The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1950 · Page 105
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 105

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1950
Page 105
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BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUHICT TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1| Time to Check House For Winter Is Here Now fe the time for the house holder to check off seasonal Job In preparation for the coming fal and winter. Screen* should b* taken down storm windows and doors put In place. Furnace and heating system needed to be checked, serviced anc readferi by a Dealing contractor, un lea this ha» already been done in the spring. Clean Gutter Leaden Gutter leaders should be cleaned so as to remove accumulated leaves twigs and dirt. Outside plpas and faucets shonli. be drained with (he garden hose and other garden equipment cleaned and stored away until needed next spring.. If there are any visible signs of termites or other destructive Insects, nn exterminator should be called in to prevent further damage. ' Outdoor furniture should be taken in and properly stored. As a protection against dampness, dust and termites, a covering oti the. furniture is recommended. The basement Is not always the best storage spot. An attic cr a room above ground - la preferable. Time For Repairs Early fall is also a good time to make any needed roof repairs or 'other outside improvements that may be required before cold weather-can hamper such work.If some exterior painting is essential now, choose only a sunny, dry day for It. Electric repairs should be done only by a licensed electrician. Even ordinary house voltage is danger- out and, equally as important, many fire Insurance policies are voided In case* where damage was caused by work performed by a person not •o. licensed. Above an, it is necessary to be . constantly on- guard against fire hamrds. Oily rags and bustible, materials should be taken out o* th» basement or other areas whwt then is a heating furnace aloa* by or flammable liquids such M cleaning fluidj. 7 Small 'Don'ts For Decorating Home Listed Don't b* misled tnta believing that uh-feraya that resemble anl- raah, f Ish, . flower«, or almost any- Wiing b»t an ash-tray are In' good &Mi«. An aih-tray that ts obviously . »n »rti-tray in a almpla. square, round or oblong shape of good color and material is far more decorative and much ks« confusing to your Dotlt eorcr th« .tops of your table«, ehesi«, •tc. with unnece.ssary llollle*— the pattern of the ^woods are more Interesting and were made V> be shown. Don't clutter the mantel or the top of the bookshelves with bric-a- bra« and family photographs. One or tw> Important pieces is all you need. Don't if you have a grand piano, hid* ite graceful proportions and beautiful cabinet woooj with your grandmother's «iik shawl — or anything else. It's handsome enough and big enough to stand on its own. Don't decorate- your upholstered pieces with antimacassars (protectors) of the lace or embroidered variety. Instead .if you want to protect th« arms and backs, order matching material at the time you buy your furniture and make your own. Don't use fancy or the "souvenir' type of covers on your sofa pillows. Email "toss" pillows In a plain color to match or contrast the sofa are now high-fashion. -Don't center lamps, bric-n-hrac pieces, or photographs on your lamp or cocktail tables. An off-center arrangement Is much more interesting. Nylon Upholstery Gains Popularity Upholstery fabrics, made of nylon, were a highlight of the Summer furniture Shows. Although nylon was first introduced as a furnilure fabric In January, the newer nylon fabrics arc greatly Improved in'de- slgn, color, and texture. In addition to the long-wparlng qualities of this amazing synthetic, It has the wonderful advantage of being