Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 18, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1897
Page 24
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DAILY PHAEOS SATURDAY, DEC. 18, 1397. OITYNB.WS. Xmas trees at Qalgley's. See Hauk before Christmas. Pharos subscriptions are due. J. J. R. mocha & Java coffee. Hot and cold soda at Porter's. Eggs and butter—Rothermel. "Meet me under the sky light." Fine gold scarf p!n«—Ben Martin. Read the special ad. ot the Golden Rule this evening. The "Rubalyat of Doc Sife"'s," Rlley's latest book, at Graves', Eight-day cathedral gong china clock 16.50 —Taylor, 309 4th St. Meet me in your well.—John J. Hlldebrandt, Fourth street plumber. Visit Henderson &Sons ware rooms and eee the fine display of furniture. Miss Llllle Orr nas gon e to Peru to spend the holidays wloh her mother. Our great Set-h Thomas clock, 3-day, black enamel, 15.50—Taylor. Carpet sweepers, skates and children's knife and fork sets. Crismond. Something new, a dozen photographs, 50c, Anderson,606 Broadway. Home-made doughnuts and cinnamon rolls—Dellcatassen,407 Market. The celebrated Goodrich holiday slippers and free china at the New Otto. For Xmas presents buy shoes., and the bankrupt store Is the pl&ce.— Walden. Give us your orders as early as you can for evergreens, holly, mistletoe and wreaths.—Foley. Roast chicken, potato salad and fine lager beer tonight at Fred Heppe's, Third street. 15c will buy a drink of Golden Wedding rye, eleven years old, IHi per cent proof, at McHale's. Buy no department store trash, but come to Hauk's and buy something that will last a life time. The regular monthly examination of teachers occurred today at the office of County Superintendent Cornell. Skating Is fairly good on Eel river today above the Uhl dam and quii;e a number of young people are enjoying it. Webster Matthews, a student In the law department of Ann Arbor university, is at home for the holiday vacation. Mrs. Max Frank, of Delaware, O., is in the city visiting her brother and sister, Otto Kraus and Mrs. Julius Kauftman. Miss Caddie Sauers. who was here for several days visiting Miss Tlllie Solimano returned yesterday to her home at Kolcomo. Mrs. A. J. Prescott and daughter, Miss Grace, and Mrs. C. W. Finch and daughter, Miss Alice, have returned from Chicago. Another cold time in the old town. keep warm by wearing our caps, our gloves and our underwear—Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher. JOHN F. JOHNSON, Is Me Granted Special Privileges? Government Detectives JUtinf? an restigation of tho Case, In- Tbe Ex-Banker May be Remored the ieatenworth Prison. to Tbe stories that have been repeated by individuals and printed in the newspapers, to the effect that Ex- Hanker John F. Johnson, of this city, Is accorded uousal privileges at the pecitentiary at Columbus, Ohio, has aroused Judge Baker, who passed sentence on Johnson, and the attorney general of the United States, and the matter is being Investigated by government detectives. Discovering this fact the Indianapolis News sent a special correspondent to Columbus, and in last evening's News he prints a long letter. The following Is what he says about Johnson's prison life: LOHNSON'S PRISON LIFE. "Judge Baker, wnen he passed sentence on Johnson, administered a scathing rebuke to him, and when he left the court-room there were few who sympathized with him. "Word reached the people of Logansport that Johnson was playing the gentleman over here. It was reported that on one occasion that he accompanied a friend to the train and! passed the guard with a nod as which is close to the sidewalk and outside the gates. He has a permit to pass through the gates, and can pass In or oat as late as 10 o'clock at night, bat said he generally went in as early as 9 o'clock. He declares, and so do the oprlsoa officers that he sleeps In his cell in '-Bankers' Kow," but he does not eat with the other prisoners in the great dining hall. He formerly got his meals in a hall on the top floor of the hospital build- Ing. Now he dines in the restaurant in the basement of the offices. WHAT THE OFFICIALS SAY. "The prison authorities assert that he receives no more favors than other prisoners of his class: but visitors to the prison say he fares better than did Harper, the Cincinnati bank swindler. The treatment accorded to Harper caused a scandal in the institution. Johnson's wife comes to see him once a month, and It is declared by the officers of the prison that he sees her the same as other prisoners do their friends or relatives —in tbe presence of a guard. The guards all speak of him as a model prisoner and say that they never saw him outside. "There is a good deal of uneasiness among certain of the officers of the prison just now. The place is practically managed by politicians, and the politicians all have friends employed there. In consequence there are half a dozen political factions, and