Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on April 30, 1915 · 6
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 6

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1915
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TIIE SASKATOON r II CE X I X. F II I 1) A Y, A I'll 1 L 3 0, 19 15. !!!lli!!ill!l!llllllilii!illlis!li!!llisil!lil!lllls Woman's :: Realm I - Telephone 184 J IS ROSS BLDC THIRD AVE. 6 NATURE STUDY CLUB ORGANISED-PROF. WILLING, PRES. At a meeting held last night at the Victoria School and attended by a couple of dozen young people, the Saakatoon Naturalist Club was organised. Prof. T. N. Willing w an made preldent, and MIhs Bailey, sccretary-treamirer. It Is hoped that all other Interested In the study of natural history will Join at an early date. The flrat field excursion will be taken next Wednesday, May 5, starting from the end of the Exhibition oar line at 4.80. Daughters of the Empire . The Municipal Chapter will meet to-, morrow, Saturday morning, at 11 at the Y.W.C.A. One of the matters to be discussed ts the amount which can be contributed by the Saskatoon chapters toward purchasing the motor ambulance for hospital work In England, which the Provincial Chapter hopes can be sent as a gift from Saskatchewan. The Military Chapter Is holding a matinee bridge today at Mrs. A. H. Hanson's home, -and an evening bridge at Mrs. T. K. McCall urn's. The award for the best score will be a painting, one of the newest war pictures "When Duty Calls," hy John White R.I. tThe rlze la offered by Mrs. F. E. Harrison. A committee of the Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson Chapter, I.O.D.E. of which Miss Lamont is convener, have made arrangements for a sale of home-made candy, to be held on Saturday afternoon, and evening at 130 Second Avenue North, In the store lately vacated by the United Typewriter Co. Each member of the chapter will contribute two pounds of candy. It Is resired that each girl leave her donation at the store on Second Avenue ty noon on Saturday. The chairman of the committee will be there to receive it. The sale will open at 2 o'clock. The members of the Fitzgerald Chapter will be the hostesses at a dance to be given at the home of Mrs. A. A. Wlllard, 662 Saskatchewan Crescent, North, on Thursday evening, May 6, In honor of those who assisted them in their production of "Trial by Jury." THIN FOLKS GET FAT ON THREEMEALS A DAY .Specialist Explains Why Food Poos Not Always Produce Flesh and How Thin People. Can Increase Weight Most people who are thin and under normal weiight eat heartily but get no Increase In flesh, while plump, chunky folks of normal weight eat leas than they do and keep stout all the time. The under-welght ones finally decide Nature intended them to be thin, that the amount or nature of their food has nothing to do with fiosh-maklng and that nothing can make them fat. But this Is not so. A stout, strong, robust hody can oome alone from food nourishment. Food is the source of all fat and if you are thin and underweight It is merely a certain Indication that only a small portion of the flesh-making nourishment in your meals is reaching your blood and tissues. The assimilative functions of your stomch and intestines are not working properly and the larger part of the food value is leaving your body as waste. To correct such a condition, to gain flesh, increase weight and get 100 per cent, value from your food, a single Sargol tablet taken at each meal will work wonders. Sargol is a scientific combination of six splendid assimilative agents. It promptly stops the leakage of fats and while aiding digestion, also separates every last particle of the fats, oils, sugars and starches of your food from the waste matter and prepares the former into rich, ripe. fleeh-producing nourishment which the blood readily absorbs and distributes throughout the body. Weight increase usually begins within a very few days after Sargol is used with meals. In my opinion two ordinary hearty meals eaten with Sargol is equal in flesh-making value to six ordinary hearty meals eaten without It. Try It, you people who are thin, run down and underweight, and see If I'm not right. You can buy Sargol from practically any druggist hereabouts and every package contains a positive guarantee of weight Increase or money back. While also valuable as a treatment for nervous Indigestion, it should not be used by people who do not wish to increase weight. "TRIAL BY JIKY" COPIfS There arn still twenty copies ot 'Trial By Jurv" not returned. It is abked ilia; these be lei: at ' The Phoenix " office today for mailing to New