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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 18
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 18

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

SASKATOON STAR l'lICENIX The Best Of Bargains Are Advertisedln These Columns Daily AGE EIGHTEEN 16 Marriage Licenses 23 Articles for Sale 25 25 Help Wanted lale-fremale Teachers Wanted Continued i Articles for Sale (Continued) Business and Professional Directory 85 CONTENTS OF 6 ROOMED HOUSE FOR WESTERN JKWLLKR8 LTD. 132 Twentieth Street, east. Phone 3364 issuer of Marriage Incenses Wattn, Clot and Jewelry Repair e-3-5-33 WE PAY CASH FOR OLD GOLD TEETH, watches, jewelry. Also sell and exchange clothing, musical instruments, cameras, tools, etc. For bargains call at Sharzer 2nd Rand Store, 216 20tb W.

ti sale, including verandah furniture, bed PARADISE HILL D. 3392 REQUIRES experienced teacher. Duties commence July 17th. State salary, give experience and references, R. Atkinson, Sec- JUNIOR ASSISTANT, PUBLIC LIBRARY, age 18 lo 25.

Senior matriculation. Application forms at main library. Canvassing of library board member dis-quaJifiea applicant. 6-19-c Music room and 'dining room suite, piano, chesterfield, frigldalre, Hotpoint electric Accountants Chartered Dancing Paradise HU1. 6-22-p range.

noies, etc. 319 20th Street. W. Phone 7527. 6-19-c Ml'r: FOR SALE UNCLAIMED SUITS.

COA IS and pants. Capital Cleaners. 323 2nd Averue, south. Phone 60 IS. tl Florists PATKR'K 2' 2.

Kcji phone: S'JK 21' Birk Bid A', titen. MPS. ADAMS SCHOOL UK DANtTIN. and fan.y darning. Iessms b.

appointment. 81 tipftdina Cres. K. Ph. DAVIDSON S.D.

NO. HftS REQUIRES Experienced primary teacher, grades 1, 2, 3 State qualifications, experienced, sal WANTED FOR SPECIAL ADVERTISING campaign Snappy salesiadtea or salesmen, giving S2 value lor $1. Apply 202 Dominion Bank 2nd Ave. 6-20-c COLLIER'S STI'I'JO, 105 23RD E. Wiison (violin; L.

Storey; Mrs. James tgmtan; K. iiume (banjo. 7-7-c ary required. Duties commence August 29th.

Applications to be in by Juiy 1st NEW AND USED PARTS WRITE OR phone Lhe New Auto Wreckers, 151 River Street. Prince Albert. t-7-c BERT It. VIC'IOKIA M'KSKKY-CUT KLOWtKS, funeral designs, wedding bouquet, pot and bedding piani. I'M 211 iitreet, K.

Humes 3tu4 nursery pnont, alt hours, Hi 43. Dentists ik Bi to if. b. I. HUtcillfion, bee.

Box 1 VAf! 4 COMPANY Pit "fit 2U22 C- i' IVH.i.-he Ph 979l.r 17 Situations Wanted i Male-frmale Davidson, Sask. 6-19-c Optometrists and Opticians THE SERVICES OK THE MODERN cai tage tor your next move. Expert workmen. Phone Modern, 97323. 6-20-c APPLICATIONS WrILL BE RECEIVED until June 23rd (or an experienced malt IiR SM.MMERVILL, I YORK Bldg opp.

King George jtel. Gas al-nuniflierrd X-Kay. Ph. 4ti.c6, res. Usui; Bert V.

Averr. Cr.g FOR SALE One only. Schumann Player Piano with N) rolls, just like new. Will sell for $100 cash. THE STREB ELECTRIC LTD.

144 2nd N. 19 -r 'SuN Co SAtiKA'iCON NtKSKKV MRS. L. Cut liowers, lunerai designs, wedding bouquets, plains. City store 112 2nu Z.

i'h. 3300, nursery 21 U7. EXI'KRIENCEU WANT FARM work. Man good horseman, woman gooo cook. Box.

13 Slar-Phoenix. 6-19-p HAKRY S. I A CONSULTING OPTO-met net. Office 417 Avenue Building. Phone LUDW1G DRUMS.

TENOR SAXOPHONE, Gibson banjo. Etheridge, Bookbinder, 224 2nd Avenue, uatoon. 6-ltt-c SALIKHl "MY. KI.ANAGA.N iGruuod Fiuori. Kvenmgs Hi.

740. Res. ih64. ti R. F.

ii-ir-i B.dg. appointment. Protestant teacher, holding a first ciat prolessionai certificate for grades seven to eleven inclusive. Must be good disciplinarian. One taking an active part with trail rangers and athletic spur it will be given preierence.

