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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 3
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 3

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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IMPERVIOUS TO COLD CANMORE BRIQUETTES Sask. Supply Fuel Co. Ltd. CHOOSE I oi WEDDING RING Iriim DIRKS There is a dilh nro vt it cosU no more. The Star-Phoenix Goes Home.

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3 0, 193 8. The Star Phoenix Goes Home. A.C.T. Men Leaving City MacKenzie Succumbs To ness J. T.

McGOWAN THE REV. J. A. MacKENZIE former paBlor of Knox United Chuich here, whose death occurred Thuisday at Toronto after a long Illness which forced his retirement this year. Board Questions Right to Detain Pupils After Four Collegiate Principals Object to Attitude Of Trustees When Practice Assailed; Departmental Ruling to Be Sought Are Sabkatoon school teachers flouting the laws of the Prolnce when they penalize youngsters by forcing them to remain in school after 4 oclock In the afternoon? According to Collegiate trustees C.

W. McCool and Aden Bowman, they are. Also, according to the Saskatchewan School Act, they are. Furthermore, according to an anonymous letter, produced at Thursday nights meeting of the Collegiate Institute Board, they are. After discussing the letter at length, the trustees decided to send a copy of it to the Department of Education for a ruling as to the authority of teachers to keep youngsters In school alter 4 oclock.

DISCIPLINARY METHOD Seveial principals who were present at the meeting objected strenuously to the attitude assumed by the board, declaring it would be Impossible for them to maintain discipline If children thought It was illegal to force them to do detention Reading from the School Act, Mi Bowman said Well, it says here that the school hours shall be from 9 to 12, from half past one to 4, and that there shall be -t minutes recess in the morning and another 15 minutes recess in the afternoon, and that there shall be no school on Saturdays and legal holidays. Surely that is definite enough "It la quite coirect that the department has taken the attitude more than once that there shall be no school after 4 clock," Chairman McCool added. Theie weie differences of opin Ion as to whether the letter had been written by a child of echool age. Girl Begs Leniency 4 Guilty of Stealing at School She Wants to Continue Studies Dibdosures that thieving had assumed epidemic proportions at the collegiate Institutes of Saskatoon, which weie made at a recent meeting of the Collegiate Institute Board, had a repercussion at Thursday nights meeting when one of the thieves who had been caught, a pretty. 16-year-old girl, appeared before the trustees prominent members of the Saskatoon club of the Associated Canadian Tiavelleis who ate leaving the city Mr.

McGowan has been transferred to Regina and Mr. Welch to Winnipeg Special Council Meeting Held to Authorize Mayor Aldermen Clear Way to Completion of Dam Agreement With Ottawa; Pinders Name On Papers Will Start Action Way was rloaml lor uunirdiuh at lam on tin part of the P.F.It.A. administration in Tallinn for Icndors on construction of a dam here, when Cit Count at a special meeting early this afternoon, uullioi l.eil Maoi Binder to sign an indemnity agreement, ruder the agieement the city assumed responsibility for possible pioperty damage or other claims which might arise as a lesult ol the wotk. Tenders could not tie tailed until tills agreement had been formally executed. Although the aldeimen had prei-ously agreed to ho terms of the agieement, the mayor had not been authorized to sign the contract, necessitating a special meeting for this pm pose.

In effect the meeting was only a formality. HEADY TO ADV HI 1 ISE More Fool ThanKnave Former Hotel Employee Gets Six Months for Coal Office Holdup James V. Sim, 30-year-old ifoimer hotel employee who damageclainwveie always uussi tllC 'onager of the damage claims weie always a nisii j. Colll Company last Fifthly was sentenced to six months imprisonment by Police Magistrate Brown this morning, it appears to me ou are more of a fool than a criminal," the magistrate re-inaiked to the accused in passing sentence. FRIGHTENED OFF Sim entered the piemises of the cohI company with a toy pistol In his hand and demanded money Mis Mabel MtFadyen, manager of the company, slammed the door shut on Suns hand and frightened him away Sim pleaded guilty to the offense Thursday in passing sentence this morning, the magistiate said that he had to assume that this was the first ctiininal offense which the accused had committed The mag 1st rate tuggested that it was he lesult of drink He commented on the moiai ctmiavtei of the prisoner and added '1 am not inclined to feel 011 aie a ciimlnal; if you were, I would send you to penitentiary I behove, however, that this is a case for leniency HARAEY JOHN C'MF RON Death of Haivey John, Infant sot.

