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Times Colonist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada • Page 27
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Times Colonist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada • Page 27

Times Colonisti
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

VICTORIA DAILY TIMES, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1970-27 6S BUILDING SUPPLIES 1 70 80 BOATS AND MARINE MOTORCYCLES 77 MUSICAL INSTKUMENTS SAVE Tonight's Top Television Shows SEE PEARSON'S for Christmas Lay-Away Plan on HONDA ELECTROHOME ORGAN SPECIAL PRICES happenings that usually transpire in the dead of night. Richard Egan, Michael Anderson, Mable Albertson and Doreen Lang are featured. ELECTROHOME annual 70oc Mini Trail $399 warehouse clearance 50cc Mini $315 NANCY. 6 p.m., Channel 2. Can Adam, the small-town veterinarian, find happiness in the same circle of friends as the daughter of the president of the United States? Who knows? But that's the question uppermost in Adma's mind after he meets some of Nancy's acquaintances.

50cc Mini Toy $235 3388 Douglas 386-3421 -BRETON with Leslie and reverb. $995 MINI BIKE KITS CORTINA 2-speed Leslie 1967 Johnson 40 h.p. J550 1958 Mercury electric 60 h.p. $283 1966 Mercury 50 h.p. electric $695 1966 Mercury 20 h.p.

$849 1954 Johnson 35 h.p. $150 1967 Mercury manual 35 h.p. long $479 1970 Mercury 4 h.p. manual $265 1967 Mercury 35 h.p. manual $525 1967 Mercury 50 h.p.

electric $849 1964 Mercury manual 30 h.p. $329 1966 Mercury 35 h.p. manual $450 1963 Mercury, $398 1960 Mercury 35 h.p. manual $295 1965 Mercury 20 h.p. $350 Do it yourself, all parts in and repeat $1295 cluded except motor $89.50 TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES.

9 p.m., Channel 5. "Spin Out." In the publicity for his new biographical film, "Elvis," Elvis Pressley is quoted as saying that he wouldn't even bother looking at most of his previous films. This is likely to be one of those. He plays the singing leader of a small combo whose biggest fear is getting married. When he's not singing one of six songs, he's busy dodging the beauties trying to snag him, including Shelley Fabares, Diane McBain, Deborah Wallcy and Dodi Marshall.

STEWART and HUDSON BUILDLMG SUPPLY CENTRE BARGAINS 12x12x16 Tile 6' Vuivl Cusliionflor lln. ft. 1.79 Lino lin. (I. .59 Ozile Indoor-Outdoor CaiDct hi.

vd. 3.87 10(1 Pit Cent Nvlon Caa net-Priced trom to. vd. 4.37 INSULATION BARGAINS Kibreslass rolls m. ft.

59 Wi'stroc Friction fit Batts-0 so. 4 79 Cold Nuseett Loose Fill ha? 1.09 mi vinv! Threshold 1.99 Foam Self-Stick .45 96" Door Sweeo MIRROR Comuare 16 'xl'4 Crystal 99 CrvsUl 7 S8 Crvstal 11 99 SV'xSS" Crvslal 13 99 Crystal la ys HARDBOARD AND PARTICLE 4fc.xV' hardboard 139 4V.6X1," hardbuard sil hardboard 4xsIi" hardbuard 1 4xSx7-M" K3 Beard 'i7 4xs9-l" K3 Board 17 4xS.xU-16" K3 Boaid 3 97 PRESTO LOCS-lOc eaoh Rnofmasler Asohalt Shlngles We will aDDlv them. Open 6 days :30 Charges Budgets 386-3211 400 Block Gorge Road East Stewart and Hudson Rebuilt motor $45.00 WINDSOR two-channel EDDIE'S FATHER. 7 p.m., Channel 8. A beginner's book of law gels to Eddie.

So he decides to draw up a will and the proper distribution of his worldly goods is a task requiring much soul-searching. New and stereo organ $1488 motors $74.44 VICTORIA Subject to prior sale. Convenient credit terms. LAWNMOWER HOSPITAL 834 Johnson 383-8338 Woodward's, Mayfair 2nd Floor BICYCLES 78 THE MOD SQUAD. 7:30 p.m., Channels 4 and 8.

"Search and Destroy." This series takes a quite ordinary script and turns it into a fairly exciting episode. It centres on narcotics traffic and the killing of a young murder witness. The victim's brother is determined to get revenge, eigher inside or out of the law. He doesn't realize the size and scope of the enemy he is taking on. Steve Ihnat stars.

