The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1952
Page 12
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PAOB 'Old Pro' Jack Holt Has Fought Many Battles But Lost His Two Biggest BLTTHEV7LLB (ARK.) COWMBW (This is another o( > nrrits of sketches on Arkansas' five candidate; for the Democratic jfubcr- natorial nomination.) LITTLE nODK W> — Jack Holt Is the admitted 'old pro" in the current Democratic nomination contest which hns the Arkansas governorship us the probable prltt. Ho has a polilicnl career dating Proposed Planks Of 1952 Platform CHICAGO tn — Here are the proposed J952 Democratic convention plunks of foreign policy, national delcnse nnd Ifibor. comparer! with this year's Republican plunks. Foreign policy: Proposed 1952 Democratic — Pledges continued etforts to j;ufn a "peace with honor" through n strengthened United Nations nnd by co-opcruUng with other freedom- loving countries, not only in Europe but In (lie Pacific ns well. It promises to encourage European unity and to extend support to friendly nations in the Near East and South Asia. It also, promises a "stronger" Point Four program designed lo help other countries develop their resources and technical skills. It pledges new efforts to expam World trade. Republican — Dedicates parly to "wage peace nnd to win It." Wouli support the United Nations am help to make U n stronger orgnni zation, and aid in developing col lective security forces to thwart further spread of Communism. Foreign aid would be extended to limits of this country's abllllj without endangering its financial (structure. Foreign ventures would be designed to serve this country's "enlightened self-interest" and to help "fruslraic" possible Soviet designs against the U. S. Promises to give greater attention to needs of frcctlom-lovlnr countries In the Par East, contending Truman administration hns been neglecting ibis area In pursuing a "Europe first" policy. Favors expansion of "mutually idvnnlageous" world trade. Charges Democratic ndmlnlslra- '< tions have "lost the pence" won by World War n and "squandered" tins country's power and prestige abroad. National defense: Proposed 1852 Democratic — Would pledge party to stund tor f . $lrong, balanced" lanrt-sea-alr .forces. Would reject "dcfeallst View of those who say we cannot afford expense and rlfoH to defend ourselves." Republican — Charged Democratic administration has lugged In preparing nation's deicnsea, rmd promised to develop, with utmost speed, n "completely adequate" Air Force co co-operate with land *nd sea iorces. Labor: Proposed 1052 Democratic — Would advocate repeal of Tnft- Hartley Law and passage oi legislation that would enable the President to deal "/airly and effectively' with cases where n breakdown in collective bargaining seriously threntencd national safety and welfare. I • Republican _ Favored rentenlion of raft-Hartley Act, subject, bow- ever, (o amendments which experience might show to he desirable back to 1928, nearly & quarter of a century ago, when he was elected prosecuting ntlorney Judicnl Circuit. of the Nth . Since then he's been in many a battle for office. He won most but lost the two biggest — one for U. S Senator; "he other for governor. Now he's uying again for governor. Holt un.s a youngster of 2t and only one year out of tho University Two Planes Foil After Collision BAOOTVILI..E, Que. IVP> _ Two Canadian Air Force plums, flying in Joint U, S.-Canmllan air defense maneuvers, collided and crashed yesterday In brush country 30 miles from this Northeastern Quebec town. The (tenth loll wa.s not Immediately known, but rcpoi-u said some of (he seven men aboard the two Dlanesa Vampire Jet fighter nnd a Lancaster bomber—were "definitely killed." Rags Found in Jet Bomber Engines HALIFAX, Novn Scolu (JP)— Royal mounted police patiently sifted clues today that might lead them to the person responsible for stuffing rags nnd metal waste Into the endues of nine Canadian Air Force bombers. The condition wns discovered July 18 when n Lnncnstcr bomber limped back to Its base lit Orecn-woort, N. S.. with one engine dead, the Cnn- adtnn Air Force announced last night. An examination of the oilier 49 planes nt the base disclosed that eight other Lancnsters were similarly crippled. Eva Peron Sfill In Bad Condition BUENOS AIRES, Argentina M')— .Mrs. Eva Peron's doctor last niujit said the blonde wife of Argentine President Juan D. Peron is sim in critical condition despite a weekend turn tor the better. There lias been no official announcement ol whnt'.s wrong with her. but she underwent a major operation Inst fall after examination by a New York cancer nnd tumor specialist. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, ChlcVa- wba nistricl, Mtssls.slp|>l Coiirilj Arkansas. Shirley Snydcr, Jr., Ptf. vs. No. 12,120 Dollie Snydcr, Dft. The defendant, Dollie Snyder, 1 hereby warned to appear wlthil thirty dnj^s In the court named ii the cnpUoii hereof nml answer (hi complaint of the plaintiff, SWrlc, Snyder, Jr. Dated Ihh 21st day of July. 1Q52 Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sykes. D.C. Fictz nnd McAdams, ultys fo ptf. H. O. Parllcnv, ally, nd lltem. 7-23—1: The hnre—not the rabbit—tnki ciullly lo vralcr nnd one instant- Is recorded of an animal swimming a mile In salt \vi\tcr. nnd which would further prolcr, the rights of labor, numngcrncn and the public. Be sure lo «k for (his fomous whiskey by ii, full nomo-Bombon de l u «- ond „„, , he fu|( pleasure of superb , me ,, QW Kcn , uc|(y ^.^ '" de lu * e ' ""cordinory qualiiy ho, won .ho favor of whiskey buyer, who insisl Qn , he best. Kentucky Sltnttt . ^, Bourbon WilsSijy ps|g|i ?•&**? ?JS3 .&•,/,) a ^-ji ^f'u'i*' JS3 44-5 qt. Ke r Bourlon WM»K«y of Arkansas Law School when he ran for prosecutor in t h e circuit which includes his native county of BoojiD. He carried all five of the circuit's counties over the op position of older candidates. Won Ail Ilul One After six years us prosecutor and two more as circuit judge, lloll moved on from Harrison to Little Rock ns the stale's attorney general. In the 1030 primary ho performed the almost — Incredible feat of carrying ail except one of the .slate's 75 counties over his opponent, also n well-known lawyer He WM finished up a slx-yenr tenure as attorney Hcnpral when In JOI2 be suffered his first political defeat. After lending a four-man rare In the preferential primary Holt was defeated tor U. S. Senator In the run-off by John L. McOlcllan. Then came a six-year period which he rr-sisled the lure of politics _ n t |, ls „.,,„ • ------- .... n..,,i, in in-, ovij behalf, Except for two years in mil ifary sprvie<; — he vnlmHccrcrt ol- uji'h he was over the eiislomnry ace limit — he ensured In the private practice of law. A forcc/cil courtroom lawyer he was particularly soiiRllt after as a defense atlorney In criminal cases Holt Jumped Iwk juti, the fr:iy In 1918. losing the governor's nomination by a scant 10,000 voles to Sltl MuMnth in the run-off m-i- mary. Holt Has Not f.'niirmicd Holt has never conceded dr-fcai Ifo declares he was "counted out" and sometimes remarks t h n t lin was the "only man lo be elected governor who never served" Jfolt. now «. is a ready man on the stump anil perhaps is nearest In style to the old-time orator of •my man In the current race. He's the oldest man in (he youthful field find terms himself the 'mature candidate." Holt was one nf a family of 11 brothers nnd sisters His B-i-yenr- old mother, and all but two of tho children are livlr.s. Holt ami his wife Margaret Imvc two children of their own: 23-yenr- old Jack Jr.. and 19-year-old Peggy. Holt's a MnHiodlst nml ha.-, served on the Board of Stewards of the First Methodist church here Prison Riot Finally Stilled Two Hostages Are Unharmed BOSTON (at—Forty. Hires prisoners led by two life-term killers surrendered early today after a 15- hour rebellion nl Massachusetts Slate Prison 1» Charlestown. They released two prison em- ployes, held as hostages, unharmed, The prison's Catholic chaplain was given much of the credit for ending the rebellion. Correction Commissioner Maxwell B. Grossman said no promises were given the prisoners. "They'll get the maximum penalty." lie Bald. Prison officials said Fritz Swenson of Boston, serving u life term for killing a policeman, touched off the riot after escaping from the son hospital. He raced through several shops mustering Inmates. Several minor fires were touched off. Thirty prisoners surrendered last nl(!hi after a tear and vomit gas barrage sent them streaming back to their tells. Reds Slay 20 !n Indochina SAIGON. Indochina OF) — T h e French announced today Hint Com- muni-sl-led Viclminh. in n hil-and- rim attack on the seaside resort of Clip St. Jacques, killed 20 persons including 10 children and two ivo- mcn, niul wounded another 20. Sixteen of tho dead and all of the wounded are French. 05CEOLA NEWS Continued from Page I O*-en Cro«waithe won second. Roy Cox flew to New York Wednesday returning Friday from i business trip. Mrs. Roy Cox, daughter Afton Mrs. Bob Reldy and daughter Carman and Mrs. Jettle Driver returned home Sunday night from Harriy where tliey spent a week. Mr. and Mrs. Dave SSlverblatt are attending the fall market in St Ixiuls this week. In their absence Mrs. Nell Hanson of ifemphis, sister of Mrs. Sllverblatt la attending their mother. Jim Hyatt attended to legal business In Little Rock the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Coats spent Sunday in Forrest City. