Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on November 12, 1938 · 3
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 3

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1938
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I BIRK8 1 TL ROTO-MATIC The only elf-cleanln linker. You achieve maximum furnace efficiency. I Sask. Supply & Fuel Co. Ltd. olltB- odpro fa The Star-Phoenix Goes Home. SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 19 28. The Star-Phoenix Goe3 Home. WITH Need Recreation Facilities Here To Prevent Crime Home and School Clubs Council Suggested Toboggan Slide as Remedy of Situation; Only One Site Considered Suitable One ol the greatest contributing factors to juvenile delinquency in Saskatoon has been the lack of recreation facilities, a committee of the Council of Home and School Clubs discovered after the survey of the city a year ago, It was to remedy this situation that the Home and School Clubs sought construction of a toboggan slide and arranged with the Playground Association and the Kinsmen Club for the proposed slide on the river bank opposite the 800 block on Saskatchewan Crescent. ' In a statement issued today to the Star-Phoenix outlining its position, the executive of the Home and School Clubs council declared that the proposed site was the only one suitable for the project and served notice that the council would continue to press for the erection of the slide on this location. The proposal was also endorsed by the Stagette Club. ONE OP BIGGEST CRIME FACTORS Following la the atatement given the Star-Phoenix: "The public Interest which haa been evidenced in the situation creation by the representatlona of the Saskatoon Council of Home and School Cluba in connection with tho request by the Saskatoon Play- grounda Association for permission to erect a toboggan slide on the south river bank opposite the 800 block on Saskatchewan Crescent, east, has prompted the Council of Home and School Cluba to clarify its attitude on the negotiations now in progress for completion of the project i The council has requested publication of the following comments: Almost a year ago the committee appointed by the Council of Home and School Clubs, to investigate the cause of juvenile delinquency In Saskatoon, found that in interview- His Skull Fractured Walter Weston Seriously Injured When Knocked Down by Tram Struck by a street car on Thursday evening, as he crossed Second Avenue at Twenty-first street, Walter J. Weston, well known chartered accountant and also famed as a gladiolus grower, Is in City Hospital seriously injured. Mr. Weston suffered a serious fracture of the skull in the accident. This afternoon, his physician said he was resting well and was in as good condition as could be expected. He showed slight improvement. WIFE AT SCfcNE The etieet car had been stopped at Twenty-first Street and just as It started up, it is believed that Mr. Weston stepped in front of It. The car was travelling slowly at the time, but it knocked Mr. Weston down and pushed him In front of the wheels for a few feet. Mr. Weston's wife was standing on the street corner when the accident occurred. They bad just been talking to one another before Mr. Weston crossed the street. Driver of the street car waa J. Sweeney who lives at 118 Twenty-Seventh Street, west. He has been many years with the street railway department. Annual Cory Meet Fixed for Nov. 21 Annual meeting of the Rural Municipality of Cory will be held In the Y.M.C.A. building at 1 o'clock November 21. This was decided at a meeting of the municipal council, held Thursday. According to the report of the secietary, P. F. Byars, taxes were coming In well, considering crop conditions. It was felt there was sufficient feed In the municipality, although it was not high quality feed. The council was told the municipality would need more relief than was anticipated this winter. Arrangements had been made with the Government to provide this, it was reported. The Weather At 1 o'clock this afternoon the N tar-Phoenlx thermometer registered 28 degree. University of