The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1931
Page 5
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'HIUUSDAY, JUNK 11, 1U31 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents 6 word lor flist Insertion fl llll ODD CCIlt » uurd ror each tutKtqucJit n. No advi'fllJSCuHul for less Ihnu 50u. the words and seud taken Ciuuu Die I'hune 300 ruit KISNT 1'OJl REST—Furnished 3 room flat, 1U1J West, Walsuit. DU-'IF KUHN1SHEH Apiir'.rneul lor rent. 305 nautili. I'-KU HOO.M AND BOAHU—Home cooi:ccl meals, clean airy rooms. Mrs. T. B. Watson, 112 East Cherry Si. Phouc UK!. 10p-kl8 WANTED I'OUl/rnV WANTED—Market prl. LVS, any ijiuuillly. MariJyu Hnl- ifocry, '210 K. 1'ourtli St. BC-U'F Q T: ; Vi: ' : •'-^- < *^^-^ ; ^ r tt<^ • OFM'* PAGE FIVB Bmilli, WANTED — Family washings or Kt-nera! housework, Mrs. Dora Jl'JZBll, 2'><n 18th SI. TI ; WANTED — Hay lo bale. C. C. " 'li, Plione BU7 or I502-F2. (j-UC-TF WANTED—High bchool girl, 16 y:ars old, white, ni'iU and capable, desires employment as nurse girl or for (jeneral housework. Write Uox "X", Courier News, or Phone Mrs. Joseph at 304. ; 10P-K17 i!i:c;iN iii:ur. T<IIIAV III:HYI, iii>itiii:.\ \ a \r* ToNjiv n'll,SI}.\ unit iirrtrnl* hU rlujjr- Nil',il nltf, hrr biilr-kUliT. IHKXfc; j;Vl:illriT. Tin- Inllrr I. riirluu. liken «hr full* anil l!rr>l irc-urr* a Vnilli> crtnlrnct. llfr>l trie* lu fottftt her liuLhi-lrnK luvr lir fiulnx In lini-llr, mil, rili:.\TISS IfAV- 1.IIUI). Irene Irani* rri'iill.N 1m Her) I. Tumiik) 1 ^ nuiil djrt nnj lu' IOKTH >>uili Job jrnil tiiotiv? fliriiueli lirr »lr* Ijrruk* ilu-lr i-jt^Ji^rnlf nl. Xlhrii "nulls* n«U» hrr In iunrr> Mm *hv [turrra. In Oi-hiuiir Tommy 'J..nk» lirjvlly nrnl jolui, vvIL *'t,m- linnlun*. Ili-ryl llnda Ultii nnd trlr* lo rhci-r him up. l-Vnrlns Mi-ol "III cjtiunt ULT ill-fell, lrr«p »!ly» nwiijr ami murrlc* l*rri.tli,x. ilj :uid :i iiuli-il ^iirrhiltM :nl- Hcrj'l licsHutc-it nu Hisi.inl. tlior. salil casiinlly, "Ik-llo. How arc roil?" Irene knew Ilicn Ilial Hcryl hrnl not wnnlcil licr lu come Iwiu?.. "AII-I j 1 tlituk," filie said to hcrscll, "Ilial, vrlts I I can BUCSS tlic reason." ill | ri , 11( "Manui (ells me you drove Tommy tn gcliuol." s!ic r<m:n nor;i 1;li; ,j| V( , sivcclly ni"! sl^lKHl, '-r.i..| 'rnrniny . I'm «o fihul lie siii;,]>L-,t a>iO clatliie wllli ihoso tuviid Larhln boys." lieryl loukc-cl ;il lur i:mtt:cr inn Mrs liverctl iivulikil i!ic- tliiuro. "llOW i3 (ill)lunl? 1 IJ-.-i-yl' li-itnl Irene cliil nut ansuor .i:!il tt'-ryl sensed icnslou In the nimosi.licrc Slio loolicil inriuirinsly firm <><\i.- lu tlic ollior. Imt nn ci:t> ; p .ivi.> iivi juj illtornnlion about (jilyloid. linl nn lu any silly quarrv'. lioluviMi; iluhiiy Kl|[ | refreshed In tlio c"-v tier nuil liur liusband. Ynu flnd oni j nl:i s ivl,|| e i Kf niotlier grcsv wmi licfure In.ia vvlml ulie left lihn (ur,"!:ii-,| always fccnied lo look tired, he ailili-d, ndilresplne Ills wife. Still silio did not cnni|ilaln. nuil ' ' * I h.'iyt roiilil not even set tier to KS. KVK11CTT sot nil lo no to. 'cave tho lionso for n rlilo wllli linr tial Ilic ex|iri-55lnii on i ani1 To i.v on Sumlays. licr u-ar-slRlncd fare \\i\f not suti ! • • » Mr. Kvi'icll tnllonril lici \il!S KVKIlKTr. awaro of icli-rtiil 'f. ll^iirc wllli anxtiiiu ei.-s j I'l -,:,,). 