Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 18, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1897
Page 23
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FORD. General Passenger Agent, Ht. Lou 1 *, Mo. . E, & W. Time lable, Peru, Ind. golld trains between PeorU. and Sandusky and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct connection* to and from »ll points in the United Itatec and Canada. AKRTVX SOUTH BOOXU 1>«PAKT No 21 Indianapolis Kxp daily 7:10 a m U:»amNo23 " Mail 4 Kxp_U:3S a m (dsU'y except Sunday) NoSftlndpl'sKxp ei Sun,.- S:ffipm »:>• p m No 39 Paaienger eieept &un No 151 Rooheitar local arrive H5 p m except Sunday, MORTB BOtTXD. . .. i:»pmNo«MiohiianClty*aUr', l: t;Mpm No M Detroit Xxp Kz Boa No UO Aroom except Sun... .no»a not ran north of Peru on Bund ay. m£ltLiBvl rate* and toneral InfonnatMti call /a JJtttenor, ticket agent. L I. * W. THE. First National Bank CAPITAL 1250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PRESIDENT, W. "W. ROSS, CASHIEB, J. F. BROOKMEYER, Assr. DIRECTORS: A.J. .Hurdocfc, If. H. Bringhurst, Dennii Uhl.R. 3. Rice, B. F, Yantfa. t M. .Sarwood, W.T.Wilson. __ Banking In all 1M Departments promptl) and carefully done. 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Abcolute proofs sent nealedoa anplleutotu AdrtreM COOK RE3CEDT CO« «53Mjuooic Temple, CHICAGO, A CHRISTMAS STOP.T BT G. T. FEEETS. [Copyright, 1S3T. by the Author.] FrtLstrated hope threw its blight on tin cheerv old fan* a= ilrs. Martin read tha . letter from h'M =011 Paul. He had been a j wanderer for eight years and now wrote j from South Africa. The same feeling' haunted Kate Lockwood's fine eyes, though she bit her lip at the conscious revelation. But llrs. Martin did not see. Her eyes were blurred. And murmuring, "What 1 could have happened to change his rnindt'" ' as if it were the presnge of some greater . blow, she went on with the reading: | "I'd give » few -sparklers' to be with vou on Christinas, as I had planned. But' a fellow can't always fulfill bis own wish-! cs. It's better to have everything wound up before leaving. South Africa has treat-1 ed me pretty well up here in its diamond fields, so I shouldn't kick if in keeps me in Its clutch a little longer. I shan't be sorry to leave this furnace behind. When my letter reaches, Jack Frost will be abroad with you in Vermont, elad in ice and snow, but here a man will be baking at 90 in the shade. I'm burped as black us any Kaffir in the mines, to that you and Kate would scarcely know my swarthy phiz. By the way, you may tell that young woman from me that I don't half like her goings on with the Swincon man. Didn't she promise to wait for me? I shall have a word to say to her about her faithless-' ness." And so Paul's letter rambled on in a semichaffing tone. Kate's face had darkened to angry scarlet when Mrs. Martin looked up and said: ''Why, my dear, you mustn't take Paul's jokes so hard. You know what a 'tease'he was from a boy." That was precisely the trouble. Paul had always been joking, Kate feared. A distant cousin and reared in the family, ever sincu she had emerged into womanhood it more tumultuous sweetness had mingled witk the calm affection she had once felt for Paul even as she had for his elder brother Will. When he had gone away, she was only 17, and keenly she had quivered with the pang of parting. Year after year had slid by, and the rolling stone found no rest and the girl's sore heart had certainly found no balm in the absent Paul's jocose phrases. Yet she had sometimes fancied a thrill of sentiment and tenderness quickening his sporcive allusions. At all events suitors had lacked fuel for their flrc, and her friends rallied the young schoolteacher that the only men folk she liked were the lads, with whom she could be"jolly good fellow" in a most fascinating way. Her latest admirer, the head of a prosperous factory and much liked by the Martins, had no better luck than predecessors. "There was a time,"the old lady continued ia reminiscent mood.as she laid down the letter, "when I hoped you and Paul would come together some day; but, lackaday, that's all done with. I can't understand the girls nowadays. I s'pose you ain'c afcared of bi*l left an old maid, fer, you know, you're good Jookin"—and Mrs. Martin peered quizzically at Kate over her glasses—"but still you might never have such ft good offer as Mr. .Swhi- ton—plenty of money, not too old, and as good as gold. As fur Paul's stayin away another year''— "What's that about Paul's not comin honiL-?" Mr. Martin's jolly red fact', now beginning to pucker with years and cave, was 111 led with dismay as he suddenly entered the room. "That scapegrace of ourn oughter bo thrashed of he's a-goin to disappoint us aij'in." .So Mrs. Martin again raid the le.tter aloud, while. Kate, amid the varied comment of the old couple, escaped for a hearty cry. Farmer Martin's gloom had a deeper root than ordinary miscarriage of hope. "I'd ru'ther looked to Paul's help of the wust comes," said he to his wite, "fer Will's got all he can shoulder. The mortgage on the place has never been easy to meet—what with poor crops and low prices. I met Squire Barber Jos' now. and 1 told him we expected Paul. 