The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1952
Page 11
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XVIH ! officers had taken the bodies - of Rodney James and Profes- jisoT OrdeU to Blue Valley, and Vwith their leaving, peace returned to the high Sierras. David Roberts and I strolled cjn the porch. "Tell me some other things [ want to know, David " I said. "Well, rny dear, since you'd rather talk of crime than o< love, here goes. Miss Martinson phoned James that she was arriving In the early evening. There was much secret conversation and while I naturally wasn't in on it. i suspected a good deal because 1 already knew a part of the story. "After dinner while it was still fairly lipht I saw Ordell go to the stable. Hu! of course. I had no idea what he intended lo do. He haci secretrxj his rifle in the barn or in the wood s. By highway the Springs are 12 miles from the lodge. By the trail which goes straight up from the bowl of the Jake meadow, it's only one and a half miles. Ordell lay in wait for Miss Martinson after he had twilight shells from r.oorms for his f rifle. AF she rounded that sharp bend past the Springs Ordell ordered Miss .Martinson to null oil to the side of the road anrl he shol hcT in colt) blood. He tried to remove (he bultel but was frightened oft by a car commc on the road across the canyon. Thai was the Mtrol car of Duncan and Marl uir.irrt Orriel) spurred hi? norse tia-k 10 Horrcshoe Springs, intend- in- in silence old Jim about the rii'" shells "It shows how Irrationally Ord-!l's mind was working. He was both subtle and very obvious as are must criminals. When the pro!.•;• 01 saw you m the-green coupe and when Jim's light shone on jour hnir. it must have given him a iolt. But he wasn't the type to be afraid of ghosts, so he decided lo ignore you for the moment and M«j«r rU»»l« OUT OUR WAY FftKKLK AND HIS PRIINDI FN6 HW.' MrXKB IT *50Z AND I'LL MA HALTER.' RISHT THAR tN PROMT °F TH 1 THIRD ROCK FROM W Bl<3>'M/ NO--WELL,Rt<SHT WHERE TW CECVKK AK> JUNIPER Jo»OS-A B1& BUCK--HOLY SMOUE, ARE SOU BLIMP r JUST TWJCBfr 100R- , WlO A NSW 35e p... YOU>I? My I LEARNED* LCW« AGO N6VCR. 1Q TELL A DUPE I < SEE ANVTHIMG-- ' \f -OU CO <4QU'M B-Bur i c- CANT LEWE Hece ' WMAT l*= A CUSTOMER 0» I AN' I HATE ~K? / see A SMART I MAM LOOK. SO t^ STOP1P/ .-S IS THIS A JOKE ? UB.0'3 MOT ERE' MAC, 00 VOU THINK THAT '\Vlr-i6 A BIS LAUGM OM US EI&HT NOW P VEP, KID, YOU'RE MV PROTECTION ( SAY WHAT NAME? J-JWTCALL Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads We Carl borrow «»ough to pay all our debtj some left-it says that', the good old honest American way! AN UNIDENTIFIED OBJECT W SECTOR -45, CHUM. THE PLANET VEEV Political Announcements Television- Tonifre, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis. Channel Subject to Preferential Election July 23. 1952 Tor Conntj Jarige GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD WKDNKSDAT XIG1IT. .1UT.Y 23 8:00 Youth Wants To Know 6:30 Dangerous Assignment 7:00 Convention R»port 7:30 Convention Session 10:00 The Hunter 10:30 Report to the South 11:1)0 News H:10 Industry on Parade 11:30 News 11 MO Rfirn Off THURSDAY. JULT 24, 195J 6:45 Test Pattern 7:t)o Today 7.75 News' 7:30 Today News 8:00 Convention Highlights 9:00 Mrs. TJ. S. A. 9:ao Strike It Rich 10:00 Stnrvi ...... "1:15 Love of Lira , 10:30 Demorra'ic Convention 1:30 Homemakers Proeram 2:00 Manhattan Matinee 3:00 Hawkins Falls 3:)S Oabbv Hrtycs 3:30 Howdy Dootly 4:00 Cisco Kid 4:30 Wild Bill Hlckok 5:00 Meet the Stars 5:15 News 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Llberace News Caravan 6:00 Oroiicho i\farx 6:30 Oene Autry 7:00 Oanobusters 7:30 Democrnllc Session 10;oo IBrenk the Bnnk 10:30 News 10:.15 Film FeiUuretfc 12:00 News 12:05 Sign Off For Circuit Clerk GERALD1NE LJSTON ROUGHING IT IS SURF THE LIFE! I WONDER - WHY MORE PEC DON'T DO IT.' r SUPPOSE MOST. FOLKS AREN'T A°S Tor State Senator BEN. LEE BKARDEN HENRY K HC-YT- WILLIAM H. (BILL) WYATT . THERE'S NO DANGER TO CAMPIKJG I FELL OUT TH1-5 HAMMOCK TWICE Tor State Representative KENNETH S SULCEB For Tost No 2 OH. \IVs BKOUfiHT VIC MK. PLIMT, I'V\ HIKIWO SOU, ' ?UT I COUIPM'T STASJP SEEING; M ,,TH=<7E JmisfT, PKOPUClNS OWLV rf YOU < 65TV •4000 5*2*^-5 /AIZ^, I SHALL HAVE /\ •m^.l /_, A90UK, TO IMS'&T... " I HAVE A PL.OM OpYwwiS UP ACTION. TONIGHT YOU'RE: GQIM& TO . , IP YOU'RE A&Z6EASLE, A JO* I 5HOULf HAVE PONE MV5ELP. TOO SUSY <S6TTTWe RICH, . v\WO'& JUSTOUT JOK AW /VONEV WlcKEfe \V F *>*TER! DOM'T OfVRE ». C&.8 \k L0ee ™* T SCOUWDREL! IM PURSUIT Of THE PICTURE THIEF. JCWIMO \5 THH.T IMF&MOU5 GAMBLER AND KIETTAWTS WHO'S RUMORED TO HWI6 (BUT KOONTZ RUSHES TO THE POLICE KOSUE 1 * GMIER.V... HE'S GOTTA, BIS START; CAR • )o n ger J «•*e OB life! NEVER MIND TH BUTS.,..JUeT ...I MADE ) COME CLEAN.' HER A PRISONER, YES, BUT.., vie DON'T C(\RE