Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 18, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1897
Page 20
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EJAILY PHAKOS SATURDAY. DEC. 18, 1897. 10j. r. LotrrHAii». JOHN -w. BARSKS. Lontkain * Bamex. •D1IOKB AND PKOPKI1TOKB, TKRMB OF SUBSCEIPnON-Dilly per week, 10 cent*: per month 40 cents; per yea Itrlctl]' In H'TMICP) J4.60 The weekly Pharos and the Saturday Phtrol, the ivo forming the Semi-Weekly •^Ition. tl.25 a year, strictly in advance. Entered at the Logsnsport, Ind..pos«>fflco as •econo class mail matter, as provided by law ZERO weather came quickly. CONGRESS will adjourn today until after the holidays. conditions wtre never more favoraole for prosperous times In America. Plenty at home and an extraordinary demand abroad for our surplus products. BUT. the confidence of the gold conspirators has not yet been restored- Prosperity must wait their beck and nod. IT within his power Secretary Gage will tie this country so tightly to the single gold standard that It will require many years for the American people to release themselves from the tnralldom of the money power. Tne greatest civil contest In American history Is now on. The power of concentrated wealth Is to be employed in pushing Gage's money scheme Into effect. WALLACE, the distinguished Indiana author, is of the opinion that the Americans ought to be training for war. He thinks that our aex 1 ; contest will be with tne Japanese. He may be a true prophet but the people who read his predictions will wonder why we<should expect trouble with our trlendu beyond the Pacific. Does he expect that Japan will resist the annexation ot Hawaii. AT the recent meeting of southern bankers at Atlanta, Ga.,Banker Carr, of North Carolina, one of the richest men in the south, declared: "I got my Ideas of political economy and finance by hard knocks, I tell yon that the alarm baa been sounded In the watch tower of the public and the people are demanding that something be done. We had better be doing it, too. I aos for the dollar of our daddies,state banks and free silver. THE banking and currency committee of the house is slowly unraveling the purposes of Secretary Gage. His answers to questions show what he desires to accomplish—the permanent estaolishment of the single gold standard, the abandonment of silver as legal tender money, the substitution of a Don-inteiest bearing debt for one that bears interest and the granting of authority to national backs lo issue the entire volume of paper money. Even Republican members of tne banking and currency committee believe that bis scheme for reforming the currency is Impracticable and that it will not relieve the gold drain upon the treasury at times when the gold conspirators become panic stricken. WILLIAM JENNINGS BKYAN, in his address before the Mexican chamber of deputies, gave evidence of his true Americanism and aroused the enthusiasm of his hearers, when be •aid: "l might suggest another rea- ion for the interest which i feel in the Mexican republic. Mexico, as well as the Halted States, la interested In the defense of the Monroe doctrine, which was promulgated for the purpose of preventing the extension of monarchal institutions upon the western hemisphere. The United . States and Mexico will hold up the- torch of freedom before tne nations of the world and prove that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed and not from the rights of hereditary power." • THE report comes from Washington that Senators Fairbanks, Elides, Pritchard and Hanna have joined In urging the president to restore the civil service to the form in which President Harrison left it. Such action would open about 45,000 places. It would repeal the order of President Cleveland-of May, 1S96. The president has been urged to take this step OD political grounds. His senatorial advisers have told htm that failure to do so may work a repeal of the entire statute or the de- feat'of the Republican party. This shows how anxious the Re- pnbllcan leaders are to provide for the hungering hordes who wish to share in the spoils of the great "sound money" victory. The hungry patriots must be pacified or two things are'probable in the judgment of the above named senators—repeal of the civil service law or Republican defeat at the next election. Noting the strong effort now being made to secure control ot the money supply of the country by the people who claim to possess superior wisdom, the Indianapolis Sentinel re- oalls the wise saying by Thomas Jefferson, wherein he declared: Men, by their constitutions, are naturally divided into two parties: (1) Those who-fear and distrust the j people, and wish to draw ail powen Jrota them into the bauds of the higher classes; (2) tbose who Identif y themselves witu,me people, have con tideoce in them, cherish and consider them tbe most hvnest and safe, al though not the most wise depository of the public interests. In every coun try these two parties exist,and In every one when they are free to think apeak and write they will declare tnemselves. Call them, therefore, liberals and servlles, jicobios and ultras, wblgs or torles, republican; and federals, aristocrats and demo crats, or by whatever name you please they are tbe same parties still, and pursue the same object. Tbe last appellation of aristocrats and democrats la the true one, expressing the f «sence of all.