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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 7
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 7

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Saskatoon StarPhoenix YMCA plans to repeat womens judo class should happen to choose at hit vict'ni one of the 34 "graduates cf th.s class-ranging from teenaged gh school students, young college coed and career girls to mature housewives aged 18 to 48 Ernphas. was placed on self-defence and technique were selected from, or modifications of, various martial art and sports including Judo, karate and a.kado. They learned defencea against such s.tuct.ons as a sport Accord rg to black belt instructor. Bob Goon, the majority had such an interest. A woud-be attacker on the prowl Saskatoon this fall ght be surprised ith a few unexpected maneouvret if ha V'' The YMCA gymnasium resounded wth the thud and smack cf bode hured onto mat, but nut an ouch was heard from any of the women panic pacing a demonstration of the art of self-defence Monday esenog.

It was the fnal session of a judo clas for women, offered for the rst time thu year at the YMCA, a membersh.p of 34 girl and women who cam each Monday. Wednesday and Friday during Juy and August for lnsruct.on. Spectator lined three wall of the gvm to watch them demonstrate the.r newly-acquired prowes before their participation cer-t catei. The demonstration marked the end of a pilot project so successful that the beginners das wull be repeated this fall at the An advanced class will be offered for member of the class who have expressed an interest continuing Instruction in the St i Running away swiftly and screaming are very effective Womens Judo is common in major cities, according to Mr. Goon, but fha facilities available make the difference.

Judo for women has been taught before in Saskatoon at the un'versity. where Mr. Goon Instructed the first course five year ego. But women had never before taken such an active Interest In the sport here, he said. It looks like will catch on.

Assisting with Instruction In the women class were member of the YMCA Judo Club, end junior Wayne Dok-ken and Ted Cherkewich. fcl Wrw l't ttiii- in "'mi (H H- Parents without If. SCOLLON Mr. Scollon is the oldest Anglican in the diocese of Saskatoon. Anglican ervice were held In her home In the early day and many theological students received hospitality.

Among Saskatonian attending the birthday celebration were Mr and Mr. Alex Scollon. Prof, and Mr. J. D.

F. Beattie and Mary Anne XW -V and five gris. Living are: Bill of Vancouver; Alex of Saskatoon; BIis of Toronto; Mr. Llovd (Frances) Humphries, Watrous; Mrs R. J.

(Anne) McLean of Richlea; Mrs Jf (Margaret) Aime, Calmar, Alta, and Mrs Lennox Mackenzie of Vancouver. There are 22 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandrhil-dren. Mr. Scollon died 1949. MRS.

A. At 99 year of age Mr. Andrew FL Scollon of Wat-roui get around the house, reads several newspapers and enjoy television. She celebrated her 99th birthday recently when the family gathered at the home of her daughter, France Humphries (with whom the lives) for a tea and dinner. Mr.

Scollon was born in 1R66 in Eganville, Or.t. She wa married lh5 and moved to Carberry, Man. in 1891. and to Plenty Susie in partners to meet 1912. The scew had a family of 11 chili ly of 11 children, six boys y.

MRS. M. HOGAN Moose Jaw will be the future home of Mr. and Mrs. Hamel Morton Hogan who were married at St.

PhJlip Church. The bnde. Joan M.chele, the daughter of Mr. and Mr. John Cook of this city.

The bridegroom is the arm of Mr. and Mr. Morton Hogan of Anaheim, Cal.f. The Rev. J.

C. Naphin of Winnipeg, uncle of the bridegroom officiated at the wedding ceremony. The bride mi given in marriage by her father and wit attended by her listers. Muse Janet and Cheryl Cook. Bridegroom attendant were Messrs.

Robert Haphm of Yorkfon and 1 ome Kochoruk of Saskatoon. Usher were Messrs. Bob Kochoruk and Kenner Lees At the reception in the Administration Building at the Exhibition grounds, toast to the bride was proposed by Mr. John Peter. Guest register was in charge of Mrs.

Wayne Scaddon. Engagements tnrfRnt fcv lh teur'fbtfiui amtiiini trtaKt M't IRIMMtBflU. Mr. and Mrs. Ros Boyd of Wiseton, take pleasure in announcing the engagement of their daughter, Jacqueline Mae to Michael George Faulkner, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Edward J. Faulkner of Davidson, Sask. The wedding will take place September 4, 15 at St. James Anglican Church Saskatoon.

acquired prowess in the her partner and classmate 'll III I urn Him Hill HHn Couple wed 50 years Mr. and Mr. William Pilgrim of Asquith celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. More than 21)0 friend and relative signed the guest book at the open house held in the afternoon and evening at their farm home. Mr.