Raid Store Second Time Sal Kupferberg Puzzled as Furniture Evidently Sought After Rings Taken If this weie June, Sal Kupferberg could understand it all, but taids on the stock of his furnituie and vailety store at 248-8 Fiist Avenue, south, are a bit mystifying at this time of yeai. Two weeks ago, thieves enteied the stoie by a window and walked away with $85 woith of rings and watch chains. Monday, near mid night, police telephoned Mr Kup-ferbeig that the thieves had conic back for another visit. This time they had broken thiough two doors to enter the store. Just what was taken, if anything, Mr.

Kupfeiberg could not say immediately, but the inclinations of the thieves were evident in a heavy bedspi ing which had been carried to the back door Mr. Kupferbeig is something of a Sheilock Holmes. He knew the marauders were probably equipped with a tiuck, and that they were probably city people. He found that a radio set had been considered for removal, but evidently the thieves discarded it when they discovered it was a battety set. They tossed it on a chesterfield in the back of the piemises There were four policemen in the stole when Mr.

Kupferbeig arrived Monday night in response to their call. But he was unable to tell f' charge here in August this year. CAME HERE IN 1927 Doctor MacKenzie. who left an enviable recotd as a minister, and who was a champion of young people in this city, is suivivcd by his widow, one daughter Maigaiet and two sons, Ronald and Cameron Civic and lellgious circles in the city this morning exptessed deep legiet at the passing of Doctoi MacKenzie, Indicating the high esteem In which Saskatoon had held him ever since his arrival heie in 1927. Doctor MacKenzie came of a family of clergymen His father was a pastor in the Marltimes and later in the Glengarry dlstitct In Ontario, where Doctor MacKenzie was boin 51 years ago.

He received his higher education at McGill University and came to Saskatoon from Chalmers Chuich at Guelph. At Knox Chuich, Doctor MacKenzie succeeded the Rev. Wylie Clark, D.D. He received an honorary doctors degiee from St. Andrews College four years ago.

WENT TO LACHUTE Taken 111 in the spring of 1933, Doctor MacKenzie was given one and one-half year leave of absence and on hie return he was in charge for one year. However, his health was failing fast and he relinquished his post this year Doctor MacKenzie and bis family moved to La-chute, Quebec, last August, wneie they resided with his parents-in-law Dr. A MacG. Young. and Mis.

Young visited Doctor MacKen- the Entertainment in SaskatoonTonight (An AdvertlMd In (lie HUr IhwnlO Capitol Heart of the Noith," 2 05, 4 00, 5 55, 7 50, 9 10. Daylight A Chi Istmas Carol," "The Stotm." Ritz "Happy Landing," "Heart of the Rockies Roxy "My Lucky Star "White Banners." Stage show 3 15 and 9 pm. Tivoli "Ttade Winds" DANCING Avenue Ballioom Swing StyliBts Orchcstia. SPORT Alena Rink Hockey, Saskatoon Quakeis vs. Flln Flon Bomb-ei 8 30 clock.

Fined $500, Plus Six-Month Term Fine of $500 and costs and six months imprisonment with haid labor was the pena'tv imposed on Nick Perehtnlc of 219 Avenue south, when he pleaded guilty In city police court this morning to possession of home hi aw It was Perehinlc second offense this year, having pleaded guilty to a similar chaige in June. If the fine is not paid and it had not been paid at noon, the prisoner will spend an extra six months in prison. greetings. Doctor thought the end must h' come unt-pect-edly. Doctor Wilson said the eldcis of Knox Churrh weie in communication with Toronto and would have an announcement later regal ding uncial arrangements During his stay here Doctoi MacKenzie was an active membei of St.