Saskatchewan readings at 8 o'clock this morning: Temperature, 18 8; barometer, 29 73; humidity, 83. Summary of preceding 24 hours: Maximum temperatuie, 26; minimum temperature, 18 3. minimum temperatuie at ground level, 18, mean temperatuie, 22; wind, average velocity, 16; diiectlon. south-age velocity, 12.7; maximum velocity, 16; direction, southwest; no sunshine; .02 inch melted snow. lug welfare workers and city officials whose work brought them in close contact with all atages of juvenile delinquency, lack of recreation facilities was named, without exception, as one of the greatest contributing causes. "In view of this report the apparent need for adequate recreation facilities for the young people of the city has been a live topic in the council's endeavor to accomplish something definite in solving the problem of juvenile delinquency and also pieventlon of the frequent accidents in locations where no supervision of play is provided. MONEY DONATED "With this in mind the council approached the Saskatoon Playgrounds Association, requesting their assistance in obtaining a suitable toboggan elide on the south river bank, but owing to lack of funds the association considered it advisable to approach the Kinsmen Club regarding the possibility of providing the amount required. As a result of this representation the necessary funds were provided, and plans diawn up for completion of the work on the site chosen and at piesent under diacussion. "The executive of the Council of Home and School Clubs and representatives of the playgrounds Association have visited and discussed altei native sites and are of the opinion that the site oilginally chosen, is the only one suitable for the project "It is the opinion of those urging the construction of the elide that, if young people are diawn to a properly supervised and attractive place of health enjoyment, the many objectives of the project will be accomplished. They believe that this will result in curbing present destructive tendencies in the city parks and that it will be easier to keep the parks and recreation facilities at a high standard if the slide is constructed. PUBLIC PROPERTY "It is sui prising that any serious objection should be raised against any project which has for Us abjective a remedy for the delinquency situation, and while the council is quite willing to entertain any reasonable objection to any contemplated project, the members are not prepared to refrain fiom pursuing their objective in sponsoring this particular work, the proposed location of which is on a publicly-owned property, and, ostensibly set aside for the welfare of our citizens. Ruby Faulkner, president of the Stagette Club, in a statement to the Star-Phoenix on behalf of the club, said: The members of our club have fully discussed the proposed toboggan slide and have gone on record as being heartily in favor of it. It is an excellent thing for the children and would provide fine recreation for the older people in the evenings. When Saskatoon Was Younger From the File of the rhoenix and the Star TWENTY YEARS AGO November 12, 1918 Later European dispatches confirmed - the declaration of the Armistice and the flight of Kaiser Wilhelm from Germany to Holland. Cost of the war to Canada was estimated at $1,100,000 000. Germany was threatened with famine. The operation of the Military Service Act In Canada was suspended. A move was started in Canada to fix November 11 as Thanksgiving Day permanently. Terror spread across Germany as the Bolshevik! gained control of the country. The Influenza epidemic was waning in Saskatoon and throughout the Canadian West. From the Files of the Star-Phoenix TEN YEARS AGO November 12, 1928 Aimee Semple McPherson, noted Canadian born evangelist, turned up at her home city, Los Angeles, from which she had been missing for several weeks. With a story of having been kidnapped.