The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1952
Page 7
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FWBAT, WOT. H IMS BM'IHEVILLB (AKK.J OOTTEIBR KBW» FARM PAGE SBVBM ; REVIEW farm JUport* * ram Over tfc* State— Cotton Price Drop Expected; Drouth Led to Feed Scarcity Br RAmOLD HAKT LITTLE ROCK (AP) — It's thatjtime of the year again — cotton ha rvtst — when too much or too little of the white stuff, plus government production estimates creates a flurry-«f excitement on the exchanges. • . > i , That'.wM the case Monday when futures broke 'as, much as |5.50 • bale on the New; Orleans Exchange. The decline came on the mite of 14.906.000 bales. That's heels of a new national crop estl- 482,000 bales over the Oct. 1 estimate. ' . The 19S2 forecast for Arkansas was ,1,100.000. bales, up 50,000 over last month. ' The excitement over 'the price drop _ s(pps when It gets to J. lj. Wright, state chairman of the Pro^ ductlon and Marketing Administration. Nothing Uriusul Wright says-there is nothing too unusual about the price decline, ..considering that production estimates are up nearly one-half-million bales and harvesting Is far ahead of schedule. The pure and simple fact is that there is a clogg ed market. < ' The state PMA chief reaffirms his conviction that orderly market tng of the cotton will stabilize .price He estimates' that, about '25 '.per cent of Arkansas cotton already substitute for the real; thing because it Is low in nutritive con- ent, high in cellulose and rather unpalatable.. But it will serve as supplement to other feeds. The farmers plan to grind or hammer-mill • the slr'a'w and ' feed t along with concentrates to carry cattle through the winter. ginned has "of loan. gone into : some ' kind Drouth Handover The heavy rairis over the weekend made,, the drouth .and fdresl fires a thing of the past. But the aftermath,.; like that of receding floods' or other disasters, lingers on .' / • The . main' effect seems to be lack of livestock-feed. IjCe'Counti .farms have done the" next best thing. ;• County Agent 6>N. Stivers says about 5,000, acres of soybean straw has; been harvested .as a'by-produci In the i county to supplement the feed shortage. This is the' first time farmers In that county have saved the soybean-straw behind combines; says Stivers. Soybean- straw, no Bird Monty ' • At least three Logan County farmers will attest to the fact that, there's money In turkeys. Gordon Hixsoi), Paris feed dealer,' says I. M. White was paid $20,006 this week for 3.200 turkeys: q. . B. Hanson, $161000 for 2,600 birds; and L. O. (Redding sold 2,808 turkeys for $18,410. ' Hixson says turkey raising adds slM.OOO cash Income , to Logan County-each year. this year- by as" much as 17 per cent.. JV G. Bennett - of Charlotte, Ark,, produced 26.S44 pounds of salable cucumbers from three acres ...A farmer in the Mountain Pine Community'of Garland pounty has found—like other farmers — tha' chickens pay off as a supplement to dairying and beef cattle rais Ing. County Agent DuvalC. Poln dexter says Lewis McMahon made »2,660 on , broilers the first., nine months of this year. A Lonoke County farmer, Ewell Nixon, says , "fish farming works well .with rice." Nixon told Assistant County Agent Leaihpn . U Lboney he harvested rice from 'a 60-acre reservoir "which'he has had In fish for the past three years. Looney says he gathered 75 bushels an "acre and about 25 bushels on acre was left on rice that had fallen down. An increase of 1.5 per cent in original matter, was disclosed through 1 soil samples. Looney plans to' keep the reservoir in fish two years, followed with soybeans and the fourth year in rice. H.D.CLUBMEMOS Mra. Gertmde JL RolimaB (Home Demotutratia* Arrntl The 6th annual Arkansas Valley Hereford show and sale will be held at RusseHville Nov. • 18. . . Chester Munn,-' biology instructor at •Southern Stale College in Magnolia| planted sweet potatoes in his garden last summer to keep the grass but. This week he found one hill containing; seven /pounds of sweet- potatoes..'.Dr..- Harlari v E. estimates, that plant diseases reduced' Arkansas cotton production SHIHCIES AND ROU HOOFING M[ •MHUHIZIO'FOK LONGl* UFI We point with pride to CERTAIN-.TEED Roofs in Blytheville over 20 : years old. i -' Let us show you the dif__ ference between CERTAIN- 1 All CtBTAlN-TliD TEED and any other roof- E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. 