The St Louis Republic from St. Louis, Missouri on January 15, 1904 · Page 9
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The St Louis Republic from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 9

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1904
Page 9
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ljCg?T?L'ir2!I!!!rii?J:I 5,"ff'i 'T;'yy?rt THE EErrBLIC: FRIDAY. .JANUARY 15. IHO- 3 Iso ravs th supply tJe d, demand-ay that be Landau and unt of co:U ed in then 'or the de-om further id not paid ted HOTELS . is at th Is staying Arn., lj a OV . 1 on l . i : thi c . is re-gl-i.ui.a u. jpl fct th- St' PIUX.? at i. I.I.. has U . is at nzctos. 111.. Te . lp strp--k. Artt. li ac rocae t,t .llS! the c Ait. 'a St. Loci e to-day: Eixbv. E. Gtes. C .". J. H. . A 9Mre. M. Smith. j. nmt. ;. i. P. Bil;-'.. B Kiss, Vounp irV. he arrivals the follow- y C Hurt-. Jotel York: :arroIl. iltm HaoIjoi end 'aid niaro: and tsica. V fifth .- .-. .. Ti-r. Mrs.-! JT-i . O. XL. ism. lu Tork; j OF DAY. j Smootfi I St. Iyiuisj its feccsd! 1 advanced nest read-ration and ail. that it I .he Hous-. i rough! up ice, facili- ;H00LS. .tions of Sports. "he Ko'-se. j s-day rec- f Sl.lT3.0i ih consigned by aunurn-cted and Ucved the from 3 t farm la .iversities .pe--t per-tj hefoTe eded lc- al. ,e i: of St. Lou's ;sied was 's olviploii .n alleges u avenue o hirn on He WES et Police -V. of the f the wit- always bears this signature on the label. It insures perfect satisfaction, and is a protection ajrainstall the troubles and worries caused by M inferior imitation. rr i& The Improved requires p; fff- no tacks. fS Wood rollers. Tin rollers lit COMMISSIONER COOLEY BLAMES CONGRESSMEN. ll-flnr- Tln-j lrr f hicllj lt'icin- IMi- for tilt "I)'nil iMtI In llu Dfiinrliiifitl. Tht Republic 14:h 5'. and Pennsylvania Ave. IVashmeton. Jan. U. Cml 5er'ioe Commissioner Cooley to-day plact-d much of tho blame for inelSclency in the Government service on the shoulder of Con-pressmei! who US' their influence to get jlw for thtir friends Air. t.ooiey alo asserted that under thv laws tiif commission is not responsible jr the "deaa wood" in the departments, it has no fower t r-movaj. and that it duties end uhen it has found tnt- bct (KibSible maierial for the different p.ace. ii the betii men are not chosen lor tiee 1 jet-si. it is because of the influences ot v 'inrets-cnen. i neie is not a protest coming to the ciniiniKion from any executive depart-iii.nt. !'ne protest conn Horn the l-gl'-i;.iive brnncn of the Gocernment, which, under the Constitution, has nothing to d'.i '.. :tn appointment, i'ongress is attempi-inj; to usurp functions that do not belonK i' it. It has. honeter. a constitutional ripbt to bold the executive ttranch le-si' mslble for results. The details of should b left with the executive departments, where they properly be-1 r.c. i his commission has nothing to do with paironas. We supply the department material for employment. We conduct the examinations and certify as to if i:Its. The coal heavers' sons and th1 millionaires' sen sit side by side and are ki.rtwn onlj- by numbers. "The creat difiiruliv in sotting rid of inefficient clerks is the influence of Congressmen. If tb.y w.iuld let the administrative brunches al'im-. all the departments would be better off." Mnlen CIittMuir Itero eretl. An overcoat, a hat aii a muffler stolen from the hme of IV. J. Berkley, at No. !' North Taylor aenue. Wednesday nirht. wre f"urd yei-terday in a Market street p"lwn-aa by Detective. Doiz-man and S:i.mren. who later arrested Kfiiry I'alniT. a peaxo. on the charge of committinc thf The pawn ticket for the coat, h.u and muffler was found In Palmer's pocket. Rich fiolil trik- h( Crljifilt- Cri-I;. 'ripple Crek. Coin. Jan. 34. The most imiMrtant co'd sinkf r made in the d:. :nrt lMme knRn t"r-da: . It -was irMdp o. I'. i' "i Hi.' a -i;.-fiWt .in. pVTasiup ? i : "!.- un -vf'-'i. thraurh wK h rr i; r .:. asa a hich as t.' '" " i SPECIALTIES. PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE AND BURGLAR ohtim:d in SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS or MISSISSIPPI VALLEY TRUST CO. DEATHS. HI-. l, ..r : '. i I1.-4 , -n-g( j I'iKn.m. a :-ja. at . l. r.r. Tir rie b' :.u- t- ci Li?.IER On W-onf-fda Jjnuarj- 14. .4, .' 1 t. m . altpr a .r..T iUnr of imtu-rKiua, , -ancis M. iozier. crr'i 74 rears. Fyntral nt tft" rftdem.-- cf hit brothtrT. L- I. Tfvzier. i 1 W'trrtmorelanc: plac-. ictenzieiii ri- L't-FFT-On Tdnesda. Januarv 12. ii at ( i M't-hijei e. I'ufr belod hu-hand r't. and fa:hr nf - m. a M. and aiary iZ. and William v. Unffj J"i:r(rai take place fr.nn family res dene, ., i., iifit avwiiK. on fTioay. januar la 1 . p n. to M. Kdward't (."tiurctj. thr.'v anan .nietei. Friends Invited to attend. KNXIf-T'n Thumia. January 14. 19ft4, a an. Stephfn, bilc-ej a n of P-ir an J ' ! .y I'nnis iie Glynn), and brother -f :-;..en Jr.. Patrlrk. Edward. Michael. Mar,, j Kt- and Julia, alter a linearis R illn-t. a-.