- The liner Vestris Sank off the coast of Virginia, taking more than 100 persons to their death, Jews in Saskatoon announced they had raised $8 500 to establish a Jewish school here. Peaches'' Browning filed eult against Daddy Browning for hei dower right in hie real estate holdings in New York city. Stand for Council F. G. MAKAROFF, K.C, JOHN J. EGGE Photo by Hollywood. S. t. MALCHEL A. C. CAMPBELL Photo by Thump, HENRY REES L. A. CILEEhl'iE Return to Old Spirit Necessary S. J. Mauchel Calls for Pioneer Attitude in Meeting Problems COUNCIL CANDIDATE GRAIN COMPANY MANAGER TO ADVOCATE CANCELLATION OF TAX PENALTIES We need a return to the Saskatoon spirit of other days," S. J. Mauchel, grain company manager and a resident here since 1912, said today, when he announced his candidature for the City Council. Although active In many community enterprises in the past, this will be Mr. Mauchels first bid to serve the city in an official capacity. NEED CASH RESERVE While Saskatonians had every reason for confidence In the future of their city, there was evident at present a feeling of defeatism which was dangerous to the welfare of the community, Mr. Mauchel, remarked. A return to the outlook of the pioneer, of the builder, was necessai y. "The financial position appears to bp as good, if not better, than a great number of Canadian cities," Mr. Mauchel observed. "But theie is no cash reserve. This necessitates adding to the annual tax levy an amount of approximately $200,000 to apply as a reserve. It is an overlevy of $200,000 in the expectation that enough will thus be collected, so that the city may pay its way." SACRIFICE WOULD PAY Mr. Mauchel advocated steps which he considered feasible to pio-vide the city with the cash reset ve it needed badly and at the same time encourage the taxpayeia to pay up arrears. These steps, he said, would bring about a tax rate i eduction which would ease the burden locally. Mr. Mauchel said he favored remission of tax 'penalties as a means of encouraging payment of arreais and providing the City with a new cash reserve, so badly depleted today. A comparison between private business and city business, when facing the same situation, was drawn by Mr. Mauchel. A private business. In good financial position, with Us assets greater than Its liabilities, but hampered by lack of a cash reserve, usually was prepared to make some sacrifice for the greater benefit to be reaped. It would pay the city as a business institution to sacrifice penalties on tax arrears for the same end," he said. THREE-FOLD BENEFITS "To build up the cash reset ve some encouragement should be given to make it worth while foi property owners to make a special effort to pay arrears. At the end of this year, the tax arrears, not including penalties, will total about $2,000,000. I propose we adopt aome plan involving cancellation of penalties when payments are made on arrears during 1639, and it may be even necessary to provide greater easement in certain cases. This will have a threefold effect. 1. Build up the city's cash reserves. 2. Build up morale by hope of redeeming properties and homes. 3. Put our finances in a position with a satisfactory cash receive This will reduce the necessity for an over-levy and a reduction of three mflls or more in the tax late may be possible. "The present reserve for uncollectable taxes will take care of the penalties that may have to he written off, and still leave an adequate reserve to cover depreciation of city property taken by tax title. NEED INDUSTRIES Speaking of other matteis whirh he thought Saskatoon needed, Mr. Mauchel mentioned the dcsii ability of paying more attention to industries employing labor. He advocated investigation to determine the reasons for payroll reduction taking place. By this he meant the loss of Industries from Saskatoon and the unemployment resulting among the people dischatged. "Pay rolls are lacking in Saskatoon, and It is as logical to have small factories in Saskatoon as in any other Western city," he said. "We haven't been sufficiently alive to the fact that as a city we should encourage our smalt industries with actual buying support of their products. Made in Saskatoon,' should be a slogan, Mr, Mauchel continued. "Doubtless the discriminatory freight rates are a great factor in depressing