each is afraid to say a ALL DOWN On the Panhandle Between Chicago. Here and Ways' naufflet Is a knitted worsted throat and lung protector, easily put on or taken o2. Don't turn up your coat collar, but use Ways' mufflot, sold by Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher. The masquerade ball given at Progress hill, Thursday evening, by Logan Council, Order of Ohosen Friends one of the most delightful social entertainments ever given tiy that organization. .Actor v Wilton Lackaye, who appeared here Thursday night In "The Royal Secret," was a college mate of Peter Smith, the attorney, of. this cltTi »t the Georgetown university, Washington, D. C. T •Wednesday, while Miss Lnlu Klt- chel, teacher of the Hillock school was correcting a pupil named George Harvey, the latter's brother, Dennis, struck her In the face with a book. Both pupils were expelled. The board of trustees of Wabash college vote.3, Thursday, agalns'5 making arrangements to educate women at the institution, as they havo Insufficient money to build additional halls. Tne petition in lavor of coeducation was signed by 27S alumni, while 12S opposed. Quarterly meeting services will be held at the Market street M. E. church, Dec. ISth and 19th, beginning with preaching by the presiding elder, Rev. M. S. Marble, D. D., at 7 o'clock tomorrow evening. He will also preach at 30:45 Sunday morning. The public Is cordially invited. Elmer Hatch and John Hatch, of Miami county, and Russel Day, of this ciunty,arrested upon the charge of stealing a horse from Charles W. McClure, of Adams township, were each placed under a bond of $200 to appear at a preliminary trial to be held in 'Squire Fender's court next Wednesday. Statesmanship is the art of understanding and leading the mases. Its glory Is to lead them not where they want to go. The same art applies to fashion you will note the fact whatever It will be, hat, shirt, tie, or gloves that Dewenter the Hatter Mid Furnisher Introduces is always correct in ityle and reliable In 4 ual- he went out; that he came and went as he pleased; that he visited the theater In company with another convict; that he had remained at a hotel over night; that he did no work of any kind; that he did not wear the prison garb and that visitors to the prison frequently mistook him for one of the attaches of the prison; that he had all that money could buy him, and that the time passed pleasantly. So great became these . complaints that the government is now making an investigation, both of Johnson's case and the case of another banker about whom similar stories have been told. "It is a close question whether or not Judge Baker will have jurisdiction over the warden here so far as Federal prisoners are concerned, but the belief of goodjlawyers is that the attorney general of the United States has jurisdiction and It Is he who is making the investigation. "If the facts as charged by the people of Logansport are true it Is likely that Johnson will be removed to Ft, Leavenworth, a prison under military discipline It is understood also that Judge Baker is ascertaining wha,t action he can take in the event charges against the warden are true. "It is common report here onjjthe streets that Johnson Els enjoying many privileges, but I could find no one who would name specific instances. One man told me that he saw Johnson standing on |the Qside- walk in front of the prison, but no one could remember seeing him uptown. A dozen men said they believed that he had been up-town but that was as far as they would go. But this is certain: "JJohnson is the clerk to the clerk-of the'prison, and word for fear the others will report him. The guard that took me through said that there had been a great deal of inquiry about Johnson in the last two or three weeks. He said there had been government detectives there, and that the chief of the United States secret service was through the prison a few days ago. "There are two detectives in town now," said he, "and there is a newspaper man from Indianapolis here, too, trying to find out something. I would like to see that reporter. I used to live In Indiana." "Would you know him If you should see him?" I asked. No. But I would like to get acquainted with him." DOING THE CLERK'S WORK. "My loquacious guide told me that the prison clerk did not get around very early of mornings, and that Johnson did his work, such as receiving and discharging prisoners, etc., until he did come. The guard said that he was glad of it, for 'Johnson Is a bully fellow. 