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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 7
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 7

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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PAGE SEVEN GOVERNOR GENERAL RECEIVES HONORARY BTRI lira Nevrs Items Welcomed Thorns 3245 Edited by BERYL MORRISON SWA1L TIIE SASKATOON PIKENLX, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1927. DEGREE, ALBERTA Special Convocation Held During III Brief Visit of Their Ex- ccllencieg In Edmonton EDMONTON, April 19. With mill-i GOOD; MORNING Pinched Edges the reception for Their Excellencies in Convocation Hall on Friday -noon, April 22 at 3.1S o'clock. Miss S. A.

Campbell, president, of Mrs. Helen Barton, World Organizer ForTlieV.C.T.U., Addresses Saskatoon Meeting Speaker Provides Fund of Information on the Temper ance Situation In Various Parts of World Today; Prohibition Too Easily Obtained Here, She Says the assoclat Ion, left at noon yesterday to attena the annual convention of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' tary uniforms flashing, hundreds of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides circling the rotunda, and numerous civic and provincial official present, tho capital city and province of Alberta tendered an official welcome to Viscount Willlngdon, Govrnor General of Canada, and Lady Willlngdon at the Parliament building today. In addition to Their Excellencies there were present on the platform. Governor Egbert, Premier Brownlee and Mayor Bury. Members of the cabinet were presented to the governor-general, who also met members of the cltv council.

OFFICIAL WELCOME Reading of the official addresses wax next proceeded with, the premier leading the way with the provincial welcome. In replying. His Excellency regretted that his present visit was necessarily sfiort, but declared his intention of returning to Alberta and seeing the people tn their own homes. Mayor Bury read the civic addrese Mr. R.

h. Ripiey and Utile daughter, Shirley, left Tuesday for Lunen. burg. N.R, called there by the illness ot Mrs, Kiplcy mother. Miss Lucy Raid, of Tlsdalc, Sask, is visiting her sister, Miss Mabel Reid, in Saskatoon.

Miss Florence McKeown is at her home in Puck Luke, for the holidays. Mlsa Anna D. Wolf, superintendent tif, nurses in a Chicago hospital and professor ot nursing at the University of Chicago, arrived Tuesday. She will give addresses at the nurses' convention which opens today and will be the speaker at a banquet the nurses are holding at the Champlaln this evening when about guests will be present. Mr.

and Mrs. H. E. Currie and small son have returned from Prince Association opening on Tuesday in Regina. The May fair Bowling Club, Including the ladies, who are planning to organize thla summer, are lng at a social affair in Maytair school at 8 o'clock on Friday evening, April 22.

This will also be lh occasion of the opening meeting of the association, which waa postponed a month ago. Miss Bertha E. Hall, western supervisor of the Victorian Order of Nurses, wlfo has been In conference with the order in Saskatoon for tne last few days, left yesterday for Ed. IT International experience and reputation in her favor, together with a rloh sift of expression and a fund ante U-y QMoLcLtA legaliied 3u0 years ago by the B-i-ish Government. A to the infringement of liberty, advanced as an anti-prohibition argument by many, Mrs.

Barton pointed out that there was no objection to the clauses In the moral law, upon which the statutes of the Umpire are founded. Laws to safeguard and protect society are not only necessary but approved. It Is the man who breaks the prohibition law that is a failure rather tyian the law itself, in her opinion. Grocers who charge exorbitant ft 1UUIS, ailB. Barton, who three times in nine years topped the poll or a place on Olaeeow 's city council and on more lha.ii one occasion came vry neat the stop in winning her seat, and is now in her riper years travelling extensively us world organizer for the Women's Christian Temperance prices are now penalized by the Pans of welcome, and this was also replied to by the governor-general.

He said he was appalled at the Immensity of the information to be acquired as to effect on the philosophy of nursery lore. Mrs. Howell and Mrs. Kin-1 cade are the honorary presidents and the officers Mrs. Hair, president; Mrs.

