Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on November 16, 1958 · Page 64
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 64

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 16, 1958
Page 64
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Last Year's Dresses To Look Good In '59 DiäHä V/'/nVäTCl Jean H agen, W alt Disney F ino. Rebel Way To Double-Cross Styling Angry Fans Send Letters To Bosses "Cheyenne" Still Feuds With Studio Wife Of Sir Ccdric Hardwlclj ’Creali* Humiliated’ By Charge 0: Bv ERSKINE »JOHNSON1 kN STAGF Offstage Upstage: The chemise, the trapeze and now the Empire look” So how do you think Hollywood. making films to be seen | months from now. is keeping up | with today’s crazy fashion whirl? Well, I know one way — the way Jean Hagen and Walt Disney double-crossed the Paris pincushion set for a just-completed movie not due for release until 1959. Rather simple, really, Jean told me as she laughed: "I just wore my las* year's dresses so fhev u-ill look all right next year.” And that. I hope, is new’ hope, for husbands reporting only one male fashion note for this season-little change in pockets. * * * THE F11>M. “The Shaggy Dog,” a spoof of shaggy dog stories, has Jean squirming when friends ask her the plot She plays the mother of a 16-year-old boy who discovers he can turn himself into a dog. Jean retired two years ago as Danny Thomas’ | TV wife because she was | bored with playing a mother every week but this, she says! is a little different. “It’s a slight switch I’ve never played the mother of a dog before. And. really, I'm not ‘motherly.’ It's sort of a crazy, fey, young Billie Burke role.” Bv \M!,I1\>1 Gl.OVER NFAV YORK [AD —Diana Wvn- vard is n dainty but theater rebel. Re > ourself, she insists. Miss Wynvard, one of thè grand dames of thè Rritish stage, is ar­ rivine on Rroadway next week for j HOLLYWOOD, (NEA)—Writers . The fev.d is at its highest ten- taken over the must brave the Hollywood cross sioti {x>int, as a matter of fart, be- heroics. It’s still called "Chey fire, to keep a rendezvous with cause a new imported gunslinger enne” on TV but it is I’heyenne- .towering (six-foot, six-inch) Clint fron Ton is namc'd Ty Hardin has less because of Clint’s absence. He (Cheyenne) Walker at his hideout resolute f°r a briefing on the latest news about the biggest feud in the TY West this season Its a non shooting feud—no guns and no film. Rut the words sure are flying cay Spsin Really Vsisran Gambler was Cheyenne. Ty uses another name. Clint on the show when it ended BEVlVULY HILLS, Calif. (AD M “This is the most humiliating experience of my life,” says Lady arv Scott Hnrdwicke of her arrest on a drunk-driving charge. The Los Angeles-born actress wife of actot Sir Cedric Hard* wicke pleaded innocent at her arraignment Friday in municipal last season and now a new boy court. I lei jury trial was set for taking over this year has aroused Dee. 3, hot 31st birthday. her arrest greatly up- the TY populace to the point where she told reporters IIOI LYWOOD (API—Fay Spain, the embarrassed studio has a pre- last Monday night ha her first local appearance in 26 and Clint’s fans are^tn a “lot s who p]ays thc not<>rious gangster’s pared explanation which is given Set Sir Cedric, 65, who is appear years. ‘ * Philosophy Explained get a rope” uproar. The feud, as mistrcss m - m Capone," may you may have heard, is over unusually believable in the ambling sequences. There's a ,ood reason. val since has caused her to shape made to him. Both are staple That is precisely half the Wyn- money in fringe benefits and true- yard lifetime, and the busy inter- blue promises Clint says were a philosophy that fits none of the commodities in any western, usual cliches surrounding leading ladies. irate fans who telephone to ask: ¡ng in a Lon Ion play. “What happened to Clint Walker?” -------------At the studio, I’m told, there is “If men would slap their wives ja stack of 17,000 irate fan letters, now and then, there would be few- too young to|anc* more coming in daily, de- er divorces,” says a judge. May- ( lint Is lloro There’s a hero — that’s hired “One must never look over hand Clint and there is a villain- one s shoulder at the past,” she that*« Warner Bros, studio. »ays. Miss Wynyard extends her un- When Fay was 17 ___ v___„ be permitted as a