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Saskatoon Daily Star from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 8

Saskatoon Daily Star from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 8

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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EIGHT THE SASKATOON DAILY STAH, FJIIDAY. MAKfll Piano Recital Wilkie Ministetr Addresses Knox V.M.S. Missions In Milady's Realm Local Citizens Give Prizes For Music Exams. Hu.iei,t who are fr the, ira'hal or the! tuiaiu-1 cond ty the Conservator- EdiUd by CLARA K. HOLMES -A ss.

re of the junior piano path''' the Ht John-RsWer etu W- a re. til! toinoi'ow at, i i four The following 1 tie progr.irit. Ikahel Morrav. rg cet Ca.Hve-l. The'ma W-n i i hw 'ill.

Helen I I Culler, Chtlstohel Irvlm 'r 1 ui ne Sic Ur, Wish' ir llv.imi. ecu md i i i aiK, ii 1 1 1 Is ij i i e. lunoo 1 i'e-ov. I Topper. W.lbur I alio hi Mi mu John Ki nnedv .1 1 -I f'-il of ej'er iri a.

is I1-. iecC, of i knot i 'I Ith. -til'd i iht mi Hf j1 tfi 1 -t i fr r1 1 1 Mt in tom of tii of Mciu remind that a prUe 1. offere 1 for the Caioibhiies gaining tlie gh- eftt marks as fohnw a. One prlge for g'irst marls In era, leg 1, 2 and 3, practical, donor to be announced iahr, f0r highest gained in gradi 4.

5 and 6, pi.u tical, donor Mrs It Mvers, onc rtao h.ghesl maiks gained giadis 1, 2 and 3, tVore-l''' c1'" a-- Tf' wl APPRECIAT ESD 0 AT 1 0 jn.o for h-ghest marls ita.ned i groies 4 and 3, theoiet.ral donor' T1, matron of vinv Mr. It. one pnre for 1 gb- 1 1 'o We x-et 1, i-t ma-ks i nod in any other sod- to lf', I'i-r- ist th in Rtar anil them donor, Mr W. II Jihsop. The monthly meeting of the tuv Chaptei.

JtiPK, will be he oil Monday afternoon at 3 lot 1 1 ellovv hall. I ng i sn I ft ri i.ui.1 l-i f- WMlv tM 5 tbf ft of H4 1 lj I i i iu" i his bj and wn i so, ys and hoepHal quilt have been oniplete-L ff.reeg were elected The fm, Irts Jri.t, Mrs ller.ry Walare t-sreurv. Mrs Bintier, H.riert Tli hT, soj er.nten-1 dent of junior hrimn, if junior brim Mrs, J. third Tort as ea reiar.v M'S. Hives, aafat Mm V.

Tt. F'l Cr ss vv i i iiiiei' II 1 t-l ford reprt 'n the Tra-v. e-s' Aid if the YW.CA, Mrs I Cl retires, ntattviis on the Coun.n Wimen, the an 1 Mrs. Will, uns a ml Mrs- App.etnn. (on.Tn.ttee on intor work h.tmi, Mias iy Henlev Mi.s moil Walker.

and The New Eden to Be Given At Y. W. C.A. Next Thursday; i 1. 0.

D.E. Notes 71 hoard i1 or tnl-iUoM U4 fi.ori to Va VStt tr of ti I ih-i-t tl I.m-- to A ta on urdav, Marth to NT A if will he devote) to war rhunt.e MILITARY CHAPTER f'dt't fnntn'ght, mcViaeal ii.Ial.a li.a i o.i s.o .1 to the verai chapters wlio a MONTHLY MEETING The regular monthlv meeting the Golden West Chapter wll lield on Monday next In the YV parlors at 3 oclock In the aftern The fv hoes" secretary reqiie's that tnemheis jiass in their "Echoes gtbscrlpllons nt ties meet'ng so that they may be forwarded promptly. Cherniavsky Trio Will Appear Here Monday, March 18 The famous lroUu! pa.sed through the citv jestrduy on the wav from Edmonton to Roui.u and (luring their brief stay the executive of the Kestubert Chapter of the Pauirhters of the Empire weie A 1-7? A A k. Ki i 'J is or it to the prtt-i jn'f rI i i-tiM riaKfj to vits a2 ch Mr. tv in nips.ioi a the c'ninbi no idol The Great Need t.r hi 'I 3 4 4' 4 5 5 Frugality 1 gooc 1, If liberality be Joined wit') Tn-first in h-aving off superfluous expuniu the last be- U.tni Jo the benefit if "them that lilt'd Tie without the last begins i nvetoustie-s, the Ihm.i fit fit st In -gins proiligaup gett er make an semper William Ienn Social and Personal Mrs.

