The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1950
Page 11
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TODAY, -OCTOBER i8,/i»w .....,....,......_..._..,..__________,_______,_ Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By JLK. Williams IS THROW- His - HOURS BUT A SUV CVEE KNOWS now MCE HM7 IT TILL HE KASTA WORK ' TH' <3UYHASTV»O FULL ROWS OF \ 'riSweiy*, TEETH, \MLJP f=EWCeS _. 1 HAFTA lAWXtfSHUM ^-S^gK <"*""°'« S**MMIK)G CHAMM6L - , THAT?AtATELV.' HlMfOPLAV WlTH= JCf.WIU.IAM5, PRESCRIPTIONS rr««h Stock ran teed B*st Price* Druo Stores THK STORr, Af<*r aroamlag tfl mt off hrr tw« v^phew*, P«ter FOR SALE La>«r*u nlterta 12 lnc» to M Uifa alUn oi reenrurerd AIM Cavanlc BpiMtei Bl«eki «beap. •f Ihu IcBukei lar taraa chtrkea tmmf B«ue«. trninl lo*l theda We drUrtr I •§ Iw trae wUnuW OSCEOLA t CULVERT CO. % Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. ;13S E. Main Phone 6716 LOANS Cates Wijjgs Co. REALTORS Ptione 2751 wnat did YOU do your Ion can te( an extra pair of ihoes for winter at home just oy.letllnj yonr >hoe serrict man "do .ver" your vacation shoe". Get an Extra' Pair Throoyh Shoe Repair. H-flLTCRS I lOuPLITY SHO€ SHOP! I '21 w M o i N ST. - «a«r *ae murder, bat l.r ••P«*'rBt])' »jr"lhc eaoLr* lain •ac«M»««a*a the killer Irtoi i« rrealc ••a«r*B Ibal I.rrana v*aa Iryiaic <». tee tram lae rrlmr. Iferalj Jar riff Mart Pr**taw docaa't a«ll«va Lec- Maa ia rvllrr, B«t the aiacra ae«M t« kav» Motive apleatr. HaBdra. Jaaprr** dUr.oateatca wfff«. had a«ea aeeaaed ar ateallajr • vala. ablr lavallerc Croat AuBt MrngfU. Hut M-hca the »htrIIT allFBiBta ta 4orH1loa Moadra ahnat 14, nbr veta • BRT5 and )a rrhakrd l»7 Aval ACRIBB. »latrr af Ihr vlafa waaiaa. • * • VIII JY|ART_PRESTON caught Sondri al at the door, but he was not llliick enough to escape the slash of her wicked fingernails. Blood stained his tanned cheek. Roughly, he whirled her around to face the sheriff. Purely scowled. -Mrs. Thorn*," he said slowly, "that's no-way to art. You want me thinkin' you killed that poor old woman?" "! don't care wh«t you- think I" "No?" Amusement flickered acres* the jherifTj sober face "You wouldn't like our jail. It's dirty »nd it's got eockroache*." Then, without changing hi« reproachful tone, he shot at n«r, "Where were you?'' "in — " Sondra stopped. Her eyes widened. "I told you. I wac in the living room. With Peter." The sheriff 'chewed his lower lip. "Where was Jasper?" "Why don't you ask Jasper?" "I have," Purdy replied. "I'd still like to know your story." Sondra jat back, apparently relaxed. Leeana couldn't understand why, for the sheriff's steady gaze held everything but belief in her innocence. She made a tentative b*gin- Ding: "Jasper and I argued—" "'Argued,'" her husband Interrupted dryly, "is putting M mildly." "we argueeV' Sondra went on. flinging him i dirty look, "about hit aunt's will— it's validity. 1 wanted him lo telephone Devens —Miss Maggie's lawyer," she added parenthetically. "But Jasper wouldn't. H« had some sort of chivalrous Idea that the old lady could do as she wanted— the money was hers. So I walked out on him." Her gasp was Implication enough, but she cried out, "Jap. you didn't — " Jasper looked at her out of dead eyes. "I didn't," he said dully, but there was no conviction in his tone. Nothing— but despair. Leeana was glad the sheriff didn't seem Interested in him now, although why she should pity Jasper Thome—! From outside came the sound of measured footstep". Purdy went into the hall; a momenf later there were mumbled questions, an an- fwer, and the men went upstairs. Already they walked that way— as though they carried a lifeless burden, the sheriff did not return immediately Mart Preston •hrugged to hi« feet. He dabbed experimentally at his cheek; it was ttiH bleeding. -There's a. thing or two bothering me. He turned to Mrs. Carstairs. "Leeana says you are not » hysterical woman," he said "and yet Mrj. Thome — " hit eyes went fleetingly to r Sondrn— "says 'you were having hysterics when she went to call you." Cynthia Carstain' frozen 'nee went colder than ever "I was scared. That's all." Martin smiled. "Oh, come now, i-s. Carslairs! When Mrs. Thorne called you, you didn't know Miss Maggie was dead. Did you?" "Certainly notr •Well, then—" Mart paused; then, "What did you see from your bedroom window?" The cook started up. (ben sank back, petrified with frith*. "Who did you see?" "He can't make you tell. Cynthia," Peler