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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • 14

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

pace fourteen THE SASKATOON PHCRNTX. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1921. t-V Fsraa iUoMs For Sale Misc. Teachers Wanted or Kent Kooins Teacher's Wanted Tlie Saskatoon Daily Star Help Wanted Female AND i A 2 i The Saskatoon Phoenix I VrANTED -HOUSEKEEPER FOR IUR SALE ONE REMINGTON 12-In. cell atarter.

coet 6160. Will A1 In. self starter, cost Will I farm, bacheio noior COM- or nd sell lor luO. tseen used six tnontns. WANTED TEACHER FOR GRASS TEACHER WANTED FOR OVENS- l.NTHA WARM.

CLEAN AND two to cook for. LAKE S. D. No. 2502, first or town school.

Wire or phone W. -i forlable single room wun pai Apply E. W. second class, male preferred. State Gendall, Rockhaven, bask.

2-2-c all meaia. Close In- unly clean Apply part I Stale wages Ural uolubuig, bask. iral letter. Box 195A, Star ottlce. 14011 SALE BY OWNER SECTION and a half of well Improved land, 2-23-p located tweHe miles north of Calgary, excellent farm.

Will sell or will div- Keaso liable Kftry, rxcciiciiiaw Iteav IBM Ul going concern, en bloc weeus lla t0 Buit purchaser, tidy person need apply, ferred. Pnoue 259. Lauy pre 2-23-p iW i RTY TlioLliJM) BUSHELS good oats tre of noxious at reasonauie prices, for turtner par- caBh payment, balance half crop. E. titulars write Trie Turtlelord Itealty Alexander.

Room 0, 212 7ltl Ave. RENT 2-14-c 2-26-u salary. Apply Mrs. J. Barn by, Luse- LZLZ land, Bea-Treas.

2-22-p rpEACHER WANTED FOR TWLN TANTLD FIRST CLASS BTh'NO- A Lakes School District No. 917, tlTUt OT experienced. WSW vwc-w. baUTXW, citaie experience and salary required Ka-uiaaon, Susa s--Jil-o TEACH Eli HOLDING claes certiucate lor Had- grapi btrattord KITCHEN GIRL WANT-1 10 w- Kvina- s- UundurVkp wanted i'none 2253 P. O.

BoV 110t R. M. BUCHANAN Business Brokers Farm Lands 402 Drinkle Bldg. No. Saskatoon, bask.

FOR EXCHANGE YTE HAVE AN EXCELLENT HALF 4 4 section of land half a mile front the town of Elroee, all under cultivation, and In first class shape for crop. 163 acres In auminerullow and 124 acrea summerfallow stubble. This land can be had In exchange for good house property in the city. This is one of the beet farms In the Elrose district, and If you have something good In the way of a house or clear title city property to exchange, see ua for further particulars. ensoo 1JUKNXSHED ROOMS TO Colonial, 52., 28th IkjR KENT DOUBLE UuOM suitable lor two gentlemen, with Turtle.

Old, busk. 2-22-p 2-23-c Calgary. Alta. board. Ul 23th VV.

2-23-c ed. Apply Chef, 11VjR SALK ONE REMINGTON AC-counting machine, been used six months. Cost 6416. Will sell lor 63uu. Box 16A blar office.

2-23-p BOARD AND ROOMS, nice rooms, furnished sued, light housekeeping. S-2-21-P George liotei. SASKATCHEWAN'S OP.KAT BBT WANT AD MEDIUM Joim Classified Kates Under Any Heading cent per word per day straight. 4 cam per word per day i( charged. IX eel in 12 pu or large type so.

per worn per insertion. it charge No era ere will bo accepted insert claeeiued adveruaeiuenlo Ul) forbidden. Bacu iigure, sign or imtiat counts ae une word. Giassiiiiu advertising. wbeo ordered tor more tnau one insertion, must ruu on coueecuuve uaya ClaMLiad Oliver inner ne paid toe uu amunui ol inaeruoue ordered.

No arrow nucee win ue inane on gdverUseuieuts cancelled neroie tail service la reuuoreu- Mouey oraera or otaiupa must an-ooiupany ro menre insertion. rl a bos number is desired sdd ioc. tor forwarding replrem UANTED EXPERIENCED CHAM I BURNISHED ROOM TO RENT-6th Ava 20 3-22-C Business Chances R. M. BIjCILANAN CcC' 4 bermaid at once.

Hotel, Wilkie, baas. 4 4 er for Nicklet S. D. 2b(l, duties WANTED A CLEAN, CAPABLE commence at once, salary 1200. 4 woman wier thirty who can cook, mis Is a new school and Is 7 miles wait on Ubie and do general house from Coionaay.

