The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1952
Page 14
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FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER THURSDAY, NOV. IS, 1M2 Lamb Provides Good Dishes at Budget Cost By GAYNOR MADDOX NBA Food and Markets Editor . Looking for good meat dishes at budget prices? Then buy fore-quarter cuts "of lamb. There Is a large ' eupply now and they are down In price. Here are three tasty .ways to prepare tho lamb. Braised Lamb Shanks (Yield: 4 servings) (Cooking time: about Z hours) your lamb shanks (1%; pounds «»ch), 2 table-spoons fat, salt and pepper, 2 cup* water, \ cup diced carrots, 1 cup diced potatoes, J4 cup diced celery, 1 medium onion, chopped. i Heat fat In a heavy skillet. Season the shanks with salt and pepper and brown them well In the hot fat. Add the water. Cover and cook slowly or bake In a moderate oven (350 degrees F.) l'/ 2 hours. Add more water If necessary to prevent burning. Add carrots, no- latoes, celery, and onion. Cook 30 anny Dyanshine Soys: Dycmshine colors scuffs and faded spots as it shines shoes .STAIN- PASTEN CHILI I o y > I h i • i p i c y ; t/eat Jhal'i • con am i cat. quicV to In. * cold wedthtr favorite. Gel iMi ipecid' cffar vhili it laiti. t«or out coupon and flly* lo yovr gro<«r £tfttfitffft*iTtititrtt!| rthHMitrtft r ittJTtt>? |ftt IT> W(t«! iittffMMf intfiiti itttf itm^ ttt |fWitim T itHj This coupon V^%C on purchase worth M\J of l-lb. package Soft Molasses Cookies Click Youngster* Like Old-Fashioned Treat NBA Food and Market* Editor By GAYNOR MADDOX You know those large, soil, pun- ent cookies your grandmother sed to talk about^-nostalglc old- ashloncd treats hard to find now- days? Well, we received a cookie ir filled with them last week. Dorothy, who likes molasses In many things, lost her heart to hem. "Just like Grandma's when ve lived In Rochester," she safd ctween biles. The boys didn't alk, just kept on reaching Into he jnr for more and more. Of course, we got the recipe. andma's Sift Molasse* Cookies wllh Variations (5 dozen large cookies) One cup shortening, y, teaspoon ;alt, 3 teaspoons soda, 2 teaspoons linger, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 1 easpoon dry mustard, Vi teaspoon clove.s, 1 cup sugar, I cup unsul- phured.molasses, 1 egg, unbeaten, 414 cups silted enriched Hour, 2-3 cup double-strength cold coffee. Cream together 'shortening, salt, soda and spices. Add sugar; crenrn until fluffy. Blend In mo- asses. Beat in egg. Add slfled lour alternately with cold coffee; >eat batter '/ 2 minute. Drop dough rom teaspoon onto lightly greased cooky sheets, keeping cookies round and about 2 Inches''apart. Bake 15- minutes or until done In i pre-hcnlcd moderate oven (375 degrees P.). , Variations—Grandma's Surprise Molasses . Cookies: Press a solid chocolate mint wafer, a pitted date, a dried tig, a piece of crystal- Ized ginger, or a te.ispoonful of mixed, diced, glazed fruit into the center of each unbaked cooky mnde from the above cooky dough. Cover with a small amount of dough. Bake 'as In above dlrec- :ions. io« CHILI Present )fii« coupon »t any store where Evergood Chili it sold. & Memphis PacVinq Co , Not good altar Memphis. Tenn. . Saturday. No*. ?9. minutes or until vegetables are .cridcr. Lamb Breast, Sausage Stuffing • (Ylelrt: 8 servings) (Cooking time: UJ hours) Three 'pounds boned breast o lamb, ',£ pound pork sausage still nnd pepper. 1 onion, diced; ', tablespoons : fat, • 1' cup water, >/ t clip catsup. Spread the brcasl of lamb with the sausage meat. Roll It up ant lie with siring or secure with .'me tal skewers. Sprinkle with sail nm pepper. Heat a heavy skille and brown the lamb roll In the ho fat. When well browned, add tb'e wa ter, cntsup, and onion. Cover am simmer slowly about l'/ 2 hours o until, fork tender. Add sma! amounts of waler during cookln if necessnry to prsvent burning Lamb- Pinwhecls: Roll up tb stuffed Iamb breast as above. The slice the roll into 1-Inch slices (bt twccn sketyers). Place the slice In a baking cllsh cut side dow and bake in a 'moderate ove (350 degrees F.) 30 to 40 -'minutes Pour 1 cup tomato juice over tli slices and continue baking unl Inmb Is lender, about 45 minute more, .- ^ Serve spaghetti • macaroni pure egg noodles ICELAND ICE QUICK-And-EASY RlCELAND RlCI NO W«*|»m«l NO RinMngl NO Drainin^l NO R»-»t«wntw«t Wr* M •ffon — In you'H Kav* wfcito, Awffy, . miCKAHP Mtt FREE Cook Book! Writ* tor WMT bia M tltm TO c..u RlCELAND RICEI To male* 3 h*opln« mf* «f vM p*r».