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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 14
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 14

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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EVENITfO TAGE FOVBTEEJT I THE SASKATOON STAK-WIUCNlXi TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1931. Stenen LIVE NEWS FROM THE PRAIRIES Honor Newlyweds At Hobsier Party HOOSIER. About 250 people gathered in the Equity ball Friday evening to honor Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dolg who were married last month both Miss Brookes and Mr.

Dolg have grown up in the district and are popular. Mesdames P. ENTERTAINMENTS CO-OP. FINANCES ARE SATISFACTORY CONTROL FAVORED BY BORDEN LOCAL Little Damage In St. Walburg Fire ST.

WALBURG. The local volunteer fire brigade had a run on Thursday when Peterson's garage caught tire. An overheated stove pipe was the cause of the lire, which had a good start before it was noticed In the celling and roof above the office part of the building. A bucket brigade, assisted by the hose from the chemical Are wagon, succeeded In extinguishing the flames before they made much headway. Apart from the water damage is loss is not great.

Obituary STENE C.O.I.T. took. charge of the Sunday church servlco with President Elenore Buach In charge. Pastor Smith gave an ad dress stressing the value of the C.G.I.T, to the community. Geor-gina Bailey and Agnes McLeod took the offering and Vina Hopkins and Georglna Bailey sang a duet.

The church was crowded. A Valentine social was held by the Crystal Lake ladles' aid in the school large crowd attending. Prises went to Robert Bailey, Estello Wick-encamp, Harry -Hoots. Mr. Smith gave an address, song by Mra.

Kel-bough, Pansy Dunford, RobertBalley and Harry HooU and lunch waa served. Miaa Beloua was chairman. The Stenen hockev team defeated the Norquay team at Norquay by a 14-0 score. They followed this up by defeating the Hyas ssnlora by i 3-0 score. The Stenen hall was filled to cana- city when L.

C. Brouillette, vice- president of. the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, addressed the farmers of Stenen on the Grain Marketing Act and other matters of interest. Director J. J.

Martin alsb sooke. There was a large attendance. The young people's society of Stenen met Wednesday night for a social. The program included a trio by Pansy Dunford, Evelyn Newberg, Bob Bailey; a quartet by Pansy Dunford, Evelyn Newberg, Harold Dunford, Harry Hoots; solo by Dorothy Hopkins; village newspaper by Edith Arte; uuei oy vina nopains ana Evelyn Newberg, and a closing num ber of selections sung by a group of boys. Many games were played.

Lunch was served. The high school literary society held a debate: "Resolved that it is more educational reading books than traveling." The negative side: Elenore Busch, Birdie Fox. and Oscar Hamre was defeated by the affirmative: Andrew Belous, Peter Ptdruczny, and Margaret Roys, This was the final debate for the championship. A short program followed consisting of various games and a reading by Edith Belous. HOW TO DARKEN GRAY HAIR Makes One Look Younger Men and women who used to be called Grandpa, and Grandma are now setting the styles by darkening their gray hair at home.

For instance. J. A. McCrea. a well known Californlan, recently made the following statement: Anyone can prepare a simnla mixture in five minutes, that will darken gray hair, and make it soft and glossy.

Merely take a half-pint of water, add 1 ounce of bay rum. a small box of Orlex Compound, and 1-4 ounce 01 glycerine. These Ingredients can be bought Lat any drug atore at trifling cost. Ap ply 10 me nair twice weeaiy witn a comb. It does not color the scalp, is not sncKy or greasy ana win not rub off." Beware of Bladder Weakness Getting -Up -Nights Disturbed Rest Undermines Health, Saps Vitality, States Physician Who Recommends Home Treatment -Men and women who are constantly an noyed and dlftraued by Bladder Weakness or Urinary Irritations should take Immediate itepe to combat their trouble before it reaches a eerioui or perhaps dangerous tage! Backache, Headaches, pains In feet and tegs, nervousness, restlessness, frequent but scanty urination with burning and pain.

gettlng-up-nlghts these are some of the more troublesome signs of Bladder Weakness or Irritation that should have prompt attention. No matter how stubborn your case may seem to be or bow many different medicines you nave tnea wnnoui success noa i give up. and think your case hopeless or the natural 'consequence of advancing years, until vou nave tried the sneclei nrlvate pre scription oC Dr. southwortn, a physician over eu years euccesaiiu upcrienve. In order to reach the many thousands who cannot come to his office.

