The Hondo Anvil Herald from Hondo, Texas on June 17, 1938 · Page 1
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The Hondo Anvil Herald from Hondo, Texas · Page 1

Hondo, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1938
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o»' THF. ADORES» and M u» 0« f \o»' p*P*r Mr«* Prompt R«-new*l BVJILD HIGHWAY 173 — “FROM THE HILL COUNTRY TO DEEP WATER.” The Hondo Anvil Herald. NO TOWN EVER GREW on Trade That Went Eliewher*. Arc* you a town builder? r. r n 188$ CONSOLIDATED T-l ocr.7,.10». HONDO, MEDINA COUNTY, TEXAS, JUNE 17, 1938. VOL. 52. No. 49 DINNER CLUB DINES The monthly ner Club ( f th • 'ommcrr*1 was Turx.iny e The "bu was dirpo.^ng of the* paM provided fur the t0CAL AND PERSONAL JJ disposed of. it was was All Includinjr b®fk Containing th» number», installments „.„«rcontinued -tory, for 25i. K nM a n,«u,*r »ub"cnb,,r «*ve voli enjoy reading M oum *. ani Ihmnch for Sheep at H.V DRUG CO. of fountaln drink» at CdNFM ITONERY. tf. I Granirci Sherbet in » *» p»!*r \ trial whil* v pr°WT! flftfUlt*» |»fi Ali k‘n(1» K»rHt- pin^pr»’*1 , 0 , 1 .« and quart» at rnR ‘íAl K. two young high «rade m %>r i bulla. E. A. BEN- 2tp framed and mirror» re- <VVV.i K WOODCRAFT tf -iif th<* now Li »to ri no two 2’tc tubo» for 26c, FLY DRUG CO. •olieH H B le pidure* jj(Ter«-<i SHOP. iBtfodufine Tooth r**te, t t KbV DRl'«; For dmjr st prow dr re, itr.i Count>• s For Hem»til SfHCt, at res* wtut comer c FOR SALF nil »¡1 or i ply CITY ( Mrs, H»*n CO. **iay »v-r» Coo? n ibi m Um -upp’\ Nothin« b fofl you of Quart- 3.u, CO. A nit*«* *1 ffftmiay n tatsor. »me* wwted. Mr». Arti' dm th<- Ai mothrr, Mr.* needs go to U IN- i # » 111 -erving M c- e 1891« tf ing e<* Mr«. R. W. I >nn* opponilo north- ourthouse, tf ( afe fixturo*; will us? priced to .«**11. Af>- \1K, Sa bin al. 6tp a 1 nger returned Sa*- r »{» where she spent » ith relatives. < Dip, testine fluid acklegol vaccine. -— \\ indrow Drug Store r than Ice (’ream *o ’ d give you energy. !.* 20c at FLY DRUG »*r of rain fell here mg refreshing vege­ ta Rut more rain i» Rothe this week or­ li orald »ent to her an Reinhart, at Sab- meeting of th»* Din* Hondo Chamber of held at 7 :30 o’clock ening at the Hondo Hotel, * part of the meeting sumptuous re- on asion. That disclosed that very little routine busino t> be transacted President Barry read several communication», among th»»m being one from a representative of the State Highway Commiwon to him elf an ! others of the Hoard of Director» showing that their activities ir. be- haif of the street-widening on South Front Street, How nearing completion, had been recognized a* far back os 1935. Prof Barry and other» made a number of trip* and held -everal conference» with both the Highway Commission and th** officials of the railroad in the interest of thi» valuable improvement. Comm uni cation» were a No real ¡H-rtaining to the pr »jected Nueces Valley Conservation District ms provements and to thi exploiting >f Highway No. 1*0 as a tourist route 1 he body evinced a lively interc-t ¿1 lx»th projects, but owing to the man ner in which the organization operate«, it is with« ut a general fund, at i hence, as a body, has no funds to donate. Mr. P. C. Jagge wa pr»* *• nt as :• guest of the club a'd addressed the body in behalf of its interest in and support for some mu h fit jed in provements in the Hondo Tarplev road. He p»*inted out thi advantages of the road a*- a trade artery for Ho ido, showed how Pandora Countv 1 » improving her roads, a*'d aid th>s imp ovement would be a connecting link with this sy«tcm at Tarpley, Th * membership evinced approval of Mr. Jijfge’s suggestion» and th<* matter was placed in the hard- of tht* Road Committee < f tF»*- ('hamb' r to work with Mr. Jagge and the buMnes* interests <*t Hor.