The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1950
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, .MARCH 1, 1050 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople SPEAKING OF FALLS, AW UNCie SLIPPED OH, 1 JUST LOVE THIS RIPPUEP ICE-- rr'S SUCH A CHAMSE FROM TH' SMOOTH, GLA&SV STUFF WE'VE HAP ALL WINTER.' WHV, IT ACTUALLY MOMOTOWOUS.' SURE, I BELIEVE HIM--PROS'LV ENJOYISV IT VERY IMMENSELY/ HE SNEAKED AWAY FROM CLEANIN' TH' CELLAR OR ATTIC-1 KNOW THAT STUFF.' OO BEErt DROOUW 800T?-~THAT - I BOPFOCWS WOUIDMT IMPORT OF THE 6IS&EST JIOM siwce -me 'M C0MBUSTIOM AS BIG AS A lASKETBAlL CUB MELLAS , IUR 30KES/. •Jhe Hoople Bone Saver fio'Moae Ffttts OiJ Jcy Wow CAM THEV TAKE A THING LIKE THAT LIGHTlY 2 DREIFUS WATCH IN A-i CONDITION of a Chapter u/in Riitf r,.„„,;„!.» iiw • b« NEA SERVICE INC By Edwin Rutt Copyright 1950 • by NEA SERVICE, INC. How 1 * your watch running fhn* dayc? ll'i not! Well, have out expert repaTiman put !l in A-l condition. Prompt, «RJcienl i«aionabl* IASYCKIDIT DUE IF US Meet IlreiFus . . . Wear Biamnnrli m \\ in; \ m s. mil II VtMj-Hll, UUKIWU t»0 OUrHWM -TJIK STOHYi Alice ri»«-. urr to v^rller Aiurl*-! JinllCi-' iiftix-flrd Muriel'* huNliuad f belli;; er 111*1 to Kirk, hit ycjir-oJd ndnpird oou. fa Alice ciinnol tar^ltf Hrr ^d *JJ 1 1 rd wllb nly JlNntipointcd t k-emi wh«-n h«r Inll» «. Alice due* not Ilk*- XIX C HUCK WISNER could see that -his dismissal ot Molly Tremayne's opinion ol Brent Halleck didn't quite satisfy Mice, so he continued: "Beyond that, she's the 'high priestess of the Tolliver stuffed shirt element. And none of that crowd could stand Brent's father." | "You mean old Jordan Hal- leek?" 1 "So you even know his name! 'Molly certainly has been saundini -.her horn. Yes, old Jordan.' Chuck's laughing green eyes 'danced. "He was the village va- Sgrant before I took over." . "What did he do that was so .errible?" As An Aid In Rheumatism Arthritis t drink k MOUNTAIN VALLEY /{(. Natural Minerat Wafer from J& Hot Spr.ngi -Ark. Thousands have been helped by this famous- health water. Not a laxative. Try it for the noit few weeks .. . sco how it may help you. Atk Your Docfor Atouf MOUNTAIN VALLEY MINERAL WATER I Crosstown Whiskey Shop | 109 So. Division, Blyttievllle * "Nothing to hurt anybody els really. Just drank and loafed anc el his money get away from htm But. he. was a 'hot-tempered ol Doy- He had a few run-ins wit some of our more prominent peo ale. And by-and-by the lovcl and the cultured people of Tollivc decided that the Hallecks rate the brushofl, I'm' sorry to sa that, when I was a kid, my folk didn't want me to play with Brer and Bill." "Well," Alice's forehead puck ered, "maybe .Jordan wasn't s good. But why pick on Brent?' "Search me. Sins or the fathers, I guess. Cut Jordan had a lot of pride, evun if he was a tramp. And Brent takes after him in that respect." His eyes clouded momentarily. "Too much, maybe", for his own good." "But I heard," Alice said cautiously, "thai Brent was treated very well after he came back to Tolliver." "He didn't think so." said Chuck "He thought he was being patron- ed by that gang—Molly's outfit nd he as much as told them to o to Ihe dickens." • • • PICTURE of Brent's face, dark withdrawn, slightly arrogant ose to her mind. Patronage, rea r fancied, was the last thing lha Brent Hallcck would take lightly "Mind if I ask you something ow?" Chuck's eyes were discon erting. "N-no. Of course not." "Okay. Why are you so inter sted in Brent?" lie caught her off guard and i defense she answered quickly 'Naturally. I'm interested. Whe rou live in a man's house—' "You" know what I mean." H spoke as otie interrupting poppy cock. "Now, Chuck," she met his gaz levelly, "don't get any wild idea It's just that Brent seems so—s dissatisfied." Chuck hesitated. "Do you kno why he went to . Providence?" h asked finally. '"Not actually—beyond the fa that he wasn't doing so well here "Well," Chuck began, "he . . No! I. forgot. 1 can't. Because i —well, strictly confidential." Alice let it go at tha But it occurred to her a walked toward the lock'er roo that Chuck Wisncr's green ey naive and grinning though til seemed, saw entirely too much. COM. IHO ir *A sr«ncr. me. T. X. Me. u. L Mr. orr. FRECKLES AND HLS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Lender of Men .R, oovtnj 5 yes. I THINK UVERWRE- IS "WE I SAM, MAM1b OReAMCE /I DO/ SHADYSIDE'S SOFTBALL "The President worries me with that talk about $12,000 a year for all of us—I'd hate to be paying taxes on all that dough!" 