Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 16, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1891
Page 7
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OH . yrar i, bcinc nuulo by John I t .<!u-]n,1.rov.N.Y.,nt \vork fur \ut. Kcador, yiiuqulckly tio 'lay «t tin: B(^r Itutli sp*e*. nil ch, but iV to t inm from S& to t, finil mure n« you pd iipt-s. In tiny pnn Of ' i; (vll your i r mt;,or cjcirr niuincnts onlvto ilif work. All !»»•(•«•. Omit puySCUK* fur I'Vi'rj- vorksr, ^Vc ntnrt yixn, fumiahinr ^v.-rythlni-, EASII-Y. SFRKIULY l^nn'il. I'Al?nt'ULAK&5 K1U-:K. Address nt once. STIXbOS A: CO., I'OliTLASD, MAINK. IN WOMAN'S BEHALF. A SHAMEFUL INJUSTICE. Women In the Departments Who Do Better Work Bat Receive Less Pay Thau the Men. Women are never as well paid as wen, even when they do an equivalent amount of, work; this rule holds true even in the departments of public justice where women are employed, The fact is that the injustice done to women in paying them women's wages for men's work has prevailed ever since Salmon P. Chase first put women at desks in the treasury. For example, there are no clerks entered on the rolls at §900. Up to that grade they are merely copyists: yet fully one-half the women set down in the blue book and official register as copyists are really clerks, and sit side by side doing exactly the same work done by men clerks at $1,000 and 51,200. Custom has established an unjust law by which a woman going- into a public office in Washington is assigned to a grade below that which a man. doing- the same work would command. Thus a man oa a 51,200 salary does the same work that is given the woman who sits next him for SOOO. When the woman is promoted to SI,200 the man is promoted to SI.500. Indeed, one of the greatest drawbacks to putting young men in these government offices is, that the work being so simple they learn nothing, and as the human mind either advances or retrogrades, these young men generally go down hill from the start. Extravagant pay for infantile work, with abundance of leisure and every temptation to toadyism, is generally enough to ruin the best material. The men hold the executive positions, such as chiefs of divisions, chief clerks, etc., and it is eminently proper that they should; but apart from that, the women share equally in the difficulty of the labor performed—which is simple, however, to the last degree. In the counting and handling of paper currency women have almost superseded men. They count better and faster, and in the detection of counterfeits are vmequaled. jS'otcs which circulate freely through every bank in the country are readily detected the instant they come into the hands of the women operators in the treasury. A counterfeit of the last issue of §5 bills was known to b« in circulation some time ago; the treasury sont out the alarm, but the official, judging from experience, knew that- it would probably not be detected until one reached the treasury in a package of money from one of the banks. At last it came in a bundle from a big XIMV York L-ank. The young woman counting the bills in the'treas- ury bureau picked it out instantly. The note was traced and found to have passed through half the banks in "NOW York without suspicion, to be detected at the first glaneo by this young woman, who, it is said, has never.yet passed a counterfeit. Not one single cent has ever been stolen by worrim since their employment in the treasury. When the work was done solely by men, dis- an endless amount of labor. Miss Krasnohorska, however, was equal to the task. She reasoned, pleaded, coaxed, (-tut letters in all directions until she not only obtained the consent -ol th» authorities- for starting a gymnasium, but won to her side almost all the leading journals of Prague. The hardest task of all was yet to come, and that was to raise the necessary funds. The enemies of the