-a I j .ear 11 month! and 3 dajA- Vneral Saar-,h' . January 1G al 2 o'clck p. m., rroni family I'V.ufflr. No zifj Vhtft Warn aenu, to H-.v Nam- hunh. thent- to Caiman t'emetery en. na- miiKi io altera. 'IBI-lIRAIEn On Turday. January u 1"4 at 2,i a. m , 4'atherlne. widciw of Mlcnat li lmbAchr. our bejo-ed moiber and sran-1-mihT. tn her evert -fifth j-ear. after a sboit i''n? The Ifvewnd il'chcel G. ilelnsbacher. m. Madam K. lleimnacber. S. ". J.. uauRhier. It-e lllmbachi. daughter. Helen Due-hler ,n' lielmbacher). daushtt'r. Mary Toung n-e i! Imhat rvr. daughter; Paul YounB. Jr. shju-lt-law. J-. fRtherln Nirholaa Yoonj;. crand- jildin runera wul taee j.lact fxmu res.-denc. .W, T3ii South Thlneenth etreet. Mon-:!. January l. a fc.y a. m . to fr Acatba uh Pleas- omit iltis Cincinnati. t , jiai-erc piase cjt" . Jt'NGK-On Wedneeday January 12. 19f4, at Z n clock a. m , G. Adolph. husband of Anna Junck n- Hftblcht. father of Adolph. Mar . Marcar. Charles. Dertha and Herman June - n-t crandf athT of Wahr Junk. Funeral will tak plac- Saturday. Januar- K. at 2 j tn from faroilv reddenre. Ni-. 3S16 Flo.a t.nujerard. to Belkfontalne Cemter. Inter-rrnt privat- UTHOU On ThuTPda. Jar.uarr 14. 14. at f a. m.. Henry Unuu. aced 4S j-far and z jixinth J-,tin',al will tak pla-e frrrn r!-tivr-f, X i3& Pai;e boulevard. Sunday at r..0 j' m . under th" aufpice of GirKe Wn.hIrK-t'n lcU:" No. 9. A V. & A M . escorted bv A-atnn Cummand-rj. No. 15. n- T Intermnt 'i1vate. MrUAVmtlAS On Thumiac. Januarr 14. i''4. at R a m . Ancle McLaurhlln. tloed wif- of the late "harl- McJ.auchlui and moth-f f John find Man McJ-iHishlin ne Ence. .iam-s. Gir- arlr, William. Rrtdpft. Mary and Annie MrLauchlln. at tbe ac of 6T veare. Puneral ill takp plac Saturday. Januarv 16. m f&mlK residence No 4C1S Nebraska av-n- at .3) . rr. tfcenc to St Tbmias Aquln rn-.urcli. tbenp tn Mount Ol.Ve CTne-te PriAndfi and relatie lnlted to attend. NIKMEIEn On Tr.ur1.i Janus rv 14. 1?V. p r..4i nvinrk a. m. "hrt'Uan. hioved hu-band of oatharina Nmeie- n-- Kraa1). and dear father of harlK I Nitn"l-r. '"arne llo -Iipkt. ln.-ck. .ltTtha Heir.errwnn. Ida Kunz an' Tillle sd-mann. cced 7: vars C moatb" and 2 da ye The funraJ will take rlace Sunday, the itth int at 2 o'rloek t. m . from farr.ilv resilience at """.-lumbia, I'.l Ite'atlveF and friends Invtted to attend. nt"ECKJNG On 1'ednedaj. January 12. Iv4. at C43 p. m . L"ui RuerUrc ne Xo Kros-ten). our d-arlv beloed icthr. mother-in-law-end prandmnther. suddenly need TT, iF j racnthsi and 2 day Puriral unda Januarv It. at 1 ? p m from familv res drat. ;;,! rsil South Fecond stret-t Fr.ends infTd to attend. FPAHR Entered Into ret on Vedyriav January IS tH. at 11 10 a m M- Se-iriU snahr. wid"w e Edward nah'- and l-lov"d mother of Mir. Flora M Otiin Mr. May E. Ilandrlph. EteJle M. fpb,. Edward" U Spahr nd Walter H Spanr. at the aC- of tx ear-. Funeral rlll take p!ac --n rrida Januarv 1 at 2 p. m . from residence. N 4V)5 Natural Jlrldpe rotl. St Jowpb and Ivanae 'ity. Mo. paper pieo? cvn WAGONER UNDERTAKING CO,, 1127 OLIVC S-T. Dav or- IN'ight. g lection ajrainstal! fe; the troubles and wSj N TRIG TO AROUSE Kejens Eajjer for Ohio Statesman lo Enter IJaee for I'iv.i dential Nomination. AKINS FACTION WILLING. l"i io llaitlioldt to Take Hand in Primary or Annouiuf Ui I'et'lini; Toward IJoosewlt. Will the barrel be opened" If Fiini-prfphet could answer correctly tin- al - i important question, a numter of J:e;..:b:i-cun politicians of St. Ijuis wiuld fe-l a preat deal easier and anticipate the o'tr-mi; iirimaries with more pleasure , "It all depends upon whether Har.ria i pets lntohe race." fictired one politicini. , vesterday, who Is holdinp a Fede-al po.- ' tion. "If llanna does not cet Into th- raci ; withm a few days, there will be little enou5h dolrifr. Otherwise mor- money will lie sjient in the coming contest for delegates to the District and State convention than has been around for many a day." If Hanna announces himself National Committeeman Kerens will be cornucopia for "the boys." That he Is trying his best to induce llanna to cet into the race no one doubts. It 1 said that he has told more than one business man that Hanna would appteclate a telecram indl-catinp the fact that the business interests and tbe laboring men of the country would like to nominate him for President against the incumbent of tbe White House. Some teesrama have bee-i sent. Former Internal ReenJe Collector Henrv C. Gren- ner said yesterday that he himself had t sent a congratulatory mess'ace to iianna t in which he said ttai he was tor the chair- i man of the National Committee for "higher honors" if he so de-ired. ! "1 personally know oi nenrly a score of telesrams which were sent from 5t. Louis I to him." said Mr. Grenn'.r. "We want ! him to come out rind mah" a firht clear , iui uir inif riK ran easi.y oe noiui- nated. We will do our part in Misouri." --" i.v.......ia.. ,.u .,,v.n iiiu iii fe,laL0VhwVli,SeS; closest personal frienl of National Com- iiuLt.