The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1931
Page 6
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six. (ARK.) o)UKiF;u NEWS OF IS, INJEffll .New. Sixc, Pellet, to , Bn ;'"•: ^Tojigii. On -Britishers In \',..',Rycier Cup Matches. / '...-, ' BV (I.AIRt: BUKCKV ..-., NEA Service Sp&rls Writer .- :'COLUMHUa, O., June 11.— ,. TUerc's the new ball, to be sure, /.but. It looks like a compaiatlvcly ' easy triumph for America's Ryder Cup golf team In Us biennial 'sor- •-'. Jes. with the HrlUsh nt Scolio Country Club hprc June '•if, and -.- 27, British Op;n results ;it Cuni• r -oustie seem lo tsar this oul'-and i • ^ol course it's-liic patriotic t)iin>; loi : -ay. v .It's Uncle Hum's turn lo win. His .' boy.-, lost- the first encounter, won '_'. the second, lost the third anc! now " appear ready lo oven llw score ... again. Strengthening this aKcrnnlc-year •; fancy is the fact tint American!; '-. fiircd better t!ian (lie lirltlslvrs ."-on English foil and wilh th? K\a-, Iteli standard of ball, which Is the •. -some as our old ttylc ball whbli so ••;•'• many seem (o want back ueuln. ':.' Thus, it isn't hard to picture what '- >-lll happen lo the Invaders when • the 'Yanks get them out at Scolio ;• >'ilh that 'new larger-lighter pt-l';'• let which Is earning so much con'•''• . trovcrsy. . • -.--Eight of this country's best pro- : '• fe's'slonal yolf,;rs under the Icnilcr- ; ship of Walter Hagcn will fry to -even the Ryder Cup series. The :.. six already named on the tcnin ';"• -with Hagfli arc Dlcgel. Al Es.' pinosK. Johnny Fnrrcll, dene Snra- , •. zen-and Horton Smith. Two more -.;" 'members and (wo nllcrinilcs .'"remain" lo:be chosen in qualifying •' rounds played at Scolio a Tew days • - before the inntche.s proper. ^ iTHEY Ned Orleans AtlaK.i Memphis ... Ultlo Reck . Motile Nashville W. !,. 39 'JO 'X 30 23 •n l>fl •a n 311 St. Lou IK ... New York . Chic:i|iO .... Bosltm liiooklyn ... PillMim-Kh . Philadelphia Cincinnati .. National l.oagur W. Outside • -I In By "DUKE" from Lclloy Dongarj", »<;!l know;! locul hanlnmwighl who Is In C'liie.igo. anil [-'rankle Sjla f tl»^ Hill!; Memphis iMnlnm, who losEHo Q., j KW frilclmrtl here last week, tiav/s Ull l. xm . r(!CCivc ,| |,j. ll)e courier s,>6fl»- itsj""™'- ' •-..-. v s ;,'.* I;. I'Cl. The Ki'iiiUor's. who have failed ID will under ihe if-rrific |i:ico se'. by slipplnx Alhli'Ucs. 30 H .<;«;! jini •> tiall unini' on the idle Mftck- 2G 1'J .MB , men ycsti-iday. The N;ni; downed Ihc Cleveland Indians. The lc.idlii|i Caidlnals unri Hip iJanls in .sn'ond place bath • suntK in lln> Nailonal leafiuL 1 ycs- in •a 2G .5"il ,5I» .4r,s Aiiirrleaii I'liiindtlphla Wnslilnfiton , New York . . Cleveland . . . St. l/;uis l.i-nf.uc W. tei'dfiy. ! Dauxan drops . a Uric" to. js't .'his home town suppoilcis know" If in I he. Is still in the name. I/eRoy .says (hat he was supposed lo box lhe. r •III] of June but that an Injury''lb Ills hum! prevented Ihc boat. However. Dounan writes, he will fight nest week In Ihe fcml-wlndup on a curd headlining purl M.istro. f)on- VJIHI Is training under the care of a former lulor of find Taylor and Rummy Mandell. ter. His o»1cwrd left-handed styl» and utter "djs'reijard of his ;Jjht liand In. the flKht does lend-.ere': Uenco to his claim of a;' Bill, young sala was certainly ;lii at kasi fair condition to stand jip' through'five rounds'of (he brnlslivj Sitack 1'ritchard meted out. No; Prankie. there's no charg; for this. '' ;PEGS LOSETB ISA •SPoCir-VOO' it// Hum Joins *:is (he winning liurl- er ns Wa ililnxui'j turiird buck tht> | frclins I Indians. Ti:o evidently has not been the dopre.sslon so evident in 11 17 aii •a 21! 