Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on August 23, 1945 · 15
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 15

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 23, 1945
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Business Machine Service Co., Ltd., Saskatoon and Regina. zft.20.46-e TENDERS TENDERS RASKATTHFWAN POWER COMMISSION Sealed tenders for construction of 69 K V. electrical transmission line, Estevan to Stoughton, approximately 39 mites In length, and associated work, will be re ceived by the Saskatchewan Power Com-missratt at lie office, 1739 Cornwall Street. Regius, Saskatchewan, up to 12 e)ock noon. Mountain Davlight Time, on Thursday, August 30, 1945 Tenders will be opened publicly at 2 p m.. Mountain Daylight Time on the same day at the Commission's office aa above Full particulars, Including Instructions to Bidden, copies of plane specifications and construction drawings, and forma of tender, may be obtained from tha Saskatchewan Power Commission at Its office aa above, on payment of $10 00, or the earns may be exam.ned at the said office ot the Commission without charge. Tenders must be submitted on forma furnished by the Commission. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. H. F. BERRY. Chairman, Saskatchewan Power Commission Regina, August 2L 1945. -25-C TOP PUPIL ENDEAVOUR. Evelyn Carson, youngest daughter of Bud" Car-son, has been awarded the grade 11 scholarship for highest standing in the Tisdale Inspectorate, SASKATOON STAR-PHOENIX. Stage tie National Meet For North Battleford BATTLE FORD.- Plan ahead for the eighth annual convention of the National Association of Stagette Club that will be held in this city Labor weekend, September 1-3. While it is anticipated that more than 100 delegates will take part in the proceedings, wartime regulations governing transportation for such a convention will be strictly adhered to. Less than 50 of the delegates will be journeying here from distant points. Saskatoon and adjacent club delegates will, for the most part, be coming here by private cars. According to Jean Biown, secretary of the national convention, an interesting program has been To Collect Clothing MONTREAL, Que. Local committee are to be organized in T Saskatchewan cities and towns (or the national clothing collection (or liberated countries, which takes place (rom October 1 to 20, according to plans snnounced by national headquarters, Mr. Justice P. H. Gordon is provincial chairman (or Saakatchewan. local clothing collection committee chairmen already appointed in the Province are Rev. G. H Glover at Watrous, R. M. Walker at Swi(t Current. Fred Gray at Melville, and William Chutsno(( at Kamsack. All clothing stocks collected during the October drive will go to liberated Allied countries, wher distribution will be made tree to war victims by U.N. R R.A. Canadians will be asked to give all tha serviceable usfd clothing they can spare (rom their wardrobes without replacement. The slogan (or the national collection i: "What Can You Spare That They Can Wear?" St. Jude Man Dies in Street WAKAW. Alex Gryschuk, 63, ot the St. Jude district, collapsed and died on Wakaw Main Street Monday afternoon. Mr. Gryschuk had just returned (rom Prince Albert where he had received medical treatment. The R.C.M.P. and Doctor Legault ot Domremy were called, the latter pronouncing death due to heart tailure. BEEKEEPERS ORGANIZE R. M. Pugh, provincial apiarist addressed a meeting of about 30 interested residents ot Wakaw last week. A hive ot bees kept by C. K. Henry was opened and a practical demonstration was given. During the atternoon the Wakaw Beeekeepers Association was organized, with C. K. Henry, president; A. Hunter, secretary-treasurer, and E. W. Luculk, J. J. Weixl, A. E. Svhmldt and R. Chyz, directors. Mr. Pugh ottered any assistance his department might give. PAGEANT VANSCOY. The victory commemoration aervice held In the Vanacoy United Church was conducted by the member o( the young people' union, Indicative that tha (uture peace and the care o( the world belonged mainly to that generation. Featured waa a pageant regarding the three armed services and the Red Cross, explaining what each had dona to bring peace, and the lossea each had sustained (or that cause. The Goddess of Peace completed the picture. The religious period was led by Miss B. Thomas, H. Sparrow, and W. Campbell. A solo was given by Robert Paul, and a duet by Misses W. Worden and G. Saunders. OBITUARY C. K. HENRY WAKAW. The death of