'For sure.' said he, and laughed with his 'Ho, ho!' like some dunged ole hyeny, and then he said he hoped there wouldn't be any delay this year 'bout, the mortgage money or somethin might turn up. and then he outs with another snicker. Confound his hide, it's as heartless as his sheepskin books, fer I had allus reckoned him a friend afore." Though Christinas did not promise any appetizing sauce for its turkey and mince "WHAT A TEASE;'' pie, active preparation went on as usual, for Will and his children would be there, and their hearts must be gladdened with Christmas sunshine. Arlingford had indeed always kept the day with more fervor than is the wont with most New England country towns. It was the day before Christmas and rhe farmer was returning from the woods, whither he had gone to select the Christmas tree. The crisp, sweet; air was musical with sleighbells, for the earth was sheathed in dazzling white. As he turned into the main street, his bobsled almost collided with a fast cutter spinning homeward from Chester. It was Squire Barber returning from the county seat, some eight miles distant, where his law office was located. "Merry Christmas, if ic isn't too early!" shouted the lawyer, pulling up. "What have you got there- Holly, and as I live mistletoe too. I haven't seen any before for an nee,"' "Yes." said Mr. Martin, "it comes and goes in a curious way. I hain 't found it grow in fer ten years till I got this from a half rotten appie tree in the upper orchard. " And he held up a sprig of it with its yellow leaves and whitish berries shilling liie cniswd silver in the winter sparkle of the sun. "The old legend says it brings good Inct," answered the lawyer. "I'll drop in this evening and see it hanging, for the chance of kissing pretty Kate onder the mistletoe, unless Swinton gets ahead of me." And he chuckled heartily to himself as he drove on. The Martins had attended the early service in the church and were now gathered in the big parlor where theChriswaas tree was set loaded with presents and the children were all agog with eagerness. Mr. Swinton was a guest of the occasion, though not much to Kate's pleasure. The tree had been almost stripped of it-s burden amid the jubilation of the youngsters, and even Paul's absence couldn't quite quench the beartsome glow of the old folk. " Ow I "ood like to see santy Caus his- sef 'en he comes down the chimley tonight!" said little May Martin, her mouth gorged with dripping sweets. Just then a tremendous clashing of bells rang out as if a whole caravan of sleighs were coming up the road. Louder and louder chimed the silvery music till it stopped before the door amid the pawing of horses' hoofs. ••Who can it be?" they all said to each other. "Perhaps it is Santa Claus," whispered Kate to little May. The child caught HOW THE OLD MOTHER CBIED AND HUGGED HIM. at the entrancing thought and rushed to the front door. They heard a scream of terror, and May darted back, gasping and white, to hide her face in her father's lap. Santa Claus indeed had come to the child's invocation. Framed in the doorway and seeming almost to fill it stood a great, fur clad figure, looking like a gigantic bear on its hind legs. A fur helmet covered the whole face, with goggles in the eyelet holes, and on the furry arm bung a big basket with bulging contents. Amid the breathless silence and wonder the uncouth figure stalked to the Christmas tree and crowded its empty boughs with such a largess of parcels as to bend them low. As the pantomime went on Mr. Martin nodded to his wife and Kate and then toward their guest as if to say, "This little comedy is the pleasant surprise of a rich man's wooing." But Swinton's eyes were bent on Santa Claus with a queer look of dread and expectancy, could they have ganged his thought. Xot a word was uttered till the lur clad image had closed his task, when a hoarse, rumbling voice, as if it had been made raucous by shouting against polar blasts, issued from under the fur hood, calling them by name and summoning them to receive their gifts. The children's turn came first,. The trembling youngsters were loaded with such gorgeous and wonderful toys as they had never dreamed could exist. Will Martin got a box containing a sealskin cap and gloves. The' wonderful fur cloak which Santa Claus threw around Mrs. Martin was fit for the shoulders of a queen, as she stood there quivering with curiosity and a dumb presage that feared to name itself and stammering thanks that, choked in the throat. In rho fanner's hands was placed a large sealed envelope, nnd he blinked and peered as if he would unravel some clew to the: impassive mystery which faced him. Hs itched to tear open the envelope, but waited. Kate Lix-kwood's name was called, and her trembling limbs could scarcely carry her forward. A little box was snapped open and a superb diamond ring blazed like a star. She grew dizzy, for a blinding flash of intelligence came even before that furry mask w;us torn off with a swift gesture and the bronzed face of Paul, tsvitch- ing