Dr. SouthworUi has placed URATABS in good local drug stores HUd Invites you to try them without risk of cost, unless pleased. If URA TABS bring you swm ana certain comfort you will ba happy. If they do not satisfy, they will cost you nothing so. It you need this grand medicine, try It today! All good druggists.

leading roles. Mrs. C. T. Carnle and Miss Jean Lawrence rendered musical numbers.

Following the play a dance attracted a good average crowd. The Anglican (iuild, under whose auspices the evening was put on, will profit in a nice sum, MAIDSTONE. A good game of hockey was witnessed at Maidstone on Friday night, when Waseca and Maidstone midgets met. The game was fast and clean throughout, and resulted in a tie score, 3 3, after overtime. STENEN.

The Sturgis school team came to Stenen Wednesday afternoon when they played an interesting game with the Stenen school team. The Sturgis boys for the fourth time this year defeated the locals In a 4-1 victory. RABBIT LAKeT "After defeating the Mullingar hockey team by a score of 4 1. the Rabbit Lake hockey- ists lost out to Medstead by a 6-3 score on Wednesday. SPRINGWATER The old rivals', Sprlngwater and Ruthtlda hockey teams, met on the local ice Feb.

12 the first time this winter. The ice was in iair snape except lor Doing a little soft on one aide. M. I. Morrison, manager of the team, had with him several of the old Ruthllda players and two or three strangers to Sprlngwater.

Sprlngwater nad their usual lineup under the management of Claude Angus, The gams ended, Ruthllda 1, Sprlngwater 0. R. Ferguson, of Sprlngwater, referee, handed out a lot of penalties, particularly to Ruthllda. SOVEREIGN. Bill Macauley's hockey boys took advantage of the good ice this week and played four games.

Monday they visited Harris, winning by a 10-4 score. Tuesday they went to Wlseton. Both teams were handicapped as the ice was soft. Wiseton won 3-0. On Thursday Zealandia came over, and took the long end of a 5-2 score.

Immediately after this game Zealandia and Harris took the ice, Zealandia again winning. 6-3. Friday night the locals Journeyed to Zealandia and succeeded in wlnningby 5-4. MILDEN. The usual practice of home and -home games as between small towns Is not good enough for Harris and Milden.

The former has a fine new closed rink, while Mil-den's is an open-air affair where poor Ice has marked these mild weeks. So for a return game with Harris Milden Junior hockeyists went to Harris on Wednesday night, Harris allowing them a share of the gate receipts. Harris won by 8-3. BORDEN. Border senior hockey team took the short end of a game with Asqulth on Thursday evening, the score was 6-1.

On Saturday inornlng the Borden Intermediate hockey team played with Maymont, losing by a close score, 8-2. An Saturday evening, Borden seniors lost out to Langham by a score of 6-4. Brains Loses To Money in Debate ASQUITH. "Resolved that money la of more influence than braliis," was the topic of an interesting debate at the meeting of the Asqulth Christian Endeavor Society, held on Thursday evening in the United Church basement. There was a large attendance, and the fact that visitors from Dellsle and Klnley were present proved the extensive interest taken in the debate.

Wm. Frost, president, waa in the chair. Several harmonica selections were given by F. King. Bert Plcketts, H.

Mathe-spoke for the affirmative and R. B. Warren and Bruce Baldwin for the negative. The Judges, Mrs. W.

G. Buchanan, Mrs. T. W. J.

Mather and S. Millar decided in favor of the affirmative by a lead of 36 points. Miss W'llda Craig gave a humorous reading. An invitation was extended to the Klnley community club to meet the local C.E.S. in debate on Thursday, March 12.

ELECT DIRECTORS SIB BALD, Alta. The annual meeting of the shareholders of the community hall was held on February 12. Andrew Hoenlg, Rex Mowers, H. Patterson, John Woods. Clvde Slauffer and Harry Hunter were elected directors for the ensuing ear.

The financial report was satisfactory. There are about $700 worth of unsold shares which will clear off the hall debt. IXSELAXD CTCB LUSELAND. The regular meeting of the home and school club was held In the school and waa attended by a large gathering, a number of fathers also attending. Rev.

E. Marshall was In the chair. K. G. Morgenroth gave an interesting and Instructive address on "Intelligence Tests." Following hia talk the meeting was thrown open for discussion HOCKEY 1 CLAVET.

