Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 26, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper ef Sto-RentlectTCi-ts-plcasnntcfforts- SJhtly directed There " c °™*^ the knowledge, that so many forms 01 ness arc not dne to any actual ais- ,, but simply to a constipatedcond.- who value Rood health. Its beneficial .5K,to a« Suelo Se-fact. that it is the -r^w^tWlSStSrSS wu s on which it acts. It is therefore important, in order to get its benc- ' effects! to note when yon pnv- .nue, that you have the gemiinc nrti- STvhich is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by •11 reputable druggists. I^-UK H in the enjoyment of good health, •nd the system is regular, laxatives or Sfcer remedies are then not needed. If ^^^w^^sss^ 5»^^^^«^ ^.U-informed everywhere, Syrup of *^ tands highest and is most largely .nd gives most general satisfaction. MADE A TEST WITH AIR SHIPS. Two Inventors Fly Tlioir M»clilnen OT«r the Ulko In 11 Stiff llrn.-7.i!. Lake captains who came into Chicago harbor on a • 25-knot l brec/.c ut six o'clock the other evening- turned their -•hisses on two airships which were floating in the sky .not far from the north pier lighthouse nud ncnr the beach ;vt the foot, of Ohio street. Ibe airv craft, wliose keels were 100 feet. above the lake, were the iu-ouions inventions of some American eupmcers, and which may some day supplant the whalebrii'ks aaul other marine cvn,ft. Charles Lampson, an inventor o£ Portland Me., arrived' iii town a few days v»o with an airship in his bag-gage. There is a fraternal feeling among de- si"-ners and builders of airships, and Mr. Liimpson nt once sought Octu.ve. Cha- niite. who is Chicago's chief representative in aerial navigation. In the afternoon the two inventors went out on the lake shore to have a friendly trial of Tanip'son's'ship had a yellow keel and four black wings. It was nmdc of muslin light woodwork and wire. It was •i model ten feet long, and its wings had •v sp-ead of about six feet. Its owner kept, it from sailing up to the new moon bv holding fast, to it with a string. 'Mr. Chanute was represented by an airship designed by his chief assistant, A, .M. Herring, an engineer from >ew York citv. His airship was fashioned like a bird. It was made of white silk, wire and wood. It had a tail which balanced it in the. air. In extreme lengt.i it was about ten feet, by six feet in, extreme breadth, and it weighed only four pounds, Mr. Herring also retainer iKiSKCssion o£ his property by a string. Both models maintained an even keel and showed great stability in the gale, which was blowing 2.1 miles an hour. "If my model was only a little larger, said Mr. Herring, "a sailor could rklcon, it in this gale with safety." TWO LIVES SAVED. Mrs. Phooue" Thoanas, of Junction City,IU.,was told by her doctors she had consumption, and that there was no hope for her, tint two bottles of. Dr. King's New Discovery completely cured her, awl she says it saved her life. Mr. Thos, Eggars, ISO Florida St., San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, apprcnetolng consumption tried without result everything el>:e then bought one bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery and In two weeks w- - -•><]. He Is naturally thankful, -c i* such results, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful results, of which these are samples, that prove tue wonderful elflcncy of tills medicine '.n coughs and eolds. Free trial bottles at B. F. Keesliiug's drug store. Regular slve50cand?1.00. I-laiis Schli.es.snw mi, tire well known Vienna caricaturist has soiit a half dozen le-felers M artist* iiittil authors of his acqmuutiince. writing on ithe envelope oiiily "Mr." auxl then- adding a liny sketch of the person in <]"esriou and the designation of the quarter of Miv town In which lie Mves. PURELY VEGETABLE. The Clicnpest, Purest • antllU-st I'amily M«a- ieinc 1:1 the Work 1 ,! INEFFECTUAL SPECIFIC .far .ill diseases o£ the Liver, Stomaoii and Sp'.ccn, Rugu'.ntu tl'.o Liver mid 'iircvent Cnil-i-S AND FEVER, MALARI- OUS FEVEHS, BOWEL COMI'I-AISTS. KEST- LKSSNESS, JAUNDICE - dXD NAUSEA. BAD BREATH! Nothinc is so tiiip'.cMunt, noiliinK sc> common Keep Cool by Using THE KELLY Shower Bart RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose $;! Ixpwss Ad, 25c. prevents Wetting Bead floor or Walls. Hornlets Water Closets. Send foe Catalogue VKMt Proof water Closets, SOlf-Actlng Water Closets, KellT Stop and Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. Street Car Accident* "More people receive what mny . . . i . _.!