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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 7

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 28, 1919
Page 7
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fl 7rTV.. JSfeciv Uffertngs 71 fit Theatres , A T the 48th Htrect Theatre to-night I J W. A. Hrndy will produce "At iJZJ a tneludraina by Oweu Dm la. The cajt lncludas Mart Ooff. EUlthi Hluiyne.. Madeline) King. CUm ,... f , T BartJott,. Mm. Mck. Long-. Edward LaagfarU, John Cromwell; Georgtt BacXn. lfrruik Hatch, John Haxrlng- i too,. Noot Tearie Walter Lowls, Robert Thome If rank Hilton and; Alfred Uesaow On Tuoatlay eight at the 44th Street Theatre the Snubept will offer "Shu bertGaloties of 13UH" a, musical ravuer by Edgar Smith Alfred Bryan an Jesuit Schwartz In. th company or A,r a-m.m ic.f . . i art Balrd.. atarjorra Gntoson liar-, ruRrita 'Fan-all., iottiir Horner,, Julie Hallow. Frank. Klngdon. Harry ffost-den Gladys. Wattun,. Josl tleathrr, Bobble Ha t her. Tea Lorraine. Fr-e.Ja Leonard. Katharine Uart. a ay Kin-doJL. Ina. Williams, James Fox, 'Qua Hlnton, Jack. Boon,, 01ga Ilympitwrn, Perth Gannondn, Marie Stafford IJer- tnulo Doyle, Jturiol Hhorpe ITlorenco Roberta, Mildred. Soper, Mabel, if loud, Joela Carman anil Mabel Roberii. In tho tw-o acta wlU bo twentyvsix Bconos. a . . The postponed production, of the ureauwlun. village Theatra Trerusl- col" comedy, mlw called "Gienwlcb Village NlgnU, la set for Wednesday night.. Bosslo McCoy Do. via ftsead the cast. i MILLS AT NEW YORK AN AMERICAN TBlSATRES Tho film attractions at ilowa New Yorlt Theatre and Roof will be Alice Brady In "Red Hoad" Mondays Goorga Walsh in. "Puttintt One Over," Tuesday; Florence Ilqsd In "Tho Womu Under Oath."' Wednesday: Harry Corwy in "Tim Outcast of Poker Flat." Thursday; William Rus. BAlf In "Tho Spurting Chanca" and Corlnno Griffith in A Ctrl at Bay," Frldayr Arthur Ashley and Dorothy Green, In "The American Way," Saturday, and Fmncla X. Bushman in "GodtH Outlaw," Sunday. For tho tint half of the week at low'a Aroortcan Theatro and Roof the vaudavllla bill Trill include a out-act musical comedy called "Lost, a Glrll" Hugh Norton In "After the Honeymoon," and Jean Barrios. The picture attraction, will he Alice Brady in, "Red Huad." "With the change of bill on Thursday will be Ilcrt La Moat and his. cowtx.ya, Billy School! in "An Aftarnoan Off," Fla Ring, and Olive Thomas In a ucracn version of "Upstairs and Down "OPEN YOUR EYES" I CENTRAL- THEATRE FILM Jpen Your Eyes" la to be shown at tho Central Theatre. Broadway at 47th Street beginning to-day. The picturo waa made under the supervision of tho United States Health Berries. The thetna of tho drama Is danger at social diseases. The knowledge Is Imparted through the medium of a Itory Allot with strong situations. "Open Your Eyes" will be offered dally from I to 1 P. M. with evening performances at S and 9:30. for which reserved scats may be secured In advance. Children under sixteen yours of age will not bo aamiucu. PROCTOR VAUDEVILLE AND PICTURE FLAYS Tot the first halt of tho week Proc-tor's Fifth Avenue Theatre will have Mlllarshlp and Gerard. Oordon and .Loo no. Harrlgan and Hunt, and ma-tlea plcturoa. On Thursday there will Tie a complete change of bill with Hob nw,tcy, Andrew McDcrmott, Mabel Burke and photoplays. Proctor's 3d Street Theatre will start tha" weede with Jack Levy, tbo Four Symphony Girls. Bob Hall, Pen-ton and.THcldB, and Terry and .Lambert. Thursday will bring Howard and Stevens, Ctias. A. IAdsr, Wolman nnd