Pilgrim first came to the Asquith area to farm in 1911 and broke one-half section of land in 1913. He returned to Ontario In 191S and brought back hi bnde, Annie, to the farm where they still reside. Their five daughters had charge of the arrangements for the celebration: They are: Mrs Harry (Harel) Cuff of Kinley; Mrs. Cliff (Grace) W'inder of Delisle; Mrs. Victor (Esther) Robinson of Saskatoon; Mrs.

A1 (Viola) Warren of Saskatoon and Miss Francis at home. Among those attending was their bridesmaid of 50 years ago, Mrs. Bella Clark of West-field, Mass, The guest book was presided over by a neice Mrs. Watts Hereford in the afternoon and by a neighbor, Mrs. Tom Morris in the evening.

a 4 z. Parents Without Partners Club will open the fall season with a meeting at 8 oclock Thursday evening at the YWCA. TC group ha been organized for about four year with the aim of providing Information, understanding and guidance for parent without partner. Member are widowed, separated or divorced. of both sexes.

Educational programs are planned and as well there are social evenings. Soecial activities are also arranged for children. Those wishing further Information are asked to get in touch with Mrs. Jean Rogers. 218 Isabella St.

President is Mrs. Pat Busche. Calendar Casmapallfan Recreation Centre for Senior Citl-cens, whist drive 2 p.m. Wednesday; social and bingo 7.30 m. Wednesday at centre.

614 11th St. east. Open to all citizens 60 year and more. Miriam Rebekah Lodge, 8 oclock Thursday evening. 610 Broadway; deputy district president, Mrs.

E. Wheeler of Perdue, will be a visitor. Churchill Circle OES, 2:30 m. Wednesday with Mrs. T.

McKenzie, 40 Mills Cresc. Womens Auxiliary to CNIB, 2-30 m. Wednesday at Institute. Pensioners and Pioneer Auxiliary No. 2, whist and tea, 2 oclock Wednesday afternoon in the hall, 310 Ave.

south. St. Thomas-Wesley UCW, 8 pm. Wednesday In church lower hall; film on Brazil. 1 1 iii 11 w.iu wnmtami iitiiiimttimimmMi injuui i and personal ciimoiMtACTic Presented June 30th to the Premier and Cabinet, at the request of the Minister of Health, by the Chiropractor's Assn.

of Sask. and published by it for the information of the public. EXCERPT 5 li Annually, for the past five year, the profession in Saskatchewan has participated in two public service program1 (1) Correct Posture Week in May, and (2) Back to School Spinal Check-up in September. At the last Back to School Spinal Check-up Clinic held in Regina, all ten of the Chiropractor practicing In that city participated and over four hundred children were examined one afternoon and evening. 15.

The Workmen' Compensation Board grants the right of an injured workman to select for his treatment, a physician or a chiropractor as he may choose. 16. There are moie than four hundred Insurance companies in America writing health and accident policies which accept Chiropractic claims. At present, however, by reason of the introduction of a Medical Care Plan, little or no health and accident insurance is being written in this province. People who previously availed themselves of such policies are now worse off.

as they must pay for Medical Care through taxes and annual pre. miums, and if they consult a Chiropractor for the same condition they must pay an additional fee. This amounts to forcing a citizen to pay a penalty for seeking the services of a Chiropractor. This, we feel, is discriminatory and amounts to subsidizing one profession against another. 1 art of self-defence Mrs.

Jean Simon. is -Star-Phoenix Photo HM. Rlt 1 1110 tffi ill Wl lit Ob Mrs. Ada I ndenning, Hamilton. is visiting at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Hector Trout, 317 Lake Cresc. Mrs. Ira Holmes recently visited in Lethbridge at the home of her son and his wife, Dr. arid Mrs.

Owen G. Holmes, and their family. While there she accompanied them to Waterton Park and Fort MacLeod. Prior to her marriage, Mrs. Earl Frerichs, the former Sandra Stobie was guest of honor at a miscellaneous shower given by Mrs.

W. Currie and Mrs. R. Holbird at the home of the latter. The bride-to-be and her mother.

Mrs, W. Stobie were given dainty corsages. The bnde-elect received gifts from friends and neighbors, presented by Miss Marlys Gilfillan and Miss Janice Hobbs. Mrs. Ross Pinder left for Moose Jaw, having been called by the death of her mother, Mrs.

