The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1952
Page 8
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MMKDG8T BLITHE VTLLE (XRK.) COURIM NEWS ATTACK ACES—Billy U«i>, left, it * polxd, smocth-Dininr ouartrrhu-k mt. »ork» lor CaUjorni. E*-Army j£r BIU RoWeKm'p, center"^nov^J torture »"ft •put T Mitch Prfc*, «n extr»ordu«ry eannoM*,. rmnk, .mon* CplumbU'L'.IJ-U ... runj the offensive fullback in Missouri's (NBA) Grid Traditionals Coming up TV Game Should be Rugged ° RK ~ A " "By ED CORRIGAN hOP * S and d ' sa PP°>'ntments, fumbles and fancy plays , es an ancy pays TV° 8n 6nd f ° r m ° st of the coill * e foolbal1 teams this week — .-, _ „,..... v ~ «*»» ^...v* A Wfc iiiual/ VI tilt; UOilUgtJ lOOLDall — and important — games scheduled around the country With two of the major bowls—*- *' • Ituu v»w \ft MJC M1WJUI UUW th« Cotton and Sugar—already se . .. Year's Day games, NfCmMSOft Reports Of* for their New »„„,, „„ attention will be focused" on thi outfit* that have a chance to go to the other big ones—th« Rose •nd Orange The Western representative of the Kose Bowl will be decided before a crowd of about 100,000 In Los Angeles when two of the most powerful elevens in the nation, UCLA and Southern California, come to grips . " Battle of Defenses Both are undefeated and untied »nd have smothered nil opposition - - 0 „. with their near-Impregnable de- are practically nonexistent ferues Against a total of 18 op- ->"=in.. - ijponenft they ha\e given up Just 67 points, or about four a game. There's no doubt that It will be a low- Nicholson, mem ber of the executive scoring game, but the question Is- committee of the Arkansas Athlet Which can score? Possibly one 'o Association, touchdown, will settle It In answer to a "»here do we so t on defense, but give UOLA , slight offensive edge, based mainly on the superb passing arm of Paul Cameron. < This will be the national t«Je- Tlslon Carrie of the Week, and for the third straight week the NCAA has come up with a good one after most of the early season offerings turned out to be busts As for the other half of the Rose the Big Ten championship s^ very much up in the air Michigan and Wlscinsln are tied Jor the )ead This week, the Wol- Terlnes have the tougher asslgn- f ment, facing Ohio State while Wis- 'oonsln goes up against Minnesota If either loses, the survivor gets the title and goes to the Rose Bowl If both win, they 11 wind up In a tie will and a conference committee choose the bowl team 'Bama Possibility The Orange Bowl promoters, who are sitting back biding their t'me will !we their ejes on Alabama Syracuse and Pitt, the three major possibilities If Alabama puts up a good show against Maryland— it's too much to expect the Terrapins to lose' two In a ro»— the Crimson Tide should clinch one of the spots Alabima lost to Georgia Tech Saturday, but it was by sn eyelash, 7-3 Maryland, meanwhile, was being dumped out of the unbeaten class bv Mls- alsslppi, 21-14 Syracuse should have no problem to Pordham, but Pitt, one of the surprises of the season, will have no picnic against Penn state, a team that was in line for a bowl bid until a couple of weeks ngo The best guess, assuming they both look good, is Alabama and Pitt for the Orange nomination. Georgia Tech, which meets Mississippi In the Sugar Bowl, figures to roll right along The Engineers, .with eight straight victories this season nnd 23 games without a defeat, entertain Florida state. Olc Miss, the terror of the football world since beating Mainland, gets the day off before winding up operations against Mississippi state the following week. Vols rs. Kentucky Tennesee, Texns' opponent In the Cotton Bowl, plays Kentucky which should prove no problem. The Vols are right behind Georgia Tech in the Southeastern Conference standings and If they whip Kentucky, n ey l ^^J 1 even - ' Texas ' wnlch c nched the Southwest Conference .title by turning back Texas Christian 14-7. is Idle and winds up against Texas A. and M. next week. Meanwhile, most of the top teams came through last Saturday's action