Barry. Turnelly, Wlotoa Bros, and pictures. ELSIE FERGUSON IN . RIVOU FILM PLAY KMo Ferguson will bo seen at tbo It-rvoll In "Tho Avalanche." o. photo- ptay based on a novel by Gertrude Atiicrton. Mlas Ferguson appears ttnrt as Chichi ta. the daughter of a Spanish gambler who Is killed In a quarrel. Sho becomes tho associate of a wastrel of good family and after h com nil ta suicide she places her infant In a convent, wedu a (rambler and goes to Now York, where the pair open a fashionable gambling resort. Then Miss Ferguson nlays Helena, the child, who coca pes from the con-vest after fifteen years and flnda her nray to New York, where sho elopea with Prince Ruyler, a novelist. Other features win be "Lost Neighbors," p Priama scenic and music. "GIRLS" AT RIALTO WITH MARGUERITE CLARK A screen version of Clyde Fitch's play "Girls," with Marguerite Clark 4i tho star, wilt be tho chief feature at the Rlalto, The story concerns the attempt of a young woman to dodge Cupid's darts. Having been forsaken by her lover, she loses fnltn In men. With two of her girl cwn - panlons she forms a man .batertc (MUD. A 8unshlM comedy, a Hruco. unlc, the Rlalto Magasine ana concert numbers will complole the pro- gramme. "SAHARA" AT STRAND, LOUISE GLAUM THE ST Alt The Strand Theutre will have- as da leading attructlon Loulso Glauir. in "Sahara," u photoplay by C. Uaiflner Sullivan. The chief chumster Is a JaiJletn n t t V . V 1 tl I i I II It bl t ti t' U W i a rt hla proml to lake her Cairo. JuuS, revenue of a irth church. Tb. were rnliung and wlitnlrtg, and her After six months who desertr,' thn man, Krounds may be reached by tha Second footlights were star hIioIIh nnd blus-tut Anally returns to him ..and their and Third Avenue elevated lines. twins r.nd bursting bombs. And cWU. Thobfll will alto Include "Jms a man thinks On the screen at the Plaza Theatro will bo 'Leah Balrd In "Aa a Man Think."' to-morrow, Monday and Tuos- day: Constance' Talmadge In "Experl- E??" Marriage." Wednesday and Taunflay; Owen Moore In "The Crlm- , ijntjoiv "Fatty" Arbucklo la "TarrveV Friday and Saturday. B filUUANHJS IN FILM AT 8IST STREET THEATRE The film feature at the Slat Street Teatre the first half of the week Trill bo Douglas Fairbanks In "The "Knickerbocker Buckaroo." This will be followed on Thursday by Charles Hay In The Busher," a photoplay nc. a Daseoa i piayor. inero wm aiso ne rnuaevllle. 0 July 4 Festival Part of Stadium Open Air Series 1 Th Stadium Symphony Orchestra lel eight weeks of open air music m Clly College Stadium on Monday nI"nt. with Itosa Ponsello and the (Metropolitan Opera chorus featured. The programme will Include works of ltcethoven. Verdi. nimskv.KnrsaVorf. -Maaaagnl and Tachalkowsky. These concerts last summer drew a total attendance of 100,000. Tho second night. July 1, will bring Forrest Lamoat, tenor of the Chicago Opera, and on July 3 Soscha Jacobson, violinist, and Winifred Byrd, pianist, will be the soloists with the orchestra. The assisting artists July 3 will be May Peterson. Metropolitan soprano, and Blanche Oonsolvo, mezzo-contralto. Independence Day will be celebrated with a great musical festival. Adolph Lowlsohn has donated to tlis city for tho ocea-Hion tha entire AletropotlUii orche.itrn. chorus, assisting artlstH imd the use of the Stadium. On July 5 tho Stadium Quartet idello Patterson, soprano: Lilian Ewbank, contralto; Ernest Davis, tenor, and Earlc Tuck-erman. baritone will sing with tho orchestra. With nightly crowds exceeding 20,000 persons, tho New York Military Band under Edwin Franko