•_. ._ i be FOR THE Tnuic** BLOOD, ; NERVES,! LIVER ! —AND— i KIDNEYS.: 4 B. B. B. B. cured me of a bad case of Liver and Kidney Trouble. Yours, JO:T>" SPICKT..EMIERE, Lebanon, Ind. 4 B B B B are purely vegetable. Put up 1 '. capsules, sixty In a box. Thirty days' treatment in a box. Price $1 per box, or six for $5. Manufactured by H. C. BRAQQ, Connersvllle, Ind. . For solo.by all druggists. y B. F. KO't HAJ.E HY- KBESLING, Druggist. POZZONI'S COMPLEXION POWDER has been the itandnrd for. forty .jonrt unfl i mow popular to-Oar than over bofore. POZZOBil'S ntftwnt Scovl BOX 1* given tree of ctwrnro AT DKUQGISTS ASO FANCY STORE3 called trivial injuries in embarking and alighting from the street cars than is commonly supposed," remarked a physician, "From my own observation und from what I can lenrn I sliould judge that the bruises and slight sprains of hands, arms and' legs sustained by passengers in a year figure up in the thousands. Of course in nine- tenths of the cases the victims are wholly to blame. The injured person is fully aware of this, and nurses his bruise or sprain a.nd nothing is said of it. Even in many instances where the employers are partly to blame the victims will overlook the carelessness of the company's servants and will not communl- .cate the fact to the office. Once in awhile the railway Company will pay; n doctor's bill for an insignificant bruise. Those cases are rare, however. Each company has a surgeon to attend to those who sustain severe injuries. Clorei for the Wreath. "I believe that the habit of eating- Fpice of one kind and another which drinking men acquire," said a.physician in the Venetian building the other day, "is almost as bod as the drink habit itself. No well-regulated barroom is considered equipped nowadays unless H .has on the bar a tray filled with cloves, allspice; cinnamon, lemon peel, calamus, or other pungent condiments. The original idea of supplying these things seems to have been to take away the liquor smell from the drinker's breath, but nine out of ten who cat these things do it because it goes with the drinK, and they want all they can get for their money. In this way the spice habit is easily formed. These spices act as pow-' erful irritants, and produce evils of various'sorts. Peppercorns have a de-. bilitivting- effect on the system, cinnamon depresses.the action of the heart,; •and rialnmus hos a bad effect on the liver." Coinage Will.'•!!• Increased- ; - Owing to the fact that the amount of silver dollars in the treasury available for the redemption of treasury notes h'ao become reduced to '$10,050,582, and will be further reduced by redemption during the current, month, the coinage of silver dollars by the mints will be increased from $1,500,000 to $3,000,000 prr month from August, and will probaL.y be continued at that rate in order that the treasury mny have a 1 sufficient sttwK to redeem treasury notes presented in exchange for silver dollars. WHEREVER MALARIAEXfSTS The bilious are Its certain prey. In intermittent and remittent feyor, dumb- ague-and ague cake, the liver Is always seriously affected, and the blood con: taminated with bile. One of the chief reasons why .Hosteller's Stomach Bit- lei's is such a sure defense against chills and fever and every form of malarial disease, Is, that It does away with llabil- OLD FEOPLE. Old people who require mediclue to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true remedy in Electric Bitters. This medicine does not stimulate and contains no whiskey nor other intoxicants, but acts as a tank and alterative. It acts mildly on the stomach and bowel,, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding nature in thu performance o£ the functions. Electric Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old People find it just exactly what