Hugh Crawford, vice-president, and Mrs. Frank Lord, secretary- police, who debar offenders Irom showing their warea on the pavement outside their shops. the resources of the Dominion. Full appreciation of the. warmth of western hospitality and the progress of Albert where they spent the Easier week-end with Mr.

and Mrs. B. Ulemons. MLss Eva Cairns has us her guest Miss Alice Allen, of York ton, 8aak. The introduction committee in con monton, to be present witn the Edmonton V.O.N.

board at the reception for Lady Willlngdon there today. Miss Flora Maclean left last evening for Regina to attend the convention of provincial registered nurses. I Miss E. C. Miller of Rockhaven a holiday guest of Mr.

and Mrs. W. Edmonton was expressed by His Excellency. This afternoon the of Tie treatment of the crown and pinched edges are the points of interest in this felt hat. Quit high, the crown is loosely set ovtr a band of grosgraln and has a modernistic enamel ornament in front.

CORNS Quick tsllef from painful corns, tender toes and pressure of tight ahoes. Alberta held a special convocation and conferred an honorary degree of SCATHING CRITICISM "There are two classes which will alwaiys oppose prohibition," declared Mrs. Barton, "the very high ami the very low." She illustrated her point In her usual witty "and keenly perceptive manner. "It is the -decent working man and the middle class citizen we must depend upon to bring into effect legislation for the general welfare of mankind." Bcaithlng criticism of politicians and governments who devote their energies to general welfare laws in nection with the I.O.D.B. convention week consists of Mrs.

D. M. Bal- I four, provincial president, and Mrs. J. treasurer, were re-elected unanimously.

Mrs. H. W. Moffatt will have charge of the music. Mrs.

Reaney served refreshments, the table, centered with Darwin tulips being presided over by Mrs. J. R. Wilson and Mrs. Robert McOowan.

Assisting were Mrs. A. D. Taylor, Mre. George Boyd, Mrs.

Sam Russell, Mrs. William Watson and the Misses Green. With "Auld Lang Syne" the memorable meeting closed. LL.D. on Viscount Willlngdon.

A public reception waa held at the Vnlon addressed an interested meeting In Third Avenue Church schoolroom Tuesday evening under the auspices ot the Central and Cleveland W.C.T.U s. Without fear of contradiction, Sirs. Barton declared that never has there been a British chancellor of the exchequer who suid that the country has made money out of the liquor traffic. She quoted figures to show that 80 percent of crime, 6S percent of pauperism, 40 percent of lunacy directly, and 20 pereent indirectly were traced to the drink evil. In the face of this, no official dared utaite that the liquor traffic paid the Parliament buildings In the evening, and later Their Excellencies attended the old timers' dance.

A. Thornton, 405 Twenty-sixth Street, West. Mrs. W. A.

Harper and small sons, of Phlppen, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Claffv.

rV mmj. aW ah MISS MARYLKA STREM IN NEW APPOINTMENT Suite 4, Clay Apartments, on their DR. AND MRS. CLARK cation and a multitude of other re-'FROM CENTRAL V.O.N. way to their new home at Kincaid, Sask.

They left for Kincaid Monday evening. ARE HONORED BY forms and sidestep such a vital matter as the liouor traffic, were forth On account of the Inclement weather, the card party arranged for by the Viscount Willlngdon Chapter, I.O.D.E., at the home ot Mrs. H. Holmes and Mrs. J.

B. McAdam, vice-presidents, Mrs. Hugh MacLean, Mrs. V. W.

Bates and Mrs. W. H. Gundry will register the delegates. Mrs.

K. A. I will present the provincial secretary's report, and Mrs. Hugh MacLean, the treasurer's. The Misses Grace Maguire and Elsie Miller, of Saskatoon) have been spending a few days -it Govan, Sask.

Miss H. Clare Sproule Is in Retina for the week, a guest at the Hotel Champlaln. Mr. E. B.