6 |H'riiliitliiu niiu-oriinui "'s fuce it." Hcryl en Id lo hln.: Irtne. was Blannrlily loynl to wearily wlii'ii lie lurncil uach li> ravurllc. llcnk'il (lie round o[ iur- ln>r. "II It's o serl.ins lireals nc Ho? s],o nad iilaiineil In honor of ittipn licr.i- ninl (iaylin-d we cnn'i i,,-,- dnnsMer Ifhc anil Ivene nsil lic-l|i Mulhr-r will u|i!inlil tier It. asm-il u was l,cln-r lo refuse all niiMliliii;. And wo've yoi lo llitnh S u,.], in\iiailiiiis] slic wss Ftaylr.-; LOST AMD FOUND STRAYED—Male police dog'about 8 nio:itiw old, without collar. Notify Pat O'Bryimt at 37 before G P. si. or Hotel Noble after Q. 10O-K11 LOST—Pi KnpiM Alpha' pin, set in pearls with rttby point. Reward. Call 47. P-K-ia Closing Stock Prices A. T. &'. T Anaconda Copper .Auburn Caterpiller Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Continental Baking .. General Elertric (Jeneral Motors Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Radio Corp Simmons Standard of N. J Texas Corp U. S. Steel .. 163 .. 22 . 1G7 .. 23 16 12 . H5 .. 11 .. 40 .. 35 .. 19 .. 17 7 . 15 . 13 .. 35 20 .. 01 1-4 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 11 (UP) —Cotton closed very steady. Open High Low Close S34 860 8J4 B5U U73 895 873 89-1 858 019 837 flll 000 323 008 928 031 050 031 950 %7b CUl)l)i:N'l,Y Irene broke tbe ^ silence by Jmi!|:li:s to lier led and crying to Her timlln-r lu tiru ken accents. "1 cnr't ^o llnvi-jsih ili of ce-iitHituns at Hie store." "It'a 1:0 use." Everett said help leffly: "I'm licked." "Xo. yr.u're jiot." Heryt Inpl^teil "1 lliink we caii ^ia|;e fniuctlnn^ of tlio delicatessen cni] of thu busl ne?:s. Individual effort counts toi cvci'yihitiK Uiere. There'll !:-• line ' woiiirn In the house as ICIUK a-, survive ;o'R. \Vr can ilo Hie rtio .^liitilinriity away Trom tlicso iiilfhl <iiie>ilini lier. Meryl's Littcinv-iH to n 1 ..:!:. 1 rasler fur her muthcr ivere nnllll<-:il liy 'Ills atilnidu. Meryl lind aiTct'tcd a cau-tr l!cu ,if love. MIC lo^s n[ iliat fnr love, mill lazily. rnnti v !ill::fMlT iii tin' tnnwiiii'.'c o: V..': .\ow <;<> n.v wi'i'ii Tin: STOKI CHAI'TlOll XXXVIII ri"\OMMV uoddc-d in atjrcenicn •*• "Vos." tie said srttnly. "I KUCSS she will, iiut she must bave known stepfather lop looked rc,,, tsn . , .. Voll .,,„ bc „ , ,,, if .„ , lV(lrr} . „, , . . fieryl s.n ,lowi, l>, Ihe cl.alr t!.a, ovcr „„ ,„„,... 1!lM . yl ' |jmcirtll ', ,'j , 1 , v Ir , K -l a u r [Z- nH P , Va r"' C H ""!','" 18 '"° I' 1 *"* '"•' ">- W1 ^- "'"" "" ">*' ' "'"' ""I »,».o, l" I f cr I cmplj plate before her aslilc. J ,„,. ,,,„« ,„ ,, ;( . s;orc „,„, lnl llc | r v I'd ucver atnouiit to much. That's llic reason sbe threw me over prob ably" "Never amount lo much?" Hcryl flashed angrily. "You've como through am] that's what counts." Tommy disasrecd. "You're re Bponsihlo for what I've done, can't lake any credit." Hcryl shook her bead In denial. "Don't believe tliat." slie Eald earnestly. "I simply askeil you to make good on a debt I felt you owed me. and you did it. You deserve all the credit for that. But 1 hope you don't feel it's accessary to your Eolf-rospcct to bave anyone's ap proval." "No," Tommy said slowly. "K Isn't that—" Beryl, tremulous am easer, felt hope die as her ci patiion hesitated for words. He went on ILcn to talk of other