1C 17 19 lil.Hihilnj; lllml;r<i:i They snl-J Jo; Vasmi!:, lell liclci rcokle ol the Indians, was one ot those le'ows (hill bloom in tli: sprljK' wi:en Jie sluuiiu-d ull?r starling Ihe season with a tremendous rush, nul, llie oilier day in Bs- toii. .Josef ;;lniiiicd a linniei 1 over the li Inning to ben 1 i'cl.j berry ivlievcd Jones inul held the Si'Uiifns' lead gained by u-'six-run rally .In the llilh Intacl. 'llie De-Sinn liravcs innini'ttl 111-,' .S21 St. Lfjins CAniinals under a 13 lo -I bammr. Dciriniji-r, iciTtiil star of the l(i:rl lind.-i. was the losini- tiurl- c-r mid old Tom ?.!i':lniry' was the wlnnliii! pitcher. Haley and Burt'er lili boms runs. tlhiirl«y Rout ijiive up but' four hii.s nnd Llie Chlciii;u Cubs defeated llin Phllllcji, ;i in 0. fur .six Innings I'hll Collins m;iichcd Knot's performance and the Cub 1 ,' inns were all :iemvd,lii the sevenlli Innini;. With l/irry I-'renth linililnj. Hi? Olanls lo llirce hlis, (he IMUMiurijii I'lrutcs hail in, tlim- wlnnlii'j ove ithc New Vorkcrs. .1 lo 1. Hill Walker. v!io sturied lor Ihc Cflam.s. was replaceil in the third, I'nul Warier lilt n liomc run. 1 Tlie Cincinnati Reds defeated (hi- Uicqklyn Robins. 10 to :t. Kppa Rlx- ry pllclicd sli'.iily while Strlpp mid Cuclnollo Jcil llie iilliick of llie Cln- clnrinli club. tt lo 4. Mi.r-j llie li;;hl racket. The local fighter s.iys that hs has Jusi bought, a nc Hi:!ek coupe and will Iw home in alKiut, two wrcks \\-llh Sis Hits wife) mid baby. All aie dolni; nne, adds Ihc local boy. Prankic Rala. Ihc Memphis boy ivas knocked out here 1 by kid 1'i-llcliiird. advances n couple uf reasons In 'Ills k-ltcr v'hy 1'rlichard liung [he kayo on him. First, siyS Sain, Ills right- hand was Injured nnd he had to rely on his left completely. Second, he WHS not In hhup=. We are inclined lo believe Ills firs! statement bill noi the lat- | j Memphis find Little Rpck'w: On Wrong End of Clos Games; Lookouts Win. The Barorvs traveled merrily nloiiL the road to j>ennaiu lown in th*. 1 Soiilhern league race yesterday. Tue Blrmljitjham-crcvv dlspos?d of the' jChicks In-a pitchers battle. 2 lo 1. j The .Chicks' .lone, rim came, in, Ihe ijrst inning .while 1 ihe HaronsJ counted 'tliclr wo' in llie sci-oiul'j inning. Thereafter-I! :»'os .scoreless, boll all..[he way. Hasty was the! \vinning'pitcher, allowing bin Ihrec : hits' and Griffin was the loser.' '"; The second place Lookouts won . from ihe'New Orleans ['(limns. -I lo 2. Red Wlngo's lioiner in ihe ntlh wllh a mule on L-asu turned ' the-trick. Hulvcy went the roule ! for the Lookouls. | r"i The Travelers lost another ball \ Bame yesterday. The Crackers plas- ! tiercel 1 .the Pe'lK .with a' 1 to 6 de-1 "'tie miscue on the wind, whether feat. The Rockers go!