Warren Times Mirror from Warren, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1937 · Page 5
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Warren Times Mirror from Warren, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Warren, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 2, 1937
Page 5
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NOTED HOME ECONOMIST TO BE FEATURED ON WOMEN'S PAGE The women’s page of the Times- mlrror will contain weekly suggestions and household hints to housewives written by Nancy Tice, noted home economist and adviser on subjects of the home. Mrs. Tice has a national reputation built over many years In the field of Domestic Science. Behind the vast store of practical and useful information Mrs. Tice brings to the women’s page, lies a story filled with human interest. The unfolded pages of her life read almost Uke a novel, and are filled with romance, interwoven with real life struggles. now gives most of her Ume. Her amazing ability to conceive ideas, enrich otherwise commonplace surroundings, perform near-miracles in the kitchen and generally typify the ideal housewife, has endeared her to women everywhere. Mrs. Tice comes to the women’s page of the Times-Mirror in the advertisements of the Pennsylvania Sugar Company, refiners of Quaker Sugar, and her interesting .suggestions will appear under the heading, “Advice to Housewives.” DEEPENING OF GUSHER WELL IS NOW UNDER WAY Officials of the Minard Run oil company completed preparations Wednesday for the deepening of the company’s gusher well in the Music Mountain district, near Lewis Run. Production at the well late Thursday afternoon had dropped to approximately 20 barrels per hour, from the estimated 50 barrel per hour production recorded soon after the well blew in shortly before noon Tuesday. E. H. Bryner of Custer City, an official of the company, reported that workmen had completed an: choring of the control head on the i well, in preparation for the contin- i uation of drilling. He said drilling operation» would be resumed this morning. The well is now at a depth of 1,400 feet, one foot below the top of the Silverville sand. The Brad- FOOT INJLKY Mrs. Lena Colosimo, 28, of Endeavor, was treated at the Warren General hospital ^turday for an injury to her left foot, received when she stepped over the porch j ford and Lewis Run sands lie be at her home. i lov^ the Silverville formation. ----------- I Bryner said the placing of the EDITOR OVERLOOKED 'control head was completed at Our apologies are due to Joe ! noon Thursday but that it was not Cannon, editor-in-chief of The Bea -1 anchored in place until shortly aft- Nancy Tice Is a graduate of the , Rosemont Academy for Girls, an exclusive finishing school in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia. Her family, during her girlhood, was wealthy and there was little or no need for her to concern herself with household duties. But, ^/because it is her nature to prefer such work, Nancy Tice made thorough studies into every phase of household activities and home building. In this she was extremely fortunate, for in later years her family wealth disappeared and circumstances forced her to rely on this fine background in order, as she herself has put it, “to make ends meet”. Writing under the pen-name of Marguerite Schaeffer, she has had numerous books, plays and short -stories published. Their publication has added much to the enjoyment of reading. It is in her work with women’s clubs, that Nancy Tice finds the most pleasure—and to which she ty Torch, whose name v;as inadvertently omitted in the writeup about the magazine last week. It was mainly due to his hard work and enthusiasm that the magazine tanks among the best school publications that has come to our attention for some time. STRUCK BY ROCK Joseph Hyneck, 61, of Pittsfield, was treated at the Warren General Hospital for an injury to the right side of his back, sustained Saturday morning at the plant of the Keystone Face Brick Company, Youngsville, when a large rock fell from above and struck him. er 4 o'clock. The head, brought from WelLsville, N. Y., will control the flow of gas and oil and permit the operation of drilling tools. The new well is 1,200 feet southwest of the Niagara Oil company’s gusher well on Music Mountain which blew in Auj^st 24. It is 500 feet east of the Hrst test well of the Minard Run company, which showed only three barrels of oil but 60,000 cubic feet of gas. Brjmer said that the company has not formulated any further drilling plans. The gusher Is located on Warrant 2265, approximately 2,000 feet west of highway Route 219. MARKET REGISTRATION The Fall furniture market being | held in the Exposition Building in West Second Street, Jamestown, continued to fall behind in registration yesterday from the Spring market of this year and the Fall market of last year. The figures at 5 o’clock yesterday was 285 buyers as compared with 381 at the end of the second day last Fall and 347 for the same day last Spring. The market continues through November 6th but will remain open Sunday for the convenience of buyers within driving distance of this city. 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Physical Culture Hotel Incorporated Dansville, New York ic Please send P.C.H. taformation. Namt ...