The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1950
Page 17
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TUESDAY, FEBRUAV 28, 1950 BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVENTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople 6&AD. SAKE.' 1'MTDIO •AXJR TV ACT \$ CHOKlMG -fc> DEATH FROM, me AROMA Of THOSE Ml#TY SOXES/-—UM.'AS you» SrtwJ EMPIRES, MY OWN TAR --'---- YEAH, vsie'Re o-/iw' ALL RIGHT-~AM' I'M AS Reijeveo ABOUT IT A6 A PATIENT UXXIM'AT HIS APPEhtol* IkJ A. 3AR/ (SOME ON AND TAKE A FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB What's in a Name? . ; ofa Chapter tl/in RllH <-„„„,ink t !<>•» • In NEX SEBVICF INC By Edwin Rutt Copyright 1950 • by NEA SERVICE, INC. TJIK STOKVi Alk-e HI*** 1 . »*=*»*- liiry lo tvrflrr Murlrl Jlallrulc. *«" fcll*}t«-C»lrti llrrnt. Muril'l'f* fctti»l»an«. of crnclly tu Kick. MM In«x-r*»r- otd adointil »<in. I,»ler Urtml, "I uTirlil ii u I he brai-h, takre AlU'« Into M« nrnin and wu»i!<T« why h«- met IHT "loo hit*-" Ali.-V i»r«-*. llri-i.( Lr.ivvM *»J -Muriel. who hnU Mititc-flMf-d the KOCH*-, np- priir*. Muriel duo nut Mawe Alice »nJ Jot* »oi Mveni I* *« r * **h»t kai'pcn* hctwrrn Altc<- *«<! HrrnC. Alice fecU guilty, althauKk >he rrnlUr* »hr had »otkl»K I* da Tvith Itrfni'n Bi'llaBM rxcfpt bcfjiic - iy 10 t«t«- m *» advtr- only un \vrfk-f-ua>. He h.-in »iU«J Ali«e i» *Mv»t«h t-ut I"r Hick." llul o» Siilunlny. when Itrrnl full a to r i- Hint homr T A Her IN ktrrnlr illsniniolutrd, '!' h a I itf teriiuiin SlfHn, tk«- nurie. :iiipt-«r!» *% Hh Blrk. Muriel irIN Kict <« »L<» t« bt-il. hiEl Kick anddrBlr K«»CI [»t« xvni. CTELLA made a feeble effort to *-* pick up Rick. But she was clumsy, slow-witted. She grabbed uncertainly at the child's flailing legs, missed and paused. Tile tan; trum continued. "Oh, confound it!" Muriel Hal- Ueck sat up straight in her chnir :lips compressed. "I simply won 1 .have this-. Listen, Hick! I'm com: ing over, there in just one second ;And when I do, you'll be very very sorry." Kick, immersed in his uninhib ^iled exhibition, paid no attention Jto Muriel. The second passed. Very delib- (erately, Muriel set down her glass iThe next instant she started to fher feet. J Trying to reason H out after /wards, Alice knew that it ha [been a piece of colossal nerve. Bu Pat the time she acted entirel jwithout volition. Her hand sho out, instinctively. It caught Mu . rlel's wrist and almost threw he Iback into her chair. And Murie sitting down hard, gaped unbe 'lievingly at her. -Alice cculd feel her face sud :denly flush. But, having inter Thousands have been helped by this famous beclth wmt+r. Not a loxa- tfw. Try it foe the next few we«k> . . . see how it Yow Dorfor Aio*rf MOUMTAM VALLET MFMKRAL WATER -Crosstown Whiskey Shop 109 -So. Division, Bljtherille FOR SALE Concrete cnlTerti, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or r««nforccd. Als« Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver Call vs. for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691. rcd v she had to follow through. | "Let me handle him, Muriel," a said quickly. "You—you're red." She didn't wait for a reply. She cooped up the squalling younger. He screamed lustily and con- inind kicking. Alice's thighs took pounding as she carried Hick ,lo the house. In the hall she sat down, holding ie boy in her tnp. Gradually she uleted him to n point where the creams cca.scd and he sobbed pasmodically against her shoul- er. '"lliat was a pretty silly thins 0 do. Rick," she said then. "Big >oys don't do thai." Thereafter she read him a lec- ure composed of remarks equally nane. Rick, however, appeared to rofit by it "Rick big boy," he assured her olemnly, eschewing sobs. "That's debatable," said Alice, And she gave him to Stella who 1 ad followed Alice into the house and been a silent witness to the liiieting. * • • A LICE went back to the terrace aware of having flagrantly exceeded herself and expecting to find Muriel furious. Muriel wasn't. She rubbed he wrist and gazed at Alice perplexedly. "My goodness," she said, *' didn't think that 1 did anything t punished for." . 