The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1950
Page 14
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FACT FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE.URK.} COURIEK NEW! FRIDAY, MARCH 8, Over 2,000 Get X-Ray Service Pcnons from Rural Communities Report H«r« Tomorrow : Almost 2,300 persons have received tret chest x-rays during three days of operation of two mobile units of the State Health Department. Since Tuesday a unit has been let up >t Osceola and another at Blytheville for the muss survey, anil •fter Saturday's schedule both units will operate In Blytlieville through March 9. Only 213 were x-rayed in Blytheville yesterday because of mechanical trouble, which kept the unit out of order until almost noon. At Osceola 305 were x-rayed yesterday to bring the total to 1.383 in the first three days of the clinics. Rural communities arc due to report for x-rays in BIyiheville tomorrow. All adjacent communities have been asked to partlcipcite. The Initial day for the survey In the residential section was set for today. On Monday the second unit will be set up at Coppedge Gin to .survey all those hi areas south of the Jonesboro-Lake City and Eastern Rail7/ay, and west of 16th Street and ihp rural sections west, including Half Moon, Lone Oak and Dell. The unit which has been set up at the court house will be moved to the No. 2 fire station for a sin vey of Rlce-Stix employees between 9 and 11 a.m., and areas west of Kith Street from 11 a.m. to 12 noon; and between 16th and Division from 1 p.m. to 2:30 pin., and those north of the J. Li. C. and E. Railroad between 2:30 and 4 p.m. Mrs. Welby Young, Mrs Herbert Shippen, Mrs. Jetlle Driver, Mrs. Lloyd. Goriley, Mrs. D. S. Laney aiul Mrs. B. L Toliver were registrars yesterday. Mrs. F. E. Utley, Mrs. W. H. Campbell, Mrs. Elva Poe, Mrs. P. L. Regan, Mrs. W. A. Atflick, Mrs. Mirk Stewart and Mrs. Max Usrcy were registrars for the Blytheville clinic yesterday. . Obituaries Rites Tomorrow For Mrs. Goble • L«*t rites for Mrs. Josie Goble. wife of the late John Ooble, pion- *er resident of the Carson lake Community and had lived there all her life. About two mouth; •go she suffered a broken liip ii » fall, and has been ill'since thai time. She died at 8 a.m. today She has been a life-long member of the Carson Lake Baptist Church Mn. Goble Is survived by two •oni, James Ooble of Osceola, an<: l!ug«nB Goble of Union Gap, \yash.; « daughter Mrs. Orlena Norman of K»is*r; and a brother, Tom Waddell living in California. •The Swift Funeral Home will be r in charge of arrangements anc burial mil be in the Carson Lake Cemetery. * • • former Blytheville Woman's Daughter Dies Word was. received here today ol the death of the small daughter of Mrs. Harry Bibbs, formerly of Blytheville. The child, abo'ut -three years.'old, died at Nashville, Tenn. on March 1. Mrs. Bibbs Is the former Miss Francella Fisher. • * • Byron Harris Dies In California Hospital Byron Harris, about 50, formerly of Blytheville, died at a hospita in Arlington, Calif., Feb. 13. following a week's illness. He was bori at Promised Land and had marti. his home in this vicinity for man years before going to California, ni was buried at the Veterans Ccmc tery at Arlington. Woman Commander Retires After 20 Years Navy Service Two Sick Friends WILLOOGHBV, O., Marcll 3. W)— On his way to see a sick friend Patrick J. Moran slipped on the id and sprained Ills ankle. The frienc Clarence F. Shroycr, heard of Mo i-an's plight and got out of his sick bed to visit Moran. But walking t Moran's home Shroycr slipped 01 the same icy spot and broke his Icl leg In two places. RUBE CARSON JOINS LANGSTON-McWATERS See Rube for n Rood buy In a i )e livilck or ft good deal on a use car trade. Come In and sec lit Jor n car or Just call 555 nnd ns for Hiibe Cm-son. Adi 1 LI. Comdr. Tiielma Morris, sister*. ! Circuit Clerk Harvey Morris of Ij'lheville, has been retired from 'ie u. S. Navy after 20 years of •rvice. Lieutenant Commander Morrl.s ft her home town, Heber Springs, November 1929, to jofn the Navy's jrsc Corps., and after being re- red Feb. 1, she plans to relin-ii ' that hometown to build a home. Duties first took Commander lorris to the Great Lakes, 111., •raining Center. Upon completion f her duty there, a tour of duty ook her to Kodiak, Alaska, where ic was at the outbreak of World 'ar II. With the outbreak of the war omniander Morris was ordered to ie Naval Hospital at Bremerton, Vash., and later to Oak noil Naval iospital nt Oakland. Calif., and lierry Point, N. C. where she serv- I her last four years. During 1936 and 1037, she wns i duty in the Samoan Islands, in- tructing women in the mmlne rofc.^Ion. Upon her retirement the "Chrrry oint Windhoek" station publlca- ion nt (he North Carolina bnse lid of Commander Morris: "She is proven beyond doubt that she _ a valuable a.sjjct in the defense nechanism of the country." UTILITY HEALTH Continued from Page 1 ewers and plant operation. "Some of the sewers are ovcr- oacled nnd during wet periods, the nfiltrallon of ground .water and torm water from roof drains fur- hcr overloads these lines beyond heir capacity and as a result, sew- ge overflows the manholes and mis into the streets. ''The city lias outgrown the SF»cr system In [iir extent that :i large number of houses cannot be served by It. Private spwagr disposal In'Gir unsewered areas Is liy privlrs intl septic tanks, manj- of which were not properly con- slruMcd or maintained. Scwaje limjlinr ulons; streets, clisrlinrsjrd on the sitrf.