Apply to O. Tit-woi a. Apply Box A btar otfice. vrgtriQ SW1XVA vv i I 111 -CJ lUllSHY, RUU14 UU u. Ill Apply Box iXoA.

Star olflce. man. Box lou, Meacham, Saak. 2-26-0 2-23-p I 71 Board and rooms. 3) ave.

a. North. 2-22-p ''OR SALE FULLY EQUIPPED 402 Drinkle Bid. No, fcjunkatoon. Sask.

ONE CAR OF FEED OATS FOR sa'e. Will furnish sample. State price willing to pay. J. W.

Barker, Wilkie, bask. 2-1 4-p Hat for sale clean and bright, fifteen dollars, also somo clean Muixeiixie 36 seed oats. X. Pickard, Guernsey, Sask. 2-2a-p IOR SALE ONE McCLAKY 'SASK-Alta range, good conditions also white enamelled lion bed, electric iron and toaster.

Apply 222 Tentb Street. 2-24-p garage fn email town. Good hue- A real! in, Alldres, 1 Rox 423, Young, bask. 2-2a-p TO To Rent On a Most Attractive Basis A chance for someone to start right with little capital. 220 acres, nine miles south of Elrose, 4 miles from new C.P.R.

grade with 110 acres bioken, stubble, fair buildings, for 3 eare with renter paying taxes and breaking at least another 150 acres and to leave luO acres summerfallowed at end of lease. This Is practically free rental, but 1 want a good man. Apply G. II. BAKER, Nanton, Alta.

2-22-p 1U RNiSilLD ROOMS 1 RENT S-2-21-P OUSEKEEPEK WANT ED-APPLY d-uJ? Mau.R0" 1 XlBollomley. 604 Clarence me. to RENT GOOD ROOMS WITH board. 614 Ave. bouth.

lPfvpiEBrty IOR SALE SEMI-MODERN 6 ROOM bungalow. Rough plumbing, ei- i ectrio lignt, eta Splendid One block Ruena Vista school. Snap at 2600, 213 6th Street, after 6 p.m.8 2-24-p quired, school six mile, from Hum- R.iBwmUparSLP b1" bole Arthur K. Baker, 1 Bwn' Rkside, bask. Mancroft P.

O- Sask. 2-23-p nUUSEKEEPER WANTED BY A bachelor on farm. State wages I BURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED rooms, olficea and suites to rent. Hobs Brothers, insurance Agents, 102 Rues Building. tl expected in hist letter; good pluck Address Box 21sl, Star office.

S-2-22-P 7ANTED FEMALE TEACHER; 44 Protestant; second class certifl. SELLING CAR GOOD FEED OATS 36c. Armstrong, farmer, or Rockhaven. 2-24-p OATS FOR SALE IN 'CARLOAD lots, germination guaranteed. Walter Greer, Lashburn, bask.

3-17-p rpHE HUMBOLDT RED LIVERY A barn for sale. Must sell this month. Write for particulars to M. Wass Humboldt, Saak. 2-23-p IX)R RENT DINING ROOM IN best commercial Hotel.

No Chinaman cate; duties to commence middle of Abblal March; average attendance twenty. TANTED WOMAN tb housework on lira; tnre Apply, stating salary required, to F. Worthington, Louvain P. O. Sask.

s-3-4-0 need apply. IARM TO RENT CLOSE TO Sas-. a toon, will sell machinery cheap. Two hundred broken In nineteen eighteen, also good buildings, pasture and water. Apply Box 191A, btar offlca 2-23-p TJRIVATE OFFICE TO RENT-JL of waiting Canada Blug.

-USE 410 2-21-0 Box 2166 Star office. 2-23-p in family. Must bs able to milk. Apply, stating wages, to Box iu. Herachel, Bask.

S-2-25-P ANTED GRADUATE AND UN-44 dergraduate nurses for general duty, experienced preterred. Write Secretary Llo dmlnster and District u.c i pal Hospital, Lloydminster, school but no equipment. Sask. 2-20-0 aiatine cinurOnrx a fTlEACHER WANTED s. D- No.

1302 requires holding second or third Duties to commence 1st. Residence In connection stating experience and paid at tne regal rata Minimum price tor single insertion lie If enaiged ecu. we win not be responsible tor any error In aOvertisemunut taken ovei tne telepnone. mAA tin special Joint rates on contracts tclaseineu diaputyj proieeSiouui and business cards. tteies run NOTICES Par Ins.