IF YOU'RE TH OF TVt STRAWBERRY Ft6TWP.L-VOU AIN'T OOOLA! VJHO-L NEVER AVSKE 1T...TH COP 15 SOUNA GET THERE KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodium Chlorate, P9? r pnre! Fine treated for dry application. J12.50 per HK) lb». A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. Hiw»j 61. State Line—Phone 8414 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts S'nr-i «p to 84 in. A. H. WEBB Actomattc Flood < Concrete & Metal Septio"Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices «' e OcliTer Hilhwaj 61 at State Line Phone 714 The Grand Canyon of the Colorado is 278 miles long with a maximum wldlh of 13 miles and depth ot 6,000 feet. Death in the Sierras lak« a ihot at old Jim. Well, he missed and went into a panic.' He rode wildly back to the lodge by the short trail, left his mud spattered, exhausted horse in the ham after unsaddling hurriedly, hid his ria« in the loft and ran to his tent. • • * "]ypANWHHJ; you h.d eome into camp. Mrs. OrdeU, believing that you were Elsie, wai more than thankful to see you sate, but was in terror of what misht happen. She begged Bob to'pHone the police, but James prevented him from doing it. James believed you to be ELsie as did all the rest. When you went to your tent that first night Jsunes placed the poisoned meat in your tent became he was sure that you were Ehle and had brought Susie along for protection. "After breakfast the next morning the Ordclls went to their tent. Ordell came back Innocently enough and that misled me. I couldn't believe he stabbed her 20 minutes before we heard the scream." "But." 1 interrupted. "How could Mrs. Ordell scream twenty minutes later?" "She didn't. Officer Wallace came along in his ladies' outfit, saw James dash out of the tent and went in to see what the hurry was about. Wallace Is > poor officer but he is not a criminal. It was he who hit Ordell over the head later of course, thinking Ordell was the killer. And it was he who pitched his-voice high and gave a Rood loud fcmintne scream. He knew it would bring us." "And the powder on the baked ham?" "James again. James and Ordell, as ! said, were cousins and their lamily is cursed with the Uint of insanity. An uncle Is in the asylum at Stockton. James was (he more dangerous of the two though neither was exactly tame." ''And you and I walked those trails in the dark with the professor," I shivered. "Why, you even left me to go on alone to the lodge with him!" "No, I didn't leave you dear I only pretended to. He knew you weren't Klsie and I thought that if he was the killer he would wnnt to sneak away in the dark to wreck your car or at least lo hunt for the bullet, t wnlfccd along ntnr you just behind those willows, ile fell into my trap and went straight to the bam. As soon as you were safe at the lodge, I trailed him. But Dob had ilrcady dug out the shell. "Then Ordell pulled a fast one. He tipped James oil to follow u;- when we went after the treasure and to demand the money." "Who was the ghost that Rhum- ba saw?" "That was Wilmot. He smeared his face with powder and water to scare poor Rhumbn. Just his Idea of fun." "And who ran along by the kitchen when I heard the shot and ran away from you?" "CAM BURDICK. Incidentally, Sam was decorated for bravery in the war. Loomis told mt all about him so I knew that 1 was taking but a small chance. Jim says that Sam acts as a sort of doctor in these parts whether the patient is a cow with a broken leg or a man with Indigestion. So ] just played my ace card and it worked." "But why did you stage that dramatic scene in the cave? Why didn't you merely arrest Ordell and Wallace?" "It's always better, Rosemary, to get a confession from a criminal It saves the slate time and money! Then, too. Ordell needed breaking down. I had caught Wallace only short time before and Duncan and I had checked the times in which Ordell could have ridden back to camp from the Springs and we found that the whole story proved the professor guilty. And now, let's just forget the whole mess." We sat by tlie fire a long lime that night. We had much to plan, a lifetime ahead of us, and. when Susie coti!<i be up and about again, a honeymoon at Gold Lake Lodge THE END How Fast Do You Drive? It may be tlial yon don't really know—your speedometer can bt defective. Anrl THAT'S danstr- ous! I.«t us clteck It tomorrow. We Rive 1-Day Service on Speedometer Repair for all makes of cars anrl trucks. Then you'll KNOW hoir fast you drive! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler-Plymo«th Dealer lit T.. Mafn rhone SICK? Oall bladder, high blooi! pressure, 5*5 pains, head pains, nerves, sour stomach? Try VITAL TONE --> It may help to remove the raitic. Hundred* have found relief with VITAL TO.VK OWENS DRUG STORE Main and R.illr»9i)

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