Saskatoon Daily Star from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on June 1, 1914 · 2
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Saskatoon Daily Star from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 2

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1914
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, PACE TWO THE SASKATOON DAILY STAR. MONDAY. JUNE 1. 1914 EXACT NUMBER OF DEAD MAY NEVER BE KNOWN C.P.R. Officials Unable to Give Even Approximate Number. LOCAL NEWS IS HARRISON .EE. FORMALLY STARTS O HEAT RECORD FOR SEASON Authorities in Montreal Claim Empress Can Be Salvaged. NEW GENERATOR "The hottest day thia year." wu th report o( Mr. J. M. Eby, weather nun for Paaka-toon. when called up thia afternoon by Tha Sur. at 1.45 (new city time) the tbermo- Power-house Staff Present Mayoress With Card Case in Return. Th. .itv' w S.d 000 turho-rener- At LOW Tide Idea in Little Over ator was formally put Into operation on Saturday afternoon, wnsn Mrs. r. Nine Fathoms Water. of MUCH SPECULATION EXISTS AS TO WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES. MONTREAL. June 1. It is doubtful it the exact numoer of dead in the . Kmpresa of Ireland will ever be known. Thin mornlnr a special effort was made to secure an authenticated list from the Canadian J'aclllc Railway Co.. but ' the officials were unable to 1 even give an approximate number of the dead. According tc the oflicnu atatement there wai 1,37 passeiigers made up a follow; First class. 87; second class, 151; third class. 714: crew Alt. Canadian Pacific Railway officials state that the number of known aur- vivura is 37 tirat clas. 3o second class, 210 In tha crew, with the number lu the third class uncertain. Published names aa to the known saved differ considerable from the figur given out by tha Canadian Pacific railway. The lataat available list put the figures of known aaved as In i the first class IT, second class W in 1 the third class 1ST and la tha crew ,210. Tbere is grave reason to believe, ' however, that among tha 11 names given as being saved ta the third class are many of tha crew and poa-jalbly even of second class passengers ' Doing Their Beat to Straighten it Out. The Canadian PaclOo railway offl- clals state that they are doing their ' beet to get the matter straightened out, but It nay never be known ex-nelly how many went down. The Canadian Pacific atels that the number of known Identified dead is II first clans and 17 second class, but the published lists differ from these figures considerably. It was not until last night that the Canadian Pacific railway was In a position to make public the full list of third-class passengers. It shows that Montreal was particularly hard hit as there were over one hundred registered In the steerage from thia city. How majiy of these have been saved is mere guess work. According to high authorities in Montreal who have looked into the sit uation. It la quite within the limits of possibilities to salvage the Kmpresa They state this morning that at low tide she Ilea m a little over nine is thorns of water and that at such a depth It Is possible to salvage her. In the confusion since the wreck took place little thought has been given to this however, but officials of the Canadian Pacific railway and oth era interested are talking over the situation and preparing to take what steps are necessary. Considerable speculation exists as to which party can be Held reeponsmie for damage. The Storstad was owned in Norway, was chartered by the Black Diamond Line and carried a cargo consigned to the Dominion Coal Company, Montreal. In view of these circumstances, local authorities are reticent about making any statement as t whom one should look for recourse In view of the Storstad being held to blame. No new developments have taken place wrth regards to the seizure of the Storstad by the Canadian Pacific railway. The writ of selxure Is returnable one week from today and until then it la not expected that there will be any new developments. The admiralty court have put a man to watch day and night to see that nothing la done to remove the Storstad outside the jurisdiction of Montreal courts. What effect the selxure will