TO ROME WITH LOVE. 9:30 p.m., Channels 7 and 12. Barbara McNair brightens up this episode appearing as the hostess of a swinging little night club. The story has Mike Endicott and Grandpa visiting the club and getting better treatment than the owners, which is a short-lived mystery to him. The real story is the presence of Miss McNair, who should follow another top singer Diahann Carroll, into the TV series whirl.

oien Daily 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. MERCURY MARINE 736 Cloverdale 385-8922. V. BALDWIN I I Pianos Organs BERNIE PORTER MUSIC 382-9542 384-0641 1724 Douglas-1576 Oakcrest CLEARANCE MARINE In slock now! 10 speeds by Kent! THE MOVIE OF THE WEEK.

8:30 p.m., Channel 4. "The House That Wouldn't Die" Barbara Stanwyck stars in this Halloween salute, as chilling a presentation as you'll see all week. Television has been less than spectacular in presenting this type of ghost story, and this might have been a production failure were it not for the convincing emoting of Miss Stanwyck. She plays a woman who inherits 225-year-old house in Gettysburg, it is reputed to be haunted. When she arrives with her niece, she is visited by several curious neighbors, and all find themselves soon terror-stricken by unexplainable and fearful MARCUS WELBY, M.D.

10 p.m., Channel 4. It's difficult to say how long this series can continue to come up with some of life's harshest problems, often as common as they are unex-ploited. Tonight it's the case of a mother with a severely retarded child who refuses institutional aid, insisting on keeping the baby herself. The burdens she bears finally result in a massive ulcer attack, which may kill her if she doesn't relent. Suzanne Pleshette and David Hartman star.

PINE IMPORTED PIANOS Here's the racer that feels at tnnci 1 nrlrui nf 1U in Houseboat now used as office. curtains, carpets, furnace, 100 wiring, hull fittings, top deck, rail, and dodgers. Fibreglass hull. A little work and you have a like a racer, runs like a racer bench included. Subject to prior saie.

convenient creuii terms, and is built to take it. lightweight through exten WOODWARD'S, MAYFAIR 2nd Floor floating home. A bargain sive use of aluminum and alloys. faultless derailleur system. CUBBON LUMBER 515 Alpha 386-3288 LUMBER SHORTS rer Bundle f.

ft. Ix 112 pc. Rousli $1.35 lx 2 12 pes. Dressed 1,9) 8 20 lx 3 6 pes. Dressed 1.08 2.16 Ix 4 6 pes.

Dressed 1.33 2.52 lx 6 4 pes. Dressed 132 2.32 lx 8 4 pes. Dressed L76 3.20 1x10 4 pes. Dressed 3.92 lxll' 4 pes. Dressed 5.12 2x 2 6 pes.

Dressed 1.62 2.70 ix Each Dressed .33 .52 2x 4 Each Dressed .44 70 2x 6 Each Dressed .66 1 04 2x 8 Each Dressed 1.38 2x10 Eaoh Dressed 1.20 1.74 2x12 Eaoh Dressed 14-1 2.08 3x 4 Eaoh Dressed .75 4x 4 Eaoh Dressed .95 150 8 ft. lumber is utility grade. LUMBER 2S PCs. 2x4- 8 loot Econo 16 55 25 pes. 2x4 10 foot Econo 9.95 CUBBON LUMBER Open 6 days a Week 1720 Cook 384-8181 only $1695.

Flag poles aluminum YAMAHA TV LISTINGS centre pull brakes "the world's largest maker" rear wheel spray guard "of musical instruments" with large steel base. Each only $29.95. Miscellaneous items. Dock pump are NOW OPEN for bus easy grip bars EVENING CBUT 2 K0M0-4 KING 5 C'HKK 6 K1RO 7 CHAN 8 KCTS 9 KTNT 11 KVOS J3 KTVW 13 Vancouver Seattle Seattle Victoria Seattle Vancouver Seattle Tacoma Bellinsliam a coma iness at 2020 Douglas 384-9131 with Pianos and Organs lines, fittings, sea anchors, sleeping bags, all to go at a fraction replacement. 12:00 P.M.

2 Movie Only $120 Easy, easy, terms. Bicycle Division MULLINS MARINE SALES LTD. Hurry. JUST ARRIVED 1971 Sherlock -Manning Winter Minto and Aqua-Cat 10:30 P.M. 2 Tuesday Night fc 4-Mat'cus Welby, MD (c) Movie Night (c) 7 1 Minutes 8 Barliara McNair fc) Jt Medical Program 11 News 12 Minutes fO Movie 7 Movie 8 Perry's Probe (c) sailing in protected lovely Gorge waters.