Goldman enters Its fifth week at Columbia University. Additional soats are being provided for the 10,000 students enroued for the summer session of the university. The programmes arranged for next week will Uboeal to all cIuum at music, lovers. On Monday night Er nest S. Wllllnms. cornetlst, will bo soloist. On Wednesday community' singing win oe a teaiure. on Friday! there will be another "AU American'" progrommo. BLIND SOLDIER'S FRIENDS STAGE BENEFIT TO-NIGHT Hops to Raise Enough Money to Send Private Corcoran Home to Ireland. The rocntbora of Company F, lCSth Infantry (old 6th) will hold a re ception and dance to-night at Impo- rial Lyceum, S&th Street and Third Avenue, fqr the benefit of Private Bernard Corcoran, a fellow member, who lost bis sight In thf Battlo of Chateau-Thierry. Corcoran participated In all of the heavy flghtlrg in the Lorraine, Champagne and Cha-teau-Thlerry sectors. It wao at the latter place where ho met rAtix his misfortune. As his company attemptu to cross th River Ourcq, he was ttruok in tha right eye with a marAlne gun bullet. Ho camo to this country from Ireland In 1910, and as stern as tho United Statea broke off diplomatic relations with Germany ' Unlisted In the StU Rexlmont. The ."proceed: of this aftalr will help to dvlTray his ex. ncnuea back to Ireland, mfarrn ho will spend the rest of his 'life with his family. The Arrangement Committee has engaged professional.' tUent and n pleasant time U prorftlsed. Tho o nicer!, are James Mtmui. President: James Brcnnan, Vlor i President; Jack Keane, Treasurer, ana Jtiarry McLean. Secretary. IN V1CTO WALK TO-DAY Patriotic Papinnt Depicting Figures in War Will End Wtfh Carnival. It remains ;for the Weather Man to say whether? this is to be one of the most glorus days In Claremont Heights riMory. At 10 o'clock this forenoon leather permitting Master Clifford r. Parody, dressed us Uncle Sam, wlS. lead tha great June Victory Walk ef the children of till that port of the .oBrough of the Bronx, under tho au pices of the Claremont Heights Coma unity Club of College Avenue and ftast 169th Street. Itljht after Master Parody will tho famous Fort Hlocum Mill- . tar y Band lv,CJl, 0t na nna ncmnu tne oand a boys and girls reprexenting C,Jummai Joim Hull. BriUiiinla. the i lrIt ot ivvance. Joan of Arc. Marshal , h ttnd Korai of those whom the rrwlt war mftde (amous, J" The children will go to Claremont 1'urK lor oil Kinus oi uinieuc cuniesia . and ice cream. Uencflt for Catholic Cbapela to lie Held Saturday. The annual benefit for the Catholic chapels attached to ths Drpartmtnt of Charities and Correction will be a lawn party which will u neia Huunia- arter-noon on thn gruUnJn of yordhum Unl- I versltr Kurhre, bridge, wntsi ana STAGE STARS WHO APPEAR HERE NEXT WEEK tm i fcywi rv ' rw .utBW i r j jb.ym l r I 4jrmrm . ltfWflf "VCm 'ft WWPV I III II II II K H U Z.T , kt u ii ii uunu ii m . w. ' i a nil n i ii in, i i in i . -. - ' .. "t -.. am vi v. SHELL HITS 69TH'S E War Minstrels Perform With No Disturbance but Applause Miss Janis Decorated. Scrgt. Tom O'Kolly, the "Fighting Baritone" of the old 69th, wns the hero last night and Klsle Jarils the herolno of tho big crowd In tho Central Opera House at a minstrel show by the fi9th Minstrels for tho benefit of their wounded comrades of the lesth (old 69th) Regiment. It was the same merry bunch of minstrels which mado tho American Kxpedltlonary Forces laugh and shout' through Franco and Germany after the armistice was signed. Thoy wcro too busy for Merry Andrew antlcj baforo the armistice was