C. K. Henry, manager of the Wakaw branch of tha Bank of Montreal for tha past year, came as a shock to Wakaw and district people on Sunday morning, August 19. Mr. Henry had been In his usual good health until about 10 o'clock Saturday evening when he became 111 and was rushed to Prince Albert where he died In Holy Family Hospital from a cerebral hemmorhage at 9 oclock the following morning Clarence Kay Henry waa born 45 yeara ago at Markdale, Ont He waa educated there and was a druggists apprentice for two years b-for entering the Merchants' Bank. He served with that company at Georgetown and Bronte, Ont., and came to the West tn 1922. Since then he had been with the Bank of Montreal at Kandahar, Regina, Remans, Limerick, Swift Current, and Wyn-yard and came to Wakaw August 10. 1944- Mr. Henrys influence was great for the short time he was in Wakaw. Ha was active In all community affairs. He served as chairman on the session of the United Church; was superintendent of the Sunday School; was instrumental In the euccesa of the Victory Loan campaigns; was a member of tha Board of Trade, and belonged to the local chapter of the O.E.S. and the Masonlo lodge. Mr. Henry was recently made president of the local Beekeepers' Association. He Is survived by his widow, whom he married In 1930; two sons, Robert, 10, end Ronald, 8; bis parents In Regina; five brothers, Ross and Ron In Regina, the latter having recently returned from a prison camp in Germany, Ed In Vancouver, Herbert In Montreal, Victor In the RC.A.F. overseas, and three Bisters, Ursula, Toronto, Mrs. L. Hokina, Swift Current, and Mrs Chris Borch, Walnwright, Alta. A funeral service was planned for Westminster Church in Regina on Thursday. . W. H. McFADYEN ASQUITH. Members of the Canadian Legion attended in a body the funeral service of their comrade, the late Wtlhur H. McFadyen, held fa ths United Church Monday, THlRMUY. At GI ST IS. 1915 drawn up for 4h delegate. A get-acquainted Indian party is scheduled for tha opening night It will be held in the Library Hall, starting at 9 30 oclock. Sunday morning Stagettes will assemble In the Blue Room of the Savoy Cafe for bieakfaxt. Later they will attend eervice at St. Paul's Anglican Church end the Church of Notre Dame d Lourdes, where Rev. Canon R. Willis and Rev. Fr. La Hose O.M.I. wijl officiate respectively. In the afternoon busmen tension will be held in the Legion Hall greeting on behalf of the city will be tendered bv Mayor J. D. Dean Mr. Jessie Cameron, governor of Stagette, will deliver a welcoming address that will be followed by a greeting from the host club, tendered by Jean Cresaman. A banquet at night, with the Governor Laird Chapter of the I.O.D E. members a hostesses, will conclude with feature item, centring round the future of 8tagettes. Monday's proceedings will Include morning business session, and the election of the incoming governor. The convention will conclude Monday afternoon with m tea in which the official hostesa will be the governor-elect. Many visiting delegates to the convention will be guests in private homes during the three-day event. Brakeman s Legs Severed PRINCE ALBERT. T. J. Pelletier, student C.N.R. brakeman, who lost both lega when h waa run over Tuesday in the Prince Albert yards by a cinder car, 1 reported to be resting quietly today In hospital. During switching operations Pelletier slipped and (ell in front of the moving car. Pelletier, who is about 30 years of age, came to Prince Albert from Hoey where his wife and parents reside. One leg was levered above the ankle, and tha other below the knee. - Pelletier end George Wltson, another brakeman, were riding on the rear tender of a switch engine which was switching the cinder car. While releasing the cinder car Pelletier slipped and fell. Ukrainians Greet Their Archbishop HAFFORD. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Hafford welcomed Archbishop T. Theodorowlch Sunday. He was met in traditional manner by a company of boyi on horseback, all dressed in the Ukrainian costume. At the entrance to the church, J. Semko, president of the parish, welcomed him with the old custom of offering bread and salt. After High Mass, dinner was served and educational speeches were given by the archbishop and others, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Myba. Unfavorable weather marred the celebration to some extent. Considerable damage was done to rine crops by the strong winds and dust storms last Saturday and Sunday. JOINT MEETING BEATTY. There was a