*'12 hil,s iol or ' ! i'>t the wind affects their giime. Atlanta's seven bui failed (o bunch i •• —• -— them successfully. Climax BlJtheu ! u to 4. Each team got 13 lilts John was the winning tosscr. ; Anderson drove in six Mobile run, Mobile's Marines defeated . the i with a homer and a double Bass ^Nashville Volunteers. The score wni [ was credited, with the victory. <.an yuii jjfvc me. au> for playing in a sale'.' JUNF; The trutii is thai many o! them are panicky tefor? Ihey even start to play on a windy 'day. Hobby Jones offers some good advice far thcw who encounter sitlf winds on liie fairway.*. Ho suggeMs ihat llio Inckiwln? bf curtailed and the ball be hit less viciou-ly. Wj'.h n short, cuinpacl sviin?. Hit uolfcr is less lilwly to err. In n K.iU> tl:.-> ball be niorc accurately >'lvuf:k. fr;.- any mistake will be muunilbd by Hie wind, 'i'OMOItltOW: Hu«' can one, i-nn- rentratiii^ (ni c:l>tainin£ llu 1 rorrcel gulf swint. Ilihik of fc-fl, knfi-s, lii|is, hlris-. rli-.. :il tlii" sanii: lime.' GAMES TODAY Southern l.caejii 1 iphLs nt nirmin^luitii. I.Hl'le" Uo<;k at Atlanta. Orirans at CJIiiitiaiinu Mobile -at Niuslivilii 1 .' Ainoriraii Chi'.ai;n at .\'rw York. tl.> i-ouis at l'hiludi.'lph!:i. 7!clv;:ii at Itasion. Clevi la'ii'.l at Wa.shir.f;U'!i. National I.easiie notion at St. Louis. BrnnUiyn at Cincimutii. New York at flXsbnrgli. Philadelphia at Chicago. HONAKER.'Va. (UP)—The average life tltp.e of a peach tree in southwest Virginifl is 10 y^firs. UML tlrcre is one, standing in ihe center of a rock pile here, that i.s known to be more than 51) years o!d and is filled with young frni'. -. .tJ'Onlytwo of Captain Charles A.[Red Sox. There Is just a chance •Whltccmbe's British band finished dial this sprliig-blouiiilii!: blossom may turn out (o bt a hardy perennial. Why Is Cimirll In? fiuveral anxious renders have written to ask why this writer made so unld ns (o pick Cornell lo cop (he paddling pageant June 10 at Poiixhkoepsle. Well, Cornell has n i . -among the Icndcrr. In the recent Carnoiistle happenings. The cup- tain'himself was not among (hem, ; but W. H. Davis and Abi> Mlicli?!! were. Oll-ers on Wlillrombc's lenm rae George Duncan, 'cnplaln bi • : i; Britain's team arc George Duncan, -.captain of Britain's viclorious lenm '.of 1923; Ernest Wiiitcombc, brother ; of the" 'captain; Fiod Rotson. hieh- ••',,-Kl British scorer In the 1930 Brlt- .-ish Open; Syil Eusl?rbrook. Ar:hle Conipsto'n, If. C. Jolly and a tenth player to be named soon. . ..''•; Ryder cup competition firs 1 , •';'-.came hi 1926."an ic^a .ot 3aiini(l -Ryder. 'pro:ninent English sportsman. Mr. Rvder donated (he cup. -symbolizing friendship through Ihc - medium of competitive sport, to promote good-fellowship and H bct- '••'• .ter.-understanding between English , speakhig pocplc. Ho named :hc I 'compElllion only for homebred /..gdlfers. - - -Great Britain 1 ' overwhelmed the Americans 13'i lo.l 1 ; In the initial .-.'series In 1926." They me! again a year later and Uncle Sam's firs' one would lurn llie trick. 'I his year. Ihe same lucl slowly but surely Is coming (o the conclusion .,th'al Twenty Grand will lake a sound drubbing In [he rit>linDiif:(.u Hie hccK-'of .Inmeslown, onil ,thnl In Hie American Derby Jimc'20 lie .will bo beaten by Mate. How <to' you explain [hat. doctor? ' : .' . I'nor Old Hack.. velcrau crew In that old lub, along 11..