things and did not mention Irene again. Deryl could not knovr wlial it meant to him to think ol meet- ius his sweetheart as onolbcr man's wife. She worried over Tommy all the way home, forgetting to prepare 'lerselt far her meeting' wilb her 'sister. The family were still al tbe dinmr table when she arrived Srciie cMrt not rise to greet ter Her p^oltier marie a trctfnl move- meiit. "Now ilou'l ir.kc that" slic began, but her Intsliand. \vlio had decided to evjiightcn Hcryl. cut her short. "Tell her! Mottier at Itcnic." i>( Tlio prospfcl of having Irene l Hie slore did not ideasc .Mr. l-:v L >icli but he taid >;alnBt It.! and thereby Fr.vcd lilmsc-lf Tell her!" be. ex•! brc-nlli. for Irene rcfuseil claimed vociferously. "Let liei take! Ilevyl's place there. «:is IIIUL-II clearer. IKMIO unnicd t'oiiiiny. ctiuli] l>e nn doutjt lit tt A'li: <n .1 rlinrl wlille. she said. 3'ie \\i-in' 1 . islrii | IK; divoi-ccil fio!ii (liiylf.r 1 . 1 . to liiki" news li:nl sliiiiucd Mrs. Hi'.i-i:. I ill ; it dtil mure lo I'.cryl. It ^ont :-'i- It anyway slio wants to. It's Dad: Tlic thonslit of facliiK Ihe Incaij piii.g. Fgilinth r. away In enough (or you to encourage liicj public "sluuily aiinllill-ilcil lier.". Iiii 3i Hi e radiant peacn :i|-,o 1:3.1 I [ liltlo toe!, but yon c.-in't expect j and tier inollicr sluodliy tier Irtni: | found In nclilevini; romi.'iy'K sal .a- everyone else lo sympathize wllti ilic Bald, told her UihiKS about IH-I | Hon. It tortured her anil umilo life \vltn Unylortl alie couldn't' every thoiiBlit an acliliiR ')iird;n In repeat. The poor child had sutlerca: her tired intrid. lerriiieally. (Jaylurd liod Desn e.iurl| Khe walled In an ai;ony of lo her In the extreme. Mi hud ues ror Tommy to understand an slio Irene would liave litm lui'lcr- and corn- OUR BOARDING HOUSE "ft' E PAUGH-TER ofFicER TterT-Tev, is ki-ffv CRAShl |M -THERE •ROPE AU'D ier. . . .' Mrs. Everett flushed angrily 'Your own daughter!" s!ic ahrEllc-d at him. "For heaven's sake." Beryl pleaded. "What is the matter?" "I'll tell you," her stepfather do-. clared excitedly. "That tcalher- brained Irene has left ber husband. That's what's tho matter!" "Left him." lieryl repealed Incredulously. "What for?" 'That's something she luan'l lected her and lita jealousy was mi oiidurablc- Iierj'l listened (o this rccKal tvlUi her tonguo In her check. Mr tlvcrett wns made to t'ccl a brute wlien he flared to question il. To quiet him his wife told tiim In private that she thought Irene would forgive. Qaylord "]usl tho same." Inj mistake. .stand, to read ihu wclcoinlng fmllo on Lrone'fl Hi»s ns Jrenc would linve him ren tl it, l o vca I i zc. aa I re .1 o u'ould liavc him ruallzo, that (nu awtelncss. tlic gentleness. i\-:-i clutig nlioni hrr Illcc a soft f.':i:- men*, was admission ot n ~ "" lime. And what coutil • they do Turn her out of (he house? No, they couldn't do that. It was a lovely i«sc. Ibis crushed | iuuocence. Ibis air of gentle SITIO-.