business here. There arc certain products which carry a cheaper freight rate from the Pa-ciflo Coast to Winnipeg than to Saskatoon, Mr. Mauchel stated. Likewise it was as cheap to ship apples from British Columbia to Ontario, as it was to this city. The Board of Trade had made certain representations in this regard, but the people aa a whole had not been aggiessive enough in their protests against such unfair rates. Mr. Mauchel said such situations called for a return to the fighting spirit and tho community enterprise of earlier days In Saskatoon , "We hava got to get the haidy co-operative spirit ot the pioneei and the builrtc . the men who made i the West," he aald. , Spectacular Torchlight o a fa v if4 1TUNDREDS of war veterans marched with torches through tho business section of the city Friday night as pait of the Remembrance Day obser vance. Street lights were turned out and flares took their places. The procession attracted wide attention. Rees Into VoteFight Lawyer, Candidate for Council, Would Alter Taxation System Henry Rees, local lawyer, announced his intention to seek aldermanic honors this morning. Mr. Rees said he would base his campaign mainly on the taxation question, which he considered to be the city's major problem. ISStES STATEMENT Mr. Rpcr made the following statement "The City Act must be changed As was done for the Rowell Commission biief, we should employ our local univeisity experts on a commission to lecommend necessary taxation changes to the next sitting of the Legislatuie. 1. Taxation should be based not on the capital value of land but on its rental value as in England Then the tax falls on those who can psv. 2. The city must he given powet to compromise and adjust at reals and penalties with owneis. "3. Property alteady acquired by the city must be got back on the tax roll to make it share the burden. Give it sway if necessai y. "4. Make the bondholders reduce Interest for a few yeais, as was done in Ontario by negotiation. "5. By legislation, obtain permission to reduce the levy for sinking fund for a few yeais, subject to supervision by the Local Government Board. We now have on hand 49 cents for eveiy dollar we owe. "Under items 4 and 6 the null late could be cut for a few years by ten mills. This would lie a re- ductlnn of 20 per cent of the total ivet c.nnin isaieie vs vents mri ...... - ... . , ,, , , , taxation. The saving could he used of Swanson, whJ di'ed heie Tucs- Ing Company at Montreal and came liLelrTgolng tn pnliotio iha lavr.nun, ,ve4 ... 4 C..oht.,.,n 10141 DHaiii.uinli WIieillLI we Hr KIlg IQ rUu Canal- to relieve the taxpayei and partly for necessai y upkeep of the city.' Heavy 'Quake Is Recorded Violent Earth Shocks, Centred About 1,200 Miles West, Noted at Varsity eaith- By far the most sevr quake recorded here in yearn was and by four daughters, Nellie of clocked on the University of Sas-j Asquith, Mis Alee McLod and katchewan seismograph early this'Mrs. I Johnson of Asquith, and morning. W. Titchmamh, physics Mm F. Hullnhun in Ontario. Three technician, estimated the disturb- brothers and a sister also survive ance was centred 1 250 miles west .The funeral service will ho held on of here. He whh not ceitam, how-'Monday at 10 o'clock at the family ever, of the exact lotHlmn 'll .residence with burial in Aulee might be off the coast of Culifoima'ccmMci v Pink Funeral Home haa or in the Noith West TemtoiiestM charge of arrangement's he said A checkup on sewniogi aph me ords at the untvrmity sliowrd the Montana earthquake f IWo recorded a disturbance of 10 2 rent!- meters on the machine q hi morn- ing, at 134 o clock, a 13crntlmetei disturbance was recorded on the graph. Entertainment in SaskatoonTonight (A. ASrrtl,S In th. Htf-Ihn.ntil i Round Up; r Roxy "The Adventtlies of RobiJ Hood." THEATRES Capitol "Too Hot to Handle,' 3 40, 5 50, 7 55. 