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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • 14

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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SASKATOON STAR-PIKENIX. THUBSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1039. PAGE FOl'R'ltEN MBongAir Waves Watrous Will Greet Royalty at Station No Official Ceremony to Be Arranged by Council But Will Meet Royal Train i M.v jnRccuraoiM Jo theat program ar the result ot l-Bunut A. U. WALLS in i nii mi mi iiiii MiiiiiiiMiiiiiiinmui diiiiiiiiiniiii.iiiiMii.iiiiuiiUNUiiiiiiuaiiuiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriwwiiiiiiuwuiuii Frank J.

Black, noted musical conductor, names as moat indtapena- A single note tine A natural stunk hv a pidiiut in Columbia's change made by th brodcUng companies Co-operative Reports Favorable Business Whole Community Pays Tribute at Burial of Duffs Grand Old Lady able to him and his bandleading career are Kerns "Ol Man Rivet, "Eil King" of Schubert, Gershwins "The Man I Iajve," Btahms "Cradle Song, Schubert's "Ave Marla, "Songs Mv Mother Taught Me" by Dvotak, Berlins "Alexander's Rag lime Band, Victor Herberts "Kiss Me Again, Oh, Moon of My Delight' from Liza Lehmann's "Pei-sian Garden and "Danny Deever which Walter Damiosch set to Kipling poem more than forty years ago. esteem held for Mis. Matthews in the district Surviving are a widower, five sons, Frederick James, Arthur, Thomas John, William Sydney, and Albert Edward, all of Duff, and three daughters, Mrs. Frank Sumner, Sexsmith, Alta Mrs. Gerald Sumner, Evesham, and Mrs George Kirk, Duff.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthews had celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in September last year They were married at Brinkworth, Wiltshire, England, and left for Canada on their wedding night. After 14 years in Ontario they came to the Duff district west of Melville, and lived there ever since. 10 1 ruy Marsh Toronto.

10,10 Pelham Richardson String Orchestra Winnipeg 11 uo Happy (jang Toronto. tl jo Road of Lit New York, 45 oien Darwin Now York. 12 oo DramaMe Sketches. 2 00 Club Matins. 3 4b Lata Consider Montreal 3 ibTha Sports World Toronto.

3 Magical Vovago Toronto 3 4 Talk by Lord Homers 4 oo Closing Stork Quotation Toronto. 4 15 Patricia Gilmore New York. 4 30 Paxo-Plano Montreal. 0t Wilfrid Charetta Orch, Ottawa. nv Major Bill Montreal 5 100 Tool Brot.

1 oronto 6 4.w Art of Crooked Thinking 6 oo Montreal Symphony. 7 oo Good News of 19J9 New York. 8 oo Music Hall Hollywood. 9 ro The New Toronto 9 IV Hubert Foes Toronto 9 30 Luigi Romaneiii Orch Toronto. 10 00 After 20 Years Vancouver.

10 30 Book Review Vancouver. 10 4V The New Vancouver tl 00 Classics for Today Vancouver. 11 JO Organ George Coutts Vancouver. Friday, february 34 9 45 Getting the Moat Out of Life, to 0(V The Baliadeer Vancouver. 10 IV Alden KMkine New York.

10 30' Toronto Trio. It 00 The Happy Gang Toronto 11 IV Lets Talk It Over C. tl 30 Road of Life New York. It 4V' Th Four of Us 12 00 Music Appreciation C. 2 OO How Do you Do Toronto.

3 IV Club Matinee Chicago. 2 30 Vic and bade Chicamy 2 45 Canadian Painting Montreal 3 IV Yodelling Cowboy Montreal 3 so The Odd Spot Vancouver. 3 4V Closing Stock Quotation Toronto. 4 00 Yoirhl Htraoka 4.1V Dorothy Rocheilw 4 30 Th Little Review Montreal. 5 00 Wilfrid Chare tie Orchestra, ft IV Major Bill Montreal ft SO Halifax Philharmonic Choir, 00 Make Mine Music Toronto ft jo Mis Trent a Children Montreal 7 OO Plavhouae New York ft oo Graham Spry London ft IV Scrub Oak Hollow Winnipeg ft 45 Hnited States Today New York.