>So ! uobly home which Irene Inn! deigued to loll us." Mr. Kverctt replied with an accusing look at hi? wife. "She said cho couldn't talk about It and your mother u;:l:etd ber." "You could giro her time," Mrs Everett ''.rliliniicrcil. "Time! I've a right to know—" "Mother's rlglit, Cad," lieryl said soothingly. "Thero aro things you can't talk about" "Well." Mr. Everett bS.'stered. I her limo at the store, suspected L'cryl did i:ol know. Ireue stayed to become a poor, pill | adopted. It was Imprcsslvo lu ful, heart-broken child, leu lirtd lojsavc Iteryl who saw through II as do anything lint rest from the- Ihrounh a pane of clear Rlass. "awful ordeal" slic'd been through | Irene Mrs. Everett Insisted when Beryl; ihro:ii;]i (luestioncd her lliat Irene licl|icd| "'as "" with (lie housework and the cook-' W! "' rt Touimy. She knew this, /.ud ing. Bui Beryl, who spent mo«t ol I -he l:iicw iiioio-somcatni; Mi.T- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES LKAVK 1TTO .--•., ,-.'... ,-,.,.-• , By Maiftijp^ ,'ii,i,iEi '"• (i^>ty}yl$ifettL : ; knew licr sister it. She knew Hint IJcrvl ot Licr real feel In us tn subsiding a trine, "I won't ik\'« lier! lue truth, for Irene always looked (Tn lie Ojultnneil) Jul Oct DC: Jan Mar May 0«h Sl>tit5 steady at 843, up 20. New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 11 lUP)—Cot- ton eluded iirm. Oj:cn Hirjh Low Close Jul Oct. Jan Mar May Dec 830 859 &-a 893 DOS 030 028 950 048 9GS 89V 921 83 G 874 DOS D2G 047 897 S5B 895 930 941 967 910 Sfiu'.s steady at 8C5, up '20. .Doctor's Fruit Jar Bank Found Solvent SILOAM. SPRINGS, Arkansas, lUI') — Thu lalo Dr. John Doss truii jar bank huo been found solvent. Shortly before his death recently Dr. Lioss toM his legal representatives that he liad a .111:11 of inor.ey hidden hut did not reveal ils whercatouis. A i-.uarch revealed 51,302.50 in a buried fruit, jar. BV ISRAEL KLEIN , will not beconiii gaseous befo'-c it Science Editor, NliA Scn-ic: | reaches the cylinders. As soon as warm weather arrive;, • • • niotorUts besin to exj>erlence a new carburetor c-nginers, fuel pumn trouble m dnvrng, something that dKijners, moior engineers and "el had never arisen in former sum- 1 • -• Fuel engineers have boen devot-1 the motor causing volatilization in ins much of their research to cor-: the fuel line bafore the gas reaches rcction of this fault. But they find; the carburetor, they need as much co-operation of I the automotive designers, as their i In the meantime, all that the mo- own group, for ii'iprorcmcnt of the I lorisi can <1o is get a low tempera- long drive, especially when the I where en the American continent, weather is hot. , fc^verc tidal storms have soused If the automobile manufncturer the novel beach, sweeping to tea warns against using any but a j the iiiishiS tunas ami now Can- highly volatile, "inocklcbs" fuel, ^letter's shore Is strangely silent, the alternative is to put a sbcet of asbestos between the engine and the fuel system In order to ward oif the heat from the motor. Navy Officer's Daughter In 25 Different Schools Storms Still Soprano Voice of Singing Beach MANCHESTER -BY -THE - SEA. Mass., lUP) - - soprano voice or Singinj Beach has been stilled by savage storms. For years natives of this seaside resort had pointed with pride lo| "U you want to nllcnd lo'.s SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. lUP) - - Madelchu Hsuisen is \)robablj one of Ihe most cosmo\x>lUan sLu- tienls in the United Stales. The n-ycar-o!d daughter Lieutenant and Mrs. Harry Hansen has attended 25 diffcren schools lu this county, Hawaii and Guam. Germany, (UP) — Tire rector of Heidelberg Uni- M-ibHy christened ;t new glider ul the Heidelberg Aviation Untcn with its ouii clement, pouring a Ulass ot liquid air over its as symbolic of its service. \$$®, ti o ; - @itN; CM tie CHEST? B/rou U?