York. A Bedouin Love Song From the desert I come to thee. On a stallion Bhod with fire, And the winds are left behind, In the speed of my desire. Under thy window I stand And the midnight hears my cry, I love thee, I love thee, I love but thee, With a love that shall not die, Til! the sun grows cold, And the stars are old, And the leaves of the Judgment Book unfold. Look from thy window and see, My passion and my pain, I lie on the sands below, And I faint in my disdain. Let the nieht-wlnds touch thy brow, With the heat of my burning sigh And melt to hear the vow Of a love that shall not die. I love thee, I love thee, I love but thee. With a love that shall not die, Till the sun grows cold, And the stars are old, And the leaves of the Judgment Book unfold. "A Bedouin Love-Song," Is the Irresistible selection on the concert program to be rendered by the Orpheus Society on Tuesday and Wea-nesday night. The words are by Bayard Taylor and the music by Shelley. Having heard Mr. Steven-eon's choristers render this very rich and exalting piece of music, an audience may well believe no composition is too difficult for them to handle well. CRANE PARK A quiet but very pretty wedding took place on April 28 at noon at 717 Avenue H, South, the home of James W, Crane, chief despatcher, C. N. K., by which Miss Ophelia Crane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Crane of Toronto, became the bride of Mr. George I. Park of Prince Albert. The bride was sweet in a dress of liberty satin trimmed with shadow lace. She carried a bouquet of white carnation as she entered the room on the arm of her brother James W. Crane, who gave her away. The ceremony was performed by Rev. A. W. Macintosh of St. Thomas' Church. The bride's niece. Miss Lila Crane, played the wedding march, and later Miss Ruth Boyd presided at the piano. Among the guests who sat down to the dainty luncheon provided by Mrs. Crane were Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Macintosh, B. Chappell, C. N. R. Superintandent, and Mrs. Chappell, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, and a few intimate friends of the bride, Miss Jean McLean, Miss Steward, Miss Trickey, Miss Mcphedran, and the Misses Gillleans. " The new-married couple left in the afternoon . f:r Prince Albert where their home will be. SrOCFJKSFTIi PIANO RFCTTAlh Most successful was the piano recital held yesterday, in which a score of pupils were heard at the St. Johnl Baker studios The program of selections from the master composers was brought to a brilliant conclusion by Debussy and Liszt numbers, played by (Lyall A. R. Gustln. Almost equally splendid was the performance of Poldini and Liszt numbers by Miss Agnes Chase. Miss Ethel Fallon's number was a distinct pleasure, because of the perfection of technique with which she played; and a Chopin number played by Miss Marjorle Wilson deserves very special mention. One cannot fall to note the progress made from month to month by the pupils of Mrs. St. John-Baker and her daughter. FLOWER FUND TEA Mrs. F. Pritchett, 518 11th Street, was the hostess at a pleasurable tea given yesterday in the interests of the flower fund of Miriam Rebekah Lodge. , VISITED THE SOLDIERS The Young People's Society of Westminster Church forty strong visited the soldiers at the Exhibition grounds last night and presented an excellent program for the pleasure of the military men. Junius Jonsson was chairman and the program Included piano solos by Miss Ella Jac-oby and Miss Annie Landon: vocal solos by Miss Helen Denton and Edward F. McGarvey; readings by Miss Euphle Cummlng and Mr. Gilmour, and an address by J. A. Snell. The singing of the National Anthem brought the gathering to a close. MAYFA1R CHOIR CONCERT A concert under the auspices of Mayfair Presbyterian church choir will be given this evening at eight o'clock in the church. J. E. Paul will be chairman. Among those who are assisting with the program are: Miss Mary Glenn, Miss Helen !"enton, Mrs. W. J. Holliday, Mrs. E. W. Riddle, Miss Lois Paul, Edward E. McGarvey, Humphrey Davies, K. W. Riddle. J. P. Mackenzie, and Mrs. W. S. Scott. f I' ' v -u: - .. y-:Vpyt:j MR. JAMES GUY USHER Leading man with the Eckhanlt Players, who will return to the Empire Theatre for a week's engagement, presenting a repertoire of their most successful plays. Social Master Jack Cairns was the youthful host at a merry birthday party on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Daniel Rosche, 201 Saskatchewan Crescent, will receive today from three to six. Miss Richardson will receive with her. The Catholic Clubrooms never before looked so attractive as they did last night for the at home being given by the Women's "Gym" Club. Union Jacks and Red Cross bannerets were everywhere. The Daylight orchestra supplied the mufjic, and the dancers heartily enjoyed the program. Mrs. Fraser and Mrs. Caiill received the guests. Thirty or forty couples were in attendance at the farewell dance given last night for the U. of S. senior year by the other three years. Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Thompson were the patronesses. President Murray, Professor and Mrs. L. Hogg, Prof, and Mrs. Bracken, Professor Eaton and Professor Maclaurin were among the guests. Scott's orchestra furnished nn excellent program of music and the committee had arranged for tempting refreshments. Mrs. A. J. Bell, 303 Saskatchewan Crescent, received yesterday for the first time since coming to the City. She was very charming in a gown cf white crepe de chtee, with laoe and blue embroidered panne trimmings. Mrs. W. J. Bell, who assisted In receiving, wore Belgian blue taffeta and crepe de sole and a small hat to match. Mrs. MeCraney and Mrs. McNab did the tea-room honors, assisted by Miss Bashford, and the Misses Muriel and Eileen Bell. Among the guests was Mrs. Bell, Sr., whom all were delighted to meet again after her recent illness. The tab'e was decorated with bowls of pale yellow and blue iris and in the reception rooms Iris and tulips were arranged. At least two hundred ladles called yesterday to pay their devoirs to Mrs. John A. Mather, 327 Saskatchewan Crescent, who was holding her first reception since oomlng to the City. Mrs. C. D. Mifchner rt-ceived with the hostess and Mrs. J. W. Cad-well helped entertain In the living-room. For the first hour the tearoom honors were done by Mrs. Percy Stevens and Mrs. H. G. Clare and for the second by Mrs. Clark and Mrs. G. A. Wright. Their assistants were, Mrs. Hunter Early, Mrs. Argue, Mrs. Chas. McKlnnon, M'.ss Benv-rlce Slssons, Miss Lloyd, and Miss Orr. Miss May Scarth gave very charming piano selections. In the tea-room and living-room rose carnations and snap-dragon were used and in the hall red and white blossoms. CONTEST POSTPONED The medal contest In elocution to have heen held tonight by the Cleveland W. C. T. U. at St. Thomas' Church has been postponed for a week. CORN-OFF "Will quickly remove that troublesome com for you. Only a few applications necessary to give excellent results. We have it at 25c per Bottle For tired, swollen feet we recommend Howard's Foot Tablets or Antiseptic Foot Powder Each Only 25c A. DULMAGE, Limited R. T. 1IIOWN. Acting Manager THE REXALL STORE 171 SECOND AVENUE, S. Phone 116-1 , SI1X II. ATTENTION TO MAIL OKPKIIS TRY THIS RECIPE IF YOU HAVE DANDRUFF nV T TO II K H 1 1 OF TT The beat way to pet rid of dandruff for pood not merely to wash it off the head for a few hours, but clean your head of it forever, is to tone the scalp with some vigorous aet-Injr remedy that will revitalise the slowly dying hair follicles. Onre you pet the scalp in a healthy condition you will neypr be troubled apatn with dandruff, and your hair will stop coming out. A pre at many of the bent hair drenners recommend the following reelp which rmm be eantly and lu-expenMlvely prepared and applied at home by anyone Mlx together In an H oa. bottle oa. of arood Bay Hum with 2 oa. of pare Karons de C'ompooee, and add abont H drachm of Menthol Crystals. Pbake thoroughly and allow to atand an honr before1 valna:. The mixture la bent applied to hair and aealp by poor--In little on a noft cloth taca by drawing tnl cloth low It through the hair, taking oe amall atrand at n time. When the bend In onlte thoronghly dampened nth brlnklr Into the ae! with the Anger tip" onttl tfee akin llnrlr.. ve to tea ml mate treatment like this each morning for a few dav will genernllr drive every trace of dandruff fr; file aealp. nad will alo make the bale beanMfnlly flaffT. g!oy and ear to arranae. It will a!o atop the bale from earning ont. and If kept vp will noM mn rel w utmr new hair genwlna. DnirilKU everywhere aell Far Rum. I rnm de (wnf nnd Menthol Crvtnl, and will. If yo prefer, the nil fog for at n amall extr eharn-e. If yon like perfume odd m few drop of your f nvorlfc. and oee wfcf a THEATRICAL NOTES AT THE EMPIRE Recent investigators have discovered that the Island on which Robinson Crusoe was cast away and lived alone for twenty years was in the West Indian Se.oa and not in the Pacific Ocean as formerly asserted. It was in these same waters that Columbus first set foot upon the new hemisphere on the Island of San Salvador In the Bahamas, now called Watling's Island. In the past year new