The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1931 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1931
Page 9
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PAGE TEN THE,BOOK ''SURVEY* . KV HItUCE CATION liy (he J. fi. Uppii'.colt Co. at S3, NKA Srrviee IViiler and il is tin- June' choice of ihe - CARLETON REALS' "Mexican | '><><* [.eattia- at Anvrlcn. Malxc" is a book Hint ought to do i ' ' ' America a cooci d-al of good. It '''UK .MT.UMN'C STOIIY or ' <iii.-\rr i.s 1 M:\V YORK One of the IBO--I dir-iiiriiini; lv»ks presents Mexico, not as a nation of half-civilized "greasers," but as a robust land of an amazing vitality, rich wilh a culture, a way of life, that in'raany ways is superior lo our owij,i and bright v;ith n promise of stirring nchieven&ut In 1)!? future. Mr. Heals mixes liUtory, personal observation, anecdote and philosophical sixTiilation in a mnnncr that makes, his book a delight to lead. Oh one pace he lakes yon lo a sleepy mountain lown and lets you see the even routine of Mexican life ill ail iti lazy aiirarlSv,?ness: on ih'e next he explan.s just what lias been going on in Mexican political and economic splietvs since.the'fall of Dia?.; on the iiexl he tells why the average Mexican fears and'hates the. gringo: on (he next Its with some illiterate descendant of the Aztecs in an "upland hamlet—and so on. through many chapters, until you gel a many-sided and authentic picture of Mexico as il really is. Mexico, says Mr. lienls, has not yet fallen liner Hie sway of the machine cm. Life there is still unhurried aiid placid. If Mexico contains ' ignorance, violence ami treachery in abundance. It also contains color, mysticism and <i healthy indigenous art. . Little by little, pmver is swinging to Ilic natives, the pure-blooded descendants of the countrymen of Montezuma. Eventually, these people, will make Mexico one of ,tl;e most surprising; nations on earth. . II Is Impossible to summarize this book properly in a short space, I can only urge you to read it lor yourself and see what a worth- of I'nt year is "Gimme," liy Kmam.H II. I/vine, Hie New York iieiwilei who 'XiX'.i-d the lorime of il'.e police "Ihh'd degree" nic-lh- «h i. !,••,•.• mmiihs a(;o. This liook ti.lls iiho'.it ynnniripal i>iafl in New iyu,'k. and it h a most appalling rt cortl. Mr. I-cviiic shu'.vf graft to IY> -iu:v;r!vi', i-x'.v.idlni,' from, the Mexico Tim distant mountains, uc'bhliy and splendor. Ciard P i '.iv>ll arms np In New the clfi'.idli-ss skies, ihe majesty land lieruiiy of the countryside, nil j convince him. as a boy. that there ;ls it waiting him, soinev/h.«ie In linnhoral. 'a starry adventure." He 1'icms iiji, wailin;; fur it--!inil, na- turilly i>nniii:li, lirlievrs that he finds it in ihr (jpr.von fif a 'A'oman, ;i nriiltliy NY'.v Yorker who cmtins to IIvi' in an u!il .Spanish ranch Jlt.1l Ilis Jlomi?. Unfortunately, ho'.vevcr, Ihe women nuns nm (o ),<• a fako; and I lie :-(.ii ly :id?vntme becomes a nightman- of pain and shame. And then, '.vlu-n it K all over, Card tiius tn make a .'-rtond br-fjinnin^ wiiii Jiim.. his wife, his childhood THURSDAY, JU.VK 1931 to]) lo the bottom. The powerful city bjsses hau> nchlni; pniius, und .v> li.ivi 1 the ordinary eosirl cl/?rki, •ily i tips iind w:.rd I'.relcis. No Ml ~l thievery K u.ij ^n-;i see, a rallier simple Uile: but It lia r . mor.? nourishment in il timn a dozen of the bllb novels of metropolitan sophistication which us- iiully nel .such critical lugs as "KrllililiiB" and "vital." Il ir, published by the Houghton. Mifflln Co.. and sells at $2 50. Illlli:!