Enquire at 925 Yates 382-1928 Pianos. New decorator styles. See them at Scott Piano and Organ WHY PAY MORE? Gorge Boat House. a tore kbiis 2ac .:00 P.M. 2 Nancy 4 News (c) ft News 6 Mews 7 News (c) fi News Kukta, Fran and Oltie Trek co 1 Muvie 13 Movie 1:30 P.M.

3 Hourglass (c 4 News (c) News 6 News 7 News c) 9-Guitar 11 Star Trek ci 12- Waiter Cronkite (c) x8" Economy Stud 25c 7:30 P.M. Reach for the Top cJ 4 Mod Squad ic) IV Don Knotts (c) tt-UFO-Drama fc) 1 Kleutiim SiK-t'ial tot X-Mnl Squad University Conversation 11 Daniel Boone tc 12 big Valley )c) 8:00 P.M. 2 Ked Skellon 4 Mod Squad (cj Don Knolls (ei ft Red Skelton 7 Green Acres v) 5 Mod Squad (O Speculation 11 Darnel Boone c) 12 Big Valley U'J 612 Fort St. 384-4623 iilass LUl to Size OAK BAY YACHTS "at the Marina" Hardlward 1.35 BILL'S CYCLES 1551 Oak Bay Ave. At h'ort St.

and Oak Bay Junction 3 8 2-2523 UPRIGHT GRAND PIANO. NEWLY 1327 Beach Drive 386-3488 12-Merv Griffin (c) li Movie 1:00 A.M. 5 News 12 News 1:05 A.M. ft Movie 12 Manhunt 4'x8'x'i" Hardboard 1.95 Cedar S4S t9c Cedar S4S 44c RErTNISHED. STEEL SOUND uou lui.

n. 9:00 P.M. 2 Storefront Lawyers (c) 4 Movie ft Muvie tS Storefront Lawyers (c 7-Hee Haw (c Johnny Cash fc 9 Advocates ic) 11 David Frost (c) 12 Hee Haw (c) 13 Passport to Travel 9:30 P.M. 2 Storefront Lawyers (c 4 Movie 5 Movie fy Storefront Lawyers (e) 7 Rome with Love (c) 8 Johnny Cash (c) 9 Advocates 11 Davtd Frost 12 Rome with Love (c) 13 Tall Man 10:00 P.M. 2 Tuesday Night fc 4 Marcus Welby, MD (c) ft Movie 6 Tuesday Night (c) 7 60 Minutes to 8 Barbara McNair fcl 9 Meet the Candidates 11 News U-4W Minutes BOARD.

EXCELLENT CONDITION. WILL TAKE TRADES AS STEREO, 11:00 P.M. 2 News (c) 4 News c) ft News ct fr News (c 7 News fc) News (c) 11 Big Valley 12 Danger Man (c) 11 2U 2 Viewpoint TV, ETC. PHONE MR. BELL, fccon.

Random 139.95 Plastic Patio Panels 1.75 Plastic Patio Panels 2.25 NEW SHIPMENT! Limited supply of Grande Prixs racing fenders, handlbars, speedometers, carriers, light sets, etc. ROBINSON'S iocai rost oince JSS-iHOO. CONTINENTAL FURNITURE 851 JOHNSON STREET Concrete Mix per baa: 11.69 Mortar Mix per bag $1.09 1307 Broad St. 385-3429 lopping Mix per bag $1.69 Cement 80 lb. bag $1,79 11:30 P.M.

t.oncreie Drain Hie isc RUSS HAY BICYCLE SHOP COMPLIMENTARY ORGAN WORKSHOP Vinyl floor tiles 18c 2512 Government 3SM-472J For beginners and those interested 4 Dick Cavett c) ft Johnny Carson Where you park at the door: 22 snorts Bsc 22 longs 95c Door Jamb per set $6.93 ALL TIMES AltE LOCAL WANTED: MAN'S lll-SI'EED BIKE 8:30 P.M. 2 Telescope (c) 4 Movie 5 Julia c) 6 Telescope fc) 7 Hee Haw 8 Room 222 11 David Frost (c) 32 Hec Haw to 13 Travel 7:00 P.M. 9 TBA 4 Exploration Northwest (r) Truth or Consequences vc) ft UB'O Drama (el 7-Dick Van Dyke (c ft Kddie's Father (o 9 lesson in Liviny Dragnet fcj 1 Muvie 13 Boh Corcoran and lady's 3-specd bike. 3S4-9136. in learning to play on the organ.