I' Huh'rtsnn returne 1 to her harm- at K't mutton ifter eek her mother Mm. HimiHun, of 210 Mu'n Met, M.s Vert I rrit who has I visiting her sister. Mrs I II -liiiies for ist month, relni'cu to her home at Mi'nMc'vh, YP'i't Tuesday. SIr SV j- John has been In the "i for few iln vs mg hl sis lei Mrs Bt, John ik He lft tor I aeif last I.i-t gh! a Mr itrnl Mis W. Towel I mice Albert ate the truos's M' and Mrs Hell, ,121 Aver South.

i I Captain TL W. Ieirnou, Mt', K. arrived in the an on Cf'lL this afternoon on vv.iv to Salmon Arm, 15 He Is the guest of Mr, and Mi? A. W. Robinson Mrs Albert Coleman and Mr.

Is ie Coleman, who i to the city for the Lauder conceit, tune been visiting Mrs. M. M.whitinev, an'l returned t. jOCknood, Snsk veMerdav. Rev.

J. 11 third. a will conduct s. r-vices at Star City on Kundiv Th 'ollowlng week he will in a Miei la!'on being held bv the united Anglican and Me hod's: hes of that (dare. The largir pirt of the program to, i be given at the WCA.

on Thurs- I a iy, March 14, at 30 vil conmst of I inf i.i the beautiful rantata The New Ed-, Ion cn Choruses, solos, anil erm u-lets will he eqn illv appreol ited Iwo ii i of e.t. two ts 1 The 'oloKlg will he Mis T. A. lear-of hob -vv tie it four and i- i op- n.

soprano; Mrs 1. Anderson, il I. Mgs out h.t to- niri Mr Alev Ihigoid ami Mr. giihir will pit in oovir, 1 Tupm tenors Mr JL in vviiim pho for loin v-nv i hiss, Mr and Mrs Kid-m 1 iH Hike one lour in a oonhented to with tae ovili R.o ln-1 Pal 'grt-n In Hood Hnu-i keeping. ni of mo1 e-i I adl two tea i oda, an et I 1 It tin lam! one of ihnk bit1' larlels.

be rhorhirul of the Kf toother spiril ih rN wor'-h yrou' i Tin fit Lkc 4 hi m. nt i 1 oyu Mik 1 LpI nir a world speaker th wor Die i tv i FttnifUiMK Kr)t thouuu nuh wo ill Mr SutVrinnd nierlv r- turnotl frm a ne ur of the'on lioanl arul il Sorne.P11 nod Il.kis, i except the wd! not I 1 be awarded to candidates over 31. Ilrtranie forms must he a Cmversiiy rot Ja'er tiun. March 3" Cop'es of the cv vims nul 1 particulars may he oblauied finnVlhe gieretarj. Mr Hto.

Ia'iner, R.A 30 Twer.ty-ffh strei Everyday Etiquette on the dining-car a waiter or conductor seats (he people; he is not oalled a head mer. DunoTMY: WTin a 'sHowrr is. given a g'rl ho is about to he mar- nod, she should he asked receive the guests with the jms'ess teed not write notes cf thanks 1 able to make arrangements fur tlie.r hi of YY'iikaw would be present appeal a nee hete oil Monday, Marc: delved Irnlns prevent! b.s rs m- 1S. The 11 Pay light Theatie has jJls, been secured fu the concert and It General Business (nlv is riece-sary to sav that these talented Russian artists are coming Mrs. J.