have on possible suits for damages agalnat the Canadian Pacific railway la also something legal authorities do not care to discuss at this time. An Additional Survivor. MONTREAL, June 1. Additional survivor, Bert Qreenuway, second cabin, of Toronto. Following shown on Salvation Army list did not sail: Ina Malsey, F. Peacock, Capt. Gilbert Beit, Mrs. F. Consell and chlkl. Further bodies Identified. Mrs. Dunlavy. first cabin, Adjutant Beckstadt second cabin; Supposed body of Mrs. Winn Price now Identified aa Mrs. Ledera, stewardess. Preliminary Inquiry at Montreal MONTREAL, J-n 1. The preliminary inquiry for the purpose of getting together the necessary witnesses and proc irlng their statements is being held In Montreal today . tinder Captain Lindsay, Dominion wreck commission' Captain Lindsay stated that although he had not got Into touch with tha witnesses at thut hour, he knew the majority of them were in Montreal and that lie would open, the inquiry here today) In private. "We are merely preparing the way for tho Inquiry proper." he said, "and eliminating those witnesses whose evidence can have no bearing on the case Ails Will clear the wsy for later proceedings." Captuln Llr.dsay will take the evidence In the Dominion wreck commissi. .n rm.rt Ik. thn Ml.Miivhni.Hav H..ll.4 lug. Mar Identified Died MONTRKAL. June 1 A revised list on identified dead given out today by the Canadian Pacific Railway Com pany contained the following names In addition to those already published: Blyth, Miss, maid to Mrs. F. W. Cullvn; Urame, K. bedroom steward; Kd wards, Coxsw.iln, Yokohama, Japan; 1 Harrlgnn. U; Ileikklla, Mailt, Negau-nee. Michigan: Peterson, g. J, ste wardess; Pickers. K.. Lansing, Mich igan; Fannelson, KfT. . The home of Ihe children of Oyorg Zug, previously reported to be Wln-ipeg. Is given now as St. Louis, Mis-. ourL K. Harrison, wife of the chief magistrate, threw the rwltch which put the irenerator into motion. A few minutes before the Mayoress, with the assist ance of Chief Engineer Cuttir-j, turned the steam Into the turbine. Despite the Importance of this ceremony to the citisens of Saskatoon In the way of protecting their power sup ply, there was only a small crowd of citizens present, Mayor Harrison being the only representative from th city council. As a token of their appreciation of her kindness in attending the opening ceremony, tie members of the power house staff presented Mrs. Harrison with a very flue silver card case which bore an Inscription on one side and an etc hin it of tb machine on tne other. The presentation was mad by Elec trical Engineer Hanson, who tendered Mrs. Harrison the thanks of the pow erhouse staff. A short speech was made by the mayor In thn powerhouee office at the conclusion of the ceremony, in which he congratulated the members of Mr. Hanson's staff on the appearance and record of the powerhous generally it was the beet in the west and the equal of anything in the east of its size. He commented on the fact that for many years at least the tnstalla tion of this new trenerator would mean that a recurrence of the trouble ex perienced lat; February would be an Impossibility. Mexico, J. K. Goodrich; Kingdom of Canada, Ewart; Making of th Cana dian Wear. MacBeth. Rev. R. U.: WIS- toire Manliobaine. Rev. A. G. Jiortca. Biography Lives of the Moat Eminent English Poets. Samuel Johnson; George Morrow end His Circle, C. K. Shorter; Lie of Henry Debouchere. A. L. Thorold; Life of Florence Nightingale. 8. A. Tooley; Robert Louis Stevenson s Ed inburgh Days, E. B. Bimpson. Grace Church's Aid to Banish the Bar Campaign Ample evidence that Grace church 1 not lagging behind in tne banlsh- the-bar campaign was forthcoming last night when 1100 was pledged In suiv port of the cause, at an enthusiastic meeting held In the church. Alto gather Orace church expects to contribute 1600 to the cam pern fund. A good portion of the sum proffered last evening was In oaah. The meeting waa addreesed by Rev. E. Val Tllton first, who forcibly claimed that pro hibition does not prohibit. He said that the temperance party did not claim thft prohibition would accom plish any such thing; no one claimed It did. , He said that some "chronic whiskey users" would