customer in nianding to know the same Reno gambling casinos—she was swer. a full-fledged dealer at the crap tables. “I was married at the time,” Clint tells it, that is. she says>. “My husband and As the studio tells it, Clint is weren’t doing very well acting orthodoxy to refusal to discuss the the heavy and the studio is an in- hack Fast so we came West. We play which enticed her here. It nocent holdup victim. And this‘stopped off in Reno, happens to be “Cue for Passion,” explains “Which way did he go?” *1 lied about my age and got the 29th script from the pen of to fans wondering why they aren’t a job as a dealer—and made big Elmer Rice, who is also directing, seeing Clint in the “Cheyenne” money, much more than my hus- “It’s an excellent play,” she telefilms this season. band, who was a shill.” comments, “but I simply won’t big guy. once a casino The two worked there six talk about it—I never do. I sup- at "the Sands Hotel in Las months and saved enough money pose that makes me supersti- has been barred from the to come to Hollywood, a legal paper an- be so, but there’d I k more funerals. CAMERA CONTEST—Each intent on trying to “upstage” the other and steal the scene, Jean Hagen and Shaggy, the mop- pawed dog, were so intent on the battle that they both got out of focus. Note that Shaggy is even stepping on Jean’s foot. It happened while shooting Walt Disney’s “The Shaggy Dog.” a spoof on shaggy dog stories, in Hollywood. tious. l’lot Is Revealed “Cue for Passion," is a modern rendition of the Hamlet saga, and either John Kerr, one of the bright young men of the stage, performs in the principal role opposite Miss Although she lightly rides the a showdown, it s a standoff. Meet- the actress confesses that 'nK;s have been held but the o*feis Warner range by a legal paper •''h0 nn^ w hich says he is on suspension. He vorced. is not working and not being paid. Hog tied, as they say in r the westerns. Meetings Fail Until Clint and the studio have her husband are years. an important part of her philso- phy concerns adjustment to just such younger players. INGRID BERGMAN i« lotting down all of her hair in Paris to; her one-time Hollywood press! agent. Joseph Steele He’s writing “The Ingrid Bergman; Story.” a biography due for pub-; lieation in the spring . , . Marilyn Monroe’s a 1 most-below-j see-level backless evening gown, as thf band singer in “Some Like It Hot,” has Director Billy £)an O’Herlihv Wilder fronting for her: “I’m cutting her off above the waist makmg In most of the scenes I don't want to giv e the people too much Movie Stars Are Down-Groded Irish-Born Actor Claims Writers Mosf Important Bv JAMES BACON dren. HOLLYWOOD u\P) — It’s one “We do all right. We even have of those statements that actors a swimming pool. But it's a sim- sometimes make but don't really pie swimming pool.” mean. . . ln the three years O’Herlihv did ’ But I really mean it,” insists occasional television and put on Writers are the pjayS m his drama workshop. It most important creators in movie was a COfXi Jiving but nothing compared to what he could have had. “One can only live in one house and counter-offers were not satis factory to the studio or Clint. Ski the feud, now in its seventh month, is daily emptying the vocal The old-fashioned family doctor barrels of Clint and studio spokcs- is the one who took time to sit men. down and visit with the family after he had finished doctoring the patient. OPEN 1:11 CHILD 20« ELIZABETH TAYLOR MONTGOMERY CLIFF "RAIHTRtt COUKTY ------ PIUS WETBACK Star* Down Rated “Furthermore.” add< the Irish- born actor, ’m movies, the direc* a cnn on*V °ne suit launched the “talking craze.” for $1.” Movies are getting old er in theaters, too. Al Jolson's tor js even more important than at a time—and can orlv eat one famed 31-year-old “The Jazz the actor I think actors and ac- meal at a time,” he philosophizes. Singer” is due for reissue along tresses rate third.” Several of the scripts tinned with a 1937 version of “Uncle The statement was in reply to down became great commercial Tom’s Cabin.” The Jolson film this question: Why hadn’t O’Herl- successes but none, he feels. would ihv made a picture in three years have helped him personally, between his Oscar nomination for j“Robirron Crusoe" and “Home Before Dark.” "In those three years.” says 0‘Herlihv, “I