Macdonald, the ptesl-to ensure a full house for their re- dent, conducted the no cling The to ensure a run house lor ttietr re- nom, eonoui-ieu me i m- The cantata will preceded by a' mi-cell, noons mgram 'consisting of 1 biiioforte solo 'Si In io" in (Chopin), Mss jfvcobv; ladies trio Moonlight St humiinn Mrs. T. A 1eirson. Mrs I. 1.

Anderson and Mis 10, W. Riddle, with viotin nlihg.ito hv Mr. Jackson 'oltn -olo minuet In op 14 No 2 llail-rrewskii Mr Ison; contralio -olo III lass than the dost" (hi Good pmis i i ed "Till I awake Amy AVoodfoi ileal! ib-; a-rtin. ms of St inns' 1 mdcni Mrs "Ring, inns Auvharv at Hi nnet-l Ttu, a( Is E. Jac- nhv conductor, Mr G.

C. Rainier, I. RAM Tickets in be obtained fiom tin WC A or from any member of the tboir for 33 cents The proeeeihe will be devoted to the work of the rellgaius committee of the institution. ing hibt In (he parish hill vesteida. of tn' j.

'edges 've lacn met and work bell, the pir'-h and m.sMons givc-ii Since (ne org'tnls ttlon if the Red Cross Mrs. J. 1). Tavlor of Stockton, ln 0ivts.n ember, fifty purs the guest of her son. Mr, T.

A Taylor and Mrs. Taylor, 43i Avenue i-K, south. i ''Partm. nt of the ihnrch, and was grueful to nnnouni Irie I irge nom- brr of fiptiolntmenis in the province which had become se'f-Ynstain'ng It w.ia expeded tin R'-v. Mr.

dev ol otm! ccrci-es were led hv Mis T- M. Smith and J. R. Md.e.m Mrs. G.

S. Ponn. and Mr- s'ing duet, "Eight nt Kveivng," hv Jerome, Mrs, E. Pre-ton had on display at the request of the president some of the Infants clothes ide by men-baml for the Ws of 1hp mi, on an1 an excel lent report of the work dune by the children of the band. Mrs R.

J. icdonald and F. Maclean will represent the society at fhe annual meeting of the Pres-hyterial, YY'vbe C. Clark the Rreshy ferial. letters re-ncknow Chntnn-Armltnge, pr.

Rnvil WORD quite a common yes" used in With the pas that excellent has became as tho Dodo blid Just Hats terwards to s.nce she will have the opportunity to thank each one as she is bidding her good-bye at the close of the entertainment. If anvone who is invited is unable to come, but sends a gift, that person must be thanked by note. All wedding gifts must he acknowledged by rotes of thanks It Tuition ow afternoon, promptly at would he out of nnce to call people 2 lock the Rev. S. I VV.

JHirtonjbv telephone in order to thank them, .11 open the grand bar. lar being held or to stop them on the street for those who Mr, and Mrs, Mawhinnev and their; two daughters left yesterday forf Yanconver. I Ylr. and Airs. YV.

Iinley have returned from a two moirfhs' visit In 'he East. Mr. E. PUawu, C.ihil! lef; jpstciday for copt ion Chernluvskv, Mischel -kv, 'celhst, and Jan Cherniavskv. pianist, will de 1 the.r ss nnnn former Uht aR Pn occasions.

The mrth brother. Alux Czernv. ill be the accompanist, Mischel Cherniavsky has been married to Miss Rogers, of Victoria, I since the last appearance of the tno in this city, and will be accompanied by his bride. MOLLY M0GG My Style Diary By Do i-o thy Clark under the au-quees of, the I-adas Aidi of Wesley Methodist church in the tAe MRS. Tour friends and nc quaintances wbo entertain daring beour season of mourning should send arrive, and should not be delayed until af'er the Three of the greatest bards of the eighteenth century England collaborated in writing a ballad which served to render immortal the name of reived Molly Mogg.

