The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1952
Page 2
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ITWO BLYTHEVItLE (ARK.) COURIE* NBW1 TUESDAY, NOV. IS, I9W Woods Checking Legality Of Meat Price Roll Back •r WILLIAM 0. VAIN- WASHINGTON W, — Price Chief Tighei Woods plans to reduce tKe price of meat to consumers U It's legally, possible. Woods yesterday ordered his Office of Price Stabilization slaff to have reedy by Monday a,n order, rolling back retail meat prices —or let him , know why It cnn't be done. • He said a pulse-feeling swing he made through the country convinced; him consumers are more concerned about food' prices than • ny others, and that meat Is first on (hat list. Woods said cattlemen and farmers complain that the prices they NOT FOR PARTV-COERS- Fablah Nilsson, of Stockholm, Sweden, bai devised a new- sty l« door lock. The key li a razor-lhio , blade or perforated meul, which clip! Into a tha Cock enechanjsm. Inserting the key »nd pulling it out again unlocks .Ui*-door, which opena automatically. The Inventor ehlmi (here are four billion pos- liblc combination! to which Ilia lock may b«.adjusted. King-Sized Man Gets Normal Fine SAN-DIEGO, Calif. W) — The p«nalty:.for» giant In police court yesterday was the same as for nor- mal-Vised men uho^get $runk au'd disorderly. t ? Max Palmer, 25, »ho lowers 8 feel, 4 inches, paid the $15 fine after pleading gnilty to the-charge Palmer, advance ngcnl for a Hollywood band, was arrested earlier in the day by a group of normal-sized COD*. The officers had to sort of fold Palmer Into the paddy wagon. .They also had to beiul him a couple o! feet to get him Into and out'of the cell In which he was locked up for several hours. . receive for.lfve cattle have gone down but that consumers are pay- Ing as much for beef now as I hey were when ceilings were set more than a year .ago. Tne price chief safd If this 'Is so he wnnts-to know the reason why, and where the difference in price exists. < The Western States Meat Packers Association, .'a trade- group, took sharp Issue'with whnl (hey said was a suggestion that meal retailers and packers are" gelling excessive profits. B. P. Forbes, the group's president, yesterday made public a letter he sent congressmen recently. Tlie letter said Woods made "Irresponsible and Inaccurate" statements in Minneapolis earlier .his week "designed to turn consumers against meat packers and retailers." Below Celling Forbes snld actually bcof al wholesale la selling below ceiling prices—In some Instances as much as 35 per cent below. Al Chicago, Public Relations Dl rector Norman Draper of the American Meat Institute, which represents 500 meat-packing companies throughout the country, commented: "Everybody Is gelling rather tired of distortion of truth by Tighe Woods. We wonder whnl'office he may be running lor. Perhaps he has forgotten there was an election Nov. 4." I Woods hns held meetings with consumers In every section of the country since he took office Sept. 1. He said complaints about high prices were'general, but criticism of food costs were most common. Among possibilities of effecting a rollback being studied is the advisability of switching from the present dollars and cents per pound to a margin-type regulation. If Oils were done, butchers would recalculate their ceilings at regular Intervals to reflect any changes up or down In their wholesale costs. This method already Is used in regulations governing pork anil veal, and one official said U would comply with Ihe controls Inw. Irvln b. Rice, assistant chief of the OPS Pood and Restaurant Division, reported that' veal and top grades of beef generally are selling at about 5 per cent bolow ceilings al wholesale. Ife said other grades are selling substantially lower;'at wholesale. HOME FROM HOME—It's not fancy, but Hits winterized bunker is "Sweet Home" to these G.I.'« in Korea, as their "street address" sign proclaims. Froni left: Pic. William Fernholtz shaves in th« Improvised "dressing room," as Cpl. Frank A. Morroale, of Readville, Mass., prepares to leave for nil "lob"—lookout duty—and Pfc. George Chun, of Honolulu, T. H., reads mall Irom horn* U. S. 'Slang' Confuses Red NEW YORK (ft-j—Russian dele- gat* Georgl P. Arkadlev got mixed up over American sl»ng In the U.N. Economic «nd Social Council recently. « , . Attacking th« United States In general, he referred to » newspaper headline which said striking workers were told to get back on the job or be "tired." Arkadlev Interpreted the word "fired" to mean workers would be shot U they didn't return to their Jobs. ; The Mexican delegate, Luciano Joublane-Rlvao explained to the Russian that being "fired" in American slang meant merely to lose one's Job. - , . . ./ Monopoly Trial Starts Today For Du Pont Industrial Empire CHICAGO W-The slx-bllllon-dol- holding concerns control the Du WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chleka- aawba I>htrlcl, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Alma Ashworth, Pit. '.vs. '• No.. 12,24^ Janiea Thomas•AsliwortrrTDil. : The defendant, James . Thomas Ashworth, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named'in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Alma Ashworth. Dated this 10th day of November, 1652. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Lnverne Bnll, D.C. Percy A. Wright atty. for Pit. H. a. Portlow,j»tly. Ad Lltem. 