Andrew's Society and aKo was prominent in Red Cioss activl- ties. In a Toronto report of Doctor to plead for mercy and beg to be allowed to continue her career as a student. TO LEARN l'UNIMIMENT After the child had been given a severe lectute, she was peimitted to go home. She was told she must appear befoie the boaid again on Not Only Books Disappear in Saturday, at 1230 pm, in older toi Cf learn what her punishment shall be I Collegiates, Trustee Board Tearfully, she promised to be on Hears Thursday hand. Diessed in a snappy red and blue ski suit, and wrn ing a red tam and dairying a blue muff, the youngster disclosed at Thursday night's meet-entered the board loom accom- ing of the Collegiate Institute panied by her mother, a middle- Boaid, by the reading of a letter aged, dark complexiored woman to the trustees fiom Mts.

J. Pick-who spoke with a distinct foieign'aid, of Sutherland, which stated accent. that a pair of shorts, owned by one She was questioned at gieat of her daughters attending the length by members of boaid, I Technical Collegiate, had been seveial of whem are banisters, stolen about her activities as a book-thief I Pnncipal Robeit McGregor, when Despite her tendei years, she bore questioned about the matter, re-up under the somewhat intensive called that he had recoveied the cross-examining with great forti- missing garment, which he had tude, evading questions intended to found In the possession of another tiap her into admitting past mis- glil, ha had testoied it to its deeds, and blaming a good deal of owner. the mischief with which she was1 Mis. Pickaid letter said, in pait, accused upon a mysterious girl that her two elder daughters, while friend, who, she Insisted, Is now in attending: City Paik Collegiate, had Biandon.

nevei had anything stolen, but, Questioned about her book-Bteal I since they had been attending the ing at Bedford Road, before she Technical Collegiate, they had lost mg av oeuroro itoan. Detore she Technical Collegiate, they had lost Former Pastor of Knox United Church Dies In Toronto, Ont. MOURNED BY MANY SICK SINCE 1933, FINALLY OBLIGED TO QUIT CHARGE HERE LAST AUGUST Word was received In the city today of the death Thursday night at Toronto of the Rev. J. A.

MacKenzie, B.A., D.D., former pastor of Knox United Church here. Doctor MacKenzie, who had been in ill health since the spring of 1933, resigned his the beginning of college year Doctor MacKenzie and his family moved to Toronto. Among the most recent Saskatoon people to see Doctor MacKenzie was the Rev. W. G.

Wilson, his successor at Knox Church, who was in Toronto in October. Doctor Wilson this morning said that only a few days ago he had recelved MacKenzie in which the former Knox pastor had been hopeful due to splendid tesponse to treatments received at a Toionto hospital. Knox congregation also teceived a telegiam fiom Doctor MacKenzie, conveying Christmas and New Year letter from Doctor (Thu it th IftM or a series of 25 ankles by a member of the Htar Phornix staff, written and published an a iii lu Ut tainpaifcQ aauL tuberculosis By CHRISTIAN SMITH UIF YOU want to do something the solution of the crime piohlein, find people In Saskatoon who are able and willing to assist in the rehabilitation of persons who leave prison. Canadian prison official. "If you can do something to assist in the rehabilitation of patients when they leave mental hospitals, you will help lo meet a ptossing piohlcni" W.

MacNeill, MD Many people ate Inclined to make social outcasts of fotmer prisoncis and of foimer mental patients at a time when help and sympathetic nndei standing are most needed Howcvpr, the day when former tu-bciculosts patients shared this ptejudlce, Is over so far as Saskatchewan is concerned WHOLESOME ATT1TIDE Tho people of Saskatchewan generally have taken a wholesome, kindly and helpful attitude, which is In advance of public opinion in other parts of Canada and in other countries. While tuberculosis patients, upon their discharge, share the but den of general unemployment, It is no longer due in any sense to the Aid prejudice, whlcn ruled them out as poor lndustiial and social risks. Bank managers, municipal aecre-tailca, civil servants, doctoi lawyers and railway men are among former tuberculosis patients who have made their way successfully in the stiuggle for bread and butter, and the major tty were received hack by the employers whom they served before they took ill. Unemployment among ex patients from the eanatorla was only seven per cent In 1935 a better showing than that of the general population. ITS GOOD BUSINESS There are the exceptions, of course.