adventrrcs have taken place in these same waters. The reference is to the adventures of J. Ernest Williamson and his brother, George M. Williamson, one hundred feet under the surfact1 of the water, in the West Indinn Seas. A complete tnd enthralling record of the Williamsons' adventures are now showing at the Empire The:.tre when the Universal Film Company presents the Williamson Submarine Motion Pictures. This is the first and only film of its kind ever taken. The Williamsons have a monopoly of under-the-ocean "movies" for - they have a patent on their own invention of the submerged photographic chamber and control the collapsible submarine tube, invented and patented by their father. With its usual enerpy and far-s'iprhtedness, the Universal Film Manufacturing Company has arranged to expoit ,- their pictures, i : "GOING KOIF" At the Empire Theatre ail next week with the same cast as before, the Oliver Kckhardt players will be seen in "Oolng Some," the clever five act comedy from the ptn of the well known writer, Rex Beach. "Going Pome" is staged In the heart of New Mexico at "Flying Heart Ranch," where Mr. J. Walllngford Speed, an Eastern ollegeman and "head yeller" is a guest. To get in strone with tho girl he loves he poses as an athlete oi exceptional ability, and to prove such he volunteers to win back a trophy belonging to the cowpunchers of "Flying Heart Ranch," but taken from them in a running contest by e neigh boring and rival ranch. Speed knows full well that he cannot run, not evem knowing how to start a race, let alone win one, but figures on sending for his friend. Culver Covington, who Is a real athlete, to come out to the ranch and run the race In his place. To keep up the bluff until the last minute, he goes Into training under his valet, Larry Glass, who hasxto vouch with his life that Speed will win the race. The cowpunchers, fearful of losing their beloved gramaphone, the prize at stake, compel Walllngford to follow every rule known to scientific training, even to cold baths and eating raw meat, that he may be in perfect condition for the great event. At the last minute Covington is sent for. When he arrives Speed learns for the first time that he is completely disabled by a broken toe. The complications that follow are most amusing. till I I I I lili 1 i i i i The Store with the Exclusive Stylet TODAY AND TOMORROW Final Clearance Sale of Misses' and Women's Suits Thirty of the finest suits we have shown this year. They are noted for both style, quality and workmanship. There are not two suits alike and all are made in the latest spring styles. Materials are gabardines, serges, whipcords, poplins and silk crepe cloth; colors navy, military blue, sand, putty, black, grey, and black and white checks. Sizes range from 16 misses' to 44 bust measure. Note the following prices: Regular $30.00 for ..$16.50- Regular $40.00 for ..$29.50 Regular $35.00 for ..$23-50 Regular $50.00 for ..$32.50 Hisses' Spring Coats at 17.9 These coats come in a number of smart spring styles including Norfolk, and Tommy Atkins styles and a number of others too numerous to describe. Colors navy, Belgian blue, scarlet, green, tan and black and white checks. Sizes range from 1 4 to 18. Sold regularly up to $ 1 5.00. Sale tf7 r Price 5)7,50 Lingerie Blouses at 95c These blouses are made of cotton voile, trimmed with organdy collar and cuffs, and are shown in long sleeves,, convertible collar with large crochet buttons down front and finished with hemstitching and tucks. A an waist worth $1.50 for ZJDC i J2 U !li!II!!lEEllillll!!ISi!!S pion by the seat of the trousers and ' pulls him away. The champion flshts desperately to shake off the bulldog, but it holds on like grim death. Chaplin then attacks his rival and finally scores a knockout punch and the j champion, now an "ex' takes the I count. Chaplin then is hailed the champion of the world. AT TIIE SHERMAN The opening of vaudeville at the Sherman was a success last nii;ht. The audience appreciated the splendid acts and pictures and the music. The Morrells in their sketch "Wanted a Nurse," were extremely funny and a sure fire hit. Lavalle end Ro-binau, cartoonists and singers, wee excellent and Miss Robinau is both talented and charming. Her sonsrs received numerous encores, and ,hc changes of costumes were very Jaws'-sy. Scott and Adams do a fine comedy act. The pictures were wmff of the best ever seen - In the City and the comedy film, "The Road'to Reno" Is immense. Mr. Strecter has strucK the gs.!t for a summer attraction and will no doubt be taxed to accommodate the crowds if appreciation and applause count. The opening