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Qulnn and Mrs. L. B. Webber were In Memphis Monday and visited Mr. Webber who Is a patient In St. Joseph's Hospital. Mrs. J. H. Hook, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hook, Mr. and Mrs. Horace » Glib BARTON for Attorney Genera) t H:tj more experience than all his opponents combined, > Endorser! 1001 at home bj lawyers and judges! Political Advertising for the candl-1 "lacy or Clib liiuion. I'ald hj I'aulS Jolmson, MonllceUo. Gulls Seize Mice DIDSBURY. Canada OP)—Mother Nature displayed her powers nt n : recent plowing competition hero. J The plowmen turned up field mice by the hundreds, but us fust ns the I mice appeared, swarms of gulls swooped doivn for n fenst. SERVICE Should he :t part of every Insurance contracl. We strive In B \\ c the lj*sl service possible. PROMPT PAYMENT OF CLAIMS —LOWER COST TO YOU! RAYMOND ZACHRY Mutual Insurance Agency STANDARD iVOX-ASSESSABLE POLICIES 202 Isaacs Bldg. phone 8815 l-lHl.-AUTO-Pf.ATE GLASS-WORKMENS COMPKNS\TTON -1'UBI.IO UABIL1TY- POLIO -IIOSWTALKAT1ON-L1FE- Mooi* wer» dinner gueste Sunday nleht ol Capt, and Mrs. E, A. Hook of Mcmphlt. Mrs, George BaUeau is at the bed side of her 6lst« in Jackson, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. A. A, Adams, Mrs. daughter spent their vacation In Monroe, ta., an d Natchez, Mis.. Dr. and Mrs. O. M. Harwell and Miss Nell Rhodei will be vacationing for the next three weeks at a lake shore hotel In Chicago. They expect r, JULY gg, 1981 to return honw arotmd Augiut i« L. E. Webber entered St. Jo^ph'i Hospital a week ago and will b«- there two weeks more before he un- d«rgoes an operation. His room number is 251. Mr. Webber 1. boo™ keeper for the Osceola compress Tith n lucraoge mo<l« lot young I s tnod«n«s who go for slim. Mm lines; jounfy color* jj -' and ludoriouj details like solid beats -^•ft n<t ij locks and fillings. The better than leathw ~" covering ii dirt proof, dust pfoof. There's noi a graduate on your gifl Kst who wouldn't be pleased with trie gift of Scm»onile luggage. Ji=l .^.._^ w , , _ 4— ranitf O'Kile _ 517.50 8— lrii» Case _ ._ SI7,50 C—O'NMe ISojulir) $19.50 D-0'Hi\« IConveiliblt) S!!.SO E—tidies' Wjidrobc ...$?5.00 F—Pullman 527.50 fr-Diml-Trippe! _ SI9.SO K—Iw«-S«il« ..525.W I— Itaraeiec ._ S2J.50 i—Hni WiMiobt _.. 535.00' 'off pr**i pint txittiny loan ' Strong Enough to Sttind Oat in Sopphira Slu* Natural Rowhlria S<,d<n« Tan ftermuda Gre*«i Colorado Browa AJmiroJ MM r* C AN ytni inv.isiiic parking a cnr ns cusily as you steer il on a straightaway? \ou twirl the steering \vlicc! with one hand- turn the front wheels until you get the Inst inch of advantage from Biiick's short "turning rndius"—spot the car in a tight spot at the curb -or swing out when the car parked in front of you seems impossibly close. For this alone a lot of people-women especially-arc saying that Buick's Power Steering is the biggest advance since Dynaflow Drive.* iitit you're going to find out something more as you pile up the miles. You're going to feel the same confident and thrilling sense of command you have always iclt in a Biiick, because Power Steering only ur strength save your HI© goes into action when extra effort is needed to turn the wheels. You're going to find that your front wheels track just as they always have-that they automatically swing back on course, after you've made a turn, when you ease your grip on the steering wheel. You're also going to find that Power Steering takes over when your front wheels hit loose dirt or sand-road irregularities and chuckholes -and smooths down their jerk or tug on the wheel m your hands. All this adds to the ease and pleasure o/ driving. But ,t adds to the safety, too, because, in the rare event of a blowout, Power Steering helps you keep control, '['here's no sudden and violent jerk ever when this helping hand's on the }ob. Add to this the level-gaited serenity ot Buick'a Million Dollar Ride- the "rarirr to go" exu- bcrance of its Firebalt 8 Engine - the spread- out room, the luxurious fabrics-the way this great performer can turn up its nose at gas stations-and there's only one smart thing for you to do: Drop in-or pick up your phone-and arrange to give this marvel a tryotit. Even the price says, Better buy Buick now. Equipment, acteuoriei, trim and models are jukjccl H, chan™ vttbnal noHce. 'S/,>mW nn Roalnuitcr, O p l>nn ,d „! «/„ «-„,, on olbcr ,W,<-.r. t.Vo,,, a^iUble on Super aj uell as Roa —oftioiij] jt extra cott. Sure is true for'52 BUICK will build Ihem ^< LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Co., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555 1 .

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