<|o in furthering thi< improvement. TEA HONORS MISS HORGER One of th** beautifully appointed !>re nuptb courtesies to Mis.n Leor.i Horgor, a bride-elect f»f .June, w ; m fh*' shower tea from four to ,si*ven o r |of*i v\ « dne-day afternoon, «Fune !•% in ♦h«* home of Mr». ,1 e Burgin. Ho f ,, were Mecíanle» D. 11. Fly, Bun;,jì, T. Barnes, W. S. JACOB RF.ILY DEAD.DISTRICT COURT TO CONVENE. Mr. Jacob Roily died about nine o’clock Monday morning at the Medina Hospital after an illne»» of only a few days, following a recurrence of a protracted Mine?** of some week-* ago from vHch he had improved and from which it, had been hoped he would recover. Burial was deferred until nine o'clock Wednesday morn■ ing, pendirg the arrival of a daughter from California and a son from '1 ai ippi ’11.' fun«!al ton B. Eggen of Clifton, Texas, j ducted by hi-< pastor, Rev. o’clock, the morning of June gens, according to the beautiful and Hondo Methodist f1 1 c 1 -mi*b. Walter McClaugherty, O. A Fly, Marguerite Murrill, Frank Hartman, J. R. Chancey, and R. C. I'arton. Mi - Horger will wed Mr. }{■>., at ;♦ ‘-’nth, in thi Church. P wls of pr k radiance ro»e» were in the book niche ;in<l were reflected in the round mirror above the man* tii while floor basket» of ’dnk cannas and zinnias completed the decoration of th<- living room where the receiving line wa- formed. Misses Killeen Mt< iauirherty and Helen Burgin alternate i m greeting the guests at the d *or wl ile V tv .Jo** Burgin, the honoree. Mi'*. Horger, and her mother, Mrs. J. A. Horger, were in the receiving ¡me. MUs Mary Jane McClaugh• rty WJI.S in charge of the bride's book, which was heart-shaped, bound in . and painted white organdy and tied ’Mth narrow white ribbon». \ musicale wa» prevented during fh>- calling hours by Misse Evelyn ami Margaret Ann Knopp, pianist u d vioh::; •; M: Mary Emma Fia- gei, and Mrs < 1 , A. Fly, an ist. rdnev A Bo • gif vases ini 3 In whit dinn,r room yellow ana ornbined in the dt*c* ra- asta daisies a d yellow s in a crystal bowl cen- covered table. Tall in crystal candelabra .f the centerpiece light- d J. >r- M Jagg* ih t'n left Sunday for San hi- - attending th<* of St. Mary's Utii- man and children . aie here visiting K »liman, Sr. and Astoi mrefr wnujr. Mr« B L. K*d of Richland. Ti*\a Mr. ar : Mrs. I I "*'*' r- .* Mr and Mr- Joe Cockrell of Auv tin »ere the week-end guests of Mrs. Cwkrell’s pj*f* nts, Mr. and Mrs. ThtsKl'ir«* Cameron, Earl E:tab<*th, of w* Htr moth aid other r»*iì Mis^s Ann ^ra Karn-r. iummer »ch<»o ^ wfek-end Make your l»y having y *atfh«H repa first *tm*t n I blocks Jo« H&egel y 1 acy and daughter, Fort Lavaca are visit* r. Mrs. Isaac WiLs<» 1 itivi-s here. i I/« ah Brucks and who are attending >1 in San Marcos, .spent with home folks, du ,ar have more cent' "ur gla»s<i!s fitted and d by V. A. ( ROW, >ith of courthoum* an I 2tpd. m of George West and 1 » Wurzbach and •iidren ■ i ( ¡iff w,*re guests c»f‘ the'r parents, Mi and Mrs. A. L. Haegelin, an week-end, !