-ire of the jrniirirt, or in privies lh:i( is acrrssitile to flips, nio.stiiillor*. rrvdrnts or small animals. Is i definite pnlilir tirallli IiaT-lrd and u mitsanc-e. "We have been plagued with loniplnlnU regarding these health problems and nuisances from citi- ens in or near Dlylhevllle In past 'cars and have called the city's at- cnllon to the Inadequacies In sew- ige collection and disposal and the need for improvements. These conditions have grown worse and will continue to do so until major sewage Improvements are made. "It Is evident Iliul (he rlly has outgrown Us snwncc cnllrclion system. The srivpr system Is nol accessible to a Inrje unrulier of homes. The treatment plants are oirrloaiicrt am! lite (yjw of treatment Is obsolete, ami Imulrqualr. Many private seivaKe disposal systems arc not properly constructed or malnl:ilnccl. As a result of this, a real hpallli mriiarr eilsls for all of the citizens of Blytheville. "In view of the above, there Is nn irgent need for major sewage lin- irovements to alleviate these conditions. It Is therefore requested hat the city take immediate action n this matter. A competent engineer should be retained to make -l comprehensive study of the scw- eragp needs and to prepare plans and specifications for overall sewerage Improvements." The first radio magazine. Modern Electrics, wns published In 1908 continuing several years. Continued from fift I Ileus created by bond issues still outstanding for the City Hall, Bly- thevlile Hospital, Walker Park, Memorial Ubrary ' and the new schoob. Mayor Henderson said It was pas- sible for a city to float a bond Is- ftie without 'owning its own water plant but that the consequent lack ot means to enforce collection made the bonds hard to sell. Such issues are known as "gambler's bonds," lie said, because there !s no way to be certain of collecting enough revenue to pay them off. As a result, the mayor said, Interest rates on such bond issues are "prohibitive." Could Cut Off Water With the city owning its own water plant, collection could be enforced because a consumer who failed to pay the monthly charges would have his water shut off, Mayor Henderson opinted out. He pointed out the aldermen wanted public opinion on the water company purchase' proposal before they acted on such n move While a tax lx>nd Issue would require a special election, the water company purchase and revenue bond Issue would be effected by City Council action. Mayor Henderson stressed that he was fundamentally opposed to ownership of a public utility by a municipal, state or federal government and that he recommended it only as an emergency measure. If the sower problem were not so critical, he said, he would not suggest such a plan. Vnlue oi the Blytheville Water Company, he said, was appraised in 1941 at $351.000 and by now probably has doubled in value. Assunilntr a hypothetical cosf to. IliR pity nf 5750.000 at an assumed Interest rale of three and one.- cjuarter p«r ce.ut. Mayor Henderson saiil the city coulil pay prinpl- pnl and Interest on the purchase . bonds and slill have some S30.0GO le.ft at Hie. end (if the year. He h:i.scil bis computations on the gross income reported by the ulil- llv for 1919. Tins remaining $30.000 ivould be until to retire the second revenue bond issue flouted to finance construction of the new se.u'er system. He also pointed out. that there vns a possibility ot working out an agreement with the water company whereby it would remain in the hands of private ownership and still collect sewer charges for the city. However, he said, n consumer could still legally refuse to pay this charge. Civil lawsuits to collect small bills would then be necessitated. Mayor Henderson said he has talked with five bond firms who would be willing to buy sewer bonds at. par and at a low rale'of interest If the city owned its own water plant. If a tax bond Lssi'e were floated, be said, only real estate owners anrt not all water consumers' would be legally liable for sewer charges. Tenants could refuse to pay and liu- property owner would be the victim of a tax lien, he said. The present sesvcr situation Is blocking industrial expansion in Blytheville. Mnyor Henderson said. Nn new industries will locate here with the present .sewer facilities, lie said. Inadequacies in (he city's ability to provide churches and' schools are being corrected, but the sewer problem continues to keep Blytheville from growing, he pointed out. Sentiment of Community Service Council members In regard to the Tull Will Speak At- Church Rally Nelson ^Tull, slate brotherhood secretary, will speak to members of the Mississippi County Assoclatlon- al Brotherhood at a rally at the First Baptist Church in Blytheville at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Hays Sullivan, a.ssoclational brotherhood president, said Hint the rally would feature a series of messages from Baptist ministers In Mississippi County, us well as the dls- ciLssEon on "The Seeking Savior" by Mr. Tull. The Rev. E, C. Brown, pastor :of the First Baptist Church in Blytheville, will discuss the simultaneous crusade to be conducted In Baptist Churches west of the Mississippi River, April 9-23; the Rev. Kus.sell Duffer, pastor of the New Liberty Baptist Church will discuss the place for preaching in the crusade; Dale Carter of Manila will discuss the place for prayer and C. G. ISugglns of Joiner will discuss attendance. The rally will feature special music under the direction oi Curtis Miller of Wilson. 