Cairns, who has been spending the Kaster holidays with his parents, Mr. and -tlrs. G. H. Cairns, left at noon Tuesday to resume his teaching duties at lJundurn, Sask; Miss Ruth Fortescuo has as her guest Miss Ginty Chaney, ot 1'rince Albert.

Kiohe this evening, has been post The 1st Rule in $hin care if "That Schoolgirl Complexion' is your aim By NORMA SHEARER poned until runner notice. Will Supervise Rural Community Nursing Centre to be Opened at Pelly, Sask. In view of the fact that she is especially fitted for the work the board of the Victorian Order of Saskatoon has yielded to the request of the provincial government to release Miss Marylka Strom, the Saskatoon V.O.N, practitioner, to super coming in an address made forceful by wide knowledge of the subject In hand. Mrs. Barton was introduced by Mr.

John Cairns, who also e-poke emphatically on the necessity for courage In the continuance of the work for which the W.C.T.U. stands. Mrs. O. It.

Cleveland voiced the thanks of the meeting for Mrs. Barton's illuminating address. At the close several were enrolled aa members of the W.C.T.U. Mrs. Barton is returning from an extensive tour of Australia, and New SSecrtand, from which she drew many of her Illustrations.

While in the Mtate. Scottish figures she hod at lier tongue's end, and these she used repeatedly to prove her point. She quoted the Harvard authority who said recently, "Prohibition at its worst is better than the liquor traffic, at lie best." In the small town of Kirkintilloch olone, under a comparatively brief local option re-Klme the miners had deposited 25,. in the, municipal savings bank for the use of themselves und their families. Illustrating her statements with facts from countries in every quarter of the globe, the speaker showed the gradual advance of temperance and prohibition sentiment founded The Misses Ivy Bushby and Olga Thompson spent the Easter holidays in Saskatoon.

They left Tuesday to resume their teaching duties in Le Roy, Sask. KNOX WOMEN'S CLUB Mrs, George Reaney, who waa assisted In recelvtng by Mrs. Trotter, opened hr home for the closing meeting ot Knox Women's Club Monday evening when a large number of members attended to do honor to Dr. and Mrs. Wylie Clark who leave ehortly for their new home in Newfoundland.

The club presented Mrs. Clark with a handsome black fox fur and to Dr. Claris gave a gold pen and pencil set, suitably engraved. In an address touched Jiist enough with humor to mitigate the poignancy of farewells, Mrs. J.

W. Hair voiced the club's good-byes and good wishes. Mrs. W. N.

Howell presenting frhe gifts. The office were elected for the coming year and a program ot particular excellence and Interest was Mrs. Pound is convenor of the intend the district nursing to bo done That marks the modern idea in committee tn charge of the arrange mcnts for the whist drive and beauty culture tha proved formula for keeping "that schoolgirl com- under the Joint, auspices of the gov. ernment and the order at Telly, Sask dance to be given this evening In the Odd Fellows' hall under South she was cabled by one of the Scottish constituencies to stand for This Is the Irtt rural district to be "Oveicomers, Indeed'' will be the the auspices ot the ladies' society opened up for this work. Alius KUem subject ot the Y.W.C.A.

lilblc Btudy on scientific principles and consideration for the welfare of the child, hhe encouraged the women of Canada to continue In their efforts on llirllamenlary hunors, but refused by letter, writing that she had come to the conclusion that there wore of the B. of L. F. and the members of which order, with their THE following rule credited with more beautiful complexions than any other method known. Yet it's the simplest and most ccotxxnical in ikin tut of alL Waih your face gently with Pabnolhre Soap.

Massage iu balmy elrre and palm oil tether into the Un, Then rime with warm water, and follow with dash of cold. will report for her new duties at class on Thursday evening at 8 Felly May 16. The oirancement was o'clock under the leadership of Mrs. friends are cordially invited. already enough "auld wives," of both approved at a meeting of the local II.

J. Binnle. This class is entirely sexes, in parliament. undenominational. New members board held on Monday and attended by Miss Bertha IS.