State qualifications, experience and salary expected. A. R. EncKSon, Wartime, Sask. 6-19-c Salesmen Wanted 18 Monuments co a P.u-i.rig Phme 4 principal A UAVIDRON, II KG OPTOMKTRIST.

3S vears eAprient, Miss K. Harris, honor OAK AND LEATlILR DINING ROOM Buite, 9 pieces, $7o, one Gurney electric stove, $60; one Cof field washing machine, $50. Apply 311 28th St. between 6-8 evenings. 6-19-c NEWAY FOLDING BED ATTACHMENT Krad.

Conee optometry, Canada, prof i t-rtii ont. A specialist chii-cJien Toric Optical Grain Elda AKK FOR OUR KEDl'CKO 1'RK KS U.S ail monymtJU. Western Granite ana Marble 714 Zztl DurUi. Pri'ne 5.65. ti SPECIALTY SALESMEN (SIDE LINE) Sells to any merchant.

Big commission, sells on sight. Something new in Canada. Get on this line and make money. Apply to Box 262 Winnipeg. 6-19-c THOMPSON Ai cuuntant nrltre-d 1-13-34 JOSi JOt- P.nder CABBAGE.

TOMATO AND BEDDLNG plants. H. Fletcher, 1605 Coy Ave. 6-19-p tor autos. to lit coupes, coaches and sedans.

Ideal for travelers and campers. See it at SU6 Lansdowne or Eaton's Store. 6-19-p THREE BURNER ELECTRIC STOVE, low oven, complete with wiring and fittings, cheap for cash. 501 south. 6-19-p EXPERIENCED TfcACHER FOR BATTLE Hills School District.

Teacherage ana fuel suppned free for janitor work. Apply stating salary expected. School opens on July 17th. G. Lasnburn, sask.

6-19-c Phonographic Repairs Cards of Thanks 9 Baggage Transfer Male Instruction 19 SHIP TO THOMPSON'S BOTTLE Ex Founders IF IN MACHINK SHOP OK fojodry we do it. Oxy and electric welding John Kast Iron Works. Furriers BKIJIAN I'KY CLKANKHS. OYKItS A i t-urriera, 2ih A Avoid iisK. dainppnK.if fur storage, fully insured ti Kodak Finishing change at oid location, corner Ave.

and 19th St. Phone 2087. 6-22-c V. KKPAIR ALL OK MOTORS, tone urnis. r-producers, and carry in BEDDING PLANTS, TOMATOES, CAB- AMBITIOUS MEN WAIN TED AS BARBER apprentices.

Cash commission paid weekly. Spiendid opportunity. Appiy United Barber System. lift Twentieth Street, east. Saskatoon, Sask.

6-20-c HAGGAGK TU A NSKKiK Co ALi-n jnzKi K. and t-asKi- transiers Bni.a;p transferred an part id cit. storage in connection tf EXPERIENCED TEACHER WANTED FDR Alada S.D. 2955. State reiig.on, musical ability, salary.

Must be good inscjpnnar-iao. School opens Aug. 1st, 133. Mrs. M.

Wark, Baidwmton, Sask. 6-21-t aim and parts lor any or Phip your motor to us. MR. A C. JOHNSON AND FAMILY WISH to thank trie many triends lor tlie.r heip am sympathy during tiieir oereave-ment and also for the ninny tlorai tnb-uten.

ti-19-c bage ana cauliflower plants, all hardy stock. Mrs. Seager, 1309 Ave. south. 6-22-c Satisfaction KUaranieed.

GJoecKler Piano SasHatoon. Male-Female Instruction 19a FOR SALE JACKET HEATER. APPLY AUCTION SALE GENERAL MERCHANDISE AND HARDWARE. AT 124 20th Street, East MONDAY, JUNE 19. AT 2.JU M.

Continuing daily till stock ti Sf Id. GEO G. CALDER, Auctioneer. f-1P-c A i A TP. ANSFKI Kit To A jurl nf the ci'v.

"WK NKVFR MR-'S A TRAIN." i'n'ine Vauane, 2jy-24t. 41 3rd Avenue 6-19-c MACKLIN TOWN SCHOOL REQUIRES lady teacher for grades 3, 4 and 5. Duties commence August 29th. Anniicants to Second-Hand Furniture In Memoriam 11 HOW TO GET A GOVERNMENT JOB Free booklet. The M.

C. Winnipeg. 6-19-c KOK GOOD WORK AND KAST SKRVICK fee that Hill; ard does onr Kodak Box 30, Sabkatwn. Phone 433.1. tf Cleaning Pressing r.

PAIS SPOT CASH FOR second-hand furniture and any of Female Instruction 20 vaiue. i'hone 2ti3. 2'o0 1st bo. Legal state qualifications, experience, salary required and to enclose copy of Inspector's last report. Applications conaidereo on June 23rd.