practically stain-proof, stains of any kind including Ink. nail polish. lipstick, and grease are Instantly removed with soap and water The newest nylon pr '.terns 'are thown In damask, taffeta, shantung and Mew weaves and look and feel mucn like the fabrics woven of natural fibres, flow Long Does CHAXCE or un Last? Te,r lomt women mtd-li(t'* eruciil "chfcnse" miv lx * r*A»on»hlj' iVjort time; far eUivr*. un(crtun*1clr. niuch Jon IT* r. IB *ith*r «*• Ih* M n«i*.!» thlnx U lf> m»V* IhU ^«TT trying Tvyrior! «i nuy M pDMlbW. Th»l'« Whf trtdtf IhQUlATlrU Of w C»r<luT. It* taodtrn-trpa »Id to oftn «« Ja«t |h« romrortluK n*lp »««£ti1 t* T, CkrdtiTk , in ncrvmn )rritn- 'i *tomnehle tonic itf, And rlv* you * «. Do |rr HI Real Estate Transfers YV. C. Cafes to O. 8. and Kuta RollLvm. Lots 10, II, 12. 13, J4 »nd 15 in Block 9 and I/5ts 30, 31, ?2. 23. 24 and 25 In Block 12 all In Elliott Addition, »2.500. Virgil and Imogene Cochran to Louise Conklln, Lot 3 In Block I of Park Addition except south »0 feet, 510 and other considerations. Conklin to Imogene Cochin. Lot 3 in Block « of Park Addition, $10 and other considerations. Joyce Gill to Verda Gill Newsom, mth half of SW« of Section 35- 15N-10E, $4,080. i Thomas c. and Norriia Irene Hardln to J. E., Jr., and Mary K. Stevenson, Lot 1 In Willie Beasley Subdivision, $250. Edna Earl and C. O. Redman to J. R. Jr., ami Mary Kathryn Marr, all of east 50 feet of Lot 9 In Block 1 of Hcarn Addition, HO.nnrt other considerations. J. R., Jr.. and Mary Kathryn MBIT to S. O. and Edna Earl Redman, Lot 2 in Block 1 of Country Club Ad dition. $18,500. C. L. and Mary Catherine Lucius to Lena Taylor, Lot 10 In Block 1 of Elliott Addition. »900. Kemp E. and Mary M. Whben- hiint to William Shelby and Katie D. Self. Lot 13 In Block * of David Acres Subdivision, »7.500. Susan Moore to Jim But. Lots M, 29 and Win Block 10 of W. W.'Hollipeter Second Addition .of north lalf of NE'.i of NEU of Section 21- 15N-11E, $700. . George A. and Opal O. Hamilton o Uira Marie Meyer, Lot 11 of E. C. Robinson Lumber Company First Addition, $4,750. O. D. and Ola Hammock to I.ura Marie Meyer, Lot 10 of E. C. Robinson Lumber Company First Addition, $4,750. W. B. and Annie R. B. L. and Mary V. Chronlxter. east 50 feet of Lot 1 in Block "D" of Osborne - McKinnon 'Addition to town of Manila, »5SO. Osborne-McKinnon Company to 'aul and Mary Weatherford, west 50 feet of east 100 feet-of Lot 1 in Block "D" of bsborne-McKinnon Addition to town of Manila. t5,«00. Osborne-McKinnon Company to Thomas L. and Beatrice Edwards, east 50 feet of west 100 feet 'of Lot 1 In Block "A" of Osbome-McXin- non Addition of town of Manila, «6.150. Blytheville Development Company to Lillie Mae Johnson, Lois 9 an"d 0 In Block « o/ Wilson's First Addition, »500. . Willie nnd Cornelia Bea.sley In Louis Shu I tz, Lot 1 In Block 2 of Willie Beasley Subdivision, »8M. John D. and Alma Jean Cook to Juanlta Riggs, Lot n In Block 4 >f William Lee Walker Second Subdivision, $700. Juanita Riggs to Max and Annie jaurie Logan, Lot 19 | n Block \ of William Lee Walker Subditaion, II and other considerations. The Himalaya mountain range Is ,500 miles long. SPACIOUS KRONT YARD-This seven-room house which posses , 13 by^TLt front rd space L LZn", M "" d h0 "" Ot Mr - """ "«• «»"*>' "•"*•. Made of tan buf, brick the house Includes ha Sm 7utel en H''' T™' "'"""' ""^ ^^ '"""** r °° m """ talhrtwm - I " c) " ded '» lhe ""<«"' ' , „ K * "" ** MrVed ' P1 ° ors "' made of oak •"''!« with »>«-exception of Z HeaTf „ T ," n<) kitChCn Whfch " e "' " llai «-""«>*'»»• Walls are of rock board .111, a texton, ts ThrhoUTln", -T^ FUr "*" " diStrIb '" ed '""' "' e h ° U5e ^ meam °' ^ b °" r " " d ™» ° Ut: 3 bMM f, r '"* ge " * ima " ""•"*«*• and " **"«< on a corner lot which measure. Did You Know That— VA estimates that before the GI Bill expires In 1947 about 2.000,000 additional homes-will be bought by veterans, who will pay $4,500 to »10.000. • ' There are now aooul' 40.000,000 homes: in ihe U.S.? Since Jan. 1. 