An enjoyable evening was spent at the home of Mr. and Mia. Clarence McLeod on Friday when a whist drive wan held under the auspices of the Homemakers' club. Court whist was played, honors going to Mrs. 8teuspr, Wm.

Dittmer, mis. ll. H. uuoois anu eiix tcusseii. Lunch was served at midnight by the hoelrss.

Valentine social under the auspices of the ladles' aid, was neia in me ossement or ino United Church on Friday evening. A large crowd attended. The program committee were Mesdames McDon ald, Wallace, Lamont and Reid and put on an enjoyable program consisting of an old song, a musical contest, a vegetable contest, kitchen utensils, and a Valentine romance, he winners in each receiving prizes. Misses Lorraine Cutting and Ethel Eckel had charge of the Valentines and the post office, Miss J. Wallace and Mrs.

Gwilym were lunch committee assisted by Misses Maudlo Gifford, Marg. Olson, Ethel Gifford, and Pearl Millar. ladles' aid of Zion United Church held a successful Valentine community social Fri day evening. Community singing was led by Miss Perks, a pantomime by Misses Jean and Allison Maxwell, Katie Crabb, Evelyn Mo-Naught and Belle Katarynycz; selections by the Radlsson mala quartet, songs by Mrs. Hcott, Miss Perks, recitation, Mrs.

Trlstam. Lunch was served. The proceeds were gratify ing. KANDAHAR. A large crowd en-Joyed the hard times dance staged at Flanders school Friday night.

Prizewinners were Margaret Swan, Fred Hicks. Hagen's orchestra supplied music. HERSCHEL. The school literary society held their regular fortnightly meeting in the auditorium on Friday afternoon with President R. White in the chair.

A program of musical numbers, community singing, and readings provided a pleasant break in the regular routine of school. An address on the New England States in Puritan days by Charlie Marshall was well received. Some excellent talent is being developed in the school. DODSLAND. It was considered one of the big times of the year at Dodsland when the hospital guild held their masquerade dance In the theatre on Friday evening with one of the biggest crowds for years.

Many came from a distance. The firizes were awarded to J. D. Broder-ck, M. Busick, Mrs.

N. Jacklln, of Millerdale, MIbs Anna Gamier, Mrs. Gerstner. The judges were Mesdames W. J.

Rorke, J. Revan. C. Curtis, and M. C.

McCormlck. After lunch was served dancing continued, music being supplied by the Dodsland Proceds of the evening amounted to $153. PERDUE. The annual Elka Valentine masquerade held in the Onyx theatre on Thursday evening attracted a good sized crowd. Varied and beautiful costumes were displayed.

Prizes were awarded to Miss M. Countney, Mrs. J. Abel, Mrs. Mc-Gerr and Mr.

Dube. BORDEN. The CO. I. T.

of Borden under the leadership of Miss Mabel McCallum and Miss Carol Hastings, entertained their mother at a mother and daughter banquet held Saturday evening, Rev. J. A. Card lent his home for the occasion. Forty mothers and daughters sat down to the beautifully decorated tables.

The following toasts were given "Our Queen" by Mary Stahl, "Our Mothers," by Lillian Rusk and Mrs. Wm. Rusk, "Our Daughters," by Mrs. H. Tracksell and Marie Weatherby, "Our Leaders," by OUnda Brand, Miss McCallum and Miss Hastings.

Miss McCallum sang; pianoforte selections, Annie Tracksell, Olinda Brand; recitations, Mrs. Kitrlck, Kathleen Griffin; vocal duet, Althea Van and The! ma Stahl. BROCK. The play, "Deacon Dubbs," was presented by local talent under the auspices of the United Church ladles' aid on Friday evening tn the Brock hall. Robert Stedman rendered vocal solos and an orchestra consisting of W.

L. Keil, E. Grosz, M. Hill and Douglas Keil rendered several selections between acts. The affair was voted a success from all angles.

The hall was crowded to capacity the sum of $58 being realized. Those taking part in the play were: Directors, Mesdames Noble and W. L. Keil; cast, E. O.

Lindeblom, Ted Gandy, W. G. G. Reynolds, Roy Noble, Peter Hettle, E. E.

Castle, Mrs. H. Burton, Evelyn Grosz, Mrs. McKay and H. Veum.