<try,c<>«V*cl (ICAAN* UK* II) P»t 1 i«p wiKM«r« 1 cup> w«t*r M, Kill <«Wr, It shows ttt« qukk «nd wiy way t* Turn C*v«r «• •»» r**r MI mn Xi.Ui^ MM twit Ark«n*«« i i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I j tore's Variety n Cranberries Use of Thee* Dithei Extend* Beyond Thanksgiving M«al By OAYNOR MADDOX NBA Food and Markets Editor For the Thanksgiving dinner and or many other meals, you may 'ant these variations on the cran- erry theme. Cranberry Oranxe Celery Mold One quart cranberries, 2'/, cups •al«r, 2 tablespoons plain gelatin, 2 cup waler, I'/, cups sugar. rated peel of one orange, grated eel and Juice of one lemon, 2 ranges, peeled and cut Into hunks, i/j cup diced celery. Wash cranberries, cook in 2'/< ups water until soft; strain. Sofen gelatin In Vt cup water. Thor : ughly mix sugar and softened elatln with strained cranberries. Add orange peel, lemon peel and emon juice. Cool until gelatin mixture is almost set. Fold In or- nge chunks and celery. Turn into •quart mold and chill until firm. Unmold find serve as a salad with •recns.or as a meat accompaniment. Cranberry Relish Two cups cranberries, 1 cup ugar, {4 cup water, 2 tablespoons emon Juice, '/ 2 cup sliced or hopped celnry. Combine cranberries, sugar and vatcr In saucepan and cook until ranberries are soft. Remove from icatr cool slightly, then add lemon ulce and celery. Chill well.before ervlng, Makes about 2 .cups. If fresh cranberries * are not ivailable use one 16-bunce can of vhole cranberry sauce. Stir In emon juice and celery and chill or at least 30 minutes before erving. MONDAY'S MENU BREAKFAST: Pineapple Juice, ready - lo - eat cereal, French toast, jam or honey, coffee, milk, . LUNCHEON: Green peppers stuffed with left-over vegetables, meat, rice, tomato sauce, whole wheat bread, butter or margarine, left-over cake with apple sauce, ten, miik. o DINNER: B roiled chicken, o r a h b e r r y relish, surprise stuffed baked potatoes, buttered spinach, soft rolls, .butter or margarine, celery and raw carrot sticks, chocolate pudding, coffee,' milk. Economy Main Dish: Broiled Tuna with Broccoli, Almonds Tuna to plentiful now and It'i reasonably.priced. You'll be surprised what a good dinner dish It makes when large, man - sized hunks are broiled and served with buttered broccoli. sprinkled with chopped almonds. , Broiled Tuna and Bioccoll With Shredded Almond* (4 aervliif!) One-quarter cup butter or margarine, 1 teaspoon lemon juice,.& teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, '/i teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons shred, ciert blanched almonds, 1 10-ounce package frozen broccoli, 1 7-ounce cans solid - pack tuna, salt and pepper, i' 2 teaspoon paprika. In a small saucepan, melt butter or margarine over' low heat. Add lemon Juice. Worcestershire sauce, V, teaspoon salt and almonds; mix well. Keep sauce warm ' over hot water. Cook broccoli according to di reel Ions on package. Meanwhile, drain oli from tuna and reserve. Sprinkle tuna with salt and pepper; dust with paprika. Brush tuna with some oil drained from can. Place on broiler pan and broil 3 Inches from source of heal about 8 minutes, brushing fre quently with remaining tuna oil. Arrange cooked broccoli In center of heated platter and surround with broiled : tuna which has been broken fnto large pieces. Pour cream sauce with almonds over all. Serve immediately. Tuna Creole (Makes 6 servings) Two tablespoons butter or mar garine, 1-3 cup chopped onions, ! green pepper, diced, I 1-3 cups canned tomatoes, y 2 cup water, 1-pound eggplant, or 1 No. 2 .can okra, 1 7 - ounce can solidrpack tuna, 2 tablespoons chopped pars ley, 1 teaspoon salt, pnprlka. In a skillet, melt butter or mar garine over low heat; add onion; and green pepper- and saute i minutes. Arid tomatoes and water bring to a boil. Cut unpeeled egg plant into ^-inch cubes. If okr s used, drain off liquid. In a 2-quart casserole, combine ggplant or okra tomato mixture, mdralned tuna which has been iroken Into large pieces, parsley nd salt. Sprinkle with paprika; Cover and bake In moderately hot aven (400 degrees F.) about 25-30 minutes. Serve piping hot- teaspoon cloves, 2 tablespoons Wor cestershire sauce, I cup each o catchup and- jlltce drained from spiced peaches or crab apples. Foil this mixture over'the chops, cove them closely/and simmer slowly fo 1 hour