smuggle the stuff Into their homes In spite of all precautions, but the results .would be seen in the saving of young people and those too honorable to go Into back alleys and stables to Indulge in the stuff. These results would more than Justify the cause of. the prohibl tion party. He also stated that Duns reports were evidence that prosperity was most apparent in the prohibition districts. Mr. A. W. Wylle who waa on the platform, spoke on the work acc-m pllshed by the banteh-the-har people In tne recent campaign. Mr. J. 1) Manly dealt 'ith the organisation work, and the obstacles he said the liquor people were putting In the way of the movement. Mr. c. M. Johns ton took up the financial side of the question making an at peal for funds and the response cash and pledgee. was large, both In NOT CONVERTED TO SINGLE TAX FOR CITIES (Continued From Page Three) clannish individual, and the prospect does not appeal to him at all of start lng out with a small capital on the bare prairie, many mllea from any on. Before he can hope to get any returna at all, he has to sink all of his capital and often his methods do not apply to this country with the result that he often has spent his savings of years in the first year or so that he is out here and he has nothing to show i I Th Oil Strike . "The truth about the settling' of the west la filtering back to Oreat Bri tain and I expect that for many years to come. Immigration from Ncotland at least, will be small. I think that the settling of the west should be taken up by the provincial govern menta, who are prone to allow things to develop themselves. I think that It is shameful tho way that the Cal gary oil strike Is being handled. The government owns these lands. Why do they not develop them and take them out of the hands of the capital lata and stock company promoters who have them now? All these com panles that have been floated at the present time even If they do find oil on the leases In paying quantities, are so ovrr-Cupltallsrd that the public wll never get any benefit of th mineral wealth of the country. Another subject In which they glvi a muffled knock to Canada and the States. Is the very great lack of respect which they say characterise the attitude which the ordinary citlxen adopts to his municipal official both In the council and otherwise. Respect City Fathsrs "In both Canada and th I'nited Flat the averuge citlxen." said Mr. Walker, ."seems to think It the most natural thing In the world to libel his city officials. Suggestions of graft are rife all the time, and taking everything Into consideration, we would say that your cities are not run as welt here aa they are In the old country and that the administrations generally are not as pure. In Pittsburg we found seven or eight aldermen and city officials were in the penitentiary and in another city we visited where the mayor was elected on a reform ticket to clean up the city, the first thing he asked ua In the evening, along the lines of entertainment, wa whether we would like to see a disorderly house I " - Another shock which Mr. Walker received when he arrived In this city meter registered 15 In the shade. This, laid y.r. Ehy. was the warmest period today. Saskatchewan Survivor Arrives At Winnipeg; Weeps Bitterly Over His Terrible Experience Few Infectious Diseases Here At Present Time Another satisfying showing as far ss Infectious diseases are concerned is that which Is offe.'ed by the health department for the month which has Just closed. The diseases which i ri valled last month are almost one third what they were' in the same mo uh last year and are thus a good .nidation of the success of th policy Inaugurated by the late Dr. Mackay when he decided to make th Infec tious diseases side of his department one of the moet important. The tabulation is as follows: Hmallpox Typhoid Scarlet f sver . . Measles German measles . . Chicken pox . . Whooping cough Mumps DIptherta .". Tuberculosis Pul. Erysipelas . . . . Total 1914 1913 i b 7 1 It 1 1 12 I 1 It S 1 1 II . ' SS WlXMPrXJ. June 1. Weeping blt-i terly as he thought of the terrible ex-! periences the night the Km press of Ireland went down in the Ht. Lawrence river with - her human cargo. Peter