- 1 KKVIi-JWK 01- SOAIl; IIKI'DNT HOOKS I Amour; the books you mlRlii like l'i hear about are ll-.e following: "V;.sat>oiid'.s Paradise." by Alfred DatM>n U.itllc, lirown and Co.; S3 SO>. How H younn liaslonlaii liui.iK'il his svay from Nicaraniw lu Mi- Ilio Oiande. A g<xxl, firsi hand plciure of life In tropical Amriiia. Ciood eincitalninciil. "A villa In Uriltany," by Donnld Motfat (iDoubleilay, Doran; " amusing exjvirlences of fiotis-.ind Anythnr;, niri:.-! <i:i i a! by; IKJLle is too apjj:i:ei!!ly, Irom ) :? Rrali'fully taken Nf\v York's ^an 1 ! ni rulc.'i 1 ;.. My !l!V. Iranian to all n! this \va.s :n think l'ro\-!de]icc that 1 live a lull Ml) nille.s from Manhat- tiin; but that. nfiiT all, Is u foolish feeling, bec.iii'e the point lo tin- »lm!e thing is liiat New York i <liff?rs fiom oilier rilies only in tliat il is bie.crr. The hideous Ihlrvery that Mr. I.aviuc de.scrilH'S probably exists in your city, loo. It Is Just pitched i>n u smaller .scale. "Gimme 11 is a valuable bonk. R?:idlnt' il, you s;et I IK- Impression, <H tir.ii-s. that il Is one of the opening chaptets in ttie history ot the decline aiid fall of Ihe American republic—and maybe it Is. for all I know. It is published by Ih? VaiiKuard Press, and costs £2.511. A Vi:i(Y MOVlNft NOYI-M. IIV MAUY AI.'STIN "Stairy AdvenUne." l)y Mary Austin, is n beautiful and sensitive novel, bright 'wiih (he cnlois of Mm AHUM lean soulhwrst und rlirrin ,/;H'' can unclcrsland about Ihe •'»'-''• slany aclvenluie; ln-lter, she canjan American family Uial Siicnl a make Ciard undc-rs'.and lhal II Is |Mimmer In H lets apt to be a bii^ht and claz.- i Pu-ity mild In mobt places, hut /hni; liiu-rluile than a long, broad i ccca.slonally cinile funny. i-lKiplM- in life -a thing thai -finovi' Man." by Malcolm T Wul- auda-jon-' d':c-s not reco;;ni/e until one dron dloiiKhlon. Mifflin- 5^1 H ow pelly. |tui<- IIMMI in il for a Umi-Ro, to-llwo men iriimiiecl across' northern ci-ilu-r, ilu-y M-I c,nl to find it. j Canada and spent a winter in the ••Ki:n:y Adventure" is, you can ] Barren Lands. Very .sliumlaling If 1)00 tit is. It Is published | wllh n convirtmi of lutinnn life's Missouri U. .llr;ui. Withoul Decree Himself, Confers One on Ili* Wife President Wslter Williams of the University of Missouri whose formal sducsticn ended in high school, u shown here eonferrins: the degree of Master of Arts in Journalism on his wife, Mrs. I Lockwood Williams at Hie .school's 1031 commencement Belou- j their marriage. Sire. Williams complMctl li?r studies under l)r Williams iu the Missouri Journalism school of which he was clean until a year aao. Honor Famous Mississippian Here U the scene that vras enacted as a statue In memory of Senator James Z. George ot Mississippi was unveiled in Statuary lull in the capltol at Washington. Those in the picture are desccnrtoiu's of the-f«moiis southern statesman. Fran kit to ri^ht th->y are Katy Boyd George, 'granddaughter of Senator George, v.lio 'itn- vellcd the ,statue: Joe Eaimcte. JYances Aldrirt-e and Peckctl Howorlli, Jr., great-groat-urandchilrticn you like the far-liorizon stnff-ns f do. "Oolily Gels AlomV 1 by llaw- IliBiTie Hnrsl (Alfred II. King inc., S2i. A cold-blooded little napp<;r sets out for Hollywood, be- comr-s a IjalliliiK Manly Instead iind has varied 'adventures. Not quite as it irlr-s (o be, Inn fairly ontcMalnlny. "Tbe Complete Works of Fran- cols Villnn," translated by J. u. Nicholson tCovlci, Fried.?; S3.50>. A leally excellent traiiilation of Villcn's poetry. Unexpurgated, and .supplied wilh an abundance of tommies to make clear the |:?IM)]|.I] references In Villon's two ti'.stair.cut.s. Well worth owning. 'IIIMATKIt IS MI.'SIC HAM. BOSTON, r UP (—The Lancaslcr hoairr, a North End movie house where yon can see the show for a dime, spends S5.0CO lo SG.OCO a year on a novel cultural program. Among other things, llvj theater finances the musical- education of de.