>r. ar-i Mr* O. B. Tayk r nnd son, ™nu,n< and Mr. and Mr». Elbert * w^° wr*‘ visiting her * p m ^rida, attended a rodeo near wrw Sunday. v I",1 ^ 1 -00 they want to in- in H : d< property that will pay tam « <n his investment? If in- .o-'!i,!' ' ,n*' or write care Boi Hondo, Texas, tf Mr *r.d Mr*. L. E. Heath left wnesriay for Kansas City and Fort a Wiworth, Kansas* where thev r jj , v 1 su th,,ir daughter, Mrs. C. D. Mdleman, and family. Jy( )’■ Baines and »on, Preston, nieces, Mrs. I^eonard *rtl Morris Bindewald, Will i brother and uncle, M**. Caiue.s, ¡n Uvalde Monday. a/hiSr .of- Lutz DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY. Democratic County Chairman L. Bt ueks gives us the following inf »nation concerning the primary election : The primary election will be on Saturday, July 23. Any person desiring to have his name appear on the official ballot as a candidate for the nomination for a county or pre< net office must have his applica »ion in the hand« of the county chair man not iater than midnight, June is. Any such application must b< acknowledged before an officer authorized to administer oaths, and mU't give the name, place of residence and postoffice address of the applicant, and state the office for which he i- a candidate. The county executive committee will meet at the courthouse in Hondo on Monday, June 20, at 2 o’cloeK P. M., to pa.-s on the applications, estimate the expense of Holding the primary election, and to pro rate such expense among the candidates. The county executive committee is compost'd of the various precinct chairmen. Its personnel is a-> follows: V. P. King, N rth Hondo John Zuberbueler, Dunlay John G. Brucks, Verdina Jame- Haby, Rioniedina \S m. Finger, D'Hani. J. F. Riley, Natalia Geo. T. Briscoe, Jr., East Ilevine W. 11. H. Dubose, lilack Creek W. B. Melton, Yancey A. N, Mangold, Maverick I{. (’. Blackburn, Biry John (»t iger, I^aCoste Mi's. P. Jungman, South Hondo E. S. Rieber, Upi*^r Hondo Alex Wendland, Elston»* H. W. Eschenburg, West Devine Ed H. Seekatz, Mico Wilfred Wernette, CastrfHville ENJOYING A VACATION. between Roy J. Weynand, son of Mr. and Mrs. Win. A. Weynand ^f the upjH*r Seco, is home on a two week’s vacation. During this time he and a brother. Melvin Weynand, have enjoy» d an extensive automobile tour of the coast country. They visiteo Houston and Galveston and steppe i over to see th»‘ San Jacinto battle ground. From there they motored to Corpus Christi and on to Brownsvil..* in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, stop 1.« bold and Mr. Adolph „¡ng to visit many interesting |K»inw f,n* announced in St. John's between While in the Lower Valle»' made Church Q,.;V,I1,'uu^a in Jonn s between. While in Uke wedding will two brief excursions were . v the end of this month. across th«* river into Mexico. EWr’ i"'weber and children, Mr. Weynand is bookkeepei and Uura Lc®. spent the the Sherwin-Williams Paint Co. SitmJi, ! in r°n>us Christi and on San Antonio and expects t V motored over to Robstown j to work on the 20th instant, vompson vve<iding. m pan ist» were Mr«, n and Mis, H. C. Unlh. rooms were decorated and floor baskets of can- n? ias in light and deep * of yellow, th»- W 1 , with ver candle; ag the la< low taper» each • * . refreshn ent board. White >!:tlilias in floor baskets also adorned the room. Pineapple punch and heait-shaped cakes iced in yellow were s»*rved, Mrs. O. A. Kly and Mrs. W. S. Highsmith served the first hour, Miss D rothy Purgin and Mr . Marguerite Murrill the second, and Mi-» T. C. Barnes and Mrs. Frank Hartman the final hour. Assi-ting in thf* »lining room and in th'1 gift rooms wen* Mrs. D. H. tly, Mrs. \1 (’I,• uif; ■ 1v ai I Mrs. ft. C Barton. Mis Horger wore a becoming model of dusty pink lace and a cor- sau" of radiance roses. Mrs. Burg;n - co-’ume of dark blue lace wa.