LANGHAM. Under the auspices of the Langham hdFkcy club a suc cessful Valentine dance was held In Penner's hall Friday evening. Nov elty numbers added to the enjoyment of the program. A "step dance by rreu Musncnin was given as an in terlude. After an interval for sup per the big crowd entered heartily into the festive spirit.

Johnson orchestra furnished music. MILD EN. Bounty community players came to Milden on Friday night and presented the three act comedy, "Mixed Pickles," before a fair house. The offering was a thorough-going farce and much of the playing was of a high order. Mr.

and Mrs. Cnwthra were particularly THE NEBBS and Mr. Shuler in Werthenbach, Akehurst, Cameron. and other members of the Home- makers arranged an enjoyable eve ning. A decorated wagon waa drawn in and gifts presented the honored couple.

Solos were given by Mrs. Akehurst, Doris Stevens, Joe Hyslop, Mrs. Th. Goldsmith. recitation ay Stevens; piano duet Mrs.

David and Miss Maris. Lunch was served followed by dancing. Ralph Dale and W. Petltt supplied music and Jess Hockin waa M.C. Permit Required For Wood Cutting SPRINQWATER.

The committee appointed by the R.M. of Bushville to arrange for some order in allowing wood cutting on lands tn the 60 mile bush, met with- H. Mosses, of the provincial government on February 13 at Lydden. Arrangements have been made to have the secretary-treasurer issue Interim wood permits on crown lands from the municipal office. People requiring wood hereafter will be required to have a permit before they are allowed to cut any wood on government or municipal owned lands.

The U.F.C, Sprlngwater branch, held a meeting in the municipal office on Friday and elected as delegate to attend their convention, C. A. Atkinson. They also made arrangements to put on a dance in the near future to raise funds for this branch. CLOSE GOOD YEAR Satisfactory reports were read at the annual meeting of the Codette Co-operative Association when a fair number attended.

The three retiring directors, R. Wall, T. M. Clarkson, and J. I.

Davidson, were re-elected. The auditors commended the efficiency of the management. Mr. Mills Is manager and Mrs. Mills bookkeeper.

EXCITING GAMES WASECA Two exciting broom- ball earues'were played at the rink here on Saturday alternoon wnen the local single and married men met the Forest Bank single and mar ried men teams. The single, men game ended with a no score' count after an overtime was played. The married men, however, were defeated by the visitors by a score of 4-0. TWO HEADS KELLIHER. A calf with two heads and two tails was born on the farm of E.

W. Samuelson, living about 8 miles north of Kelliher. A bead and neck projected from each shoulder, and the tail, one piece for a short distance down and then split Into two parts. The calf was dead when born and although perhaps valuable waa thrown out on the prairie where it was destroyed by aogs ana omer ammais. Orange Lodges To Celebrate July 11 YOUNG.

Manltou County Orange lodge at the annual meeting held Tn Young decided to accept the invitation of the Watrous L.O.L. to join them in a monster celebration to be held at Manltou Beach on Saturday, July 11. County Master P. McCurrie, of Watrous, presided. New officers were installed as follows: Fred White; D.C.M., J.

McAndrcw; u. husk; n.a., kusk; w. Bishop; A May; D. May; lecturers, W. Baker.

R. Barton and H. 8. Winters. Arelee ARELEE.

Over a hundred people gathered in tne Forester's hall on Monday night to welcome Mr. and Mrs. T. Clcghorn. Mr.

Cleghorn has been one of Arelee's prominent young, men for some years and just recently was married to Marie Bakalar, of Imperial. The hall was artistically decorated in the lodge colors. After playing whist lunch was served and dancing was enjoyed. Tuesday night at the regular meet ing or we Tom Cleghorn and Walter Sullivan were presented with carving sets accompanied with me Dest wisnes or the lodge for happy married life.

On Wednesday night about 100 people Burprisea Mr. and Mrs. T. Cleghorn with a miscellananiiu shower. Whist was enjoyed, prizes going to Mrs.

Royce, S. Conklln, Mrs. Wood, and R. Dickinson. A mock wedding was given by Mra.

Stinson, Miss Hilda Currie. and Mrs. Almond. unch was served. Irene Black and Jessie Currie brought in a large ucumet ui gnu.

Arelee hockey team defeated Bor den at Borden Saturday by a 6-5 score. This point boasts one of the best open-air rinks In the province. The teacher's local alliance of Arelee and district met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pachal on Friday night Whist honors went to Mr.