9 04V The News. 9 IV Piano Ret ital tnnipeg 9 'io Wixxlhouse and Hawkins Winnipeg 10 ho Northern Messenger Service. 11 fK The News Vam mn er 11 IV F.ari Hill Orchestra 11 JO Organ Recital Vancouver. Saturday, February 2ft 10 00 Sweet Hour of Prater Montreal in i collegiate Revue 8 10 JO Along Gpsy frails Toronto 11 no Hiram Colitge Choir 11 15 Toneito 1 rn Toronto tl JO Hu Quotations 12 (Ml Metropolitan Opera 'Mamit jo Saturday Matinee 4 oo Celtic Ceilidh 4 to Saturday Night Swing Club Oo McNight a Sport Talk 6 IV Wilfred Charetta Orch. Ottawa.

5 j(k Buok Review Toronto 4f Albert Prat Toronto. ft 00 len Hopkins On Ottawa ft IV Scrub Oak Hollow Ottawa A JO Golden Journeys 7 oo National Hockev League ft 3iN BC 8muhonv Orch 9 4W The News Toronto 10 oo Old Time krone Winnipeg 10 jo Speaking of Sport 10 4V The News 11 oo Jerry Fuller Orch Caigury 11 30 Mart Kenney Orch HlGULlGHiB I huraday February 23 ft 00 Kasy Ac WENR, KPO. KOA, WATROU8. Th Watrous Town Council at its regular session on Monday night discussed the impending visit of the King and Queen, and Mayor Agar was requested to form a representative committee to make arrangements for an unofficial ceremony when the royal train stops at Watrous the afternoon of Saturday, June 8.,, I This action was taken as a result 1 of the Watrous branch of the Canadian Legion submitting to the council a communication received from the Dominion Command of the Legion, which recommended unofficially that arrangements be made for the citizens of this district to be present at the Watrous depot to 1 meet the royal train. The letter cautioned, however, that nothing in the nature of an official ceremony should be planned.

Watrous United Church Board reorganized for the ensuing yeav, with the following officers and committees being elected: Chair- man, M. Claffy; secretary, J. A. McGowan; treasurer, H. McCreadie; M.

and M. committee, J. H. Symons, E. L.

Garrett, Rev. J. W. Robinson, Mrs. J.

A. Findlay, Wr McNeish and W. Carr; property, J. H. Symons, J.

Robertson, Mrs. J. Findlay, J. H. Broadfoot, J.

D. Teal; finance, H. McCreadie, A. J. Gordon, A.

Mollard, A. MacLennan, D. L. Hicks: social service and evangelism, W. Carr, J.

Robertson, F. B. Walsh, W. McNeish, J. H.

Broadfoot, J. H. Brown, G. J. Mitchell; ushers, J.

H. Symons and J. Robertson, with A. MacLennan and J. A.

McGowan, substitutes. Mrs. J. A. Findlay was named delegate to Presbytery at Saska-, toon on March 8, with A.

C. Shantz as alternate delegate. It was decided to have the anniversary service at Watrous the last Sunday in April. Urges Quick Action In School Reforms Melville Principal Warns of Irreparable Harm Should Abuses Be Continued MELVILLE. The local Knights of Pythias wound up a week of celebrating the diamond jubilee anniversary ot the founding of the order at the regular meeting held In the Masonic Temple on Monday and weie favored at the close with a timely address by W.

VVass, school principal, on "Education and Democracy," which was actually a continuance of local education week activities Mr. Waas rcfetied to the smuggle going on today to save democracy and its Institutions, and stated tl at "the danger was not only from the totalitarian states, but there were subversive forces right our midst in Canada ready to do their deadly woik of tearing down eil that we hold dear. Certain definite leforms were being mooted, tending to eliminate inequalities and abuses in the pies ent srhool system, said Mr, Wass, but 'f too long a time elapsed before their Implementation, irreparable harm might be done to the whole democratic system. The safety of Institutions was in the schools, he and we'lhhHnV o7 schools people. was in the hands of the Sonningdale SONNINGDALE On account of low temperature and stormy weather during the past week, school attendance has been Inegular, Sonningdale and Asgaid distiicts repotting no school for several days as no pupils were In attendance.