* , -rented with a c rsage of vari-color- ed flowei ' and Mrs. Horger wore dusty blue lace with flower corsage. About 100 guests called. A FAMILY REUNION. The Bruck- Sauter Reunion was held Sunday, June 12th, at the Quihi Gun Club Park, and was attended by a lariie number of descendant« of the ' riginal family which settled »t ghihi in March, 18 JO, when Texa.< u as about ready to become a state of the Union. The original family consisted of lohn Bernhardt Brucks, (iertrude Oberkam Brucks and three children: Gertrude, Bernhard and Henry. They suffered all the hardships of pioneer life with no advantages as to educa Lion but every one has made an enviable record as a citizen of his adopted iantl. After »1 in ner a Tree present'd by Arthur Brucks was admired by y ung and old because there was a Brucks or a Sauter or a Rothe on every one >f its branches for one reason; but the other reason was because it is artistically designed and a real work of art The thanks of the whole gathering were extended to Arthur Brucks for his work and generous effort. The thanks of the assemblage were likew ->o tendered the Qhihi Gun < lub for the us»* of the grounds anti hall and the Qhihi Lutheran for free use of benches, seats, <>tc. Everyone enjoyed meeting old acquaintances and making new friends, rejoicing in the* fuct thut thi* ttibt* growing in numbers; but at the san\“ time remumb» . ng sorrowfully those who passed over the great divide during the past year. Towards the close of the day some had to leave for their homes, hoping for another reunion next >l‘UI* \t night a grand dance in the nail put the climax or finishing touch to th»* whole affair.—Tony. impre»»ive rites of the Catholic Church of which h»* had been a lifelong member. After a r«*«juii m high mas» and sermon in St. John » f'hureh, interment was made in th»* Catholic section of Oakwood ceme tery. There was a large attendance of sorrowing relatives and friends ! Schneider, and there were many beautiful leben, Jos. flower». The pallbearer» were: Felix Batot, I/Ouis F. Rothe, Joseph Koch. Paul Reinhart, D. H. Fly and Charles Finger. Mr. Reily had lived well beyond man’» allotted three-score and ten, j having been born on May 10, 1H01. He was one of a larg<* family of children bom to Mr. and Mrs, Richard Reily, and his birth-place was at Fort Lincoln. His fath«*! had been 1 an Irish immigrant boy and became a soldier in General Zach» rv Taylor’* army in the Mexican war. He spent part of hi» young nianhoo | in the United States army and later married Miss Mary Sauter, a Castro colonist, at D’Hani», where they prospered and reared their family. The brothers and sisters surviving Mr. Reily are Jo<* Reily, Sabuial; Mrs. Regina Davenport, San Antonio, Mrs. Joe Ney, Hondo; Mrs. F. J. Carle, Mrs. Louis Carle and Mrs. Henry C. Rothe, all of D'Hani». A brother, Henry R»iily, died at Sabinal in S»*ptember 10'57, ar »1 a sister, Mrs. Morris P. Tvvomey, died some fifteen years ago. All his life had b»»en