319 W. Ash Ct. Phone 4551 Another district winner — Laun Alice T^emby, 4-H member' of th' Yarbro Community Club, has jus been' selected the Northeast Arkan sas district winner In the bette methods electric project.. This is at honor and we are proud . outstanding work Laura' Alice ha done this year. , You remember she modeled a [our-piece .wool'suit' in the 4-H dress revue at the Mid-South Fair and was sweepstakes winner in that division'. She appeared on television with two girls from other states who lad won in the school dress and church dress division. Another outstanding 4-H member ,hat you have perhaps read about 'is. Jo .Alice McGuire. Besides many lonors Jo Alice has already had, this year she won the leadership award in Northeast Arkansas, and was also state;winner in rural arU and recreation. She was state song ORDINANCE NO. U* AN ORDINANCE SUBMITTNQ TO THE ELECTORS Or THE CITY.OF BLYTHEVILLE THE QitesrioN or ISSUING BONDS FOB THE PURPOSE Or BEFUNDING OUTSTANDING HOSPITAL BONDS AND-ACQURING ADDITIONAL LAND FOR THE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT; AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY WHEREAS, the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, now owns a municipal airport ,but because of the .ncreaaed .aize of modern airpianea .t la not large enough to afford safe landing and the City should acquire additional ground to enlarge It but the'City does not have .the money with which to acquire this land; and WHEREAS, the City now has outstanding a balance of $25,000 of an Issue of city hospital bonds issued August 1, .1927, under the authority of Amendment No. 13 to the Constitution of-the State of Arkansas and maturing serially on August 1 of- the years .1953 to 1962, which bonds are hot callable but the holders thereof have agreed to accep 1 refunding bonds of the same maturities and the.same interest rate"' and WHEREAS .the City can, by combining bonds refunding the outstanding 'city (hospital bonds with an tesiie of airport improyemen bonds, secure the necessary fund: for the Improvement of the airport, but before the city can Issui bonds under Amendment No. 13 th proposed tssue must be approved by the electors of the 'City; no» therefore, BE IT ORDAINED by the Clt} Council of the City of Elythevillje Arkansas: SECTION 1. That there be sub milled to the electors of the Cit at a .special election to'be held De ccmber 15, 1952, the questjon of Is suing.{125,000 in bonds dated as o August. 1, 1952. of which J25.000 1 bonds bearing Interest at the rate o 4?1% per annum shall be the purpose"of refunding the out standing August 1, 1927 city hos'plta bonds which l«ar the same rate interest, and 1100,000 shall be issue for the purpose of acquiring ;lam either within or without the cor porate limits, for the enlargemen of the municipal airport, and these bonds shall bear interest-a,t a ral not to-exceed 3^i% : per annum bu leader this past.year. Leaders' Part- There perhaps will be more rol)s served after this "month's bread- making demonstrations being given by the food and nutrition leaders in the home demonstration clubs. They, are-really doing a good-job. ^fakes everyone want to go home and see If they can do as well. The leader's attended a bread- making '.leader .training meeting given by f Mrs. Helen Carr recently. There are nine project leaders in each home demonstration club. Their: participation In the program helps to extend extension work and also to teach leadership. Safety The Pedestrian Safety Program Is being conducted by the Arkansas Council . of Home Demonstration Clubs in cooperation with 'the National' Safety Cuncil. Pedestrians frequently cross against the HghU or between intersections,, dash out; from behind parked cars, or .scoot across the street almost- completely hldd-n behind "an umbrella or a mound of packages. It's very difficult to understand the attitude of the careless pedes- ,trian. Common sense tells him that in' any contest with a motor vehicle he's bound to lose, yet he continually : overestimates the motorist's ability- to see.his reaction time, his control of the vehicle, and his courtesy and.patience. Wriile, many walkers get away with such conduct,'the'cemeteries and hospitals have more than their share of those ' who * are. not ^ so lucky. Pedestrians are urged to heed the rl 1 of Mch year ai followj; *KN» In 1863 and 1«M 1000 In 1955 aso» In 1»56 and 1957' XXX) in l»5g and 1»5« 4000 In 1980, 1M1 and l«ti MOO In 1963 and 1M4 4000 In 19«5, 1»C« and 196T 4500 in 196S and !»«« • ' &000 In 1970 and 1971 KOO In 1972 and 197] •000 In 1974 In 19TS «500 in 191« and 19T7 1000 In 1978. 19T» and 19*0 SECTION 2. That the ballot for uld election shall be in substan- lally the following form: Ballot Special Election Blytheville, 'Arkansai December 15, 1952 Vote on measure'by placing an 'X" in the square above the measure either for or against. For an Issue of 125,000 In refunding bonds ^ .....Q Agairwt an Issue of $2J,000 in refunding bonds '.'.'