Mirths. Marriages and Deaths. in Memoriam piouces luv Poetry and uuutal.ous up to Unas addiuoual For eacu tuuinuiiii 6 lines or traction ot Hues l.uu Card 'inauke Join I Warn AGs Iledcu Ave rj Hums FFICE SPACE TO RENT Ground Phone 3647. 2-21-p OFFICE SPACE Jnnr. 2nd Ave.

16UFF ORPHINGTON ROOSTERS 2 each. W. b. Ayer, Sibbald. Alta.

2-2s-p IOR BALE TWENTY-FIVE S. C. W. leghorn cockerels, five dollars each. Bred from my heavy laying strain.

W. E. Lawton. 1303 Ave. No.

2-23-p IjVOR SALE LEADER OATS, GOV-eminent test 33. Price 67a Sidney HACIENDA teacher class certificate. on March wltn Apply, salary expected, also giving references to R. J. Meiklejohn, Quill Lass, s-2-25-0 YX)R SALE DRAY BUSINESS IN A good town with two railroads, good business, must sell on account' poor health.

$10u0 cash or less will! --handle for 1st payment, one that wants that kind of business communicate with J. H. Wilkes, Watson, Sask 2-23-p f'U A in CLEAR TITLE QUARTER TO trade on housa Royal Real Estate Co. Over Bon Marche Btora S-2-23-P LET A VEHY DES1RABLK store oi otnees. Will, vruit, formerly occupied by Trotter A bl -wart, Minvalia Bldg.

Apply Wllllugnhv-bumner Ltd. if I.XPERIENCED CHAMBERMAID -t Wanted. Apply Queen's Hotel, City. 2-22-0 Fleming, Sask. 2-23-p TANTED GIRL TO WORK IN IJ40R BALE NUMBER ONE COON coat; size forty; first class condition.

Can be seen at W. Martins, tailor, 2nd Ave. bouth. a-2-23-c INSURANCE, CONVEYANCING, Real Estate and Loan Agency Business tor sale in small town in Alberta. Good steady business, no opposition comfortable dwelling house included In deal.

Ill health only reason for selling. 62608.80 will handle. Apply Box 2145 Star office. 2-25-p WILL SUB-LET IMME-diately 200" square feet office space in Canada Bldor. Box 2147 Star Of used, butte wages and experience to Geo.

H. balloon, Laysland. Alta. 2-24-p TEACHER WANTED FOR A1LSA Craig 8. D.

No. 643, a female teacher for ten months, holding a first or second class certificate; Protestant. Dulles to commencs March 1st. Applications stating experience and salary required, will be received up to E'eb. 16 lb by John Tyson, Piche, Sask.

S-2-26-C Help Wanted Hale IJ'OR SALE LARD BARRELS. Ideal Bread Ca 2-22-p 2-21-c fice. BY bachelor farmer, three to cook for, very convenient bouse. Apply, staling wages and experience, Box 224, Wat-rous, Sask. -2-2 t-p For Sale Autos COOK WANTED FOR BRADWKLL hotel.

Wages 66U per uionto. 2-24-p IOR BALE FINE SETS DICKENS, Dumas, Stevenson, Barrie, Book of Knowledge, Stoddarta Lectures and others. fcUmister, 223 22nd E. 2-2y-p BARGAINS IN SMALL HOUSES Five rooms, good cellar, electrto light, good well, outbuildings for coal and wood. All fenced and In first class condition.

On Ava only 1400. Six room semi-modern house, on Thirteenth Street, full basement, furnace, electric light, warm and comfortable, 2500. Six room semi-modern housa full basement, furnaca fireplace, electric light, everything In good condition. Only 2100. Nice semi-modern 5 room housa electrla light, dug out cellar.

In North Park. Price 1200. Will take Ford car In good condition as part payment. Balance easy. Good six room semi-modern house, dugout cellar, electric light, everything In good shapa located on Ave.

No, 1600 easy terms. Only 600 for a good four room house, plastered, leanto, well with pump, dugout cellar. Very warm and well built, easy terms. Located on Ave. North.

HILL KEMP, LTD. 806 Drinkle No. 1 Phone 4545 2-23-c anted Misc. ANTED MARRIED MAN WHO WANTED TEACHER FOR CREEK-vlew Rural S. D.

No. 662, beginning March fourteenth. State qualifications and salary expected. Including light caretaking, i.e. dusting, sweeping, eta Apply G.