spent in Medina Countv where h<* prospered as a ranchman and farmer. In »»arly life he was married to Miss Mina j Brotze, on July 12, 1HH3. To this i happy union, t»*n children were born, eight of whom, with their mother, survive to mourn the passing of n ! rood and loving husband and father. Those surviving are: Mrs. Albeit Nester of D’Hanis, Mrs. Herbert Smith of California. Mrs. Dr. R. E. Rah in of San Antonio. Mr Carle of Hondo, Mrs. L. F. of California, Richard J. Reily* t»f Hondo, Paul P. Reiljr of Kopperl, Texas, and Jacob M. Reily of Mississippi. Mr. Reily is also survived by thirty grandchildren. In the parsing of Mr. Reily, the countv loses a good citizen, hi* The District Court for Medina County will convene at the court house in Hondo, Monday morning, |Jun<* 20, for the June term of court for 1938. The following grand jurors have be»r summoned for service. ! Raymond S»*huchart, Rudolph Haby, 1 J, F. Schott, Eddie Haby, John Zins meyer, Howard R the, Herman Koch, Walter Bendele, R. J. Kiliough, Paul J. Fhlinger, VV illie Keller, Gladden was < n- McAnelly, Andrew Oefinger, Ash P. J. Pot- Gilliam, Ed. Bader and Martin E. N ester. The following is a list of the Petit Jurors summoned for the first w«*e< 1 of court: Walt»*r Stein, P. D. M -1 A nelly, Harry Hans, Frank Haby, Jim Weakley. Alfred Mann, L. F. ! Laake, (t»*ergi* Balzen, i>s»*ar Koenig, Phil Nixon, Alfred Schmidt, Adolph Louis Mirhr, Wm. Sant- Riff, Jr., Robert Schult”, j Harry Meyer, Jos. Karm, Reinhard Cm iger, Jos. L. Tondre, Arthur Wurzbach, Jos. T.schirhait, Archie Jagge, Ernst Schuchart, Fred Christill»*», Raymond Schott, Herman Wurzbach, W ilfre«l Wernette, J. I). Lacy, Jo«. Sittre, Paul Christilles, Elmer I<**in- weber. Robert Boehme, Robert Stein, W. A, Lieber, Alfred Haby. Civd Docket Mrs. Frances O. Tumlinson vs.' Fritz Korth, <uit on note. E. A. Parson» vs. William Brown, et al, suit to cancel lease. W. C. French, et al, vs. Bexar- Medina-Atascosa Counties Water Im- pr verm nt District No. 1, damage». Devine Independent School District vs. Mrs. Josephine Mechler, tax suit. Th»* same plaintiff vs. th»* following defendants in tax suits: S. M. McAnelly; J. H. Hester, et al; and Southern Mutual Fir»* Insurance Co.; Mrs. R. H. Go.mett, «*t al. John T. Briscoe vs. Ernest C. Provvn. Bexar - Medina-Atascosa Counties Water Improvement District No. I vs. H, M. Fort, suit to collect <leltn-1 quent taxes. The Wheeler Kelly and Hagny In vestment Company vs. W. E, Sorrell S SPARKS Being News, Views and Review» by the Managing Editor BARGAINS. By Clayton Rand An Oklahoma paper carries a scorching editorial about some women who bought fur coat«» at a bargain from an unknown peddler, The coats were moth-eaten. A Kansas editor writes a piece about some of its subscribers buying cheap potatoes »iff a truck. The potatoes were frost- hitten and rotten, A Texas weekly hops on what it call» the mail-order racket, and appeals to its readers to buy from local merchants who are r»*achable and reliable. What every* local mark»*t usually need» is cooperation. The merchant should spread his ware» through the columns of his hometown new »paper and th»*n the people should patronize their neighbors, who help support the town and tote the tax-burden. 