with emotions of joy and tenderness, appeared to them. How the old mother cried and hugged him till her anus were weary, how the men folk wrung his hand and overwhelmed him with broken, eager questioning, and how the children made Ehy acquaintance with the unknown uncle Santa Claus need not be recounted. "And has my Kate no greeting?" Paul said. She came forward with cheeks of flame from where she had stood aloof, bewildered with a rush of feelings. He gazed at her shining eyes, and her heart leaped at the lover's deep look. Then he happened to notice the twisted vine of leaf and berry that, swayed over her head, the time honored symbol of a thousand sweet mysteries. "Under the mistletoe, too." he laughed. He was the same old teasing Paul. '' That is as ic should be." And he took his privilege then and there, drawing her sweet face to his and kissing her on the lips be fore them all. "Look," he whispered, "at the inner circle of the ring." and there Kate saw engraved, "From Paul to the woman he loves," and that was Paul's proposal, an sv/ered to his satisfaction by one flashing glance, veiled as quickly by the modest eyelashes. "I've been ringing and hammering at the outer door for five minutes, andnoone came, so I walked in." said a new voice as Squire Barber entered. "I suppose you've got everything fixed to j-our CARTERS •llTTLE IlVER • piU SICK HEADACHE PositiTely cored by these Little Pills. They also relieve Kstress from Dyspepsia, Indigesl ion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Bad Taste in the Month, Coated Tongue Pain in the Side, TORPID LTVER. Thef Regulate tie Boards. TnreJy Vegetable. SmaH PHI. Small WONDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WHO NEED* A GENERAL BRACING UP. H Brings Perfect Manhood to All. Tho Greatest Discovery of the Famou* PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. 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It never fails. sow. ana mat me uustletoe orougnt gooa luck." "You old fox you knew all about it," burst forth the farmer, and with a sudden thought he opened the envelope and saw it was a ••ciungagu satisfaction" paper. "So it was Paul and you that put up this Christmas joke." "Yes. dad." said Paul without a bit of remorse. "1 think we did it in pretty good style too. I started from South Africa at the same time I posted that letter as a blind and landed more than a fortnight since. The rest was easily Used, and I determined to shake you all up with a big surpri.se. And I have proved such a successful Santa Claus that a certain young woman has concluded to let me play Santa Claus to her for life." "Where's itr. Swinton?" said the farmer, with a teen recollection of incivility, for in the agitation of the scene all had forgotten him. Love is sometimes very selfish. Their gcest of the early evening had unobtrusively slipped away. He knew he tvas one too many. PERRIN MEDICINE CO.. NEW VOUK. Sold by B. F. KeeBllng. Holiday Excisions Vanflalia Line. •n\OB the Holidays the Vandalia Line will tell Excursion Tickets atjreduced rates Irom. all stations, to local points on its own line, and alao to points on eoanectinx flines. For full particulars call on nearest Vandalia Ltoe- Ticket Agent, or address E. A. FORD, Gen 1 ! .Passenger Agt, St. Louis, Me. CkriitmMtide. 8om6 oay that ever 'f^insc thvi season come* Ifhereiii OUT Saviour's birth is celebrated, The bird of dawning srageth all night long. And then, they «y, no spirit dares stir abroad; The nights are wholesome; then no planets (Dike; No fury takes or witch hath power to i-im-m,. 80 hallowed mod so gracionx is the time. The Central Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket Is tor »ale at principal Ticket Office* o The Pennsylvania Lines. It ie honored one year from date of •»!*, tor Er change 1 Jckets over either ol the foilowtoff named Lines: Ann Arbor, Baltimore & Ohio. Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern. Chicago & Saltern Illinois, Chicago &;west Michigan. Cincinnati &. MusMngum Valley. Cincinnati, B»milton &• Dayton, Cleveland & Marie ita, Cleveland, Canton & Southern, Cleveland, Cincinnati. Chicago * Bt JL Cleveland, Loraln & Wheeling. Cleveland Ternsttnl & Valley, Columbng, Hoctlog Valley ± Toledo, Columbug. SanduBky ic Hockln*^ DetroiC& Cleveland Steam Navigation, Detroit. Grand Kapldj Ic Wetwrn, Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley 4 f Ittiburg. EvangvlUe & IndianapolU. EransTllle Se Terre Haute. Rndiay. Fort W«yne t Wettem. Flint 4 Pere Marquette, Grand Baptls & Indiana. Indiana, Decatur & Western, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern,IB- Jxraiivflle & Na»hvffle, Between LonlivIUe * Cincinnati and between St. L and fna»rttt» LouievlUe, EvansvfUe * Bt Lonii Louisville, Henderson & 8t Lonia. Michigan Central, The price nf tboe ticket* ar» Thirty OoUui each. They are not tranrferable lfth*U«AM i»n»ed in iuentlretj and eiolu«iT«ly by «h» original purchaser, a reb«u« of T«ii DoUan l» paid by the CommteloDer of the Otttni Tm- teaser Ajtociadoo, K. A Ford, Gen. Paw. ritubnrj. Fa 8*pt»,M»I

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