A. Mnchetl, Secretary, Mackiin, Sask. 6-20-c WANTED TEACHER FOR YPRES S.D. No. 36y2.

holding first ciass certificate experienced. house and fuel, phone. Duties to commence Aug. 2tst, 1933. Apply stating salary required to Geo Maguire, Wartime.

Sask. GIRLS AM TED TO BEAUTY AUCTION SALE of high ciass household furniture at 247 Third Avenue, south, on Friday, June 23. at 2 p.m. Please keep this date in mind. Further particulars later.

A. S. WALKER, AUCTIONEER 6-19-c NFW YOUK PIIUSSING, rpainr.K. Who d'jfs ritrat Jos very r.i-ponabe tack in his tud i-Kation. l'tf K.

vve buy men cloihing fi 2L' WINDOW SASHES. NINE-PIECE DINING room suite, kitchen cabinet, kitchen table, chandelier, bed, dresser, stand table, baby's swing and walker, lawn mower, child's tables and chairs, set dishes. 602 Ave. G. south.

6-20-p Superfluous Hair culture; earn while you learn. Apply Marvel Beauty Academies, 1U9 Bowerman Block, Saskatoon. 6-20-c GIIyChKIS'l HOGAK'l BarriRters. Sohcltors, Notaries Oil Ice 4Uj iti Canada tiunding Phone 4htK 22 Agents Wanted Mrs Smyth M.C.. Y.

Uiptoma, removes warrs niuies, superfluous hair. Multiple Dry Cleaning 6-19-p needle metnuda. 3rd b. t-'D. 0U4i.

Laundry PUNNICHY S.D. NO. 2257 REQUIRE -RANSFIELD- IN LOVING MEMORY OF our dejr nusnand and father George Dranstieia, who passed away June 17th 1932. aged l2 years 1 day. 'Wnen the trumpet shail sound, And the dead snai.

arise. And tn splendors immortal, Snail envelop tne skies, When the angel of ueath shall No longer destroy, and the dead Shall awaken in the morning ol Joy. 'O the Miss of that morn When our loved ones we meet, With the songs of the ransomed We each other shall greet, Singing praise to the Lamb ThnV eternity's years. With the past all torgutten. With its sorrows and tears." Ever remembered by wile and children.

ti-19-c AGENTS WANTED, EVERY DISTRICT, selling monuments tor largest manufacturers Canada. F'ree outfit. Write Box 1780 Star-Phoenix. tf Tr CKER BATfc. UHY CLEANING -('urners.

One -day service. Suits dry denied Sturiiiie on alt ftirs cleaned GARAGE, 12x18. FIR DROP BIDING, built on your lot, complete, City Lumber and Fuel Yards, Pbooe 6838. tt USKD SEWING MACHINE AT VERY Sheet Metal Furnace Work CHRISTIK LAUNDRY Our Quality Work Alwavs Pleases Phone 20'i3 us. or man with full inatr lo im uie xoiiowing positions: principal, intermediate and junior; duties to commence on Sept, 5.

All applications must be in the hands of the undersigned by June 27 next. Preference will be given to a male teacher for the intermediate room. VVm. Swan, S.D. No, 2357.

Punniehy, Sask. 6-19-c H'-r? to tne (jMst and best. li42 l'')tn S'reet. Phone I.RKHT PIKE SHKKT METAL. TIN- AGENTS 10.00 DAILY.

TAKE ORDERS guaranteed hosiery. Must wear three months or replaced free. Free sample outfit. Dept. Triangle Mills, Montreal 8-19-c I trnithine and furnace work.

31 Third luw ii hcb. uuniaiucBU repairs. mates given free. Singer Sewing Machine Company, 110 3rd Avenue. Phone 2U20.

6-lK-c I'h. otlice res. 9h(j46. GKT STKRU.E I'RY Cj.KA.NING THK MOOKKN LAUNOKY Where all housewives send their laun- drv. The laundry wfiun given you a holiday a I'h.

4779-6031 Our driver wiil Hose prmctpie mean TWO-FOR-ONE SALE OF JAP-A-LAC VARNISHES We have a large stock of the famous a pa -lac Varnishes in half-pints, pints, quarts, half-gallons and gallons. Buy one tin at our regular price and get another tin of equal size FREE. This offer good for only a few days. A Real Opportunity Phone 2962 MAGUIRE LUMBER LTD. 629 2nd N.

TEACHER WANTED FOR PORTER I'H A IK cleaning for your garments. School District No. 2416. Duties to SMALL GROCERY STOCK, CHEAP FOR cash. 9o6 Avenue south.

6-19-p Sl'Wfi. plain OKKSSKS and COA 1 (rum Typewriter commence on or about Sentember 4th 1933. Apply stating ealay required to 1. i-Lits rtniudeij'-d, stored, insured. Kups and cleaned and dyed.