200 Crippled Expected For Children's Clinic More than 200 crippled children n Mississippi county are expected to participate in a Crippled Children's Clinic in Blytheville, April 6 Tentative plans for the clinic include examination by John T. Orny. M. D., medical consultant for the Crippled Children's Division of the State Health Department and Miss Etlielle Reeves, orthopedic nursing consultant. Mrs. Annabel Pill, North Mississippi County health nurse, said that there are more than 300 crippled children in the county eligible for treatment in the clinic.;. It has not been determined where the clinic will be .set- up. Tax Education Drive Scheduled for State LITTLE ROCK. Marcll 3. W)—A state-wide meeting opening a "tax consciousness" campaign is scheduled here next Tuesday night. It is open to all taxpayers. Negro Deaths Anna Stokes president of the Mississippi County Friendship Association, president of the Negro Women's Missionary Society in the county for the past 20 years, and a member of the Wilson Chapter of the Eastern Star, died at her home in Osceola. yesterday. She was IS. Services will be conducted at 11 a.m. Sunday at the Bethlehem Baptist Church by Rev. J. W. Turrell of Greenwood. Miss., aild Rev. J. W. Knowlcs of Blytheville. She came to Mississippi County a! the age of 15'and worked for Lee Wilson until a few years ago. She is the wife',or Sam Stokes. Other survivors include three sisters, Condie Wigball of St. laui.s. Campbell .Stokes and Ruth Jcnning of Osceola, and a son, Joe stokes of St. Louis. Swift Funeral Home is in charge. Chick Glee Club Given First Division Rating at Festival The BIyiheville High School Olee Club received first division ratings in three performance sections yes^ terday at the district choral festival at Jonesboro, The participating glee clubs, representing 14 schools in Northeast Aikansas, were placed In one of four divisions In the judging, but there was no definite comjwtltton. In scoring the Blytheville Glee Club, ui de'r the direction of Mrs. J. Wilson Henry, Adaleburt Hugulet, Judge, reported "all points strong, « finished performance all nround. superior work with no weaknesses " Mr. HuKUlct. a representative of the faculty of Northwestern University and formerly, conductor of the Illinois Philharmonic, was the sole judge at the choral meet. The Boys Glee Club and the Girls Glee Club were rated as excellent. , Speaking of the performance of' the combined choral groups, Mr Hugtilel. said that In soprano, alto tenor and bass the group was above average. He complimented the festival officials for the work at ji directors luncheon at noon yest<-r- day. Mrs. Ruth Kleppcr Settle of Llt-i tie Rock, vocal supervisor an-1 nounced plans for the state festival : to be conducted in Conwny. Marcll IG and 17. CInss "B" schools will be I judged on March 16 and Class "A"! schools on March 17. Blyihevilles '• Glee Club is included in the 'attpr group. was chairman for the district event, which Is conducted early c:ich spring. Tragic Birthday CENTERVIUJ3, Tciin., March 3. (/!•)— Harvey Lee Byrd was three years old yesterday. ' Doctors said Harvey, n leukemia victim, had but a few days to live. Blytheyille Shriners To Attend State Meet At least six members'of the Blytheville Shrine Club will attend a state-wide Shriners 1 meeting,attthe Marion Hotel In Little Rock tomorrow. R. A. Blaylock will attend the meeting as the grand high priest of Arkansas Royal Arcli Masons and he will be accompanied by Shriners W. L. Walker, L. E. Isaacs, Dale Horn, Dan Blodgett and Shrine candidate W. R. Stovall. Harold Lloyd, former movie star and grand potentate of the national Shrine organization, will attend the meeting. 4 rest City. Walnut,Ridge. Jonesboro Junior High. Arkansas State Collepe Training School. Shawnee, Luxora Cniwiordsville. Parkin and Blythe- About 140 members of (he Filythc- ; vilie choir took part in the festival i They were accompanied by Mrs C i M. Smart at. the piano. Dalton Pou'lston of Announcement Kffeelive March I, 1950 SHIRLEY HIPP is lite new consignee fur Magnolia Petroleum Co. Blyfheville, Ark. Phone 4091 If No Answer, Call 740 mayor's propnAAl was generally fay- j orable although there were urging? f 'Mo ninke htiste slowly." Most, fell i the srney nhonlcl he made first to I provide data on needs and costs be- j fore proceeding. Some said they i favored any method necessary to; provide a new scwcr system. Following the mayor's talk, the Service Council mndc plans to prepare n brief on his proposal and the sewer situation for presentation to clubs represented by the council members. The Rev. Lester D. Strubhar. outgoing chairman of .the Scrvicp Council, presided over the nu'otin^. CAR-TRUCK-TRACTOR REPAIR GUARANTEED TO LAS! THE LIFE OF YOUR ENGINE! 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