large attendance In Beatty Town Hall Sunday for a joint service of praise and thanksgiving for victory in the war. Ths service was led, and Scriptures read by Rev. A. Dalke. A solo, Tn Flanders Fields,, by Lieut George Wilson, and a trio, The Rock That Shelters Me," by Mrs. Middleton and Misses Lee and Campbell, were enjoyed. A sermon by Rev. J. C. Wardlow of Mel-fort wife given. August 8. Many relatives and friends wers also present, showing the high esteem In which the deceased was held in ths town and community. The service wa conducted by Rev. R. Swanaon, and Mra, Swanaon sang "Does Jesus Care Burial took place In the Aaqulth cemetery, and was In charge of the Legion. Pallbearers were H. C. Matheson, Gordon Minty, Georgs Summers and William Allen, all veterans. Mr. McFadyen died suddenly while returning from Bask&toon In his car. Mrs. McFadyen and their only son, Wallace, were with him at the time of hi death. Born in Toronto In 1887, he came to the West in 1906. He served In the First Great War, enlisting In 1916 with tha 96th Battalion, and going overseas with the 15th Battalion from Saskatoon. On returning from active service ha settled in Ruthllda for a time, moving to Asquith in 1934. At the time of hla death Mr. McFadyen waa secretary and treasurer of the Asquith School Board, a member of the board of stewards of the United Church, president of the Canadian Red Cross branch and an active member of the Canadian Legion. He also took a keen Interest in all worthwhile community activities and will be greatly missed. Ha leaves his widow, and son, Wallace, 12; three brothers, John C., E. W., and 8. C. McFadyen. THOMAS STOCK I WAKAW. Thomas Stock!, 77-year-old pioneer ot the Tarnapol district died Saturday morning, August 11, at Cudworth Hospital. He had never been 111 In bis life and bad just entered bospital Friday evening after complaining of not feeling well. The funeral service was held Monday at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Tarnapol, with Father Robert of Bonne Madonna in charge. Burial was mads In the Polish Roman Catholic Cemetery. Six sons were the pallbearers. Mr. Stockl waa born In Poland, coming to Tarnapol In 1907, and had farmed since. His wife died in 1928. Six sons, John, Joe, Frank, Tom and Alex, all of Tarnapol, and Walter of Crutwell; and 16 grandchildren survive- 100-Year-Old Christening Robe JUDITH ANNE BILLINGS ths daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Billings of 14617 MacAdam Road, Seattle, Wash., former Saskatchewan residents, is shown here in her christening robe which is a family heirloom more than 100 years old. Judith Anne Billings was recently christened in St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Seattle. Her mother ie the former Gladys M. Cox from DArcy who married Harold Billings in Detroit, Mich., in 1937. The grandparents of Judith Anne are Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Cox, Livelong. Saak., and Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Billings, D'Arcy. Many relatives reside in the DArcy and Fiska district. The gown waa made in Ireland and was given to Grandmother Billings by a friend 50 years ago, and it had been in use before then for 60 years. Every Billings child for ths past 50 years has been christened in it, including Judith Anne'a father, 44 years ago. Judith Annes godmother, Mrs. Pearl Belva B. Booth, Flint, Mich., la the present owner of the prized heirloom, and provided it for the latest christening ceremony. It is 46 Inches long, handmade, and done in fine embroidery all up the front and around the flowing eklrt, and on the fancy cap sleeves. Meadow Lake Committee Plans for Service Personnel Rehabilitation MEADOW LAKE. Twenty member of the Meadow Lake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Committee met Friday, August 17 in the Town Hall, Meadow Lake, to hear Major McKee and Flight Lieutenant Toole ot the Saskatchewan Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Council outline proposed plane for returned aervice personnel, and to make plans for the future. C. R. Roberta, chairman, outlined the alms and objects of the association. M. L. Joslin, secretary, named the personnel of the different committees, with their duties, Major McKee congratulated the gathering and said that he was pleased to see a group of people who were so wide awake aa to already have rehabilitation plans ready. There had been no waiting around here for other people to get to work. He then went on to describe the work that had to