E. Watters, Young, Sask. s-2-22-0 GIRL for general store. Apply, giving reference, to Box 12, Scott, Sask. -2-21-p RANTED EXPERIENCED I IVOR SALE FOR RETURNED MAN only, half section south of Elrose: chocolate loam; nearly 100 acres ready for crop; all arable; no stone, fair buildings; beet of wheat land.i Will sacrifice, cause 111 health.

On I account of stock. Implements, I must be handled through S. S. B. I Further particulars Box 173A, Star office.

s-2-22-0 IOR SALE OR TRADE ONE SEC-tion of unimproved land with running spring, mixed farming district, on the new SL Walburg line, fourteen miles from two creameries. Twelve dollars per acre. What exchange can you offer. Terms to suit. Address Box 2144 Staf office.

2-22-p I70R SALE OR RENT SECTION 6-24-14 with lmprovementa, equipment and livestock. Also surplus lkrm. wages. ANTED DAVENPORT AND floor 11 covering, good condition. Price Touring Chevrolet, 1917 model for sala cheap for cash, good condition.

Box I78A, Star. 2-22-p Wue to nelp la nouse. Good Apply BOX 216U star Olflce. 2-23-p delivered. Doweett, Kylemore, Sask.

2-23-p OR SECOND SEED OATS FOR SALE AMERI-can banner, second registration, 65a car lot, f.o.b, Wadena. H. Brice, Wadena, Sask. 2-26-p Earn money at home we will pay 616 to 68 weekly for year spare time, writing show cards no canvassing; we tnauuci you and supply you with ork. Write Brennan Show Card System, Limited, 43 Currie 263 College SL, Toronto.

3-23-C yyTANTED Lloydminster, Sask. NEW GENEREUX 8. D. No. 3626, RE-quires teacher; Catholic; one who can teach both English and French.

Duties eommence March 1st. For further particulars write Mrs. Paul Poirier, stating qualifications and salary expected, Dundurn, Sask. s-2-22-0 2-24-p NEW AND USED FORD CARS AND TRUCKS 33 l-3 Cash, Balance Easy MONTHLY PAYMENTS Bargains in used Ford Cars fordsoiTtractors AND OLIVER PLOWS DOMINION MOTOR CAR COMPANY, LTD, Ford Dealers tf Barber wanted steady position. Club Baruer Suop.

2-2s-p Salesman wanted puefeh- ably with some knowledge oi au- toe, to represent eastern uuuse. Mr Gaylord, siauigan Hotel, louignL 2-22-p TWO REGISTERED 70 It SALE WANTED TO BUY BUGGY, CHEAP for cash. Apply Watson, Bqg 192A, Star offlca S-2-23-P A' shorthorn bulls two years old, small car oats 60a purebred buff Or IF YOU ARE OUT OF A POSITION spend the time Improving your speed at the Success College. We allow you to pay the tuition after you ait earning again- phington cockerels, 3.00. John Crane, machinery, tools and stock for sale at Guernsey, Sask.

2-22-p bargain prices. Farm Froducts 2-22-c Hughton, Sask. HELPER 2-22-p Wanted bakers ideal Bread Co. Teacher wanted immediate- ly; 2nd class professional; house free; male preferred. Apply, giving experience and salary, to Clarence Walt, Secy, Red Willow S.

Peterson, Sask. S-2-22-C For sale SaSk-alta steele range. Armstrong's Ltd. Phone 2272. 2-22-0 IOR SALE COAL STOVE, THREE cutters and light sleigh, btorrs Blacksmith, Nutaua.

a-2-21-p WANTED FIVE HUN-dred dollars, ten per cent, for nine months; A-l security and reference. Reply Box 2148, Star Office. S-2-23-P 7 ANTED SOME INTERESTED person to give board and room In return tor chores to clever 16-year-old boy wishing (o attend Collegiate. Reply Childrens Aid bociety, 476, Saskatoon. 1 1 FOR SALE SNAP.

QUARTER. Section excellent soil, close to elevators and school, 22 per acre, twelve hundred cash, balance easy. Apply Owner, Box 272, Star office. 2-22-p Wanted farm hand, immld- lateiy, by mouth or year. VV.

J. Jonnaloii, Domremy, Sask. 2-23-p ANTED MAN FOR FARM FROM April first to freexe up; 6188 per monin. 326 Ave. South.

e-2-2 2-p Sits. Wanted Male Help Wanted Misc. Experienced lumberman Wants position in yard, 21 years 1 experience. Box 2153 Star office. 2-22-p WANTED TO RENT OR START Barber shop in country town.