-ruiiiii jveieos. nan cone io senator Hanna and said that if be would run for the presidential nominaUon he would give his ptrsonal check for f5H.u39 to aid in his campaign. OPENS MANY EYES. -.., .i-v.u.,1,, ki t.uu Miu; nor. i(:uj the eyes of mure than one of ";he boys." Even some of the politicians who have alwav been aligned with the anti-Kerens faction say that if any such ums are to be sent to capture the National Convention "f tl onftftf r. 1 ip ;-.-- 1. n . .-. k..1 tbe r.tVer " The last campaign whii h Kerens conducted in St. Louis is said to have cost him about S3r. At that he carried only two of the three congressional dh-trirts. If Haiina comes out. Kerens will have his hands fuil to do even as well as he did tie last time. Iiwn in South St. Louis it primary or openly announce that he and ... .... iku tn-jiui ! iai.r- t imu j in 111 tne I'resioent are not on friendly terms, The Eleven'h District Is now in the hands of the Akins faction and bids fair to remain an. The Twelfth Dl'trict may 1 eounted upon for Keren', as the downtown wards predominate. Fo 'f Kerens did spend SZTi.OiO two icars tizn he will have to duplicate the gener-'.-.. of EIkm to hold his own- His ale. -roe from tbe c4t for a vear while 'here wj-s nothing dilng politically has not jor- , -ulnrlv strengthened with bis old a'le '. Said one of them- "While, it is a :1 ricbt to get a slice of Kerens's monev out -v.-rv two year", it is about the' same "bmr as being a section hand on one of hi railroad"; pay the price and do the woik ' ' your Ik?ss " The anti-Kerens faction makes no bones of Us willingness to get into the f.cht Srtd one, of their leaders vecterdav: "Let Hanna trj- it. The people want Khom-.)! and not a 1: of di'Jgruntled ofliceholders are xMinc to move from their lellef :n hw sincerity Kerens is dfad enough in M.wurl to make him spend everv cent he 111 collect and still lose." T'n esc Hanna announces himself, it i to!eratilv certain that Kerens will pot trv to succeed himself a- National fommi'tee'-ni tn Otherwise, four more ears will be ins portion if n succeeds in getting nin t.--i or th. tl-legates to tl v-ntion National Con. i!vi ma vcnn mv. repHrliijr for the Mns. lertins lie Ilel, To-Morron Mglu. The campaign manaprrs of Harry l Haw-s were busily encaced yesterday . perfctini: detail or arrancment for the . . t nicratic mass meeting to-morrow r.isnt at tie C1oon. where Mr. Hawe will , make formal annnuncement of hi? candi- ! i da".v for Governor. i I It is anticipated that a larce crowd i j will i present, as Democratic elulf , thrtuighout the city have dlared their t ltermi nation to attend in a bud. A numler of rervHl seats for ladi- wer1 . mjide -n the Ddeon boAes Jlr Hav ; manaprK staled last nicfat that th in-dltatlons pointed to an att-ndance of Imocrats tn pueh numler that perhaps :n cverfl'tw metinc would havp in i i provded fr if the weather i favorable Immdiateiv following hi fperh of tomorrow nisbt. .Mr. Hawes will 1-cin hi can my of the State. Arrancement.-w.'r terfected jesterday for hi arpear-aiu-e next AVedneday nmht at Montgomery Cit. On Fridav niht he will le at Centralia. anj on Saturday. J miliary 'JZ at Columbia. On th following Monday mcht he has araned to sjak in Rochnwrt. The dat following are: Thursday meht. January- ZS. at P.oor.vil!e, Friday nicht at Faiette and Saturday at Marshall A number of county committeemen from Audrain. Saline and Boone counti are reported by the Hawes managers to have been at headquarter; vepterdav a-Fistini: th managers in the completion of the d'tails fur the speaking. Io!U Club Orgnnlreil. j The Twenty-fifth "R'ard Iemof ratu flub I w-as organized "Wednesday evening, with; the following officers. lYesident, C. H Tauntleroy: vice presidents, John Zink Doctor O. E. Smith. Jospeh H titz- s-retarj-. John I. Gcrthoeffner The 'club ! m uiifi every two wecKs, and evt.ects to thismonth:' ' neLTlu' on,'" IZSPZ. , i.... ,. .. -. .1 . . -- .-...-. Attorney Polk for Governor and thanking the press for aid in fichtinr; onrmnti., -re pas.ed. Political .nlr, Republican late Chairman T. J. Akins Captain Henry King. J. W. Puvute and former .Mavor p. Walbridge if this city and Ber. P. lius.-ell of Stc-elvill" departed last night for St. Jceph to atteii'd the mfetJng f the Republican Sute Editorial Association. Justice James D. Fox of the Supreme Couri departed yesterday morning for Jefferson City after a two davs' visit to hi old home in Frederlcktow n. Deputy ?tate Beer Inspector N J ' Winters is vMting; in Milan, his old home. J h u jew uavs. I T J. Akins, chairman of the Ilejiuti- f bean Stale Comniiitee. has leased the ' home of E. C. Rowse. at No. -; Benton ' place, and will move there in a few das ' Local Arli.t Ilie.I in Wt-nf. The funeral of Henry J- Nave, an artist, who painted the ma-que-ball scene on the Olympic curtain, recently removed, and ?-f fi"V?lc w,?rk "ccorated curtains at Siu.-ic Hall, will take place in Si Louis ;fO0'r. ' ? bo3" aIr'vcs from Iis An-uap- lft. Beside a widow. Mr. .N.ivo lesves a brothtr. Charles Nave. No. 4.T52 Etan. avenue, frcm whnr residence the funeral will take place, ind a sister. Mrs, Louisa Beikcnberg. 