9 40 Daylight "The AtkiinsHS Ttttvel-ler," I'ttde of the West Ritz "Cbeek rs " In Texas " Tivoli "The latna Wolf, Ktagc show 2 40, 5 00, 7 43, 10 10. DANCING Ait Aeadentv Mike Hagcl and hi Oichestia Avenue Ballroom Swing Styllhte Otrhestra. Bessbototigh Ken Peaker end his Ot ehestia. Legion f?alljoomfuy Watkins and ' try Ihuisdiiv. following service at his Orchestra. Saskatoon Funeral Honir IcMcpii 1 lie fb'v Nelson Clmppcl hrORr 'officiated. Pullbcatctf wcic h. Arena Rink Hockry, Fdmonton, Lynn, N Peacock, M Pirtt, W Kskimos vg. Saskatoon Vuak-i Mathrson, L. Kyatrom and R Me cts, 915 o clock, ilnms. t c ,) . f V w a an New Directory Appearing Today On page 18, 19, 21) and 21 In this Inniih will lip found the lint publication of the new Star-Phnenlx 1939 iliiaaifiril Huainpas and Profiamioiutl Directory of Snakatoon. This directory, in handy hook form, liicliiillng valuable information concerning the dtv and district will he ready for FREE distribution noon. Watch this paper for further announcements. Advertiaers are requeated to check their copy In todays Isauo and telephone any correctiona not later than Wediiemhiy night. Telephone 4626, do not write. There are still numlier e( advertisers whose ropy has not been received. These and additional listings will appear In the Star-Phoenix early next week. New listings from business houses will he accepted up to Wednesday night only. If you have not been called on and wish to list your business In this directory, telephone the Directory Department toduy. at tho Saskatoon Funeiai Home ljlJor Defense League In lorontoi hQ they shall be chapel. The Rev 15 O Lokens- mTe In addition to the two aldermanic gaaid officiated. Pallbeaieis weie- cl'ion for some time. Ho joined candl(ate8 who were chosen, it was 1930, He became gunkatoon secie-taiv thire yeais a, o and relin-quished the office a few days ago MRS. KVrill.hhN ST(K The death occulted esteiday at hPr Asquith faim home of Mi Kathleen Stack, aged 08 Horn in Ontario, Mm Stack had resided in j tho West for 30 years. She is sut vived hy fom sons, Jaims, Roy, Thomas and John all of Asquith I ltl. TOKIM Funeiai service for Chi) Vokisi h, aged Clavct fatrmi, wax held Friday afternoon at his home the Rev. U. 1 hidden officiating Bui ml whs imtde In I iitultfl t it cimeteiy. Palllicareis wrio Jacob liaitz lleiny Walter, Geotge Slhglrr, Ed Pheifer, Piter Weisthncr and John Tanike. Patk Funeral Home had tharge of arrangements. MRS GEORGE MARTIN The funeiai of Eliza Jane agul 79, wife of Geotge Mnttln, J'I5 Fourth Avenue, noith, who died on Monday, was held Thursday after noon fiom MrKague's chapel where the Rev John Manuel officiated liutitil was made in Woodlawn Cemetery Fout hiotheis of Mrs " nd rred Dunning, acted as pallbearers M"' WnrUn fmd rc8,ipl1 ln s'l"k atoon foi 28 years Resides widower she Is sui vived by a slit ter, ilts Helen Cummings and by a fifth bt other, Frank. IOf 1 t Ml KILL CAKKOi r. Vmli t Myrtle Carroll, 19, who died suddenly Monday in Edmonton, and who waa a daughter of Mr. and Mis H H. Carroll of 213 Ninth Street was bulled in Fluial Ccmc Parade . Star-Phoenix Photo. Communist In Running A. C. Campbell Becomes Candidate for the City Council will LIBRARY BOARD day afternoon, The Public Lihmty Hoard meet at 4 45 o clock next Wcdncs I SEE .1 F llciihnrdt, brew master of the SaskHloon Brewing ( ompunv is the winner of the cai milled yesterday by tire MaiHhnII m munity Hall Association of Mat-hHll, Sank. Memlier and friends of the Saskatoon Poultry Awe ihMoii will attend a banquet m the km Ueoige Hotel at 7 ocbrfk Tue day Trophies will be presented Re sc t vations should be tele phejm d to J. F Longstnff 98548 DUtrlet Onveriinr Pen y lleed of Regina will address membeis of the Rotary Club at The Bess borough at noon Monday Pig's knuckles, HJiuer kraut and beer will be fine for the Kinsmen Club Monday night The club will visit he King Kdwnrl Hotel for Its annual Havanan dinner The Key. 1 Stanley Puckhani will address mi mhos c! the Con mopobtan Club, which will meet at 6 15 o clock Monday m The Heather ough Tim Monday eyening me ting of the Lions Club will be divotrd to buwnej'H only The meeting stmts ftt 6 15 o clock, in the King (iicugc Hotel Organization of a woman's auxiliary to the Saskatoon km nrl Club will lie discusMd at a meeting tu be held ,t 8 15 u c loe k Wednesday