-cn'inu North End children who show lalent in this Held, and provides clicral tninini; for some 100 oilier ytjiutgsiers. Weekly Newspaper Is "Hero" of New Novel COLUMBIA. Mo.. I UP) - The Columbia Herald, for years known as "the incilfl small-town weekly"! Is Ihc "hero" or a new book by I Mrs. Waller Williams, wife of the I president of Hie University M Missouri. Williams e<litcd this paiier be- lore leaving newspaper work to become ihe founder of .the Missouri school of Jounalism. Among >K."vspapermcn who received their curly (Mining O n this country paper were Eujjene Field. Joueii Shouse, Homer Croy, Carl Crow of ihe Shanghai Evening Post, and Charles G. How, Washington cor- i.vjjjontait of the St. Louis PCGI- Dlspalch. the opinion of J. c. Gil.wn. M, and wife, 95. who celebrated their 75(h v.-crtdliiB anniversary here. "I've never seen n mcvlru; picture." said "Grandma" Gjlson "and from what I hear I haven't mlss'd much cliljer." Asked his pinion of modern' youth. Oilson grinned. ! "We weren't nnsels In OU r day . either," was his only comment. Couple Wedded 75 Years Cite Happiness Maxims KrTOXVILLE, la., (UP).-Lois of work, lots of children and consideration for each other, are the three maxims of married life, in p re»y Girl Caused Driver to Quit Truck BOSTON. (UP)—Ail unidentified youiiK man drove a loaded motor truck onto an East Boston ferryboat. When Die boat ic-arhcd lio.s- lon . ihe truck remained aboard drivericss. Several days later s. j. Pahey tailed at a polio? slation and claimed the truck. He explained lhat the driver .a young man in Ins employ, had espied a pretty Blrl (o talk with her, and had lefl tte boat with her., forgetting all about ihe big vehicle he was supposed lo drive. Coe College Students Give Teachers Rating CEDAR fiAPIDS, la.. iUP)_A new wrinkle In education has been announced by Prof. C. II. Oeiger of Cce College. He has worked out n system whereby students of the college can icll their professors what they ililnk of them. The system includes a group of questionnaires which rate the professors on their efficiency in planning and conducting courses, enthusiasm an in teach- ins .preparedness for lectures, ability, friendliness and sympathy for student problems. AUSTIN, iui'>— Abolishment of Fort Ringgold by the U. S. Array in its retrenchment plans would wipe out a place that has become almost a shrine to Texans. The mcdc-sL little army pos! on ihe Rio Grande is visited by thousand because among Its officer ctnarters can still be pointed out the one occupied by Lieut. Robert E. Courlet r.-ews Want Ads Pay. od-th eyve tf oof to be qood! ** . ,J$m>. t/' , 1VM^. •„*'•**-id m fe *§ 7. "'< Ft £ 7 ..•5**t A gallant army of 1O<% Jt/IA NURSES 1X3/340 IINTHEU.S.A.I help fight your battle in the cause of Health What modern civilization owes the trained nurse tan't be figured in dollars. Tireless, patient, efficient, she has earned one of the highest places in public and private esteem. We couldn't do without her— why not tell her so? ,/" / m ^ y&frf* ^S2S^^ 'CO. have a way with them, too! cigarette paper. Every CHESTERFIELD is made to smoke milder and to taste better. O 1031, IIGGI-TT fi Mvrxs Tniurro Co, Not only do you trust them, but evenly. Credit that to the ripe mild you like them. And it's the same tobaccos and the' pure imported with a good cigarette. Smokers stick to CHESTERFIELD because they find them dependably milder. You can smoke as many as you like. Af 1 , J } More men and women every day And CHESTERFIELD smokes more are finding this out! . esterfield SMOKED BY MORE MEN AND WOMEN EVERY DAY

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