they need. Price fifty cents and ?1 00 per bottle at B. F. Kces- linji's drug store. purgc, but a gentle assistant to CONSTIPATION SHOULD not be recorded on • trillinK ailmcnt-m (act. nature demands the utmost regularity ot thu bowels, nnU nny deviation from this demand paves the way often to serious danger, u is quite ns necessary to remove immire accumulations from the bowels ns it is to cat ur sleep, and no health can be expected where a costive habit of body prevails. SICK HEADACHE I MORPHINE FIENDS/ Many Victim* of the Urujr Arc Found Id Now York'n Four Hundred. The latest aristocratic vice in New York is morphine eating. The practice has b'ji'u inoro or les^ common for years, but it, has not, until quite recently received the sanction tif society. A number of well-known druggists and physicians throughout the city stated that their experience led them to believe that tke consumption cf the drug- h:id increased 30 per cent- within t,he past two months.' Uiitil recWtly the practice was nirPly inkt-'n "I 1 , voluntarily. It generally resulted "frnivi tlie use of morphine first to allayjpnin or si-cure froe- Strong Nerves just as surely come from the use of Hood's Sarsaparilla as does the euro of scrofula, salt rheum, or other no-called, blood diseases. This is simply because the blood affects the condition ol all the REGULATOR. MANUFACTURED ONLY BY J. H. ZEIL1N & CO., Philadelphia, Pa. NEWSBOYS' Toll INTUITION. Cluu-Its JlacPl>ei«on, tihc wdl-knowu cyclist, who was clitell.v nistrnmentiil In Introductaw cycle racing ,ac .atlilclic sports to Ireland, was recently killed by a nisieliiincry accMoat In a mUl near Bcl- fafit, , It would be hard to convince a man luffering from bilious colic that his agony is due to a mlseroDe with an un- pronouncable name. But one dose of DeWitt'a Colic and Cholera Cure will convince him of Its power to afford Instant relief. It kills paln.—Tohn Jl.John- iton. '"' t ' Like PrcaMcot Olevelnud, Vice Prcsi- de,Dtial (swHlWatc Aiithur Sewall dearly ep.1oyr! flsWnjr. Min, R. Houclilton the other day took Mr. SewnU out for n dny on the cod' grounds outside ot Se- pulai. Tim first flsh Mr. Sewall hooked w;is a silver Persons who have a coughing spell every night, on account 'of a, tickling sensation In the throat, may overcome It at once -by a dose of One Minute Cough Cure.-Jno.-M. Johnston. Frank Pickering of Saco, Me., who. Is. more than, 60 years old climbed up a flag pole sixty-five feet Mgh. tost week, awl used no climbers either, just simply "shimmed"' right up, fixed the top of fte pole, and slW down with tue agHlty. of h boy of 16, , FOB OVBR FIFTY TEARS. tfra. Wlnsiow's soothing Syrup ha§ «eeD us«d for over fifty years by mll- ,iloa» of mothers for tbfelr children while teething, with perfect success. .It ioothea the child, softens the gums, illayfl all pain, cures wild colic, and it the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggists In every part of tbe world. Twenty-five cents i bottle. Be sure and atk for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup." and take ao other kind. Herbert SpancuivtJae philosopher, had •a terrible struggle to gate, the ear of. the public. O,u throe occasions He wns about reltoHiniishiDg all -his plans, when Ire was. led to preserve by a. legacy •wblth ta'e-.idi case came just as' he wns on the potent of despair. at a Glance Whether » Man Wlints u Paper. "The newsboys," said a man to a New York Times writer, "possess much keener powers of observation than arc perhaps credited to them. From n long way off they can tell whether n 111:111 intends to buy a. paper or not, and it is not often that they are mistaken in their judgment. A newsboy wil! hold up the paper under a. man's nose, so that he may read the headlines and be enticed into making- a purchase. The boy invariably follows the man's eyes, and if he shows any inclination to read more than the headlines the little fellow will .walk alongside for nearly a half block, still holding the paper up. Sometimes, however, the boys nre mistaken. They will let the man read all the headlines on the frontpage only to ttnd that he has no intention of buying- a paper. In the end the man gets the worst of it, for the boy never fails to invite the attention of the passer-by to his meanness in language more forcible than polite." TERRAPIN CARRIES THE RECORD Matrimonial Venture" of Mln Peele Engraved on Iti linclu Fifty-six years ago, at Paoli, lud., Mi«s Ua,vie Peclo ca.tx-d h.