Complaints are being made fiom some homes of damage from frost to vegetables In the cellais. R. A. McLeod, local livestock shipper. took out a load of cattle and pigs on Thursdays train, finishing out the weight at Aielee.

The livestock population was so depleted a year ago It Is surpiising there is any to ship and most of this load was a credit to the district. A steady supply of cordwood continues to arrive at the hamlet from the west, providing employment for men and teams, to be shipped out later. As a sideline, the industry is valuable to a section of the community. Re-Elect Officers Of Bible Society RUDDELL. A mall congt elation attended a meeting held in the Interest, of the British and Foreign Bible Society by the Rev.

L. W. Schnell of Saskatoon on Monday night In the Ruddell Cavan United Church. Mr. Schnell gave an Interesting Illustrated lecture on "The Open Bible." After the lecture all officer, were re-elected, namely President, Charles White; secre tary.

Mis, Winntfred Sangwme; collection committee. Misses Jean Murison, Ruth Scott and Mr. Robert Clarke. FAREWELL GIFTS TISDALE. Miss Fanny Hodgins left Saturday morning for Victoria B.C., where she Is to enter training at the Royal Jubilee Hospital as a nurse.

During the week she was the recipient of beautiful presents from the sewing circle and other organizations at farewell parties held In her honor. Bnwniimnmmnnwmaimii PRIVATE LIVES MELVILLE. Mrs. J. W.

Matthews, 79, "grand old lady of Duff, who died at her home in the village 15 miles west of Melville, on Saturday. February 18, was burled In the Duff Cemetery on Tuesday, following a aervlce held In the United MRS. J. W. MATTHEWS Church.

The Rev. William Arnett 8lceH US? beams weie Jim Stilborn, Fort QuAppelle; Walter Dales, E. H. Haylock, J. W.

Stilborn, Wesley Cooke and George Loveridge. The whole community attended the funeral to pay final respects to one of the oldest and best loved members. Robert Nicholls rendered a solo. The abundance of floral tributes flanking the casket in the chuich were mute testimony to the Community Club Reappoints Slate LESTOCK. The Community Club held Its annual meeting at the home of Mrs.

Adolph. The annual statements showed the activities of the club during the past year to be successful. The following office! were reappdinted for the current year: President, Mrs. Wltla-voys; vice-president, Mrs, J. H.

Red-ford; secretary, Mrs. R. Truman; treasurer, Mrs. E. Fergusson.

A draw was made for the "FYiend-ship cloth and the winning ticket was In the name ot Dr. C. E. Hookings. The masquerade dance sponsored by the Sporty Club and held In the Community Hall drew a large crowd.

The judges had a hard task In deciding on the prize win-nets, who were Mrs. Shanks, Alex. Shooter, Ruth Asplund, Margaret Ward, Elizabeth Cslgi, Harry Newton and Lyle Herring. Music was supplied by the McKenzie Orchestra. Stoles Donated to Church at Wilkie St.

Pauls Anglican Church, Wilkie, has received the gift of four handsome stoles in liturgical colors from Mrs. Acherley Wright of Croydon, Surrey, England. The stoles are given for use tn the church in memory of the Rev. George Wright who was rector of Wilkie from 1912 to 1915. After leaving Wilkie Mr.

Wright went to Montreal and then to be vicar of Appledore, Kent, In the Diocese of Canterbury. Two years ago he was killed in a motor accident. He graduated from Emmanuel College, Saskatoon, in 1912. imninuniaiin rtmimiat'uu'inttimnutniiti Silver Tea Service Received by Couple Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Wedding for Mr. and Mrs.

R. F. Johnston Celebrated MAYMONT. The twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs. R.

F. Johnston was celebrated on February 18, when a number of relatives and friends surprised them. They brought with them all that was necessary to make up a wedding dinner, including a four-tiered layer cake, beautifully decorated, which was placed on a cake plate that had been in the Johnston family for over a hundred yeats. A beautiful silver tea service in the coronation design wai presented by N. Friedman, on behalf of the family and close relatives.