It was yeirs agOig.ft from Pr, A. H. today that the fair Molly passed away, at the ago of sixty-six, having remained all her life a spinster Her unmarried state seems difficult to account for, in the extravagant praise bestowed upon her charm in the ballad of Swift, Rope and Gay. In 1728 this tuneful trio spent some time nt a Wokingham tavern, called the Ruse. The land-li rd, John Mogg, had two daughters, Molly and Sally.

Literary historians -ay that in reality St was Sally Mogg was the cruel beauty celebrated in the ballad, but the wits were I too far gone to distinguish, and so tbe'lhe honor has clung to Molly. a pm pose. Such notes shoo'd written Just as aeon as the gifts and Mrs. and Mrs. Cummings, Mrs, Clark reported ledg'ng tew art and Harold "YES A FORGOTTEN Y'ears ago it was thing to heir the vvoid general com ersntkin.

sige of time, however, and refined vocable thoroughly extinct as and the thr e-toed Today, alas! the nearest lt.0 affirmative yep, up" or "ylppv." JkiUjj.ynuii.vma. are. On Easter ttund. tli vb any othn tune you will want to Mvll.shiV lllessed hue blushing toui is i nt and loves PENT are always cm 1 1 mid besides have sivle, tit ami good wealing quality. Igiok fi.r the name the lives you buy.

INSIST ON Theres more pood than you imagine in having your garments cleaned I arid repaired during the Yvin-ter when they are not in Suse. We keep them until you want them. Arthur Rose Dry Cleaning and Dyeing 624 20th St. Wt Phon 234 If Rose Cleaned It It 'a C-L-E-A-N EAGLE CAFE Under New Management Try Our 35c Meals W. LYNASS.

Prop'. 228 St. E. lancer; Levlta, S.D., Pun-hlainc R.CS,; Iaingham ItC.S.; Me-laval Jesmond YV.G.G.A.; North Portal Sol. Rol.

RC.S.; ITecevIllo; Parkman RC, Ih'inee Albert RC.S.; Ruthilda RC.S Red Jacket RC.S.; Regina R.CS.; Strassburg R.C.S. jc Tregarva Traynor RC.S.; YYegtfiel.l Illb; YVeyburn RC.S.; YYolfa R.C.S.; YVawota Merry Workers' R.C.S. "No thank you," Mr. Carpenter said, after he had acknowledged the Introduction, "I atji with some of tin old bunch. You see, Mrs.

Howard' he. turned to me. "your huebund I-an old habitue of the place, I am glad he Is bringing you with him You must meet noma of his old friends." i "Thank you, I eni sure I should like them very much," I replied wondering who the "ohl bunch were, and why that look of annoy ance flashed over George' face ss he spoke cf them. "Will you have the same win as vsuaj? the waiter esked. "Yes" George id shortly.

"How wvll they know you!" I exclaimed, astonished, 1 knew lit. of hotel nnd restaurants that I did not realise that It wn part of a watter'w business ty know what hi patron ie "You must com here great deal." I crys Hie lunch; we will dismiss that, Instead of talking of the waiters." he said coldly. Rut he soon smiled over nt me, antl be hurt while I sweetbread and mo brooms under gin- and the other delicious things he bad or-dered. Tomorrow -Evelyn Her Com-pUint. Frrl Neilil I yli iiwl Ur lispi ki.

Uii gii isj mh, tt i Far ntkti, Hcili 11 ten, 50c. ht. MU DnflM Shm MrfG I. Tndervvoiui has as let-guest Miss Eiiiun McArthur, of VVln- riipi g. Rev G.

Mill hei lnnil. of ilLie -P the guest of Pt. rind Mrs Mu donaltl. Mr Cju'iis went to Wu.ihp. yesterday on hurt business trip.

