The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1950 · Page 108
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 108

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1950
Page 108
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, ISM (ARK.)' COUXTER K15WS Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoopl* JVJlTH AW CWJ- OUTPOUR WAY ByJ.R;Wmiams FBICKLE8 AND KM FKUNDC BT Ml Aetl<mt PRESCRIPTIONS FrMh Slock Curantecd Best Price* Kirby Druo Stores I'LL CAW f ROM IrtlS EXITS A KS^- IT'LL BE A ^AklD 8ECOU6 MOSfW SIMPLE MMTfiETd ^Safc OF HUMAN f LOTSACA. THAT S-toUT 6RAWCH ESCAPE AlS AND LET MNSELF DOWkS WOMAN'S®-SOfTLV A6TH6 8OOSM WRATH/ *1P6 AND SHAKE PARACHUTES, OU> BOY/ TI««S WITH BOW fee AR«OW— 8UT UMflC 1 BCCAME HAONT M*UW UVEO/ OLLER SKATING/ PRETTY glS BIT Of- FLOTSAM . "Peter!" Sondra warned, but he j p'yi:l no attention. "I suppose you think I — we— don't know you wore running away, Cousin Leeana," His suave •oice became rough, as though the bearings on which it operated ivere wearing thin. "1 suppose •ou're going to tell us poor Aunt gave the will lo you— to ceep for her!" "She dirt." "Indeed!" Lee.ina's eyes flew from Peter's JfcCAMfTOKIU it'» by far th« prettiest sofa we ever had—now if we ! can only keep your father off of it!" wart Preston, now—Resolutely Leeana put Deputy Sheriff Martin Preston out of her mind. She was a Thorne, too. Snatching up her purse and slipping Miss Maggie's proposed BY AL VKKMEER I WAS CARRYING GROCERY BUNDLE WHEN SOME KID KNOCKED IT OUT OF MY HANDS! BUT I FIXED HIM! I KICKED HB LIVER AND JUMPED UP AND DOWN ON HR KIDNEYS, SHAME, CARLYLE! WHO TAUGHT VOU ALL THIS FOUL WHO'S TALKING . FIGHTING? THAT-3 1 DID TO THE MEAT new will into it, she went quickly accusing face to Sondra's, and -L. I I-AIO rt_H_tU y FIGHTING T^/ikl The lower floor, was BUNDLE HE WAS dark. Either Peter and the others "It's your word, cousin,". Pelei Had gone to their rooms, or they said shortly, dangerously. liad gone out. Leeana hoped it was the latter. She hated to think our word— alone." "She's dead," Leeana said. It of leaving two defenseless, terri- was not a question. fied old women in the house with Fear had not yet taken hold; she spoke calmly. Then she didn't have lime to think about it. A hand was over her mouth, strong fingers were didn't — you did." "You killed her," Sondra flung biting into her throat. at her, too, "because she realized as she struggled she knew it was her mistake. Because jhe wasn't [oing to make a new will at all, et the old one stand. The one she uade long ago, Leeana — leaving her money to Jasper and Peter. TiY MICHAEL O'MAI.LEY and RALPH LANE Gradually Leeana's terror set- led down into a throbbing fear in again. "Where's Jasper?" she asked. "Gone after the sheriff." It was £• MOT PER/MITTEP IK SOU Peter who answered. A Peter who SMW.NS^C™ 6 *^ very, very sure of- himself how that he was certain to inherit FOR SALE aBlrerle, U dick u it •Wh (lala •! reenforre* Aim taami. BtlMiai Meeka ehrmp • tka» toaihei tef toara* chicken aeeeea, pen* aiaawe, tenant >•«»«> Me> ie*4> We driller Cal aa fir tree Milan 1 1 **•• OSCEOLA TYLI A CULVERT CO. m. Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 136 E. Main Phone 6716 FARM LOANS Cates Wi KK a Co. REALTORS rhon. 21SI what did YOU do with your M earn get an extra pair »f aim* far winter at home J»t ky tottinf yoar »hoe tervlce •ua •"*• »T«r- y*w Tacation tbMt. Goi an ..Cxtn' Pair Thnt«ch Sh»< Repair. THE .STORY, Unna >(lrr tar «r- Hv.l 1,1 hrr «r F h'w Pelrr (real Kro l.rk. > (r d A«»t H. Tfc«>rp« •**•• her araHrfalrer Lr«• •« !• rr>d hrr Ktw *a4 • • 7*4 will. Ta« di»?«Mriii «•!• •ff brr two nrphtwa, Pelrr mm4 J*»per, who wrrr In uttmrr Ih* «>INtr, anil Japprr'i wif* SuHdrji with MlHOr b««j»*«1» ••* Iravr* tbr b«lk itf Ihr rtitatr <|» Rocrr, l.»*-atiit'n ralher. nUn • Nrphrn. A«nt MniEale'* Blvtcr AgHlha U • «- MCMtioHfd hcc.iunc "«hr **>• h*>r •>**•' Htnnry." Aflrr gloallajr *rrr lh« aikcoiMainrr «< P#trr, Jaxprr • Md ^vMdrn. Avmr MBacle MhnTVK f^*r (• 'Ifcc priv*r7 nf hfr rnoM • nri tclt- l,«rn n >. **I W«B( y*« I* K« for (h* •Itv-rlfT.' 1 COME of Miss Maggie's old spirit *-* appeared. "They'd like nothing better, Leeana, than to see me out of the way tonight—before Devens comes out in the morning to finish my will." She sighed. "I guess I shouldn't have gloated over them, but—" When she gave no sign of going on, Leeana reached for the high- necked, long-sleeved flannel gown and the warm flannel wrapper."I'll help you to bed before I go," she said. "And I'll hurry." Miss Maggie gave her a grateful smile and allowed herself to be unbuttoned and bundled into the nightclolhes. But instead ot getting into bed"she went again to her study. Leeana busied herself about the room, hanging the black silk dress and the crisp taffeta petticoat in the closet, placing Miss Maggie's Bible on her night table. Then