0 (Copyright) vs. John li. Guv Munn, and Burtle Sorrell, for recovery of TAX taxi‘s paid. Sabinal State Bank Wiemers, injunction. The Stat»* of Texas vs. et a!, forfeiture of bpnd. Medina Irrigated Farms, C. C. Bledsoe. City of Devine vs. G. D. Whitfiel I and Ruby Whitfield, suit to collect OPPRESSED PEOPLE DEMAND RELIEF. Inc. A wave of public demand is rolling up for tax revision. Especially strong is the demand for repeal or at least complete modification of those two "job-killing” taxes—the undistributed profits tax and the capital ... . .... gain» tax. Barnit/j delinquent city taxes. Similar suits, This tax correction is overwhelm- Bonney, to collect delinquent city taxes by inKly approved by the nation’s busl- r »‘v,n<-‘ ys, the following: L. , neg* leaders, economists, publicists G. Briscoe-and 1 Pearl Briscoe; R. B..cnd newspapers. The opponents of Teel and Lose Teel; J. H. Hester and [this relief art. tho,e vvho art. appar. » jdiia Hester. iently oblivious of the influence of Jennie Jackson vs. Edward Jack-j unsoundf punitive taxation on in- so i, ( ,w'*'ro* idustrial development and emplov- Blackman vs. J. \\ Dulanev, ment Thvy 9tubbornly seek th‘, r*e- ,, *. .. ' tention of these taxes w hich hav»i Horrera vs. J.n. Her-|btfcn l;„.et,ly rl.s|>onsibk. for the vs. T. F. DuBoso, "'Ump in .bu,ti"fM- . . A-ilf bo missed with sorrow by all who | foreclosure Deed of Trust Lion. I l' 'Wy Pt-n“,n ln »>■* ™untry ha, knew him. | Bexar - Medina -Atascosa Counties „ { Water Improvement District No. 1 vs. Mary Wandler Gordon, et al, suit to collect delinquent maintenanc' tax. Bexar - Medina -Atascosa Counties Watt J. G. church a worthy member and gen-j damages. ■rous benefactor, hi^ community a Minerva S. good neighbor, and his family an ex- rera, divorce, emplary husband and father. He| Adams Company NOTICE TO FARM OWNERS. th Church Having complete«! terracing w*ork for all part it - who bad application; on file, and were nady at th»* tim" the crew* was in th»* community, w • are now revising cur fil»*s in the county office, and have prepari*d new application forms for the use ot those whose farms ne**d terracing. This is in preparation for fall terracing and we expect t»> begun work as so n as crops are gathered from the fields. If you have a farm that net*ds terracing, please a.-k for th«* application forms to bo execute»!, as no farm will be terraced unless we have an application on file in the county agent’s office. If you wish t»> have a trench silo dug, we will also do that work for you while terracing in that community, at the same rate as for terracing. -C. M. MERRITT, County Agricultural Agent a stake in this fight. Every person will be affected by its outcome. Our public servants who are courageous enough to Tight, for tax reform, are doing so in the interest* of jobs, spending and stimulated business, or Improvement District No. 1 | Tuht*y deserve the whole-hearted vs. Catalina I). Hart, et al, suit * 0 1 Y'*nk* °f va. tax-oppressed people.— colI»*ct delinquent maintenance tax. | 1 la’ s Lev tew. Mrs. Lily Dulaney and J W. Du-j Venue from Zavala County. ,.tne\ \s. J. ». I la< kman, damages. ( Hondo National Bank vs. Morris Bexar - Medina-Atascosa County j Coffman, suit on note. Water Improvement District No. 1 Thrre are twenty delinquent tax vs Southern Natl nal Company. suits filed, Devine Independent lyde ( neal vs. G. VV. He.stt'r. 