1950, *«, 100,000.000 has been spent on new building*, 1|5 more than In the (irst 4 mos. of 19497, . , 57% of /all homes art owned free and clear of debt? Home-purchase loans to dale In'lfSo are 41%' ahead of first 4 mos. in 19497 • . . Good plumbing costi the homeowner no more '.than faulty plumbing? . : 1 ' Over Jtf of hot-water boiler* sold last year .were :automaticaJr» fled; 1|5 more oil burnerj will be sold In 1950 than In IB49? !3 of all- families headed by' persons orer (5 own their own homes? . Gov't surrey of U of the nation shows suburban and rural homeowners want one-story homes, base- menti, central heating, more storage space? . • ." ',' [ . ' Over % of American familie« now own their own homes; .about .54 of home-owning families. hav« annual Income under' $2,500? if you consider selling your homr, you should be able to tell prospect the terms til your existing mortgage; lt« prepayment privileges, if any; unpaid principal balance? Biggest demand of new home- buyers today t* for homes under »m,00bt Supply" of- one.-famlly home« for sale has caught up w ith demand In 3(3 of. cities r « or 10 homea h.v« be«n built of wood? Black >nd white i. one of the newest Interior decoration eolor combinations? Color comes before design V) a woman choosing a home? Building contractors had 1,903.- • Beautiful • Permanent • Colorful • Clean THE KITCHEN BATHROOM LAUNftRY DINETTE CAME «OOM &I ~ ' •• '7/SparfcH»i M«vty >* .Ptostfc T.l* plait ft til*. Arfrfi ptrmoncnt b*a«f r trai» or ftkU. Many k*«utiful colon to tr*m, in ploiti *r morUtii*^ colon. KEMP WHISENHUNT & CO. 109 E. Main 446» 100 workmen In March—41.800 more than in February? Two In every three women prefer colored bathroom fixtures Instead of white? The open-end mortgage can be used to pay cost of new roof, garage, modernizing kitchen, painting, new heating plant? Timber enough to build 60,000 five-room homes will be burned this year by careless persons In forest fires? By I960 It bt expected that $11 6 billion a year will be spent to furnish and refurnish American homes? Good house paint should have 70% white lead content, 15% titanium pigment and 15% zinc pig- merit to Insure durability and hard bright surface? ' 140,000 new permanent dwelling units were started In May, breaking all previous monthly records? _ The chromium finish on faucets valves and other plumbing fittings can be kept shiny by occasionally washing with,- hot water and soap, then rinsing and polishing gently with a dry, soft cloth? $14.000 a minute is the average cost'Of accidents to American people? : ' Restful colors for a bedroom are blue, green and pink? Home Fashion Experts Name Top '50 Colors There's nothing like a sparkling new color scheme to bring a "tired- looking" room to life, and the members of the Home Fashion's League, New York, recently named the four most Important "color families" of the year in the following order: The gray family—with "mist" and "smoke" as the most popular tones The orange family — which includes the yellow-reds — and with brilliant Pimento as the fashion leader. The green family—with clear yellow gieens, Moss green (a darker yellow green), and Myrtle (a dark, bluish shade of green) as'the most important tones. The blege family—which ranges from honey beige to cocoa to apice. Any warm beige color U currently fashion-right. As wonderful accent colora, these home furnishings experts 'cited- Candy pink. Shell pink, Hyacinth blue, turquoise, bright navy, and Primrose yellow. Especially important to the homemaker Is the fact that all of these colors are now available In furniture, floor-coverings, drapery and upholstery fabrics, lamps:, »nd' accessories so planning a color schema around any one of them Is airrtple. A Rtal Oil-Bust Wall Paint That