11-11-18-25 12(2 lar Du Pont Industrial empire went on trial In Federal court totlny on government charges that the huge firm is monopolistic.' The government plans (o introduce 1,203 exhibits and more than 25 depositions during the trial, wtilch (s expected to last at least tour months. Judge Walter J. La- biiy will hear the case without h Jury. Special Asst. AUy. Gen. Willis L. Hotchkiss, head of the Chicago Antitrust Division of (he Depiirt- ment of Justice, will present the rovernment's opening statement today, : Attorneys for Die defendants will then present their statements, which are expected to last through Wednesday. More than 25 attorneys arc to represent .the defendants. The suit was first brought In 1349 charging that E. I. Du Pont do Nemours Company of WilmlnB- ton. Del., general Motors Corp. and the p. a. Rubber Company violated the Sherman Antitrust Act, The government contended the firms violated the act by restraining Irodo through secret rebates nnd by dividing several fields of manufacturing nmon'ti'st themselves Ib eliminate competition. The charges have been denied. Three Du Pont holding companies and 117 Individual members 3f the Du Pont family. Including i9 minors, are also defendants. Th^ holding companies, which Iho government contends -the Du Pont, family 'tightly controls, are Christiana Securities Company, Delaware Realty and Investment Corp. nnd Wilmington Trust Com pnny. The government charges that the ont company, which In turn controls General Motors and has a major block of stock in U. 8. Rubber. Holchklss said the government will seek a courl order directing :be Oil Pont company to sell Its General motors slock. He said he iocs nol plan to ask Ihe .defendants Lo dispose of their U. S. 'Rubber fitock, which he said they own Individually. Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark, who was attorney general when the suit was fljed In 1040, said then that U was "directed lo Ihe breaking up of (lie largest single concontralion of economic power In the United Stales," SELF- DEFROSTING KELVINATOR Faiter, ArirXer outemafk: defrosting In a blfl U cu, ft. refrigerator. SimpM Wocry- fr»*l For th« flr^l tim*, d*fro$fing that \nn •a «t*cttk hcalmg elemonh. A big 43-1 b. "CoW-S«ol" Freezer Ch*>1l Twin moijt- «old Critpertl Hflndy Door Sh«tvesl 18.4 •q. ft. of J~M arrcl ?artabU iuHer Chejt atntwryl THIKC 2 .<* KTTER REFRIGERATOR ITS ~ " Only 409.95 ->nd iof»r(»t«'«\l'ri'^rrie* Mirt *p«-ifl- mlomiubjcct to chxcct wttbout aotle*. WE It GIVE YOU TOP DOLLAR ON A TRADE-IN NOW! Chas. S. Lemons Furniture Danes Give U.S. Four More Bases COPENHAGEN, Denmark (/P) — Danish government sources satrt last night tliat Denmark has given Wie United States permission to set up at least four more nir bases In strategic Greenland bul the report Immediately ran Into a flock of high- level denials. A U. S. State Department spokesman, Danish Foreign Minister, Ole Bjorn Kraft nnd Finn Nielsen, acting chief of Denmark's Greenland Department, all said they knew nothing about It, Indian Movie in Arabic BOMBAY (fT)— Tne first Indian talking picture to be produced In Arabic will soon go on the sets at India's "Little Hollywood" here. The film will portray a poignant Incident In the colorful court life of Akbar, whose IGlli century empire extended i from Kabul to the Dcccan nren. of South India.' Outlaw King Is Captured KARACHI, Pakistan (/P,—Super slltJon has coit Pakistan's outlaw king his liberty. Mohammad Rahim, captured without a flght in his hideout, confessed to. police they caught him only because the hooting of an owl caused him to abandon a projected trip the night of their raid. "Everyone knows you shouldn't carry on with your plans If you hear the sound of an owl," he told his can tors. Mohammad Hahlm, who claims to be king of the Hurs, a Slnd provincial tribe which began an anti- British movement in 1912 had a reward of ?1,500 on his head. Read Courier News Classified Ads Oreeka w*r« th» flrM poopl* to use saddles oo their hone*, In 340 B.C. . ' .- • . ... Of the Dnlt«d Nation. Council's 11 icaU, Hv« art h*M permanently and alx ara *>ecttv*. Yanks Immature Intellectually NEW DELHI (/!>) — An Indian newspaper takes issue with pollster Ocorgc Gallup's view that Americans nre "Intellectually immature." "Had they, been old nnd Intellectually mature like Indians, they would not have tamed the Wild West and would have been begging for dollars Instead of lending them," editorialised the Lucknow National Herald. ASH H IIS MS First Choice of Millions So extra rich in flavor \ you ore urged to TRY USIN6 X LESS than with l«ss«r flavof«d brands * MOUNTAIN MOWN Just in Time for Christmas This may be. "Just what the Doctor ordered 1 ' BACKACHES me Frequently <°u»d by sleeping on o mol- fieii Hiai'i loo so f| ono 1 sng gy, am j f ilm - t giy( |ht bo( j y uniform support. Ik. spin, \ s h m i Into on unnolurol |»silion all nljhl and when it "comploini" you (etl pain. Get correct support for the spine Tin Orthotonlt it mode lo Mp hold |he spine In o nalurol position, i lo, S i numb.: ol ii S Mly wil«d spring! mokes il film, bul they're lieiiblt tor pleosont [omion. You rt!o» heollhrullir <wd comfortably. S« III Fry It heret Ricomnnn<ed for those whose Doctors idvlsi sltepini on i tiVrr, mattress TO *EUE¥E OR MEVEHT BACKACHES Hade with Triple Cushion- sy lar Isitirj lenjart. Ho shilling inlo lirtnpi or hollows. tfo lufling cords lo wera end bleak. Hoi Equopoise inneispnnj toils. Coil oclion is nol tied down. Upholilerx hftis tit \tx\xi to (fu coils with polenled PADLOX inner Joilenen. COME IN AND TRY IT! Charles S. Lemons Furniture LANE CEDAilSfsT $•_ DOWN DELIVERS MANY DIFFERENT MODUS FROM WHICH TO CHOOSH Here's your heoefstorf on « fine linen froimtau^ yours at no extra cost during this limits 8 ff». oll , famous i t on . Cedar Chests. Come in ^ndTef « DTOVft IB •Uftii *k_« I » _^_ "••«• i*:i v* i OW£ OARMtNT SAVID FAVS fOK A LAHfl Charles S. Lemons Furniture

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