Raak, of Broadview, Saak., one of the survivors and the first to reach Winnipeg told a thrilling story this mora-! lng, or the hour of trsgwly In which he saw countleas men, women and children swept to their death. Mr. Raak was a third-class pas. senger on the Ill-fated ship, and though he could not swim, managad to keep himself afloat until rescued. H arrived in th city tht morning and spent some time at the C. P. R. omce. H left later for his horn. Mr. Rask is a Swede by tilth, and has lived in Canada 13 year. H la that type of hardy settler who has made thing possible In the west by dint of hard work and undaunted courage. H has a wife and seven children In Broadview. Though CO years of age, h is still hale and hearty or was until he came through that tragedy, and In perfect English, with a slighly Swedish accent, he recounted his experiences today. But the horror of the whole affair neia nim in a atate of nervous excitement and frequently as he reached a point which described the awful hor rors of the eight, he would break down and wen blturiv. not oertlcu- larly for himself, but becaus of the thought of those women and children pensmng without chance. LORD MAYOR'S FUND (Canadian Associated Press.) LONDON, June LTn following subscriptions have already been sent to the lord mayor's fund for the relief or survivors of th Empress of Ireland disaster : His Majesty King George V, ... 500 Her Majesty Queen Mary ...... 2i0 Sir Harry Poland. K.C Commercial Travellers Assurance Association Lord Derby Countess Derby lt 200 Total , 1,100 The Liverpool fund has already reached the 1.59 mark. Nin Winnipaggsr Saved. WINNIPEG. June 1 Out of thirty-eight Wlnnlpeggers on th Empress of Ireland, only nin were aaved. The list la a follows : R. H. Cunningham, assistant chemist at Manitoba, Agricultural College. Cedrto Gallagher, son of R. H. Gallagher, lived at Empire Hotel. Wally Erslnger, nephew of John Er-xinger, whole) tobacconist, J notes J. Lennon, secretary-treasurer of J. L. Turner Co. Mrs. Ell E Vinson. DufTertn avenue. Miss Wilmot, Winnipeg. J. Anderson. . Mr. and Mrs. Psturson, Horace street, Norwood. Lost Eli E Vinson, Dufferln avenue; H. Blford, Mrs. J. H. Akkr, Robert Strea, Judith Hakker (aged seven month, daughter of J. Hakker; Mrs. Jamea Nutlall, Strathcona street; Master Tom Nuttall. aged four years, and baby son. aged t months; Mr. Q. P. Rlor, Alverston street: Captain M. MoOrath. .Winnipeg Salvation Army band; Territorial Director Miss Alma Aeaafray; Mr. Rub, Greenfield Church street: V. H. Kltson, wife and daughter; Monyot, aged thre years; two Kwede. name unknown; Miss Annie Jensen: Mr. and Mrs. A. Blonqulst and two sons, Erie, aged 9, and Fred, aged 11; Adjutant Beckstead, Grace Hospital Salvation Army; Miss Frances Afanassief, Alfred avenue; James Morgan, Henry avenue, and son. Km. Morgan. Dufferin avenu. both of 8. A. Identified dead Mrs. R. Gallagher, Judith Evlnson, and two children of Gxorg Zenk. MANY . APPLICATIONS PASSED BY LOCAL 60YERNMENT 80. SCHOOL DISTRICTS, MUNICIPALI TIES AND TOWNS MAY BORROW VARYING AMOUNTS The following is a list of debenture applications granted by the local government board of Saskatchewan dur ing th week of May ZS and 20. School Districts Nam. Amount. Orvllle No. 1199 J.00 Profllic No. ... ., igno Varsity No. 3078 2,000 Blain Lake No. 2571 1.000 Frledland No. 8095 Herbert No. 1076 .. Olenedyth No. 1385 . Busy Bee No. 3130 . Dunkeeley No. 2980 . Doroshenko No. 81S5 1.B00 6,000 1,800 1,700 1.700 1.200 WOODSTOCK PREPARING FOR THE PRESBYTERIAN GENERAL ASSEMBLY s Supreme Court of the Church Convenes There Wednesday Next Delegates Will Be Royally Entertained Very Important Matters to Be Discussed. Ia the Heart of 8akatoon 122 Second Avenue North Phone 1048 Sneeesson to the Ash-McGowan Co. WOODBTOCK. Ont., June 1 The th deaconesses including a statement Lupescu No. 3146 1,200 Rural Munieip alitie Falrview No. Improvements. 258. 