'Oh, Muriel, I'm sorry. I hai no business doing that. But 1 wa afraid you—you'd—" "Wallop him? Well, he certain ly deserved it. But maybe It's jus as well you stopped me." Alice didn't know about tha Rick might have done with a liltl salutary discipline. But Alice di know that she would riever bav had the courage to interfere, ha it not l>een for that strange an unexplained request from BrenL After u hot day at home When all you can do is moan Load up the family as they are Come out and enjoy movies under the stars Watch for ttetalls BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Now in Slock: Baseball Uniforms LIVE BAIT All Types of Athletic Equipment "the Only Kxcluslvc Sporting Goods Store in Mississippi County" Phone 67G2 .121 W. Main SPRING PLANTING SEED We have for sale planting seed to serve your nccels. 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MANGLE 9 YOU SOUND SO SERIOUS CtKISTOPtlER IS OUT, I SEE. THE CHANCE TO SEE YOU j AlONE TOP A MINUTE 1 AM. I THINK I HAVE FOUND A WAY TO fNO CHRISTOPHER'S COWARDLINESS / This Ought (o Do U BY LESLIE TURNER FOLLOWIMG1 I'LL ORIUE 100 MILES DAWH MftIM HEU NEVEK TK*,ce THEN ! HATE TO BRIMS f 6UT— OKW, I GIVE UP! T UP, BUT WHO I MEET ME M BREAK- WAS EATIMG SUPPERVFAST, WOO WE'LL DRIVE BUT. HIK.I 3U&T WHO IS rOLLOWIHfl I DOH'1 cuow HOW VOU ttAKASED O FOLLOW M6 MERE. EASY. BUT THIS WS GOT TO STOP § HIM SLIPS OUT CF THE TRftllEEL PARK. WITH A UEW PlAW TO SHAKE EASV. WHEN VOU RRKIU6D GOT MERE FIRST? HUGS HUNNY Sorry! Have to S-GOSH.' THERE'S S-SLUGS^ TH' BULLY.' LET'S GO -3ACK/ / V HANDLE WHERE V YOU TWO PUNKS TMINK VER GOIN'?, NONE O YER BUSINESS/ IF YAWANTA MAKE SOMETHIN' OF IT... PUT UP VER PUKES' Oscar lias Ways HY V. T. HAMLIN V<XI FIGGEEED \SLJ?E.' DO >OU T5Tf=tXL 0UEEN1XN0W Of AN U WITH X^C^HEC^ «f Ywf UMP^5 ROVAL /EASIER WAY / THAT <7LcA OWE VOi 1 fi5r veH.-BUT THIS / WELL,! WASN'T \ V'MEAN THECE'5 '5 DIFFERENT.! F?£AL1_Y GONG ) WACV5 T'5TEAL TO STEAL "EM EXACTLY THAT AIN'T- STEMJNG ? OUK VENUS \ NVC^THLESS FOZ SIX MILLION.' BOOTS AND IIEK BUDDIES BY BDGAR MARTIN PAV. UtVE TOONS Of (WO kAV WtOftV. L LICE'S next goU game Molly Trcmaync was an nbbrc- inlcd alTair. Molly left after the ftccnUi hole lo keep a dentist ppomtment. Alice, finishing alone, ountl Chuck Wisner 'dling near ie eighteenth green. Chuck had made a slight cnn- cssion lo his surroundings by dis- arding the painl-dauhed pants for ecent gray slacks. But he wore nothcr jersey flamboyant as the nc he had on the first time Alice aw him. "Hi," he greeted her. "Just saw lolly tearing away. What's the nailer? Did she get licked and go ff mad?" "She had lo sec the dentist," Alice said, "And don't be silly. Molly doesn't gel mad-" 'Oh yes, she docs. She's mad nt nc," His sidelong griti reminded icr again of a little boy. She said: "Not mad, Chuck. Just erribly disappointed. You sec, she knew you from your snugglcbunny lays. And it's hard for her to sec you grow up lo be the village vagrant." "Well," said Chuck aminbly, 'somebody had to Inke the job." Alice let a moment pass before she spoke: "Chuck, tell me some- Jung, will you?" "Why, certainly," he replied. I'd tell you lols of things—if 1 were a young man again." 'No. I mean seriously. Wliy does Molly Tremnyne have it in for Brent Halleck?" Chuck "raised his sandy brows. Ha! Has she been maligning him?" ''Not so much today," Alice said. "But, another time she made me understand pretty definitely that she didn't think very much of him." "Oh," Chuck dismissed Molly with a wave of his hand. "Molly's all right. But she's lived around her since Columbus' day and she knows too much about everybody." (To Be Continued) 531 Xorlh Hllh. ['h6ne 6001

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