Conducted by DYE, A.R.C.T. REGISTER NOW for Oct. 28 PARAGON MUSIC Ceiling Tiles white 64 sq. ft. $8.49 4'xk'x7-16" IKO sheathing $2.49 Totem Logs 12 per pack 95c Aluminum Sash before you buy net in touch with us.

1010 Cook 385-5275 80 BOATS AND MARINE 12 Merv Griffin fc) 11 HANNKLS ItESEKVE K1C.HT MAKK LAST-MINUTE CHANGE Plywood cuttings 10 for "The Home of Gulhransen Oryans" New 120-Bass Accordions from $225 NEW 2 PICKUP PAN SEMI- i.qs Open Seven Das a week. LANGFORD BUILDING SUPPLY HARDWARE 940 Coldstream Ave. Ph. 47S-1724. BOAT ENTHUSIASTS! hollow guitar, 3S2-S443.

Early Wednesday Building a new boat install a Volvo I-O. 130 h.p. Volvo stern drive with 250 leg, mechanical steering, controls, dash panel, complete to put in your boat. Reg. price $2,865.00 NOW ONLY $2,195.00 See the beautiful Glascroft 18' hardtop with cream hull and gold deck, featuring.

155 h.p. stern drive Foam flotation Sleeper seats Built-in tank Fuel gauge Bilge blower Bilge pump Camper type rear cover ONLY $5,590.00 COAST POWER MACHINES (1961) LTD. 2520 Govt. St. 382-1421 For one stop quality out ORGAN RENTAL $6 PER MONTH.

382-9542. 00 A.M. fitting see our complete line of popular marine goods. 71 MUSIC TEACHERS trom Z-apar Marine varnish to Schaeffer Yacht Fit Take an accordion or guitar home 4 News: Good Morning (c) 5 Today c) 6 Good Morning 'c) 7 .1. P.

Patches (c) 8 Good Mornuig 2:00 P.M. 2 Double Exposure icj 4 Newlywed Game fc) ft Famous Jury Trials (ct 6 Movie 7 Secret Storm (c) 5 M'uvie 11- Hozel (c) 12 Secret Storm (c) 4:00 P.M. 3 Galloping Gourmet c) 4 Dark Shadows 5 Mike Douglas (cl 6 Galloping Gourmet (c) 7 Movie 8 Beat the Clock (c) ft Teieoourse 11 Fiintstones (c) 12 Fun-O-Raima (c 10:00 A.M. 2vestero Schools 4 Movie 5- Sale of the Century (c) fiVestern Schools 7 Family Affair ri Jean Cannem to 9 Book Beat 11 NVws, Weather 12 Family Altair (o SPECIAL DISCOUNTS LUMBER PLYWOOD Before You Buy Compart our quality and prices. Lunioer, plywood, roofing Insulation, 12:00 NOON 'J Luncheon Date 4 Bewitched (c 5 Distaff in fi Noon Show 7 News c) 8 News 11- l.ucy 12 David Frost 12:15 I' M.

ting. Deck shoes to Bushnell Optics. Dingtiies to Avon nee, rur 8 weeks trial lessons. SCOTT WOOD MUSIC 410 Burnside East 384-2111 477-1014 doors, hardware. Free estimating 12 Frisky Frolics 13 Stock Market Report liferafts, safety equipment and Navigational Aids.

We service available at no extra cost or obligation. For quality, service and guaranteed satisfaction and savings phone, write or bring your building 8:30 A.M. know what you want and we PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS ON MOST ALL INSTRUMENTS BALL AND FAIRFIELD FORT 385-8342 have it. 4 Good Morning (c) 5 Today (c) 6 Pete's Place ca 7 Cant. Kangaroo 8 Pete's Place (c) 2:30 P.M.