unscathed. The No. 1 outfit, Michigan state, defeated Notre Dame, 21-3. In a contest that was closer than the score indicates. Southern Cal blanked Washington ^-°- uc " was Idle. Tennessee clouted Florida, 26-12. and Okl™ homa, which only has to beat Nebraska this week to win the Big Seven crown, topped Missouri, 47-7 in the Ivy League, Penn, the leader, must only beat Cornell on FOR SALE MADf ITKRT KUTAUKANT »wr Imtth. JH Ea* stain 8t AB (M4 What Does Future Hold for Chicks? Chances of arriving at any sort of championship for the tower classifirahinnc o f Arkansas High schools in 1953 u^^den? 1 "; 01 ^^! 5 ^"' 1 ^ ?™L '"!•_. ™^*. Nichobon Superintendent of Schools W B Osceo/o Girl Cagers Prep for Opener The Osceola senior girls basket)all team began their second week if practice this afternoon In prep aratlon for their opening game NTov 55 against Sacred Heait of Memphis on the latter's home court This encounter,»111 start the Semlnolettes off on a 19' game schedule plus an Invitational tournament prior to the county tournn ment On hand to greet Conch I esllc Speck and nil stnte Cnrolyn Lowe and nU-dlatrlct Jenn Driver Ken- drlck and Pnlsy Peeper in the de- .enslvc department plus all dls '.rlct forward Kntle Mne Watson. Along with this all star aggrcga- lon are returning letter winners Betty Spiers, Shirley Cone and Betty Woolen In the forward slots. Up from Ihe freshman rnnks nnd newcomers are Diane Butler. Ibby Vatson, Martha Donaldson, Dorhy Wilson, Joy Stevens, Charlie ro Hanks, Jenn McOarrity, Joan Barnes, Dixie Roper, Jean Wei burn and Efoise Golden. From last year's starting lineup Coach Speck has his club Intact except for the vacancy left through graduation of Blllle Oalncs Mann, nn all-state forward. At ' the present time, Betty Spiers, Betty Woolen and Ibby iValson arc In a triangle battle to nke over the empty slot. The goal-shooting "department Is \vo deep In nil three positions with 'Iris with varsity experience but he reserve power among the nisrds will fnll mostly upon last 'ear's freshman graduates. After the Sacred Heart tilt the Scmlnoleltes will have two weeks of practice before tangling with he Tigerettcs from Luxorn. Thanksgiving Day to wrap up the itle. A simllnr situation holds In he Skyline Conference and Southern Conference, in the Skyline Jtnh can tnkc it by beating Utah State also on Thanksgiving Day, while in the Southern loop. Duke s a surefire bet If it dumps North Carolina State, one of the weak Isters. replied, in effect, "Nowhere." Since Jonesboro, which won't play Blythe\llle, was auirdcd the dulslonnl rhnmplonshlp by the AAA executive commlltee'Siturdiy, wondering just whnt the future might hold for tho Chicks. Best guess: .more games with Memphis and west Tennessee teams. Since the playoff system was Junked by the governing body (a convention of the entire membership) of the AAA Mr Nicholson pointed out that no group has authority to come up with any other 55 stem No Meeting Until Fall | And the governing body doesnt meet again untl next fnll t He said he <ins excused fiom that part of the meeting on the hasls that- BljtheUlte was one of (he participants In the case "tie. for «hich Fain lew tied, Mr. SM A AAA Could Hove Given Division Real Champion or None at All ,Tu e £' ss ?• e Reglon 1IAA f ootba)l championship is over. Jhe Executive Committee of the-Arkansas Athletic Association Saturday ruled that Jonesboro should represent tho region in tl.o .state playoffs. And, in our opinion, in doing so the committee defeated the one big purpose of the great or- gamzation it governs. 