16,000 for Town Indian Head. $18,000 for new road school. Battlefard. high t30,000 for waterworks. DAISY MUST LEAVE TOWN Daisy See leg, who pleaded not guilty to a statutory charge In the poilc court this mornina-. and in rlvln vi. dence in her own behalf admitted that.Pautin oo w hb in m naou oi soliciting on 1 i mreei, was given tne opportunity to "beat If out of town by noon tomorrow, when she appeared before Magistrate Brown this. morning. The accused, a well-dressed nejrrees, de nled every assertion made by the detective and police, and denied with onslderable heat and Indignation the sworn evidence that she had previously been ordered out of town. Detective Reeves swore that he had seen tho woman soliciting a number of times. "Why didn't you arrest me then," flashed out the prisoner. Magistrate Brown Tou are remanded until noon tomorrow for sentence. In the meantime, chief, you will see that she gets her trunk packed and gets out of town. Accused Thank you. jedge. Presbyterian of the city of Woodstock have been busy for over ix month preparing for th meeting of the supreme court of the Presbyterian church In Cfcneda which convene In Knox church here on Wednesday evening next. When It is remembered that Woodstock is a place of only slightly over 10,000 and that there are only two Presbyterian congregations. It will be seen that to billet a gathering of six hundred -member wa no light task, but a vry efficient organisation was perfected, and indications are that the general assembly will b royally enter tained In thia beautiful little OnUrlo city. The general committee on arrangement ha been divided into four aub-commltteoa. Malcolm Douglas is chairman of th general committee and Joseph Richardson Is secretary; J. Q. Archibald l convenor of the billeting ccmmltte and Adam A. Stewart the hard working secretary; T. W. Gray, chairman of the finance committee and Thos. Watson and Alex Gardner, treasurer and aecretary respectively;. Lieut-Cot, White, chairman of the reception and entertainment committee, A. A. Rapson, secretary: J. M. Levan, chairman of the printing and publicity com mittee, a. iK) nam, secretary. Rev. H. M. of Chalmers, and Rev. R B. Cochran ar ex-offlcio members of all committees. , The members of the churches of the other denominations in the city are co operating with their Presbyterian fellow citlxen to make tht meeting of the assembly a auccesa. The-building of the Woodstock Baptist college has been placed at the disposal of the oil letting committee by the authorities and about seventy-five of the commis sioners will live there during their stay in Woodstock. The college Is beauti- GOOD SHOW AT WEST SIDE THEATRE The Westaide theatre announce an especially good hill commencing this evening. "The Two Sergeants," a seven reel film depicting an historical story of love and war. is described a a screaming comedy. FAN'S NIOHT AT THE DAYLIGHT Tonight is to be a real fan' night at the Daylight theatre for the feature on Ihe program I to be the two reel base-bull story, "Breaking Into the Big League," with John McGraw and Christy Mathewnon and half dosen other stars of major levgue baseball. This Is the story or a big leaguer and of the trials and tribulations which he has to go through before he at length is able to hold up his share In his tenm mate' fight for the pennant. All tha member of the Quaker team pnd the Bronchos who are playing in Saskatoon today will be present at tonight' show. Manager MIley having expended .in Invitation to them to be present. Another picture on the pro-grom Is one In whloh th universally popular Bunny takes part and there are several other features as well a the four d.iylight girl who will supply the musk: of the evening a usual Th National league ought to get better team work. Her the Chicago management I claiming the team is drawing aa well as ever and then Barney Dreyfus goes home and tell what his share of th receipt were. waa to know that the city here, too, waa named Walker. It had been a Mg enough surprise to met City Assessor Walker of Edmonton, but thre In a bunch proved too much for him. fully situated, with kvly grounds on tne outskirts of the city Th program for the various meetings of the assembly will follow the usual order. On Thursday evening, June 4, the report of the home mission committee will be taken up, and on Friday evening, June I, th delegate will discuss every Important matter on which th committee on social service will report.. In addition to these larger matter th commissioners