The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 27, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, •LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FAGS NINE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople I SAIP THey GO\ MORE TACKS »J THIS CARPET THAW rr NEEPS/ wiy, A FEW HERE AM' THERE WOULPWT 8E MISSEP-- THEM GUYS PUT IN EXTKAS TO KILL TIME: ' HE CAM LOOSEN UP HER PURSE QUICKER THAW rr Wofi'T BE LOJ& HOPE THE ACT DtCS JAKE'S PART W THOSE . AgOMlWATlOlS TASTS A BLIGHT HOOPLE MAM6 3OST , I'M ABOUT TO ATTAIN TKE PINNACLE Of FAM.£ eowe SAMIlOG RESUMES (?£SULAR trie PAKL.OR SOFA TACKS eoeer A BOX- TWO BOXES-THREE,' SPONSORS ARC serrittG. MAILBA<S FOIL OP SROAKJS ABOOTftW H6ACTIS PULUN6 SOUP SALES DCMM STEADILY = WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY 8r NFA SERVICC, INC. F. M. BIG U. 6, PAT OfF FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL, BLOSSEB Frames, You Mean Wef.tnreifui . , . Wear Diamond TIIF, STOKVt .*llr«- I'lwr, Kr«rrr- tnry u> wrllrr .Muriel llullri'k. til ul H hri-ht-lf In JIM fi>ilj:irr[i»HfnK l>u*ilit>n in rt ' K :tetl ID Murrrl'* hux- liiind Itri-m, UH sirllM. A I fir «u«- )>rct* Itrt-Jit i>f crilltlj (IK It Irk, lil- «.mill : ,,l.,|,l.'.1 MM.. l.tilrr Itn >f lier vthlLr (tikliifc » nl^lil •nviiii iirjir the lltiltefk* 1 bumr OH I. n MS Kin rid S ...... il. lire HI hat n I'HiK. KiTlckHH in It »llh Atli-r Hod pnrlMilEy wins, kcr «j»nial^y H|- «Hoii k -|, t r dnrM - not rxi»lal» Ike nl^hl Mht-M A Hi 1 * Huxpcotrd Ikal nhE]i|ii-4 Hick. l'kr». »» Iw- f, llr<-w( tnke« AUcr Imta hl« <i, Alice prole»t« *»d Hre»t m. Then Miirf*-! appi-nti*. Mu- Itnil N.-i-n the f ii IN oil c, but iltii-M ut blumc A Her. In Curt, Murrrt CTDIM to Iliink It tx funny. Alicev*-, thcr* xke tria In Thousands have been helped by this famous health ^ater. Not a laxative. Try it for tlw next few w«lu . . . Me how it nay help you. A* Your Doctor Abo* . MOUMTAM VALLEY MINIRAL WATER Crosstown Whiskey Shop 109 So. Division, Bljlhc.villc RENT A CAR Drlye Anywhere You riease .Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 . during *vb)ch he mild he w»» (C<>'*K n>vny in mkr * Job. Hrrnl h.nd J<ine nitihln^r "tore f hnm in Infer nrviler nthcr ol rcn IHK (nnoi'.s h« ml t;li I lime licra fund »f Alice. XVII TN the week just passed Muriel Hallcck had made her novel grow. But now, as if Brent's departure were a sudden spur, it seemed to leap forward. Alice Pine was amaicd at the piles of foolscap, closely - written, that came to her desk. "This is incredible," she said, one afternoon. "Belter slow down, You'll have a crack-up, Muriel." "Do I look in danger of it?" MnrieJ smiled. i "Honestly, no. You look re- [inarkably healthy. Bui I don't see jhow you do it." "Well," the smile faded, "yoi 'don't crack up when you're doing 'precisely what you want to do, to 'the exclusion of everything else ;And I mean just that — everything. 1 * : Somehow the little speech made .Alice unco tnf or (able. She wondered suddenly whether a laugh ringing carelessly over a stretch o beach, had been as careless as i had sounded. Despite his proposed program Brent did not come home the fol lowing week-end. A telegram on .Friday pleaded pressure of work rMuricl took the news in her stride "M'm!" She crumpled the yel 'ow iressnge. "\S f ell, the lad want d to work. He seems to have got is wish." ''Knowing advertising/' Alice aid, "I'm not surprised. They ever hire anyone till they're in a pot. Then the new man gets it rom all sides." Muriel tossed her bright head. Ohl Too bad for Brent." When she got away, Alice took moment in which to examine herself. She did not like what she ouml. Her keen disappointment at not ;eeing Brent Halleck was both iilly and weak. On Saturday afternoon Murie' vorked straight through unlil 5 o'clock. But she came into the ibrnry shortly afterwords. "At right," she said. "The whistle's )lown. We're having Martinis on he terrace. I could use about four right now." "I told you—" Alice begari. "That I'd smash myself up? Well, I told you that was nonsense. Come on!" T hey h ad had o ne d ri nk ant Muriel was pouring another when she said suddenly: "Uh-uhl Here comes a disturbance," • * * '"PHE "disturbance" was, indeed in the offing. Young Rick leaving the fat Stella hopelessly behind, cavorted toward then across the lawn. As he gamboled up, Alice de cided that Rick was a scavenge by nature. Ele rarely went any where without returning richl laden with whatever caught hi eye. Today it was sea shells, an ap preciation of which Alice hersel had imparted. Both of Rick hands overflowed with them. H ceased cavorting at the terrac and, with a certain childish dig nity, walked straight toward AHc< At once she put out a long lei arm. "No, darling! Show thei lo Muriel first." Alice