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The Evening World from New York, New York • Page 14

The Evening World from New York, New York • Page 14

The Evening Worldi
New York, New York
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COMIC PAGE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1910 LITTLE MARY MIXUP Why Not Put Another Pair of Skates on the Pillow? THE NEW PLAYS "The Girl in the Limousine'1 Mechanical Farce BY CHARLES DARNTON OhCH-' laAw 1 JI'lu Va- IvV 1 I CBUMPE-fc 7 I 2 1 WOW irons Something to say for a bedroom farce that finally a verandah, but with resh air there snouia do irosn wju Girl In the Limousine," so far as wit goes, doesn't get anymicro. -Wilson Cblllson and Avery Hopwood have turned out nothing more than a mechanical" farce. You may go to the Eltlnge Theatre to be shocked and remain to Sm tinr1. nnllnnrv nnniona nr lllcelr to trrt Into an extraordinary situa tion and at the same time be able to say something amusing, but the chief characters Jn this play are Incredibly dull. They merely hop Into and out of a bed and boxes.

After an hour or so of this simple form of exercise the spectator la likely to feel the need of sleep. The man who Is held up by robbers and stripped of everything but his clothing can do nothing mora than hide himself when he Is "dropped" conveniently at the home of a friend. It happens that his friend's wife la In bed with a cold and that her aunt Insists that he, too, shall stay there and tako home-made remedies. all 4bls m)ght bo entertaining If there were bright lines to carry Jons; the situations. Unfortunately, there Is nothing clever In tho sug-vgestlve affair.

The bed the centre of the stage, and like the play It Isn't worth talking about John Cumberland Is helplessly droll In a woman's dressing go-o Doris 4Kyon Is attractive In her scanty clothing; Zelda Sears works wry hard as th aunt who Is painfully frank, and Barnett Parker is amusing as a sen sitlve butler. The Girl In the limousine" is both cheap and vulgar. About Plays and Players By BIDE DUDLEY VlHARLEH DILLINGHAM, having Boys, I i 1 1 urdn suocessiuuy jaunenca "Appie Blossoms" at the Globe, Is ready to begin rehearsals for another' new comedy called "The Night, Boat." Tho book Is by Anns Caldwell and the mualo by Jeromo Kern Fred Q. Latham and Edward Itdyce will stags the piece. The cast will Include Frank Craven, Anna Wheatoo, Mlal Skelly, Louise Groody, Kathlene Martyn.

Ada Lewis, Joanetto ilothven, Karnest Torrence, Hansford Wilson, John Bcanlon, Elsie Gordon, Elsa Thomas and Florence Bruce. at the Belmont Theatre yes terday when one of the actors spoke a lino as follows: "I'm Biurb y. Sonrt. Barbr. Gideon K.

Irons rost yelled Mr. Cobb. "Mako that word 'Camp. If you say 'Post' pome old IUrb will rlso up and start ine war all over again." i fa "camp" now. Wo've hod plen ty of war, you know.

NEXT AT THE CRITERION. George Tyler announces thi production, at the Criterion Theatre on SO, of, a new satirical ciCcoaody enUUed "Oh the Hiring O'HIggiris and Harriet Ford a -art the authors and tho story, is one servant problem. In the cast will btt Laura Hope Crews. Cyril utlSkUt veKald Gallaher, John Blair, SWIM ItfnbeU Josephine Hall. Rob-ert Hudson, aidney Toler and Vivian Tob In.

OTHER NEW PLAYS. Anderson will begin rehear- aaUi soon for "Stand From a bow play by William Anthony alo-OvJre. It deals with prohibition. Bartley CustUni, has ohtaloid for production a Jw play by C. W.

Bell. No title Is announced. SHUSH. HENRYI Henry Fisher of No. 100 West 81 Ih Btrcet, New York, bos sent us a 1'ike which ho thinks, carries with It a Broadway atmosphere and, therefore, buIoncV in this column, Will our after absorbing the Joke, idadly tell us what we should say to lienrvT Here's the funnygraph: I Theatrical Manager I waai down "'on tho farm all wock raising chickens.

Press Agent What brought you back to New York? Theatrical Manager Other cnicKeaa 1 wanted a raise. a RARE FOR A HOSIE. We have been tipped off to the fact that Rosle Qulnn of "Hello Alx-' ander" has two admlrera In the Coast to Coast aeroplane race and that the if one who makes the beat time to -the -pacific will win her hand. While she; A. Is waiting for her fate to be decldJd, fultosle will be pleased to havelydu drop In at ths itth Street Theatre l-and see her do a step or two and turn on a couple of songs.

Box offlco "at the left of entrance! f- MRS. MOFFATt" TO BLAME." Prank Monroe, the fierce defective la "A Voice In the Dark." knew a Steouple of Irish women who lived next door to each other up In Boa tori. This" yetrs ago when he was a little One day Mrs. Mof. fait, mat Mrs.

O'Brien-over the fencct "Well. O'Brien." she said. haven't been to see me for a long "Say. Moffat. replied Mrs.