signed. It waa part of the name devll-may-caro bunch which learned to fling imil dance together after a hard day's drill at Camp Mills. And It was per- hiADa the last time that that samo Joy ous crowd will ever chirp and dunce tagothcr. Tho show waa ono worth while.' ,Ahl was It? It started with moving jplctures showlnK tho arrival of the 365th on tho Horrlsburg and their reception down tho buy and coming Into the pier. Then the pictures took on back to tho Irish regiment on the Rhino and showed them marching from Remagon to Brest on their way back to God's own country. There they were, the old familiar life pictures of smiling "Wild Bill" Donovan, who went out as a major and came back as the colonel with the D. 8. C; Lieut. Col. Anderson, who left Camp Mills as captain, and there was Father Francis P. Duffy, tho gallant, fearless, fighting chaplain of the old organization. HEROE8 ARE ACCLAIMED BY SPECTATORS. And then the pictures brought the fighting bunch back to New 1'ork and portrayed them In the last march they will over bo seen In as the remains of the old 69th. Thrills there were for thoso gallant lines of fighters, even at this late day, and thoro wcro joyous acclaims as thoso In the audience recognized Duffy, O'lCelly, Qulnn, Flynn, Casey ana O'Connor under their tin huts In Germany. But the shouts were feeble com pared to the yells thnt greeted Mg Tom O'Kclly, D, i. C, when the "Fighting Baritone" marched out before tho footlights in person. Turn O'lCelly had done all kinds of stuntti on the old sod, from holding three men on bis chest and two In each hand to singing a love ballad. Ho had been over here from Limerick only eleven months when he heard that there was a fight about to be pulled off. So he Flipped Into a uniform and became a private in the old 69th. And when they changed th 61th Into the 165th, Tom says, says ho, "Well, wo'll give them a fight anyhow." They used to say down at Cump Mills that thn O'lCelly was the laziest man in the camp, as ho was the happiest und most smiling, and could Invent more excuses for evading drill than the boy who was always late at school, Hut they would come from miles around to bear him sing. They ooJU'd him tho John McCurmack of tho 69tb, notwithstanding his deep and beautiful baritone, But the Germans didn't like the nound of his voice at all, and they threw bullets ana grenaut anu shells at him. so they did, and sent him to the hospital. But after tliat Tom went after th-m ngaln and It was the dusty road for them and the D. H. C. for tho gallant O'Kelly. And lie sang again for tho boys last night and his imdlcnco didn't wnnt hlin to rtop at All. MISS JANIS GIVEN OVATION FOR SONGS, ,nd following tho O'Kelly. who do rou think cumc tripping on tliu nlngi' Elsie Janls, that Clod lovln' girl who sang nnn tlnnccil fur tne uougnuoy through i-ranco nna ! mimers, sang for them and ciieerol them uw out there ut the front wlin shells , ,1 SHOW THIS H iNeVVrWaw! THE EVENING WORLD, SATURDAY, JUNE 28, ' jlj rVRlE. Corns' 48'-. ST. -iHli.TRE Klsle danced tho dnncca and sang the songs she had sung for tha boys overseas and never had sho a more appreciative audience. Then nftcr they had called her and called her back to tho footlights, George J. Luwrcnco stepped forward and presented her with a gold medallion bearing an Inscription: To Miss Klsle Janls, from tho boys of the 165th (old 69th) as a token or their lovo and npprerlatlon for tho ohcer oho brought tho boys over there" And the girl who helped to drive, away the blue devils for the C3th nt Chateau-Thierry didn't