1 Before we go «ny further let it be said right here that this de- sartment went on record some three or four weeks ago that It made not one tinker's dam to us what team was declared the champion. That a trip to the playoffs was not worth all the fuss ami furore that It was going to take to get It for Blytheville and that'we did not think a championship should be OIVKN to anybody We are still of that attitude but we congratulate Jonesboro and wish it Oodspeed In the coming playoffs But, as we said two paragraphs •igo, In our opinion the committee n choosing between Blythevllle nnd Junesboro. ha.s defeated the >lg purpose of the great brganlza- in which it governs. That "one blir purpose" referred to I* set out in he very beginning of the Code of fii!! C f, adopt(:d b * * he Arkansas Athletic Association. It reads: "To emphasize the proper Ideals of portsmanshlp, ethical conduct and "AIR play." WM Decision FalrT We emphasized the word fair be- ause we knew and we believe that he members of the committee :new that there was' no-fair way n comparing the,teams of Jones- »ro snd Blythevllle. Jonesboro reused to play Blytheville". They played only one common opponent, North Little Rck, with the chicks atching the Wildcats on opening night, and the Hurricane 'playing hem In mid-season and there Is o comparison between the quality ' the opponents on the two cams' schedules. Rebuttal argument to this could : Okay, so there's'no fair com- arison. A champion had. to be Icked. What were they to do?" rhere were several ways out Wavs hat would have been a lot fairer o both sides. No. 1—The committee could hove nd should have suggested publicly uvt the two schools considered for ie Region n chsmplonshlp, Bly- hevllle «nd Jonesboro, settle the ssne between themselves with a trong suggestion that they get to- cther on their schedule diffcr- nccs. If that failed, which It more nan likely would have, then- No 2 — The committee should a\e refused to nnme a champion n Region II on grounds of lack f cooperation. And No. 3 _ After refusing to name either Blythevllle or Jonesboro the champion, the committee could have ordered the Doiible-A Play- ofs played'with only three teams with one team drawing, a first round bye or invited an ouUlde team to fill in the gap. But, for some reason or oth-r the committee decided to go ahead and choose between the two teams nnd on what basis Its decision was made at this writing had not been made : public. There was talk o comparative scores, there was other talk of comparative records, there was talk of a coin flip. If any or all of this talk Is true we fair to see where the committee can find such basis fair.. But, the decision has been mad and there will be no further crying from this corner: The decision will be respected anrt again we say congratulations and good luck Jonesbro. Sufor O/e Miss Poshed for 461 Yards OverandThroughBewilderdTerps *t JAMES IACGUS ~ , M T ssippi blended » newspaper clipping:, a • r j e « rrdea <«y Passes into a football explosion thVt ripped date with Georgia Tech - HaU Off Department While on the subject of the .Playoffs we would like to doff our h a E to a couple of guys who probably 'wanted, another' state championship shot worse than anybody but didn't want it bad enough to lose a friend. _,We are referring to Coaches Russ Mosley and Bill Stancil of our own Chlckasaws. Russ and Bill sent their team Into Friday night's game with Hot springs of Ihe Big Seven knowing that the next day'the Region II question would be decided and the outcome of that game might have considerable bearing oh which way the wind blew.' . But even knowing this Russ and Bill refused to get "score happy. They refused .to run up an impressive: score on the obviously-weak -Trojans In order to better their team's chances With a two touchdown lead going Into the third quarter they started substituting at will and before the game was over they had used B team and junior high plajers they had dressed out in order to give them a feel of varsity foot- O8JI. Anybody that saw the game knows that had they wanted to the Chicks could have very nearly named the score. Maybe Leo Durocher had something when he cracked "Good guys don't Jcln pennants" Nashville and •--«, ..... Nicholson snld the committee chose Nashville on the basis of comparative scores. However, these two team's hod played five common opponents and Nashville had defeated Hope while Ftilrview lind lost to the latter .' There exists one Interesting prospect for Chick athlete fans- possible entry in the Big Scien Blythevllle now has npproMnmte- ly 400 students In the upper three grades. At least 500 In those grades are needed before application fn the'B|g'Seven can be mnde. It's anybody's guess as to when Blylheville may reach the' 500- studeni mark. Cordova, Kelly Ma lone on Mat Polo Cordova, Jack Kelly and Ed- rile Malone meet the fury of Leo Newman nnd the Kawalski brothers tonight In the -American Legion's Memorial Auditorium In preliminaries, Mnlone meets Newman, Cordova goes with Ivan Kawnlskt nnd Kelly and Karl will butt heads. The matches will begin at 8:15. Lonesome Bachelor OWENSBORO, Ky. (.