The average patient spends more than 15 months in a sanatorium, and occasionally one finds that the old job has been filled There ate also those who were not efficient employees before they became ill. These "ride' tuberculosis them if anything was missing. GOING TO FLORIDA T. E. Burlington, gales agent fot the National Cash Register Company, of Saskatoon and Regina, is proving that business is good in Saskatchewan.

This week he was advised that having produced his full quota of business for the current ear, and that having won the National Cash Register Hundied Point Club honor, he Is entitled to a trip to Miami, Florida. Mr. Barrington leaves for the south next Monday. rvs 11 I ny I nllPchnnC I tIA VUHCdlvilo Nearly Equal 37 ment instructor, will leave shoitly MacKenzie deB'h, fanner asso-j to continue post giaduale studies at slates were quoted as saying he was the University of Wisconsin, woin out" hv hardships son, Wis Professor Graham will encountered in 32 yeais in the min- remain in Wisconsin until next Sep-lstry. 't ember.

MAX WELCH Sees Improvement For Canada in 39 But Beattie Says Canadians Must Tackle Problems if Prosperity to Come The year 1939 will In all pioba-hllity show a geneial improvement in business but this impiovemrnt will not be permanent unless Canadians come to closer gilps wih their moie important pioblems, in the opinion of Sir Edwaid Beatty, president of the Canadian Pacific Railways. Sir Edwaid in a peisonal New Year's message to the Haskatoon Boaid of Tiade. teeelved by Commissioner Holmes, added that physically this country had everything in its favor, and onco Canadians had put their house in order theie would be nothing to pi event them fiom taking full advantage of the great oppoitunities they possessed. Festival Music Has Been Changed The provincial secretary of the Saskatchewan Musical Afso lation points out to contestant in the forthcoming festival here that the tct piece for Competition No 111 Violin, Class Open, aw tinted in the syllabus has been changed Tha selection now set for this competition is Concerto No 4 in Major by Mozart; first movement without cadenza (C Fiacher Lib. No 872).

All festival music ia now in stock at the office of the secretary at Saskatchewan University, Saskatoon. GOES TO MADISON Piofessor E. Giaham, University of Sa-hntchcwaii daily depait- Patients; Old Prejudice Photo by Ttmms I)K. K. G.

bKlGMN, h. director of medical services and general superlntendf nt mkat-chewan Anti Tuberculosis League. DK. K. W.

K1KKBY medical superintendent of Piince Albert Sunatoiium rraJErs.srvs; books Mr McGiegor. asked for an explanation, said the girl who had the fX 11 IF lllll Responsible Jobs Held by Former T.B. Enlightened Public Here Free of of Mr and Mis. Aaron Caineion 1527 Avenue noith, occulted til's mol its parents, ter The funeral service will he held at 2 oclock Saturday in the chapel of the Saskatoon Funetal Home and will be conducted by tin Rev. W.

H. Found Avenue noith, ocrui red Ill's nlng. The babv is survived hy parents, two btotheis ami a sc. The deHth of James Hat pot of 714 Albnt Aenue, ocrui ltd Thuisday at his home Mr Jlaipd caino to Saskatoon 2t yeais go from Pngland Mis. Harpei died in 1931 The funeral seivho Mull lc hi Id at 2 oilofk Tuesday in Janies Anglican Chuich and will be conducted bv the Kv Sampson and the Kt Kr 'I llallam, Bishop of Saskatoon Ai langcment weie made hy the Kh katoon FunniHl Home.