-".n:iflicaiid tbe date on the back of a terrapin, turning the creature loo. *.-n years later she married the ck-;~ of. Oranpe county, and in the woods she again found the terrapin, and she added her new name, with the date. In the years following her husband died and Mrs. TVeible moved to Hutchinson, Kan., where she married Dr. McKinlcy. In 1S72, while revisiting her old home, again the same, terrapin was found, and for the third time its back was graced with the lady's name. Quite recently the. identical terrapin again turned up, and for the fourth time its back was ornamented with an inscription. During the 60 years of its recorded history it has not increased its size. Mrs. McKinley is still living at Hutchinson. ity to the disease, by reforming Irreg- The German empress possesses a unique tea service. The tea tray has been beaten out of an old Persian half perinv, the teapot is made out of a Gcr- innn 'farthing and the tiny cups are made from coins of different German principalities. Mayor WIlHard or Arscntiiie. Ka.n.. -vetoed' nw ordiimice recetly passed -by tihe council which prohibited Sunday, ball plnylmg, explotaiue that as lou« as the saloons were allowed to do Imstacss ._,..,._ ^n,iiT nn'tiint dnv it looked like D. & C. SUMMER SERVICE TO MACKINAC. .Their new steel passenger steamers «e In commission, making four trips per week between Toledo, Macklnac, Soo, Petoskey, Duluth. jou are contemplating a summer outing- tend 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlet, id dross ' : A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. | Detroit, MIcb., Detroit, If \Ve are anxious to do a little good Ib 1 this world and can think of no pleasanter or better way to do It than by recommending One Minute Couet^ Cure as a T»wventlve of pnenmonla, comramptloD ularitly of the biliary organ In advance of the arrival of the season when the disease Is prevalent. There is no visil- Ing or emigrating to a locality where no miasma taint extols. There i« DO •ceitaJn-Immunity from disease in. an andomlc or epidemic form, to be secured by the use of. the average tonics and amtl-spasmodlcs. But where quinine falls the Bitters succeeds both.in preventing and curing. Moreover, It removes every vestige of dyspepsia, and overcomes constipation, ihenmatism, Inactivity of the kidneys and bladder, and tranqulllzes and strengthens the nervous system. ., Small In size, but great In results. DeWltt's Little Early Risers act gently but thoroughly, curing Indigestion, dyspepsia and constipation. Small pill, safe pill, best pill. on that dny it looked at a gnivt atnd sw:iHowin« a. camel to undertake to stop the bail games. " ' ' . when.we consider that.the Intestines are about five times as long as the body; we can realize the Intense suffering experienced when they.become Inflamed. DeWltfs Colic and Cholera Cure subdues inflammation at once and completely removes the difficulty.-Jno. M. Johnston. Ex-Premlter' Cntepi, of. Italy,;has applied, for a pension, on the ground of adv.atK.-cd- ape. He will be seven :y- i .in, October next, a/nd is Jncapacl- by the p:. usefulness wore over. It was ilien, ar.U is yet, generally obtained by prescriptions nnule out for real illness and carefully copied by the recipient later On. Lately a large number of morphine consumers have been discovered who cannot even advance the excuse of former illness, says the Xew York Journal. They took it up out of puve curiosity anu"continued Hasan indulgence. >- 0 one can fail to recognize the devotee of the drug. A sallow, almost yellow, complexion, glassy eyes, with the pupils contracted to an almost infinitesimal point, stooped shoulders and a general air of lassitude betray the absorption of either pills or powder. The first effects of the drug are stimulating, rendering the victim garrulous, jubilant optimistic and at times even brilliant to a degree. This may occountfor its popularity among the debutantes and belles of more mature years. With the reaction, however, comes that "tired feeling," .which sooner or lalf.r ends disastrously. ARMY MjLEAGE. Interc-tlne Qnc.tW~Wblch the Seer.