was looking at Rick. Bu from one eye-corner she sa Muriel glance up. A little frow chcd Muriel's forehead. Rick \vas obedient. He crossed Muriel. "Show Mural," he said, s if he were {jelling his orders rai^ht. Muriel examined the lort. "Why, it?y're lovely, dear. Whci.'ver did on find so many? Now show icm to Alice. Then it's supper nd bed for yours, you 1 " 1 man." The bovine Stelln has 11 (Tod up. Come on, Kicky," she commanded Ineidly. "No," said Rick, disinterestedly athcr than rudely. He began to rrange his shells in HUle heaps n the grass. Muriel reached (or her rirink. That wasn't polite, Rick. Please ;o with Stella." * • * f^ICK looked at her in undecided fashion. But, obviously,' he ' clt committed now to a course of iction. "No," he repeated. And, with n [esture like an unfortunate aftcr- hought, he stamped his foot. 'Alice," Mi.ftd turned to her, 'what do you do in a case like his?" "1—I don't know," Alice fell strangely apprehensive. Hick stood stubborn and determined. He was something like Drent—or like Brent might have n when he was four years old. The child's lip moved a little and lis eyes filled with tears. "Neither do I.. But I'm afrg,id t's my responsibility. RlcTn" Muriel's silvery eyes narrowed. "Stop this nonsense and go with Stella. At once—do you hear?" She spoke patiently, but the patience was wasted on Rick. Motivated v by heaven knew what—it could have been, Alice thought, the limelight and an audience—the child went into a sudden tantrum. Without warning, he plumped. himself down on his stomach, small hare legs thrashing the air. "I won't," he yelled, defiantly. "Stella," Muriel controlled herself, "does this happen often?" "No'm," said Stella, with oceanic calm. "Just sometimes. When he's tired, maybe." "Well, he T s overtired now. Take him inside." (To Be Continued) "Don't you think you ought to go to bed a little bit earlier, George? You know what that insurance man saiet about so many women outliving their husbands these days!" MORE T|(AM YOU MIGHT SUP MIS E/ DURING THE Lftje" DUKE OF OJUTMEYS ESTATE WAS AM AMERICAN RfSTCAMP/ AVl.TME MEMORIES OF 17<AT HAppyiTML' The United Nations World Health Organization has set up an Expert Committee on Plague. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Pricea • Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete calrerii, 1Z Inch to « inch, plain or reeolorced. Alw Concrete Building BIoclu cheaper than lumber, for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for fr« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone MI. SPRING PLANTING SEED We have for sale planting seed to serve your needs. Spring Oa(s, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures, Lespede/a, Sudan and Other Field Seeds. SOYBEANS OUR SPECIALTY Please call us or come in to see us for your spring planting requirements. Blythevilie Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 "The doctor bills had us worried for a spell . , . but everything is beautiful again since we got a loan on our furniture from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work (iuaranleed For 12 Months I 53] Morlh JOIh. I'hone fiOOl WATCH This Newspaper for Rosebush Sale-:—Coming! FLOWER MART So. Highway 61 Phone 6002 Chamblin Sales Co. • Soles & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" I RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 I'RISCIU.A'S P01 I'crils of Parenthood I3Y AL VERMEER '...AMD THUS FAff OU& OPeAN COUS//VS HAVE ..AKD \ CAKfTeET FOR A NEW B\KE FROM MV •DOLLARS FROM * What's Charlie Up To? BY MICHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB NOW WHAT'S EATING HIM? FKOM WHAT YOU SAY, VIC, •FIRST NIGHT CHARUE" HASA LOT Of AKK51L5. MC'S PROBABLY Of F TO THROW ANOTHER IRON ON THE FIRf. YOU DO A GOOD JOB WITH THE RECORD,SCROW. I GUESS THE CURTAIN IS REflDY TO RISE ON THt NEXT ACT Of OUR UULE OKAMA, EH? HAVING DINNER TOGETHER CHARLIE. HOW ABOUT JOINING U51 THINK r CAW MAKE IT. 5£E VOU ALL LATER CAPTAIN EASY Oh. Yes, It. Is! BY LESLIE TURNER ST TO SB SURE HE DOESkl'T OUEETAKE 1AF-, I'LL fCHLOW 1HIS SIDE MV SOULl IT CAN'T BE!! NIKI PULLS OFF THE HIGHWPW FOR AN HOUK T SUE.& EASV ISW'T FOLLOWING. BUT THECE'SNOSIGN TWISTER: ft DIP IGBT n PARKED FIRST IW THAT POOL IS HUGS BUNN"y Curiosity Does Not Pay HMM/ I WONDER IP THOSE SUYS REALLY PQ ANY WORK IN THOSE HOLES f J ! — Hey/ VNHAT YOU GUVS COIN' DOWN THERE, ANYWAY •? MINDIN' OUR OWN BUSINESS/ I'M GONNA ; lfND OUT/ MEN " ' WORK 15Y V. T. HAMUM I COULDN'T 5EE H£?VJ >0LJ B^IN' IN MCD RTTED INTO c7jt? /y^ ^P"W I'D ^Tc^W'J^E 1 ^ BKAUSE I DIDN'T VANT WlJ *ND VOC. OOKING OVEK My SHCULDEK WHEN I LIFTED CUcEN. UHPATEEDLES rr K>C/~iy i A. x-cr / BOOTS AND HKR DUDDIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN

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