—Writings, vol. 7 p 376. FAVORABLE FEATORES IN TRADE. Holidays and Stock-Taking Period. However' yuiet the "Wholesale Demand. New York, Dec. IS.—Bradstreet's says: A sensible quieting of demand In wholesales lines is reported as the holiday season and the annual stock-taking period approach. Chief among the favorable features of the week has been enlarged inquiry at hiffher prices for steel in" various forms, accompanied by advances in the prices' of sorts most affected. A correspondingly heavy business has developed in pig- iron, and prices show but a slight shading in face of the current Immense production. The wheat market has been less feverish, and prices are practically unchanged from a. week ago, while corn, oats and sugar are additions to the list of the products showing advances. The unsatisfactory outlook for cotton goods is reflected in reductions in bleached goods to the lowest point ever reached. At the east trade in wholesale lines is quiet, but retail trade has been stimu- ated sufficiently to allow of a fair record of business in seasonable lines. The trade situation west and northwest is one of unimpaired strength, although milder weather checks distribution ot winter wear goods. Business failures show a rather smaller than usual ante-holiday total, aggregating 2S3. against 292 last week, 359 in the week a year ago, 385 in 1S95, S09 in 1894 and 353 in 1893. GATE HIM PRISOX FOR LIFE. for Kesult of the Trial of Samuel Hull _:.•;--•»»» Killing His Father. Princeton, Inf., Dec. 18.—After eleven hours' deliberation the jury in the Hull murder case rendered a verdict declaring Samuel Hull, Jr., guilty of murder and sentencing him to life imprisonment. "VVhen the verdict was announced the young parricide laughed derisively, and turning to his attorneys remarked: "Better than I expected." He took his sentence as though it was a joke. His child-wife refused to see him. The crime for which he is convicted is for the murder of his father in Warrick county in May last. 'While the trial %vas goinc: on Princeton was a witness camp. One hundred witnesses, mostly farmers from the wilds of \Yarrick county, were here to testify. In order to avoid hotel bills they came to court in wagons and es- tahlished a camp in the suburbs of this city. They constructed rude tents and had \vith them bods and a supply of provisions to last six days. HAD A -"GOOD FEKLIXG" MEETING. Hysteria at i. Gathering ot the "Heavenly Ileoruitji" of Indiana. Rushville, Ind.. Dec. IS.—The third annual conference of the Heavenly Recruits church, ot Indiana, closed here with a "good feeling" meeting, in which, Mrs. Laura Branson, of North Grove', was the leading preacher. Her words seemed to have a hypnotic effect on the people. \\"cmen swooned away in trances and men, overcome by the spirit, laughed and shouted and caressed each other. One woman went into a trance five times. A local .character with a turbulent reputation went to the meeting looking for trouble, but under the influence of the woman's magic words he was thrown into a trance and kept in that condition all the evening. A girl who fell into a trance, after being aroused claimed that she had seen hell and the evil spirit, after which she hadaglimpse of heaven and communed with the angels. People are much worked up with religious Will "Welcome the ConTeution. Indianapolis, Dec. 18.—Steps are In progress :o give the delegates to the monetary convention, which will reconvene in this city Jan. 25, a royal welcome, and to this end committees are tc be called together and funds raised to meet the expenses incident to the occasion. President Kinney. of the board of trade, says that all the committees that served one year ago will act on the coming occasion, and that nothing will be wanting on the part of the local organizations to make the reassembling as much of a success as was the original convention. Technicality Stop* a Trial. Columbus, Ind., Dec. IS.—In the case against Frank Coryell, charged with the murder of Mrs. Ellen Banks, on change of venue from Jackson county, the indictment was quashed here, it failing to allege that the gun was loaded. Fearing mob violence the defendant asked to be permitted to remain in jail here until the indictment could be renewed in this county. The crime of which Coryell is accused was committed several miles southeast of Seymour, on •the night of Oct. S. Indiana State Grange. Xorth Vernon. Ind., Dec. IS.