A dozen of the fr.eml.s of Mt- I 1 Alexander gave her pleasant sur- party hut night at her home. 1 make hue Ii Caids and otbog mu 3 were enjoved. Mrs. Mtimo ami Mis. YV.

I'nmis tarrying off the hist and ASHDOWN MARRIAGE prizes, re-pectivelv. 1 he Star fas been asked to stile that the report of the wedding of 'Miss Margaret Nina Ashdown and Michitlon are giving two more dances Newman Ashdown, of! triotle and Red Cross funds campaign before Die close of the season. The; Mmth, w- incorrect There was closed last night ith a total of $333 I building formerly occupied by Rank of Rriti-h North America on Si end avenue. The Sunday school and choir will assist in the sale 1 There will he an altiaitive musical' I piogi am and the tea room will ia chaige of Mrs. Horton.

Tin re Pave been other attractions pi tuned winch have to be s-rn to he appieci-cateil. The convenors of the committees me as follows; Aprons and i hlldrens wear, Mrs, Kell; fancy-work, Mr-. Cooper; home cookety, bn" Rnrdv. Rummage of a very good rlass will la sold to a committee in charge of, Pougall, PATRIOTIC OTTAWA OTTAWA. March OHawa's Ru- h' i at on of bread All in well fed 1 oil i lie! to am mol.

Ha. our, th it you take I Ji a a' -take Aid i- Piping Pi lose us the war. 'll, i.k once and think twice lire von Ci! a new she, Vmi show honor and pliuk and good Hi II -e, Htted blood hi Pad Is guns lire id's out fort 'gainst the Huns; Pun ib srov the list hue of defence! At the Sign Of The Red Cross i no Pillow ng dmutlona of mom t.upplis leielved at the a. -line Mwfh 1st. Hre gr.ntcfullv a lodged' General Fund lli'kingl, mi Rl'S.

$1S. Rerdue R'S. $.3, Tompkins IKS, Re.uerdale Igulles. $314, Colevllie, $200; l.y.hien $-47 Miller oung Reoples 1I.C i CO Iipe-tone ValUv, No, (Nut Mountain), $132 k3; Rama G.G $34. Scott Rntriotiij Society, $120; Flic Hills Ind.

Agency Rfh, Unvd- minster III Res' om 1 -ler ru.S.. $1U0; Milestone tH-M. Namoi 1, $, Noitawa $31; North Eorla.1 RC.S., $50) lUdvtlle RC.S., $100; Halnton $103; Finest Glen R.C.S., $34; Tux-! ford RIS, $59 25; A. YV. Brown.

1 Wood Mountain, Hart Camp No, 134ii, Modem Woodmen, $49 20; Cut Knife R.C.S., $254; Levtta D. ILCS, $23; Driver R.C.S., $50; Rock-haven, $35 23; Rockhaven concert, $122 30; Englewood SI), $102; Eyebrow $75; East End RCS, $75; Greenbrier S.P., $16 30; Ossa ILCS, Regina R.C.8., $143; Shnunavon $241; Shaunavon for Can. War Hos. Fund, $100; Fort. QuAppello R.C.S.

for French $.10 411, Readlyn $22; Rou-' lean $410; Swift Current $500. I Prmoner of War Fund I-gU'emlor Red Cross Sewing Circle, Leader RC.S., $30; Regina $2Q; Fort QuAppelle school. children (per $13. British Red Cro Fund 1 ers; Ernfold Lavender RC. Sewing jcmdlater RC.S.; Golden rIaln3 Rrs.

Glrvln Junior nC.S.; iak Girvtn R.C.S; RC.S; Hawkhurst; Hazen- more Harold ladles' Akl; Herschet RCS; Hawarilen RC.S.; Kelllh RC.S; Klshey RC.S; Klnderslev RC.S; Ltjella H.C.; Last Mountain I ungryV he aakod ua be told the chauffeur to drive us to the restaurant. "I thought I ws starving until you bought me the pearls. Now I so excited 1 dont feel hungry at all," 1 might have added, too, that his rebuke had helped to take away my appetite. "A good table for Henry! George said to the pompous looking head waiter, Right this way, Mr, Howard," and he led ua to a tablq where I could see all over the room, "YVill thi please you?" the man asked, looking at me. "Very nicely, I replied.