^ 5 '^! J Uh ,T' l n'f S " VlCCS °< ' will, some new hands who a,e era- "™ k » ™ ""' ^.^ ^°" zy lo row. And veterans, with u lil'- llc iresh talenl. are jusi what wis^ old Jim Wiay needs lo win n race You cannoi judge too much by llie time recorded by the. o.u.sincn thl year, because (Jornell has won races under wrap;. The chief reason why I think Cornell is In is. tiuv. then: arc so inany of l!ic same siioni; backs bendiiis; in thai waterbus that was victorious year Tf a horse wins oiiu goad race, Why not come right back on Him ne.xt time out? rolilifal Nod- As n menus of stimulating Ihc light racket, a victory tor the Gcr- " Victory'Wsulicd 9^""uj~'i'i'." Fo!-" >1n " °™' Ulp c;cDr S 1:l » probably •-,- : lowing the-']927 V matcher,, biennial ™ uW te " mn clr «tlve Hum a win "-'• "'-- for Strlbllng. Tfiese lines nvc punched onl wilhoul- a thought o! favoring the German. But It is .1 fact' that if Schmcllng should win decisively over the cane-brakes kid. a great number of American Dopes would be brought forward in tile hope of restoring the title, as such to Ihc good old paying u. S. A. DC you remember (he army of white tioii was'proposed on-alier- " nate years with the Wnlker Cup competition' for amateurs. Great . Britain-von in 19M by a margin 'of 1 to 5. ' -: v Sarazcn, Farrell and Horton Smith of the American team members playing at Cnrnotisile finished Ihe first 12 in the Brit- >ou remember ( - Ish Open, compared with Davis and ilc l )ES dragged Mitchell-of the British lenm. None Johnson? . of the Englishmen have played the '•-' Aerlcan' standard of ball i'p -0111: petition; all of Uncle Sam's boys liave been playing it since New- Year's Day, however poorly. , : Barazen gave the new ball a '•' thorough tcsi on Camomile's gale- swept fairways. He was as dcclnr- ; ing Ihe new ball was "suicidal to championship aspirations." If used '.. . on some British courses. Foriu- nacly for all concerned, however. Scotlo will have no winds wtih the velocity of those, ai oM Carnoiis- tle. • "No radical changes have br?n . mad? at Scolio since 1920. the year the Opea sas played here." com. menls George Sargent. Scotlo pro- fesiional and u. S. Open champion In 1909. "Some of the greens have been rebuilt, but I 'don't, believe Ihe changes have either stiffou'ed or eased up In any way the golfing qualities of the course." In Sargent's opinion. Scotio's No 2 5s the finest two-shot ho!/; to be found on any course In the world. It. Is 430 yards long, well guarded . by rough and uphill from tec to green. in to fight. Jack ISMlitig the Champ Last, year i:iis writer consistently believed Gallant Fox would be t:nt- cn. It was my opinion Ihat. whlch- onl of nine starts. Regardless'"n irornsby, Uie mnn, trlbiilc must be paid to Ilpawljy, the manager,' for the way he kep; those. Cubs going without Ihc head slugger. The Rajah has Just Ijct-un to fiyhl. HOME THEATRE Last Time Today R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today MAN I The New Idol of the Screen • NO DON 'JUAN! Women's in ' h e Romance of u World's No. 9, a short hols of 140 yards. I iidoration leaves .him culil i(llls j9^ a n!ghlmarc to ^^ Jones ln !!