11 rite fo Jirr BirthMonth Rings. The rreanngof Kirtb-Montb R n-s n erj mnch in vorup and t aiutogur signet. i ! Jsnurj B.nti-'nlcnll) Ricgs. i Grr.i' ra'-'ftv of bru'.'ful Kings, all in o'U god, .- with fine stlecttd jjarnct-. signifying constancy ail pn es from S2.50 to $15.00, or roahnni diamonds up to $1.000. 00. Merrnod & Jaccard's, ( tit :' rrr. READYTOPROSECUTE THEATER I Lir'ii-e Coll-'ftor riifTonl M.iy Lods: Information With ' i t y .Attorney Anderson To-Dav. WILL HASTEN NEW ORDINANCE I'layhouo Pirei-mrs Stato After .C'onfert'iKf Vith Oftirinlf That They Will Comply With Law. Information will be lodged with City Attorney Thomas Anderson to-day by License Commissioner Clifford, statist; that Attorney Thomas Anderson to-day by Li- cense commissioner imoro, siaur.K inai I - " b " licenses, and asking that prosecution of , the managers be institute'!. , . . .;.., . i ! Thls actloa wa' determined upon by ! Commi-sioner Clifford yesterday. He stated that sufficient time had been given , to the manasers to comply with the pro- I . . - . . l --1 t a a-H i visions oi tne ordinance requiring mat a j certificate of the Building Commissioner ! y, filed and a license taken out. J This section of the building ordinance ' makes it a misdemeanor for any perform- j anc to be given In P. theater which Is un- ! Hreased. a penalta of not more than Sr-0 is pro-ided for eirh offense. As the licenses of the theaters were revoked January S. the maximum fine that might be assessed is from ?yo to ilL. according to the number of performances that have been held in the theaters, all i . . . ! or which, except the standard, are operat- ing without license?. The license fee Is JlTd a year. A meeting of theater managers was held tn the afternoon in the oi'.lces of Associate City Counselor William F. Woer- zicr and City Counselor Bales, at which Frank It. Tate. I'atrlck Short. Isaac Hedges and Attorney Louis Steber were present. The managers asti"ed the cit 1 , 'a. 1 'at, "V TJ" W 'Ul0e ' C0Ia" : Ply with the law. and had done everything , in their -.wer to make their playhouses fc2-fj The application of the law wa clearly t forth to Building Commissioner) i.pnrrn ipiTni.rpo. trhA ...e w,i ui n.n ... .....-.f... , .. a VA..CTU .m the conference, and the opinion of the Associate City Counselor, handed down bv reouen to tbe C ty Council recent- ; rvque"c "--V -ouncU recent- Jy. was explained. COUNSELOIt WOEIIXER'S OPINION . " ' ""- -"' mimet-iW ..-wa.c -ii.. uiiseicr oerner ex- piamea that the licenses thev had held ! were no licenses and that the action of License Commissioner Clifford was not so much a revocation as a notice to the effect that the licenses were invalid. In the opinion of the Associate Counsel- i or. the pro5cution that Collector Clifford intends to institute will h imhoiri h.- th. -" '- court. as the section of tbe ordinance un- Ir which the action will be brought does not depend upon tbe section containing the invalid PM penalty, but has a sp-ial penalty clause attached. l nder the existinr: ordinanc V?nrrfT cnlH tl rtitInr -..1 ". .r""" .--"""; vuuMuv.,.fi,r. ;"""- "--- V""'V: " mrn' ,Iir " fully complird with and unless the certifl- cate is j;iven. no license can be lisu'-d by Commissioner Clifford. Prank It. Tate, manager of the Columbia Theater, stated, after the confer-place. that th projected pro-ecijiion ot me theater managers would probably not take place, a.-, the theaters were complving with every requirement of the building la.c, except the sprinkler clause, ard that. he said, would be omitted from the new ordinance. "The only t.ason I can see for the prosecution is to hasten action on the new ordinance. Under iln: old urdmaiue. theaters in commission April, JMiT. are classed as old theaters aim ine law ha no application to them If this is so. the relocation of our licenses will be rescinded as we have compiled with terv section of the old law. which the act of 1637 repealed "As a matter of lait. tt. Louis theaters ale far ln advance of those of an other city as regards protection from fire. We have done everything in our power short of tearing down the buildings and rebuilding tnem. to comply with the ordinance and seture absolute iitei ' CAR INJURES SLEEPING BOY. Ilfit .Mulligan. JI(H'ijp-r, Su-laius Fnirtuivd a-' Bert MuUlfxin. 