'School District vs. the following: ranKie Neunian vs. H. L. Neu-, q pri:4COOt aj. Edward J. Jackman. et al. suit for an accounting. j son et aJ. kSam Sneed; W. E R»*cei ver for Harry Landa, Corpus Christi and ,,,ut°rei Ior the Smith-Th, |y[ « - -—■■ 11— and »!,iar4 and two sons drift 4r ),T,R Bindewald of Sea- w«ek unlv several days this TV hT Mr an,i Mrn. C. R. Gaines. Mi-, i!** 41W n‘ece® M**- Gaines. bc.norL Zuberbueler w*as the ker of R^U'i 1 .^'s' Clara Schwen- MisH ^u*>erbueler was ker w/i,' ^l°me by Miss Schwen- daya. * ^er guest for several .BnHvne ^«'Killing and fr°m theiJ u y’. arriveil last FViday ?°f ar«,yt *n!f ,n Vil*ksburg, Miss., ling’« visit with Mrs. Schil- Mantel ’ and Mrs. Ed. ONg will? INSURANCE MAN % 0NP ?.toLVEs AMONG YOU, For Fv T PaSSING THRU ? w ' Eorm of Insurance • n MILLER, HONDO, Texas, *smcG I9ft7. for in return BASEBALL. The double-header played on the local diamond here last Sunday o* tween the D’Hanis Pirates and tho Hondo Red Birds resulted 1 » a standoff after two hard-fought gamt*s. In the first game the I iraiu*i vv >n over Hondo by a score of 4 to 3. « second game was H ^ry fo^ t ...v Red Birds over the Fhrates by a sc» Monday und Tuesday, and of 6 to 5, The star Players for tht .. " - i two games were: C. D. Sadi r, Hiid August Finger, fielder. leaving the relative teams in tho the same, COLONIAL FILM FARE. % ■ “ ... . “Under WesU»rn Stars”, Republic s musical western which is showing currently at the Colonial Theatre, introduces Roy Rogers, now crooning son of the saddle. A competent cast includes Smiley Burnette, Carol Hughes, Guv Usher, Tom Chatterton, Kenneth Harlan and Elden Chase. A Pope ye cartoon and a new episode of the serial, “The Lone Ranger”, complete the entertainment. Two films dealing with gangsters are scheduled for showing next week- I hev are “Gangs of New York NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. To all tax pay t\s who took advantage » f the Imlf payment plan on the 11*37 taxes, thi~ is to advise the last haif must be paid by June 30, 1938, otherwise penalty and interest will accrue. To those who <1 id not take advan tage of the half payment and still owe the full amount of the 1937 taxers, this is to advise that same may be paid any time this month with only 5 per cent penalty, whereas, on July 1 the penalty will increase to 8 per cent with 6 per cent interest, plus $1.00 cost of redemption. 3tc Respectfully, L. E HEATH, Assessor and Colhx tor Medina County. Sn Inc.; R. B. Teel, et al; Carrol R. Thompson, et al; VV. H. Bowman, et al; S. A. Craig; Josepha Arcia; Yle- fonso Ambris; H. VV. Sollock, et ai; J. E. Gardner, et al; Frank Schott, et al; Domingo Vera; W. A. Thompson; I/eilie Thompson; Ben Oliveras; Scrapio Maldanalde; R. S. Green; and Enocencio Gonzales. Winter Garden Production Credit Association, et al, vs. G. W. Hester, suit for damages by reason of conversion of mortgaged personal property. Claude4 W. Gilliam, et al, Trustees for Stockholders First National Bank, vs. R. J. Taylor, et al, suit on notes. 1 u „ii *J* Whiteside, et al, vs. Bexar’ s I Medina-Ataseosa Counties Water Im\ provement District No. 1, damages. | G. W. Whitfield, Receiver for l Adams Company, vs. R. W . Thetford, et ux. Federal Underwriters Exchange vs. Jeff Andie Crockett, damages. There are seventeen cases on the criminal docket. The mam»aa of fendants are withheld pending rests. ter, The result standing of the two^ ^ b<j league double-header between next Sunday* afternoon Hanis diamond. tht^m again on the D’- The ! dio for ICO. n.