« _ \Vh| le perusing the city directory looking for unusual names for a feature story, a newspaperman cnma across Ihls prize: "Lonesome Hlggs." He's a bachelor. Walter Johnson pitched on« no- nit game, July I, 1920. Vlake or Break WeelT Near at Hand for Pros By ORLO ROBERTSON !„ i. NE ^ V Y°RK (AP) This is make or break week for at least two of the National Football League teams. The Philadelphia Eagles, tied w,th the• New^ ifGSToV f ^f-nX,^ f MWnS - S <««- ond place In the American £*,2L ^t'," 6 ^ 01 ^ ^'o Held goals to Browns running. The Sunday and Eagles trailed Paul Brown's club by game. , The Los Angeles Rams, back on Hie winning trail after a poor start play host to the Snn Francisco IDers with a triumph also necessary If the defending champions nre to have a chance to retain their title in the league playoff. Tho Rams are a game to the rear of the 49ers and the surging Detroit Lions In the National Conference. Giants Drop San Francisco and Detroit each Ins a 6-2 record along with the Browns, who took undisputed possession of first place In the American division yesterday when the Green Bay Packers upset the New York Giants, H-3. The defeat dropped the Giants into a tie for second place with the Philadelphia Eagles, who boat the slipping Chicago Cardinals, 10-1, hy cash- tag In on two fumbles recovered by \ elernn end Pete Plhos. The Browns remained at the top of Ihelr division by the' narrow margin of one point—a 29-28 decision over the Pittsburgh stcelers In a game In which three league marks were established. The 49crs also had a close call before downing Washington's Redskins. 23-n, but ihe Lions romped to a 43-13 verdict over the orphan Callns Texans. The Rams turned Ihe National Conference inlo n four- tcam affair by passing the Chicago Bears crazy, 40-24. Gn«» Scorn Lou Groza set Iwo of the league Adulfc 60c—ChiWrtn 15e BLYTHEVILLE Monday, Nor. 17 8:15 p.m. ^^ 6 MAN TAG MATCH Polo Cordova, Eddie Molone and Jock Kelly - vs. -. Kawalski Bros. & Leo Newman Mtn»t« Time LlmH — B«st 2 o«t of 3 Falls Afso 3 1-Foll Matches 30 Min. Time Limit Malon* n. Newman Cordova y». I. Kawolski Kelly rs. K. Kawalski , ...„ .H.I M £unl3 IU nis seasonal output to 14, one kicked three extra points to run consecutive string record to 84. With Otto Graham .tossing the ball for two touchdowns to lead the Browns',to vlcfory and Jim Kinks completing four touchdown heaves the two chibs attempted 89 passes' one more than the record set by Washington and Los Angeles in 1M9. . Rookie Babe Parilll, former Kentucky star, scored one touchdown and passed, for the other as the Packers pulled the upset of the day.jFor the first time this^season, the Giants failed to score a touchdown. Solas Has Cold; Fight Postponed . BOSTON (/P)—A heavy cold suffered by Lnuro Salas, of Mexico, former .lightweight; boxing champion of Mexico, has forced postponement of his right''with Boston's hard-hitting Tommy Collins from tonight to Dec. 8 in Boston Garden. A Special Message To Men Who Use Injector Blades ' , If you shave with Injector buutes, Sere's news you can't afford to miss! You can now buy 21 of the finest Injector blades for the exceptionally low price of B9c. Childs 1 Injector Blades are made of the highest quality surgical steel. They are honed In oil to a fine cutting edge, and triple-tested for longer-lasting qualities. Sold by the some company that sells the famoua double edge and single edge Childs' Blades, these new Childs' Injector Blades