1 "I found out that the rule here is to treat prisoners according to the station In life they occupied before Trains Late on All tbe Roads—Business on the Michigan IMrisiun of tbe Vandal ia Booming—Railroad Sews. The snow and sleet of yesterday, and the sudden change la the temperature last night, played havoc with the telegraph service on the Panhandle. Communication with Chicago was cut off entirely up to 2 o'clock this afternoon. Nine or ten of the wires were broken in as many as forty places. An extra force of line repairers were sent out early this morning and It is expected that the repairs will be com pleted by noon tomorrow. EAILKOAD NEWS. Panhandle trainmen report that i rained all day yesterday at Cincln nati. Harvey Needham is employed ai extra clerk at the Yandalia yart office. The Vandalia wires, between here and Terre Haute, were badly broken Thursday night by the sleet. The Michigan division of the Van dalla, like the main line, is now handling the largest tonnage of reight since the road has opened for business. Eecently a Panhandle freight train was forty-one hours on the road between Logansport anr< Chicago. It HOLIDAY OFFERINGS. Our Store will be;; open until 9 o'clo ckj; to accomodite ; | Christmas Shoppers , *•»•••••«•••••<•<»»» took another train thirty-six hours to make the same trip. The: Wabash now has the largest number of men on its pay rolls in the history of the road. In all departments the company finds need for a full complement of men. Seventy ton locomotives on the Wabash lines will be a new thing but practicable, now that the new heavier st«el rail is laid. In the past a forty-five-ton engine was the heaviest used on that road for regular service. John Sayles, an old soldier, enroute from the Marlon home to Delphi, was picked up by the police last night, iu a beastly state of Intoxication aod committed to jail to keep him from freezing to death. He was put aboard an early train, this morning, and sent to Delphi. It is stated that the bondholers of the Michigan division of the Vandalla are watching with, more than ordinary interest the business the road is doing, and, should its present prosperity continue, the Pennsylvania company, to secure control of it, will be obliged to protect properly the first mortgage bondholders and also the extension mortgage bondhoders, QLASS FOR TEETH. Than and his duties are the lightest kind of bookkeeping. He wearsQhls mustache, his hair is not croppedQand his clothing Is of the finest grade,so that unless he was known to be a convict, the fact would not be suspected from his dress. He] smokes his cigars, laughs and talks and. his imprisonment is not resting Qheavlly upon him. "He Is employed in the outer office coming into the prison. For Instance, Johnson, who stole a little less than a half-million dollars, always lived like a gentleman, and he is treated aa such.. In his case it is argued by the prison officers that the fact that he has been sentenced to prison is as much punishment as could possibly be given to him. Sceve Lyons, a country boy, living rear Logansport, found a bill and passed it. wears stripes and works on contracts The officers of the prison said that raised ten-dollar For his offense he this Is the plan they believe the brings prison about the best results in management'"The clerk of the prison, who 1 Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER WORLD'S FAiR,CHICAGO, 1893 the son-in-law of the warden, thinks all these stories emanate from per sons with axes to grind. It is den lee that Johnson went to the train with a friend from Logansport, and the clerk says-the bank-wrecker has never been outside the walls. But whatever may have happened, it won't happen again for some time, and things are so well covered up here that I doubt if the government will be able to substantiate the charges the Logansport people have made. But it is certain that Johnson is not being punished In the manner his victims would like to see. At o'clock last night I passed the office of the prison steward, which Is across the street from the prison. At an up-stairs window I saw a man that the person who was with me said was Johnson. I am not sure that it was he, but it looked very mnch like him." ______ Perfumes fur Christmas Hake the best presents, For sale at Graves' book store. The Weatker. Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday, not so cold Some People Prefer It Bather Gold—Other «ew Uses. "The latest use of glass,' : says th Plttgburg Glass Worker, "is, instea of gold, as a material for filling de cayed teeth. It answers splendidl and is far less conspicuous than th yellow metal. Of course it Is no ordinary glass, but is prepared b some new patent process, which ren ders it soft and malleable. Glass, too Is being extensively used for churc bells. It can be toughened so tha there is no risk of its cracking, an the tone is said jto be beyond any thing yet invented, perfect, soft and sonorous." "We are prepared for the Greatest Week's business in the History of the Golden Kule. The entire store is in readiness for this Great Business. Special Bargains For The Holiday Trade lo Dress Goods, Cloaks, Umbrellas, Blankets, Comforts, Table Linen, Leather Goods, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Corsets, Underwear, Hosiery —AND- HOLIDAY NOVELTIES. —A Full Line of— Dolls, Pictures