undertaking now laughed and rejoiced. They knew the money could never be raised, and the fact that the women attempted it was prima facie evidence that they were unfit for higher education—no one of ordinary intelligence would attempt such a hopeless task! But they laugh best who laugh last. The money was raised, and the school opened with fifty-three pupils, that being a far larger number than the most sanguine friends of the cause had expected. "And what pupils!" writes Miss Krasnorhorska. ".Such enthusiasm, such diligence. Why, in Latin and Greek they will accomplish in one year what the boys do in two!" Now the people of Prague are proud of the school. Sow they rejotee that in all northwestern Europe, or rather among .he Germanic states, their little kingdom of Bohemia was the first to raise Jie standard of higher education for vomen.—Frances Gregor, in Chicago nter Ocean. Some merchants get the best they can; some get the meanest they can. Your dealer in lamp-chimneys-what does he get for you? There are common glass and tough glass.tough against heat. There are foggy and clear. There are rough and fine. There are carefully made and haphazard. ;..^••-..-f-r " You-ican'ttte" an expert in chimneys; but this you ca.ii do. Insist on Macbeth's "pearl tojjfor "pearl glass" whichever shape you require.r'They are right in all those ways; and they do not break from heat, not one in a hundred. Be willing to pay a nickel more for them. • Pittsburg. GEO. A. MACB8TH & 00. NOTICE. Jo MIC Voter* of the City of porf, Indiana, WHY WOMEN MARRY. FSESCOIKS SSU?.C9iS. ,,:E SESISEKGES, 85. We invite visitors to call and inspect Correspondence solicited. g G B , 193 V/ABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ill, THSES IS BUT ONE VOICE In the unanimous shout of the thousands who use Dr. White's Pulmon- aria. It proves that this medicine has many warm friends and admirers among all classes and ages. Old and young alike, shout its praises and declare it the greatest cough remedy on earth. It cures a Cough in less time than any other remedy. It cures Croup in a few minutes. It cures Whooping Cough in ten days. It is the only remedy that will cure Consumption. It is harmless and pleasant to take. It costs 25 cts., SO cts. and 51 per bottle, and every bottle is warranted. oold by B. F. Keesliug and D.E Pryor. Some answer cheerily, because Itiey ftro \nr.ll and fun of life. Others suiTei-Ici; from XERV- OC.S I>EBtI.lTY. etc.. answer Rloomily. I nun urii/ nnnir I s1 -"*" sealed, JRVee for I OUR NEW BOOK |««muc<*«fme.Gimr- *•; ' -—; ' I an teed Testimonials. ^&&$r££So%$s;,3&%£ _"WHAT AILS YOU?" charges for small thefts were frequent. .Super/ic:,')! observers mention, as an instance of the inferiority of women's work, that only one woman in Washington receives iso high a salary as 81,300. and not more than a dozen receive Sl.oOtJ. Go into the dead-letter office of the post ofliee department and there will be seen a woman who has sat for eleven years at ar, -Sl.SDO desk, drawing SilOO a year in all that time. In the old days she had :io influence to have herself promoted. Now she would have to stand a civil-service examination, and she is too timid to attempt it. The wisest among the women employes up to the inaugni-ation of the civil-service rule were extremely careful not to .get too high a salary, as the minute a woman steps over the SI.200 limit her place was demanded for some, political-place hunter who wanted it. Thus many women, who might have urged with •good effect (lie fact th.