The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1950
Page 7
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, Ifttt House witK Mo j. Hoople CHAT1ERIMG LIKE- HA.NGS FROM A. \.\ TRee LIMB/ ARE °UT OF PtUMB >A SOU 90RE THIS TU& •_/&>• MAM ISS5T A SCHIZOPHRENIC PRESCRIPTIONS Fr««h' Slock G»nnt«ed .Bcsl Prirec OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William, FOR SALE CwtereU celrtrU 12 mrb to tt isuk plain 01 reenturerd Alan l'»rrtte Halldint HUirk> ebeap- tsuu> <aib»ei t*i tarna eh I rkm C»U •• OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 138 E. Main Phone 6716 FARM LOANS Gates Wigjjs Co. BE ALTO RS Pta«ne 1751 did YOU do -I " : ad T*saw*lj_i Yo« cmn get an extra pair of lh«M f«r wtater at home }wrt Thr»«th • »T«T" O«i. jour T«<»tlon n Eitim' Pair Beptlr. H-RLT€LRS "LiTY SHO€ SHOpI zi w Me»i NST | I'llK. S'I'OKVl MttlrUrrhBt A»l •l.ijra"'^ Thorns J* MHrUprrrf «ft«r • hr yropi>»rd l« CMI •• hrr (**• will. tlh« h*4 pUBBed *!• h«. HMratk Ihc bulk «f Ibr *«fHlr !• • Kolhcr Bephrw, KvKrr, father •! p'rtlj l.craHn, «*h* !• &••( ttag- Ktt'm <UMpaBl»K. KOI flair d*«* the MUr4rrer ITJ 1u KirJIABLc Lrr- «•• to preveat dl»rwerr. fcvt b^ • !•• alttMplB ermtmlr !• vlAHl |K!B* evldract tbat !.*«••• «mu- Millrd Ibr erlMr. ftkcriff Clrm Fmw*r «B4 hi* Iffmtr Mart Pr«B- toB •• H«I tak« rbf* «v!4«H«* »*rl- • B»l7 ABd rOMIlMBC !• 4«rfltlaB • Ikvr* !• Ike kMBckvM. wklch ivclBdc SoBdra. Javier 1 * «*•«••- l«nTeJ «*lfr| AMKI Ajtraiha. Ik* •••raert^ wom>v'« "rvBmc** Blatrr v*ka IB 74 a»4 wk« B;|T» ber •(« • N Ol, *•* U7»tbla Carvtalr*. (h« • BCMotlnHBl him»«k«*ptr wh*, • traBarrlr aad ««t *f rkBra«ler, • ro^H h7«lerlral. Pfav* he •tlrt* to ^vevlloM Arlhvr J»mr*,- tke K«T- drnrr, ««•• •!•• •««••• afri^keH A RTHUR JONES'S grief was pitiful in its aloneness. Lc«ana felt her throat tighten as the old gardener's eyes sought hen and then swept on ' to the impassive faces of Peter, Jasper and Sondra. "They hated her." he said dully. "And they were afraid of her." None of the accused spoke. "Don't b« bitter, Arthur," M«e Agatha whispered. "Ma^ie wouldn't want you to be." For one* Miss Aggie had forgotten to fuss with her curls or to "red up" her lips, Her cheeks were like wrinkled linen. Arthur ahook his grizzled head. "Poor Miss Maggie wouldn't want them to get away with it," he said gently. "She wouldn't want them to have her money. It belonged to Mr. Roger." "Who told yoo that?" Peter Thorne rasped. The old man folded his arms M if to shield the source at his information and he matched the ; lawyer's stony gaze. Peter's eye« fell first. Only then *d Arthur Jonea relax. "Young man," he turned again to Mart Preston, "you find out what happened *o that letter and you'll have him dead to rights." "If you're referrim: to my letter to Aunt Margaret," said Peter Thorne scornfully, "you're d«ad wrong!" Arthur regarded him with eyes that were calculating in spite of his grief "You know what I mean," pointedly. "You know— and she knows." He was looking at Sondra. Deputy Preston's keen, watchful eyes went (rom Arthur Jones to the accused Sondra—and clung to her face as though her beauty enthralled him. Leeana hoped it wasn't so. Mart Preston wasn't the type to fall prey to Sondra's cunning, "Well?" Sondra snapped at last. "Am I to be grilled?" Mart just looked right through her, seeking the truth behind Arthur's accusation. Sondra's eyes grew narrow, more cat-like than ever, as if she were slyly unsheathing her claws. "He can't do anything to you, Sondra," Peter Thorne answered her question. "You do not have to stand for this yokel's bungling —not so long as Cousin Leeana was the last person to s«e Aunt Margaret alive." J EEANA