Cooke and Mr. Hepworth. This local Is a growing concern and all the teachers are taking an active part. By SOL HESS Tessier Society Hears Excellent Reports; Talk Power Line Installation TESSIER. The annual meeting of the Tessier Community Hall Cooperative Society waa held here Saturday when about 50 shareholders attended, presided over by A.

E. Major. The company's business, financial statement and auditor's report were read and favorably received. The finances showed some decrease but not nearly so much as had been feared in view of the present economic conditions. The directors' report was commendable and contained some valuable information.

The matter ot Installing the Saskatchewan Power light ana disposing of the local plant was considered and finally agreed that the directors investigate the operative costs and dispose of the one most difficult to maintain. The rent of the hall was taken up and after taking into con- (deration the heating, lighting and he many other conveniences it waa concluded that the present charge of $20 a night waa in no way excessive. The directors were instructed to appoint different committees to be known aa "hall boosters," their duties to ba the arranging of various entertainments xor raising money towaraa paving oil tne nau debt. -John YellowTeea waa appointed di rector and G. Dobaon, ot Saska toon, auditor.

The Community Hall was complet ed a little over a year ago at a total cost including "fixtures, of $12,000 ana is modern in every respect. Amusing Debate By Toe H. Group LOVERNA. Loverna Toe group held its monthly meeting on Thursday at the home of Rev. W.

Banks, There was a good attendance, with a strong deputation from Alsask. An interesting Item of the program was the invitation to membership of three candidates, Rev. C. M. K.

Parsons, vicar of Alsask, Terence McCormick, principal of Loverna school, and A. Herman, of Alsask. The initiation ceremony was carried out by Rev. W. Dacre Hasell, vicar of Loverna and padre of Toe H.

Two-minute impromptu speeches by members and visitors produced merriment. These were followed by a debate on "Resolved. that dogs, as a whole, should be free from neas. The affirmative was stated by Rev. W.

Banks and Rev. W. Dacre Haaaell, while the negative waa argued by Rev. M. K.

Paraona and. Rev. E. P. N.

Orme. The two minutes allowed to each speaker were brimful of mirth-provoking statements. Three judges were appointed but they balked at a decision and the result was declared a tie. Community singing of war-time cnoruses waa iouowed By refreshmenta prepared by the hostess, Mrs. W.

Banks. Zelma ZELMA. The Easson rink. W. J.

Easson, A. J. Todd, T. E. Cllne and Maitland Blackford, brought home the Chealev cun from the Colonsav bonspiel.

The Viscount juniors played a fast hockey game against the Zelma Trail Rangers on Friday evening, the final score being 3-1 in favor of Viscount Henry Holtorf managed to get a good well for Mrs. B. Mlntkawetz last week after digging five dry holes. The well Is 65 feet deep and the water is 12 feet from the top. On Saturday afternoon the Allan ockey juniors olaved an even ranu against the Zelma Trail Rangers, the nnai score oeing a-3.

Following this game the Rangers played against Colonsay juniors and tied again. During the last period one of the Colon-say boya received a nasty cut on the mouth through falling on another boy's skate. Wadena WADENA. The regular meeting of the W.M.S. was held at the home of Mrs.

L. C. Wlrtz on Wednesday with an attendance of 14 membevs. Final arrangements made for the Presbyterial which will meet on March 4 and 5. Following this, an Interesting devotional leaflet was read by Mrs.

Harris. Mrs. Burhess summarized an article on the work of Dr. A. O.

Rose, at Hafford hos pital, and Mrs. Godkin read a lett.r from a friend, a former missionary to China, Mrs. Summarhuason gave a summary of the chapter on the study book. The ladies enjoyed a sleigh ride to and from the home of Mrs Wlrtz. On Wednesday the young women's club met tt the home of Mrs.

F. P. Henwood, with Miss M. H. Ramsay as hostejs.

The evening waa spent in contests, Misses Nellie Forrester and Mabel McNlchol being prize winners. Misses L. Stevenson and Saunders assisted Miss Ramsay in entertaining tne guests. Urges Central to Request Power To Stop All Foreclosure Actions BORDEN. A welf attended" meeting of the iocs', lodge U.

F. was held in Schochter's hall, Borden, on Thursday afternoon when many Important resolutions were passed. Harold Foster, president, was appointed official delegate to the forth coming convention to be held In Saskatoon. Messrs. A.