-it Uicy did the work of high-saladed clerks, were afraid to nsk for proportionate compensation, as it jeopardized them instantly and fatally. A ease in point is that of a very accomplished woman employed in the state department. She did "for years the work of a SI.500 clerk era a SI,000 salary. An injudicious friend in Congress got her ji.v,- raised somewhat in propor! ion to her work. Jn less than a month her head rolled into the basket—she. had been guillotined in favor of a man. Xoxt she was appointed librarian to a, certain department, and the same friend oifered to use his • efforts to got her salary raised there. She begged hi:n to do no such indiscreet thing; conso'qneiHly K hc still retains her place. — Demurest*' :ijonthly. Only the Woman Who YVVds for I^ove la Worthy a Man's Afl'ectioti. You see the day has gone by when a man would do any thing 1 for a woman; countries need to be either very young or very old when this sort of thing happens, but after all I can't help but remember that question, ""\Vhat do women marry for?" Some women many because they want a home of their own, and these are my conclusions: Some women marry because they haven't the moral courage to remain single. Some women marry because they w-ant a little more money in their purses and a little larger credit at the shops. Some women marry because they want to put "Mrs.'' on their visiting cards. Some women marry because their mother wants them to. Some women marry because a man asked them to, aud they don't like to say no. Some women marry for money— money, and nothing else. These women get the money, and with it great responsibilities they nevur dreamed of. Some women many because they love the man. because they \vant to be his wife, his friend and his helnmate; becattse they want to make him feel that there is one woman in the world whom lie can love and cherish, and from whom he will receive love and consideration in return. 3jecau.sc they want him to feel that if sorrow comes he has a sympathizing-, loving friend close beside him, and that in the day of joy there is one who can give him smile for smile. These are the women worth marrying-. The others are of little worth, and never would be missed if they suddenly dropped out of the matrimonial bonds.—Jiab's Xew York Letter. "—Tn:e 1 •: Inc. —Tom— "] Iarry is a truer American than any of us." .lack—"How is that'. 1 ' 1 niac'" 25 c HIRES' IXlPROVED ROOT BEER.' aeamc. »OBOltjKCim5TRAIr(iKc EASILVM/JK; THIS PACK'.CE MAKES FIVE C.ULONS. ROOT BEFR. Or the Change in the Bonndarle» of the Voting PrecincU of Said City, .A* Maiie by tlip Common! Coimch'iu ..-'ritclr Kc;rul«r A <8'o<iMon, March' 18, 1891. :-. The voters of the 'City of togaiisport,' Cass Conn- ty, rndltuiM. will hereby Hike notice that the following order was made by the Common Council ot- the Utyof Logansport, CMSS County,'Indiana, at their regular session, Wednesday evening, March 18, Election precincts as formed In the City of J o- gansporl, Indiana: ' In accordance with an. act of the Legislature of tue,blateol Indiana, approved March eri8S) it is ordered by the Common Council of the City of Lo- gauspurt, Cass County Indian,!; and thev do now l""n and adopt the following voting pr^incts In ti.t several wards of ihe City of Logansport, ind. thereof, to a point opposite Tenth street th«nit» south crossing said river to Hace stre?t "««; al<mg.._the Precinct No ^,-AH that territory embraced within the following metes and bonndi, uSm Commencing at the corner of Seventh and Hurb -* «"* 0" 'He south line or n ,4 , BMPBRANCE llcloua e.ad and WHOLZSOM3 tue world. THY I/ Ask your Druggist or Grocer for ii. . C. E. HIRES, "PHILADELPHIA nil be turned tu our.NKVI ]!n .idly iind !i<inun,bly, liv •llui-r rtx, vounirnr olii, n'n jM"?' Allan's Parisian Face Bleach „ _J i? 01 "™ H »'r Wash. Momma Dura, for devtl- ?=,.- "P'nsr the bust. Rusm.1, for removinjr supcrfiu, J ou> W. Bane- drMsing. All Rood, wholesale £ and retail. Send i CIS. for illibirawil circular. J Hi! me of fmr hair c oods. Mrs. R. V^ Allen -- IVood. A./.. Detroit. Mich. Sold by druBCisK.' Attractive and Promising Investments m 10 Wi FIRST VVAKD. j?recInctSo. 