Herbert Rath-well. Mr. and Mrs. Don Goodrich and son Albert of Derango, Ghana, West Africa, were weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

J. F. C. Wright, Gabriel Cory Municipality. Dr.

Gilbert Binnlngtnn, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Bin-nington, left for Portland, Oregon, where he is assistant professor in education.

He was accompanied by his wife and their three children. Vacation school More than 40 children were in attendance daily at the Goforth Presbyterian Vacation Bible School. Leaders were: Junior group, Marg Plomp, Maxine A June Candhne; primary, Gladys Alery, Marlene Cand line; kindergarten, Ruby White, Lorraine Pocha and Ellen Slowenko. The school was under the direction of Ol-wen Stambuck. SOMA'S DANCING ACADEMY RE-OPENING SEPT.

4 Register now for the best Instruction In all types of dancing. 28 McDermid Cres. and 10P9 ltd Street, East Phone 343-2162 The Art of Intelligent Listening. It take two to converse; on must listen. But the competitive conversation we conduct today seem to "make the listener the loser! Head hy just the reverse is how much you can enrich your life just by learning to listen.

This is one of 35 interesting articles in September Headers Digest now on sale. Is the Time to View First Fashions Of Fall Is the Time to Open a Budget Account AT vp ll 4k DEMONSTRATING newly Mrs. Edith Bradley, with ini (utHi mr Social Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Den-yer, who left Monday for their new home in Winnipeg, were entertained by their Weir Cresc.

friends at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Patterson, prior to supper at Jay Dees. Dr.

Gordon Penry presented them with a group gift. Mrs. Wayne Longman and Mrs. B. J.

Parrott entertained at a miscellaneous shower in the home of the latter complimenting Mis Sonja Baran, bride-elect of September. Assisting the hostesses were Mrs. Alex Kortje, Mrs. Daniel Ash, Miss Marlene Folk and Miss Marlene Parrott. Out-of-town guest at the Drummond-McKenie wedding were: Mr.

and Mrs. T. R. Drummond, Mr. and Mrs.

J. A. Bain. Mr. and Mrs, I.

Mof-fatt, Mr. and Mrs. F. U. Jealous, Mrs.

C. McTavish, Mrs. G. Watt, Moosomin; Mr. and Mrs.

J. Passmore, Kamloops; Miss Janet MacKenrie, Kelowna, Mr. and Mrs. A. Livingstone, Mrs.

A. W. Aichele and Nancy, Mr. R. T.

McKen7ie; Mr. Ed Kavler, Miss Florence Fallis all of Calgary; Margaret Drummond, Lethbridge; Dorothy Almas, Edmonton; Kathleen Drummond, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin, Galt, Ont Miss Heather Hume, Montreal; Mr.

and Mrs. G. L. Gordon, Terry and Brad, Mr. and Mrs.

Ian McDougall, Regina; Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Henderson and Diane, Mr.

and Mrs. R. S. Kennedy, Rosetown; Mr. and Mrs.

A. G. Jealous, Margo; Bev and Bill, Indian Head; Mr. and Mrs. E.

K. McKen2ie and Linda, Ayl-sham; Mr. Harold Bosche, Markinch; Mr. and Mrs. C.

M. Laventure, Mr. and Mrs. E. Fogelberg, Biggar; Mr.

and Mi. G. Blanchard, Mr. and Mr. A.

Niven, Sonningdale. Mis Diane Randall, bride of September, was pleasantly surprised at a miscellaneous shower at the home of Mrs. Switzer. The bride-to-be received useful gifts for her new home. Mrs.

C. Spurgeon and Mrs. A. Gibson assisted the hostess. Miss Beverley Harnett, bnde-elect of September, was honored at a miscellaneous shower at the home of Mrs.

Lolg Milne. Corsages were presented to the brides mother, Mrs. H. Harnett and to Mrs. A.

Van Impe, mother of the bridegroom. A mock brides book was made. Refreshments were served from a buffet table centred with red gladioli and white tapers. i 0, i 5 AND MRS. All but one son and two grandchildren travelled from all parts of Canada to be present when former Saska-tomans, Mr.

and Mrs. C. W. Curry, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in Chilliwack. They were married in St.

Annes Church Bewdley, Worcestershire, England, Sept. 28, 1915, but held the celebrations a month easly so that members of their family could attend during the summer holidays. Mr. Curry was born at Oak Lake, and went to England with the first contingent of soldier from Canada in 1914. He is a veteran od two world wars having enlisted with the Veterans Guard of Canada in 1940 and serving five years.