Arthur Saskatoon. tnas. a. sears, Secretary-Treasurer, Landts, Saak. 6-21-c LEHMAN- IN hUNU MEMORY OF JEN-hie, who passed away June lrttli, 1932- Sadly mtssea by husband and daughter, aiso her E.

and S. 6-19-p UNITED TYPEWRITERS LTD. York Ph. 21f7. Underwood Typewriters Sunsirand Adders.

Rentals. Repairs. Locksmiths LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED. KEYS made, aw scissors sharpened. Trunk and 8mi tease locks.

Sltnmuns Key Shop. 136 lit Ave near P.O. Phone bUjii. Medical Draying Personal 24 KTLPATRiCK-lN LOVING MEMORY Ot HAIL AGENTS HAIL AGENTS WANTED To represent strong Canadian nd American Companies. Asset over $Uu, SEYMOUR E.

BUSHE General Agent. Toronto General Tnat Saskatoon, bask. 6-19-c FOR SALE SIMMONS BED, COMPLETE, $14.50, white enamel chiffonier, divanette, upholstered in tapestry, Simmons crib, complete, 4 -piece chesterfield suite, upholstered tn tapestry, walnut occasional chair, Toronto couch, complete, 8-piece quartered oat dining suite, $65; refrigerator, 6-piece breakfast suite, 3-piece mohair chesterfield suite, $69 50. Exchange Department, Vogel's Furniture 229 22nd Street, east. 6-19-c REMINGTON RAND LIMITED Typewrtteis, supplies, rentaii, repairs.

2Kb Third So. I'hone 4947 MADAM LECLAIR, CHARACTER READ valunck kxpkkt Hanoi. ing ok furniture and pianos. Ba.tfce and trunxs translerred. Ph.

2220 iifioti. ft-17-c mg. 204 Thompson Chambers, Phone 7015. Opposite Hudson's Bay. 7-7-33 our uear husband and father, John 11.

Kilpatrick, who died June lMh, iyj2 "j'im sweet to know we'll meet again Where troubles are no more. And that the one we love so well Raj just gone on before. Watch Repairing Dyeing FOR ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, BUILS, ALL skin diseases, try my remedy, guaranteed and never fails; first application stops W. A. CLUKK.

EYE. EAR. and throat specialist. Office. Room 204 MacMtlian cor 21bi and 2nd Ave Office phone Residence 17110.

THREE BURNER RANGE; WALNUT FIN-ish breakfast set; Simmons beds; refrigerator chesterfield, 3-piece kitchen range; collapsible combination armchair Inserted by wife and family. 6-19-c EVERCLEAN TABLECLOTHS. OH! BOY! me iicn. ooiu ai jiz ui a. BLACK'S JEWELERS Watch and Jewelry etc.

237 21s Saskatoon PKLGl AN HfiV CLKANKKS, OYKKK AND Kurrirs, Lid for ijuaiity and servlr-e send to us. 123 I'Olh St west. tf and table; banjo; other household effects, if Agents cleaning up $10.00 dally. New discovery linen tablecloths. Ink stains 217 22nd Street, west; Phone 7725.

Male Help Wanted 12 and dirt vanish in two seconds. ree MRS T. M. GUYTAR IS TRAINING girls for beauty culture. La Beile Beauty Culture School, Ground Floor, Canada 6-19-p Ml.

A. VATHKSON Physician and burgeon 3ol ('anada BMg Phone 3yo3, Residence 2So3 sample outfit. Triangle Products, Dept- Decorating 10 Montreal. 6-la-c 1ENOK SAXOPHONE Bldg. Phone 7057.

ATTENTION COUNTRY DEALERS AND 1 TIRES AND TUBES. SIZE 5x25x18, 4 FOR $11.00. Buffalo Service Station. Phone .2324. 222 Twenty-third Street, east.

H. T. KnigX. proprietor. 6-19-p CASH SPECIALS; CABINET GRAMA phone.

grass clippers. 65c; axe, 50c; Perfection oil heater, large covered roaster, 36c; large walnut dresser, $9 75. Child's, cor, First Avenue and rwenty-third Street. 6-19-c II EN It lilRKS HONS. LTD.

affiliation with vV G. WATSON. LIMITED tt'-h. Cl'M Jewelry Repairs Rirks 2Ut St. at 3rd Saskatoon tf player, douole on cianonet.

box 407D Star-Phoenix. 6-ia-c PHONE MISS COLEMAN. 30i3 RES1 R. .1 MACDONALD. B.A..

IX. YORK dential marcelling, linger waving, hair ur.t iAlIN I A I PA I NTI N(i and KalsuniininK K. lut 3rd Ave. Ph 2HK WANTED LADY CATHOLIC TEACHER for the Amaranth S.D. 47.