1-AU that territory embraced within tlie lollowlngmetesand bounds, to-wlt: Ciimmenc- Ing at the nonwest corner of Sycamore :nid uitn- wa streets, thence running we.st along the north line ol Ottawa street to Vine street, thence .south along the west line of Vine street to Miami street thence west on the north line of Miami street to Hum street, tlience north along the. east line of Pmin street to Bates street, thence west alon- the mirth line of Bates street to Holland street thence north on the east line of. Holland smetto the north boundary, line of said First ward, ajid thence east along the north line of said ward to Sycamore street, and tlience south along ihe west line, of Svcu- mor?. street to th» place of heglnning. And t is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held In house on Ottawa street on the southwest coriieroflotlU.liiD.D.Dykeman'slst addition to west LOKiin, in said ward. Precinct No. 2—All that territoryenibraced within the lollovvlng meies and hounds, to-wit• Commencing at the northwest corner of Ottawa and Sycamore streets, thence, running south along the west line ol Sycamore street io Chlppawa street, thence west on the north line of Chlppawa street to plum street, them* south on the we.st line of Muni street to Usage street, thence west onthe north line of and Wheatland streets to the Chicago M- north on th east line of Eighth street to Eace .street then™ east on the south line or Kace ^treit to TweSS street, thence south on the we.sc Unc I of TweSh treet to Broadway, street, thence west on Se ! Precinct No. 3.-A11 that territory within the following metes and lx>uiids",~i£m£ Commencing at Ihe southwest corner or Twelfth and B oadway streets, thence ruimln K south on the west 1 ne of Twelfth street to the WatuMi and trie, canaJ bed. tlience west along the the line of hitlsJ canal bed to Seventh street, thence north on ea.sc line of Seventh street to Broadway street.and yiFIB WARD, wmmH. 1 ,'~ A " lhai wrIU)ry embraced within the tollawing met.-s and bounds to-wit • Conunencmg at Eel river on Twelfth street U> Markct sifte" thence Market street to Sixteenth srrwf thence north on west line of SIxteemt TsUeet to the south bank of Eel river, and thence welt alone 0 fh , .,« - . 01 o h,> jlace o} Heaimilng:. And it is ordered h<it the elections In said precinct be held in the iB at the ,-orner of Twelfth aiw Maiket s reeis. thence running east on the south line ol Market street to Sixteenth street, thence souihoo He west line of sixteenth street to Snieud "street Tuiim wesl °" llle " onl1 llne of Twel tli street, and in. nee norlh on treet nie;1(i si feet to east line of Coinnieiiclng at fel river on Sixteenth street ' TURNER & BOND. 1O2 Washington St., Chicago, Established 1875. Ecforeitre IstSutl, Bank, Hi Jnside Income-Producing Business Properties. jr'-Jonetti office bulkliujjinlioartor the city. Price im«»? e lK1S ''' l!0ld ln " rmrin e rot-nil district. Price, wn%U»"oA™t C e U ri 3 «t fr0m S!0 ' 000 to * 50 ' CO ° IW'iff '''-' ')_'&» in ail iKirr.s'of tho_cltyonc!is7 p.iymc.nts. returns. thence north to the line oi' the ' w';ibii.sh' 'and i'rie i-aiial. ihem-eea,sialoiig;helfne O t i.lie Watoish and JU-IK canal bed to Holland .street, thence south along the west line of said Holland .street to Bates street, tlience wist on the south line of Bates street io Plum street, thence, south on plum street to Miami street, thence east a long the south line of Miami strut to Vine su-eet, thtiioe no; tli on tlieea«t slue p Vine street to Ottawa street, thence east on south line ol utiawa street to place of beglnidii"- And it is ordered that the elections In said precinct' be held in thebnidllngon thesou'lmestcuriie'- of the sciiool house yard in said ward Precinct No.3—All that territory embraced within the loilowijigii'elo.s and bounds, to-wit: Comniejic- ingat the southwest corner of Sycamore and Chlp- pewa streets. Iheix-e running west on the souih llneotcnlppewa street to Plum street. Iheiice