TWO CARS DRY SEASON CORD wood, 4.00 per cord, ten bushel Early Ohio potatoes, 1.00 per bushel, also four Plymouth cockerels, 4.00 each, large birds. Apply Box 61 Duck Lake, Sask. 2-22-p Blenheim s. d. no.

isi7, Denholm, requires 2nd class teacher, state salary wanted and experience, scliool to commence Immediately. Board 1 mile from school. Apply A. Amot, Sec-Treas, Denholm. 2-25-c WANTED TEACHER For Knowles 44 School Ten miles from North Battleford, duties to commence March first.

Salary thirteen hundred for ten months. State experience and qualifications. Mrs. A. Knowles.

Phone 833 12. Box 640, North Bat-tleford. 2-22-p 2-24-p Box 2154A. FOR RENT HALF SECTION Well improved. To farmer who will buy outfit for cash.

Box 6, Zealandia, Sask. 2-22-p IWR SALE THREE QUARTER SEC- tlons of good wheat land, 6 miles fiom Senlao and Evesham; excellent tvor SALE HOUSE, 6 ROOMS, full water supply. Good buildings One Ji basement and furnace, on sewer quarter mile from school. Rural and wat one block th long distance telephone. Apply to ov ner, W.

M. Rogera Evesham. Saak, office S-2-21-P UIIlce' Married couple open for position to manage farm; well experienced; best of refirences, or would rent section or W. equipped. Reply Box 2162, star office.

8-2-23-p Wanted young man, single, between 2a and 32, for position as traveller, previous experience uoi necessary, but some knowleuge of business practice and tne operation of farm tractors required. Reply giving references to Box 180A, star office. 2-23-0 FOR SALE SEED AND FEED oats. Particulars Gordon Watson, Lash- WANTED 3,500 BUSHELS OATS. State price delivered, Falrmount No.

2 C.W., and No. 1 feed. Arch D. Caldwell, Sea, Falrmount Grain Growers. 2-21-p Experienced ikavedder, married, wishes position; any line.

Box 193A, Star office. s-2-28-p Returned soldier wants position as travelling salesman; can furnish references. Reply Box 185A, Star office. S-2-25-P burn, Sask. 2-23-p Men and women, not to can- vass, but to travel and appoint PURE ALSASMAN-BANNER SEER oats; sixty and Ava Box lul, Denzil, Sask.

s-2-24-p WANTED EXPERIENCED teacher holding 2nd class certificate for STEAM OR GAS ENGINEER WANTS 'Job by season or year. Apply Box 184A, Star offica s-2-26-p WANTED FIRST CLASS AUTOMO-bile mecnamc, must thorougnly 4 4 bile mecnamo, must uiorougmy local representatives, 1,032 and expenses guaranteed first yea-, with good chance to make 2,600 and ex- penses. State age and qjaliflcatlons. i puRes to commence March 1st and understand Maxwell and Cuaimeis Expeilence unnecessary. Winston Co, and continue to the end of teaching cararApply to Box 130A.

Stgr oince. DepU loronto dar month. Suitable boarding place. .77 I TTOR SALE NORTHWEST 32-31-19, A west of 3rd, five miles south of Plenty. Excellent opportunity for returned soldier.

Apply Merchants Bank, Saskatoon. 2-22-p 7ANTED FIVE HUNDRED DOL-44 lars, ten per for nine months; A-l security and referenca Reply Box 2148, Star offica e-2-22-p ANTED SECOND-HAND CLOTH- lng. Furniture, Tools, eta Will pay beet price. West bids Second Hand btora Phone 4583. .306 20tn Street West.

s-3-9-0 SELLING CASE 20-28 SEPARATOR, complete, with drive belt Apply Geo. Dowling, Macdowell, Sask. s-2-21-p 2-23-0 Apply to W. J. Neil, East prospect S.D.

No. 297, Box 111, Scott, bask. 2-24-0 SELLING BROOM and RYE grass seed, mixed, ten cents per pound, cleaned and bagged. J. Berrow, Broca, Sask.

2-22-p MAKE MONEY AT HOMflJ 15 TO 668 paid weekly lor your spare time writing ahowcarci for ua No canvassing. We Instruct sad supply you with work. West-Angus bbow-card Service. 17 A ll Coiborne Toronta ON A four horses during seeding season. Would work by the day, or by acra or contract, breaking.

If interested, address letter to Box 2150, Star offlca S-2-26-P COLLECTOR OPEN FOR AN Appointment, city work preferred, have had six months experience and can furnish best of references. Apply Box 164A, btar offlca 2-24-p OATS FOR SALE CARLOAD LOTS only. H. Thompson, Farmer, WANTED 2ND CLASS FEMALE teacher for Avalon S.D. No.