It was satisfactory to me, intoxlc atlngly so. I feared George would think me bold lemuse I hail atswered the waiter, but lie paid no attention. "What would you like, Rolen?" he asked, pissing me th menu card, "(th, vou pleae cider," I told told him. I will today, but you must learn low to ordef a well-balanced Uinch-eon err dinner. Mrs, Bextori will help you." Oh char, I thought, is that Woman going to Intrude even upon my luncheon? Rut I said nothing and listened attentively while Gege ordered ft delightful luncheon, cc-cvslpnallv looning I Bljuoved me to see If A Welcome Compliment "You are look'ng very smart to-osv, he said lo tun when the waiter fi'ft lis.

I am qui'e proud r.f vou, I flushed with pleasure. I had seen him bow to thi ore and that one. people I never had seen before. Rty. Uh smartly dressed women and well greiomed men I gd he thoueht I looked well.

How do you do, Howard?" a plesaaht vole said your same, old table" "Ury well. Tnn. Mv Mr. How. nrd.

Georgs Join Th, "Wcm' 0JJ home of Mrs Manly and organ-Mrs i ised a Red Cross w-oi division. They will meet In future every two weeks. 'War-time refreshmenls were served tl, inaugural meeting. FORMED The ladies of Kdzell mot at irritations to you Just as if they expected you to accept them, regirdless of the fact that they know you ate not going ahout socially. Mi gasopholus in sound tol()nn) i are "yeh, I i Other eur- Supplie "uh-huh 'and, in England, nn aggravating non- (K AamPda Atwater RC.

Aid; Bratton I W.GG.A.; Buchanan RC.S; Boscur- jvis RCS Cupar RCS Cc.nnirgton Manor RC.S.; Prinkwater Ind hum of sounds something like' "uni," This distressing aversion to the1 Rrovinoiat Chapter Fask. (Saska-j use of "yes" has given nss. in UMJI)KWe Kino rc, Work. I I rst thise will be held in Sa-ka- SJ wedding, according to a let-toon ball xnext Monday evening. I ter just received.

March 23 Is chosen as the date of the (losing social event of this dlviwum, Beauty Gkats fob) icallsed. The objective was 000 1 Ve wreu to wain our workers again, against irelng flannelette for, Red ('rims garments unless it has neen well tested, and found to be perlectlv safe, A huge sampiO should he tried with a lighted match before any' of the xterial is made up. In our issue for last April viej told the story of one of our soldiers in hospital, who dropped a spark fiom his cigarette on his dressing and was Immediately wrapped In flames. That such an Incident has once happened, shows how necessary it ts to avoid the use of such dangerous material. Sometimes washing removes the danger.

the Chin Reducing suh be INFLAMMABLE FLANNELETTE Business Talks to Women BY ELLEN LANE CPENCER THAT MONDAY OFF For certain good reasons, Ihe government has seen fit to close specified Indus'ries on one day a week, which gives to thousands of working men and working women un-c liter day to devote to any pursuit mav dslre. The first Idea that comes to mind for every one that this is a (lav Dial van be devoted to recreation to the theatres, movies, etc. Y'et, the firmer schedule Allowed enough time for creation for all of ue. nnd It In most c.iees remains ah before, except that tills one idle day is added. Can we not take this ns a gift to be aerppteiTln the name of patriotism and devote It to patriotic uses? It Is no sacrifice on our pnrt to woik on this day, and while we can-rot work at our own It Is pox-s hie for us to do something no matter how small thst will bring our ultimate victory nearer There Is much to he done In Ited Cross work, knitting, end dozen of other thmgs we would nut in any case do for pav.