south on Hie east line of Plum street to (N->"e' then west on sonlhllneuf Osage slreet to '" ' Of Ifrk, .,r, u, S ' fSISt0)1 " O 01 Maiket strict to EIglit«enth slreet, thence south on east line of Eighteenth street to Spwr slreet. thence east on north line, of Spear slreet lo """•'"'"•"-— "— the east limits of the city, thence nor eastern limns cf the cily to Eel river ±"P" ul l 1 ,! ) < l! ' k OI Eel river to via And 111 north along the >r. thence west place of beein- ;? at tite corner of the Wa St Lwis r:l Wily !IJld TwlrUl slreet.ihencee.ist railway lo Seventeenth street thence ™ the mirth line ul Jlarkei street to Kel river eiislerlyaloiiKthejioith biinl; of J->1 river Hie meanders thereof, to ihe place of uith K£> and Only Genuine. .|W:IVA n-llauk'. LAOILS I Ivr'Clti'.liM fulfill I£c(l acd f.-r,W aled wltli bliiD ritilMjn. TAkq P. Kf.hisc (io.TiffrrooB s'i?tsit(u- id imilatiolM, M Oraygi.ils, or m thaonlnl* and f farr.uclU.n."mI-i; AIII! it is ordered that the elections in said precinct be he d at the engine house In said ward Preeiuci No. 4—All thatterritory embraced wit'-ln tlielol owlii^melesaiid bounds, to-wit• Comim-nc Ing at ihe westerd ihe ofJSi-1 rlvej- bridge onJUirkrt strei't Iii said ward, thence west iilong the north blink of Eel and U'aba sh rivers, with the meanders thereol.Mtlie west limits uf said \\nrd theiu-e norih to ihe south line of Hie Peorln branch of the . i... C. Arbt. L.l;aii»ay thence east aJoii" ihe -oria branch of the p. C. C. & St. Louis. Hiulv.'av 1.0 Jlarket street, thence east •ionrh line uf Market street ;l;i<rofbfi;i/ini!!g. And ii Is ontavd -lertions In said pivcict be held in u shop In said ward. SECOND IVAl;!). \o l r!jll L llf; 'T' 0 i low mvll(>d b - v Ru ^'l't Be'^dt, a,., -'•^"'"'•nth sireei. in said ward. i'."?J'H''.^o.»--.-»li1)i.;itterrJ!or}-(>nibraoedivItIHn < .,.!,, i — ~- — ... ^ '-"ml on west seytitcemh street u , Watash Kailwav. tbeii .lions said railway io Twelfth street ihenc-f River avenue to Third street, '.hence norlh on TbTri' si reel to Ke! river bridue. Ilience uuitliKest on east llneol Sycamore sireel in the nnrth llniiis of tlie Second iva ni, tlience along the lion h limits of su'd Second ward 10 Hie west line uf Si evens llohlev and Clary's additions in the city of i otr-'iisimn thence nurih aU-HK the wesi lliie'of M'i(i"{i(id!lioii'< lo tlie north llniiis uf said ward. HICIICH ea« oil the north liin'Ofsaldwardto Clil'lon avenue thence south alonj; the v.est line „!' Clifton avenue fo 1 anna sired, thenc.''soiilliwest along the north IliieoL Hanna street to I'ontiac street tlience south jilonvriewestllneoriMuilacsn-i-M to the north bank ol l-.el nver. thence we.-t on the north bank of M river with t!'-" meanders thereof ion point op- posjie l-'uurth sli'eer to I lie place ot be <r innii-" And It is ordered that Uie el-ctiuns In said precinct be held at.what is now known ai Scbaefer's cooper shop in sc.ld ward. Precinct No .2—All t hat terrifHIT embraced wltlijn • ' lollon-lnenieies and bounds. iLMvic CMmiwnc- ..iit'Kel rive: 1 on Koimh sireiit. thence j-uunlni' soiidion (lie east line of Foiinii slreet loProa<iw;iv str-et, tlience east on the norlh line of llroiuiv-iv sliwi lo Fifth street, Ihcnc-e somh on east line of Hlth street to !be \Vahasliainl Erie ,-annl lied, ilieni-e east along the north Htietif said canal be-i 10 .Seventh si reel, t In-nee norlh on the wesi line nf .s-vi'iif.'ijiireel 10 Hlttli sireei, inenc" «vsi c/n the sunn Ijiie of High si reel to sixih sire.