gasped. It was obviously an effort to him Mart Preston's prying away from Sondra. "Peterr she cried, ihruggtna: off Mias Agatha's restraining hand on her arm. "Peter Thorne, how dare you! Miss Maggie was sending me for the sheriff because she waa afraid of you! Because she thought you were going to kin her—about the— the will!" "Absurd! Why should I care what ihe did with her money?" "You cared last night—plenty," Leeana snapped. The trap was closing around her, but anger drove from her the grief that had mad* her helplesa, "You eared enough to kill her!" Leeana had not hoped to bluff Peter into admitting murder, he was far too suave for that, but' aha was not prepared for the guarded look hal settled over his darkly handsome face. Nor did she expect the lukewarm but expressive voice to become a cold, accusing monotone as lie said: "If the «%rst conies, 1 can clear myself. Remember that—all of you." After that he settled back on the old red leather morris chair, content to let suspicion run off him like water off a duck's back, his utter nonchalance daring them to single out the person—the murderer? Leeana found herself thinking—to whom his words had been addressed. But why should Peter warn the murderer? Why should he mark himself for murder? J^EEANA struggled with the tiny shudder that began somewhere along her spine and marched consistently up and down, down and tip, destroying the tittle at her confidence that remained. Did Peter think Mart Preston would be fooled by anything quite so Juvenile? But If It wasn't Juvenile—what then? What if Peter Thorne had come to kill Miss Maggie and, having succeeded, intended now to turn his talents toward getting rid of Jasper and Miss -Agatha M he would inherit all that remained of the Thorne fortune? What if, last night when Miss Maggie informed him of the change in her will, he had known that it was now or never? Leeana looked at her father'l cousin. Surely that much violence did not lie behind those graj-blue eyes, no matter how scornful and shrewd they were. Surely there w« in Peter Thorne some of the family loyalty that had chained Jasper to Thome Hill all these years. Chained The thought-reference was an unfortunate one. It switched Leeana'j suspicion to Jasper, who seemed to be lost in a fear that must be very genuine to have wilted him so completely. Did he, too, feel the trap closing? Had Peter been talking to him— would that account for Mrs. Carstairs' hysteria and her obviouf fright BOW? <Te Be CearitnawiD For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION COM* lnv»,H- severe! hotpitoU and •llriici, wbnormel Kidney junction W" Improved, Madder pain md discomfort reduced oftw me in* of Mountain Volley Wirrer. Concrete Culv.rr •I«M •• t» M hi. Corrugated M«tal Culvert* ip b> M lit. TiU AiUmatte fWd Gate* Concrete Septic Tanks Met«l Septic Tanks Sewer Tile ie» rVleea Vfe Deliver A. H. WEBB •iffcway It at Slate Line „ Fn«n« 714 HAIRY VETCH •alboa Rye, Barley •nd Seed Wheat. for Fall Planting ke> - - . Blytheville Soybean Corp' t»H Wert malm Btytkerllle than Shirley Hipp FRIENDLY' grmoc r««« condition os functional KW- n«y fcnpoirmerrt nSh natural, im- . trmted mineral water mov be r.ry beneficiol. 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M o.gta M , IT » SOKTt, LIKE HfWW » «H«*-«>UMC> ff ARL UHOe. *fytaf oytawsftocs, mr WE ONE SB. \ifOUGOTT4, tttAC HOK*E!Z IMMODEST BUGS BUNNY Se« You La lei W« »II*T NBVER USED \ 5TBH, WJT WC'5 TH' ~C SOT LEPT/ .' ITS CUE. WEALTHY M BW?MMD: 1SKT THW THE BAJTD WHOM YCU SUSPECTED BEING BOOTS AiS'I) HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN t \ WftS SfNrti ,MV ^Ot.Wi

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