13 years old. a ms-cn- for i!"" W' -nton Telegraph (-ompany' T-1, ln a! No. .V.11 Maca- , zine street, while :sleen ..n iv, d,iv,ni.i,Jn , Rallway Company' platform at Walton sienue yesterday morning at - o'clock. wa siruck by car No. 111. The boy had been sent to deliver a message on Walton avenue and sat down on the platform to wait for a car to take him b3Ck to the office. He fell asleep und the motorman did not see him m time to ao:d the accident. At the City Ho-pit;:l it a found that Mulligan's left leg had len fractured in two place. The bov lives with his cousin. William Tunis-, who was notified of his injury and will take him to his home as soon as he i-. able to be moved CLAIMS PRICES ARE LOWER. Hotior G. (I. Fnuiris liisM.s the Aiilimxin Mattt-r. Doctor Gordon G. I'rancls and a local representative of one of the largest drug houses of the United States called at The Republic office yeterdav afternoon and denied the report that the price of antitoxin was being raised bv collusion of manufacturing interests. "It's all a mistake." said Doctor Francis "It Is mere! an effort to rid the market of all inferior grades. The idea of manufacturers is to get antitoxin reduced to its finest grades. The prices are lower now than ever." , -" g i (.'tarts uj ( I Broadway and Locust tANAGERS thry are auu-ng the tuo popular o! t nbiiav ift. Floral Sio-net Rings. Solid gil'i nnt;'. as lllustratrd. cerred with the cor nth the cor- $5.00 rect b. rib-month flovcer wild roe for Januatr an.i tngrared with initial or nionofrrani Hr sain design, with dumoiid at each iie of $10.00 Garnets for January. if ARRA Iiinoi- Ilt-ply io Ilf'iiilnii ;; r 1J' gardiim I-'iiv K-ape- aid io l!e Uiati.-faciory. TO ACT ON JANUARY 19. liiiildiii-j ('ommisioner Kcjxjrt. Thai rarochial In.-titiitioii- Arc HaMfiiini: io "oni- dy With the Law. T'nless the Shields School is equlpp-with fire escapes at the time of the r-:- j spectfor January 1?. information will 1- lodged with the Citv Atmrnev and tr IPr'sutionoftLB-ardcf EJucat".. r. failing to comply with the State law wi lie asked by Building Commission." U-n. Heimburser. A letter was received yesterday by Commissioner Heimburger from "William It. Ittner. Commissioner of Buildings of th . ; Board of Educaticn. which stated that tie recent reports as to the lack of fire j escapes on certain schools had bce read i at the meeting of the board. Tuesdav evening, and referred to Mr. ittner for i answer. Mr. Ittner said in his letter: ! "I assure you that every means v.111 be 1 adopted to insure the safety and comfort , of the children In our public schools," i This response is dcrmed equivocal by Iwth Commissioner Heimburger and Uepu-; ty ' ommissioner James Smith. The latter stated to The Hepuhllc thitt there was no ' assurance in the letter that the law would l complied with, and that the action of I the Board of Education contrasted unfa- vorably with that of the parochial and I private schools which had made fmmedi-' te response to.fhe reports sen,t them and hnd -M once started tn remedy tbe defects 1 in their building". PAP.LtCHIAI. SCHOOLS. F. Goller. rector ot SS. Peter and Paul's School, had offtred to ubm!t plans of the i school immeHtiif.iT- . ., .u t..ii i Department could designate the be- )Z catloa for tl), nre a ' I A representative of S. 'iwfl... . Coo.,1 , . , - --"" t aDDfared hefnrp tha t lifeline. .., : er und 5taled that unic in" " CurHi tn n,.K tv, ,rti i T : na,. r - ... cLuvw win iiif ts- ".a. , ' Alphonsuss School authorities made i on 'tSllTnlTi v.1? i?ZaMi' na!! lnc it Ir 1"" Llei,r "dinfi. mk- Ing it in e..ect a two-storj- structure, if ; Jhe department would withdraw the de- I 71x2. J.J "re ?. This was acceded (I at m SCHOOL BOARD, A " in ii v in nurvu t- riu.n ' -i-..itU. - wit- ntvwna w . itanki; Itoserf: j-tatf-d 1 fc f"r iu-in.-itT v. no wen; over the build Jii CI Tnt' !. Ivkfitsi 1 rm-iirLiti- , .x. fir. .DM. uj L i '. uaL tItr '. i-ihi iiu.mi-i! pro- . -.--" j iH'um . JilJiIieGiailV V1GC. lite fr-tate law leavs the EulWinir m.sMr,itcr no option in the matter of pro- ecuiion, a it says he must iminediatflv iii on xnowieac of violation of the law lolce information with th Citv At torn v Tner shall be a fire escape, tne law L'l' L nsi P.ns m teiiMing? , "' 'iwwreprwi Cunriruiuion of three or more stori- in height thKt a-e occupied rt5: 'hfls.. hwpi'als. asylums, hotels or ! '"t??." flc I'" rw - , tn , : a n ' S, Tf nortn ' 53M f' imprisonment In th citv lai! for nee Counselor ' 0' ",r'- hm three months, or both fine aids cu-t :.'-tt rdji .ffrnoon 1; is al-"T , ; ' ; 3"l Imprisonment ieE. . -., K.n.ia-isb ,md a companion. Commissioner , t nr the law- it ( held that the Board I w-h- has no- ! i a"-. -it.! -i,i up rhiist , ! nar mo taw It t-s hld that the Rm , " t.Gun uon i. a read v ctdltv of a ml- imranor a- srnnac of S ihw bu"v. , 'a ' the oir- K :ht !t his nbctd i imii'm vtun T'i inw n-ttiin cix'y dav- aftr i. LN. IfrC ni; it was t-r. ..:; n-w PHILADELPHIA WILL SHOW FILTRATION PLANT AT FAIR. Working Model of .'jr..lH.iM,,i i;,t, lilim-nt Proposed n Purl of III.- .Model tit;. Philadelphia. Jan. H -Philadelphia will t-e represented in the exhibit of munkipal covernments in the "Model City" of the Louisiana Purcha- Exposition by a complete miniature of her KS.O'.'VMi filtration plant in full operation, if Mayor Weaver's suggestion to the City Council to-dav is carried out. ;.. it i.- fully cxriectril it will tie. At company ing Mvor Weaver's suggestion was an of tbe co.-t. which w-as place.! rtt IT.nn to J19.oi. BROKERS' EMPLOYE MISSING. Thomas F.IIiiunn Iisaj)H'ait'I on New Years J lav. Thomas Elliman. confidential accountant for D IL Trancis A.