say thank you, didn't imllo prettily and curtsay Bhe Just cried. Well, they bad chorus gins rrom tho Folios llergerc, begorra, nil fight-In' girls, though, whoso work from llarcnrut and Champagno to St. Mlhlel and tho Argonnc-Meuftc hud rounded them Into perfect form. It was aulto some, tlmo nt that before halt tho Audlenco refused to believe thnt KiaiH JanlH was the only girl In tho company. Sure, there wns Johnny McLaughlin, who used to bo Father Duffy's nltnr boy well, he was Just the cutest French colleen you'd want to look at. THEY ALL SIT UP A8 WILLIE 8KIPS BY. And there was Wllllo O'Neill. Strangers behind the becnes removed their hats when Wllllo skipped by. It was Hard to tninK dock tnni no was ono of tho "tough nuts'" of Company M which had tha dlvll s own time at tho front. Thoy ro after Wllllo for tb" movies ana Mary nckioru nuu better look to her curls and laurels. The minstrel show proper was a wondor whero all kinds of black- faced comedians popped out. When Tom McArdlo walked out on ono of tho ends It was easy to understand why A). Jolson had loft town. It was "cood n irht when no sang "can tou Tamo Wild Wlmmon?'' And Charley Wood was another funny gink. Ho used to bn In Company F, and de clarcd ihat ho had got live francs from Lieut. Col. Bozo Bulger. Hoxe, he said, was a good fellow, now and then. Charley 'Wlcnz, the swpot singer of the Bronx, tickled tho rlslWes with his "Tako Your Girl to tho Movies, nmi vinlpv and Hnrrv Mallen. on tho other end, were nil thnt could bo denlrod on any end, wnno -rom xjoiio-tiuo with his "Heart-Breaking Baby iv.ll " vrlttnri liv himself, was a hit nil by llmaclf. In fact tho mlimtrcl men of the old 69th worn all there. MINOR'S CONTRACT VOID. Fox Companies Unjoined From In trrferlnir With Jewel C'armrn. Federal Judge ilanton ywiterflay de clared void a contract entered Into lie-twcin Mls Jewel Carmen, actren. rind the Pox Film Corporation nnd the Will-inm v.i viirtvlll., Comounv In 1917. when sho was a minor, mid upheld htr contention that she had a rlpht in Juiy. lld. when slm rwiclied her majority. to make a contract with tho KranK A Vf-nvv l'i(tiirfit cjoroornllon. Tho couri enjonva uriviumu.n .... .' ..... .1 .. . fmin intirfiTlriL- with her In her Din fesslon or from preventing her from carrvlnc out tilt Keenry contract. .Iii.Iifp Vinton raid In rwirt: "II s t'nrmn nun a rigni ui pracure her calling. It U proper uuu sno up-nul tn a colli t of equity to have de- fiTinint'-i mo vai any oi ma coiumrii which she rfUalTlrmed after reaching her majority. Double Service n Fnll Itlver Line The New I'.ngland Htesmshlp Line established yesterday and will run tlnue to liupt. 7, Inclusive, a "Double Hrvlc" vIh the Kail Itlver Linn b twrvn New VorK aim lioslou una all Ntw England points. Two boats will leavo New York every week day at t.lil P. 11., which will make connections ut KhII Itlver, Jin., for Ilusjnn and all points Knjt. On Sundays only one nnai ill leave new nrK. dui twu IiohU ulll leave Kail Itlver. PHOTO PLAYB. RiVOLI WAV al till St. -zsy via NUIO SIIStNFtt.D, Omtar. BC6INMINQ SUNDAY St I P. M, ELSIE FERGUSON n anArtctatt Picture, "Thf Avalaneh:' PRIZMA PICTURE "Old 'ailliM." Rivoli Pictorial I HAROLD LLOYD COMEDY Vut .Veiihbut.' RIVOLI ORCHESTRA -Ktptrna" Ovtrtv r. Mai T1ai- To dir-M)nMCT WAItTiirK In MX'lirr HIC'tVICt." I Or- r"wc.