>ut he uses il for his mystor- •rBobby played tl-.? hole four times in the I9fl Open and failc-1 to get en from the tee once." Sargent declares. He manag-d to get one par but had to accept two fours, and a five on the three rounds." Frankie Saia Scores Kayo Over Campbell •;.- I VICKSBURG. Nflss. — Prankie : "Kid" Sala. 15 year-old Italian of •: Memphis, gained fl technical .••'• knockout over Jam« J. Campbell . of Blloxl In the third round of a . : - boil I scheduled for eight frames ::.'• liil-night. : V.-'-': 6«ia h»d Camnbell on the cati- - : ;.-.VMS. nine* times. ' With (.'arnlc l.ombanl Kay Francis EiL Ladies' lJ's. Increase fn the use of hy- ,-. t ,<Jro ;«,«Ktrtc has displaced , , ?);;, an Annual coal AnsiimptJon of Q 'jhraxoiti;; cficnm Also Comedy and News. Adm.—Malinec—10 niul :',0c Night—15 and 40c. Champion! A Tod Drowning Production Co-featuring HOB- F.RT ARMSTRONG nr.d JEAN 1IAULOW with John \JilJnn and Ned Sparks From the novel by W. R. BURNETT, nuthor of "Little Cnesar," .Presented by CARL, LAEMMLK Produced by CARb I.AEMMLE. JR. I Added Attraction — "OLA | BOH HAURIS DANTK UK- \'UF/ - —TuoKiiay Night ()\LV| Also Comedy and News Ol course Pve switched to CAMELS •You <1on'l hhvc lo look Iteyond your own intimate circle to realize what h.ia hu|i[>fiir-<l. ' Evcrj-whcrc you ace evidence of a grcnl rounlry-wiilc gwilrli to Camcla. ' • Thai is Iwrause the new Hvmiiilor Pack performs n real new service for the sniokrr. Throughout the nation, litrrally millions of people Pack in llieir haiullings willmiil having them absorb powder and perfume iiiinrs. Workingnicn s:iy tliia HUMS- tnrc : proof wr:i|»iiiiis |ii-nterls ilieir cigarcllM from lior>|>ir;iti(ni nnd pockrl dual. Sailors an', cnlliiisinslic lioraitsc tin? damp tall air docs not reach Hiimidnr- paci^ed Camels. All real l>eiicfits of cimrae, but Ihe chief fuel thai is have found by urlual lest lluit the new air-sealed, gntii- rausing this great. nnlinn-iridc swing lo Camels is the larj- package of moialurc-proof Cellophane not only prolqction which thi.i air-sealed wrapping gives lo the keeps out dust and germs, hut also keeps in the rich, choice Turkish and mellow Domestic, tohaccos of which mild flavor of the choice Turkish and mellow Domestic tohocco» of which Camels arc Idcnded. Camel cigarettes are Idrmlr. No peppery dust to irritate ihe membrane; no dried- To show' their real appreciation of the Humidor out loharco lo liurn ihe tongue or gear ihe throat* Pack Camel smokers from all parts of the country write letters telling Ihc advantages of this scientific new wrapping. * Just the fresh, cont mildness of perfectly conditioned tohacco. Switch to Camels for one day, then quit thcm- Womcn tell ns they carry Camels in the Humidor if you can. f in CAMCL Ql'.iRTFH KOI:R /rnluring Morfon Doirnrv nrnf TOIIJ- If'ons Columbia Rrotttcatling System — rrrry nr'^/il o.vrr/>( Snntlny NO CICARETTY AFTKK-TASTK 7)on*f r^mnrr ijtc nioi-«- Inrr-prnnf Crllnphanv frtuit your iirirkitgr nf Ctiwi'ts after jon open !'• Thf /fwnnWor Vnck 15 prti- tccllon tigtiljit-t ftcr/iinit 1 nntl poirrli'r odors, cfuil «"irfgcrni».l«ir<!lj«M/r*»'i Ccnicls and laxpt them ri*hl until ran smokr the Infl nne ft I'll. II, 1. ll,,,.tl. T.U,,.. r.m,.. n

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