Thorne put in SH-.aiy. "He has no right to make you say anything—self-incriminating." Deputy Preston shifted hit attack from the Thorne family cook to Peter. "I am not trying to Involve Mrs. Carstairs," he mid coldly. "I am merely trying to solve a murder. Or do you object to that, too? Are you ,fr,ld of what she will say?" "Why should I be afriMT I WK with Sondra." "I'm beginning to wonder about that, too," Mart snapped. Surprisingly enough, it was Ju- per who protected. "You're being a bit ridiculou*, Preston," he Mid. "You're as bad as Purdy." "Thanks," Mart drawled. "Clem will be glad to hear that." He turned again to Peter. "Mrs. Carstairs' room is directly across the court from Jasper's—and yet she looked first to. you when she came m here. Was that because she saw y.ou—in Jasper's room and not in the living room?" "In that case," drawled Peter Thorne, "where was Jasper?" • • a A * almost Imperceptible change came over Jasper Thorne as Leeana wached. His Mn shoulder* lost some of their habitual xtimp and his hard eyes became a trifle narrower. What, she asked heraeif, wa« going on behind that thick 'blue veil? And why did Sondra's eyes tall as they met his? Wai it because Jasper knew now that Peter had not been in the living room with her? Or because Sondra herseM had not been there at all? Leeana glanced at Mart Preston' and was surprised that he seemed to be paying no attention at all to the Thornes. He was concentrating on Cynthia Carstalrs—and on Arthur Jones, who sat to her right. The old man's face was grief-twisted and his thin, gnarled hands wrestled with each other in his lap. "Now, Mr. Jones," Mart began, suppose you tell IK whatever you think will help. About tonight especially." (T. Concrete Culvert Tile Sim ip to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts She* ip |« M In. G»(e« Concrete S«plic Tanks Met»] Septic Tanks S«wer Tile Best Prices We r)c || TeT A. H. WEBB Rlfnwa.T BI al State Mne Phone 71i HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. for Fall See - - Blytheville Soyb«n Corp. li»» West Mahi BlytheTtlH. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION hi a majority e» COMI invest!»or»d in Mverd ho»pttoli and cl!nic«, uibnormal Kidney function ww rniprovaxi, »todd»r pain and dlKomfort r»du™d oft.r Hi« UM of Mountoifi Voll»y Water. rf your doctor ha. dlagnoied your condition at functional Kidney impairment ttiii natural, untreated mineral watei may be very beneficial. Try K for a few week.. ,* h delicioui, pure-toiting, and •*»r k>» coniumed freely. Croistown Whiskey Shop Main & Division In general, th« ua. needs to import only special purpose oil* »uch as coconut, palm, casu,,- , nd ollv , oil*. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp VOUR FRIENDLY' lAGNOLIA DEALER RED0 SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnmgi—Venetian Blinds—Auto Glasi AUSTIN & WICKEJJ • nnn* fiyft™ 1 12 ^ Fir** Phone 6207 NU-WA Laundry Dry Cleaning We're Proud of Our Work n« work « Woodwork » ctur '»« • Welding 6ARKSDALE MFC CO Machine work Mtnoltcturinc ARGUS CAMERAS Were pisl tm n appointed joor cxclaslTi Mcncr In Blylheville for Arjt., C.mer... See our complete .election lnc!.«ln, Ih. famexl Ar.Ti, CJ and Arroflei. Come to today. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main Phone 3647 UTLEY BROS. LUMBER CO. Wbo/estWe Retail Holland, Mn. — Highway 61 - Phone 3451 SPECIAL FOR THE WEEK: Fir Plywood 1-4" 14c-i" 25c-3-4" 33c Flinttote Roofing - Pittsburgh Paints Yellow Pint—No. 2, No, 3 ft C Grade Priced to Sell — We Deliver — AN» IW Thai', tit* "Lookt ltk« a big order for m« to lug from th« dellcatostn if mom aik* them to stay for dinner!" ... — taw —. I SAW VtXJ "^^ TH ^ E N T Ho\^r Meet Harmony Hogan BY MICHAEL O'MAI.LEY and RALPH LANK IT'f A »OMAr4ZV A HOrV ASOUTSVINe JWOtp YEK HORSES »*/ENTION OF.) 6OLP /VWM6/ A KfV US A LOOK XT THte •*-• • f-~ ' '-TKf •» I *!_•_ OF Tr* *efS?)frrCH CAPTAIN BASTi Clothes Coming Up BY LESLTK TURNER WHEN MIMI REALIZE — —^ —•- "'*' "v^fc*™* I / J.l^JW I I MM*, 'm $^£, H S££H*»SX *«?£"9 / s^T w «VCM, TOfW N MO DM.CIM- Tl^Tfi! MOM. .W r^E r«E GOT TOO kVCM *OOfi«TV lj ^ TO K «!flS|, •BLL,I\t TAKE 'ER TH6S6 DUOft" SHE EES TOO SUV TO \ KliTK THE SHOW ovi? «WBS vet/ HELP MIMI REJOlIt MERTEDUPE? BIFGS BUNNY Notninp In Fear BY V. T. HAMLIN . WHY NOT. StLLV LA.DY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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