Stale salary expected and send references to the secretary, Salvador, Sask. 6-24-c BldB-. 2nd Ave. specializing medical diseases of men and women. APPLICATIONS EOR POSITION Of TAX cutting, 6-23-c others the following goods at very low prices: 10 dining room tables.

$5 each; 10 refrigerators, values to $35, only $9 and $10 each; 12 kitchen cabinets, only $9.50 each; 8 divanettes, new, upholstered, $25 each; 10 baby carriages, $10 and $12 each; 2 dining room suites, $35 each: 5 wardrobes. $8 to $15; 3 etectnc washers, $19 each. At Childs, cor. 1st Ave. and 23rd Street.

6-19-c MISS TYHURST, RESIDENTIAL HAIR cutting, 26c; marcelling, 3dc-ioc. Phone SALESMEN FOR GUARANTEED LINE men's wear; cash commissions daily. Also 91331. 6-24-c FOR SALE. $45.00 TENOR BANJO, slightly used.

$20-00. M. Funk, R.R. 3, Saskatoon, care of D. GHIes.

6-19-p collector, Mantano R.M. "JtiJ. will be considered June 26tn. Address applications to L. C.

Walker, Reeve, c-o bee. R.M. 262 Eyre, staling experience and remuneration expected. Applicants must be able to artange fidelity bond ol $2oud and should give two references. 6-22-p liberal bonuses.

Experience unneces sary. Selling equipment free. Promo MULVEY BROS. PHONE 98091. FURN1-ture moving.

country, city. Reasonable rates. 6-24-c tion for men who qualify. Public Service Mills, Dept. 1126, London, Ontario.

6-19-c LADY'S LIGHTGREEN KNITTED SUIT. 38, cost $29, now $5. Phone 97282- 6-19-p Little and No Delay Buying or Selling (he Classified Way SHEEP AND HORSE CLIPPER STEW-art. good condition, $25, f.o.b. Box 223, Young.

6-19-p FOR SALEMASON AND RISCH PD Ano and bench, $75.00. Box 471D Star-Phoenix. 6-19-p MOVE THE CHEAPEST AND QUICKEST way. Furniture, piano moving, crating and shipping. National Cartage, 6331.

Teachers Wanted 23 CASHIER WITH 4400 TO INVEST SE- curea responsible position and a higt, class investment. Appiy Ju5 Avenui BldR. 6-20-p 7-8-p LLOYD BABY CARRIAGE, RA Y-mond cabinet sewing machine, $12, good condition. 725 Sixth Avenue, north. 6-19-p If WAN 1 ED -TWO GOOD SALESMEN TO work Good proposition.

Boa 4771) Star-i'hoemx. 6-19-p IHE GOVERNMENT A S' Agency will assist teachers to obtait. scnool, and inform school trustees 01 suitable teachers. Service free. 3 farmers Building.

Phone 6tu3, Regina, Sask. 9-1-c GUARANTEED $4 CROvjUlGNOLE PER-manent wave, first ur ladies every day, $2. Margaret Wilson, operator Henderson Jorgeastn, Barbers, 215 Twenty-second Street, east. I'hone 5396. 6 19-t HEAVY BRASS BED.

TORONTO COUCH, also second hand articles, real bargains. 311 south. 6-19-c I WANTED MAN TO TAKE OVER GASU-line service station. Must have $250 loi stock, meter deposit, etc Post Office Box 739 Saskatoon. 6-21-c VERANDAH FASH.


Seventh Avenue Lauriston Street. 6-t9-c SEWING MACHINE, CHESTERFIELD, radio, dining table; also furnished room to rent, light housekeeping. 226 4th Avenue, south. 6-19-p WANTED PRESENT NAMES AND AD dresses of former residents of Saska toon whether of long or short duration Send them In now to Gerald Willougho Saskatoon's Golden Jubilee. 6-27 -t WANTED OR KYLE SCHOOL PR1NCI-pal lor grades 6 to 12 inclusive and teacher for grades one to seven.

ply giving references and salary ex pec led to David G. Lowe, Kyle School District, Kyle, Sask. 6-19-c MAIL WANT BIG MONEY IN MUSHROOMS. GROW-ers wanted in every district. We suppi spawn.

For free information write Dominion Mushroom Grower, Box 22, Re-gina, Sask. 6-19-p Articles Wanted 26 GOLDEN ACRE CABBAGE. CAULI- ELLANOR BEAUTY SHOPPE, 241 23RL Street, E. Our new oil croqiiignole permanent wave special 43. shampoo ano finger wave included.

Special price for girls, lor summer months to learn beauty culture. 5626. 6-21-t WANTED TWO good condition. WHEEL TRAILER. 727 4th Avenue.

