set and forget S volume and tone controls, push-pull on-off j 2 switch. Two coaxial cone speakers for hi-fi j 5 sepScti:t $229-95 i. 6 WITH TRADE ft K CC166 "THE TRENT" 110-de- 8 gree picture tube. Front mounted 7 -inch speaker. Up front control j complete with volume and tone R g Special 5J WITH TRADE g fi R h 17" Portable TV Special tube saver circuit with concert tone sound. Ideal for living room, rumpus or bedroom use. Limited quantity. Full guarantee. Trainload Sale Price 0149.95 R R R 8 8 8 R 8 61 riUJL,L.U llCVIiMUiN CONSOLETTE 27-Tube Performance Push-Pull On-Off Switch Yours for Only $109.00 '8 R R R R 8 R 8 S 95" ADMIRAL TFI .I'VKinV 23" ADMIRAL TELEVISION CONSOLE Tinted Optic Filter, Super Range Finder, a8: S359.95 Trade-in Your Old TV Yours For Only $130.00 522S.95 KS:7WWWW3:WWJ? KWW?jl Terms To Suit Your Individual Budget! CU0L BE SURE TO VISIT OUR CHRISTMAS GIFT BAR! 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 A 8 8 8 8 A 8

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