Other pieces of silver were presented from the friends present Yellow daffodils, gift of their two sons, decorated the rooms. Congratulatory message were read from their only daughter Leola, Mrs. Johnstons father and sisters of Saginaw, Detroit, and Trenton, Michigan; Duncan, B.C., and Saskatoon, Mr. Johnston came to Maymont from Ottawa, Ont, In 1906. In 1912 he eold the homestead and bought the farm on which they are living, one mile north of town.

In 1913 Mr. Johnston went to Alpena, Michigan, where he was married, and returned to Maymont In the spring, where they have resided for the past 25 years. They have made many friends and have taken great Interest in the life of the community. HOLD SECOND SOCIAL ALLAN. The Catholic Ladies' Aid of Allan held Its second wbtst drive In a series of five.

A large crowd attended and about 30 tables of cards were played? Prizes were awarded to Peter Kraft, Kasper Kraft, Mrs. Frank Boehm Mrs Roy Molderhom. This was followed by a dance. The Catholic Lay Association held a meeting on Sunday night followed by a social party. F.

Boechler Is secretary and M. Dsucher president. GET RECORD CROWD STRUAN. A record crowd attended the whiBt drive and dance given by the High School students in Dickson School. Prizes In whist went to Marjory Currey and Alex Davidson, Dorothy McAvoy and Mills.

Music for dancing was supplied by Arelee orchestra. All sports are at a standstill here owing to the continued cold and stormy weather. No hockey games have been played for several weeks and even skating has been Ball Raises Fund For Annual Fair. PUNNICHY. With Ideal weather for the occasion, about 275 people attended the annual masquerade ball sponsored by the Touchwood Agricultural Society In Planchot's Hall.

More Interest has been taken In the society this year and theie waa a good turnout of costumes. Music was supplied by high school boys, under the leadership of Janies Hoses. Judges were Mrs. M. Hastings of Regina, Mrs.

D. Stuartf and P. E. PTice. The following were prize winners: Billy Gwynn, Fred Muzichuk, Cyrus Hart, Glen Waddy, Teddy Whlskln, Charles Medland, Jack Cragg, Kathleen Carmichael, Pearl Alterson, Agnea Sheehan, Erma Holizka, Laverne Myhre, Mrs.

Jack Latta and Mary Gwynn all of Punnlchy; Misa Helen Bannicke, Mrs. Luterbach, Rose Lang, Mrs. John Schoenefer, Otto Van Vliet and J. Schoenefer of Quinton Roger Brown of Nokomls, and Mrs. John Brlee of Touchwood and Miss Betty Jones of Raymore.

A cash prize was gtven to Mr. and Mis. Jacob Tucker. Jr for the most recently married couple, also to Mr. and Mrs.

George Bliss for the longest married couple. The sum realized will go in the club fund to support a fair. Voik Radio Thcatie No. 1 at 8 clock neiy Thursday niRht. Ilium liab in hiimca clubs and nmsiial unties tlutiughout the uiunlit, the mite is sounded again on bundieds of insttununts, rang Us tintn a tiuadagninl to lend -saxophone thoue is the single note.

Hue A natuial, mti iiiatioiial pitch I lie pi mist sounds it fust. Then it is linked up by the stung section of Conductor Andie Kostelan-1 43-piocr mehPstia Columbia te hniclana make suie Hint it is a tme A 410 vibrations pci xerond-bv hei king the note Hilly tne minutes befoie the Piugi urn guts on tlte an. To obtain hr lenriition ot the tunc, a -petiul small imciophone is placed inside the piano near the A stung have to be very careful with tint little gadget," Kostelanetz explains, "hetause the microphone must he shut off when the key actually Is hit, A split second aftei my pianist sounds the notp, thP special mike is switched on to pick up situations of the stung. If by accident the nuctophone was open when the key was stiuek, the volume would be execessive, causing elistortiein and possibly putting the transmitter off the ail 'I he Monties! Oiclieslia fioni Pelican Auclitoi mm, undet the lection of Douglas Claike will he heaid at 6 tonight in Symphony No I (Reethoven "Kn Saga," tone poem (Sibelius); "Villanella," air foi lute (air. Respighi) Jupiter" from 'The Planets (Holst).