Hall, of Ottawa, are coidiully invited. Recent Weddings But be sure you get the real Palmolive. A aoap made solely for tha purpose; to guard your ikin. 60 Jeart oi soap study stand behind it. ts results are proved by counties schoolgirl complexions everywhere.

Get Palmolive now. Use no other on your face. Experimenting with unproved soap is a folly. com-plexioni are too priceless for that. The Palmolive Company of Canada, Limited, Toronto.

followed In which Mrs. J. O. Mc-Callum gave an admtmble paper on Lord Byron, Illustrating her theme with readings of some of- the poe's works, and Dr. Clark spoke with Do this regularly, and eipeeiatly at Bight, fo one week.

Note how maeh better roar ldn. Uie powder behalf ef prohibition. too easy Here "Yotl tn Saskatchewan." she Raid, "got prahilrttlon tno easily and you didn't know how to appreciate what you had." CKIng the case of Iiel-glum alone, the speaker reminded lr audience that that country had-recently set aside the sum ot a year to educate tho children tn scientific temperance. France, Germany, Deiwnark, the peoples of the Pmsflc and tho Far East all BARCLAY BROOKS At Third Avenue United Churon western supervisor of tho V.O.rt. Miss Shields, one of the most efficient of the V.O.N, nurses in Winnipeg is being loaned to Saskatoon until a permanent nurse is appointed to succeed Mine Strem.

ACCEPT RESIGNATION SASKATOON ART CLUB ANNOUNCES EXHIBIT FOR APRIL 22 AND 23 Students and More Experienced and make-up all you with. But never Mrs. Helen Barton, world organiser for the W.C.T.U., who addressed a meeting bore on Tuesday evening, is at the homo of Mrs. Cecil Richardson during her stay in the city, un Tuesdsy she was the guest of Mrs. G.

B. Cleveland at luncheon. Mrs. Barton leaves today to continue he rtrlp east, speaking at several leave them on over ntgnt. I PtN a I In view of the fact that Miss Strem's outstanding ability us a nurso is equalled by her sifta aa a linguist, the local board, though regretfully, haa allowed her to resign Manse, Thursday, April 14, at 1.J0 o'olock, Henrietta, daughter of Mrs.

Sarah Brooke and of the late Chae. Brooks, of Asqulth, became the brldo of William Henry son ot Mr. and Mrs. J. Barclay, of Leonard, Ont.

The Rev. Dr. Held officiated. The bride waa charmingly attired in a gown of White crepe chine trimmed with brilliant with hat to places en route. mm I have to their credit a definite pro- paanda against Intoxicants, "the wine of the asp," as Mrs.

Barton Although a large number have signified their intention to secure tables for the Victorian Order bridge at the Hudson's Bay dining- i it and Butter to take over her new duties at Pelly, The change constitutes a promotion for MiB Strem, who will now be In the employ of the central board of the-Victorian Order, whlofl will supervise her work and pay her salary. The provincial government will MILK FOOD room this afternoon, there Is room for several more who can match. Miss Charlotte M. Reid, and i L. Everett Barclay, brother of the A sanitary economical Service called it.

The League ot Nations has added to Its platform the "five points for tho child," and it is the function of womanhood, a the custodian of tho child, to nfake it easy and necessary ftir thoBe in authority to carry reform, ngainst deeply entrenched vested interests. The "liquor traffic, as such, was still reserve places by notifying Mre. 'groom, signed the register. J. D.

Macdonald, Mrs. R. H. Potter Mr. and Mrs.

Barclay will reside provide her witn a motor car, which at Grandora, Sask. or Mrs. Gcrow this evening or tomorrow morning. The work of tbe will be an essential for the proper administration of her arduous duties, which will consist of bedside nursing with the emphasis placed on the educational side 'of the work. Tho order In this work co-operates with uioitf mo rorf SMtfLE AND MOTHER BOOK jietki MOda-Canaia jtotedi Toronto BERG LAMMADErT On Monday, April 11, at the Manse, Shellbrook, Mr.

