Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 27, 1944 · 7
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 7

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1944
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SASKATOON STAR-PHOENIX. THURSDAY. JULY 7. 1841 Saskatoon Graduate Heads Air Force Nursing Service Principal Matron Jeaale E. Por-' teoua of the Royal Canadian Air i Force Nursing Service always explains that she is not matron-ln-' chief of the service, but administrative matron, stationed at headquarters; a Job for which her background fits her admirably. She holds the rank of squadron leader In the R.CA.F. Born in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, she stayed there until she had finished high school. Then went to Saskatoon to train in the City Hospital here. Course completed, she worked in the cancer clinic of that hospital, also acting as one of the instructors at the School of 11 Nursing. Later she became assistant director of nursing in the school, taking leave in 1939-40 for a course in hospital administration at McGill School for Graduate Nurses. The following year she enlisted as a nursing Sister in the Royal Canadian Air Force. ' Matron Porteous was stationed first of all at the Service Flying Training School in Yorkton, Saskatchewan; then at No. 2 Manning Depot, Brandon, then the School of Technical Training at St. Thomas From St. Thomas, wearing the flight-lieutenants stripes of a nurs ing sister matron, she went to Air Force Headquarters, where her administrative training and experience qualified her for her present work. The Nursing Service of the R.C. AF. is "approximately 400 strong, and still growing. Most of its personnel are on duty at R.C.A F. sta- Ehrrk Those Enzymes .with MERCOLIZED WAX CREAM Skin robbed of Iti natural ells looks old, lined, unattractive. Well listeh to this. MERCOLIZED WAX CREAM checks the action of tho oil removing enzymes of your skin. With these enzymes in check, your precious NATURAL oils are retained In the epithelium (outer skin). This makes your skin firmer, smoother and brighter! ,Your skin will look younger, Its texture snore silky. Its color Improved. Thats why faithful users of MERCOLIZED WAX CREAM wouldn't trade their romantic complexions for those many years younger.StartwithMERCOLIZED WAX CREAM today. At ell cosmetic counters. Give your face a lift with TARK ROOT REAUTY MASQUE. Won. derful after a long day or before a special date. Try it for movie stor brightness; " SQDN. LDR. J. E. PORTEOUS tions in Canada, with a small contingent overaeaa, on duty either at R.C.A.F. stations or working with the R.A.F. Nurses of the R.C.A.F. don't do much flying, according to Matron Porteous. Surgical nursing, bedside nursing, and much supervisory work, dirsctlng hospital orderlies of the R.C.A.F. and hospital assistants of the Women's Division, I their main responsibilities. When they take wing, its usually to fly to distant spots, auch as Labrador, for duty; occasionally to fly out of auch places in charge of a patient. The preferred age group for nurses wishing to enter the service is 25 to 35, with 45 as the top limit. Concessions are made to women above and below those groups if they have special qualifications for Air Force nursing. Further requirements are graduation from an accredited school of nursing, registration and good standing in the Canadian Nurses' Association. Nurses enter the R.C.A.F. with the rank of Nursing Sister Provisional, which rates a pilot officer's stripe, and full rates of pay as a pilot officer in the Volunteer Reserve. They are first Bent to one of the larger stations as a Junior nurse, then to a course in administration and organization at No. 2 Composite Training School, Toronto T " ' 1 - Vacation School To Hold Display Parents and friends are invited to attend the closing exercises of ths Bible Vacation School, which will be held at 2.30 oclock Friday afternoon. Thera will be a display of the work done by the children during the past three weeks, a short program, and tea will be served. Meota Beach MEOTA. Among those holidaying at Meota Beach during the month of July are the following: Mrs. P. Hewitt and Miss Joan Hewitt; Mrs. T. Dinsley and son Jack of Vancouver. B.C. Mr. and Mrs. Spence of Rosetown; Mrs Langford, Linda and Terry of Lashburn; Mr. and Mrs. Conlin and Mr. Egerton Conlin of Rose-town; F.O. M. MacDonald and Mrs MacDonald, F.O. Allan and Mrs. Allan and Joan; Sgt. and Mrs. Fla-ven; Mr. and Mrs. F, W. Nessom and Miss I. Nessom; Mrs. Alfred Boyes; Mr. L. H. Wood, W. A. Mitchell, Ken Wood, Joyce Wood, Bill Mitchell, Dorothy Hill, Mrs. W. A. Mitchell, Oliva Wood, lone Mitchell; Mr. and Mrs. A M. Suttle and daughters; Monica Perowne, Mar-gory Grlttins. Mrs. R. C. Wright and Mr. and Mrs. MacKittrlck and sons, and Mrs. Calvert and Miss Mary Calvert have taken up summer residence at their lakeside cottages. Mrs. Fred Conroy with Peter and David are in residence at their summer cottage. Mr. and Mrs. Lewendon and sons are holidaying in their summer cottage. Mr. and Mrs. J. Palmqulst are spending the summer at the lake. Mr. and Mrs. Evans and family of Sphitwood, and Mr. and Mrs. Mac-Arther of Speers are among those holidaying at the lake. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher of Lloydminster were guests at Mrs. Gregorys recently. Mr. and Mrs. L. Kerr of Brada and daughters Joyce and Myrna and small son spent two weeks at the lake. While here Mrs. Kerr was the honor guest at a tea given by Mrs. Me-Arther. Mr. and Mrs. Pederson have as their guests Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Nase and family. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Read and Wayne also Mr. and Mrs. MncAn-gu and family are holidaying at the lake. Miss Lou Cornell has as her guest Miss Ethel Cunningham of Saskatoon. Mrs. S. MacDonald has her daughters, Mias Isobel MacDonald, R.N., and Mrs. G. Reeves, also the latters husband, as holiday visitors from Winnipeg. Mrs. Ronald MacMillan and eon Stanley, of Vancouver are also visiting. VICTORY GARDENS Hoeing under the blazing summer sun may not be comfortable but it la the right attack on weeds In a sprouting victory garden. Experienced gardeners eay it la most Important to destroy weeds when they are email to prevent them using up the moisture and plant food growing vegetables. ' Wonnaims IPage St. Andrews Church, Saskatoon, beautifully decorated, was ths setting for the wedding of Eva Joy Briscos to Albert Ralph Horner, elder son of Mra. J. Horner of Blaine Lake and the late Mr, J. Horner. The Rev. Horace West officiated. The bride, entering the church on the arm of her father, was beautifully attired in a floor-length gown of white sheer and floor-length veil of tulle. Her bouquet was of pink delight roses and fern. Her only ornament was a string of pearls which had been worn by her mother on her wedding day. Mrs. T. B. Johnson was matron of honor wearing a floor-length dress of romance blue sheer, with pink chapel veil. She carried a colonial bouquet of carnations, roses and sweet peas. Miss Mae Louise Lundquest, bridesmaid, wore a floor-length gown of primrose yellow, with blue chapel veil held by a coronet of blue flowers. She carried a colonial bouquet of daisies, sweet peas and roses. Mr. Lloyd . Horner supported ths groom, and Messrs. Bev. Good-fellow and Ray Summach were the ushers. During ths signing of the !? Engagement Notices Announramentf to ftpim&r undut thin heading will he accepted at the Star-Phoenix Clasulfied Dept., same to be signed by the bride-to be or her parents. Minimum charge tt.00 for 10 lines and Ido for each additional line The engagement is announced of Audrey Annabelle, daughter of Mrs. Sample and the late Mr. H. E. 8ample, formerly of Kerrobert, Sask., now of Toronto, to Donald Edward, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Munro of Windsor. The wedding to be the 26tb of August, 7-2S-p Mrs, Margaret Evans of Lucky Lake, Sask, wishes to announce the engagement of her daughter Marqulttl Viola Evans, to Pilot Officer Ralph Harry Bernick, son of Mr. Harry Bernick of Hawarden, Sask. i . 7-28-c M.44 to fourth anniversary, grown to anllected more than 300,000 ($1,350,-organizatlon of 500 branches and 000) for war funds. Prime Minister 60,000 members. Lost year It col-1 Smuts bas suggested that the Miss Eva Joy Briscoe Is Bride of Albert R. Horner Mrs. Horner left by car for Banff, the bride donning a dressmaker suit of aqua wool with British tan accessories and wearing a shoulder knot of Talisman roses. Out-of-town guests Included Mr. and Mrs. F. Getz, Killaloe, Ont Mrs. T. B. Johnson, Maymont; Mrs C. Palmer, Marsden; Mr. and Mrs. Boddy, Prince Albert; Mr. M. Briscoe, Wiseton; Mr, Murphy, Mrs ,1. L. Horner, Mrs. B, Horner, Mrs W. Horner and Miss E. Church, Blaine Lake; Mr. and Mrs A. Summach, Mr. and Mrs. Wilf Summach and Mr. and Mrs. E. Younge Asquith. 