-w 1®3W siK-tube ZerucK ^a- $ir>9b at 1* L\ DKUtf only on Prison Farm” on Wednesday and Thursday. The first has a cast composed of Charles Bickford in a dual role, Ann Dvorak, Alan Baxter, Wynne Gibson and others. “Prison Farm” includes Shirley Ros- Lloyd Nolan, John Howard, J. .Carroll Naish, Lather Dale, Porter Hall, May Boley, Marjorie Main, Anna Q. Nilsson and John Ilart. _______ _______ We can do your job printing. G. I). Whitfield, Adams Company*, vs. et al. Southern National Company vs. Bexar - Medina - Atascosa Counties Water Improvement District No. 1. G. D. Whitfield, Receiver for Adams Company, vs. I). C. Williams. George Sears Carter vs. Naomi Carter, divorce. Henry Haass vs. Texas & New Orleans Railroad Co., damages. Case set for trial Wednesday, Jure 22, at 10 A. M. G. D. Whitfield, Receiver for Adam» Company, vs. M. E. DuBose, suit on note and open account. Appearance Dockct Louis Biry vs. VV. on note. Mrs. Jewell English Holden et nl vs. Charles A. Beatty, et al, suit r.o try title. M. L. King vs. Bexar-M»*dina-Atas- cosa Counties Water Improvement District No. 1, damages. Julia Morales Rodriguez vs. Pedro Rodriguez, divorce. Mae Carle Koch vs. Thomas E. K»)ch, divorce. 1 Beinahe Ybarra vs. Manuela Garcia Ybarra, divorce. August Brown vs. Dan Nester, Clayton Neater, Alfred Nester and , Annie Nester, suit to set aside Deed. ^^rle.-i Gillian* and grandson of our dear- GOES TO ANNAPOLIS. Claude VV'. Gilliam, IK, son of MASONS ELECT OFFICERS. At the annual election of officers of Hondo City Lodge No. 756, A. F. & A. M., held at the lodge hall last Monday night, June 13, 1938, the following were elected to serve for the ensuing Masonic year: Prof. J. G. Barry, Worshipful Master Ben Oefinger, Senior Warden Robert Kollman, Junior Warden Henry Mernman, Treasurer (reelected) Prof. W\ N. Saathoff, Secretary Geo. H. Kimmey, Tiler (re-elected). These newly elected officials, together with their appointees, will be duly installed at a called meeting for that .purp* so on the night of June 2*1 tic. George VV. Col- Carr Johnson, Della L. Collier vs lier, divorce, Josie Johnson vs. et al, trespass to try title. Frnnoisea Ramirez v.s. Rupert > Ra mirez, divorce. W. J. Vollmer, et al, vs. Hezekiah P. Jones, et al, suit to try title. Lucille Geiger vs. Elmer T. Geiger, divorce. fellow townsman, Claude VV. Gilliam, Sr.. native of Medina County and a graduate of Thomas Jefferson Senior school of San Antonio, has left for Annapolis, Maryland, where he will enter the United States Naval Academy. His father, Lieut. C. T. Gilliam, resigned, of Los Angeles, Cai., was graduated fro.n the academy in 1916. Claude attended schools in Claude W. Gilliam, et al, Trustees Lo> Ang les, Cal., Cincinnati, Ohio, for Stockholders First National Bank 1 prior to taking hts examinations of Hondo, vs. Heirs of Thomas J. 1 for the academy attended the Colum- Dasher, deceased, et al, trespass to hwn Preparatory School in Washing try title. O. R. Humble vs. Christopher V ickers, et al, trespass to try title. Henry Haass v>. Grvut American Indemnity Company, New York, su:’ for weekly indent- ities. A. Hibdor. v >. Cc -, Carpenter, et. al, tor.. I). C. He is Uso a gi*andson of Mi * »• Jf« * Camp t f San Antonio and sp -it n great part of the summer months with his grandparents here. The best makes in Fly Smear and Worm Medicine at FLY DRUG CO.

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