Gilbert Berg was united In marriage to Miss Mabel Lammadee, daughter of Mr, and Mr. A. B. Lammadee, of Mildred, Norbury. Rev, John McKlnnon officiated.

Artists to Display Pictures; Handicrafts Group Planned These who attended the first annual publio exhibit under the auspices of the Saskatoon Art Club last year will itarn with pleasure of the second occasion of tho kind which is to be an event of Friday and Saturday of this week, April 22 and 23, in the same place, the convention hall of the King George Hotel. The exhibit will be open both afternoon and evening, and refreshments will be served by the club members, Mrs. Q. Worcester, Mrs. C.

R. Lennan, Mr. Leonard Barnett and Mrs. A. Cameron doing the honor, A CHANGE A slight change is planned this year In that not only students but those of more mature experience will be among the) exhibitor.

Announcement to this effect waa made yesterday by Mr. C. R. Lennan, secretary of the elub, to whom application for display space can be made. The exhibit will include not only pictures but handicrafts in large variety.

The public is cordially invited. the department In its school AT NO EXTRA COST Announcements order Is expanding rapidly with trie growth of the city, and the board Is sponsoring this affair in the interest of much needed and well deserved funds. Members of the local association of the Oirl Guide Council are meeting at the Normal School on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock to be present for the Inspection of the Girl Guides of the city by Their Excellencies, the Governor-General and the Viscountess Willingtdon to place at 2.15 promptly. Mr. Leslie Goffman, of spent Easter with friends in Saskatoon, and left yesterday to attend teachers' convention In Regina.

Ho will return to Saskatoon on Friday. The Mayfair United Church Ladies' Aid Society will meet at. tho lwm of Mrs. Robertson, 605 Thirty-third Street, this evening at 7.30 o'clock. ASK YOUR DEALER FOR BURNS' SALE MAY 4 Saskatoon Welsh Society Grand The Mayfair United Church Ladiee' Ai Sdciety will hold its sale nt nnHr An Mn.v A In th.

nluirnh Members of the Men's and Wo Donation ot sewing or home, cook- men's Canadian Club are requested evy will be gratefully recelvedi to bring their membership cards to CHOICEST MISS JEAN BROWNE WILL TOUR EASTERN CANADA THIS MONTH PASTEURIZED CREAMERY Whist Drive THIS MODERN- WORLD A Daily Department Devoted to Fashion, Deooratkm aed Social Customs. News of Things Which Contribute to Qrackxi and Alert LiTing National Director of Junior Bed BUTTER Jin eatabttuhid pubtte faoortu and Novelty Cut in Fours Cross Leaves April 24 For Organization Work For those who love to dance, sheer, mart, wearable hosiery is indispensable. YOUR CHILDREN NEED 1HIS PURIFYING TOILET SOAP It't all in the k'i play to get bands sod face innocently dirty. Yet in the dirt, there may be lurking dangerous germs of disease. There is no simpler, surer protection against this danger than lifebuoy Soap.

Its gentle lather removes germs as well as dirt. TORONTO, April 20. Miss JeanE. PRIZES THAT ARE DIFFERENT Premature rrav halra are like! I are enameled In bright colors. Plain Browne, national director of the Junior Red Cross, leaves Toronto on to be the lot of the summer host si Dam salts ana powuer are guuu Dance TONIGHT April 20th ART ACADEMY Of Refined Dancing ART HARMONY SEVEN ORCHESTRA McBRIDE'S Ltd.

SPECIALS F0Rv WEDNESDAY a prize set. A colored enamel thermoa bottle and glasj to hold either hot or cold drinks at Penman Full-Fishion' ed Silk Hose, made of Pure Japan Silk and reinforced at the foot, provides that combin- ation of beauty and wearability which every dancer desire. April 24 for a month's speaking and organizing tour in the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. She will take with her to the maritime provinces the banner presented by the British Red Cross to the Canadian Junior Red Croas through her when she waa tn who is confronted by the eternal problem of how to be different la the matter of bridge prises. The majority of summer afternoon parties are featured by an hour or two of bridge playing, and althoimn aood usage no longer demands the the side of a chaise 1 would be a com giving of prises, the hostess usually GfcUf DISEASES MS.