Larson, C. Larson and Robt. Hinde will be visiting delegates. A resolution endorsing the 100 percent pool was carried. The official delegate was instructed to support any motion at tne convention favoring political action on the part of the U.

F. C. The secretary was Instructed to write Premier Anderson. Hon. J.

G. Gardiner and the sitting member, George Cockburn, M.L.A., asking for their support of the Grain Market ing Din. Another motion carried, urging central to approach the government with the request that they give the commissioner of debt adjustment bureau ample powers to stop on appeal all actions which would lead to foreclosure, with the object of avoiding dissipation of wealth, which would result by forced sales under present financial conditions. Another resolution was In connection with 100 percent pool, favoring plebiscite of producers only. Salvador I.O.D.E.

Elects Officers SALVADOR. The Prairie Heroes chapter of the I.O.D.E. held its fourth annual meeting on Saturday at the home of the regent, Mrs. George Doughty. Reports on the year's activities were read and approved.

Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows: Regent, Mrs. E. J. Smallacombe; first vice-regent, Miss Eileen Evans; second vice-regent, Mrs. Harry Whittaker; secretary, Mrs.

George Doughty; Echoes secretary, Miss Madeline Carroll; standard bearer, Mrs. Jack Phillips; provincial councillor, Mrs. A. J. Kip-pen; national councillor.

Mrs. J. 11. Holmes; delegate to provincial an nual meeting rtegent-elect Mrs. E.

J. Smallacombe. At a meeting of the U.F.C. held on Thursday afternoon, Lloyd Briley was appointed delegate to attend the U.F.C. convention at Saskatoon.

RUTHILDA. Owing to there being no curling ice at either Handel or Kelfleld, one rink from each town motored to Ruthllda on Tuesday and curled a game in the afternoon. Handel defeated the Kelfleld rink. In the evening two curlers from each rink curled against a local rink, defeating the locals. SENLAC.

Three local rinks motored to Unity on Fridav to en deavor to lift the Beaver and Scott trophies in a double rink comneti- tlon and the Batey and Hagan cups in a single contest. The local rinks were skipped by Guy, Ellis, Murray. Guy outcurled Lockeridge in the Batey by 19-10. For the Beaver trophy Ellis lost to Fairburn by 11-4. Murray lost to Pocock 12-5.

In the Hagan tussle Tovey took revenge on Guy who took a trouncing to the tune ot 14-5. In the Scott mlxup Ellis took the short end from Parks by 12-9 while Murray took revenge on Dempster by 15-5. The local curlers returned with the Batey and Scott trophies. Two interesting games of curlin were played on the local Ice Thursday night when Skips Hodges and Meekln brought up two rinks from Rutland and locked horns with two local gangs skipped by K. Murray and C.

Brown. Hodges won by 8-7 and Meekin by 12-7. MAIDSTONE. Two rinks of curl ers from Maidstone motored to Lloyd- minster and brought back the R. J.

Gordon, M.L.A., cup. The Maidstone curlers were J. A. Picket (skip), J. Dalgarno, J.

E. Chard, T. H. Mc-Connell; J. Kilcoyne (skip), W.

A. Magee, T. Reed, A. A Owens. The Lloydmlnster skips were Messrs.

Menzles and Dr. Cooke. MILDEN Two rinks of Milden curlers made the run to Rosetown on Thursday night under klps Young and George, and were given two chances to lift the Badger Cup. In this they were unsuccessful, the Young rink making a close run of it, but the George rink being outclassed. All enjoyed the sportsmanlike reception given them by the Rosetown club.

MRS. COCKBURN ILL BORDEN. Mrs. George Cock- burn, wife of George Cockburn, L. A.

ror Jieaoerry constituency, has been seriously ill at her home here for the past week. Latest re ports are to tne errect mat sue shows alight improvement. CURLING A. R. BROWN SPEAKS AT DEL1SLE MEET Urges Co-operation in Rural Education and to Resign High School Contract meeting of the trustees and parent of the Dellsle school district was held In the theatre on Friday evening.

Madam T. Robson, chairman of the school board, presided. There was a fair audience. The speakers of the evening were A. It.

Brown, director of rural education for Saskatchewan, W. J. Loucks, M.F., and W. H. Morgan, for many years chairman of the school board.