Making it eight members of one family to serve during the Second World War were six sons and one daughter. The Currys came to Canada and lived in North Battleford. for 25 years and then moved to Saskatoon where they lived until Mr, Curry retired from Visitors In the city to attend the Howes-Preston wedding included the following from Moose Jaw; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Howes and family, Mr.

and Mrs. Gilbert Grigg and Mr. and Mrs. James Howes, grandparents of the bridegroom, s. Kenneth Moore, Mis Roberta Moore, Mr.

and Mrs. George Cngg, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Getty, Mr. and Mrs.

George Cooper. Mrs. Ada Gerrie, Mr. Frank Proto, Mr. Ron Proto.

Mr. Bob Patterson, Mr. Gerald Boyne, Mr. Jim Burgess, Mr. Tupper Cawsey, Mrs.

E. Pan-ko. Also attending were Mr. Lome Fidler, Regina; Mr. and Mrs.

J. D. Nikifork. Miss Elizabeth Caims, Edmonton Alta Mr. and Mrs.

W. J. Reid, Mr. and Mrs N. F.

Robson, Mrs V. R. Hill, Wilkie; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Holmes, North Battleford; Mr.

and Mrs. Ross Merrick, Prince Albert: Mr and Mrs H. Hanson and Valerie, Davidson; Mrs. Harding, Mr. Murray Bell, Mr.

Dale Nikifork, Mr. Ken Robson, Mr. Stan Beveridge, Miss Jane Matheson, Calgary. Miss Inez Cockenll, Uranium Citv; Miss Sharon Stanwell, Swift Current; Mrs. Tom Wood.

Foil Smith; Miss Wenda Berglind, Winnipeg, Mr. Doug McArthur, Watrous. Miss Bonnie Phillips home with her parents, Mr. and and Mrs. E.

Kent Phillips. She has been in Europe the last year studying advanced gymnastics in Denmark, Germany and England and leaves at the weekend for the West Coast where she will be on staff of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus, instructing in golf, figure and gymnastics. Miss Phillips will be Joined in Vancouver by her sister, ss Coralie Phillips, for a brief visit. The latter is en route home from Hawaii and will leave shortly for East Lansing, where she will continue graduate studies at Michigan State University. Recent visitors at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Hector Trout. 317 Lake were: Mr. and Mrs. G.

Miller and children, Montreal, Que Mr. and Mrs. W. Wylie, Can-ora; Mr. and Mrs, J.

Dosco, Craik; Dr. R. Walsh and boys. Westpoint. Mr.

and Mrs. H. Machmer, Scarborough, Judge and Mrs. A. Kindred, Yorkton; Mr.

and Mrs Don Anderson and family. Rocky Mountain House, Mus Anthea Hughes, Nottingham, C. W. CURRY the CNR as an engineer in 1961. He served with the CNR for 43 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Curry have seven sons, two daughters and 21 grandchildren. They were keenly interested in the Boy Scout Association with four of their sons becoming King Scouts. Mr.

Curry is a member of Progress Lodge No. 92, A.F. and A.M., Saskatoon; and Mrs. Curry is past noble grand of Rebekah Lodge, Queen Esther No. 5 in Saskatoon.

Among the numerous congratulations they received were messages from Prime Minister Lester Pearson; the Rt. Hon. John Diefenbaker; Mayor of North Battleford Roy E. Dean; Mayor of Saskatoon E. J.

Cole; Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan R. L. Hanbidge. Attending the dinner party were 50 members of the family and friends. It was the first family reunion since the Second World War.

Members of the family attending were Miss Eva Curry, Gleichen, Alta; Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Curry and family, Moose Jaw; WOI and Mrs.

C. W. Curry and family of Ottawa; Mr and Mrs. S. P.

Curry and family. Outlook; Mr. and Mrs. H. M.

Curry and family, 'ad! Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs D. nd tall tinkling bvrants In hot weathr? rnm, ori faw.1ll KT Sound healthy, but omtimo carei 5 family. North handling, spoilage, or ovtMndulgenco Battlcfordj Mr. find Mrs.

en lead to annoying Dlarrhaa, Then it' C. (Mabel) Hall and daughter, Dr Fowier'. Ein.ct of strawberry Vancouver; Cpl. and Mrs. J.

to In rescue I It quickly relieve nausea, t- cramp, and li txnanc, anu family Of Pen-For children aid ndulta alike, Dr. hold, Alta. Fowiara Eitract of Wid strawberry haa Miss Sharon Curry of Sas-proyen gentle, and uckiy attectiva for katoon represented her par-ovw 115 yaara. Kp hand, at nts Mr Mrs. pat who were unable to attend.

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