'27SS mr ba cameo' by reels tnat an attractive prue uu to the zest of the came, and is a fort for an afternoon or evening Royal City Pork 4 ft A Beana, tin. ulU Broken Orange Pekoe Tea, lb. J59J Lift Bxlmiin hutumtt pleasing reward to the on making the high core. of reading. A large thermos to carry on motor trips would make a welcome, addition to the vacation outfit.

The price it reasonable $2.00 to $2.50 a pair. See the large variety of fashionable colors. it Good Prize For Whist Depend-on Bread 3 for 25c Colored glass water sets for serving puncher iced tea would never be a superfluous addition to the summer England attending the International conference of tbe Red Cross there. Tills will be the first time, that the banner has travelled to this section of the country. Her schedule in Quebec, as so far arranged, will take her on April 25 to Macdonald College, Montreal, where she will address the students; April 26, Hudson Hpights, Pointo and town of Mount Royal: April 27, Lachute and St.

Andrews East: April 28, North Hatley, East Hatley and Stanstead; April 30, point aux Tremble. Miss Browne will be accompanied by Mrs. Ruth B. Khaw, the director of the Junior Red Cross in Quebec, on this tour. In Prince Edward Island the Itln- LB7U Jewel boxes are aa necessary as they are attractive In this day of costume Jewelry when bcad.4, bangles, and pns make a wardrobe china closet Coming In shades Hats, Horns, Confetti, Noise Maker, Streamers, etc Com and Spend a pleasant Evening.

Everybody Welcome, or amber, emer LIFEBUOY ald and rose, they have a colorful freshness appro- In themselves Polychrome boxe. q-rtmna QuantenUofflh nainted with floral decorations. wlll hold a quantity Of tne HEALTH SOAP Purifies and Protects Prompt r.ry. -Ann- than. t' i JTWCW wrs Stor antique gold or M- Caneing 16 to 1.

meenngs nr juniors in riummerstde and. Charlottetown on May 4 and 6, LPKlBmUB9 UBUUH Mwsuy crusted with reconstructed Btonej Refreshments another pillow serve the purpose well, too. I Whiel IS Whirl but addresses to conventions of teachers and nurses in the latter nt 78ei LadUa 10 And why not Including Tai Orange Golden Rip Freeh Head Nice Criap Sweat juicy Bananaa Lettuce Celery per doi. per lb. for lb, for .23 .14 ,25 .25 Pure Cherry Jam, Orange Marmalade, A fi 3-lb.

glass i09 31b. jar tU P. A G. Soap, Heinz' Tomato Soup, 6 for m9 2 tins Puffed Dpnd-on Heine Tomato Shredded Wheat Cofft Ketohup Wht 2 pkgs. per lb.

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Among the places Visited In Nova Scotia, In- company with Miss Flora Liggett, the provincial director of the Juniors, will be Halifax, Sydney, Antbtonlsh, Truro and Whycocomagh Indian school. Obatapoo ia HO Minutes be either hand made or bought In a store. The drslan may bo painter or appliqued on the pillow. to read would reflect the good Judgment of the hostess and provide on entertaining evening for the winner. A QufcJfccr and Safer Woy to Wath rear Hair In ten minute CLEERO washes your hair.

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The profits of the play go to the extension work of the physical training department of the not be likely to buy for herself. Th suggest themselves as consolation to the unlucky one. Telephone pads or shopping lists or address boik are usable. The latest thing In a shoulder flower, which chaorfia fashion so often that a new on is always desirable, is a good choi 'i. Ash trays and ben-bon dishes welcome little trifles, (Copyright, 1927, Standard Publishing Bovril, 1 oz.

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