60,000 MEMBERS PRETORIA, July 27 (CP). The South African Womens Auxiliary Service recently celebrated ita PAGE SEVEN organization should not disband after the war, but should organize for social work. Its Easy to Serve the Whole Grain You Need ;f this APPETIZING WAV L YOU want a nourishing cereal . . as appetizing treit ... a quick-io-grt breakfast? Presto I MUFFF1 S are the perfect answer ... a delicious a bolt grata cereal thara tight ready to tat! Crunchily crisp! Flavourful! Highin food values! And ao delicious that you and the youngsteri alike, willenioy getting wheat's wholesome hen eh IS shit tempting wsv. MUFFETS are thrifty eating, too , . servings cost less than a cent apiece. Get MUFFETS from you r grocer today! Tha Qwakar Oats Cemeaey el Canada Lie Sad MR. AND MRS. A R. HORNER register Miss Wills Corcoran sang sweetly, T'U Walk Beside You. Ths accompanist was Mrs. Rempel who played tha wedding marches and other nuptial music. Following the ceremony tha reception was held at tha bride's home. Receiving with ths bridal party were ths brides parents, and ths groom's mother. Mrs. Briscoe wearing a two-piece dress of Persian illao with purple accessories and corsage of mauve sweet peas and yellow roses. Mrs. Horner chose for ths occasion a heavenly blue dress with black accessories and corsage of Talisman roses and pink sweet peas, Ths brides table was draped with a Chinese linen embroidered cloth and centered with pastel-colored sweet peas. The three-tiered wedding cake centered the buffet, flanked by bud vases of weet peas. Tha Rev. Horace West proposed the toast to the bride, to which the groom made an appropriate reply. Mrs. A. Summach and Mrs. F. Getz, aunts of ths bride, presided over the teacups. Mrs. H. D. Sinclair and Mrs. C. Palmer cut tha ices. Mrs. Murray Little assisted in looking after ths pleasure of the guests and the servlteurs were ths Misses Iris Johnson, Gwen Little, Loris Summach and Eileen McCormack. Mrs. B. McCormack was in charge of ths guest book. Miss N. M. Lang and Miss D. Leard looked after the gift room, Following tha reception Mr. and SCoaeAai GwUw4wd DsHslout orange tries is one of the best everyday sources of vitamin C. And it's vitamin C which helps protect your teeth and gums. The truth is that everyone gzina many healthful benefits from drinking orange juice. A 6-ouncc glass of orange juice provides your average daily requirements of vitamin Cm at well as useful amounts of the B vitamins, Calcium and other minerals. N wondsr orange lulea is first on millions of breakfast tables. If you miss out at breakfast, enjoy oranges in cool salads and desserts, or as s lunch-box of between meal snack. rfc4 tawfclrt OrniH im the finest final 14,500 coopersting Ciltform-Afiaoot rrowert, Buf it quantity and mvc ahoppwg trip fix heft ranaMcG uuiomia eftAnass r ? Ross Munro Is Proud Father WITH THE CANADIANS IN NORMANDY, July 27 (Special Cable). Nineteen or 20 years from today lovely Tilly Munro may be hunting headlines for a Canadian newspaper in some exciting foreign war unless by ths grace of God this human race has enough sense to let her edit some smart womens magazine, or cover tha Ottawa front. Tilly is ths dark-haired, blue-eyed daughter of Ross and Stavle Munro, and Is to bs christened Elizabeth after her grandparent and the queen. But Ross who bats out great war headlines for these last seven weeks and for years before-thinks they might call ber Tilly. In aplta of tha fog of battle whioh cloaks tha current phase along this front, Rosa bucked up no end by the report of the birth of their first child. Stevie, who used to bs one of our gallant nursing sisters at No. 0 General, is back boms in Ontario. Ths reason for the Tilly appellation according to Roes is that some friends of bis havs been in ths go-tion around place called Tilly la Cempagna, It might Just stick and In any event Ross is betting a box of Gil Purcell s best cigars on It. You win succeed best when you put tha restless, anxious aids of affairs out of mind and allow the restful elds to live In your thoughts. Margaret Stows. FIRST FOR JUKI 49H4 Optometrist C :GK E GOB Crain Bldg;. Phone 2942 vnagstM JBH 6-oi. lars viw jm ..v for 25. C0FFEE Blended Red & White 45c PEAS, Red A White, 2,' 2.3C 29c Sieve 5, 20-o , Un., CHICKEN HADDTE, Red St White, Fancy, tin TEA Red A White Orange Pekoe (1 Coupon), Fancy Table, Pints IMUQIILASSES Sardine Spread Ideal for Sandwiches SOUP, Red A Whit Q for np Vegetable .....O COG CUSTARD POWDER, AW- Red A White, 16-Oz. tin CtC .... ib. 69c each 119c 6-m- tin 5c Medium 2i 15 .tap 25c tap 25c .ft. 40c mmr 9c SMI ' b 10c WiMSM ,7 -r nllior Aunt y 01. 1 s ;;; 34c MS 14c p,s '-sks PLUMS firs., lb 24c THOMPSON SEEDLESS GRAPES Finest Eating Lb 3C GARDEN FRESH TOMATOES WAX BEANS Loeal ... CAULIFLOWER Local CELERY (ORANGES California Valencias Size 2JWs, doz, 81t tffits, dot Hle 2W. doz, iSize 176's, do. 36c 39c 47c 59c DELIVERY SERVICE AT ALL STORES. YOUR NEAREST RED A WHITE IS AT Phone 3435-45I5-2ND AVE. RED A WHITE 101 2nd Ave.. South Phone 87223 BUENA LIST A MEAT A CROt ERY 1024 Lome Ave. rhnne 6061 LUBOFF8 GROCERY 1120 lltb Street. West rhone 6314 SUNMIINF. GROCERY AND LUNCHEONETTE-(MIL 2nd Avenue. North. Phone 8274 WF.STMOUNT GROCERY 339 Ave. I. North ' Phone BflBU-W EAT STAR ORIX PHY A FRUIT 3 15 SUth At reel, W.

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