-f. - mjmv. OWNERS CAN STOP "GAS" PILLAGING BY UNITED ACTION Determined Demand for Strin gent Inspection of Pumps Would End Heavy Losses. Carelessness by motorists, service station proprietors ami city officials is responsible for the loss of thousands of dollars dally by automoblllsts who pay for full gallons of fuel but get considerably less. Startling conditions wero found along Motor Row of Uppor H roadway by an Kvenlng World reporter, and Instant approval was voiced of any movo which will help to hotter conditions. Manufacturers, due to Government pressure, havo built their tnnks so they can bo adjusted to give accu rate measure and sealed, but Now Vork City, which has morn motor cars than any other city In tho world, has no system of checking thorn.' When complaints aro nuulo city Inspectors will visit garages and scnl pumps, but Micro is no organized ays torn und vio lations seldom result In fines or ar rests. Lack of funds and help are the rea sons given by Joaoph J. Ilolwell, Com missioner of Weights and Measures, for the absenco of n systom to pro- toot the pocketbooks of automobilo owners. Motorists liavo grown Indifferent because of the general insolence of garugo and servico station owners and employes. Knowing that tho city has nu adequate force of Inspectors to enforce the laws, tho garage men have, become bold and any request by 11 mator car ownor for n test of a pump is met wlUi rebuffs and a ro quest to "got out." 'When prlvato owners Insist on a teut tho garage man refuses, to sell thorn gasoline in most cases. OWNERS FAIL TO GET CONVICTIONS. Tho few private owners who attempted to proM'cuto garago mon came to disaster. A putnp would be found to givu "short" measure and tho car owner would cause the amot of Uia gurago man. Hut In court tho dealer (would explain Ills pump was leuky or he did not know It bod "slipped'' und escape sentence. Then to get even with tbo motorist ho would lllo a suit for false arrest. This oust tho cur owner money for defense Tho scllcrn of gasoline and oil say they do the best they can with their pumps and equipment. Constant use deteriorates tho plungers und valves, nnd tho adjustment screw hus a tendency to slip alwnys to the "short" end. The city ordinance puts Lho milder, on tho dealer; lie is expected to Usit his apparatus and know It is correct. Many States have rigid Inspection of gnKollne pumps. Thoy must bear the seal nnd be accurntn at oil times, or the dealer Is subject to a stiff pen ally. Prompt Inspection on demand nnd constant supervision cause tne dealers to Insist on having their PHOTO PLAYB. RIALTO WAV al t?l St. MARGUERITE CLARK In a 1'aramount I'Murc. "GrU " I1RUC" SCENIC Hundoxcn," Rialto Pictorial SUNSHINE COMEDY iltrry Juil lliidt." RIALTO ORCHESTRA "yiraaiful Oaltilra" Ovrrftirf. Ua TlM Ta-ldr-ntAltlXS HAT In 'IU IHlir. STIIAW IXJOT." auaiitwiiuij i jijj Miiwii vmn.u.nmmna wiwi iiii : . : iiSt' VI ." T ONUNMUt "" iT THUATmt. machines acurate. and the motorist knows he Is getting full valuo In his tuel tonic New York City tanks Could be inspected and sealed and a cer tificate of accuracy bo Issued to the dealer, but tho department has never organized the work, has no help to Handle tho big territory, and unless motorists Insist on a chnngo nothing will ever be dono to remedy conditions which aro a crying shame to the largest cltv In the world. Commissioner Holwoll said the only records he could obtain regard ing the number or service stations and gnsollno tnnks wcro from the iiureau of Firo prevention. Tiicse figures show approximately 1,000 storage garages nnd ZOO exclusive ser vlco stations, which handle nothing except gasollno, oils and auto sup plies. In the city. There are no other records, and no department hns a count of the portable gnsollno