Etc You can buy here, for about half what other stores ask you. We cannot bt^gin to tell y»« of all the articles suitable for Christmas presents, which are to be found on our counters. Come and see and judge for yourself, as t» whether you can or cannot be benefitted by trading here. Cloak Department. Why would rot a Jacket. Cape or Collarette make a nice Christmas present, while we hare ^nade a great work-down in price. We have made a cut on every garment in our store. Kow is your opportunity to buy at under value. The Golden Rule. THE Much Interest Manifested ia the Me Coy-Creedon Mill. There was much local Interest yes terday In the McCoy-Creedon mill pulled off In Greater New York last night, and the result is being talked of on all sides today. The Hoosier fighter was a strong favorite and his victoryjover gthe Australian occasioned no Qlittle enthusiasm among the snorting fraternity. Something]That Will Please. A box of choice confections or dainty basket of tropical fruit makes a most appropriate gChrlstmas present. L. Solimano, the old reliable dealer, is sole agent for Guenther's fine candles: also sells the choice goods madeiioy Lowney, L'Allegetti and others. Nothing can surpass his holiday display o' fine imported novelty candies, fruits, nuts and candled fruits. Drop in and look at the display, even if yon do not buy, BacKman's Glass Blowers. Backman's glass exhibition on Market street; is attracting a large crowd of people every evening for the merest of visitors and each person receives a nice souvenir. The trained birds also addito the interest if those present. They perform Terr lever feats dnrlngithe evening. Cold Feet Are not known If you use a heater sold bj HenrjjTacker. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Fresh oysters—Rotbermel. See Quigley's for Xmas candys. Read the Golden Rule Saturday night ad. We are selling lots of fine china.— Ben Martin. Dr. Woodard, of Indianapolis, was n the city yesterday. Medallions in all sizes and all prices at Graves' book store. Come and see our fine onyx top ables for 14.—Taylor. Simon Grant, of Star City, was in town today on business. Call early for good selections on Christmas trees—Foley. Selling out,'.and everything must go at Walden'a shoe alore. Hot rolls mornings and evenings at the Dellcatassen, 407 Market St. Sterling silver -ware, largest line In the city at lowest prices.—Taylor, The city clerk is placing a set of new chairs in the council chamber. The Ancestral Circle will meet next Wednesday with Mrs, John E, Barnes. Dr. Arthur Herrmann is greatlj improving the Interior o! bis office apartments. The 3-year-old daughter of Samuel Keever, of 710 Ottawa street, is 111 of scarlet fever. Boast turkey, roast chicken and fried oysters for lunch tonight at Dan Brown's, Third street. Look over tbe special price list of the Golden Kule In this paper and then come to the Golden Rule. Reserved seats on sale at 425 Third street for the sparring entertainment at tbe rink, Thursday, Dec 23rd. More limestone ballast has been jut down on the Pennsylvania lines west of Plttsburg this year than ever before in a similar period of time. The quarterly conference of the Wbeatland street M. E. church will be held Monday evening at 7:30. Tbe residing elder. Dr. Marble, will preach. There will be a meeting held at he Northside hall tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 for the purpose of organizing a union Sunday sch»ol. Ivery person invited to attend. Silk lined kid gloves are selling •ell this season. They are compara- ively a new thing and certainly are cry choice. They are easl'y pulled n and off and are comfortable to the earer.—Dewenter, the hatter and unriaher, is selling them. HOLIDAY Shoes and Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHWSTMAS Shoes and SHippers ever shown in the ciiy. Patent Leather Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green t red, lavender. In fact anything in nice evening slippers. ' See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter. Stevenson & kliasicl. 403 Broadway. GEE-WHIZ! That's what the man said whea his laundry came home yellow, ora and faded. Then he concluded t* try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned a» white as snow and without being torn in the least. Call up phone 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. Attractive ud Ceefel Glrtu, onntain pens,calling cards, card caaei socket books, box stationery, office naive*, etc., Longwell & dimming*. Christmas Presents SPECIAL- Satin Slippers, $1.50 to «2.40. Strap Slippers, 75c to $1.60. Quilted Slipper*, 75c to fl 55. Plain Leather Slipper»,50e to U, Children's Legging 75c to $1.50. Ladles' Warm Lined Show ?5e to •1.50. Men's Slippers, SOe to $2. Babr Shoei, ali colon Me to $11. Children'i and HJwet' Howe Slip. pera 50c to SI. WALTER MAIBEN, » 412 Broadway, OPPOSITE—BMt-HlTB

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