Covers With One Coatl Thil wonder-working new wall paint covers almost an)- surfac* thoroughly and uniformly with one coat. It wash« withouc streaking. Wallhid* ii av able in « wicSe variety of colon, Ft ' T a nth ih«t SF.MI.GLOiS — Aurh.ntk Willi>tmb«r« Rntoranon colon thai gin • wfi, mallow 10 GLOSS— Dirt-rrmtltig wruhtd quickly and easily. ZI3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 201! PITTSBURGH PAINTS / M«tol Chairs Contrast with Soft Surroundings to Achieve Balance To combat th* feeling that metal furnltur* la "00)0." u compared with •oovMtlonal pl«c«i,-decorators r«ctimm«nd contrasting new metal chain and other plecei with warmer, aoftar aurroundlng objecU to achlev* roomt which are In perfect balance. Chromi-plateo. chairs, lor exaaipl*, should be contrasted with •oft fabrl» upholatery. or when the utility of leather oc leatherette Is desired, the accompanying furnishings of soft, rich texture should be used wherever possible in the drapes, carpeting and rugs. Wood paneling can be used to advantage on walls, and greenery can be spotted around the space In corners Permits Total $32, 500 in Week's Period four bulldinf permits totaling £)2,500 wert Issued last week at the office of Jot Carney, city engineer Largest building Item vu the placing of three 30,000 gallon storage tanks on West Highway 18 by the Allen Petroleum Company at a cost of' »30,000. These tanks will be used to store anhydrous ammonia. The remaining permit, were Issued to the following: Lawrence G. Garner, to build fram« structure at- rear of residence at 1236 West Rose to be used as a garage, »900. Virgil Hopkins, add one room lo concrete building at 414 East Sycamore to be used as laundry, |600. Tommie Young, add one room to frame building at 1403 South 14 lo be used as cafe. (1,000. or by windowi. Th». mc«t cffeetl** \u* tt _. furniture, decorttori 'My, to M decoratt*. aectnt' ut in tat«f lor Modern inlerlon cotuiit of "-too. ' repeated mas«*» or eontrutln« masses. Thus the decorati»« BM.? represented by meUl furniture »«; belllshea the wall against which II stands, even eliminating, in m , n , interiors, the need for wall (^rations. In such cases, th« furnltur* itself, a* a decorative accent, b tbA wall decoration. T^ When you need a PLUMBER remember this number CALL 2731 "PETE" THE PLUMBER !•* M. lit. Rigid h Board Available For Many Uses • Insulating board, one of the outstanding building materials devel-i oped during the past half-century 1 is available In a variety of forms i lumber retailers report. This range' enables builders and - other "consumers to choose a product espe- I daily suited for the job at hand, i The term insulating board, when! used alone, commonly designates In-; sulatlng building board, a general i purpo*e product made in four-foot widths and In various lengths. Ordinarily It b half-an-lnch thick, although greater thicknesses are available. Building board' Is produced with a natural finish on bath sldea and also with a naturaj finish on one surface and a light colored finish, «uch as white, ivory, cream buff or a pastel, on the other surface. ...-.-• Insulating building board provides a beautiful Interior finish when applied to .walls and ceilings, it | s Ideal for constructing partitions of a" kinds. In addition, the board has hundreds of utility , ]SM LEVEE TAXES >' * NOW DUE -Will Be In- BLYTHEVILLE Ocl. 2nd. to Hth. — r At Sheriff'i Offic* OSCEOLA Oct. 16lh. to 21st. _i_ At Courthouse « m* at (hose place, or mail your eh«k (with «e or Money Order (without .xchange) U m* al'Wilson. EMILY P. TRAMMEL .» :..:.:. Leve* Tax Collector Box 327 'WILSON, ARK. Tolls M AMIES fro« wH«rt th«y started/ Water deliver 000,000,000 gallon, water WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity ... USE IT FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark.

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