- Bra. brokers, has been absent from his home at No. niUU Locut street since New Teat's Day. win-n he left the Arm's office, saying he was going to the Merchants' Exchange. Elliman's absence was at first accounted for on the New Tear's celebration theory, but his failuie to return to work is now-giving Ins friends serious concern. At his lroardtng place last nicht it was said that Elliman was a single man. and had resided at that address for a long lime, but that nothing was known as to ids telatior.s or friends. He had not leen seen there since he started to hi- offk-e on New Tear's morning. His effect were still at the house awaiting hi?, reappearance. His accounts said to le straigi t. John II. Oiernll Left IMli.dOO. John H. U-erull. Jr.. took out letters of admini.-t ration yesterday on the estate of his father. Colonel John H. Overall, who left no will Tbe estate is valued at M.0i. Kr.ltTHl (;riiuil Jury tn f 010 r nr. A new Federal Grand Jury has !een ..e-lected and will convene on January 1 It is said that a further Investigation of the naturalization Iraud cases is to be made. Names of memliers of this Jury have not jet been made public. ( WINTER ,'V'SiwIimiiV'SSlwikHaa Season 1904 Florida East Coast Hotel Co. rii i: ii- i.i:o ! i I ""T. v. ' - t ' r-iar Uk t: .t ut ! It f rt Marram N w -t' ' i.iifS .uiia1 Aj .TI .14 i.i 7. n Vfc I l ,.- ih- naa-Mr J ja J' Urcavfc- ..-' .i- .ria. April ::iom) "l:.!i iXI N Till- !i vijkix rn- """ M. nia . A,rl !' lio) I. lOIt I Ittfr nil on, rnir. intiil(tiii-l fit lirr liifiiriiiMtltin mn h procured rrwTTCJi b & af?S MAIN 3525. l" ) y m jKwp" Sm " Flelev L!QUOR DRINKING. MORPHINE ?T iVJ iit:c7.: ,mt. itiujntiu. tu:cs ih aa.Ern imctto Seeley B I1HA n """" - 1 Vy C 2803 LOCUST STREET. Mowr -tTMf,T ro FIFTH FOOTPAD GETS FIVE YEARS. Holhorf It.-nmbprs Caton-- Ex- loriVin and l'lcad Cniliv to aioou Hobbfiv Charge. Another hold-up man was sentenced yesterday, five highwaymen and saloon robbers who have been sentenced to the Penitentiary since Monday, none of whom has escaped with less than Ave years In the Penitentiary. On Tuesday Harry Caton faced a jury in Judge Taylor's court, after retting a five years' senten-e In Judge Taylor's court on December Zl. In thirty minutes I the iaT fpund him guilty and fitted his j I''itehmcnt at fifteen years in the Peni- I tcntiary, making twenty years' he has to t serve. 1 Wednesday the cases of Hugh Landy . ,-nd Charles Haveius. saloon robbers, came !:?..!:-''n!'''. ude? . Hr-Donald. pnr. a iira ?-r.i.i.t-f. h laai in ann - case, I fhAv mlariul ..laoc rW ...l. .M .. 1- ! sentenced io five VearC irriprlsonsifnt. ! ln J"ice TayJcr's court Herman Dick- ncrner rio entrfi a tim ff nuitv and lll,.. ,. ". . '. T.. . ' trNonment -""WJ '" "'r '""' lm' ln JudS' Taylor's court yesterday Charles holltorn. alias Gus Hissell. ap- j jnred for trial. He. too. remembered the heavv -ent.r.-e gnen to Caton. and he i deeid-d to plead guilty. Judre Taylor sen- .1, ... . - ..7 ipncon mm to nv ver5 imuriHjnmeni anci perms tie j a n"!ie prosequi to t-e en t it,n.. l.- k, ;... Ar ..,. kAi..n ,umu'1." " i,,r '" V -Ve 4,u,u u' men who u rronzed pedestrians aid saloonkeepers; last Aucu-t, to be arred. t saloonkeepers, but warrants ere"i5iied t in nnlv two caw1,. Henrr oiKer or .o ii;v i i-auon 5nret, was one of the saloonkeepers who identified Holltorff. and it w-as for robbing oelker on August i that Holltorff entered a plea of gtnlt . In the ca--e of attempted robb rv of Philip Bradshaw- of No. ;"17 Notth Fciirteenth street, a nolle prosequi wi nitrt.i The tn.-; of Ii'in: Kdv.ia t'lgb. thargea with being a. i r.abitu..; -rtmiuai. and a salo',1, -obt.ei bcg:r. uj Judge Mel' Veef i mI ! ani -h!.ut.' ! iHirop- weit ai l'ur:h street .- v august rre-rai th. b trr um at the time id-Mil.- : Kinanaugh. i ai1 t.'O '. NO CHANGE IN TEMPERATURE. Weather Will Kt-iuain Fair and Winds Will He Vaiiabk'. No ('j,ciI. (1 .-harp- sn the temperature prHbited for t I-m to-da. The Wfatlur will remain tair The minimum Kmperatur last mpbt was about S4 d rroe. abo z'ro The winds to-day will Ik ariaH- Then- has he:;.a slow eastward movement of the storm that was over the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys on Wednesday. Thi disturanee pave snow from the Mississippi Vallev eastward, except in th ast Oulf Slates, wher the precipitation was tn ihe form of rain. Another Mrrm was central yesterday north of Montana, and L causing unsettled weather and rain on the north Pad tic coast and snow north of Mtnneota and North Itekcta The tempi ruture has faUen in the Southern States, Ohio Valley, and the ItocVy Mountain r'-Rion iarmr weather pre- a:i ir( me .Aiissiuri aney and the i Suthw e-t j he thermometer did not record l-rlow zero in any section of the I'nited States yetcrdaj. the coldeft place binc at Indianapol. where it was six deprees alMtx FRIENDS DENIED ADMITTANCE. rhatlcs F. K.