O'Brien lived half as near to you as you do to Td be in your house au me THE WRONG WORD. Irvine Cobb was direct nit a re hearsal of his play "Boys Will, be Q088 1 P. Alleen Poe has-been engaged for "The Maglo Me ody." May Boloy says she intends to form a Fat Woman's Club and elect herself President, John Tocher Is now John Peter -rocney. B-m-ni ties an noncai-io. gooaneu marazlna writer.

Tho ueiwyn Theatre will Indulge In a concert to-morrow night, with head- liners ana everything. Isabella Lo wo of "The Dancer' has bought a home at Great Neck. L. I. soon shell move in.

Marjoris Itambeau. In "Tho Un known Woman," will hop off In Washington Oct. Xt. Jack Orterman. eon of Jacob Rosen thai, hits been booked over the Orpheum Circuit with his chltter chattor.

Bobby Edwards and Clara Tlce are to be crowned at a ball at Tammany Hall, Oct. II. They ro to be crowned King and Queen of Bohemia; that's an, When Doris Ken yon and pajamas appeared In "The Girl In the Limou-slno" the opening night they wore given many flowers. All these Miss Kenyon sent to the Old Ladles' Methodist Homo. A.

J. Oaring. Musical Director of tho Hippodrome, Is tho proud daddy of a new boy. Mother and son doing well; father still a bit boastful. Mare Klaw will launch "Petroleum with Louts Bcnnlson featured, at the Apollo Theatro.

Monday evening, lucnora Barry wroto tho play. A THOUGHT FOR TO-DAY. Wo heard a well educated, hlchlv bred man, prominent In tho motion picturo tmsLnoHS. mildly defend a din gustlng film comedy at a moating luurway ui-uu FOOLISHMENT. chettnut man It here again; XoVget aoout ten nutt for ten, lest.

IV tough, know, but they're hit term; ineyre nxgncr now, ana to are wormt, guett. FROM THE CHESTNUT TREE "What sort of men make tho host husbands!" "Married men." ssssMSasswMssjsswJi 11 MAOV HAP I Jr A LITTLE jgfrjk vt.Q flLia I SHE HAD TOO TM UiT THE LIMIT. iT-iOH the last tlmu I toll you i will never marry you." "I'm glad It's- the last time, I'm getting tired of hearing It anyhow." Noiutb FmKs CIotkM Clean, THE BIG LITTLE FAMILY She Ate Her Cake to Have It I well-6me. sT77T i r-S. fcj MONEY HE.

LEFT ff I mm. JOE'S CAR And as a Matter of Fact Joe, Too, Has Noticed It! BV CrOLuY UUEV4 I Tfl i that- bird t'o- a uhmg. 'EXPECT KIM IT Lwe'UL SEE uOHo'S BOS5 1 AROUND FAITHFUL TO 8UPER8TITION. AN oldish man In rusty-brow i uothes and with a rutty Drown Dcaru met un wmi pin. It was shilling sharply bright a a flagging, and he stooped to pick it Wo had stiff joints and hla flnsrers vrure In that state Informally known as uungiy.

ho no nod trouble pick ng up the pin, A young man paused to offer hi services, but the old one refused. Just grunted and grumbled until at last victory enmo his wav. Then he r.V. .1 iiiuibiiicMvu ui ma rioxeiy joints ana r. hnnJ 1.1.

I "I'm not Alt Vminf- ii.aI t. he admitted, as genially as his joints nuuiu jjui yuu khow me old caylne: He m. nln mnA lb4 it i you'll have bad luck all the day. See uiu up, y0U Ufa mm I never poaa one by, And vet hi ilMn'r Iaau ivwa iui IUUVJ life ItstDlt of nlrVInu un tiina ttr. 5 JUDN't i Tell you COUPLE Of; BLOCKS i AH oui m'sieur- SHE SAY "--T i i i 5lE MADAME.

EH? LISTED ioVkNow UJrlO'5 BOSS ABOUND, -TVUS "RAHQK 1 i i oui out (5 I have Notice it-- li THE OLD FAMILY SKELETON I U)ILL- SUB MO rAMT HE WAS A WAV VJAIO A0'! MO MOM CO MO C0ULO AlWe. HM-HE. 7O0VP6e MCHtf He Could Be 100 "NO" To-Day! to)J AS)f SUAROMOeo 0Y 7H0USHtf MDAHS Ar Tl GATTie OF FCW SKltrfS HC TO SORRW I 11 1 'i i i it wo 'YES, f3tT NOBODY" HE BUI LOS A HOUSE FOR USHfiX He expEcrep wouip casr Jcrdj. Vobody' ta 'Grindstone We PlAiJf CALLCo For Nuc noons, ear I HAP 70 CUT IT DOROTHY as He Fell for Dorothy, But She Didn't Fall for Him 4 lo "t- iX5! IHJJRRAY FOR THEt )) A iNM; IIM lllf'l.

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