Mr. Brown opened with a spirit of optismisni, urging people to co-operate in mutters of rural Importance and particularly In rural education. He urged the participants of the high school contract to resign the agreement. In the correspondent courses, which have an enrolment of over 5,000, Mr. Brown pointed out that rural schools must teach grades 9 and 10.

This was put into the act for the purpose of showing all rural schools the necessity of meeting the demand for higher education. Mr. Brown intimated that the rural ratepayers should have some form of representation on the local school board, in the form of an advisory council, especially in the matter of spending monies. Mr. Loucka supplemented the remarks of the speaker.

He said the Dellsle school board relied upon the support of the outside schools. The Dellsle high school had proved to be an inspiration to others considering a similar project, and without outside support the high school would undoubtedly have to cease operating. Mr. Morgan pointed out to Mr. Brown that the school board years ago had considered the advisory council and the boarding home.

The first project had been dropped as he had been advised by officials of the department that legal difficulties would arise from the formation of such a board. Lashburn LASHBURN. The Lashburn and district agricultural society held its annual masquerade ball in Hobb's hall on Friday night. The costume were many and the Judges had a difficult task. Prizes were won by Miss Mildred Snyder, Miss Agnes ScOtt, Mrs.

F. Rowe, H. Warren, Wm. Milne, Clifford Milne. Lunch vaa served hy the wives of the of the society after which dancing was resumed.

Music was supplied by Bernard's quintet. As a result the funds of the society are increased by about $40. Rt. W. Bro.

W. 8. Cooper, CD. CM. for district 7 paid his official rislt to Landmark lodge A.F.

and AM. on Thursday evening. Trwre was a large attendance of the members and a pleasant and protltable time was Bpent. During the evening Bro. Cooper was presented with a Masonic remembrance from the members of his mother lodge as he has been moved to Rosetown by his company.

On Saturday evening Miss Betty Moran gave a Valentine party to 20 of her classmates and friends. Court whist was played and prizes were won by Caryl Woulds, Grace Browne, James Hart and Dermot Small. A short musical program was enjoyed after which lunch was served. Mrs. Moran was assisted by Mrs.

E. P. Charles. The Maidstone players presented the mystery play, ''The Yellow Shadow" to a large audience in the hall on Wednesday evening. The parts were well taken by Miss M.

Garrett, H. F. Neale. Geraldine E. Magee, Mrs.

A. L. Colbiornson, Galah Hast lngs, Drummond Crouch, James Bryans, Walter Wesson, Luel Cutsforth, Marry Oreensward, with Lucile Cutsforth, Jack Robb. Gilford Chard and A. -Smawley as assistants.

The net proceeds were divided equally between the United Churches at Maidstone and Lashburn. PIMPLESIRASH! IVASASICHT "My face was disfigured with pimples and rash that itched constantly. But the first application of 'Sootha -Sal va' ended the Itch right away. The pimples and rash soon left. My skin Is now perfectly clear." Annette D'Orsay.

Hull. P.Q. "Sootha-Salva" discovered by doctor who evolved "Frult-a-tlves." All druggists. 50c. If not delighted, maker refunds money.

Oct it today. Relieve that gSfSe life Savers nfrtshing -7MrYVV The funeral service for the late Martin Sobush who died tn a Saska toon hospital was held Thursday in the Bruno Catholic Church. De ceased was held in high esteem In the district the church being crowded. He is survived by his wife, son Laurence and mother, three sis ters and eight brothers. Pall bearers were Elmer Schmirlcr, Lorenz Schmirler, Sam Hassin, Francis Du- for, Albert and Bill Felln, Thd funeral of the late Mrs.

H. S. Ross, of Asqulth, who died In a Saskatoon hospital, was held at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.

C. Lunde and a short funeral service at Park Lutheran Church near Langham where Interment took place. Rev. Mr. Sorkus officiated.

Deceased Is survived by her husband, small son, mother and father, two sisters, Mrs. L. K. Johnson, Mrs. W.

J. Oakford, and a brother Oscar Lunde, all of Asqulth, and a brother In Fargo, N.D. Pall bearers were. G. Forsythe, L.

K. Johnson, W. J. Oakford, Melby Swaler, H. M.

Shackleton and Otto Anderson. Floral tributes were received from: Husband, son, dad, mother, brother Oscar, Carl, and Elwood, sister Margaret, Louis and family; sister, Othidle, Jack and family; Grace, Fred, and Lena; Rcba and Meilby; Hilda, Boyd, and Bobby; Mr. and Mrs. Royce and family; Mr. and Mrs.