give you value-plus In smoother shaves—more shaves per blade- lower cost. Like all Chllds' Blades, Cliilds' Injector Blades (ire sold to you with this guarantee: Full satisfaction or your money back. So be thrifty, men—save while you sh'ave with blades guaranteed to please you. And, remember—21 chllds' Injector Blades cost you onl3> 59c. Try them. The smoothest shave depends on the blade and the blade to use 1 Is Childsl Buy a package of Childs' Injector Blades todayl Leaves your f««» as smooth as a chlid'a, Advt. and : through unbeaten Maryland's defense, tops. In the nation until Mississippi's whirlwind a 11 a c k wilted It Saturday. :• Lear, « brilliant •pU('.T quarterback, ahocked Maryland by com pleting II. of 1« panes for 231 yards, accounting for one' touchdown and «ettlh« the stage for both of halfback-Wilson Dillard'a three- yard Kotiriu stabs; Vrftrue Tooth Mississippi's unheralded- defense allowed the nation's fourth best offensive machine only 90 yards rushing and 33 yards passing. •• .. ' p( >« effect waj' heard In New Orleant. : : . T*o hour« later Mississippi accepted an invitation to meet unbeaten and untied Georgia Tech, the 7-3 conqueror of bowl-hungry Alabpma earlier'In .the day. Tech accepted Its .Sugar ' Bowl, bid 10 day* before Mississippi waa invited Both Tech and, Ole Miss have impressive records/This year Tech has downed The Citadel, Florida Southern Methodist,. Tulahe Auburn, Vanderbilt, Duke,. Army and Alabama. Mississippi has beaten Memphis state. Auburn, Tulane, Arkansas, Louisiana state, Houston and Maryland an* tied flred-up Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Tech still faces Florida state and Georgia, while Ole Miss must' dis- post of Mississippi State. The closing games for both teams are against, traditional foea,.- Mississippi Coach Johnny Vaught engineered the , bowl-enticing triumph over the nation's third-ranking team with a bit of old-fashioned psychology/ - . ; ', Two days before the game he pinned onto the athletic i bulletin board a copy-of.a newspaper column written by Walter Stewart, sports editor of the.; Memphis (Tenn.) : Commercial Appe'al. Stewart quoted Maryland Coach Jim Tatum as saying he intended to use substitutes as soon as Maryland's regulars gained a three-touchdown lead. ..••..•:• . . - . The subs never got a chance to break Into the lineup. Okay Men, David Broke the Spell The x spe!l 'has been broken. David Kelly. :2M Holland, turned the', trick. He became the first, member of the male sex to win the Courier News football contest this year. He missed but three games. Tex- s A & M-Rice, •Qebrgie-Auburn, and Pennsylvania-Army. Five persons tJed'for second place, missing only four, and 15 tied for third place. The women were right up with the best. Four of them figuring In the five-way He for second place. Cotton Box/ Game Will Homecoming for Texas, Vols DALLAS (4>5 ~ Ever heard of a homecoming football game for both teams? The Cotton Bowl game Jan. 1 is going to be pretty 61ose to it. Tennessee and Texas played In the 1951 Cotton Bowl game. Tennessee and Texas, will'play In the 953 Cotton Bowl game. Fifteen of the mei) on the two squads in 1951 will return. Eight are from Tennessee. . • Tennesse« has Andy Kozar, Its great fullback who as a sophomore put on such a show In 1951 in leading the Volunteers to a 20-14 victory over Texas that he was named outstanding player of the day Kozar was Injured last.week ..In the game with Florida and Isn't expected to play any more with Tennessee this season but Is due to be back by the time of the Cotton Bowl game. Texas plajers returning include backs Gib Dawson and T Jones and end Tom Stolhandske and guard Harley Setsell Tennessee was Invited to the Cotton Bowl Friday and quickly accepted. Texas won Us place m the New.Years day classic Saturday by beating Texas Christian 14-7 anrt clinching at least a tie for the Southwest Conference champion- The conference champion is host Gulf stream Has Good Horses HALLANDALE. Pla—Gulfstream Park figures to attract its share of good horses for winter