At 10 tonight Major Iatnee Sieve-king, BBC. ptoducer visiting Canada in exchange for H. Rooney Pelletier of Montieal, will produce the fouith dramatization In a series of "ight, which will bo the conclud mg bioadcast fioni Vancouver. The story, written by Hoi ton Giddy, is entitled, My Life With Ernest Rule. The series will continue on March 2, from Toronto.

The ten compositions which Dr mm is rprr SILVERPLATE! Sve the coupon, from Lip, on I lb 1 ind lb tMiiiMM hT tr. nchinse-able (ot bctuliiul Vn Rourrl boo Silvrfpl.t. Write fot premmiu book fo Tboi-J Liptou Lid bid. mm ft firm JBL No ciher wiy to Chicago gi.ea you 10 many travel feaiures. 1 he Zephyrs are the only trains this service built oft tamleu Ueel-t trong.

sod most durable of all modern alloys They aretbeony trains driven by dnulpnuet-iot amoolher starts and effortless speed. I hey are the eify trains with mn-frost, mn-mnt, double-width windows assuring a clear view of the Burlington's -matched setme Misumpbi tr route. You'll enioy the Ztphvri speed which glides you in Chicago gecord time. You II enioy the smooth, quiet ride assured by rubber cushioned trucks by articulated cars which eliminate and the jerks and muse that go with it smoother, too, because the Zephyrs, from end to end, are scientifically balanced and "hug" the rails. Other Zephyr features completely carpeted coach, es; hostess service; spacious parlor cars and luxurious observation lounge; tempt a bat- HEARTS HILL The Co-operative Association had a good attendance at Ita annual meeting.

J. Me-Kalg, chairman of the Saskatchewan Co-operative, presided. The year's business was favorable and the possibilities of putting In tanks and pumps to handle oil and gasoline was discussed. E. Nestaud was re-elected chairman for the year The committee also comprises J.

Scheldt, secretary-treasurer; A. Al-lenback, T. Relber, J. Heintz and L. Cheeseman.

Purse of Silver Presented Couple WISETON. Honoring Mr. Mrs. A. Lonsberry who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Saturday, a well attended social and dance was held In Buffalo Hill School.

Dancing was enjoyed to music supplied by local talent. After supper a program was given by the following: Miss Annie Powell, vocalist; Manley Hodges, cornetist; the Welcome Valley Sextet; Mr. and Mrs. F. Jones; Mrs.

Asa and Audrey Lonsberry; Mrs, I McPhail and Mrs. B. Bibson; Roy Way, aololst; Esther Storvold and Bob Dawson, soloists. The presentation of a purse of silver and an address of good wishes was made by Ben Gibson from the gathering. Mr.

and Mrs. Lonsberry wera married at Fanella, Ont, Insinger INSINGER. Saturdays blizzard has made roads badly drifted to a depth of a man's waist. In town there wera drifts a high as some of the bouses A few country people stayed tn town over night. Principal F.

J. Klndrachuk has received word from the department of education that Inslnger School has been mad a high school examination centra. A concert under the direction of F. J. Klndrachuk is being prepared to commemorate the Ukrainian National Poet, Taras Shewchenko.

Obituary MISS JEAN SMITH HAWARDEN. The funeral services of Miss Jean Smith, 22, were held In the United Chureh. A large number of friends and acquaintances filled the church. The Rev. D.

M. Robertson officiated. Six of the Girl Guides carried bouquets and acted as honorary pallbearers, the pallbearers being E. Davey, H. Davey, H.

Davis, L. Ludingham, G. Comma and J. Coventry. The remains were laid to rest in Hawarden cemetery.

THOMAS KUCCRA ROSETOWN. Thomas Kuccra, 38, well known and respected farmer of the Valley Centre district, who passed away In a Saskatoon hospital, was buried In Rosetown Saturday. The funeral services, conducted by the Rev. Father Drapeau, were held in the Roman Catholic Church and were largely attended In spite of the extremely cold weather. Pallbearers were C.

Bez noska, L. Forchness, T. Lacena and A. J. Kessel, aU Intimate friends and countrymen of the deceased, and were chosen from a group of about 60 resident of Valley Centre, who journeyed to Rosetown by train to attend the funeral of their esteemed neighbor.