2 Dick Vim Dyke 4 Dating Game (c) 5 Anolher World (c 6 Pierre Berton (cl 7 Edge of Might (cl 8 Famous Jury Trials ic) 11 Movie Game (c) 12 Many-Splendored Thing (c) requirement to: HOME BUILDING SUPPLY 4:30 P.M. 2 Drop- In 4 Flying Nun fc Mike Douglas (c) 6 Drop-In 7 Movie 8 Batman (c) Children's Special, 11 Addams Family 12 Fun-O-Rama (c) MAYHEW AND STRUTT ESQIJIMALT MUSIC STUDIO. GUI-tar lessons, available Tuesdav and Saturday. 850 Fleming St. 382-4887 after 5 p.m.

wnrt I niTtiirtrit LTD. W) Esquimau Rd. S82-5711 10:30 A.M. 2 Friendly Giant Tlclene 4 Galloping Gourmet (c) ft Hnllyw.Nxl Squares fe fi -Fiiendly Giant Helene (c) 7 Love of Life (c) IS Jean Cannem (c) 9 Classroom 11 Jack La Lanne fc 12 Love of Life 13 News, Weather 11:00 A.M. 2 Sesame Street irt 4 News 5.Ieojardy 2300 Douglas 386-7704 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY SERVICE TO ALL GULF ISLAND POINTS.

and experienced teacher. No Sun- 13 CapL Kangaroo IS Stock Market Report Haida 26 Racing, Cruising Sloops 9:00 A.M. uays. i none afw-uum. PLAY POPULAR PIANO.

30 lessons. Results guaranteed. Mrs. Ted Williams. 36-1252.

8 Pierre Berlon c) 12:30 P.M. Luncheon Date 4 World Apart (c) 5 Days of Our Lives Ic) G-Noon Show 7- World Turns (c) 8- Pierre Berton (c) 9- EiEhth Dav U-To Tell the Truth (c) 12 David Frost (c) 12.45: 8, 8 Movie 1:00 P.M. 2 Luncheon Date 4 AH My Children c) 6 Doctors (c 6 Movie 7 Love. Splendored Thing (ct Classroom 11 Danny Thomas 12 David Frost 1:30 P.M. 255 North ici BUILDING A HOUSE? CALL COLUMBIA READY MIX LTD.

3:00 P.M. 2 Take 30 4 General Hospital (cl r-. Words and Music (cl 6- TaKe 3D 101 7 Gumer Pyle in Another World ici 11 Rocky and Friends ic 12 It's Your Brt ici 5:00 P.M. 2 Place of Your Own 4 What's My Line? (ci Dream of Jeannie (ci 7-Movie 5- Pm Hockey in 9 Children's SiM'ciat 11 Gilligan's Island (cl 12- Lucy 4-Movie 'Telescope (c) ft Peyton Place ic 7 News (c) 8 Peyton Place ci 9 Classroom 12 Lucy (c) 13- SUck Market Sand, gravel, drain gravel ACCORDION AND GUITAR lessons. Instruments loaned to beginners.

Phong 382-204(1 GUITAR INSTRUCTION. CLASSIC or folk. Private, reasonable rates. 382-0830. INDTVroUAL" CONTEMPO A BY irililar lessons.

Sound Souire Music. 2250 Oak Bay 382-3832. CITIZENS OF THE SEA Your Passports are ready Apply at Ivy's Bookstore Print Gallery Bosun's Locker or Box 5052 Victoria, 3:30 P.M. 9:30 A.M. and ready-mixed concrete.

For Free Estimate Phone 478-1701 or Res. 478-2737 or 478-1086 2949 Phipps Road yosa 7-Where the Heart Is (c) Yoga icj 11 Romper Room 0 12 Where the Heart Is (c) 13 Market Report 11:30 A.M. Street ic 4- Thal Girl What or Wiwrr fi Wild Whirl (c 7 Scorch fur Tomorrow (cl 5 Wild Whirl in 9 -Cliiidren'H Special tr 12 Search for Tomorrow 4 Mov ip ftTrlesropf 71 MOTORCYCLES fi -Victoria Scene 5:30 tM. 2-Hillblllies in 1 News Ici Ti Nfnvs S-Mv Three Sons 7 -Movie Hockey (cl fl Misterogers 11 Get Smart ICI 13 Movie 1 I MARINE CLEARANCE SALE All leftover 1970 Mercs. All leftover fibreglass boats.

All leftover 14-ft. Crestliner aluminums MULLINS MARINE SALES LTD. 925 Yates Street 382-1928 Your Yamaha, Triumph, BSA Dealer EASY, EASY TERMS of Nishl 4 line Life ici it" fi Kdcc of Njht in 7- .1 Palmes i 8 Trouble with Tracv 11 Siiecd Racer (ci 12 What My Line Open Mon. thru Sat. (6 days) 7 This 8 Ed Allen 4 Make a Deal ic) World 5- Mi.vie 7- Guiiling Light (c) 8 Movie 11 12 Divorce Court fc 13- World Cooking 12 Beverlev Hillbillies c) 13 Stock Market CANOE COVE MARINA Challenger 37' and 41' Sxrtfisherman 37' and 41' Weslporter 41' Motor yacht 48' Commodore 53' 656-3915 ALL CRETE CEMENT Instant setting all purpose cement for underwater or home use.