So, why not make our Momkty pa-tilotlc, and devote them absolutely, during the hour we would sqherw lse be working nt our regular Job, to some work for our country. The bovw In Ih tra'nlng camp are work'ng Monday, so are Hi a hoy on the battleship and tn th trenches. That some of us hsvs Mondays off, 1 not because ws need the holiday, but to conserve neccssillr end to relieve congceHon on our railroads Have we any right to devote this lay to jiles'iTTr w-hen there Is so licit to be donT Inventive American mind, to a mtr.x- her of phrases which mean the same Hung, but winch will not permit one to the speaker of having ut tered the short word. Such are the elegant "Y'on said it," "Amt't St the You said a pageful." "l'ou know It" nnd many others tod hum-1 erous to mention. Life.

AN HABITUE OF THE PLACE CHAPTER XXYIlt. The next morning I dresed very carefully. I wore a smart dark tailor suit, with delicnie French organdie collar and cuffs; a small toque with stiff quills, and whit glove. I really ws.x very well "turned out. as George once had 1 In brn-rude needed, even an ornament fur my htr.

Then instead of giving the restaurant address, we drbve to the piln-clpal Jeweler of the town To my surprise and delight, he bought me a lovely (firing of peirls I did not hear the amount he paid fur them, but I know It wu fvbulou he r. fused several strings a not being lerftly tnatchol or of the right vedor. They Ar Very Becoming He clasped them around mv k. "Keep them on They are very becoming," be wild, ns he slipped the rase Into Ids pocket. "Now we'll go mid euj "Oh, th ink vou! they rue pi rfi mly lovely," I ild, squee ng 's land "I am you Ilka Gam.

Bui remember, lent good fomn to be dmnsirn'v In public. you I -blink up the loose und tl.ibbv flesh under tho skin. And If this flesh is kneaded ra.her Igorously with tie hands but never hard enough to bruise it anil then nibbed with ice, it can he easily reduced. Massage, like exercise, works two ways. A gentle massage w.H sliinu-lete th blood, un.1 nourish the skin, because nourishment will be carried to tbe part by the blood But a heavier massage will break up the fatty particles under the ekln and the Moo I will curry them nvvnv.

Gentle exercise la beneficial, genlle exercise will help make a thin woman fat It stimulates; violent exercise drains strength nnd vitality, apd uses up flesh Neck stretching exercises also help redm double chin, and holding the held high, so the thin is ever so slightly up and out, w.ll cor-tect it. S'eeping at night a Mod- helps correct a double chin slnco the pillow lends to push the head forwaiil and tho chin In. These I. sug ices inns, however, are for the double ch.its caused by" bad ways of holding the head. Queetion and Antwara Mr B.

I am sorry your an-rwer did not reach you sooner. Letters are aiW.ns answered as soon a IK'ssiblc, but as mui of the correspondence rcmalhd to me, frequent delays occur. Miss R. -I innot giv you the names of spoehillM- Jhrmigh the column here. I think, however, If oh will lake course of Inlet ray treatments, you will s-e' great 1m-jroment, for these r'nis will cure 'ii, Ruff though ion win pul notice rreeult of wrong wavs of hold.

rig the' cure right away. The Mr" YVilllam (lement and soil of Mavmont are the guents of Yfrs. II. White, 442 Fifth avenue, for a Vw day s. WHITE-ARMSTRONG Y'esterdny nt YVestmlnster manse, the marriage took place of Ml4 Hent-nco Anna May Armstrong, of Y'er-nulion.

and Mr. Andrew' Ixiulg YVhite of Markinoh, Snsk. The cere-motiv was performed by Rev. Pr. Plx.