- tary ol War Has to Decide. A New York Times special from Washington says: • An interesting question of army mileage is before the secretary ot war. Au inspector general recently visited an engineer officer and examined the latter's accounts pertain- iEL' to certain river end harbor work of which he had charge. He was obliged to hire a team, the place being come distance from tbe railroad: The question has now come up-whether the expense Incurred by the inspector should be paid from the regular army milea"callotmentor from the appropriation for the specific river project to which the examined accounts related. Tbe matter is a emiJl one in this instance, but the. principle involved is important. The fund set aside for army mileage is not large when one considers the amount of traveling army officers do in the course of a year, and it is treasured with-great care. If the visits of inspectors in their duty may sometimes be charged to the civil appropriation for rivers and harbors, it will be a saving- of that much of the mileage fund. Engineer officers who travel in behalf of river and harbor work get their mileage or the expense of their trip from'the various river and harbor op- propriations concerned. : • ILLINOIS BOASTS A BIG SNAKE. Prime Battler Located on a Farm In the Vicinity o.l 1 " Bod Bnrt. John Phegley, of 'Modoc.'.Ili:, has tho boss snake of this cpuntfy'on his farm. This ia no snake story, 'and every statement relative to the Phetflcy snake crtn be proved. It is a monster reptile, as large as the heaviest par,t of a man's leg and nine feet in.' length. This U known to be a fact because his snake- chip comes out every, spring and'sheds Lis skin. 'Of course', the empty "sKell.' not being- considered dangerous, is approached and measured without fear. The big snake lives in a deep bole or den In the bottom of a "sinkhole" on Mr, BbegleyVfariavand while its pres- ence.-hns-bceri:' I prpvea.Tra-ny times the actual snake has not yet been seen, for he Is wary,'and times' his visits in search of food'so : that he' has always kept out of sight, but. he. is..there nnd has..been there for man.v,ye i ars. ;,,. . ."There.'are''others an the Phcpley 'farni', '.regulai- old" rattlers;' inajiy, tiav- boncs, muscles and tissues. If : tt is impure it cannot properly ..sustain .the«p parts. If made pure,.rich, -xed_ and .vitalized by Hood's SaruapRrilla, it, Carrie, health instead of disease, and-repain.tne worn, nervous system «» nothing el«e can do. Thus nervous pro»tratiorf,i.by»tem, neuralgia, heart palpitation, are<cured '"' ° ^ Sarsaparilla Because It ia the One True Blood Purifier. i-k-ii are the best utter-dinner PlllS pills, aid digestion. »c. The Due de-Nemours died In .the apartment-of a hotel to • Versailles .-In .w.liicUDom Pedro, tbe dethroned Em- porer of Brazil lived for a time n'ftcr he was exiled. Aii old lady to Brussels, who recnu.tly celebrated her 100th -birthday, 'relates that wtooa. Napoleon passed Uirougn lier native rilla«e of Furaay, in JS10, >a peasant fallen, o his kees to ask a favor, *h« Emperor said: "Get u.p, and uev.br kneel except to God:" •• ' •, • . :' BTJCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE., The best salve-.In- the world *oi ,cuts, seven tated froni ; lute fonnei: profession of advocate l>y n.cute sciatica. fever bruises, pores; ulcers, salt rheum, fey •orea. tetters, cha PP ec,; : band, cHlbialns - Pass the good word alonp tbe line. Piles can DC quickly cured without an operation by simply applying DeWltfs Witch Hazel Salye.-Jno. M. Johnstoa PLAN TOUR SUMMER OUTING N OW-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA THS COAST LINE. .