4e DOESMt WfVBg NCff rTHoW A BAS1E8AU FRO FA AN ANOH6CW Wiote KOSj We CAW SET PLENTY OF YOUM& XBY GEORSE.YOU WAV &6 RIGHT! MEN To TEACH THE GA^e. bur ANYBODY WHO CAM MAKE LARD LEADERS OF LWERW.OftE'5 /SWEAT LIKE TH(XT—-/ CAUSER T home Alice found Muriel in a slalc ol badly concealed ex- ement. "What's been going on?" o asked- Muriel made a weak attempt at onehnlancfi. "Nothing. Nothing .11." "N a n s c n s e," Alice scoffed. Something's cooking. You look if you were all bubbly Inside." Muriel laughed, "Oh. whal's Ihe e of trying to keep anything om a secretary who's practically X-ray machine? If you must now, darling. Pat Boylaud phoned e." Pat Boyland was Muriel's agent, shrewd man guiding the desli- ies of a number of lop-flight rUers. "He gave you good news?" Alice aid. Yes, he did." Tawny lighls ickered in Muriel's eyes. "He - . . Oh, Alice! I may have the most vonderful surprise lor you. 1 can't ell you yet. Because It isn't set- led. But I'm going to New York n Saturday to—well, to sec Pat." "Since when do literary agents vork Saturdays?" "Since hnrdly ever. But Pal's vorking this one." Muriel seemed o hug herself. "I'm mean, though, to gel you all of a twit and then told out on yon." I am not all of a twit," Alice said, a little stolidly. Muriel gave her an appraising look. "No, I don't believe you are. Sometimes 1 envy you, Alice. You've got your leet so firmly planted." You envy me? That's ridiculous?" Well, I do. To you, black's black and white's white and there's no annoying mysterious shading in between. You're so delightfully uncomplicated, darling." "In other words," said Alice, "slupid." (To B« Continued) IMUSCIU.A'S POP (JratiUule for You HY AL VERMEER During World War I, Marine Corps aviation consisted of 282 officers and 2,180 enlisted men. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Incli to 48 inch, plain or rccnforced. Also Concrete building Ulocks. cheaper than Inrobci for barns, chicken houses, pump Imiiscs, tenanl houses, tool sheds. We deliver Call us for free estimate, OSCEOLA v JILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691. BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Now in Slock: Baseball Uniforms LIVE BAIT All Types of Athletic Equipment "the Only Exclusive Sportinj Gootlj Slore • (n Mississippi County" SPRING PLANTING SEED We have for sale planlinp seed to serve 3 - our needs Spring Oats, Alfalfn, Pasture -Mixtures, Lespedewi Sudan and Other Field Seeds. SOYBEANS OUR SPECIALTY Please call us or come in to see us for your spring planting requirements. Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 Tri-State Aberdeen Angus Sale FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 1950 ' At Shelby County Penal Farm Memphis, Tennessee •Ifl Females II'Young Bulls All animals selected by Sir. W. B. McSpaddcn Ficldman, Aberdeen Angus Hrcedcrs A.ssocialfon. Good [nundnlion slocfc Is obtainable in Ibis sale. Tbcse anlmala conslgnrd by breeders nf Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri and West Tennessee. Plan nnw lo alUind Ibis show and sale. For Further Information or Catalog, Wrile HOY \V. TUHNBR, Secretary Covinglon, Tennessee -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc All Work Guaranteed Kor 12 Months 1 531 North 101 h. ('hone 600J 828 Remember that number for ELECTRICAL SERVICE Whcllie ryou ncnl contract wnrk, wirins or appliance repair... COY GOOV)SO.\ csn do the'Job rijhl. BLAN HEATH CO. WATCH This Newspaper for Rosebush Sale—Coming! FLOWER MART So. Highway 61 Phone 6002 Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" I RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 GEE! WISH WE HAD A MILLION DOLLARS! WE COULD BUY AN OUTBOARD MOTOR, A NEW HOUSE... I COULD QUIT WORKIN REALLY DEAR I t DON'T SEE WHAT GOOD IT DOES TO SIT THERE AND WISH FOR A LOT OF MONEY I BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY anrl RALI'H LANS YOUR SON IS A COWARD BECAUSE HE'S FAILED AT EVERYTHING HE'S TRIED. IF HE COULD ONLY SUCCEED AT SOMETHING, •^>=x MRS. 5AY8ROOK. YOUR WORftltS wolllO BE OVER. THEN HE'S SURE TO SAIN CONFIDENCE—AWD LOSE HIS CHILDISH FLrtRS OF FAILING. CAW! GO TO DINNEB WITH VIC FLIMT WITHOUT MV DIAMOND NECKLACE. I'LL DASH DOWN TO THE HOTEL SAFE AND GET It RIGHT MOW WEU...YES, THAT DOES SOUND REASONABLE NOW, IF YOU WOUtD SETCHRISiOPWER SOME SORTOFTESTOFSKHL CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNEB OWi WHUr CAM I 0 FER SWI, W'AM ? UNLESS SOME-VHELLO; / HOLD i ONELW6SIU I ftll'IBODV/WH HORSES, (WS DlLftFIDM£D\THER6? I 1>OV. TIU OLD STORED ^_ ^A I FIHISII Q _ ORE&SIH'I WORWIMG.OW A LOMELV KOftO 200 MILES WEST OF WHERE NIKI SLIPPED Off- FROM EASY. BUGS BUNNY YOUR CARROT CHOWDER, SIR/ SOMETHIN'S GOTTA BE PONE ABOUT ^ THIS/ HEY, DOC/ PAS DOWN FORiYl O'SOUP/ BY V. T. HAMLIN THSI?E OUGHTA I CAN BE SOME WAY TMAT AIN'T THERE. FIXED THE VIEW- BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDO1KS

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