4077. duties to commence about 15tb March. Apply stating experience, religion and salary expected to H. Wells, Louvain, Sask. 2-24-0 TRAIN FOR FIREMEN, brakemen, beginners 150 to 6200, later 6380 montniy.

Write Railway, Box 2883, Star ollica 8-2-22-p WANTED A MAN FOR FARM work. Steady job for the right man. Married man preierred. If married will have use of suitable housa Winter wages 65.00 and use ot cow and dosen hens. Apply uy letter to Box 3, Fiska bask.

2-22-c Maidstone, Sask. 2-24-p the beehive buys And pays spot cash for Household Furniture of every description Ranges, Stoves, Heater Musical Instruments, Guns, Rules and Sporting Goods, or any other useiul articles. THE BEEHIVE SECOND HAND STORE 152 1st Ave. aujoining Postoffice Phone 4772 IOR BALE "HEATHER BELL" Flour, Bran, Oats, Shorts, Hay, Wheat, Corn, Oyster Shell, Grit, eta Geo. E.

Thomas, 160 Wall St. Phone 3743. tf Increase your income at home in your spars tlina You can make 610 to 60 eacb woek writing Show Carda The work Is light and pleasant. No canvassing, no soliciting. We teach you how and supply you work.

Write today for full particular. National bbow Card bchoob Room 23. 44 Adelaide bt. Toronto, Can tf Auto mechanic 17 yrs prac- tical experience, returned man, city or cou itry, can take charge of 218 4th Ava, N. 2-23-p JJELP WANTED OFFICE Membership in the Canadian GRASS-CHOICE cleaned seed, fourteen dollars pet cwt bagged.

F. Whiting, Traynor, Sask. S-4-4-P WALTER S. D. NO.

1S28 REQUIRES female teacher, second class musical preferred, duties to commence March IbE Apply D. U. S. Ungar, Waseca, Sask. 2-24-p WANTED SECOND-CLASS TEACH-er for Moon Lake School District No.

3948. Duties to commence at orce. 14 miles from Saskatoon. Stats salary and experience. Apply Mra R.

C. Morgan, Saskatoon P. O. Phone 2052. s-2-21-0 Experienced farm hand wants Job.

Well exporlenced with norses and machinery. Please state wages, eta to Box 152A. Star offica S-2-21-P Miscellaneous WANTED SECOND HAND FURNITURE In any quantity. We will pay you tn Dost pi ices 1.1 the city Telephone 4532 and our representative will call. Country customers please puone or wire at our expense.

Vogels Limited, 110 2nd Avenue. North. tl I FURNITURE WANTED THE Royal 1 Furniture Store is open to pay bigbeet prices tor household and olflce furniture, stoves, range miscellaneous articles. Institution and hotels a specially. Valuation free ol char a Phone 2915.

120 20th MEN, Institute of becrelarles is a busmens asset. Full particulars from the bec-retary, 33 leglar Edmonton. Alta. 2-24c WANTED MAN AND ENGINE TO run 12 ft-, grader In Douglas municipality. Owm to furnish everything In coniiVtion with engine only, bend particulars of cost ot hire and size of engine to H.

U. Graham, Bichard, bask. TISao Tnnstt HOUSES FOR SALE $cven roomed bungalow in one and a half blocks from school. This is good buy at $2300. Five roomed cottage on Avenue M.

$1400.00 with $300.00 cash. W'e have two good buyers for a five roomed modern house in good loca tion. What have you to offer? FARMS Special offer on half section near Kosutown, 315 acres broken, 107 acres newly oroken, best chocolate loam and heavy Bubsoil. Five room house, barn, and four granaries, nearly all newly erected. $57.00 per acre with $5,000 cash buys this farm.

We have three special listings of farms near Bulyea, two are sections and one a halt section. This is the best wheat district in Western Oan-aua. Wn's or call for particulars. Tile Imperial Canadian Trust Company Canada Saskatoon, Sask. Rhone 2124 IJOR SALE SMALL COTTAGE AND corner lot on sewer and water; First (660 00 gets li Was sold and deposit taken but party lias not completed; no phona King George Bar.

s-2-21-0 Royal Real Estate Co. Over Bon Marche Store -2-22-i LIST YOUR PROPERTY with Royal Real Estate over Bon Marche Store. s-2-22-p BED BEDDING, Carpet Curtain Stove Washer eta Uur easy pay. ment plan and moderate prices will help jou furnish. Guild 1st Ava and 23rd bt.