turned down scripts ¡that could have earned m*5 a mil- j lion dollars but my family's wants ¡are simple.” ! He lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife and three chil- “FfcOM HELL TO TEXAS > ■ NOW WOULDN’T you know there would be some hair- pulling mixed up with Cara Williams’ great bid for ae. tinfc instead of headline honors in “The Defiant One«.” Only this time Cara didn't pull ersnvhil* hubby John Barrymore Jr.’s hair. She almost snatched her agent haldheaded. in an argument over what he hadn't don#» for h*r lately. Then sh* fired him and went out and landed the role herself. • * • HOIXYWOOD'S PtTMJC de fcate over its business headaches is getting a little ridiculous. Now owners ROCKA-BYE BABY THE ANrD JAKE WADE Coming Starts Wednesday Village The story of a town with adirtymind! C inemascope THE WHOIE BATTLE-SCARRED LOVE-SCORCHED SAGA OF THE U.S. MARINES! STARRING Robert WAGNER Dana WVNTER Jeffrey HUNTER Hope LANGE Bradford DIUMA & n.,.«» JOHN SAXON SANDRA DEE Sheree NORTH - TERESA WRtEHT -JAMES WHITMORE France NUYEN STARTE THURSDAY LINDSEY some Road,” could be his big! gest sellers . . . Prosperity note i from Las Vegas: Gambling up 1 six per cent over last year. But j at The Sands Dean Martin is | flipping it: ‘‘Las Vegas has instant coffee | —and instant poverty.” Hollywood bit player John theater owners and Hollywood Crawford will play George are having a headarhe over the Washington in the movie, “John _ _ 10 «lit) trtiii ^ Í t a vi i«. t • JX Ä ». M * *problem of why many headarhe*. they have so THEATER MEV ARE blaming the high salary demands of a handful of writers, directors and stars for pushing the cost of pro duetion to Sputnik heights. Which prompted Ken Eng- 1und, president of the Screen Writers Guild, to snap to Daily Variety*. “Some theatermen are Using fine movies as a shill for the food concession ” Theatermen, says Ken. inspired high production costs therr.selves by crying for big Stars to sell pictures. It’s a merry-go-round with headache tablets instead of brass rings. • • • OFF THE SOT’NP TRACK: Lana Turner caught some of her old films on TV and she’s still gasping: “I hadn’t sern them for years. I am amazed to discover that my daughter Chervl looks just like me at that age.” . . . Tab Hunter's latest recordings, “Jealous Heart” and “Lnne- Paul Jones.” Crawford doesn't 1 look like Washington so he plays ! the entire role with his back to 1 the camera. Rut Hollywood is Hollywood, you know, and the ; film’s press agent assured me: “He SOUNDS just like Washington.” Clifton Theatre P02-23H OPEN 1:15 MOST DIABOLICAL CRIME OF ALLI ADULTS ................. CHILD .. 20e •‘She’s the only wife I Klli- HER. MUS BIG ROCK & ROLL SHOW AND DANCE featuring • Bobby freeman • The Elefanti • Internationals • Rocketeers Bond • Four Teens • Honk Hunt's Band 25 of Hie Top Rock & Roll Artisti SHOW—7:30 P.M. Municipal Auditorium Advonc« Ticken $1.25 at U. V. Blak« Record Shop DANCE 9 P.M. COTTON CLUB Tw«td«y, November Î • DON'T MISS IT! MKSHSTS (IN PERSON) ONE NIGHT ONLY LUBBOCK COLISEUM FRIDAY, NOV. 21 • 8:30 V / BUCHANAN I coi-QR Randolph Scon Tower Theatre OPEN 1 P.M. P02-1731 Strookinq from the roof of Hto sky .. . comes the first qreot spectacle of the Jet Aqe! ROBERT MITCHUM ROBERT WAGONER RICHARD EGAN State Theatre POJ-SW OPIN 1 P.M. ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO SEE THIS t HORROR-CADE OF TERROR! Arnett-Benson P02-4537 OPEN 1 P.M. ADULTS ........... kit CHILDREN ........ 20« FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT WE HAVE BROUGHT BACK THESE TWO WONDERFUL MOVIES: RICHARD BURTON • Jfc¿N SIMMONS ---- PLUS ---It Bcqtns Where tof* OIÏ2 WITH A SPECTACULAR 2 HOUR SHOWi! PRICES: $4.00—$3.50—$3.00—S2.50 MILITARY PERSONNEL & TECH STUDENTS — $2.00 TICKETS NOW AT AUDITORIUM BOX OFFICE 9-5 DAILY VICTOR MATURE SUSAN HAYWARD Village Theatre SH4-4947 OPEN 1:1S STARTS TODAY! THE TRUE STORY of a sultry beauty o t th§ mercy o/ a bestial crew and their mutinous leaders! STARRING James Mason Dorothy Danridge Broderick Crawford ADU/TS ............... nt CH.LDREN ............ 20« Lindsey Theatre P05-7122 OPEN 1:15 NOW SHOWING! A ACTION PACKED MOVIE OF THE ROARING YEARS ... And of th« girls that went to tfLMCD IN CINEMA- SCOPI 1 MFTRO COLOR ROBERT TAYLOR CYD CHARISSE LEE J.

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