.Q These bonds will be Issued for the purpoae of refunding a like amount of city hospital bonds now oiil.sland- and will bear the same rate of -Interest and have the same maturities as the present bonds which ire dated August 1, 1927. For an Issue of bonds In the amount of f 100,000 0 Aganist an Issue of bonds in the amount of $100,000 ....D These bonds will be Issued for the purpose of acquiring additional land for the municipal airport, either within or without- the corporate convertible to a lower rate of inter est upon such terms that the City will receive no less and pay no more than It woul* receive or pay If the bonds . were not converted; the bondis shall mature serially on Aug- Natiorial- Safety Council's warning: "Walk carefully, »ave WILL, be your own.'\ / ITS TIME TO— 1. To give children a weekly .oney allowance and teach , them oney management. 2.-Organize sewing center-for use urlng the winter days ahead. 3. Pop corn and roast peanuta for ie family. 4. Clean light fixtures and "light ulbs for better light. 5. Preserve leather shoes and bags ith wax. This keeps the leather oft and keeps out moisture. S. Cut off the water hydrants be- ore freezing weather." Saving is tht key to security . . . that's a "down to earth" fact. If yoq don't have • saving system, start one now at the First National Bank. Put mwmy part of your check each w*«k. You'll be glad you dM. FIRST NATIONAL BANR .^FrrJlBtefc*^ i * . ,,*„./ - * % BLYTHEVILLE limits. They will bear interest at'a rate not to exceed 3!4% per annum but convertible. to the lower rate of intereet upon such-terme that the Cily'wiU receive no less and pay no more than It would receive arid pay if the bonds were riot converted, and they will mature serially on August 1 of the years 195« to 1080, both Inclusive, but callable for pay ment prior to maturity at the city's option. SECTION 3. Said election shall be held and conducted" and the vote thereof canvassed and the result declared under the law and in the manner now provided for municipal elections, so far a« the same may be applicable, and the Mayor of the City of Blytheville Is hereby authorized and directed t« give notice of such election by an advertisement published weekly, once a week for four times, In the BLYTHEVLLE COURIER;NEWS, a newspaper published and'having a bona fide circulation in the 'City of Blytheville. the last publication to be riot less than ten day* prior to the date of said election, and only'qualified vot- era of aaid City fihall have the right to vote a,t:sald election. SECTION .4/The'result of.said election ihall be prpclaimed-by the Mayor and his proclamation shall be published one time In said newspaper, arid the result of said election is proclaimed by the Mayor shall be conclusive unlesa attacked In the courts within thirty days after the date of such proclamation, SECTION 5.,The.Mayor and City Clerk are authorized and directed to. advertise/ according to the terms of Amendment No. 13 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, the public sale of the proposed $100,000 of new airport bonds, the- form, time and place to be fixed by them, • nd in said notice they shall provide that the buyer may have 1 the ri«ht to convert tha bond* to bearing a lower rat« of 'Intervt, upon tuch terms that the City will receive no less and pay no more than It would receive and pay If the'bondi were not converted; that th« buyer may designate the trustee and place of payment of the Issue; and that the bonds will be callable for payment prior to maturity In Inverse numerical order at par and accrued Interest, as follows: From surplus revenue* derived from the tax of said 1.8 mills from surplus funds derived from the bonds sale, on' any Interest paying dale; or from any funds derived from operation of the Blytheville Airport! trom funds from any source, on any interest paying date on and after February 1, 1958. SECTION ». That a copy of this ordinance be given to the Mississippi County Sheriff in order that he may post and publish his proclamation of said election.-and a'copy be given to the Mississippi Counti Board-of Election Commls&onerei so that ^hey may provide the proper election officials and supplies. SECTION 1. It le hereby ascertained and declared that there Is an Immediate need for the acquisition of additional land for the municipal airport In order that modern Inrge-slnsd planes may use the airport with safety, and that therefon an emergency exists and this ordi nance Is'necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health an< safety, and shall ,be in force an< take effect immediately upon ant after its passage, bond* wert not converted. The Yoteri may vote either Jor or asainat the luuance of said bonds or either purpose. Only qualified lectori of the City of Blytheville ill have the right to vote on said uestlons. The election will be held between ie hour* of 8:00 am. and 