Miss Maggie was back. She had the will. "Keep this for me, dear. Till morning. I'll feel better if you have it—and no one knows/' Mist Maggie patted her hand. "And do hurry back from town. Tell Clem Purdy to come himself." Leeana promised, but she doubted if the sheriff would pay any more attention to this plea than he had to previous ones. H was his unshakeable opinion that everyone at Thorne Hill wai nut», as he had expressed it from time to time. were lights now and Peter Sondra, their faces pale \fOICES came out of the thick gray fog and faded again until it seemed Leeana had not heard them at all. When they returned they were stronger, more reassuring. She was not dead. Struggling a little for (he equilibrium that seemed to have deserted her, Leeann sat up. She was still in the hali, but there and . --_ and strained, sat beside the old horsehair sofa on which she lay. "Someone," Leeana told them levelly, "tried to kill me." "Nonsense, . Leeana!" Sondra snorted. "You fell down the stairs. Peter and I were In the living room. We-heard you." "You tumbled right down, old girl." Peter Thorne was perfectly calm and very much in possession of the accent that Leeana knew now wa« feigned. "Bumpety- bumptty—" "Stop HP Leeana cried out, rising unsteadily. "Tut-tut now, eousin, dont get hysterical." Peter'i wordi were taunting, his thin lipj were parted in a mocking imile. "Not after the way you hoodwinked Aunt Mahjjare*." poor his third of Miss Maggie's after bequests to the servants had been paid. "You cut the telephone' wire«, didn't you?" • • " * T EEANA breathed deeply. Somewhere she had heard that this had a calming effect, but it didn't. She x felt their accusation close !n around her, choking her just as certainly as those flngen had choked her. "What time is it?" • "Almost 10:30," Peter replied. "We found you half an hour ago." "And Miis Maggie," Sondra' added meaningly. "It wasn't hard, was It, cousin?" Peter asked, him lean, handsome face looking grim. "You must have found it very easy to smother a helpless old woman in her bed." 0 qL'TY SNOC SHOPI 2' W MOIM ST. I Concrete Culvert Til* Una ip to U In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Slwi •> la 14 in. AiUmatle Flood Gatei Concrete Septic Tanki Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best FTlcea We DeltTtr A H. WEBB Hithway Bl at State l.lms Phone 71 < HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting Se. - - Blytheville Soybean Corp. IN* Weat For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION hi • majority •* cow* hr»»i«- ••tod In Mvtrol hotpitali and cllnla, lubnermal Kidnoy function wai improved, llooMer pain and diacomfort reduced after th» DM of Mountain Volloy Wafer. If your doctor ho* dtagnoMd your condition « functional KSd- *»«y impairment fhii natural, wn- Ireahtd mineral wafer may be: very beneficial. Try H for ei few weeki. K •> dolktoui, pure-tatting, and •>«r be ceniumod freely. Crontown Whiskey Shop Main & Division in Valley In general, the D.3.-neerta to Import only special purpose oils such as coconut, palm, castor and ohve oils. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp /OUR FRIENDLY' .AGNOLIA DEALER RED © SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blinds—Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 — 112 S. First — BlyJheville NU-WA Laundry Dry Cleaning Phone 4474 Service with a Smile If JOB drive E Chrjilcr *r A P.y- iHoath, then you'll be wise t« brinjf •yomr car home for «rric* . . . o»r men know your e»r, 121 E. Main Phone 2122 T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! 6.0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONE Office and Bulk,Plant — Promised Land WAIT IW HERE Y I RECKON VDU CHITT S*»VV WGUSH TILL TH' CROWD \SISTEE...BUT TO SUM LIKE TO LEWES. Ill GO ^JNHY YOU PUT OH THAT ACT. L&OY AIM'TGOr A DRESS SHE / 1U.V «1 ^*M'^Jfl CAM SPAKE /^HFJT K JaWnt-V IS TM'SlRLl . M'S4EtlR,WNT! MV SO YOU /SMWATIW WAS TOO AMftARD I 00 SPEAK TO TELL ALL ZE PtOf US, SO I EHGLISHll HIDE BSHIWOMy f«NCH.T«l» ' .MAPt M6LOOH LIKE A HEEL. I'D HA«E t*LPED WIUI EES SO A5MMAE u. PLEASE POW BE GLAPLV, BUT I WON'T\jSHe WAS PESPERATE LIKE R6IUS PICWED FOR A SUCKER I 1 M WE it w«si BUGS RUNNY Plunger C'MON, POC, T OK*N, BUD.. . GET MOV1N'.' J VOU ASKEP I'M IN A. /X FOR IT.' HURRV ALLKY OOP An Easy Out BY V. T. HAMLIN ARGUS CAMERAS We're Jwl been appointed jour riclBsUe anencj In BljtheTlll* for Arires CanxrM. S« Bur complete aeleclfen IncMlnr the famed Arfo> CI and Ar(»flei. Cone tai today. .. : BARNEY'S DRUG West Main Pnon« 3647 I FIND IT STl^^NSE you KNOW NOT ANY 50N6S OF TH6 Cf?USAD£(75. HEY. MINSTREL WKTCH>v M Gl^D TCSET CUTA • on. SIPE...T WA5 •4-F--IXL BE SOINS NOW; BACK.VCNJSE I XN<7»r THXTS WHEi?E THEVBE HOLDING KING BOOTS AND HER HUDDIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN

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