Bread Without White Flour It Is predu td that tn Itss than a sear from now practically no white our will be nulled in Ibis country. A flour containing a larger percent of the grain will take its pi tectum to the advantage of the Arnerl i an people, liven nt the pre-ent tune we are be. oming nccqs'omed to much less white wheat flour than we I kvo previously used In our The line of saving wheat for the imo of our Allies has brought about Hus change, At tho same lime, the inuf.u Hue and introduction of am ill hand -mills Is helping lo make Hie use of whole-ground grains more popular By th's method wheat flour can be produced wiilch has practically (he same composition ns II, wheat grain Itself Healths making neiessvry the ue of wheat flout conliutilng a large percentage of ihe wheat griln. the present and prospective stmrtugis In wheat product making the extruded use of other venal grains a p.ttrloHo fluty. There are innnv Tr Tr ne and S'll( Ions varlelies of dark hre ul.

all more healthful and sotlvfvlng than tho white hi eids By lining rye. orn-rneal, and oals, we! be safe to effect a large Here are suggcs'ion- for the use of inch siibsiltutea for wheat flour; Raitin War Braad lnita a mixing bowl or hre.ul mlxer put on table spoonful of shortening, on taldespoonful of white sirup nml one and one-hulf teispoobfuls of salt. Over these Ingredlei ts jour one pint of potato watir 4 tire- w.Her in which pieeled potato nvn In Ii lunleip Cool till It Is lukewarm and add one -Jn of yeast tuiflened In one-fouith March 8th I never was bored In mv life! I'm only too glad to go to "Benefit War Concerts and other entertainment, when they are half-way clever; but, I must say, I dont like tu ho ImjaiscHl upon. Half the people who were advert'sed as being Ue arl'ste at last night's conceit, xvere not there and I doubt whether they wen ever exyected to be -and the must ImposHlbln church singers, or whatever they Were, were uhstl-tuted. 1-wouldnt have minded buying ticket, but 7 i latnly wouldn't have gone.

Th rc as one young girl who was ratlin entertaining rhe had no von. but at least, she forget any lad a persona 1. 1 aid diesaed well. She Wi i a made of oft expressed himself aneqt a woman we saw tn the street. A I leaned hark In the car, thought what a luikv girl I was many ways.

A beautiful home, all the lovely clothis I wanted, a car, servants, te. Yet at the same time I snipr(d a sigh mj 1 wished George would love me a little more and riot give me so much. I went to the office for tt.m, and we drove dirrejtly to MnrtediA. George was vety hard suit, and Was tired out when he finally ni a an exquisite (Ire's in a new shade of blue. A wondeiful In colors, combined with the pluln chiffon, and trimmed with thing t-'ij ies, slocking, every thing I to silver luce ovrr a slip of pale old Mu creped chiffon.

The skirt was made In three slightly gathered flounce that were pointed In fronl. The bodice, of the laee, was held up by bands of velvet ribbon, a darker shade of blue, and a ribbon girdle of velvet tied on one side of the front HAIR COMING OUT? Dandruff oausFX A feverish Irritation of th scalp, th hair root shrink, loosen and then the hair come out fast. To stop falling hair at mice and rid the scalp of every piutlcl of dun-(buff, gel a small bottle of pander-Ine at any drug store for a few cent, pour a Ijttl In your hand and rub II Into the scalp. After several application tho hair stop coining out apd you ran't find any dandruff. head.

An excell nl way tv reducing flul'h" 1 1 1 (very dux I m' wuu an nl r'l'genl treatment of the hair-takes time If yo i'll send nm a letter with a 1 stamp! envelop nnd, rl end, I will nd you recipe for ll Is to the si. in nnsequentlx an ex elh nt hslr tonic. You esn it Is ideal to it-p after a hot this join self, mnssaglng the and a ere am for it closes scalp ev Itrv night B.hiunpoo once In the suis opened by h-ut, nnd. It. res weeks, only, nnd bent up nn I's ilnno Is overeotue hv Ihe jte- gg nn liour tu fore the sliampoo mu ire of the (retail.

I -e-idi's, inMung tins on tt.e scalp and letting cold and wet tune up the mgg'ngilt dry. When you wash It off, the muscles. But lived by Itself, Ice til dundrutT Will com with, IL I to.

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