—The In<Uana state grange continued Aaron .rohn Jones as worthy master, the other officers including: P. B. Ewan. overseer: T*". "W. Stevens, lecturer: J. \V. Banks and G: TV. Laird, stewards, and Taylor ]3. Frazer. secretary. Some of the resolutions were for a pure food and antitrust law. and one -wants state salaries j'educed because farmers' incomes are •not so large. Horal League ttnlte* Again. Chicago, Dec. IS.—-The -white-mlnged dove of peace has again settled ov.sr the Royal League. Tbe retmion of the two factions which for over a year fought and quarreled was duly solemnized at a great mass-meeting at the Auditorium. UP AN OLD LI And Nowthe Troublesome "Kids" Are Paddled Acccording to Statute. MW'EE STYLE OP USING T2E SOD. Fonng- Hull Gets it Life Term and Ui* CliiM IVJfc Kefiwes 1" See Him — Bow to I HJI Opal—Hysterical I>oLnip> :lt a Churrli Conference—l.o*.os Sijjht and SIcmofy by I>yimmi:«i — Co-Kiliicaiion at \Vab;L-,h— Indiana >"c\vs Items. Mur.cie, Ind., Dec. IS.—The old law- concerning corporal punishment in the public school?, enacted by the sta.cc i legislature years ago, which has bet- considered a dead-letter fcr sever: decades, has been revived by the loe; school board and is now in vogue in th city schools. A pupil had been la: across a seat and rather severely pun ished, but the evidence before the jus tice of the peace who tried the cas showed that he was disobedient and de served unusually-strong treatment. Th teacher was acquitted of the charge u assault ar.'J battery, which had buer preferred against him by the boy- mother. However, there was sucl strong feeling against severe punish ment that the school board ordered tin rigid enforcement of the old law. long forgotten. The teachers, many of them did not kno-s- of the existence of the lav and had to look it up under the direc tion of attorneys. Provisions of Ilifi Old Law. It provides thatincorrig-iblepupilsmax be punished if their parents consent, bu If the latter decline to permit their 'chil dren to be treated thus, then the pupils must be expelled from school. In punishing the victim must not be placed across a seat or chair, but must placed across one's lap. The paddle to be used must be of "light" materia as to weight, orxe and one-half inches wide and one-eighth of an inch thick It may be applied vigorously, but no laid on too severely. In most cases the parents or guardians consent tothepun- ishment, but are careful that the rule concerning its appliance are strictly ob- esrved. A few, however,,, have, taken :heir children out of school rather than have them paddled. HIS OPAL XO'T A HOODOO. J'ewett Set the Unlucky Stone Against His Unlucky Birthday. Jeffersonville, Ind., Dec. IS.—"White Charles JewetU the lawyer and politician, was sitting in the county clerk's office Thursday some one pointing to a fire opal which he wears in his tie asked him if -he were not a little afx-aid of meeting with bad luck on account of the ill-omened stone. Jewett replied that he had worn the stone for many years, and so far as he could see it had had rather a benign influence upon his affairs. At any rate the opal.was not unlucky, according- to old superstitions, in his special case, for be had been born on Friday, Oct. 13, probably the rnost unlucky combination of day, date and month that could be devised. There was, however, an ancient rhyme which says: . October child is born to woe And life's vicissitudes must know, But place an opal on his breast And all his troubles go to rest. By playing the opal agairst his unlucky birthday Jewett thought he ,had neutralized the bad influences, if there were any 1 , of both. The opal did not. however, do its duty fully, for Thursday he lost his pocketbook. 3frs. Corlic'tl jturrTed Again, Danville, Ills., Dec. IS.—Mrs. Carrie Corbett. the plaintiff in the Corbett- Gernand breach of promise suit, has been married to Daniel W. Lyons, of this city. The groom is five years younger than the bride and. has been a commission merchant in this city, and later ran a saloon. He was some time ago sued in the circuit court by Mrs. Corbett, who obtained a judgment against him for borrowed money. T,his judgment he satisfied just before her trial with John, fi.crnaud. I^aetfrert Trial Goes oh Affaln. Chicago. Dec. IS.—Robert.Anners was accepted by both the prosecution and defense in the Luetgert case as a juror yesterday. He was selected to take the place of Henry Boasberg, who was discharged Thursday. This completes the Luetgert jury once more. The opening statements for the state and defense were repeated to the newly completed iury. CDREM QUICKLY AND SAFELY. 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