-..:' It only costs J13.CO from . Detroit, from Toledo,,. ?18.00 from Clcve- n'Treiay" been -Inlled there. "- the"recen't. : captures w'as^thnt'of a huge rattler -who 'had caupht 'a squirrel and n tartar a.t the same time, for the snake ,wa» found, dead : w.ith the squirrel protruding- from its' mouth. Both had, eri- •lentTy died^ the one in eating, and th>.other in trying- to keep from beinjj eaten. '•OKLAHOMA HAf?Ry," DEAD. Conco»»lon of the brain Kllli l'letnre«qiie Border Character. . ;• ••-; < "Oldaliomn Harry" Hill,' who, : with Capt. Payne, made Ihe famous rnad into Oklahoma county at 1.he head of several hundred boomers and sonjrht to occupy the land in defiance of the *>rns and all s.kln eruptions and posl- - '.^^^ . an)3; berths. One.; thousands .lively cures piles or no:pay required-. | 'it. \H guaranteed.to give Perfect:.satis- . faction or moaey ;refunde4. Price 25 i •* '''.''' »»_' ' i_. •&.•> "O " IT cents ,'psr; box. Kwsllng. For sale by B. mllee of'toke ride on new modern; steel gteaniers tf>t the above rates. Se»d 2c for Illustrated pamphlet. Address , A. A. SCHANTZ; G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. X, 14JJJ «.w c-overnnient, is dead from concussion ol the brain. He was thrown from a. buggy and never regained consciousness. "Hill was one of the most picturesque characters of the border, and in tlw early days became immensely wealthy in the.cattle business. : He fought the battles.'of •••'the" .early settlors with'-no prospect of personal guiD;'nnd' the opening- of'Oklahoma to homestead settle- ioen'tf'was''largely 'the resultrof his •jnique invasion. He became knowc. throug-hout the'United States throtig-h his "Wil'dvTv'est" shO^V which W03 exhibited from 'Maine to California. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Jver the Sunset Route-New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. VTaa discontinued April 16th. Tbe .uperlor accommodations given tfct ( r«at number of patrons of the above ,r»in during.tbe past tourist season, warrants tn«.' announcement of plani» ••r next season of finer service wltb equipment superior to anything yet mown in transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-inauguration of gUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset goute" in connection with the "Queett ind Crescent Route" are running the mly line of through tourist Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and ton Francisco. These excursions are socially con- lucted, and the object is tr, enable tbo*e »bo do not care to buy tbe first-clas* •onnd trip or one way tickets, to enjoy * comfortable ride with sleeping car »rivUeges and no'change of cars at tie rtry low second-class rate. ,. For further Information, addrwB V». a. CONNOR, Commercial Agt S. P. •o., Cincinnati, O. W. G. ; NEIMTER, G. W. Agt. 8. P. lo.. Chicago, III. 8. F. MORSE, G. P. & T. Ajrt. 8. P. to.. New Orleans, La. _ Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILY STEAMEBS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing «ntll about Sept 30th tbe steamers of Uils line willjna'ke two trips eacb way J»lly between St Joseph and Chicago, ID the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 430 p. m. and 1030 p. m., dally, including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and 1130 p. m.',.daily,"including Sunday. Estra trips on Saturday leave St Joseph at I a. m., .and leave. ; ;,Cuicago at 2 p. m. Running •tlmevacross lake 4 hours. Trl-weekly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St Joseph Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. The equipment of this line 'Includes me Bide wheel steamers City of Chicago wid City of Milwaukee (the largest and Inest west of Detroit), and the newly rebuilt propeller City of Louisville Service firstclass. Connections with all randalla trains. Tickets on sale at all F«Tjdalla Line stations. Chicago dock toot »f Wabash avenue. j. H. GRAHAM, Pres., Benton Harbor, Mich. Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of U* delteb:.. jf you t»ke one o: the View of It. -Engllshmon," • said''Mf.;KiR-'. Unir, "willdiS for liberty, 'but he Ooeen't oa^ a straw for equality. The French•man, on! lhe;other hand, 'doesnH really ' wllat :ilb6rtiriii<wn<i;-butnie niust; f6r-the ' Arne'rican he is indifferent to both liberty nna equality, and g«ei" W heart and soul for fraternity. This i» really the bane of the American nation; so long a» a fellow .IKE s.,,, og . itlind tour tim« «y«iy •*?&•.-:

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