Dm ml will be made In Woodlawn Ccnitlii MISS KAI I Mi Mil IAN Angus McMillan itti Avenue has irceivid iiiwn of th dath of hn aunt Mish Katie Millsn, at Alfxindiii, Gkngan County. Ont Miss McMillan was in hei 101st and whh In good health tip to within a ot hu death A McMillan and Millnn Mairiott, I) Mill in Plenty and Alex McMillan Jutnat i aie aNo nphw Maigeiy Millan of Maniott, is a niece and Mabel McLeod haskatoon, Is gland neice, and tlnie aie niam relatives sruttcnd opi eh wnn Misn McMillan livid on the lum whete hbe was hm all hit Jif whh wan pm In- by hei gi i i I fathci whn hi irntgratid fiom Scotland in lMi. I wo othii nephews A and I Mi Mill irslde on the old ti nd Without doubt 'niskah hew gai i wised vet la gi potato! this yiai MH A Watm of MmiIh ho sent i nrwKpipM ililf ng to tin Star Phoenix that si) wn we only about hHlf km mu joUtcxs The clipping' Ir on lush mwspnpei tills that Piiuk Hannan dug up i pot ito that Mired 31 founds bonnet a. It is I hu hi i i un 1 1 1 ence ar tv ii lu ii dt lull'll i 4 uuh Imlght Herv Ice will be condu 1 bv the Viiy Key Pi an Aimitmo Johns tathedia! 1 1 11 i ln Now Yeui fe'vc 1 hiih mnt of Holy Common ion will follow the aeivice The rath'dtnl confirmation class will i as isual at 3 clock Sum I he four ItihN of the Pee Wee Mnelov Ingue will hold their rst tally of the wintei fiom 1 Smkatoons financial plctuie ini pioved coivddpmbly dining th past week as a tesult of a substan Itial innease In tax payments To- da the total stood at $1,532 481 05 oi only $4 303 89 less than on the oi i cHponding date of last year. Gemmcll, city ahessor, to day said thme was eveiy indication that Mie total would equal 1937.

Puiinu the Ifod thioe davs of last veai collections totalled To iunl the total foi the yeai, it will he ncMQsaiy lo take in $71000 hy Januaty 1 Mi (enimell said he whh "'nfl'lim that this amount would i i MIIM. I OK Alt? KfcJiINA lMe 30- 'One cannot help but bliee that Unnudiun Gov einimnts ImmImhI and piovincial ate waiting fot a win to tempot-anh mIw tin iimmploment piob km loi thim Williams (. I Ifiuln nhmI in an addum mu i olio st itiun CJKM line ed I) TK A i hu bus hern made fn plans for a imeting of fom Saskatoon Po tid if Midi legates and mem la i of i tin i otgamzations, with tin mini 1' i i highways next week I lo in Hm a oi ding to a irpot i Isf in tins it ion was to be at lb i ii a rhuisdiv It hn been aiivan'd to Wtdnisday afternoon at 2 loi to oihiik atuidiv ittiumon ii Un lei toil mom ol the 1 (. A Waltei MacDonald hair man of the home and school content will be in vhaigc. The Music Department of the rmvcisitv of Kitakatchewan anno ones the dates foi the mid-wintei loai examinations hmj as follows Pinitut! rxanun ilion Fi dav and Satuid iv Januaiy 27 and 28, theorctha! examinations Lrdv and Situidav Kehruaiy 3 and 4 Untiles should be hent to tho jigisttar without delay, it i slat The Ml( 1m not holding ti Ni Yeai Pay option this Min limits leoeptions an plumed tot the halancA of tut Intel, whi'h will give the juints ippoMuiutns to view i th piugiHiu wotk be- in done deistood Mr.

Speeis, the pi incipal, to have told her, when he loaned her certain books, that they wero her own piopeity. When Saskatoon! Was Younger I ruin the Elies of the Phoenix and the Mar TWENTY YEARS AGO December 30, 198 The Tuiks were busy exterminating the Atme.iians. The United States Goveinment planned to spent $500 000,000 to maintain the puce of wheat for United States fai nieis. Jews tequested Ihat Bli-tain give them the Arab State of Palestine for a national homeland. Frankfort, laige German city, was in the hands of mobs of pillaging outlaws, while the military authorities lefused to maintain older Saskatchewan Ukalnians protested the appointment of Dr.

J. T. M. Anderson as dhector of education for non-English speaking settlements. S.

J. Adler was elected head of the Saskatoon Life Unde! writeis Association The influenza epidemic took 2,000 Saskatchewan lives. B. Thomson, chairman of the Canadian Food Board, told Canadian farmeis they had a gieat oppoitunity to market livestock in Em ope. I rum the Files of the Star-Phoenix TEN YEARS AGO December 30, 192 Mayor O.