Phone 218L Dressmaking done small boys' suits a specialty, 625 University Drlva 2-23-p Wanted HOUSES, SUITER AND ROOMS McMillan Macdonald Land Ltd. Improved three quarter section farm, close to Balmoral, Man. Rich black loam Boil, situated on gravelled Highway between Winnipeg and Winnipeg Beach (summer retort), lese than one mile by auto from each place, an ideal location. The locality has never known a crop failure. $47 per acre; easy terms.

An excellent buy. 480 acre farm. Cheviot, full equipment, horses, farm machinery and feed; good buildings; excellent soil and water; half mile from school. $38 per acre, including everything. $7,000 cash; easy terms.

960 acres mixed farming; very little scrub; no improvements; 4 mile station; excellent grass. $13.50 per acre. 20 yearly instalment. 320 acre mixed farming, 1m-proveu, fair buildings, in addition 3000 acres leased land, all fenced. Price $4,000 for half section, in chiding assignment of lease and fencing.

Purchaser assume loan $1 balance cash. acres, Improved, good build Ings, part fenced, good land. Will exchange for grocery or butcher business in country. $25 per acre. We have some good buys close to Saskatoon.

We have a choice fruit farm ad joining station, Washington State, U.S.A. Will exchange for prairie farm land. We have two farms for rent, section Sovereign and 480 Plenty. We have over 50,000 acres of choice selected raw prairie for sale, most of which we have personally inspected. Terms easy.

McMillan Macdonald OATS SEED AND FEED OATS FOR sale in car lots; several varieties Samples and prices address Box 2u9 Star effic s-2-24-p WANTED, FOR THE VILLAGE OF Rockhaven School, No. 8707, Protestant female teacher for the primary grades, holding third class certificate. Duties to commence about March let Apply, stating experience and salary. A. MacKenxia Secy.

Rockhaven, Sask. s-2-24-0 Teacher wanted male or femala March 1st for Hopedale i Party with no children, garden pre- WILL THE GENTLE-man who assisted me by my bundle at the fire please communicate with Mrs. Jack, at Edward Hotel. 2-22-p For Exchange FLOUR. PEED, VEGETABLES nAY AND UAld IN GAR LOiB OR lea Royal Purple and interns, tional Stock Pood.

Poultry feed ana supplies Write or wire prices McNAB- YOUNG LTD. 198 Ava A. South. I7OR SALE OR WILL TRADE FOR livestock, thirty-sixty Hart Parr engina Box 71, Eston, Sask. 2-28-p ferred.

Apply Box I88A, Star. 2-23-0 school, 1st or 2nd class certificata yearly engagement state experience us for PRICES ON TAM- and Balary required to JS. Lindsay, fence post and pickets. Olsen Sea-Treaa, 3- required to 8. Lindsay, Beaufield.

Sask. 2-22-c Learn gas tractors many different makes Special lour weeks tractor course now on at the Hemphill Auto Tractor Schools, In every large city In Canada from coast to coast. Day and evening classen Full lee now-only 50. Thorough practical training Incl. electric generators, starters, magnetos and Ignition equipment Join now and be ready lor greal soring demand for tractor engineers.

ADDly main office, Hemphill Trauu Schools. 115 20th Sasaa toon, or at nearest brancE Sr buV'course," 50.00 Many differ- Saskatoon. nt makea we have a great variety of electric generators, taking Cahill King 7RITE great 4 4 rack a. mi-'- HUde, Ignition equipment Thor- iv scientific Sits. Wanted Female WANTED FULLY MODERN House, not more than 6 rooms, not over 4,000 on 50 foot lot.

Must be good condition and price right. Box 186A, Star offica s-2-22-p Bannock, Sask. VITILL EXCHANGE OVERLAND 5 4 condition. Will accept good piano as part payment or will sell one third cash, balance 3 and 6 monttia Car in Saskatoon. A.

Leonard Davies, Dunblane, Sask. 2-22-p TANTED OFFICE CLEANING OR offlca 2-22-p T6ROTESTANT TEACHER WANT-1 ED FOR WILBERT SCHOOL district Number 2367, experienced first or second claee certificate. About 20 pupils entrance and continuation s-2-21-p classes. Salary twelve hundred per ordinanca Two hundred days. Good YOUR LIFE.

LATEST boarding place r.ear school. English method. Develop your speaking settlement Application Dractiilal training. Day and ev- power. Send birth date; 12c stamps will be accepted up to 5 ebruary 1.

ougn prjtc umh.ii Motor Satisfaction guaranteed. Walter Win-1 E. S. Morgan. Chairman, Cutknifa Bton Kenilworth, 88Bd.