Resists chemicals, protects steel from water corrosion. No expansion or contraction bonds even in sub-freezing temperatures. 50 ib. sack retail value $12 00 sack. SALE $5.99 CAPITAL IRON AND METALS LTD.

19S2 Store SL JS5-9708 CROSSWORD By Eugene Sbeffer I I MARINE In Stock Now! Yamaha mlni-Euduros h.p. 15" wheels COMPOST BOX 2'xii' work bunch EVI' picket fence Lawn fence Green house, complete $7.30 Sll.lfi $155.00 YACHT BROKERS VAN ISLE MARINA LTD. Tsehum Harbour Sidney, B.C. completely street legal Saantrh Lumber Yards 3011 Duugisu! SI 3S5-2486 Near the Mayfair Shopping Centre Night Phone 479-1423 ONE LEFT! 18 6" Islander Deep Vce double de luxe super boat. Look at this! Custom glass windshield, full camper top, sleeper seats, bow storage, mechanical steering.

Power! 2. Mountain on Crete 3. Spine 4. Newer 5. Russian czar 6.

Honey 7. Sacred vessel R. Dung beetle 9. Kind of cloth 10. Solar disk 11.

Flower 16. British weight for coal 37. Danger 40. European river 41. "The Red" 42.

Football position 4C. Insects 47. Medicinal plant 4H. Sailor 49 Golf mounds f0. Kernels 51.

Greek letter VERTICAL 1. Roy TONIGHT'S MOVIES 5:30: Clmnnel 12: Adventures of Caplain Fabian (1951 adventure). Errol Flynn, Micheline Presle. Sea captain saves a servant girl from a murder charge. riiannH 4: The House Thai Would Not Die (1970 Thriller).

Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Kgan. An heiress moves to a haunted house. Channel 5: Spinout I comedy l. Klvis Presley, Shelley Kabares. Sports car racing, romance and Elvis.

11:30: luiiiiii 7: Crossfiie (1917 drama). PvObcrl Young, Robrrt Ryan, Robert Mitcbiim. A craed killer's motive for murder prejudice. Chaniipl The Silence (1963 drama). Ingrid Thulin.

A Woman rebels against her dominating sister. Channel 8: The Terror (1963 melodrama). Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson. Young olficer traces a mysterious girl to a castle inhabited by a madman. 656-1138 Wl.Vl'EU MAINTENANCE: Pioiicllor reintcliing.

shaft repairs, tieai slujfiiut buxes, Capiianu iivdiauiic sUvrlllij. SMITH Blins. and MACHINE WultK LTD Pembroke 1971 Chrysler with electric start and alternator. More! De luxe fire extinguisher, life jackets, paddles, TRADE TOOLS Albttol Concentrate tne wonder concrete bonding agenL Permanent ement for all small cracks and leaks. Tools for all trades, Plastering.

Cement and Tile. Open Saturdays 'ttl 12. island buiumng supply co. LTD. 350 Garb-ally Road 382-5178 USED RED BRICKS, SAND AND avel.

O.K. TRUCKING CO. LTD 386-3414. 760 TOPAZ full M.C. suspension only 130 lbs.

6 month warranty ideal for hunters, and off road riding. Try one out now MULLINS MARINE SALES LTD. 925 Yates Street 382-1928 Still a good selection of used bikes from $95 up. 19. An assemblage 2f).

Cries 21. Encourage 22. Pig (It.) 23. Nervous seizure I Malay I 25 Bone for exams 26 Draw by suction 27. American Indian 2S.

Young oat 30. Manm Genesis 33. Costs 34. Pierce 36. Housewifc'i cruest 37.

Sheepskin, for one 38. Pennsylvania port 39. Cereal grain 40. Deer's track 42. Winnow 4.1.

Eskimo knife 44. Tiger, for one 45. Isthmus of HORIZONTAL 1. Eve's source 4. Kind of bean 5.

Asterisk VI. Harem room 13. Avouch 14. Pvoman patriot 35. Impudent answer 17.

Mimici 18. Sharp 19. American author 30. Cavalry sword 32. Amaaxi Mtuary S4.

Ancient Greek cote Snappy retort 29. Mr. Franklin 30. Missile weapon 31. Glorious (India) 32.