show went over in great shape. BENEFIT CARD PARTIFS Mrs. R. Tomlinhon and Mrs. Gilliatt will be the hostesses at a pair of card parties and dances to be given on Monday and Tuesday evenings of next week at the former's home. Ave. North. There will be music and refreshment provided. The proceeds will be divided equally between tne Children's Aid Society of Saskatoon and the Institute for the Blind, the Deaf and the Dumb at Stoke-on-Trent, England. MEMORIAL SERVICE The usual morning service at St. George's Church on Sunday w'H take the form of a memorial service for the men of the Canadian contingent who have fallen in France. Suitable hymns will be surs and a special sermon will bep reached. The hrur of service is 11. The evening service at 7 will be of somewhat the sane character. The Trade Mark Is Your Safeguard BLUE mm its a eui Y V Ask for Blue Ribbon and make sure you get it. It stands for the highest grade of tea Send this Advert with 25 cents to IMue Ribbon, Limited, Winnipeg, for the Blue Ribbon Cook Book. Write name ana adjros plainly. 2.D0O SIGNET) PETITION'S. CHAIUiKS CHAPLIN IN "THE CHAMPION" "The Champion." In two reels, is Charles Chaplin's latest and greatest comedy. It will be at the Daylight the first three days of next week. It drives away all cares and keeps you convulsed with laughter from ?art to finish. If you don't want to laugh, don't go to see It for it is Impossible not to laugh at this great comedian , in his new comedy. Chaplin, while wandering about1 with his bulldog, sees a sign on a gymnasium door that "white hopes" ( are wanted for a "try-out." He ttnds a horse shoe and puts it in his poo- ket for good luck. Then he enters. : The big ''bruiser" puts all the other aspirants out of the running in quick succession. Just before Chaplin's turn, he thinks of the horse ihoe and ; puts it Into his glove. I He takes the "bruiser" unaware ; and lands a blow with the horse shoe that puts him down and cut. He then is scheduled to fght the great champion. After a courw of training, in which Chaplin keep the spectators in roars of laughter with his unique antics, he finally faces his opponent in the prize ring Dog Smiles ami Frowns. On the front neat, as. one of thr spectators, is his bulldog. The animal watches the fight closely. It actually smiles whenever Chaplin scores a knockdown. Its fare g flerre and gloomy when its master goes to the mat. After a long and hard baf-le, in which both men receive heavy : punishment, the champion fnal'y gets Chaplin suainst the ropes proceeds to punih him unmerciful-i ly. Chaplin is about to take t. count1 when the dog laps from lis ea. dashes to the ring, grabs the cham- When the Equal Suffrage petition canvassers met yesterday afternoon, it was learned that about 2,000 signa tures to the petition for votes for Sas-Vntohpwnn wnmen had heen received. These will not be forwarded till to morrow, and In the meantime other homes will be called upon. Those who choose to make sure of their signatures being on, may call at the Y.W.O.A. and sicn the petition there. VICTORIA THEATRE TODAY mm In the 20 Million Dollar Mystery KEYSTONE COMEDY FATTY'S RECKLESS FLING A Comedy "A SURPRISE" Mutual Weekly Latest War News Empire Theatre C. P. Waikor, Lessee Barney Groves, Manager mm n Each Night with Daily Matinees THE FAMOUS WILLIAMSON v PICTURES 99 AT 3 ANI S.30 P.M. DAILY Graphically described by Mr. Luman C. Mann Mum-in.? tho Wonders of the Fnclerseas Taken from Real Life Special School Children's Performance Saturday Morr.l, ot II a.m. Admission Hlo Two Weeks at the Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, to Capacity Business Prices: Nights 2,-,e; Matinee J lie and 15e ONE WE12K COMMENCING MONDAY, MAY 3RD Return Engagement Of the OLIVER J. ECKHARDT PLAYERS In n Rciicitoire of their Blsgest Sucif-ses, an follows: Monday Night, Wed. Mat., "Within the Law"; Tuesday, "Going Some"; Wednesday Eve.; "Officer 666"; Thursday, "Kindling"; Friday, "Peg o' My Heart"; Sat. Mat. and Night, "Charlie's Aunt" Prices, Nights: Main Floor 35c-50c; Balcony 25c-35c; Matinees: AclultH 2(K-; JOo Curtain will RJm at U.30 Nl.-lits; am! 3 p.m. Matinee- National Patriotic Fund (Saskatoon Branrh) Funds Urgently Required Are YOU doing your "bif'T Mall Contributions or Deposit In Boxes, National Trust Office, or In Postoflvce JAMKS CLINKSKII.I,, Collertor. VAUDEVILLE I.m Vallc and Rabineau .Scott and Ailanis Tlie Morrells Three Screaming Hits 5 Kerfo of the best Moilon Picture . Price: Dally Mat. lOe; Night l.c, 25c Try a Classified Ad. in The Phcsnix Phone 1844 Phone 1844 1 I 1 i llll

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