Shackleton; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jensen; Mr.

and Mrs. Christ Larson; Mr. and Mrs. and L. Martlnsen; Mr.

and Miss Fredrickson; Mr. and Mrs. John Isaac; Mr. and MrB. John Mac-Sorley; Miss Brown, Asqulth; Mr.

and Mrs. Leslie Hodgins, Saskatoon; Mr. and Mrs. Hoff and family. Environ; Mr.

and Mrs. W. J. Arrand and Ada, Saskatoon; Mr. and Mrs.

H. L. Hodgins, Valley Centre; Mra Klllam; Mr. and Mrs. H.

Larson; Miss Elsie Hovde; Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Kolbiernson and Esther, all of Saskatoon; Larson and Andersons, Mr.

and Mrs. Bobo; Mr. and Mrs, Hamre and Alma, all of Langham; Standard Oil Social Club of Fargo, N.D. Denzil DENZIL. At a pool meeting here the following were chosen as local committee: Messrs.

J. Klotz, P. Witzaney, B. Deck, W. Dowd, T.

Robertson, A. Burrell. The majority of the farmers seem to favor 100 percent pool but there are a few active reactionaries. The C.W.L. Denzil branch held the annual meeting on Tuesday at the home of Mrs.

J. Kraft. The fol lowing officers were elected for the coming year: President, Mrs. J. Kraft; vice-president, Mrs.

N. S. Klotz; secretary, Mrs. P. M.

O'Bready (re-elected.) The league is in good financial standing and expects a successful year. The local band under the manage ment of H. K. McRae continues to make favorable progress. The junior section, organized this year, is well advanced.

President P. M. O'Bready announced that a band concert will be given soon. The pupils of Denzil school have issued their school paper, "Denzil School Echoes." The Issue contains among many Interesting articles, a brief sketch of the life of General JofTre and a poem of worth by Master Jack Baker. 13.

A successful masquerade dance was held here on Friday under the auspices of the skating club. The sum of about $60 was realized. Many costumes were displayed. The judges were: Miss Evans, Mr. Bennle, and Mr.

Scrlgemour. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. W. Murray, M. Combs, Miss Eileen Langford, M.

De Boice. R. St. Anne. Mrs.

Frank Eder, Miss Taphorn and Miss Anna Klotz, Want Completion Of Highway No. 21 A resolution urging the governments of Saskatchewan and Alberta to prosecute development of the No. 21 highway during 1931 thus serving many purposes including the furthering of tourist traffic from the south, solving the unemployment problem and forming a connecting link with highways No. 14, 40 and 6 with the Alberta blue trail, was passed by the Chauvln, board of trade and sent to towns and municipalities along the line of this highway. It is also being sent to M.L.A's each side of the interprovinclal boundary and to the ministers of highways of Alberta and Saskatchewan MILLIONS PREFER KELLOGG'S ALl-BRAiq and a number of those present ex-effective thepressed their views on the Driven From Home eeK a i CXIT OP PLACE hSf I TAT CKAlft WOU.

kj PAPPS THAT'S THe ESp Ji MAT I B00 1 i back twe woose AtoSee low voo that sou bouws mv tewtw btv4- A MIM of, WO PSXCMTUV JLl appe AKIO 1 J2ZJ 1 ERe AMD I BET THERE'S DAS DOMT NOU AtWAT BLAMES A PERSOKl CAUSED MO UTTVE JLLiLAA A FiBCMAN AWWlLt IM THEM BOMtXES A WANT MS TO HAVE CKAwSEO PAPPY WITH SrEAUM MUST JI Millions of satisfied users have made this famous Kellogg product the largest-selling all-bran cereal In the world. It guarantees relief, from both temporary and recurring constipation. How much better than pills and drugs. For most laxatives have to be taken in constantly increasing doses. Otherwise, they lose their power.

KelloggV All-Bran provides the natural, safe way to protect health. It supplies roughage to sweep poisonous wastes from the system. And it brings iron, which builds up the blood. Just eat two tablespoonf ula daily. In severe cases, with each meal.

Try All-Bran with milk or cream, fruits or honey added. Use it in cooking. Recipes on the) red-and-green package. Made by Kellogg in London, Ontario. All-Bran I a.

-1 Life Saver Time is anytime. I.

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