< Street Town Afenffon tM» paptr and torn will send (Ntfoab/e Health Booklet Free. REGISTRATION UP Attesting to the popularity of keeping the Jamestowm Furniture I Market Association’s exposition in ' the Furniture Market Building in West Second Street open on Sunday, an influx of buyers yesterday raised the attendance figure to the 600 mark early in the evening This figure, however, is still somewhat lower than the comparable figure of last Fall’s market when 735 buyers h^d registered by Sunday night. During the Spring market this year, a total of 816 registered on the comparable date. The market continues open through next Saturday. The Rooneys are coming! 11-2-lt If you are poisoned by URIC ACID Read Our Offer—Do This 1» Uric Acid In your blood causing ™ ® business trip the latter part “Arthritis;” stlif joints; sore mus- Garland, Oct. 28—There are several more cases of mumps in the villasre. Among them are several small children in the home of Lester Black. A rummage sale was sponsored by the Woman’s Auxiliary In the votinp: house Friday and Saturday of last week and continued Into this week. Several of the boys around town are working for the electric line people Mrs. Harriet Ormsbv is keeping hou.fle for Charley Seeley. A group of school children held an out of door picnic last week ac- com.panied by their teachers. MÍJ9S Ella Mays, of North East, was in town the latter part of the week and accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Peter Carlson, of this place, they motored to Franklin to visit another sister. Rita May Zolko celebrated her birthday Friday evening by entertaining a large group of young people from this vicinity. The young lady received several nice gifts to remind her of the occa.«<ion. Eddie Voty is back in school after having had an attack of tonsi­ litis. John Warner has gone back to work again after being confined to his home with a sinus condition. David Fomell and mother were recent Cleveland visitors. The box social held in the school building was a success financially. Much credit is due Arthur Kane, who auctioned the boxes. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Price and grand daughter, Eleanor, who recently moved to Erie, were back cles; rheumatic pains; neuritis; neuralgia? Bladder weakness? Kidney Irritation? Up many times at night? “Worn Out”? “Acid” Stomach? “Catch cold” easily? Skin itchy? No “pep”? Nervou-?? WANT A 75c BOTTLE (Regular Prescription Quantity) For more than 45 years The Williams Treatment has been helping others to comfortable days and nights. We will give uric acid sufferers who send this advertisement, home address and ten cents (stamps or coin) one, full size 76- cent bottle (33 doses) of The Williams Treatment and booklet with DIET and other helpful suggestions. No obligation, N’o C. 0. IX Only one bottle given same person, family or address. Sold since 1892. This advt. ajid 10c must be sent DR. D. A. WILLIAMS COMPANY M. M. 615 East Hampton, Conn. Political Advertisement Political Advertisement VOTERS! The polls will remain open tonight until 8 o’clock. If you have not yet voted, there may still be time to get to the polls. We, the Democratic County candidates, hope we may have your vote, but urge every voter to discharge his duties as a citizen and vote. Richard P. Lott for District Attorney Kate R. Hazeltine for Register and Recorder Thomas H. Jenkins for Prothonotary Cap. Chas. G. Pearson for Coroner Tony Stec Is taking violin lessons In Erie. Miss Evelyn Johnson, of Irvine, was a weekend guest at the home of the Ransoms. Mrs. Dick Dahlstrom was hostess Thursday to the Willing Workers of the Methodist Episcopal church. Mr. and Mrs. Rowland have as their guest the latter’s mother, who will remain for an Indeflnitt visit. The new road between Garlanl and Spring Creek is attracting many visitors who appreciate its worth and beauty. Mr. and Mrs. Car! Peterson and Helmer Fornell, of JamestowTi, motored their mother back Sunday. The mother had been visiting for a week in James to’PVTi. The death of Major Bordwell. of Warren, was keenly felt by several Garland residents. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Munn, the recent newlyweds, were guests at the home of the former’s parents recently. Frederick Carlson, who is a sophomore at Cornell University, motored with a group of students to New Haven and “took in” the game between Cornell and Yale on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bills motore<1 to Corry and visited a relative in the hosTJital there last week. Ned Boise, of Salamanca, gave a lecture on the Indians to the local school pupils Monday morning He was accompanied by three Indian chiefs in native dress, who sang and danced. Mr. Boise followed the American Indian from the discovery of America to the present time, illustrating his talk with native implements. Several women from Garland attended a dinner at Youngsville given under the auspices of the Democratic party. Shadows that the casual observer thinks of as just gray or black in a painting will be revealed, on close examination, to be full of color, sometimes quite bright. ei. Mito 9^9 Old WASHER toward! « new THOR GENTLE HAND Lifetime Guarantee Bond PHONE I? 122 Pn, 240 Eidgetl 8 4v. W. 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Sturdily constructed—beautiful to look at—it has many features that make the task of cooking a real pleasure—Simmer Save Burner —In-a-drawer broiler—easy sliding drawers— and a convenient work top. ★ ★ ★ COME IN TODAY—see this wonderful range—and know what a real bargain we arc offering. Manufacturers Gas Co. Office 117 Penna. Ave., W. Phone 128 SIXTEEN RULES FOR HUNTERS ARE OUTLINED BY COMMISSION In an effort to reduce the hunt ing accident toll the Pennsylvania game commission has announced 16 rules. *'If these rules are carried out religiously and to the letter,” a spokesman for the commission declared, “the number of hunting ac- dents will decrease very noticeably. " The rules, which sportsmen are urged to clip and post in their hunting lodges, follow: 1. Never carry a loaded gun m the car with you—it’s against tho law. 2. Before entering a hunting lodge or residence of any kind, point your firearm in a “neutral direction and unload it completely. Work the bolt, lever or pump a few extra times to insure its being empty. Place the gun in the gunrack and LEAVE THE ACTION OPEN. 3. Do not take any gun from the rack, other than your own, without getting permission from the ov/ner. When you take your gun from the rack, first ascertain if the action is open. If it is not, open it immediately. 