evening m the Bond o Trade office Anv woman in terexted in such an oigamahon Is invited to attend the meeting Mm. Pat Randall has rhnige of the oigamzing committee Two C.C.F. Men Into CivicField Makaroff and Egge Are Named to Stand for City Council MANIFESTO ISSUED U-FOINT PLATFORM DRAWN LP BY FEDERAL RIDING ORGANIZATION HERE Peter G. Makaroff, barrister, and John J. Egge, locomotive engineer, were chosen to contest aldermanic seats. In the approaching municipal election, as representatives of the C.C.F., at a meeting of the C.C.F, Saskatoon Federal constituency organization, in the King George Hotel, on Thursday night. COMMITTEE OF SEVEN To conduct their campaign, the following committee of eeven, with authority to add to ita number, was chosen : Mrs. G. Prleeter, Robert Graham, Mrs. Robert Graham, Frederick Got don, Harold Miller, Nelson Clark, and Harvey Elliott The following is the text of the eleven-point manifesto in which the party embodies its alms as regards the forthcoming Saskatoon municipal election: 1. The CC.F. advocates bringing gas to Saskatoon under public ownership and administration, and is opposed to granting a gas franchise to a private monopoly. 2. Drastic reduction in interest charges on city indebtedness, which will result In the lowering of taxation and the Increase of the purchasing power of the citizens of Saskatoon. 3. A revision of the basis of taxation so as to relieve the small homeowners and business men, and place the burd'n upon those best able to bear it. 4. The institution of a program of useful public works at trade union rates ot wages. 5. The establishment of a publicly owned or co-operatively sponsored oil refinery In Saskatoon. 6. Assumption by the Federal and Piovlnclal Governments of full responsibility for providing relief for all persons who moved into Saskatoon since January 1, 1935 7. Elimination of sweat-shop conditions. FAIR WAGE CLAlhE 8. Enforcement of fair wage clauses in all city contracts, and general support and encouragement of the trade union movement. 9. Candidates pledge themselves to woik to secuie an itemized accounting form from all civic departments of receipts and expenditures made by them, the earns to be published in such form as to be easily understood. 10. Suppoit for proportional representation. 11. That wo suppoit the extension of pensions and superannuation allowances to all civic employees Professor Carlyle King presided over the meeting, and Fred Gordon acted as secietary, At the outset, Professor King explained the should be also a candidate for the Public Sc hool Board, and another for the Collegiate Institute Boaid After some discussion, however, it wan agreed that a dlvlnion of strength was inadvisable, and that the party's chances of success would ho tnciead by restricting the number of its candidates to two for two aldermanic seats. Hoy ScouU, Hours and Wolf Clubs altilmted with Chiist Chun h will take part in a chuich paiHctc on Sunday morning. Margarrt Smith, contralto, will nsshi the Saskatoon Bok Bund at the band conceit In the Roxv Hurihc at 9 o clock Sunday evening superintendent (. . Oulton of Suhatonns publi schools, will address numbeit ot the Kiwanis Club m The Btsaboiough lues-day at 12 15 o ( lo k Welfare agencies In Siskatooii wishing to pattiupd'i in the pro-cenl. ot the Aoung Mens Section of the Board of Tt ido (hristums BiordoHst have h'a u invited to register immediately with the Saskatoon Community Council in the Lihiniv Building Only those age nrien tcgistiimg w th the rountil v. ill be ! glide for funds from the hroclcn-t The hiond-rnst m being Hpni on cl bv the Y MBT in opeuRmn with the S t ska toon Stai Phoenix and t Kgc a 4 arpentry. cHbirol nuking, for- csti and mboialo, lasses under t fit 'tu.dh limning Progtam will be hud Monday evening at 7 M Jock m Room 18, Technical Colic glnie, I here will he a le c ture on ( hris- ti m n i eo h John Henry Wen. ( ,s of Brookline, Mhs, at 3 o clock Sunday at The Peso-borough. The public ia invited, and there will be no charge for admission.

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