-lly Too 111 i Ke- ff i 'ttlMll-ITIl ! .... . :-itir to the h'nt of Charlf- F K'-Ilv have been .. -.,ed admiUance to the sick , room by Brooks and Soraghan ' wno are m uany aiteirannce upon the for- mer member of the Houe of Delegates at hl lesldence. No 1515 Elliot avenue. The doctors did not order this change on account of the patient's condition, at present, but on account of the number of persons who call daily to set him. Kelly, who has Irfen suffering from stomach troubles and attacks of ealgo was very nk on Monday Inn. So -ick. in fact, as to caue apprehension among the family and friend. Testerdav. however, he rested fairly well, and the physicians arc hopeful. Kinncrllcnl I)iHrinrM Mertinir. The E angelical Deaconess Association held its fifteenth annual meeting last evening mi the Evangelital St Peter's. Church at Fourteenth and Carr streets. The reports of tbe ofTice'rs of the Deacon-e- Home Hospital stated that (S3 patients hai. Ieen cared for during the last vear. G. It Wetterau reporteel that there was a balance of i.'.ZK on hand. A vote of thank wa given to the physicians who had donated their services to the hospital. RESORTS. mi: imi:Ki:it I'ALiI BEA"H-BT TIIE-SB4 "a-c-t -.. ma -p rrc"rT .f ilj F-ed S --. v:i M n .at February .st '""4 lus Sau-Oav April i ..4 'i in: Hill VI. I'1.M jiiam: 1 r. !- - m c !-? M : .u. Ap:u 4t . in: ( m. I'- lr t'.e v- ii : !. H'l) I. ! lOKI Nvi- v i -i-i-nn Island f "i r - er III-- " if M H r i. auk n mnt i II lnatr;it-tl .in -nir ImoUlfir. ami itf tli inn iiz;t BEST BUSINESS PROPOSITION IN ST. LOUIS TO-DAY s a Bell Telephone PERMIT US TO DEMONSTRATE. Contract Dept., 920 OLIVE STREET. Chsmlczl Building. Bth and Of te. LARBESTAKD HANDSOMEST RESTAURANT IN ST. LOUIS. Ess! i:::r3:Ci!ic:: t:r Eascittj. Rscsj-t.3ts ::S Prini! D:8!r Pirllis loftl's I rctiestra etri nljtt. - ay.icifl ST LOUIS mnccr. Trirwinnr liNm m lire 'tobacco ks ncuhasthcni BOTANICAL FUNDS SHOW A GAIN. Hoard of Tth.-ipps of Shaw" d-n in Annual I.Vports I'ro-dict I'losperoiis Vt-ar. The annual report of the Borml . ' This- teee nf tliw Mlcvn.,.) Dn.mU.l . i Garden for the V-r just ended ;hJ-- -"- .v....s t.tlUJ i: l.-i ties, and the tru.-tees predict that sub tf stantial increases will be the resu t their tnxnagen-.ent for this year. Income from rentals for the vear lfTI ev?eedd the previous year by $3.f S Growing demand for commercial propertj which has secured th" trustees advanced rentals, will, according to the report, bring a further incraK! of JS.C'X' during IM. The total receipts for the year were yi.5' X: Ti:e expenditures were JIS3.- io.;.i. A piece of property at Main ar.d Jne stieets was disponed of. for t-rram.-: purpose., at S7:.TJ)i. Of this sum J4:IJ.U was ur-ed to erect a six-stor- factory building at the corner of Main and Market street: Ore lot on Flora InmKvard wa-dlspo-J of during the year, and Sll.Sflo -nras spent nine inurman iouieara .ewer No jtrmant-nt imprnvenients were mH'ie at the jrardn icarinc the ar. or.iy ,u -h repairs as wt-re artolutely ncessary ha- inz brn completed Several additions were mace tr. the library ftnfl herbarium by puThae and cift. and the fohowii.c amounts hie been alud to the st'V-k account: I-itray. J3.- aH I HHT: herbarium 5;. filC.i I T Jame ij-jri . whL- had held the ;oi-tior. of h-.j 1 prdpi.e-- fir thirtj -- en vear. wa. r- i?1 ;n Januarv iat Joph V P.rai h .:!' -t J-hn Hue? Joh--son. tw " 'f e nc:-ial mrob-rs o; the board die'l ai rar CONTRACTS FOR SUPPLIES AWARDED TO TWENTY FIRMS. Ilri l.mid.. Ilediling nml Cirorerie. Iloligbl f.-r I e of tin- Tit Institutions. Supply " .mmis-Mener Jnhn V. Boyce and C"hVf Tster Joeph JUamcan of th-Supply Ivpartment have completed thir work on samples of dre? coodj. beddinp and rrocries for the city institutions, and contracts will le awarded bidders for items, a follows: lress eoHl nd .-heetinp Senile. Van-d-noort X. liarnej . M. llennlpan. the Famou. the William Beirr Dry Good Company and Xucents. CIroc-ri M. Iauirherty. Nw F.ra Grocery Company. South S'de Grocery Company. J. W. Teasdale. William Hartrnann. Western Candy and Baktrs Supp.y Company. L. Garey and Henry Hoff. Ts and ctif-fees t. Iou Coffee ant1 Spice MHls. Steinwnd'-r & Stoftrecn. William Schot-ten Oompan;". c F. Blanke t"iffe Company and rHward Weston Ta and Spice Compan . The amount of vlre nooU and teddinc contracted for amounts to II 3ft K Th major tortion of ihN will po to th new j irtirjruni m tut- i"n uvu'r, m. II t lhj fully equlppetl with Uddinc The- su;rph will be ued in the next thrw months. ;nd amonc the larper items f th contra : are .i.Mii pounds of evaporated applet. . tr und-; of .oat. A.vjb tound of nee irv pound, of butter in dozen eccs. jiound of coffee. 2.i) jounds of tea. H.5rt pound of sucar and other supplies in prt;Hrtioii. Kr ar:U le subn.itil a carefu!:y tested The crcin-' wre for the mo: part rtmHri'i b tatins and in manv tne awarair.c "i the contrnet wa decided bv flit ping a co close would ' iwo sami les ie ,: t -i .in-, .lunli v. i m- petition in these (ont'aits is quite ..e. 1 and the i' sour.-.- re luctio-. from the ; pii.-es tiit: bv tbe small uor in some i caret ;er -ent AMAZED AT FRAUDS' EXTENT, Kv:i,,iiii,.f V.