6-19-p WiTED MALE TEACHER FOR CLOV-er Hill S.D. Protestant, holding litst class certificate, to teach grades six to eleven. Salary $500 per year. State experience and qualifications. Mrs.

E. Feigusson, Clover Hill S.D. No. 2S37, Kindersiey, Sask. 6-19-c Female Help Wanted 13 lower, celery, tomatoes, marigolds, asters, hehchrystim, petunia, snapdragon, lobelia for porch box.

100 plants $1.15. House plants. 10 varieties, $1.15 prepaid. Cramer Nurseries, Ridgedale, Sask. 6-19-p WANTED TENT AND GASOLINE flj SPIRELLA MRS.

Y. L. LAFLEUR Out a.iadl MtM sir Erisir camp stove, must be cheap for cash, in Jl JENERAL KITCHEN GIRL- ABLE IO do plain cocking. Lanuis Hotel, Landis, Sask. 6-19-c Phone 91052.

6-19-c manager, 4 California Apis. Pnone 297o Applications lor corsetieies considered. 6-22-c WANTED PROTESTANT LADY TEACH-er for Canadian S.D. No. 4137.

Duties to commence August 21st, 1933. Musi have at least 10 years experience. State age and saiary required. Apply not later man June 30th, 1933. A.

S. Senlac, Sask. 6-2u-p A ALL FURNISHED MOD-ern house, near University for July ana half August. Box star-Phuenix. tt-20-p Seairdh Tlh FnUl YMir Qinekly LADIES WANTED TO DO LIGHT SEW-ing at home, good pay; work sent charges paid.

National Manufacturing Dept. 82. Montreal. 6-19-c Tin StarPIbini5s Waumft Ad Pp0 FIGL'KE OUT THE COST OF YOUR AD. FOR YOURSELF: Your advertisement will appear in all editions of The Star-Phoenix on the days ordered.

Rates are 2 cents per word per day, 6 consecutive daily insertions for the price of 5. Minimum cost of insertions 25c. Minimum number of words charged on ads. running more than one insertion 10. Initials, siyns, figures in groups of five or less count as one word address (and box number when usfd is part of ad.

and therefore chargable. USE THIS FORM AND WRITE PLAINLY. TEACHER WANTED FOR FORES View school District No. 4966. male preferred, Protestant.

State experience and certificate held. Salary 4uo per year Apply D. A. Hipkins, Pre. Sie.

Mane, Sask. 6-20-c WHEN IN WINNIPEG STOP AT THE WINNIPEG HOTEL 216 MAIN STREET Two and one-half blocks south of Portage Avenue. Remodelled and renovated throughout. Reasonable rates. Courteous service.

Glad to welcome jio tntnds from saskatoon, Rosetown Kindersiey, Unity. Mackiin, Kerrobert Wilkie. Btggar. Zealandia, etc. J.

KINGSTON. 6-19-c WOMAN WANTED TO SEW FOR US AT home. Sewing machine necessary, No selling. Ontario Neckwear Company, Dept. 134.

Tomnto 8. 6-19-c Index To Classification For Sale or Exchange For Rent Miscellaneous 36a Acreage Agents Wanted Articles for Sale Articles Wanted Auto Accessories WANTED GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE-work. Hotel Patricia, Saskatoon. 6-19-c SPRlNGBANK SCHOOL DISTRICT Nu. 1667 requires first class experienced Protestant teacher.

Duties to commence August 7th. Apply giving experience, age, nationality and Ralary expected to Colin H. Ramsay, Speers, Sask. 6-21-c Funeral 7 Funeral Directors 8 Garage HI GET YOUR ZIMMER RAKE FROM CAR-fra's Service 345 3rd Avenue, south. Phone 4992.

6-23-c Autos and Trucks for Gardening 39 WANTED GIRL USED TO COOKING genera! help for small country hotel. Apply Box 1598 Star-Phoenix. 6-21-p 6. 87 79 80 63 24 as 67 66 6 Hale Autos and Truck Monuments Miscellaneous Nursing Offices to Rent Offices Wanted Pasturing Personal Poultry and Pet Stock Property for Exchange Property Jor Sale Property for Sale or Exchange Repairs Misc Room (furnished) Room (unfurnlshed Rooms (furnished and unfurnished) Room Wanted Suites (furnished! Suite (unfurnished) Wanted 72 Auto Trucking 74 B.C. Properties for Sale 6a Bicycles A Motor Cycle 28 Male Situations Wanted 14 MAIL AND SAVE 25 TO 33 1-3-T, ON Kodak finishing, any sue roll developed and printed, 30c, extra prints, 3, 4 and 5c.

Gibson Photos. Saskatoon. 6-19- WANTED ELDERLY LADY OR gentleman with money to cover financial obligations for young woman. Good homt to said patty if desired while amount being paid bark. Interest and security.