6:30 p.m. t the following polling places In li« city of Blytheville, to-wit; Pint Ward: City Hall Second Ward: Blytheville Water o. Third Ward: Fire Station No, a Fourth Ward: Moore Bros. Store GIVEN - under authority of the ity Council this 12th day of No ember, 1962. Dan Blodgett, Mayor Passed: 'November 12; 1952. , ,, APPROVED; Dan Blodgett, Mayor Attest: W. I. Malin, City Clerk NOTICE OF HONT> ELECTION Notice is hereby given that a Rpe clat election will be .held in the pit of Blylhevtlle, Arkansas, on Decem her 15, 1952, for the purpose of sub mltlng to the electors of the Clt the question of the Issuance of $25, 000 In bonds-for. the purpose of re funding 1 425,000 of outstanding cit hospital bonds with bonds .bearIn the same Interest and ,the aam maturity dates as the" present bonds and the tesuance of $100,000 In Im P0>vement bonds for the purpose o acquiring additional land for . th municipal airport, either within without the corporate limits. Th bonds will be dated as of August 1952, and .will mature serially^ 6 August 1 of - each year as follows: $3000 In -1953 and 1954 1000 In 1955 2500 In 1956 and 1957 ' 3000 In 1958 and 1939 4000 in 1960, 1961 and 19SJ 3500 in 1963 and IBM 4000 in.l9S5, 1966 and 1867. 4500 In'1968 and; 1969 5COO In 1970 and T'1971 5500 in 1972 and'1973 . 6000 in' 1974 and 1975 8500 in 1976 nnd 1977 i 700 in 1978, 1979 and 1900 The $100,000 in bonds to be Issue* for the airport shall bear Interest not to exceed 3'.', % per annum, but convertible to a lower" rate of Interest on such terms that the City shall receive no less and pay no more than it-would receive or pay If N THB MUNICIPAL COURT . FOR BLYTHEVILLE, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS O. S. Corey & Mrs. 0, S. Cory,, Pits. Dan Matthewson, Dft. > , WAKNNG OKOEB The defendant, Dan Matthewson, Is warned to appear In this court within thirty days and answer th* complaint of the plaintiff*, O. •.. Corey, and upon failure so to do, said complaint will be taken ai confessed. r , Witness my hand M Clerk of rn* Municipal ' Court for Blythevil]*, Mississippi County, Arkansas, M*l of said court, this 21 day ot Oct, 1952, , W. I. Malin, Clerk James M. Gardner, atty for'Pt", T. J. .Crbwder, atty. ad literh. "' Up to 1930, far more males than females immigrated to the Unite* States, but in that year th'e proportions were reversed and each year since that time there.; hav« been more female than male Immigrants. S** Hi* N*w, Compact, "floatlnf" J S** rh* Handy "Hydr«-l*errU H Control Syttoml t** HM Cenv*ni*nl Method of Attaching Imp FREE DEMONSTRATION \ . Simply dial 8166, we'll be happy t« bring th» OLIVER Diesel out to your farm and giv« yon FREE a demonstration. Don't hesitate, call 8166 NOW!' FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO. 515 E. Main Phone •LIQUID PETtOLEUM Another,Great Feature of the JOHN DEERE "50" and "60" Tractors.. ECONOMY WITH THE WORK OUTPUT OF GASOLINE - M ASSET- HARRIS CTRAIGHT AHEAD orer the center line >>5 of'the tractor hood ... to the left or right . , . directly down on either side, there's a clear, unobstructed view of the work. -, Sitting or standing, there's no stretching or straining ... no craning to see where you're going and what you're doing. The nigh, centered s«K location and "tapered fuel tank—basic reason* fot th* better Everywhere you look from your politicn on the seal or platform. work view—have been retained and to further improve visibility in the new tractors, the air intake has bten concealed under the hood and l!ic exhaust suck and muffler moved to the right. Seeing is believing. Stop in at our slore and see what we mean by the mntxctltrJ view of the work that's yours with a new Th* MoMy-Harrta 44 LP. la eurtom dwioned and factory built for ««id*nt opwation on LP. hwl. And b«- cau« it it built a» a complete L.P. unit, Jh« 44 LP give* you th* same high-pow«r rating a* th* 44 Go*— th* •am* b*lt and drawbar *ttid*ncy, In addition you g*< th* *eononvy at op*r erring on low- cost fuel, and th* low •ngta* upk**p wot rwulta bom th* u*« at c]*cm-buming, hlghodon* L.P. Ail l rl>M 61 Implement Co "Tto Farm*'* Horn* of Satisfaction" N 7 . Highway 6l Phone 2142 John Deere Model "50" or "60" Tractor. OTHER OUTSTANDING FEATURES Dupln C«but«tion • "U«" Pawn Slufl • "Live" HisS-Pituuri Powr-T.ol • Oukk-Ownge Whctl Tic»J Steerin] * Ullr»-Mod«m £ngin««cii>3 • Gi»lei Convenience • Unequdlled, Two-Cylin<l«i Simplicity Your Son Would Like a JOHN DEERE, Too! See the John Deere Tractor-Cycle on display at Missco NOW! It' exact replica of the all new Model "60" John Deere. A perfect gift for '' Christmas 1 MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Highway 61 You- JOHN DURE Oeoler for Quolity F o' m

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