racing this season since the track-by-the sea has a stakes and handicap (schedule calling for distribution of »242 - Feature event of the meeting running from Mnrch 4 through April 20 'will be the $100,000 Florida Derby for 3-jcar-o]ds It Hill be a test of one mile and an eighth and is listed for Saturday, March The Florida. Derby was revived last year at $20,000. President James Dorin also has raised the \alue of the Gulfsueam Park. Handicap. The $50,000 race Is set for Saturday, March 14 and is for 3-year-olds and upward New events at ..Gulfstream include the $15.000 Fountain of Youth Handicap for 3-year-olds, the.$7,500 Dinner Stakes for juveniles and the $1.000 Suwannee River Handicap for fifties arid mares team In the Cotton Bowl but H two trams tie for the tltl» the on* that beat the other In regular waaon play gets the bowl : »poi. Southern Methodist is the only school left that could tie Texts for'th* championship. Texas beat SMTJ Jl-14. QUEEN SIZE — Marie Oldj displays a portion of the WJ striped bass she and her husband boated trolling with buck- tail lures on Croatan Sound, N. C It was all m a half-day'i work for the Great Bridge, Va.. couple. (NEA) If you enjoy fine Bourbon ^Ask for BOTTLED IN BOND VALUABLE FRANCHISE AVAILABLE FROM NATIONAL ORGANIZATION Requiring only SPARE TIME arid small investment NO COMPETITION—we hoW. pending patent rights. Initial investment of 53500 to »!»,««• required (fully secured). Thereafter, w« will assist yo« with financing up to Sin,000 f»r expansion in a rapidly growing fl«ld. T» qualify yo« most be over 35 jears of ag t , permanently located in jo«r community and be able to stand a rijM character and credit investigation, j We completely establish the business for yon and do the advertising. You have no rent, no >Terhea4, and no employees. renm attested will do no wiring—needs no eXBCrteiKe—j»t the iMneaty to fin m a fah- comnt hi diriding <nr profits. If jn can s«»mj, writ* details, hi eluding addma and. phone number. BM'M-SI, e/o Confer News, Beautiful New Brkk Home Locate* MS E. HardtB. I Mromw, MK and one half tile bath*. k«« n Hri-c r«,m, dinlnj ™om, Dehrxe Gener. uh with 81 * H 'v ""• Condtttawr, central lennoi heating »a4,S»«. . ... Jnt empMed thk « »O«,|H>«M .nd .« «. Hardln Larg. SM or Call JOHNNY MARR 4111 RM. Mien* 2596 by Felix Carney We musn't become* impatient at the delay in getting our new video stations uriderv way. To a television actor, a conflict means working oil two shows whoj>e time overlap. To applicants for new TV stations, however, a conflict means that somfcone else wants the same channel and these conflicts are a major factor in determining when a city gets a new TV station. When more than one applicant asks for a channel in a certain city, the FCC must hold hearings to determine which is the best qualified applicant and because of the numerous applications thesa hearings on each case consumes a lot of time. However, don't worry. The U. S. eventually will have more'than 2,000 TV stations and almost every home in America will have access to TV. . . Just chatting around: According to a network survey. 68.3% of all TV sets are turned.on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. (just incase, you're interested !) ... The Ronald Colman. of radio's "Hall of Ivy" fame, who originally -went on record as saying they were not interested in television, now ar« conferring with a producer on a good format for thti new medium. See how everyone is joining the parade? . . . Did you ever stop to think how complex a mechanism your TV set is ... the maze of tubes, condensers and win* c. . all necessary for the efficient performance of your set ... and for the proper servicing of your set, yom need a specially trained technician untf that's where w. come in. Television is our business. Our service department ii, staffed by facto^ trained experts ready to serve you. So if your set doesn't operate properly, c*H : us• today at BWTHEVILLE SALES co, 109 E. Mam Street... Phone: 3616.

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