or until done. Large-size pancakes are good 111! ed with applesauce, and served .witr butter and crushed maple sugar. Ways to Serve Plentiful Beef Cuts Are Many With more beef coming to market you'll wisely serve It to your family often, says home economist Reba Staggs. Beef keeps company with practically any vegetable or fruit, especially those of the autumn »nd winter harvest. Think of the many beef cuts that may be. served with corn, squash, iweet pot alow, egg pUn*, peppers, apples ind pean. Coral*. er, for Instance, a braised stetk tnt cream : gravy served with b»k«4 sweet potatoes. Pot-roasts or braised sleaki ire Ideal with French fried egc plant or 'with he* Bettered squash. . ' ' , Ground beef patties art (rand served with fried or candled apple rings. Or the apple may be grated Into the meat mixture for a tasty combination. Likewise, ground beet l» a perfect stuffing for hollowed green peppera or lor UHle M»ra squash halve*. Brew OLD JUDGE to the strength YOU prefer! If you wish to stretch your coffee to so 90 or 100 cups it will still retain its distinctive OLD JUDGE flavor! But brew it the way YOU like it. OLD JUDGE COFFEE THE ECONOMICAL COFFEE. Right Storage Of Your Meat Avoids Waste When you have an eye on your food budget special attention must be paid to care of foods in your home. Proper storage Is an Important part of avoiding waste, According to the meat expert Rebn Staggs, meat should be .taken care of immediately after you get home from your market. Remove the heavy store wrappings and place it uncovered or lightly topped with a sheet of waxed paper in a cold section of your refrigerator. This allows for a slight drying out of the meat surface which Is desirable. Cooked meats nre stored in Just the opposite way. Leftover, cooked meat and ready-cooked meat should be tightly 'wrapped with wnxed paper and stored In the refrigerator. This prevents it from drying further. ' Canned meats may be stored on your kitchen shelf with one exception—canned hams. They should be refrigerated. Bacon may - be kept in Its original. package- Remember, however, to remove only the. slices you'll b« cooking immediately. r Here Is How To Barbecue Lamb Chops Lamb chops are an ever-popular food. Barbecue sauce is also. Put hcse two foods together and you lave an extra special treat. Barbecued chops are prepared by >ralsing, points out home economist leba Stages. For economy's sake purchase shoulder chops for this serving. Have them cut about' 1 nch Ihick. To prepare, brown the chops thoroughly on both side* In arc! or drippings. When browned, pour off the excess fat and season them with salt and pepper. For an cxcitinz barbecue sauce, combine 2 tnblcspooas each of Hour and prepared mustard with M cup of chopped onion, '4 Get $ 10 to $ 30 Merchandise Coupons YOURS AT NO EXTRA COST IF YOU BUY ANY OF THESE M-W APPLIANCES NOW 0-POI-ZO .4 sonlhlrt; ointment for the relief of the Itohlnj, IrrtU- llon and soreness of *impl« tnms, chapped hands, hires, (wlson «>k, tf7tm» »rd »th- Irte's f««t. Sold »n «' taek gun*t«« »t ill ir«f ranters. Ask for O-FOI- ZO lod.jl VAI.UA81E COUPONS art yours al no extra cost if you buy any of these M-W appliances now. Spend lh«m just like cash In any M-W department. And you'll conicrvs on your Christmas budget by using WaraS coupons te buy all your gifts. 8.9 CU. FT. M-W REFRIGERATOR Plus $20 coupon hoc*. JO-lts. capacity full-width freeier, rwin Food Freshener*. Ttrrm, $10 down. SPACIOUS 13 CU. FT. HOME FREEZER Plus $30 coupon book. Holds 52i Ibs. Non-sweat walls, counter-balanced IM. Term, $10 down. M-W CLEANER-HASSOCK OFFER Full-si» Tank Cleaner, imart Storage Hassock • and $10 in coupom at one" price. Terms, $J down. O9.9.0 40" C-.1S RANGE PLUS $20 COUPONS Teras, SS down 199.95 Plus coupooi Wards Supreme Gas Range (shown) with divided cooktop and a I lo 60 minute clock timer. Oversize 20' oven has window and light for checking cooklng"progress. Th« separate high broiler lets you bake and broil ot the same time. Terms, $5 down. - DEPENDABLE 36-IN. GAS RANGE Plus $ 10 coupon took. A real buy. Divided coeV tep, oven window, light. Only $5 down on Terms. 119.50 GAS CLOTHES DRYER is $25 coupon book. Dial jets damp or dry. Automatic "Matchless" pilot. Terms, $10 down. 259.95 8-9-LB. CAPACITY M-W WASHER Pl«."$10 coupon book. Hen *-von« Swirlotor, lovell wringtr. Pump $7n»r». T«m», $i down. 107.95 I***'

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