be done to rehabiliate the returning servicemen and eerVicewomen. He explained the cash grant, the plans for education, vocational training, land settlement and re-establishment credits. He also spoke on the aid given to servicemen when out of work, when temporarily III, or when waiting for returns from crops. He mentioned too, the one year' free medical treatment. He apoke briefly on the co-operative farming of Government lands by returned men. He said that the public must become Informed about future plans for ex-service personnel. Stressing the great future of this community, Major McKee said that the people must make It a placb to which men and women would want to return. They had seen the beauties of England and there would have to be some adjustment on their part. They must be given the chance to make this adjustment by a forward looking community. The following citizens were proposed as specialists In various branches: Land and small holdings, E. Sandal), B. Jarrett, A. Weber; legal aid, H. L. Cathrea; medical Members of tha women's mission advics and treatment, Dr. H. M lary society and tha womens aux-Blgelow; vocational training, E. G. Iliary assisted In the service. Discharged War Veterans Receive Gifts al Cut Knife CUT KNIFE. The Cut Knife Patrt- otlo Club entertained 17 discharged war veterans to a welcom home dancs In the Town Hall Friday evening, August 17. Th chairman of the club, Ray Grant, presented memorial gifts and certificates to the relatives of three local men killed in action, Pte. C. Syntak (father), Pte. F. Beckett (widow), and Pte. Omar Jeannotte (brother). Recent Bride Feted at Unity UNITY. Tuesday afternoon, August 14, a surprise party waa held at the home of Mrs. K. Cloale in honor of Mr. J. Orr, the former Mary McDougall. In making a presentation to her, Mrs. Cleale gave an Interesting story, covering the day Mary went for her first piano lesson, until last June when sbs received her A.T.C.M. At the conclusion Mrs. J. Rout-ledge wheeled In a tea wagon which was laid for two with samples of the 32-plece set of dishes given to Mary. A pair of woollen blankets were also given. Mary thanked her friends for their kind wishes and gifts. After th presentation tha radio waa tusned on and the news of VJ-Day was received. This news made the afternoon a double celebration. Tea was served from a lace covered table'centred with summer flowers. Mrs. McDougall presided The hostess was assisted by Mes-dames Tucker, McLean, McIntosh, E, Young and J. Routledge. Smllh; university courses and high school work, J. W. Csrpenter; homes, Mrs. P. Whyman. W. Cam eron; small businesses, F. Walsh; pensions snd Insurance, J. W Gerrard; reinstatement and employment, Mr. Heartwell, C. Brown C. Dunfteld; ex-ervlcewomen, Mrs. H. Madell, Marian McKee; publicity, A. C. Slack; finance, W. Cass; welcome committee, C. Roberts, M. L. Joslin, C. Brown, Mis H. Madill; welfare, Mrs, R. Snell, Mrs. P. Whyman. Honor Anglican Group Founder NORTH BATTLEFORD. Mrs. P. S. Gosling, who is leaving the Provincial Hospital grounds shortly to reside In North Battleford, wee honored at a tea held at the home of Mr. J. L. Blyth Friday afternoon, August 17. The tea wa sponsored by the Hospital Anglican Womens Group, of which Mr. Gosling was a founder. The affair was attended by many women from tha grounds, and from Battle-ford and North Battleford. In presenting ths honor guest with a necklace and ear rings Mts. K, Newell, group president, paid fitting tribute to the valuable contribution that Mrs. Gosling had made to the activities of the group. The Anglican group in particular and the community In general, said Mrs. Newell, could ill afford to lose the services of such women as their guest. The hospital's loss was North Battle-ford's gain, and she hoped that Mrs. Gosling would b happy In her new home. HAY OF PRAYER PATHLOW. Tha day of prayer and thanksgiving for victory was observed Sunday, August 19, when a service was conducted by the president of ths women's missionary society, Mrs. Viola Campbell. Tbe chairman called for ons minute of silent tribute to the memory of tbe fallen men. Signet rings and framed certificates of service were then presented to the discharged veteran: seven R.C.A.F., four R C.N.V.R., six army, Making tha presentation on behalf of the club and citizens, Mr. Grant welcomed the servicemen back to civilian life, thanking them for services rendered, saying that only through the efforts of every man and woman in the services was the victory of the Allies