Besides hi widow, Mr. Kuccra la survived by two email children. JOSEPH LACENA Joseph Lacena, 84, esteemed pioneer of Valley Centre district, passed away here early Saturday morning. The body was taken to Valley Centre by team on Sunday, and buiial was made in Biggar Cemetery where his wife was buried. Mr.

Lacena had lived In the district since 1909 and leaves three married sons who reside In Valley Centre. ANDREW ORAAS The funeral of Andrew Oreas, 64. who died in Saskatoon, was held from the Lutheran Church at Swanson on February 17 with A. Hjor-taas officiating. Misa Avia Haug sang a solo with Misa Blanch eleven accompanying on 'the organ.

Pallbearer were: H. Johnson, E. Johnson, EL Carlson, Arthur and Charley Shrader, and Olaf Olsen, all of Swanson. Surviving are daughter, Norma (Mrs. A.

Mead) In Saskatoon, three daughters In U.S.A., also three brothers In Saskatchewan and one brother and even sisters In the U.S.A. MRS. T. EASTERBROOK Annie May, 42, wife of Theodore Easterbrook of the North Battleford district, died early Sunday morning. She was born In Alexander Manitoba In 1896, came to Saskatchewan In 1913, was married in 1914 and resided In the Argo-Blggar district until 1922 from which time she has been on a farm In the North Battleford district.

Besides her widower she is survived by three daughters, Mr. Henry Nyholt Kathleen, Mrs. Armand Keall, Pearl both of this vicinity and Evelyn, 10. She also leave her father, James Goring, of Hamiota, seven sisters and six brothers. Funeral service were held at Cotton's funeral parlor on Baturday.

Tho Rev. Thomas Murphy officiated. MRS. KURT KRISCHKE SONNINGDALE. The funeral of Mrs.

Kurt Krlschke, 71, waa held at Sonningdale with Mies Cresswell of the Pentecostal Assembly In charge Pallbearer wera Ira Price, W. J. Caahm, R. W. Johnston, E.

Barr, Barr and Gua Schultz. Surviving are her husband, two daughters, Mr. N. Krlschke, Mrs. R.

A. Ward of Sonningdale, one son Alex C. McCracken at Prince Albert and 12 grandchildren. I and EDMUND ASS ALY Saskatoon pianist, who will be soloist on the University Hour sei les at 3 15 over CFQC on Friday afternoon. He will be heard in Mendelsaohn "Song Without Words, Op.

62. No. y. for Grade 8 piano; Schumann's "Knight Ru-peit" for Giade 8 piano, Scliu-beit's "German Dance" for Giade 6 piano and Jones' "Glgue" (three piece for harpsichord Grade 8 piano. Also heard will be a re-coi ding of Mozart's "Concerto No.

4 in major (finale)" for Associate violin. Joseph Sziget, will play with the London Philharmonic Orchestra under Sir Thomas Beecham. "The novice has a gi eater chance to display hl talent In radio. A performer who tiles to crash show business via the atage, usually has to atart In second-rate local houses where lighting, scenery and costumes are poor. It' hard to make good under such conditions.

In radio, a performer has the benefit of acoustically correct studios. Lucille Manners, soprano. aSADIAN CRAO Ct.gary ftjo CFQC Saskatoon ftoo CJT A Edmonton 7jo CJOX York ton 1J9U CJRM Regin CKB1 Prince Albert 1210 CktK Regina into KY Winnipeg 910 CBR Vancouver 1100 AMERICAN KKAB Lincoln C.B 8 770 KFI Loe Angel -Red hk YR Bismark 550 KLZ Denver 8 ftfto KMOX ftt. Louie Bg 1090 KJ Hollywood 8 Iu50 KOA Denver 830 KPO San tranclaco C.Red ft80 KHL Salt Lake Ct'yC llju K8TP Paul NB ft-Red JiftO WBBM Cbtcago 8 770 WCCO Minneapolis 8 810 WEN RW Chicago C. Biu ft7u WON Chicago 8 730 WHO Dea Moines C.Rd 1000 WJR Detroit 8 750 WLW Cincinnati Tno WMAQ Chicago 870 WOW Omaha 590 CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION Tborsday.