-ni Diivoii T.i J, .inn- mend Assistance in l'l-oset-ution. After spending four elays investigating naturalization frauds in St. I.ouis. C. V. i'. Van Dousen. special examiner from the Department of Justi'-e at Washington. D C. departed vesterday afternoon for New Orleans. Before his departure Mr. Van Deuen stated that he was amazed at the extent of fraudulent election practices in St. Isuls. and that he would reeommenl to the department In Washington the appointment of an additional attorney to co-cperate with United States Attorneys Dyer ard Nortonl in the prosecution "of these cases. i Always .Remember the Name axanve Rromo imnme Caret aCddaOtMsDoy, Grip I 2 Days AUCTIONEERS. AtNiaiiatMta AMAWMMMWMWNMMWWMAMM A. A. SELKIRK & CO., AUCTION AND STORAGE. Reru&r ! 'Ttrr 5aturay at wsxtciZM ad cfTHrral cfflc. 1S35-1M1 CSonteu t. te in rfcJfince a i;.-cuitr, Pfccn KlsJocfe WESTERN SALVAGE WRECKING AGENCY 33c: anj JOCT 'Wa'hlEi'en ave.. haniltn et tin aa2 alano. baivacr. watca fr aoccUl llc. BAJHT.L GA.S. DIUIK. AMUSEMENTS. CglMTIJBY TO-MGHT. FLORODORA l.v F" i.r ar3 Kyley Mo-lNti. SAT HDAT. J.D: u. l: I Kf ivv.y ; F'VT T X13HT. THE BLOSSOM-ROBYN OPERA V. y ac w RAYMOND HITCHCOCK Yankee Consul. SEAL'S Nf'W ON SALE. QLWF19 TO-NIGHT. ' THAT TI ' Ili-r ;i r-j. ,!I1A rr." hents CHARLES HAWTREY. 'f T KK M FLANKLCV S" r" J -s COLUMBIA, iiMiM oi i rni:vn.LE. T1 W-k a:.3 Keit Sunday Ml. N '- a- . Haj T1 jm & ro. -1a "r .; 'a-r-.r. V rn A Ftairfcari. K .r ,' K-r i N. k- j.3i- II rs'ln. -f Ma-ir 4. Q lire 'a v T: " Tn- Jennjrc A: Ri-nfrw. Pr. st At Tr KlC' 4- p.? " Fas. v- GRAND xe;- ' SlAt.Fat N!e M'-... ROSE .V TeiE MELVILLE, cowr-2 Next Sun'.cv Mar Tb Crawford Tfeestsr, 14th and Locast. r tSJ-.-JVS 2'Ss - -. gr .'-'Z iZ-vti" ar s i-3U' iar I 3"- N s A'trartioa Mr J r f J Let " STH!MRD Tr,e iK'm or Folly Twa Frc.-cs liallr M. H&RRY MORRIS &? v HiOHT GN BROIDWAY. The TticMier Wbtrm you Set the Hett Shons for Llttt Money. ' '! Matn. 25c Mat. I To- tcrrcn. S - Mat N j - T"!lav Tharsiay. ?aturiar-Kbtt lUGKf 15.25,35.50C "-Hr KING IF DEECTIVES IMPERIAL L-SSiSSic. , 25C Mti, I LITTLE-CHURCH TO-DAY. A30UND-THE-C0RNER. Vi- O.NL V.. SHOPGIRL.' zoo jftfh 3300 GHre Kow,Qpn AD.WSSIO.VI CEXIS. St. ILouis "flnstitute ) FOR THE ' ft itn tF stammering. A i-f t iad rTmast ca by mocem educational ana Ftrictly sciertlflr ratnods- No ort:5 ust-C F.t .1 iDcai rfernefs H STANLEY TEACHOUT. Trio- 313 Wnshlrrt n A:u Do You Ever ; stop to consider the 9 I present eftiaency of the TELEGRAPH SERVICE I compared u-ith what it I u as te fare the 'POSTAL'1 entered tin field? TVXLUAU 1 HOMES. H. J DXEKNEITE. Prfidet. Secretary. ESTABLISHED IN IMS. M1MU'KI l TE .ULTLALi riUC AXD MARIMJ linoCC COMIMXY. Office. No TIT Chestnut et.. S'L Loula. Ha. TI Beil 21am ;?71A TtL Ktnlca A U31. Iollc;es arfc written en either tock or mutual r'en HerryC Haarlck. J K C Lucas. M R OrThTT,.n. H D TTe.t.r Wet T J?n-r- '"i W r OFFIDERS HONORED BY RE-ELECTION; Formal Announcement of Water-hoiise l'.fiiiest iladi at Missouri Historical Society Meet in c. A" the annual m.eting of Cie Missouri HiMork-al Society last night Jo :ce Walter B. Douglas of the Circu't l"-r h was unanimously re-elected president- The other orticers were again honoreii by bein-; re-eletUed tf their respective offices Following are the officers: Judge Waller B D.mglas. president: Joseph Biyce. firs vice pre-ldent: Isaac H. Knnberger. seg-ond vie- president; Judge John H Terry, treasurer, and Ge.rge E. Mo klcn secretary. The mating was largely attended acd five-a! ditingi; ' 0 guests w-.-re present, among them being Iw.ctor w J McGee. Chief of the Anthropological Exhibit at 'be World's Fair Iv.ctcr McG"e is to address the seietv m tbe near future Judce John II. Terry' in his annual ad-drc.-s made formal announcement of the Veoist of S.YI! lo Hie oeielv he the lute Professor Sylvester Waterhouse "He spoke ,-r ihe valuable collection of the society which 1 constantly growing larger, and the ned of a fireproof structure to hou it. It 1 probable that Professor Water- nouses teq,uest. witn oiners oi simmr nature, will be- used for this purpose. The annual retKUi of the secretary showed thit forty-nir.e new members bed been added to the society during the last vear. The sin-uety now has .' members. Among well-known member- who died elurimr tb last year were John G Prattler. Joseph D." Lucas. John G. Ke'il. Ijciei Ho-.ard. Helen Flail Howard. I-aac W. Morton. Dex-tor J. B. John.en. Hiram J. Grover. Elizabeth Christv Foj-and Henrj- T. Simon. Ilutrlier Idnilldrs llogan. William Weber of No. L""5 Crss avenue. a butcher, vesterday identified Dan Hogan. who was nnested by Detective McGrath and McQuillan as one of the men who held him up and mbb'd him in his market Monday night. Weber swote out n warrant cbargitic Hugan witli robtery in the Rrst degre-e Tne robbers took flS from Wcbr. after comi-lliig him to hold up b!s tiands by pointing revolvers at him. 8.W& ea every kCK.25c i tnl i He j a jZajfc.

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