Box 464D Star-Phoenix. 6-23-c Birth WANTED THREE EXPERIENCED teachers holding first class prolessionai certificates for the Wakaw S.D. No. 133S. Two teachers to teach primary grades one to three and one to teach grades six and seven.

Duties to commence September 1. Applicants to state age, experience and salary expected. All applications to be accompanied by last inspector's report. Applications to be in the hands of the secretary not later than on the 30th of June A D. 1933.

Miss Yo-lanjfe. Nagy. Secretary-Treasurer. 6-22-c QUALIFIED ACCOUNTANT DESIRES position, city or country. Salary open.

References. Urgsut. Box 438D Star-Phoenix. 6-19-p Garden Seed 29a Help Wanted Male-Female 16 House for Rent (furnished) 45 House for Rent (unfurnished) 46 Houses for Sal 44 House for Sale or Rent 47 Houses for Sale or Exchange 48 Houses Wanted to Buy 49 Houses Wanted to Rent 60 Household Good 2Aa In Memoiiao 11 Investments 84 Listings Wanted 39 Livestock 37 Loans Wanted S3 Lost Found Strayed. 34 Lot for Sal 40 Lota Wanted 41 Machinery 76 Male Help Wanted 12 Male Instruction IB Male-Female Inst rue.

19a POSITION. ANY CAPACITY. EXPER1-enced office work, accountancy, adjusting, trust company, moderate salary. Box 48.TD Star-Phoenix. 6-ly-p 8ulte (furnished and unfurnished) Board and Room 66 Board and Room Wanted 67 Business Opportunities 69 Business and Professional Directory 85 Cards of Thanka 9 Coal and Wood 32 Deaths 6 Dressmaking 86 Engagements 2 Farms for Rent 59 Farms for Sale 58 Farms for Sale or Rent 5a Farms Wanted to Buv 60 Farms Wanted to Rent 61 GENTLEMEN BUY PERSONAL DRUG sundries by mall at bargain prices Sample assortment of fifteen European importations sent postpaid for $1.

Na tional Distributors, Box 443, Regina. 6-19-t Suites Wanted Sa lesmen Want ed Situations Wanted LIVELONG SCHOOL WITH 38 PUPILS requires teacher. Cuties to begin Aug. 21st. Apply stating experience, salar expected and give reference.

F. S. Livelong. 6-22-c 70 S3 4 Mb 18 IT 43 77 78 27 31 23 21 33 5 6a 42 EXPERIENCED FARMER, STEADY, good worker, will take full charge of farm for widow, object matrimony. Box 4S7D 8' ar-Phoenix.

6-21-c Male-Femaie Storage Stores to Rent PRIVATE HOME KINDERGARTENS PAY We start you. The Canadian Kindergarten Institute, Winnipeg. 6-19-c Female Situations Wanted 15 WANTED PROTESTANT TEACHER FOR Luck Like S.D. No. 2162.

Teacher to do caretaking. Apply stating experience and salary. Duties to commence about August 15th. F. A.

Bovair, Box 26, Lucky Lake. Sask. 6-19-c Feed and Seed Gran NURSE MONCRIEFF PRIVATE NURS-ing Home, 738 Sixth Avenue. Phone 4M7. 6-19-c Stores Wanted Summer Resort Swap Teacher Wanted Trade and Profession Traveling Opportunities Wanted Miscellaneous.

DAY WORK, 8 HOURS, $1 25 UP. PHONE 398. Mrs. Mvers. 6-22-c Female Help Wanted Female Instruction Female situation W'anted Male Situation Wanted 14 Marnaae 4 Marriage Licenses 2 Florists Money to Loan 82 Musical Men' hand Is 30 Wanted to Rent Misc.

Warehouse space For Sale Miscellaneous 37a THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED YOUNG housekeeper. Canadian, good cook, desires position. Please state wages and particulars. Box 61, Zeaiandta. 6-19-p WOMAN WANTS WORK, PER DAY Phone 97120.

6-19-c OAKENSHAW 8 D. 3684 REQUIRES Experienced male teacher with musical ability and holding firsi class professional certificate. Salary $725 per year to include janititr work except cleaning. Apply stating age and qualifications to Auhn. Stranraer.

-19-c NOTE. The Star-Phoenrx reserve the right to classify all ad appearing lo Its Want Ad Pags. ard will classify as near a possible within th meaning and Intention of these classifications. LOSS OF MANHOOD Men suffering from lowered venlity, weakness, lassitude, premature old-age, write lor free booklet Rejuvenation; containing valuable information and testimonials. Mailed in plain sealed envelope Western Supply Agency.

Box 212. Rfgina. Sask. 6-19 NAME POST OFFICE NUMBER OF PAYS. STREET (or P.O.