Retreat a bit 34. Hastened 35. San 36. Pens for swine 60' rope, etc. (Answer lo Previous Tu.Je) List $4575, OUR PRICE $3895 INTERIOR BOAT FKTURES PIwood, Lights, Plumbing, Hardware, Appliances.

In stock at reasonable prices S. J. PEOEN LTD. 2S55 Ciuesnel St. 386-3404 PEARSON'S CEDAR SHAKES FOR SALE 642-3320 386-3421 3388 Douglas 70 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS M3 EETnsiA)L PA IIJHa SljAIMl AlvTAL A.IN ElfrN ItSilo nIk LI NNEaT le n's1sPE A NiTggr'iL.

A rHCiOjR NT'EiDjl ElSITBfeMl E3Qa ir iB5a1lTfTki CA UL glAIJlNJSI T1n cIL RTAf eb o'e n'e't sjoTBTs Ll I A '-a ALEXANDER BOAT WORKS LTD. at: Clark Rrns. Marina SPECIALIZING IN COMPLETE REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS Ph. 636-1511 HALL FAIRFIELD MUSIC CENTRE RADIO LOG by building your own 11' Mirror sailing dinghy. Pre-cut kit includes rigging and sails from BOSUN'S LOCKER 580 Johnson 386-1308 INSTRUMENTS ACCESSORIES CYCLE CENTRE Kawasaki Motorcycles New and Used LES BLOW'S MOTORCYCLES 2940 Dounlas 384-7843 sheet music PRIVATE MCSrC LESSONS SCHOOL BAND RENTALS COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE SHIP CHANDLER (McQl'ADES) 45-(jallon drums, suitable as Incinerators or what have you.

Tops not removed. $1.95 each. li52 Wharf St. 5S3-U41 728 Fort St. 385-8342 Araf tim ttt: 14 niiMte.

GOOD FRAMUS STEEL STRING guitar, $95; Harmony acoustic guitar. $-15: original Appaiachin PHILBROOK'S SHIPYARD LTD. 656-1157 FOR ELECTRICAL REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS aulonarp, oohfvox oiuaji i taoliment, new $585, sell $145 47S-5677. MODIFIED SAILING DORY complete with sail and all the year, well-built. What offers? 19' cabin cruiser.

2 bunks, stove, 2 oulboards. 11150. Thermo-glaas run-alwul with 33 h.p. Evinrude, Jsju. Clinker built runalwut with 60 h.p.

Evinrude, 75ii. Others. Deep Cove Marina, 656-2K10. ALL NEW! HONDA MINI! Ideal for Xmas gift. Now only S2.i9.iHl BROOK LANDS MOTORCYCLE SALES 937 FORT ST.

383-5K6 All Stations-Victoria: C.1VI, flOO; CFAX. 1(170; CKDA, 1220. Vancouver: TJOR, 6K); CliU. 6'M; CKNW. 980; CKWX, 1130: CHgM, 132(1; CKVN.

1410. Seattle: KIRO. 710; KOMO, 1000; KING, 1090. Belllngham: KARI, SS0. FM Stalions-Vieturla: CFMS, S8.S.

Vancouver: CKLG, 99 CFM, K8.5: CBC, 105 7. Seattle: K1.XI, 95 7: KLSN, 96.5: KING, 98 KIRO. 100.7; KETO. 1111.5. Tacoma: KTNT.

97.S; KLAY, 1061. Edmunds: KBIQ, 1U5.S. belllngham. KERI, 104 3. Most stations broadcast news bulletins on the hour and on the half-hour at early morning and evening peak periods.

Major Newscasts: CBU, 9 a.m.; BBC news, 4 p.m.; (Saturday, 8 a.m., 12:30 p.m. 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. 12 noon (noon report), 5:30 p.m. (news hour); Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m.) national news; CFAX, CKDA and CJVI, 8 a.m., KLECTRIC GUITAR SALE FROM ALL ELECTRIC GREATLY REDUCED I'AtlcMAW MIIQlf CF.NTRR (Of) VATES 3S4-9222 STEAL KOH QUICK SALE 19' 6" cabin cruiser, bullnm newly glassed, new solid malmcany rainn, 'J beitliN, Move.

sulk, Imrlahle heads, Evinrtlde, Johnson Top condltiun. SALE SALE SALE '711 motliH Coming Soon Complete new line from FREDERICK MOTORCYCLES ORR MARINE V-8. rebuilt, direct drive. 6i5. 1 used clutch for Brigus and Strail'in air-uioled engine.