will take under advisement many other Items of interest ti the denomination. Tha hymnal committee will mako its annual statement and will probably announce that the new book of praise wilt be ready in 1915. The standard of maslc in the Prssbyterlan church in Canada ha been a high one for many year and great care Is being exercised tn the prepnratlcn of the new volume. The Preabytery of Winnipeg will introduce a resolution dealing with the standing In th Presbyteries of assistant minister. Owing to th growth of the larger cities of Canada and the corresponding growth of many of th churches In these clUei, there I nn Increasing number of assistant ministers. At the present time these assistant ministers have no seat In the Presbyteries, which ar the real source of all church legislation. The Preabytery of Winnipeg has been discussing the question for several year and secured favorable action in thn assembly last year. In order to secure final action, certain additional step must be taken and the repre sentatives of the Presbytery of Wlnnl-! peg expect that progress will be made In this matter this year. The assembly will slso take action In the matter of a union of the two societies of women In :h church, th women' foreign mission society and the women's home missionary society. This fusion ha already occurred In fact. Mid all that remain to b done I for the general assembly to put It Imprimatur upon It. This union of th two societies of women I on of a eerie . ( change which hav been put Into effect during the last two or three years with a view to the unification of the work of the denomination. An Interest-irg report will be made on th work of regarding th training school and th bom in Toronto. The number of women engaged In this work has Increased slightly during the year. Several social functions hav been planned for during the assembly. On the beautiful grounds of "Altadore." tne residence of Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Little (tb former home of the late Hon. James Sutherland, for consider able time minister of public works In th Laurier cabinet) a garden party In to be held on one of the afternoons of the first week of the assembly' meet ing, on th Saturday afternoon the assembly Is to be asked to adjourn and the members are to be taken for an au tomobile ride through the famoua Zor- ra townships of plctureffque Oxford county, to the old Embro church from which more than two score of minis ter hav come during th last half century. Her another garden party has been arranged. Assembly Sunday In Woodstock Is to be a great day. All th pulpits of the city and within a radius of five or six mile are to be filled by visiting min isters. A monster gathering of all the Habbath school of the city Is planned for the afternoon at three o'clock in the new Arena building, capable of holding 3,000 people. At four, a men's mas meeting and a women's' mass meeting will be held In new Ht. Paul's Anglican church and tn the First Baptist chdrch respectively. The assembly itself will hold the usual communion service on the Sunday afternoon.- The committee on church praise, of which ' Rex. Alexander McMillan of Mlmlco, Ont., I aecretary. I devoting a great deal of attention to the plans for the assembly music. With the assistance of the joint choirs of Knox and Chalmers churches ' for half an hour preceding each evening sederunt, Mr. McMillan Is to explain some of the new psalm and hymn which his committee purpose Including In the revised Presbyterian hymnal, to be published in Vti. By the time the assembly opens, Woodstock will be looking -Its best With its beautiful row of shade trees, It well-kept lawns. Its fine streets and lis many lovely homes, the visitor are bound to b delighted. Altogether the assembly of 1914 I not likely to regret th acceptance of th invitation to meet tht year tn this western Ontario city, WOMEN'S CORSETS In our Comet Department we have just received koto new modelR, fresh from the hands of the beat America manufacture.. Every woman knows that a good-fitting corset not only means comfort, but add grace and dignity to the figure. If you have not been getting satisfaction, try our eora'tg. We are getting new customers