<JWR sniiiTwaeS CjiEuJv^ -g J\£CO^ THAV1KST5 ' situation. Vapor lock, or gas lock as some term it, may be recognized by any driver when, after a long run in hot weather, he hears his engine sputter and die out even when there's plenty of gas in the tank. Or, after such a run, the engine fails to idle and stalls. Or, allcr a | period of idling, the engine picks lip unevenly. j What happens in any case is a 1 volatilization of the fuel, causing I a gas pocket in the furl line, be- [ tore it reaches the inlnkj inani-| fold. The result is :i choking off. ] of the fuel and stoppage of the cr.- I gine. I This condition, strangely enough, is due to the effort of both au'.u- • motive and fuel engineers to rive motorists much better product? I tahn they had heretofore. The fnsi- 'er running, higher compression motors we bave today require a more volatile fuel for efficient operation. Both engine and fuel arc trjmcn- cimis improvement. But both together form the !l:fti- jcull problem of vapor leek. For Ihe I modern engine runs hotter than jever nnd the new fuels tauarlz: I more quickly. j ^^ast motors today make use o! ; the fuel pump. This also has lo cp', crate at a much higher Fprcd lha:i ' it would have to with the slower I speed motors ot former years. Run highly volatile fuel through a fast operating, heated pump and i the result ir, volatilization of (he j fi:el even before it gets lo tr.e i burctor. Fuel, to be cflcclivc. has I to remain liquid ttn'.il aficr it passes through the carburetor jet. and even there It must come out as a fine spray, still imvotaillizcd, still not a gas. ! It is only when the fuel i; in- ijecled inio the cylinder that it should become gaseous. The problem, therefore, lies in I providing a highly volatile fuel that lure fuel when planning to go on the symphonic sands which, when walked upon, gave forth a musical hum perhaps unparalleled else- schools," she remarked, "just the daughter, or son, or a FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS cm .Wvavs. •• \H 60RBV ' fiW 1 W MA. MV TWVT, TOO ! SO VT WPAU' WORSE WAS !!. NEXT T.IME 1 et^CM A GUV, HE WON'T BE WELL, OF ALL THE NERVE! 6OY|! \S&-t, ILL HA^BTODO SOMETHING FOR VISLU^F \OU i ! '.GUESS V SHOULDN'T COURSE NOT rtERE'S A " QUARTER FOP.VOU--MT NOT SEEM LIKE MUCH, REMEMBER,EVEK) THE EtG- WELL, ALL V?lGflT- •--I'LL ' ' A CHECK FOR AMOUNT. I'M SORRY, MR. HECTOR, BUT \ CAM'T DISCOUNT WV 6lLL--^OU A5KED ME tO FIND YOUR ROSY AND SPARE NO HERES THE FELLOW 'WHO HAD MOST OF THE TROUBLE AND POUND f H£ FOR VOU. VOU TO ACCEPT MS, VtECTOR AW, IT WA&rt'T \ MUOH MR.HECTOI?) WASH TUUUS rNEXl'ECTEI) COMIM.ICATIO.N'S! ERCrt BiOSrtOT HWKETEtlR MUllvitS WP, WASH AND EfV^,Y KICK UP TUc THEY'RE SUTlNCi PRETT/. SEEWS (\SSUREO. &, VOU i W ttWERS O' THIVT Ell\^T£D ClIICA&O &ANC- UEFUSES TO SHOW OP UNLESS I GUARANTEES T«£ SOffofA FAL15 OUT.' PK01ESTS ftRt l« A SOW 6V WE "Crt\C(XGO" MEN OxlST- N^> THE IS CALL60 TO OBOER. HOVE "to TriE BOOie AND OOFE IT THEY ACE SENT

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