February 31 9 4V Getting th Most Out of LU Nrw York 10 00 8wet Hour of Prayer Montreal. log, economical meals ill cheery, colorful dining car; smart cocktail lounge. New, Convenient Connection from tho last The Northbound Morning Zephyr now leaves Chicago at 8:43 am, 45 minutes later than before, making newer better connections with 13 additional crack trains from the East and South. Running time of this Mornieg Zephyr bas been reduced IS minutes. Now only hours from Chicago to St.

Paul. Double Doily Zephyr Schedule! MSTMOSW MeiNSM Svuit tns'NSi Unrmm Itln 4 Mia ti. giiisslti It. Mm Mm mm (Mm la rnl Si. I Mm is Mm lM NUm It Cttast Is Mm 4NM Ns Ei(w Fort On Am Burtmttm Tram IURUN0T0N TMVEl IURUUI H.

A. McMahon Genanl Agent 09 Great West Permtaam Bid B. V. Wilaoa. Dift Pit.

Aim I N. Dochternua Trtv.Paaa.AtL aataift IUilro4 Bids, ftt Paul iMiiiaramiiwnaiMiMiiuii'miiiiMiiBiMainiiinsniiiiiiiifliwnawwiuiniliiiimiiicniiKBtt By Edwin Cox i iiwi muuaiQumimisiTitiiBi uiuimniumuuiniTiiniiinmiriQHDiuiuniitaiiRuiiiniaiimiiiui mnumnsi WHO, KM ft 15 txal WLW Mr Keen KPO. KFI, KOA. ft jo Jrse Penner WrrO ft 00 Rudy Valle WMAQ, WHO. KOA.

KPO KM Kat Smith Hour WCCO. WBBM. Interesting Neighbor B.C.Blu ft 30 Jo Penner KHL. 7 00 Major Bowm WCCO. KHL.

Good New of 19J9 WMAQ. WHO. WLW. KOA, KFI. KPO 8 90 Music Hall WHO, WMAQ, KPO.

KFI. KOA. WLW Tun Lp Tim K8L, WCCO ft JO Peopl I Hav Known WENR 9 00 Ann 'n' Andy WHO, KOA, KPO, KFI. WMAQ Paul Bullivan Glob Trotter WENR 9 30 Kat ftmlth Hour K8L 10 30 International New K8L. 11 00 Reporter KPO.

KKI 11 15 Nightcap Yarn K8U 1130 Irma Glen WMAQ JO Romance and Rhythm WENR. Friday, February 34 8 30 Oacar ftburneky, Ttolinlat N.B Blu. Jack Haley WCOO ft 00 T'ltlea ftervic Concert W'HO WMAQ Pint Niahter WCCO. KSL. Criminal Cat Hlatorlea LB, KPO KFI TO Bum and Allrtv WCCO 7 00 Oraon Welle KHL, WCCO Walt Time WMAQ WHO Plantation Party WLW 7 JO Death Valley Dea WMAQ.

WLW ftOO Ouy Lombardo KFI, KOA. KPO. WHO. WMAQ Grand Central WCCO ft 30 Pride Lara KOA. KFL KPO WMAQ.

WLW. ft 4ft Jimmy Fidlar KPO, KFL KOA. WLW, WMAQ Fireeld Mlodie KBL 9 00 Poetic Melodies WBBM Hong from th Bhow KL Amo n' Andy WHO, KPO, KFX Paul 8ulllan WLW 9 3(-Bumi and Allen K8L Death Valley Davs KOA, KPO. Pop Con art 10 OO Clrcu KPO. KM.

Moon River LWA 10 30 Jack Haley KflL tarl Hine WMAQ. Review LW 11.00 Reporter KPO. KFI. Saturday, February 2ft 6 00 American at Work KBL. Country Dance WCCO ft 30 Live of Great Men ft Red.

Joe Brown WCCO. WBBM. 6 45 Caetilia Twine 00 Variety Show WLW. KPO, KOA, WMAQ WHO 6 30 Johnny Present WBBM Fred Waring WMAQ, WHO. Profeeaor Quis WCCO T.OO Vox Pop WHO.