Box Number) CLASSIFICATION AMOUNT ENCLOSED i CAPABLE WOMAN WANTS HOUSE-kfping position tn city. Box 472.0 Star-Phonix. 6-21-p WANTED A FEMALE TEACHER FOR junior room to teach grades 1 to 7, possibly 8. State qualification and salary expected. Duties to commence on 8epL Mh.

Apply H. G. Hawkins. Conway S.D. No.

1378, Lydden, Bask. 6 19-: CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES TS5 31 TTT) TTft 5 EFFICIENT REFINED HOUSEKEEPER. Canadian, desires position, city or nearby town. Bnx 476D Star-Phoenn. 6 19-c wac irsr jrtsi rsr ssjsrj 1 i MOTHERLY WOMEN WILL CARE FOR six school children on farm during months July and August.

White Box 15.97 Star-Phoenix. 6-19-p Six Consecutive Daily insertions for Che Price of Five GIRL. CLEAN. GOOD WORKER. 3 YEARS in Canada, desires work.

4'i2 south. 6-19-p WANTED TEACHER, FIRST OR SEC-ond class, for Polar Crescent School District. State experience, reference and salary requested not later than June 22nd. Duties to commence Aug. 7th.

George Rogers, Box 106 Asquith, Sask. 6-19-c REPAIRING. ALTERATIONS. ALSO laundry, very reasonable. 117 4th Avr south.

6-19-c WORK-PAY OR HOUR. PHONE 2739 6-21 -C Minimum price per single insertion. 25c. M-nimum count. 10 words.

Figures tn groups of five or less, dollar marks, initial letter, etc. count a one word Where 10 point type (lanre type) 1 dt-sird by the advertiser, the rat per word Is 6 cents per day straight (no reduction for any number of insertions). Minimum count ten words. Minimum transaction 75c Birth. Marriages and Deaths, ttf Memoriam Engagements.

Cards of Thanka. etc. rate $1 00 per insertion of tx line or 1e; extra lines of six word each. 10c per line. Classified Display Rates Advertisement displayed with border, per inch $1.40 (minimum space 1 Inch).

Ask about special contract rate oo classified display advertisements. By E. R. BURROUGHS TARZAN THE APE MAN The newspaper wtU not be responsible for more than oo incorrect Insertion of aa advertisement ordered for more than one time. When replies to an advertisement are to be addrened to a Star-Phoentx Box number a nd aa me re- forwarded to the advertiser, please enclose an additional ten cent for postage Iff Vl-tt-w Oil As A People living outside of Saskatoon, wno wish to answer an advertisement which contains only a telephone number msy mall their reply to The Sar-Phoentx and mm will be forwarded oo to the adver- WVn answering advertisements calling for references to be furnished.

The Star-Phoenix would siroraly urge that originals not be sent aa they may be mislaid, Cr.piea are satisfactory and should always be furnished. TL 1 BV Star-Phoenix Counter and Telephone Service is available daily, excepting Sundays and Holidays, from S.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. Sundays from 6 to 10 p.m. Holidays, 1 to 10 p.m.

WANT ADS ARE RECEIVED FOR INSERTION TO 10 A.M. DAY OF PUBLICATION. Th Star-PlwOTnx te tmnmat fraixniwnt an.le.ding and win noc knom in, arc.p, aurn copy for It column. It will tbarvfor b. appr-latd tf rad.ra will advta ua of a n.

mdv.rri.lnf not to tba Bl(beat ataiidani of hotKatr apocanng at any tint aa Una. column. S3 sai --tw Jw ciiarTttP f-nunr by trnfrrc fintrw gvwpicvrt rr Tenders and Legal Advertisements to be paid for at Legal Rates. The little monkey was dose beside him. Tar-zan smiled In a friendly way at the monkey and tried to get to lie down beside him.

But the monkey squealed, struggled and finally heat him, escaping through the lattice work Into the shelter where Jean crouched, wide awake. Glvlng the strl a nnnl. rather pttxzled look. Tarzan withdrew to the platform outfttde, brine. rig a couple more klm with him.

The little monkey et up a loud jeering noise at uhich the ape-man smiled. Still ftmlting, and alm.H. ns though a gains hi will, be drew hi knife. Tinan, fter pulling 4jin hark inU thp hut, paid rtto attention hfr Mrtiegifs and prn-tfete. Looking a If wfre performing om duty, he placed on a pile of skins and put a roup! more mr here.

-f he genially patted her fare as he had prettnusly done to the be-ape- He rut several hranrhe and with them con wtnicted a sort of grating arrows the doorway of the shelter. He looked up sulkily through the tree tops, which were now empty of apes. Then be shrugged, sighed and prepared to make himsHf comfortable for the night, on his bed of skins. To A.

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