4. When leaving the camp or car to hunt, point your gun in a “neutral” direction to load the magazine. Do not load the chamber till the gang has thinned out. and you are left on your “stand. ’ 5. After you load the chamber see that the “SAFETY” slide or lug, is in the “SAFE” position Hunt with it thf.t way. It is le.ss apt to be discharged accidentally. BUT DON’T TRUST IT EVEN THEN. 6. Do not stand at ANY tim<i with the “butt” on the ground and the muzzle grasped with both hands. 7. Be sure you are shooting at game and not another hunter. 8. If you gather in a group to eat your lunch, open the action and lay the giin down carefully. When you pick it up again be careful you don't get any snow or dirt in the muzzle. 9. Never walk single file with the chamber loaded. DO NOT TRUST THE SAFETY. Unload the chamber and leave the action open. 10. If you hand your gun to a partner across a fence or stream, open the action first. 11. If climbing over a fence crossing a stream or obstacle of any kind, open the action first: <f you must lay the gun down, place it so the muzzle will point away from you at all times. WTien you pick it Up again, grasp It by the “hind legs.” 12. Never stand a gun against a tree, log, or fence. Lay it down carefully, with the muzzle pointed AWAY. 13. Never exchange guns with a partner for a hunt. You can’t pos sibly be as familiar with his gun as you are with your own. 14. If, for any reason at all, you use a different gun than usual, familiarize yourself with its action thoroughly before taking it afield. 15. In case of a jam, do not try ADMINISTRATION NOTlt'E Letters of Administration d.b.n.c. t.a. on the Estate of James l^'er- gu!»on, late of the Borough of Warren, Warren County, Pa., deceased, having been this day granted to the undersigned, notice j is hereby given to all persons m* debted to said Estate to make immediate payment, and those having claims or demands against the same will present them to the undersigned, properly authenticated for settlement. ANNA F. ALLEN, Admx. d.b.n.c.t.a., 21 Oak St., Warren, Pa. Sept 10, 1937 Sept. 28. Oct. 6-12-19-26. Nov. 2-6t ADMINISTRATION NOTICE Letters Testamentary on the Estate of Nelson Andenson, late of the Borough of Sugar Grove, Warren County, Pa., decea.sed, having been this day granted to the undersigned, notice is hereby given to all pensons Indebted to said Estate to make immediate payment, and those having claims or demands against the same will present them to the undersigned, properly authenticated for settlement. Leslie Anderson and D- H. Haggerty, Executors, Sugar Grove, Pa. September 30, 1937. Oct. 5-12-19-26. Nov. 2-9-6t ADMINISTRATION NOTICE Ancillary letters testamentary on the Estate of Mary Etta Hos- to force the action. You may dam age the gun or explode a cartridge. Remove the cartridge that is causing the trouble carefully, with the muzzle pointed in a “neutral” di rection. 16. WEAR PLENTY OF RED. kins, late of St. Lucie, St. Lucie County, State of Florida, tleceaa- ed, for the adniinistralion of the assets of said instate within the Commonwealth of I'ennsylvania having been granted to the undersigned by the fiegister of Warren County, Pennsylvania, on September 10, 1937, notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to said Estate to make immediate payment, and those having claims or demands against the same will present them to the undersigned, properly authenticated for .settlement. O. S. BROWN, ANCILLARY EXECUTOR 6 Pennsylvania Avenue, West, Warren, Pa. September 10, 1937 Alexander & Clark, Attorneys, Warren, Pa. Sept. 28. Oct. 5-12-19-26. Nov. 2-6t AI >M IMSTK ATION NOTICE Letters of administration on the Estate of Harold P. Hue late of the Borough of Warren, Warren County, Pa., deceased, iiaving been this day gronted to the under signed, notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to said Estate to make immediate payment, and those having claims or demands against the same will pre.sent them to the undersigned, properly authenticated for settlement. Helen Peirce Hall, Administratrix, c.t.a. L. C. Eddy, Attorney. October 25, 1937. Nov. 2-9-16-23-30. Dec. 7~~6t per.sons indebted to said Estai« to make immediate payment, and tiio.se liaving claims or demandj against the same will present them to the undersigned, properly autlienticated for settlement. Helen Peirce Hall, Executrix L. C. Eddy, Attorney. October 9, 1937. Nov. 2-9-16-23-30. Dec. 7—6t The Chinese train cormorant® to dive for fish. A cord around thf bird’s neck {)revents it from swallowing the catch. II ADIVUNISTRATION NOTICE Letters Testamentary on the Estate of Kate Peirce Hue, late of the Borough of Warren, Warren County, Pa., deceased, having been this day granted to the undersign- __ ed, notice is hereby given to all ng| For Christmas Adoring relatives will appreciate portraits of your children. Have them made now before the holiday rush. Make an Appointment Today Bairstow Studio Liberty Street

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