in thia department every day. Sherwood's Special Corset for $1.00 This corset is made of a KplcndiJ quality of imported coutil, .medium bnst, long hip, extension back, A hose supporters, trimmed with a deep lace. This ia positively the best corset we ever sold for the money. Sherwood's Special Price, per t . . a tC rr I.UU The Minaret Corset Very low, short top, hip , confiner, extra long hip, extension back. This is a taplesg corset, made of imported French coutil, double boned, hose supporters front and back, trimmed with fine embroidery, for medium figures. All sues. Special price 3.00 Store News We have started today , on the new time, and v we trust our customer will help us to make It a success by doing their shopping early in the day. ' This store will close every Wed nesday during June, July and August at on o'clock. W commence this Wednesday, June 3rd. We have Just received invoice for another shipment of Hand-painted China. Many customer at our last sale were disappointed at not being able to get their share, a th whole lot was snapped up la a fw minute. Watch our ads. We will tell you In plenty of time when It will be on sal again. Middy Blouses. $1 Middy Blouses, made of -a good quality white drill. Collar trimmed in red, del ph and navy. Kegular valuo $l.ots. Special Tuesday, each . . . . 1.00 25 Pieces Best Canadian Prints Fast colors, in light and dark patterns, including stripe, dots and floral designs. : Regular value, .12ac, for, Q yard ................... OC Bodies Will Be Held for a Month QUEBEC, Junel. Coroner Jollcoeur of Quebec who directs the work of identifying the victims, said today that bodies not claimed or Identified would be -held here for a month, after which they would be buried In Quebec, New Books At the Library Gnral Practical use of Books and Libraries, G. O. Ward; Writing News, Chas. Ros. . v Philatvphy . Happiness. H. Black; Exceptional Employee, Progressive Business Man, Secret of Achievement, O, 8. Marden. Rlioin Fact of Life, P. C. Bimpson; Studies In Religion and Theology, A. M. Fairbalrn; Philology of the Greek Bible. A. Delsflmaa; Bible, A. 8. I'eake; Light from the Ancient East, A. Delss-man; Authority of Christ, D. W. Forrest; Christianity - In tha Modern World, D. H. Cairn; Christ In Ihe KocluJ Order, W. M. Clow; ret of Christ, P. C. Simpson; Jesus and tho Gospel. James Denney; Positive Preachings and the Modern Mind, P. T. Forsyth. . Sociology Practical Real Kstato Methods, F. Ward; -Blue Book of Etiquette for Men, Chas. Ilarcourt i Natural 8cinc Mineralogy, Alexander Ramsay;' Evolution of Man, (I vols ) E. Haeckel. Useful Arte Home Nurse Handbook of Practical Nursing, Charlotte Aiken; Office Organization and Managrtim-nt L. R, Dtcksee; Wireless - Telegraphy and Telephony, A. K. Collins; Contract und Specifications, Jam C. Plant; Home Nursing. E. Harrison. in Art Manual of Voice Production, Henry J. Dart; Garden Making, L. H.. Bailey. Litaeatue ' Pro and Con. J. B. Askew: How to Develop Self-Coafldenc In Speech and Manner. G. Kleiers Poem. Arch. Umpmu; Flint and Feather, K l Johnson: Drift of Pinions, M. Plck-thall; Jlamewlth. Cha. Murray: Poems, (a vol.) Francis Thompson. Travel -Ten Thousand Mlie Through Canada; Across Unknown South America. (2 vols.! A. II. 8vag-Lndor. ' Hitry ". ' ' History of rlootland, AndreV t.nng.' Ruo-Japanee war, (3 vols.) Captain Sedgwick: Canadian Rebellion of 1817, D. B. Read. ' Net Far Him 41 r. . ri-i ve got you down lor a couple of ticket: we're getting up tartSod. our neigh. JflaklM Wn. l. M .v i woman i know what tn An m-nu . poor man Register. The Standard Oil fields of Alberta -ltd. SHAKES 8I.C0 Fully paid, 'non-i)prs)iial liability. OVER 4,000 ACRES CAPITALIZATION OMX.V tarn iYft vLand selected when my could be chosen. Wells now drilling close to or ad joining our property. DIRECTORS ALL PROMINENT CALGARY CITIZENS The best speculative investment of the day. Developments anv time may cause increase. Call for engineer's report made before Dingman strike. Con-tract for first well let. last week. If not drilling now, will be immediately. QUICK ACTION IS NECESSARY MARCH, Phone 1023 ATTON & SOSKIN 163 2nd Are. 8., Saslutoon

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