possible. William Oiaig, on behalf of the veterans, thanked the committee and citizens for their ktnd welcome and gift. The chairman then called on all the servicemen to speak. The following were pie-ssnted: LSto. H. A. Beaudry, LSto W. G. Boden, A B. Albert Morrison, A.B. J. Ruud. L.A.W. Betty Maule. Cpl. J. W. Churchman, LA C. T. E Bradburn, FO. William Carr, Cpl. R. Barsaloux. Cpl- W. E. Flanagan, L.A.C. Robert Weikte, Lieut. D, Weikle, 1st Paratroop Batt.; Pte. Joe Dupuis, Pte. Gilbert Corney, Pte. William Craig, Pte. J. T Stewart, and Pte. Dan Wasycliew Tha presentation committee was Ray Grant, chairman; Mrs. F. J. Maine and Louis Margot; dance committee, L J. Forest and Stan Phillips. Members of ths Homemakers Club served lunch from Fred Reward's cook csr. Mrs. Finley wa convener. Proceeds wers handed to the patriotic fund. . .The war veteran on the platform The war veterans on the platform Included men of Polish, Norwegian, American, Ukrainian, French, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Canadian origin. PAGE HriLUl Czech Fliers Return Home PLENTY. Two couein of Czechoslovakian descent William L. and Albert V. Mracek, both pilot officers In tha R.C.A.F., returned recently to their homes In the Druid and Winslow districts, northwest of Plenty. Realizing sooner than many the diamembeiment of Czechoslovakia must lead inevitably to a second world war In Europe., Albert V. Mracek, only son of Mr. and Mi. A. Miacek, enlisted shortly after the Munich agreement of September, 1938, being one of the first from this district to enUr Hie Majesty's armed forces, end the first to reach home with his discharge after VE-Day. He made application three times for admission to the R.C.A F. and while awaiting acceptance joined the 67th I.A.A. Battery then being recruited at Dodsland and Rosetown. He waa in tha guard of honor formed on the occasion of ths Royal visit to Saskatoon tn June, 1939. Hla air force training, both before and after performing ground-crew duties for some time at Yorkton, took him to many parts of Canada, as he remustered for aircrew, giadtiating with hia wings and a commission at Dauphin ahortly before his dischatge and the unconditional surrender of Germany. Pilot Officer Miacek completed his high school education In Plenty, later farming, and following this summer' work plans to attend the Univeisity of Saskatchewan. William L. Mracek, eon of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mracek, Druid, received his latest promotion to pilot officer while a prisoner of war In Germany. He wee liberated by the Russians shortly before VE-Dav. He and six other member of the crew balled out at 20,000 feet over Germany one night last March, their bomber having been set on fire, the only one falling to return from that attack. He landed safely but without shoes, so wrspped his feet In parachute silk and eluded capture for ten days before being taken. The seven members of the crew met .again on the boat bringing them home. Pilot Officer Mracek'a leave of 42 days ha been extended a month, after which he will report at Calgary. School Construction Halted by Shortage CHOICELAND. Work on the high school is about at a standstill due to tha shortage of material. The walls and roof are completed, and shingling Is almost completed, but flooring, door and windows are still not available. It Is hardly likely now that tha school will be ready to open August 28 as previously expected. The highway from Cholceland to Nipawtn Is being gravelled, tha crew having started Saturday afternoon at a point six miles east. The highway from Welrdale to Cholceland was gravelled last summer. BEES BtSY Ths hot dry weather of tha past eight davs when temperatures of 82 to 90 degrees were recorded dally, was n Inducement to bees to gather honey, and all beekeepers report that most hives sr filled to capacity. Those who have extracted so far report averages of 80 to 150 pounds per hive. Many fields of early wheat and barley are beginning to turn color and all harveatlng implements are being made ready to take the crop off. In several districts cutting la expected to get under wav during the latter part of this week. gaV- m TRUSSES EXPF RT FITTING SASKATOON'S PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS PINDERS DRUG STORES 2nd Ave: and 21st SI., Phone 4984 Miffs Friday Features 1.89 Cold Pack Canner Gem Pint Sealer, doz. 95c 1.07 Cem Quart Sealer, doz. Hardware L J 433 201 h St., West tf 1 Pa f y

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