31 Ene St. 3S2-5813 PI7U THOCSAND POCND TILT tioiim trailer. 14' filierglass open Isial. 11169 25 p. Evinrude, 2 tanks, all cmtrois, spare wheels, 11,095.

OI2-5Ki7. 6I Queen Ave. HODAKA ion CC MOTORCYCLES KliR Trail Model. DON BOAT TRANSPORT Moe home for the Winter. It cnts less than you think.

Remember haulinit is our business our ONLY business. Equipped for commercial or pleasure craft ut to 40'. 479-1(114. 7 i 4 7 i 9 lO II J. 222 IS I 17 il ll IS 1A -r- tt- 77 rr' t'i '(, tiiUi 1 1 1 i 1 1 iT, milin ii 8 19 TTo To si PLAN TO ATTEND ORGAN CLASSES FOR BKGINNERS EACH THURSDAY P.M.

REGINALD Sl'ONE 1fti7 QUADRA aftWia NELSON'S MUSIC CENTRE Sales, Service, Instruction 1320 Broad St. 385-5242 1 DOUBLE SET OF LUDWIG 32" hsss, or 2 separate sets of Lud-wlg drums and cymbals. Phone anytime after noon, 3H2-24II2. YAMAHA PIANOS PEOPLE WHO know music buy them. Yamaha Music Centre, 202(1 Douglas.

Super Rat Motorross COMPETITION HODAKA 33 Camden Avenue 479-529H 'Cl TDIllMPH TROPHV CV.MT. REPAIRS TO FIBERGLASS BOATS Trailers. Etc. Free estimates Work (tuaranteed PELAGIC PACIFIC IN a LTD 4 Huron St. 31811 custom, good condition, I7IHI or 36' WEST COAST ROLLER Triana.

(1M diesel power, fully equipped. 642-594S. neareM oner, ill view oo oima Ave. 12 FT. ALUMINUM CARTOP BOAT.

6 H.P. Chrysli-r nvitor, etc. 4UI. Can be seen at 2375 Cranmore Road. ABSOLUTELY MUST SELL, Honda, 3115 Scrambler.

Offers. ALL BAY MARINA Evinrude Dealer WlnteriziiiK storage 2238 Harbour Sidney 65-317 BRITISH SEAGULLS Sales Repairs Parts VIC, LAWNMOWER HOSPITAL f4 Johnson St. 1-S338 YAMAHA 60 CC, J125 PLUS TIMES GOOD MUSIC HOUR 7:30 p.m. CJVI More, orchestra; Zampa Overture, orchestra; Grand March, Aida, orchestra; Largo (Handel), orchestra; A Rosebud By My Early Walk, Glasgow Phoenix Choir; The Auld Man, Glasgow Phoenix Choir; Kcndron, Glasgow Phoenix Choir; Dance of the Hours, orchestra; Blue Tango, orchestra; Semiramide Overture, orchestra; The Isle of Mull, Glasgow Phoenix Choir; Go Lovely Rose, Glasgow Phoenix Choir; Mice and Men, Glasgow Phoenix Choir; Sleeping Beauty Wall, orches'ra. INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL.

ALL fibreglass 10 ft. oartp. ft. urtup, 8 fl. dinghy.

Phone 30213, 10-5, weekdays only. PIANO TUNER and TECHNICIAN EXPERT REPAIR SERVICE WILLIAMS 385-2524 or S-3U9 helmet. 19I19 TRIUMPH tWI MOTOR AND dvi- rilium TECHNICIAN parts. Offers. SD2-24DI.

EXPERT REPAIR SERVICE C. KING 477-3918 PRODESTO MARINE IND. Marine hardware and accessaries. Insti-umenis and propulsion systems. 939 Johnson TRIUMPH MINIMUM CLARK BROS.

MARINA IIohI lii'ikemKe Murina Seivlot-s Sidney. K6-iC offer 90. 3K3-1H69. HKINtV.MAN UPRIGHT GRAND 1 iinno, In good condition. Reason able.

SIl'-'-Ritw, to honda art e'e in good condllionHKI MTOItTMPH CC. ONLY litl miles. Plnie lietvvcen 5-(i. JENKINS MARINE Boat mnviiiK. cello linisli.

all rcpaus. shop 479CJ-14, Res 477-5043. MI'ST SELL 2il' INBOARD. I'vlin-ii-r Chivsici murine Afte NDlfCKWOUTH. PIANO TUNER JiS IUlU 6 U) 8 ssVHnA fcJT---.

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