-t. the'ici? IK in .1 un Hie wes! liue ol'.Sixih sirett 10 Kel liver andllieiiccwesi a!onei!iesi-H!ll bank of Kel liver wiin Ih'.'ineandei-sl-lierebrioihe pla e of bepin- •HielHJdallhe.NoiHi ,-i:,'>ei eii'rfne hei wai-ti. ,, , „. ., lerk City of Logansport, Indiana Ladies om - 4n ? <?rsons Ensllsh ' »mnle Pills are the wifV-sl nnd n ,,,,l rcliiil.l,- a trial ; . :F ra;ul, post-p:tld per box Sl.iiu. 3 in,x\, s i Give them ore or ;jy For sale in Logai fourth Slree Jfenllon-paper. ^ Bea-Plsher, Xo Sn tlie m^^ * THE GESTLEMWS FRi£ ;[","£•, r '""-''-"W S*u-i"t K rt""''urMUonlfnr'bM % rti^vVSS; ,^VSS r °[S *U.mR MAKUF-8 flO.,LAWMSTERl Oae of tte BEST MEDHMS eMr Imtefl FOR nttBHonun um V'USB OF PAIN AND lfJFLAM?nATION ( bsth Extemallyand Internally. It is safe and certain in its action. ForBurns, Poisoning, Erysipelas, Inflammation of the Eyes or Bowels, Earache, Deafness, Rheumatism, Pains in Side, Back, or Shoulders, .Piles, Sore Throat, Croup, or Bronchitis. Price 25 cts. and $i. at all druggists. E. MORGAN & SONS, Proprietors, HtOVIDENCE, Jt. t r ~w, TBADESOTPLIEDbyROSS GORDON, LaFsyette, Ind. For sale byB. F Reeslinfr ' ' L THE WOMEN OF BOHEMIA. They IIuvc \,y Xolilc J.;nbrt listal.lishcd n Cj-rnnashim or J'ri-par:itory School for Girls in J'raj^ue. After a hard battle against ignorance and prejudice the \vomon of Bohemia have succeeded so far as to open a gymnasium, or preparatory school, for girls in Prague. Last summer when the question of admitting' women to the university was raised, it awakened a storm of ridicule and opposition. But the women refused to be alarmed or discouraged. They drew up a petition and presented it to the reichsrath, -where it was so favorably received • that there was no longer any doubt about their admittance to'the university upon the same terms as the men. So much gained, the next question arose as to how the girls were to gain the preliminary education required for the entrance examination to the university. As yet the state wonld not open to them the doors of a single gvm- nasium. The soul of the new movement was Eliska Krasnohorska, the most popular author in Bohemia. This little woman, full of enthusiasm, said: "Let us start a gymnasium of our own!" This tvould he an easy task in America, but not so under the despotic government of Austria. Merely to obtain permission to organize'such a school meant rior^and NO eq^ual at ff^e. bn'ce* It U wortfi YOUR w V wfjile, to it. "Tf|e res profit re forY pleasure m OLD HONESTY Jo,\t\ Tinxer SjJra'S.-) U try it YOLf (JliCiifi Jjfiiids ;;-nf! Kosiie.i tticlc.y, ALABAMA, Mississij>j>i and .Louisiana. On the line of tile Queen A Orescent Houte cat be lyuiid H.IIIID.I.W acres ol spk-ndld bottom on- lami, timber and .stod; lands Also the Until imil and mineral lands on the continent for salf on favorable teims. FAK.M£Rs: wllh all thygettl':g gst a home U the sunny south, where blizzards and ice (•!•«• plains are unknown. The Queen A Crescent Route is !M 3[Hes rh Shortest and Quickest Line .Cincinati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. Entire Trains. B;i(.'i?agB Car, Day Couches Sleepers run through without change. 110 Miles the Shortest, 3 Hours tlw i^uiefct-si Cincinnati to Jacksocville, Fia Time 27 Hours. The only line running Solid Trains and Sleeping Cars. ONLY LIKE FKOJK CINCINNATI TO. Cbattanoga. Tenn., Fort Payne, Ala., Meridian, Miss., VickburR, Misa., Shreveport La 20 Miles tne Saoitest Cincinnati to Lexington, Ej 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxvillei Tenn ' 116 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta aud Augusta, Ga. U Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ala 26 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham Ala. 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. )irect connections at New Orleans and Shreveport or Texas, Mexico, California. Trains leave Central Union Depot, Cincinnati, rosslng the Famous High Bridge of Kentucky jid rounding the base of Lookout Mountain Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains, iver One Million Acres of Land in Albania the future Great'State of the South subject to pre-emption. Unsurpassed climate. For Correct County Maps, Lowest Rates KM nil particulars atMres. J). 