filling tanks used by many garages. INSPECTOR 18 SENT ANYWHERE ON DEMAND. On demand tho Weights nnd Meas urcs llurcuu will send an tnspector PHOTO PLAYS. MACK SENNETT Prrtent lit)upr Ctvneav (n 6 Parks YANKEE DOODLE IN BERLIN KraturingBothwell Browne and an entire Sennett All-Star Cast, including Urn Turpi n, Charles Murray, Chester ConUin and ''ord&tc?l!na in conjunction with MACK SENNETT BATHING BEAUTIES AND' BOTHWELL BROWNE Appearng iu Person at Kvery Performance Tour Under Direcb'en SOL LESSER Cointncnc'ng TOMOR. NIGHT 7.30 iB.5.M0JS B.5J1035i . C Continuous Pn ormsncfl NoonlollPrll theatre B'woy II 5t POP. PRICES IU.L.,1 In Jih.luin (OFtf-ttIM IUMMY LOUISE CLAUM SAHARA SL'I'KH1SR1) IIT ALLAN fJWAN SriiMtllvivil Anlsutl t'omrdy "i.Kl.l MO.MtKY' STltANO TOI'IfAI. ItKVIKW . linDI-KUN III. I.1.I.SSIIUAI) (Taaor) HI k 1 k aUSIaia AiruiM at Mtb stmt. I LAZ.A "SUNNYSIDE" CHARLIE CHAPLIN ta kit N. AUurdlU ra fans Ufa SuuSir Alldl'STVH THOMAS'S V.UKti. Drsaa, "AS A MAN THINK ." Hlia LKAI4 MAUD. cr5, COHAN JRE 5r? D.w. GBtfFITrl REPCrTTOW MoT. Evcrv Oay t 2iO AIL SCATS GESCBVtD' L SEASON P . . U. St Thcitrt. on Ci. trl "iiulr ! KMX AIM Oraaltr VAUOlVILtt. OAKQAIN MAT. TO.OAY & TO-M'W. I0c A 30c. Iscludlay Tat. guiiiii i laiiii.mnj linn' iffmsj,..! IssV LW 'jkssssV ssk. STRAND r to a garago to check up pumps, and five mem an oilteiul O. K. Hut the work is slow, and no systematic record Is kept In tho office, tho garage man being relied upon to ask tpr an Inspection, Following tho article In Tho Kvenlng World yesterday many requests for Inspection wero made, tho telephone In tho Mice of Commissioner Col well being kept busy all afternoon. Fearing a visit by Inspectors In tho next few days due to the dls-closureo of Tne Evening World, many garage mm and service station proprietors asked to have tholr pumps checked up In advance. Ttlka with garege men show the loss In gasoline hills by owners of large cars Is tremendous. An trt-nmplo wns given of a resident of West Und Avenue who owns three cars. The chauffeur 'keep '.ne machines In a enrage, and buys gasoline there, being rated a "good fellow." The owner Is charged with ten I gallons of ens. but only live are nut I In the tank, (he garage man "split-1 ting" the price of the other rive gal lons "nrty-nrty. one bur garage wns found where Accuracy la InaUtad upon, and every tank bears tho eal of tho city department. This la at the Automobile Clab of America. "We have eleven portable tanks and Insist they be kept accurnte at all times," said J. C Horton, superintendent. "When the seals are damaged or broken we have them replaced. Then If our measurement Is nuestloned wo can assure our mem. bers the city has inspected and given an official O. IC to the pumps. COHNEBS OUTING MONDAY. Frlrnda of Foley Will do lo Pnlal View tatnad. The outing and games of the Iter- bert P. Conneri Association wilt be held Monday and will Drabablr be the luL ine association is maae up or tne om friends and neighbors of Senator Thomas a. roiey. Members ana guests win assemble at No. 0 Cherry Ktreet. They will march lo the recreation mr at ths foot ol Market Rtreet, East Itlver, snd go to Point View Island. Colleca Point- where breakfast will be serve-t. A feature of the outing will be a baseball game between tne married an.l stnxle men. The mar. rted men's team will be caotalned b Charlie JIahlr. while Art Whelan will dlreft the bachelors. Patriek J, Whelan iirsictnt or tne association. HACKETTS LEO BROKEN. Actor Victim ot AreldeM While Taklaar Bath. MONTREAL, Canada, June U. James It