Courcellea Paris, I ranee. ening classes at Hemphill Schools In every large city of from coast to coast. Room lor WANTED LISTING OF houses. R. M.

Bottomley Ltd. s-2-22-p IITANTED SMALL, WELL-BUILT, 1 Housa 232 21st Street, East, Suska-11 modern house, Caswell Hill; not loom lupp. Flanagan UotelJ. Phone Experienced lady typist Wants position. Phone 2929.

2-22-p tf 415 Land Ltd. For Rent Suites over substantial cash payment Apply P. O. Box 1407. Saskatoon.

S-2-21-P S-2-22-C Canada. limited number only Join now and be ready tor great spring demand lor auto and truck drivers, mechanic salesmen end demonstrators. Appiy Main office, 116 2uth fat. Sasaa-1 Poultry IOR RENT LOWER HALF OF fully modern housa nicely furnished. Complete with the exception of linen.

Phone 5010. s-2-21-p LOOKING FOR A HOME! Your chance of securing one to suit is best with A. L. KOYL CO. lhe Home of Homes Ground Moor, Cauada Bldg 28-e For Rent Houses if Nursing toon, Sask.

Saskatchewan Teachers Exchange The only agency In Baeketchewen having any connection with the Department of Education. The beet chooe ere reyletered with the Teachers Exchange. Unit normal trained fully qualified teachera wanted. No commission charged. Write Teachera Exrhange Department of Education.

Regina Unfurnished rooms to rent Not modern, close to office. Armstrongs Ltd. Phone 2272. 2-22-c OPERATIONS UNNECESSARY HEPATOLA REMOVES GALL Hones, corrects Appendicitis in 24 I'ours without pain. Registered under Pur Pood and Lrug Act.

$6.50. Not old by orugglsta. '1 Manufacturers MRS. GEO 9. ALMAS 230 4m R.

SasKaloon, gatfit Box 1073. Phone Wanted experienced cook for country hotd. Apply stat TouLtrv ntid Eggs For Sale II UY DIRECT FROM MANUFAC-F tutors for 1-bs Electric Incubators and Brooders. Oat Sprouter. both lamp and lampless, coal and oil rat 6- nvie criw i wn thrpp Brooders, and a full line of Poultry SALE ONE COW AND THREE Write today for circular -1 heifercalvce.

Also two-year-old Supplies Cudworlh Hotel, 2-22-p lng wages to Mgr. Sask- TJRIVATE NURPE9 EARN $15 TO $30 a week. Learn without Icav- lng home, descriptive booklet sent free. Royal College of Science, Dept. 91, Toronto, Canada.

2-19-c HOUSE to RENT 6 rooms, eral-modern, furnace; Mayfair; vacant March let. 25.00 month. Apply 70S heifer. Phone line 37 ring 4. Grandview Fheet Work.

(-2-21-p 2-22-p1 Vancouver. B.C. W. B. a TRIMBLE COMPANY Next Land 'iis Office feasksloon Farm Lauds City Property (J.

II. CLARE Farm Lands. City Property, Loans, and Investments, if you intend buyirg or selling property may ws bs ot service to yoiia 220 21st. St. East.

DONT BE UNEMPLOYED LEARN Barber Trade in a few weeks timej at Hemphill Canadas and' largest Barber College We offer vryrtri tralninK. plenty of irctic6 mki fbe fees are small. Now la the time to enter and complete in early spring when city and country shore require extra barbers. Positions waiting a. from 28 to 40 00 per week UimcMl reduced rate now on to a iim te kTimher oniv Call or write to Hemphill's Barber Collt il5-2cth SC Esc.

Branches at Winnipeg. mooton, fiHAVE 10C; HAIRCUT 20C. SAVE money by coming to the Hemphill Barber Coilega XTOU WILL SPEND idle ibis winter then a Success College course wuuid coet Phone A Roy Mackenzie at 3401 FOR GOOD HOUSES I ON EASY TERMS There Is no better place than the ESTATE DEPARTMENT ot The TRACTOR CO. Ltd. The House you want la the house we have Phones 2600-2492.

38 25rd E. Lost, Strayed Stolen OST LARGE TORTOISE SHELL ornamental button. Kintr kindly return Btar oil ice or Fbone 3490. 2-22-C Lost betwn mwu to In bills In Big 22 Clothing Store or VoftiwortVn. between 5 and 5 AN ARTIST Experts earn I'd to $10Q a week; we tH you at home in a few months, our graduates are in demand, one recently placed after just five months study Particulars, write hftaw Correspondence si hol, Toronto.

Ioral address, 2j Canadian Pacific Railway Bldg..

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