WMAQ. Bam Dane WLW Honolulu Bound KBL. 7.30 Hall of Fun Saturday Night Beranads KBL, 8.00 Your Hit Parade KSL. WCCO Symphony Orchestra -Blu. 9.00 Bam Dane KPO.

KOA, KFL Jo E. Brown KHL. Paul Sullivan WLW 9 SO Johnny Preaent KBL. 10 00 Fred Waring KPO, KBL KOA. 10 05 Moon River LW 10 30 Red Foly KPO KFI.

WLW, KOA U.OO Ted Travers' Orchua WLW. BB.oT BBC. Coiplr program from Londoa ver GftD, 24.65 m. 11.7ft tneg.i G8C. 81 33 8 meg.j GHB, 8t 66 ft.ftl and G8L, 49.18 ft.ll meg.

Thursday, February 2ft 30. Food for Thought." 7 40 Empire Orchestra. ft. 30 Big Bao. Th New and Announcement ft.

50 "At th BUck Dog." Friday, February 34 30. "Cards on th Table." T.40 Fred Hartley and hi 8xtt, with Brian Lawranc (Australian baritone). ft 10 "Night tn a Lambing Hut." 30 Big Ben. New and Announcement. 9.00 "A September Idyll." Saturday, February 3ft 30 "In Town Tonight." 50 "Haunting Harmonl ft 00 England va.

Franc. Commentary by Lane Todd, oo first half of Intarnational Rugby League Football Match. Ireland v. Scotland Commentary by B. Wakelam on second half of International Rugby Union Football Match ft 30 Big Ben Newa, Saturday Bport, and Announcement.

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1232, IS Adelaide ftt. W.s Toronto, Ont. Advt, Scholars Present Program at Plato PLATO. The educational program postponed from February 4 presented an Interesting evening to the public In Plato HalL Items on the program were: Song by junior room; health play by junior room; recitation, Lorraine Keeler; speech Paulin Huntley who represented the high school on the "Highlights of Education; patriotlo songs, junior room; story by Intermediate room; story, Betty Porter; speech, LaVonne Drew; song, R. Tofsted, Tofsted and J.

Topp; club swinging, Allen Porter and Beatrice Brennan; parade of Inventors, intermediate room; recitation, A. Fish; song, junior room; address. Messrs. Moen and Hunt Plato High School sponsored a dance to close tie evening. Experiences in Jerusalem Told Victor Bolton of Southminster, was guest speaker at this weeks meeting of St John's A.Y.P.A., relating his wartime experiences during a campaign opening in Salonika and culminating In Jerusalem with Allen-by.

The speaker told of hie Christmas Day of 1917 spent as a wounded soldier tn a French monastery In the Holy City. In keeping with Mr. Boltons story of adventure was the fact; that In conaequenca of the blizzard two days before, ha and hi ton had been driving for three hours to cover the nine miles between their farm and the meeting In town. Arthur Train (tne 7irrvSEREs) HAS ONLV ONE HOS3y MOUNTAJNEER.1HO. AND SINCE THERE ARE NO PEAKS IN MANHATTAN HE WENT To A 6YMNASIUM JUST TO USE, A CLIMB! NO iv trf a TAKE THE LEAD OUT OF YOUR LEGS Get Oijrfsn in Your Blood tad You'D Get tho Pop llut Sonde You Boondinf Up the Sture Peopt who smother to death dl bectut oxygen hu been completely out off from them.

Jut ox aurely you or slowly moth ring if your blood look red eorpuacleo, Red eorpuftcle or your oxygeineariitr. They corrr th oxygen you breath In to cry port of your ayatem. Without enough oxy gen-carrying eorpuaclea, your kidneys, liver atomeeh and bowele slow down. Your skin get pel, flabby, often pimply. Your nra become jittery you Uro quickly depressed.

What you need I Or. Williams Pfnk piilg. Tba world-foiuoua pills help inak mor and better red eorpuaclea and thus tnereae th oxygen-carrying power of your blood. Get Dr. William Pink Pill today at your drugglit 6o for yourlf bow qulekly'thia help giv you Ited (V Its blood-builder will book our pp.


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