llackett Is resting easily to-day at ter a fall yesterday In which he broke "'." aoo'S uie anu. The actor has been at lita countr summer home on an Island nar Clay, ton. fV. Y for Mveral days. Intendlna to spend his slimmer vacation boating and fUhln. White laainr a bath he slipped and fell heavily upon his loft irsr. VAUDEVILLE. Vttt a Ui lejr sum. "Tha flail flAMim. tHAHUI tHAHIH U "iUHhY. SIOC" T's Malarias. HtUU.r a Wtllrtt. Mtrla ItnwU. Ms UUtlf ...MM. Bunwin a. twt va. CHAHUr. CHAPLIN "SUNNYSI DF." la VAUDIVILLI BILL Ut. eu in. IfsTliwrrri, limit iuwl, Jm MMBtll ua. 04 qaaaaa a Co., Anoli rtarrora, MiWI Borl. ti1U Caain la "SmaralaV aUu. u-aiar. M w. 10EFJ NEW YORKtHCATBE ft." CaaL JIJL.MiJ In 11 r. H. narr tm IS k. -MOM rnr K n AW Saalt Larry ntnir w. mwn sVWVfM 7TH WEEK! THE PIKE'S PEAK OF BURLESQUE" .Vrui yorlc Sun. "Ceasl la MM wt tat aMt Ms. lUtl Ikawa that M stie n. aalW at Ba4vair aH." Mnll. AMS IT'S CLIAHI DANCE PALACE Uaarlas T la IX. Salaroars. SuiwUm aa I loll J l I lo I!, I'liiau wnt- WU haul. Cite. Urrlf IlubWll and laatruclsrs Item CwtU llaear. 0 A1XOIIOUO DIUXIUI M)U), Terrace Gardea Stt, tSShm a.. Dance In the Open Air Th0 I'larsTaa4l al Uia Ctly. ALT WATER IATHWG At Kwal 1TTU St. HaKw. AftUal AMUJtMtKT PARK "STSTEmilfflASB FiOR FUN OQKM IMUMis, 1 I ain VAbDiviuc cohcists, tsoaf intlh 01 I ,,b XtUra. IMndimr, nrla If. Ulll Ulll Ulll.a Ji Twin ItAL. .k.n mlT. AMUBEMENTS. . J AMUBEMENTS. j "IDALISAOES I orrowrt wist isovst. fcrry sua iiaiMisa mum uPiu THEATRES. 1 nmi uaaLui laws.' Or..t.. fulllill PUYHOUSES- TONiGHTIJI "AT 9.45 MHnsnt 44iiTSt,T8siye. LEW FIELDS in A Lonely Rww n .pettier 'OlCcfnra my ovs tea IIDWG Cl Tb . W IU cts. Lie oeiwjn aiiuw wt a nu. lie Haiical TVjMWeffW OaaMrSpttia Catine B'wv A teilj M. grte. tM iituM To ar, lza. MaUcU nr SetBc body'l SweIMrt bROADHURSf (.w.a ar. Lta. aM Mwa.Tkan.a Sal. t SV EAST" fA W J fOT MM IMf aareielf !a Z. af Bw UmUr lilt UUTICK kta. as. Hau. Tkara., Bat. Lie "IM HASOWS WtAL SUtXSSS eltince a r4jr-wiAtJf HUDSON pW..f7iu"u LOUIS MANN m VTitTClH wTiiis st. r.. jilait i ruuiuil um i.i r-sr 'Mirinit. "PLEASE GET MARRIED vita ISSJttT TRUtX a IOITH TAUArtSM rKtV AMSTERDAM WXIW CO0L r 7.rJtV.B J 0f MIIHIwnT rKuLrvt A I VPCI IKS (ra, US blVLiUIII SUtlaM T'i cl.Tjt.XS. D A D D I i S LIDLItl I u.u. w.d. a rut. ai m white'ISCAN DALS ui A MOOIRN HUIICAL RtVUC llaarv UlsWt l'Uiaius. lt aa iM - uu.TaHUttasal LA LA LUCILLE H LBUI. Koa. lit' H.u.i !!. a sat Ckirlai PuluWBMi's siadcal Caw4r Tniyia, SHE'S A GOOD FELLOW TIGHTNIN OAltTV. SVajf a 4SMI 1. - SMITH-HSLDaal SUCCISSU FOOLS Ml at tae Mstlaaaa w.d. i real Cilttrlaa. Wwir all. Sat tM. becasco Mart ilU BU Bra. SI Ml navln DARK ROSALEEK HIXAMCO Fianlila cohan t Hkmrsvt THE ROYAL VAGABON1 1 A COHAHIHO OrtSA COMIQUg, KMcaCRSOCggSL Uraadvir a4 SUk as. Im ai S.1S. ltau. Woo. A IUL at fJS JOHN UOirrS Mw Marlnl tlaeaaSrr Of SUHLItUUI "-N, T. 71mr. SPECIAL! RETURNS FROM THE . W1LLARD DEMPSEY FIGHT BY SPECIAL WIRE READ FROM STAGE. TWICE Si i.tU, 21. fa. DAILY I at S.l 114 tt fUO. Hli Twa W..U la A4maca. aawtWs 1'iruUtot XHEN you goon your' tlon thU Siuwmsr bar your fsvorlts papa mailed ta you svary ay EtwisK WaU, lie fjr wmi Ctfy VYorM. 19c ro tftek Zwkj WirH, Seftf Smiq Tou ctf subaoUe sa t4 1 raa e aaj w ran im ana -ww vas liMtia tear ttnM sa aVUa TrU iuai imuiti naal,aUi iaa . aa fail sasaa. aiUt Tu W-ki la.uwJJ U 1st reu, M aaai n-M nHaltuwa tfltaul u Capiat. tm taarU. aMaaluaU4kve'. Slaal fjk um iA."tr aatu aas aa tn awaaaa ' A.1 mmm a!a SSljS'tt

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