6, EDWiRCS (ren assenger <!t Ticket Agent, iQueen & Crescent Route, Cinclnnat! o Ihe Idilowlngmelesand bounds, tivuii. , s in:.' mi ihe south bank of »l river ai the iire-:er. tinii with Third sireer. llieiice rnnnlit-sm.tii uVi-V! Kiver avenue, tliem e northeasi along tbe sonili line of Kel Hlvvr avenue to Fourth xira-i, tl'ien-e .vutljon tbe east line of Fourth street to' liro.'iii- way slreet. thence easi on thesoiilb line of 3^i-.iad- way street lo Ullh si reel, ihencesouib on Ihe west bneofFlfili street (oJIarkct street, i;ienoe wvsi OM tile north line, of Market street lo Kel Ki'"j- avenue, thence souiliwesr on Eel River avenue kiltie Wauash river, and thence nortliwest aloii"- tliesouih bankof iiel river, with the meanders thereof, tollieplaceofbeginning. And it; is ordered that tbe elections In said precinct beheld -it the township trustee's office In said ward. TIUKB -W.UiD. Precinct No. 1—All that territory embraced-.vith In the lollowing metes and bound's, to-wi:.- Commencing.-it the corner uf Eel Klver avenue and 3i.a rkei si reel, thence running east to Fifth street thence southeast^ Oak streeb^thence south along '" "" " street, thence GOLD MEDAL, pwjis EXPOSITION. 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF - PE»S. Do You Inmi or . territory embraced within the following metes and bounds to-wlt- Commencing at the corner of the Wabash and Erie canal bed and Oak street, thence runniii- east alone the. south line of the Wabash and Erie wnal bed to Twelfth street, thence south along the west line of Twelfth street lo theWaba"h river, thennp west along the north bank of the Wabaxh river with the meanders thereof to Fourth street, thence north along the the east line of Fourth street to Canal street, thence east on Canal street to Oak street, thence north on the east line ol Oak street to the place ot beginning And it Is ordered that theelections in said precinct be held at Harry Torr's office In said ward vi ^ ml - 1 Precinct No. 3,—The third precinct of said ward s composed of all that part of said ward lying "Sand the Wabasl1 rl - ver ' JllclU(i lng Middle's ,JiV'\°? erefl G}Rt ^ f Action in said precinct be , leld at Amans carriage trimming shop on Burl- ngton avenue In said ward. ] STOCKS, BONDS, ' >-r AXID PROVISIONS? If so, »T-,,I- - iviin a reHablefirm who have h.-.ii ',-n yearG ej:.;c. or.co, and are members of ilio Clii<aut,. rfOOTd ol 7 i«il« and Stncli ExdiangD. Who da ousinoss strictly on Commission. Refer io Illinois 1 rust and Sa% .-,1 js Bans, Chicago. C. A. WHYLANfD & CO. ® :O Pacific- vivo. - Clu-cna-o, ri/ s . We send fre • of charge our Daily Market Renort tr.a Circular on applic.-iiion. 'merest allowed on nionihly balances. S TOPS ALL unnatural discharges in 24. hours. Adopted by the German Government for Hospital &Armyuse P.S.C. isputupfor American trade Jri a patent bottle holding;syringe [see cut) At druggists, $1.00, iitchidinrSyringc, or 'TU „ -.. ^. •• -sent.seafetLforSUO jThe VonMohlCompanv, Cincinnati, Chlo. 1 Sole American Ageniii. B : . K. irKESLUTS, Agent, Logansport, .tod. I CUKE RUPTURE fURES Olcct v & Gohei, in 3 days. No Stricture . SORE WAKD. Precinct No. 1.—All tbe territory embraced ivl!!j- n the following metes and bounds, tu-wlf Com- nenclng at tbe corner of, Sixth and High streets hence running north on Pontlac street to Hanna treet, thence east on the. south line of Hanna tfe*',tSClIJton.aveuue. thence north on the east ine of Clllton avenue to the ward boundary line, hence east 'ilong the ward boundary line to east nuts or said ward, thence southeast along the ne of said ward t»,Eel river, thence west along he north bank of Eel river, with the meanders DR. HOBHE'S ELECTRIC TRUSSES Have Cured IQ.OOn Knptnrcs in 13 Years. d -nitb a flonble rupture 5 yrars. Ycur Eloo- J. G. PHJLPOT." Chattajionpa, Tone. > — -••••/»;«« ••<""* f-vn t ir<V*^CK/ iNVEKTORi 180 WABASH AVE., CKICP

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