W. Norman received definite assurance from Sir Henry Thointon that Saskatoon was to get "a CNR. hotel consistent in size and character with the requnements of an enterprising and progressive city. One was killed, five ueriously injured, and many ntheis less seriously Injured In Berlu. riots Two outlaws were killed is a Chicago gang battle Mrs.

St rah Louise Northcott was sentenced to life impi Iwnment at Riversidu, California, for murdering Walter Collins, while authorities were preparing four murder Indictments against her eon, George Stewart Northcott Saskatoon ended its year with a surplus of $50,000 People of Saskatoon were indifferent to the conditions of corruption in their midst, Canon W. L. Armltage asserted, In a sermon. F. Bozok spoke at the final session of the Ukrainian 8hoits insisted she found them lying about in the girls washroom, and hHd nieiely taken possession of them because she believed they had been discaided.

The French books, he said, he had replaced. He had not suspended the glil In whose possession the shoits had been found, he added Farm Week Will Bring Many Here University Farm Week. January 10 to 13 inclusive, will attract many visitois to Saskatoon. Professor G. Rayner, director of agricultural extension at the University of Saskatchewan, Bald today Discussion of maiketing piob-lems will be the keynote of the entire week of conventions and annual meetings, it was learned.

An Imposing program of speakers and lecturers has been arranged for the annual meetings of the Saskatchewan Field Husbandry Association, the Saskatchewan Association of Agiicultura! Societies, and the Saskatchewan branch, Canadian Seed Growers Association Mr Ravner said The Saskatchewan Provincial Seed Fair will be held In conjunction with the meetings It will be held on the top floor of the Field Husbandry Building Meetings of conventions will be In Convocation Hall. The Weather Al o'clotk this afternoon the Star-l'hoenix thermometer registered degrees below zero. University of Saskatchewan readings at 8 o'clock this morning: Tem-peiature, 18 2 below zero; barometer, 3025; humidity, 67. Summary of preceding 24 hours Maximum temperature, 182 below; minimum temperature, 30 below; minimum temperature at ground level, 32 5 below; mean temperature, 25 8 below; wind, average velocity, 7 9, maximum velocity, 12, direction southwest; 6 5 hours sunshine, no nreclptatlon. as an excusp for not facing the lcnlities of thi ir industnal fallute The good business as well as the humanllaiian aspects of lc-estah-iichlng fotmer patients is evident on the suifacc It would be poor policy If the Saskatchewan people wete to spend iHige sums on He tieatment and then leave patient, to shift foi themselves upon dls-chaige Tuheiculosis woikers all over the wmld have lecognized the rehabilitation piohlem Many sanatoi ia, including the thiec in this Piovlnce employ foirnei patients Tubiiculn-sis woikcis tty not only to restote the patient to health hut also try to find for them pioper living conditions without which the patient might soon return to the sanatot-lum waids This understanding ts often based on peisonal experience hi cause among the doctoi musts and other employees one finds many foimer tuheiculosis patients CRl N4IIING SI'lKir If all people weie moved hy th same enthusiasm which one finds among sanatoi lum employers, the victory over B.

would he aiound the coiner This remaikshle cn thusiasm Is evident on all sides when one visits the Kaskatihewan sanatoria, ftom the medical super Intendent to the last oidnly engaged, ftom the laboiatory technician to the gaidiner, ftom the radiologist to the laundiyman. The gardener takes pride In the lovely giounds so that the patients will be pleased, the tadlologist enthuses over his X-tay films and hiB photographs; the engineer is proud that patients are never In want of hot water, the staff editor In her sanatorium magazine, glows over the fact that tuheiculosis patients ate the hist Infoi med gioup of sick people regaiillng their particular ailment of any gioup anywheie One could go on Indefinitely. A sanatorium Is not a depressing place In all my wandrtlngs among the patirnta I saw not one teal shed, I saw only smiles Thero was no resignation. The sanatorium Is the fighting front of the war on tuberculosis wher. both doclois and patients aie too busy for self- Photo by Hollywood DR.

II. C. HOUGHTON medical supeiintendent of the Saskatoon Sanatorium. DR. T.

W. HAMILTON medical superintendent of Fort Qu'Appelle Sanatoi lum. HOLD JOBS Continued on Pago 5, Column 8.

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